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Report: Peyton Manning picks Broncos

Post by Eric Williams on March 19, 2012 at 9:29 am with 40 Comments »
March 19, 2012 9:29 am
Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning throws a pass against the Jacksonville Jaguars during the third quarter of a football game in Indianapolis, Sunday, Sept. 24, 2006. Indianapolis defeated Jacksonville 21-14.(AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that Peyton Manning has contacted Broncos head personnel man John Elway to let him know he will sign with the Denver Broncos today.

Other teams in the running included Tennessee and San Francisco. So Seattle Seahawks fans can breathe a sigh of relief that their team will not be facing Manning twice a year.

Former Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck also can breathe easier knowing he won’t have to play for a third team in three years.

Klis reports that it’s possible the Broncos will keep Tim Tebow and use him in goal line situations. However, Tebow also could be traded. Miami, anyone?

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  1. Wow. Thought it would be Tenn.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Sigh of relief? Perhaps, but with their secondary I fear no QB. (um…) I’m actually hoping Miami signs Smith and the 49ers are left with Kaepernick and looking to draft another. I would love seeing SF screw themselves.

  3. This is HILARIOUS, I love Tebow, but this is honestly an amazing scenario for Seattle, especially if Smith signs with the Dolphins, I’m loving this off-season.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    I actually felt like it would be Denver all along. More importantly, I’m glad that drama is over and we don’t have to hear about Manning again, until mini-camps open.

  5. Tolbert signed a four-year deal with the Panthers. Wierd. They allready spent waaaay too much on one running back, and they have Jonathan Stewart. Stewart is often injured though, so perhaps he’s available via trade?! I’d love to see Stewart play for his hometown team, and he’d make a fantastic second back behind Lynch.

    I also saw Seattle wants Michael Bush pretty badly, but so far no scheduled visit. While i like Bush, Stewart is a better back IMO, and I believe younger as well. Then again, Bush wont cost a draft pick.

  6. Duke: Yeah the fit in DEN does make sense for PM, really. Good call.

    LMAO @ 49’rs.

  7. Kaepurnick may end up being a better qb than Smith, right from the start. Careful what you wish for. But yeah, it would be sweet to see egg on Harbaugh’s smug face!

    I’m glad Hass has at least a shot at starting for another year in Tennessee. Go Titans!

    And the Raiders and Cheifs are gonna get pasted by the Broncos! Ha ha ha! And Tebow will get the boot he so richly deserves! I wonder if Jacksonville signs him–that would piss off Henne!

    I wish the Niners would trade for Tebow! He sucks, and his little fairy-tale will come to a crashing halt very, very soon. Unless he pulls his arrogant head out and actually learns some mechanics, and how to read a damned defense! Oh wait, he’s beloved of God and so doesnt need to learn to read a defense or throw a spiral…

  8. How is Tim Tebow arrogant? You could say a lot about his lacking skills as an NFL QB, but arrogant? No way.

  9. bigmike04 says:

    First off Eric how can you say it a sight of released that Seahawks don’t face Seattle this yr.. Kam been fined alot in NFL for his hard hits & Richard Sherman said it best bring it on.. I would like to see him face Seahawks & other NFC West team because than his career would be over after all Hard Hits the NFC West team have done to him, he going to be begging to go home like a little kid…

    Free-agent RB Michael Bush (Raiders) is scheduled to visit the Seattle Seahawks Tuesday, March 20.

    Read more:

  10. bigmike04 says:

    *** Miss spell Relief…

  11. bigmike04 says:

    Free-agent TE Jacob Tamme (Colts) is scheduled to visit the Seattle Seahawks.

    Read more:

    Seattle Seahawks QB Matt Flynn could earn between $19.5 and $24 million from his three-year contract with the team, or $26 million if he performs at a top-quarterback level. However, chances are he’ll play two years of the deal and then the Seahawks will make their decision for the future on him. Flynn’s minimum over two years is $13.25 million, a league source said, with that number rising to $15.5 million over two years if he starts in 2012, and $16 million if he starts and the Seahawks make the playoffs. Essentially, Flynn will make between $6.63 million and $8 million a year, depending on whether he beats out QB Tarvaris Jackson for the starting job and how well he plays.

    Read more:

  12. piperfeltcher says:

    I like Tebow. He does not have a NFL arm but he uses what he does have which is smarts,determination,leadership and work effort to make up for his weaknessess. After seeing so many talented guys ( Jeff George, J.Russell)come into the NFL and bust because they do not work hard enough I love to watch a guy like Tebow be successful.

