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Storify: Twitter #flynnsanity over Matt Flynn deal

Post by John Henrikson / The News Tribune on March 19, 2012 at 11:41 am with 41 Comments »
March 19, 2012 12:09 pm

The Seahawks’ deal to bring Green Bay quarterback Matt Flynn to Seattle has the twitterverse buzzing. Here are some notable tweets on the deal.

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  1. JazBadAzz says:

    What Golden Tate said about Matt Flynn not having a twitter is very true, DO NOT FOLLOW IT!

    Doug cool as hell for giving up his number but he was happy to go back to #89, the # he wore in college! He didn’t even charge him btw!

  2. RDPoulsbo says:

    Doug gave in too easily. When big dollar FAs come to town and want a number from an existing player, they usually get a paid vacation or new car in trade. You’re a minimum contract player Doug, use your leverage!

  3. Doug Baldwin is pretty much my favorite Seahawk. I cant believe Seattle didnt give him a raise in the offseason. He earned one.

    Really looking forward to seeing if Flynn is the real deal. I hope he picks up the offense fast. I feel bad for T-Jack, but they guy wasnt good enough to earn the job outright, he had to know they were gonna bring in competition.

  4. JazBadAzz says:

    Not really on topic here but I did get this from twitter:

    “@ProFootballTalk: Eagles announce that they have signed G/C Mike Gibson to a two-year contract and C/G Steve Vallos to a one-year contract.”

    I kinda like those guys.

  5. I was surprised when Vallos got cut. He would have been a decent backup C/G swingman. But Gibbs was the line coach, and he liked smaller lineman. I bet Cable would have kept Vallos around. Gibson just never was good enough to earn a spot. Fanaika beat him out I guess.

    Seahawks need to sign another G/C and another T at least, before the season starts.

  6. Doug Baldwin is pretty much my favorite Seahawk. I cant believe Seattle didnt give him a raise in the offseason. He earned one.

    IF he continues to play well I bet he will, but they will wait until 1. another season to make sure he continues to impress, and 2. at the end of the FA period to make sure they have who they want. That way they can make sure they have the flexible cap space to fill in what they need.

  7. @sttbm – me too, jackson was thrown to the wolves and showed he is a tough sonofabitch. however – he also showed he is a solid backup quarterback, not a starter.

  8. @michaelombardi

    Robert Gallery to the Patriots…!/michaelombardi

  9. piperfeltcher says:

    I heard Gallery was going back to Oak.

  10. ryanryan…funny funny!

    Re: The downside to signing Matt Flynn:

    “One, or even a few good games, does not guarantee someone is a good quarterback. See: Scott Mitchell, Rob Johnson and Kevin Kolb. And even if Flynn does play well, it will likely take time for him to gel with Seattle’s receivers as they adjust to having passes arrive in their general vicinity.

    Flynn’s accuracy may be too much for our receivers to adjust to in just one season.

  11. I sure hope Flynn does better in his first year in Seattle than Matt Hasselbeck did. I hated Hass for two years–the guy was arrogant and made stupid mistakes like breathing. I dont want to go through that again. Then again, thats why its good to have Jackson. If Flynn isnt ready to lead the team, he’s an okay fallback as he knows the system and can win 8 or 9 games a year. Thats better than a total disaster backup like Caleb Hanie.

    But I sincerely hope Flynn steps up enough to solidify his job as starter this year, right off the bat.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Flynn doesn’t have Twitter? I already love him.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Gallery gone? Thank you. I still don’t believe this brings DeCastro into consideration. But this is addition by subtraction, IMO.

  14. lol, Duke..

    yeah, enough of Tate and Obo twittering about flynnsanity. What a bunch of BS. Those guys couldn’t catch the ball when our other QB threw it to them. They should STFU until they prove they can earn their roster spots.

    Which might be exactly what Flynn intends to do. I hope so. That gives us two QBs who are doers, not talkers. I like it. Let the competition begin.

