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Chicago locks up RB Michael Bush

Post by Eric Williams on March 22, 2012 at 9:59 am with 39 Comments »
March 22, 2012 9:59 am

According to Michael Wright of ESPN Chicago, the Bears have agreed to terms with Oakland Raiders free agent Michael Bush to a four-year, $14 million deal.

Bush will share the running load with Matt Forte, who the Bears designated the $7.7 million franchise to while continuing to negotiate a long-term deal.

The Seahawks had tried to arrange a visit with Bush after his visit with Cincinnati, doesn’t appear to be interested in committing more money to the position after signing Marshawn Lynch to a multi-year deal. The Seahawks still have Leon Washington under contract as well — he’s due to make $2 million in base salary in 2012.

The Seahawks do have Tampa Bay free agent running back Kregg Lumpkin scheduled to visit today.

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  1. Kregg Lumpkin?

  2. Damn! Bush got decent money from Chicago, probably more than Seattle was willing to give anyway. Bummer though. If Lynch gets hurt, Seattle’s season is OVER, unless we draft a really good backup.

    So I suppose this likely means a second or third round pick on a RB?

  3. Looks like MBIII is going to be a potential cheap back-up for Lynch. That might be the best way to go since he’s extremely physical, too. Lynch is signed for 4 years (and will be too close to 30 to want to give another $haun contract to) and any rookie we draft will be a FA after 4 years. This would be a way to stagger when our RBs become FAs at the same time. MBIII could/would be a 1-2 year fix behind the Beast and then a rookie could come on in year 2-3 of the Lynch contract.

  4. Lumpkin’s running stats are mediocre, but he caught over 40 passes least year.

  5. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I still say we draft Boise State’s Doug Marting in the second.

  6. BobbyK–MBIII? Are you serious? You are talking Marion “Ex-Barbarian” Barber, no?! That guy should have retired three years ago. He has about as much left in the tank as Eddie George. And Eddie George is a reanimated corpse.

    If we sign him it will be just like Franco Harris or Edgerrin James. I dont see him offering us anything. I’d rather see us use Mike Rob as a halfback if Lynch goes down, and have him lose some wieght and perhaps gain a little more quickness back.

  7. Plus the league min for a guy like Barber is over 1 mill. Hardly cheap.

  8. seahawk44 says:

    for veteran RB’s to spell Beastmode, I would rather have Brandon Jacobs or Cadilac Williams than Barber.

  9. madpunter88 says:

    STTBM- I totally forgot that Edgerrin James played for the Seahawks. That seems so long ago but was only 2009. Those were dark days.

  10. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    ho hum who cares?

  11. BobbyK–I hope my earlier post didnt come across as too harsh. I dont think Barber is worth a damn anymore, but I almost always enjoy your comments and respect your passionate opinions, even when we disagree.

  12. Smart move by Chicago to piss off Forte even more…

    MBIII is a joke. There is no possible way the Hawks would find him appealing. He’s done, as was proven last year. Not even worth kicking the tires on him.

    There’s no doubt Seattle needs something more than Leon behind Lynch. Doug Martin would be amazing. But round 3 could get them somebody just as good. RBs come of out of nowhere all the time. Even a post-draft FA could work. Lots out there.

  13. wabubba67 says:

    Of what little I saw of Lumpkin last year, he would not be a horrible choice as a short term backup to Lynch…also very cheap. I’m OK with Barber too, as I thought that he played well with the Bears last year in short yardage situations. The answer will likely come in the draft (this year or next)…maybe Richardson will fall to us.

  14. jchawks08 says:

    I feel as though I know a lot about NFL football and the players within the league. WHO THE HECK IS KREGG LUMPKIN?
    Let’s just draft Polk and call it a day.

  15. HawkfaninMT says:

    It is sounding more and more like Polk may be available in the 3rd.. he would be a steal there IMO.

    As for signing a back up to Lynch, I would like to see Brandon jacobs brought over. Bruising big, softens defenses and actually has some speed to break one despite contrary belief.

  16. Ewalters7354 says:

    Thomas Clayton anyone?

  17. Ewalters7354 says:

    Brandon Jacobs is a big baby.I would hate for the Hawks to even looked his was.

  18. Bush would have made for a nice RB tandem. I’m guessing the price was prohibitive though, which is fine. Might make drafting an RB more of a priority though.

  19. I don’t really think we want Michael Robinson carrying the ball for us 25 times a game.

    I say we are fine with Lynch and Washington. Draft a RB in the 7th round or grab a free agent after the draft….. stick him on the practice squad.

  20. Hawkzilla says:

    @Ewalters Yeah I was wondering about Thomas “Tommy Guns” Clayton too! That kid looked explosive in preseason last year. Anyone know what happened to him? Eric?