  13. I hope Miami is panicking hard now and offers Alex Smith a good contract. And I hope Smith is P.O.’d enough the leave the 49ers without a QB ready to start the season.

  14. So many interesting and fun things to talk about, why waste it on talk of Tebow? I s’pose whatever strikes your fancy…

  15. Shhhh did you hear that
    The vein in Harbaughs forehead just blew
    Now if only Smith beats feat elsewhere

  16. Did Ross and Harbaugh just throw up in their mouths a little?

  17. RDPoulsbo says:

    Good thing Jerrell King wasn’t going to make the roster anyway.

  18. JazBadAzz says:

    I like Sherman not giving a sh1t about who he faces, he’s what this team needs and he will never be satisfied until he wins a superbowl! #infectious

    Another note: I try to read some of these comments and its just baffles me…why people type things and they don’t know what they’re talking about! Do your research and stop talking out your a$$…making us all look bad!

  19. True RD…and it looks as if they already released him lol. Smart move Jarriel

  20. slicktoxic says:

    I have noticed over the years, that Denver “almost” always gets their man.
    Sometimes I’ve questioned how they always have cap room to make all the moves they make….but they keep making them somehow.

  21. I’m I the only one that wouldn’t mind seeing Alex Smith back with the 9ers. I mean if he comes back, he’ll probably be anxious about losing his job abd he was never good to begin with. I would hate to see them get lucky with Kapernickle? or a rookie they draft when they already got Alex Smith to covert for them on third downs.

  22. If the Seahawks were still in the AFC West, I think Manning would be a Seahawks right now.

  23. Jariel King was just cut. He had a reputation for being a badass, and was a long shot anyway. Good riddance to him.

  24. On Tebow: the guy pretends to be humble, but he isnt. He truly believes he’s somehow more loved (or “blessed”) by God than other players. He’s so arrogant he believes God is working through him and has chosen him and his team to win close games because he’s somehow more pious and christian and deserving than the hundreds of other christian atheltes in the NFL. To me, that makes him the poster boy for arrogance.

    I dont care if folks like Tebow, thats fine. I dont, and I think he’s shown false modesty. I dont buy his note-perfect script he repeats like a mantra every game either–especially not after NFL network mikes picked up what he said after throwing another awful pick. I think he’s full of it. And I cannot stand it when people claim God is working through them, or that God had anything to do with a sporting event. (If he did, the Stealers would never win another game after Super Bowl 40 LOL!).

    Anyway, if you disagree, peace. Thats fine. But I hope he gets traded, IMO he could use the humbling.

  25. IF Carolina let go of Stewart I would grab him in a heart beat.

    as a back up he could be great. not as many carries not as big a risk to get injured but a good player who could pop a big game here and there.

    Not saying I don’t like Bush- I would take him too.

  26. I liked it better when all we had to talk about was how great it was to land Flynn and Jones, and whether we should bring in Bush or trade for Stewart. Thats a lot more fun than hearing about idiots like King. Creepy story.

    I hope Seattle signs someone else just so we have something positive to talk about again. (I got my anti-Tebow rant out of my system, I’m good now ;P )

  27. I am still interested how the LB’s are going to fall around the league. Lots of people kicking tires but nobody signing.

    I don’t think anyone(teams) wants to set the market – or the players want to and are asking for a boatload of money and not getting it.

  28. ChrisHolmes says:

    @STTBM Agree 100%.

    I do like Tebow’s work-ethic, love for the game and sheer determination.

    But he has almost zero talent as an NFL level QB. I think it was a neat magic carpet ride that Denver was on last season, but my take is that they won those games because the defense kept them close enough to have a chance. If Tebow plays like an NFL QB in those games, then they wouldn’t have been close to begin with and all those “comebacks” would have been unnecessary.

    When you throw in all the God/Jesus stuff, Tebow makes me want to hurl.

    I wish he’s spend less time talking about God and more time working on his mechanics. Then I could actually root for him.

  29. Now here’s hoping Smith goes to Miami………. tee hee hee!

  30. HeinieHunter says:

    As much as I wish SF misfortune I don’t see Smith signing with dysfunctional Miami. With Manning glint to Denver Smith has a lot of leverage to get what he wants for SF.
    Last year SF was extremely lucky with injuries. Very unlikely they will be able to do that two years in a row.
    “The Twins” have a plan and it just continues to work. I would be surprised at all if they plucked a couple more plums this free agency. This may be the best place any Seattle team has ever been going into a draft.