  15. Outside of Baldwin, Lockette and Rice, they can get rid of the rest of the WRs for all I care. Somewhere Doug Daniels and Dave Thomas are smiling watching these stiffs (Butler, Obomanu, Tate, Williams) play.

  16. SeahawkFan12 says:

    STTBM, I was a little cool on Hass when he first got here, especially when I leaned what we’d given up to get him. BUT, he is one of my all-time faves, and if we are patient with Flynn, I can see him rising up and filling the role of franchise QB and maybe even beyond. I have been WAY cool on Flynn (bordering on icy cold), and was one of the more vocal advocates of bringing Manning here. MAN was I wrong on Manning. After seeing what Denver gave up for Manning, and what Schneider and Carroll paid to get FLynn, I feel like we won the lottery. Amazing job by the FO, and a future I am wearing sunglasses to look at. GO SEAHAWKS!

  17. Hammajamma says:

    LB Kam Wimbley available with the Raider salary cap purge. Seven sacks last year.

  18. STTBM – They are brining in Matt Flynn because he is arrogant and confident the kid has moxy just like hass….

    One of my favorite moments as a Hawk fan was hearing Hass say “we want the ball and were going to score” – regardless of outcome..

    That my friends is a LEADER. At that moment I thanked god that as a hawks fan we finally got someone back in this organization that had GUTS. Someone that could walk up to the other team and say “hey, guess what…were gonna beat you”

    Seattle at that point had been completely starved of any athlete of that type. Not to mention that Hass was still classy about it…

    One of the ups on Flynn is that he is completely confident in his ability to win. He is the type that can walk into a room and OWN it… They’re expecting Flynn to walk into a stadium of 72,000 and own it just like Matt did for almost a decade…

    Be grateful for what you had. I can’t even express how much Flynn reminds me of Hass.

  19. Hammajamma says:

    Wimbley had seven sacks, 21½ quarterback knockdowns and 9½ hurries last season, according to STATS LLC.

    Just sayin’…

  20. ryanryan says:

    okay, the shiny new toy has already bored me.

    i want linebackers and i want them NOW!!!

  21. Let’s see if Flynn has the quick quips and smart-ass remarks we loved. He sure has a hot girlfriend…the former Miss Louisiana I guess. Damn.

  22. Yeah, I admit how pissed I was at Hass so folks dont think Im arrogant (Im opinionated as heck, but I dont have delusions of grandeur thinking Im a GM!), or that I havent eaten a buttload of crow from time to time. It would be hard to find a bigger Hass supporter than me, but Im not blind to his shortcomings, past present and future.

    I’ll be more patient with Flynn, but if he struggles hard, I hope thier smart enough to put T-Jack in until Flynn steps up. I was livid with Holmgren for starting Hass over Dilfer that second year. We had a playoff caliber team, and Dilfer was doing great in Holmy’s WCO system. I think Dilfer would have opened some eyes with that team. Then of course the next year, Dilfer got hurt, Matt eventually pulled his head out, and the rest is history.

    Cant wait to see Flynn at work. Now I hope to hell we can fix the line (I dont see McQ at LG as even passable) and get a RB and a good LB in the draft.

    Stevos–Dude, whats with the Obo hate?! The guy is a really sure-handed WR. He had less drops than Rice. And unlike Rice, he can take a hit and hold onto the ball and not get a concussion from hitting the ground. Seriously, Obomanu dropped two passes in the last game, but I dont think he had two drops all season before that. He’s a better WR than we saw last year, and he plays all the positions. I think he’s gonna do pretty well opposite Rice this year.

    Lockette looks to be ready for more playing time, and he could be our most dynamic WR. He’s freakin’ fast! Tate isnt garbage, he’s duplo and he’s learning. This year is when he has to step up bigtime, but I thought he was stepping up nicely over the last third of the season. Im not giving up on BMW yet. Flynn will get him the ball, covered or not, like Hass did. Butler has talent, but he’s likely to get lost in the shuffle, as I said; no need for three little guys. Someone will be glad to take him off our hands.