  21. seahawk44 says:

    Mo Morris is available

  22. Ideally, I’d like to stagger Lynch’s new 4 year contract with a veteran contract of a year or two. If we get some vet with some power running ability to carry the ball 5-10 times a game, that’d be fine with me. It’s not like we’re going to go all Franco Harris where we expect them to start and run the ball 20 times per game.

    If we draft a rookie, he’s going to be a FA after 4 years, too. Yeah, sure, maybe I’m overanalyzing the situation, but it’d be nice if we didn’t have all of our main RBs hitting FA the same year (Leon only has 3 years left, but he’s the change of pace guy, whereas we need another pounder so we’re not caught like we were in the Cleveland game.

    If that makes any sense.

  23. blocis–I dont think Seattle would have Mike Rob carry the ball even 20 times a game if Lynch went down. They would have to pass to set up the run, and they would probably need to use two backs–Washington and Mike Rob. But I’d rather see him lose 20 lbs and carry the ball 12-15 times than see Barber in Seattle.

    I’m convinced Seattle will take a RB now. Thomas Clayton may be an option, but I think calling him explosive is hyperbole.

    I didnt know Mo Morris got cut from Detroit, Seahwk44, but he’s likely lost more than a step, considering he hardly played for Detroit the last couple years, despite thier other RB’s constantly getting injured.

  24. Double posting. Lame! Im definitely on the lame list for that one. Der!

  25. I don’t see how Kregg Lumpkin would be an upgrade over Justin Forsett. Both quick guys who can make big plays out of dump-off passes. But if Leon will be the third-down back then we shouldn’t need either of these guys.

    If what they want is a power-running backup for Marshawn, why not Brandon Jacobs.

  26. Ewalters7354 says:

    Brandon Jacobs is an absolute CANCER!He would not be a good addition at all.

  27. yakimahawk says:

    Does anyone know how much cap space the hawks currently have left with all the signing’s? And how much cap space (with the new rookie agreement) will be eatin up with the draft?

  28. seahawk44 says:

    Nick Reed was just released by the Bucs. I seem to recall some serious pass rush potential with him.

  29. nighthawk2 says:

    Bush knows Tom Cable. Maybe that’s a reason he didn’t want to come here (that and $7 million guaranteed by the Bears, who btw, managed to p.o. Matt Forte with that signing).

    I’d have loved to have Michael Bush here, that’s one Cable connection (no pun intended) I’d have agreed with Soggy. I thought he’d go to Tampa Bay (where they’re probably going to jettison LeGarrett Blount) or Denver (where he could play against Oakland twice a year) or the Redskins (where they have nothing at RB besides Roy Helu).

  30. uh oh, here comes the Nick Reed hype.

    (For those who will be quick to remember how brightly the sun shined out of Nick Reed’s behind, he’s had 1 sack in three years.)

  31. HawkyHann says:

    where is Lendale White?

  32. yakimahawk, I don’t know that anyone has those numbers at this point. From a rough guess, I’m counting no more than $22M they could have locked up for 2012 between Flynn, Lynch, Bryant, and Giacomini. That’s without really knowing how those contracts are structured. Seahawks cap started at around $29M before free agency, so they should have $7M+ left in the worst case.

  33. Tashard Choice from the Bills is a free agent. Not that I want him as a running back, but he gives one hell of a locker room speech. ;-) Check out this YouTube vid.

  34. chrisj122 says:

    When it comes to short yardage situations feed the ball to Lynch. I feel as comfortable with him in 3rd or 4th in short as I possibly could with anyone else.

    If we need big bruiser guy it should the Full Back. But if we need a yard or two I like Lynch in that situation every single time.

  35. Chrisj122–we need an every-down back to backup Lynch in case he gets hurt. THATS why we need another RB, because Washington is never going to be anything other than a third-down, change of pace back.

    Nick Reed had potential, but he hurt his knee in camp for us after Carrol got here, and I dont think he’s been the same since. Though I wouldnt count a guy with his motor out just yet.

    Michael Bennet is the one that got away. Man, I was pissed Ruskell tried to sneak him onto the practice squad. Idiot!

    Brandon Jacobs runs like a wuss for as big as he is, and he’s old, slow, and injury prone. He’s also a whiny baby. Not a good potential addition. More like subtraction by addition.

    Choice has shown NOTHING in the NFL. I think we’re gonna have to wait for the draft for our backup RB to Lynch.

  36. Michael Bennett. Really. lol! His being on the team for awhile just reminds me of how little depth our D line had back then. And I mentioned Nick Reed only as a joke.

    Seriously, all Brandon Jacobs ever did was score 56 rushing touch downs and help his team run over people to two super bowl victories. Who in the world would want a guy like that.

  37. Somewhere LenWhale is getting drunk and eating Twinkies.

  38. bird_spit says:

    Serious name every comment…I still think this blog rocks. Thanks

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