  31. STTBM, I agree 100%. Somehow I can’t imagine that God gives a rat’s which team wins a football game.

  32. Eric, perhaps you could remind some of the posters that abusive and off topic comments are not welcome. We really don’t need to read anything denigrating anyone’s (Tebow’s) religious beliefs. I’m certain the paper would not tolerate similar abusive language directed towards any other faith.

  33. NisquallyHawk says:

    Interesting, Manning going to Denver. It was reported Hutch was going to sign with the Hawks, but got a call from his agent whom is the same for Manning, and he went and signed with Tenn.
    Now Manning at Denver it appears, and Hutch left holding the bag in Tenn. Funny, how what goes around, comes around! Yeah that was interesting.

  34. PHXHawk–Give us all a break, man. No post here had anything bad to say about having religous faith, was abusive, or bashed Tebow for being a devout christian. Nor is Tebow or his behavior off-topic. Tebow being traded, and his antics on and offield, are blog-wrothy comments.

    If you disagree with something said on the blog, then say so. But be willing to back your opinion up.

    I have tons of respect for Leonard Weaver and Justin Forsett, both of whom are devout Christians. While I dont share belief in thier particular branch of Christianity, I can respect them and thier beliefs because they dont come off as pompous, they display real humility, and they dont expect to be handed starting jobs. They also dont claim that a) God is working through their play onfield and b) They win games because they have God’s favor. I have a major problem with both those things, and have every right to comment on it, whether or not you like it.

    John McGrath and Dave Boling, two of the Trib’s main sports writers, have writen articles critical of Tebow’s behavior. They were every bit as hard on him as I was, and made much sharper jokes at his expense. And they werent abusive or anti-christian either.

    Just because some of us find Tebow’s antics disgusting doesnt make us anti-christian. Get a grip. If Tebow changed his name to Muhammad, quoted the Koran,and thanked Allah after ever play, and continued his same behavior I would be every bit as critical.

    And being able to state differing, even controversial opinions, is what Blogs are for. Its also what America is supposed to be all about. Just because you were offended, doesnt mean anyone said anything offensive.

  35. STTBM-Your last post makes a good points, but I am tired of people professing to know what is in the hearts and minds of others. I just feel that this blog should concern itself with the Seahawks and football matters. Going off into religious (or political) areas will not make this a better blog.

  36. longco44 says:

    STTBM; Well said!

  37. PHXHawk–I dont profess to know what is in Tebow’s heart or mind. Or anyone else’s, for that matter. Tebow annoys the heck out of me for many reasons, especially since I feel if he spent half the time he should on fixing his mechanics and watching film, and kept his belief that God has anything to do with sporting events to himself, he’d be the kind of underdog I always root for.

    As it stands, he comes off as arrogant and deluded, IMO.

    I dont know if any of my comments make this a better blog. Depends on who you ask! But I stand by my right to post tangential comments. Sometimes the tangents get a bit out there, but thats how I think. Does that make this a better blog? I dont know, but I do know that censoring non-abusive posts because you disagree with the stated opinion will definitely not make this a better blog.

    Besides, Tebows constant use of religion to explain his success has opened the door to the discussion. In Tebows mind, religion is intermixed with football. I disagree, and said so.

    Its pretty much impossible to discuss Tebow and avoid his behavior and what he says. And what he has said is that his play is Gods work. WHich I dont buy at all, as I said. Otherwise, Tebow would have a better spiral, LOL!

  38. Anyway, as I said: Peace, PHXHawk. Im done ranting about Tebow, hopefully for good. I’m not anti-christian at all.

  39. mojjonation says:

    Garrard to Miami. Smith back to 49ers (with apparently no love from anyone but Harbaugh with the $9mill/year off the table). This offseason has put the ‘fun’ in dysfunctional. Miami is a mess. Manning to Denver. Really? This is PM’s best chance to win? Tenn was probably a better chance to win if he wanted to stay in the AFC. San Fran was easily his best chance to win period. My guess is he didn’t want to compete with his brother. PM has ahome in Miami, it’s warm, but the division is tough with Williams moving to Buffalo and the Jets D would be salivating. Tenn seemed like a good fit with his wife being from there and didn’t he have a home there also? The defenses he would of faced might be marginally better than the defenss in the AFC West. Maybe he didn’t want to face his old team twice a season. Denver will be cold for at least four home games. Possibly snow. He will be facing the AFC and NFC North this season. He is only 9-10 in the playoffs. At 5/95 million, this seems more like it being about the money than anything else. But who knows. He isn’t a niner and he isn’t a hawk.

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