    On another note, wasnt Patrick Turner on the team for training camp and preseason last year? The Jets have him on the squad.

  23. I’m the opposite:) I’m still jacked! Mr. Happy and Bo could draft a long snapper in the 1st round and I’d now defend them to the end. Well, maybe not that far, but you get the point! Whatever they do b/w now and the draft is fine by me. Those two bozos have my trust!

  24. HawksKD–Confidence is one thing, arrogance another. Hasselbeck was arrogant, because he couldnt back up his tude with high-level play. Hass came in with an overly inflated sense of his talent and skill, and it hurt him. He needed the humbling of losing his job to Dilfer. Im hoping what Flynn has is confidence, not arrogance.

    Regardless, Im damned excited for next season, and the draft hasnt even happened yet!

    I like Kamerion Wimbley, but he’s expensive. Seattle likely wont use all its cap so it can roll it over for next year, and so on. I like the idea of signing Bush or trading for Stewart, and getting LB’s in the draft. We should be able to get 1-2 backers who can start.

  25. Hammajamma says:

    More on Wimbley 2011: Seven tackles for loss, 3 defended, 1 int 73yd TD.

    Wright, Kuechly, Wimbley. There’s speed, youth and a blitzing LB who hits the QB.

  26. How much better is Kuechly than Hawthorne? Hawthorne was our leading tackler the past three years. It’s going to be hard to replace that production. Wouldn’t we be better off reataining Hawthorne and using our #12 on a DE or WR, which are harder to find in FA or later in the draft.

  27. STTBM – I respect your opinion and you make some really great points… In both of your last posts… I have never seen Hass as overly arrogant… Overly arrogant to me is Phillip Rivers..

    You are right Hass needed to be humbled by being benched, I think the main drawback of Hass comin from greenbay was that he was in disciplined, and I agree with the sentiment that he may have over inflated his own value.. However Hass eventually did play at a high level and for a long time.

    I don’t think Flynn will over inflate his value..seeing the contract he came in at…. If Pete sticks to competition I think Tavaris is gonna give Flynn a run for his money. I just hope that Flynn can come close to the level that Hass played…personally I think Flynn can be better but I wouldn’t sell the boat on it.

  28. Wow Pabuwal, while I do believe they will keep Lockette for his speed you really think he and his 2 career catches are better than Obo, who yes missed a few in the last game, but also is a big contributor on special teams – which is the reason I actually think he makes the team. Gotta have some decent ST players and they usually come from WR, DB, LB type guys

  29. HawksKD–Well, Hass was arrogant at first IMO. He couldnt back up his high opinion of himself. He learned, somewhat. He certainly backed up his self-importance eventually, and for a long time, as you said. He’s still a fine qb, whatever anyone says. Not perfect, not elite, but still damn good.

    Holmgren annointing him the starter and gauranteeing that he’d be successful was the wrong thing, for all concerned. Hass got puffed up, then panicked when he struggled due to all that pressure. The fans got ticked at Holmy, and Holmy just got more stubborn. Two years got wasted. But it turned out okay in the end, because Matt H has character, and Holmy never gave up on him.

    So I think Carrol is handling the Flynn situation right. Bring him in, see what he can do. They paid T-Jack and Clipboard well, as no one else in the NFL was gonna pay those guys 4 mill a year. Now they are paying Flynn well, but making him prove it. Good deal all around. That way they keep the positive reinforcement rolling.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    Audible – That’s hard to know for sure, of course. But consider Kuechly had 532 tackles in 3 seasons, and averaged 8 solo per game. He is an absolute tackling machine, and he’s not yet turned 21. Still developing. He’s damn good.

  31. STTBM: “Stevos–Dude, whats with the Obo hate?!”

    I don’t hate Obo. I’m still just pissed at him for playing like crap the last two games last season, where we desperately needed another WR to step up and help TJack complete third down passes. Tjack took all the blame for those final two losses, but Obo and Tate were MIA in those games and if either one of them would have stepped up the Seahawks would have been 9-7 and playoff bound.

    That said, I’ve always loved Obo’s work ethic and discipline and have been a fan of his since the beginning. I just think that any guy who gets his chance to start and fails should spend the offseason STFU instead of running his mouth on twitter. Obo still owes TJack a couple of big first downs before he deserves a chance to get on the field with another QB.

    As for Tate, I’ve noticed he’s really good at dancing and prancing after his 2 receptions/game. He can STFU.

  32. I had high hopes for Obomanu last season and his drops cost me my Fantasy Football Championship game lol. He had plenty of big drops and disappearing acts outside of the last 2 games last year. His time has come and gone.

    Lockette’s speed, hands and ability to track the ball in flight are remarkable for someone with such little experience. Kind of reminds me of when Victor Cruz burst on the scene for the Giants in the preseason a few years ago against the Jets.

  33. Stevos–LOL! Wow, such vengefulness! Tate has frustrated the hell out of me as well, but he’s improving. I’d be tempted to celebrate like I was Rick James or Prince and it was 1999, too if I only had 2 passes targeted at me all day and I got a TD! But I hear what youre saying. Id rather see him hand the ball to the ref and act serious and determined, like he has unfinished business.

    Im not giving anyone a free pass, but its kind of a vicious cycle with T-Jack at qb. He cant get the ball to WR’s that are open, let alone ones that are covered. They dont get enough opportunities, and they cant get in a groove. And if they drop one pass, its the end of the world, because a)Carrol wants to run 3 downs out of 4 and b) T-Jacks completion percentage on third down is awful, and if you drop it on third down, its over. Perhaps its a chicken vs egg argument: which came first: crappy offensive production because the WR corps is not perfect, or because T-Jack cant get the ball where it needs to be regardless?!s

    T-jack owes Obo a 55 yard TD, the one he whiffed on late in the season (against the Tards I think) when Obo was WIDE OPEN. A little more important than dropping a third down pass or two, IMO. We were in the third down situations because of Tarvaris’ lack of skill in the first place, anyhow.

    And it wasnt as if they said, Yay, No more crappy Tarvaris! They were just happy to have a new young qb who can actually complete downfield passes! T-Jack might get his feelings hurt, but what are they supposed to do–not comment at all?! I dont see anything wrong with their tweets, just that twitter is annoying.

    Carrol preaches competition at every level, every position. T-Jack knows 14 TD’s and 14 picks isnt enough to remain the starter without competition. The WR’s know all about it–two of them arent gonna make the team next year, and if we draft Floyd, then three will get the axe. While it would have been nice for T-Jack if the WR corps had performed perfectly and gotten open more, he couldnt hit them when they were open, so what are they supposed to do?!

    But its cool, gives me something to talk about. Its gonna be put up or shut up time for both the WR corps and T-Jack real soon. Carrol believes competition will sort out the chaff, and make everyone better. I hope so!

  34. Pabs–if Lockette can be half as good as Cruz we’ll be lucky. I think he will be a pretty good WR, but only time will tell.

  35. A WR better than Obomanu makes that catch. As well as the flat out drop in the end zone. As well as the drop on the game winning 3rd down in OT.

  36. By “that catch”, I mean the 55 yard TD you are referring to.

  37. HawkfaninMT says:

    What do I love about this blog post?

    Golden Tate says that he just SPOKE to Flynn. Flynn is already talking to the WRs and hopefully trying to get them together for some informal workouts to begin getting in a rythym with them… Let the Flynn-Sanity begin!!

  38. That 55 yard pass was overthrown by more than 5 YARDS, pabs! NO Wr in the NFL would have been able to catch it–except in video games with a Turbo Boost on a cheater controller. Obomanu couldnt even get close to it. 100% T-Jack getting Buck Fever. I remember Bevell slamming his notebook and headset to the ground in frustration with Jackson. We were both disgusted.

  39. Flynn-sanity? Gawddamnit.

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