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Hawks release OT Jarriel King, reportedly arrested for rape in South Carolina

Post by Eric Williams on March 19, 2012 at 10:25 am with 50 Comments »
March 19, 2012 10:40 am

Jarriel King

The Seattle Seahawks wasted little time after the recent report that offensive tackle Jarriel King was involved in a sexual assault back in his home state of South Carolina, releasing him from the team’s 80-man roster.

According to WCSC-TV in South Carolina, Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle Jarriel King was arrested last month in North Charleston, S.C. for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman who was highly intoxicated.

According to the report, North Charleston police officers arrested King and another man on third degree criminal sexual conduct charges.

King and another man reportedly had forcible sex with a 25-year-old woman on Feb. 26 after returning from a nightclub.

The Seahawks claimed the South Carolina product off of waivers on Sept. 4, 2011 after he was released during final roster cut downs from the New York Giants.

King, 25, had some red flags coming out of college, but the Seahawks liked his potential and kept him on the active roster all season. But King was nursing an ankle injury most of the year and was active for only one game against St. Louis, seeing limited action on special teams and for a couple plays when Robert Gallery had to leave the game.

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  1. Bad personal choice. Bad career choice.

    What an ass-hat.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Presuming the allegations are accurate, good riddance.

  3. JazBadAzz says:

    Dudes need to learn, you can’t get none when she drunk off her a$$, to much at stake! Stupid dude’s even tagged teamed her…wow. I don’t know what happen and I’m not going to point fingers but you got to be better than this!

    Why has it taken so long for the report to come out? I thought nfl had like a police blotter or something?

  4. The dude who first posted this story in the previous thread hung the link out as a teaser…

    I clicked on it saying over and over…not Okung, not Moffit, not Unger, not Carpenter…

    Thank goodness it was this dumbass. Who knows for sure whether it was concentual or not but he’s still guilty of making several really bad decisions that night. I hear Miami is always looking for players willing to sign with them, so he may have hope.

  5. Even if he didnt rape the woman, he’s guilty of bad judgement–putting himself in a bad position, using drugs, etc. He deserves to be cut for that alone. And if guilty, he is gonna do some serious well-earned prison time.

    Interesting that Seattle will keep a player who committs domestic violence, drug use, and DUI (Hill) (IF youre a starter). And they dont care if you use drugs or get DUI’s (McCoy, Tatupu, Hill, Brock, etc).

    Still, I think they did the right thing cutting King. This is a serious accusation. I hope they hold all their players to the same standard from here on out.

    King just threw away his NFL career. Idiot at best, total creep at worst.

  6. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    That’s a pretty ignorant statement. This dude was arrested for sexual assault. The story, if true, is really disturbing. No comparison to the mistakes that Hill and Tatupu made.

    Saying the team doesn’t care is just really unfounded.

  7. Sorry for the tease Audible..just some added suspense to this crazy monday FA morning

  8. Dukeshire says:

    I would agree that raping someone and getting a DUI aren’t in the same category. And for good or ill, there are degrees of criminality, and what is “acceptable”, as it were.

  9. piperfeltcher says:

    That is to bad he was a good prospect that the Hawks carried on there roster last year even though he was not ready to play.

  10. *IF* it’s true, then good riddance. I was on a jury just last week where someone was accused of something like this and it was incredibly obvious it wasn’t true. Due process isn’t the worst thing in the world.

  11. Hill dragged his girlfiend down the steps by her hair, slapped her, and threw her down. AND he was arrested for DUI after passing out at an intersection after drinking and using marijuanna. While domestic violence is not as serious a charge as sexual assault, it IS serious, and it was Hill’s second arrest in as many years. And THEN Hill was in trouble again for violating probation/parole on the DV charge. I think its fair to question Seattle’s handling of that situation, and I think its fair to say they likely wouldnt have cut a backup player the same slack.

    Tatupu and Brock were arrested for DUI. McCoy tested positive for illegal drugs (MJ). So I think its pretty safe to say that Seattle doesnt seem to care about DUI’s and marijuanna use–at least, not enough to cut a productive player for it. And the DUI’s were pretty serious–both Tatupu and Brock could have easily killed someone. Tatupu was seriously drunk, and Brock–though his lawyer got his charge reduced–was speeding by a heck of a lot. It wasnt just a public intoxication arrest.

    Perhaps the team does care about DUI’s and illegal drug use; just not enough to cut a productive player over it.

    And Im not saying they were wrong not to give second chances to some of those guys, just that there appears to be some inconsistency in how they handle arrests.

    Myself, Im fine with them cutting King as I said. Pretty serious accusation.

  12. HawkfaninMT says:

    So what is the result of this roster move?

    OT- Okung, Giac, Carp
    OG- Moffitt, McQ, Jean-Pirre (?)
    OC- Unger

    Is that it, other than camp fodder bodies? Looking at this I am softening my stance that DeCastro would be a bad pick. He would start immediately at LG, and (hopefully) solidfy that side for the next 10 years. We need some players, not just bodies, but players in here!

  13. I never equated rape with DUI. They arent equal crimes. Read my post again carefully this time. I also understand there are degrees of criminality. My point was, there APPEARS to be inconsistency to Seattle’s position on arrests.

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    DeCastro! DeCastro! Did I hear someone say Decastro?

  15. I really hope Eric posts something else soon because this is the last thing I wanted to talk about today with all of the FA excitement going on. King is a has been who never was…end of story.

    De Castro would be an awesome signing!

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Mabey he couldn’t afford cops or bar managers to cover for him like Rapistburger did.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – I read your post, carefully, the first time. If you read my post, carefully, you’ll notice it was not directed specifically toward you, but in response to someone else, and was more of a general statement.

    My point, is that regarding what society accepts, there is somewhat of an acceptance of DUIs, which can have deadly consequences. And the fact also is, for good or ill, the greater ones’ talent and production on the football field, the more a team is willing to tolerate. It may not be fair. It may not be right. It can and does certainly, lead to inconsistencies in discipline. But that’s the culture in the NFL.

  18. HawfaninMT

    Fanaika is still on the roster. I would think the competition at the O line positions is finding guys to outcompete Fanaika or Jeanpierre, and maybe ad an OT until Carpenter is back.

    OT- Okung, Giacomini/Carp, McQuistan
    OG- Moffitt, McQ, Jeanpierre, Fanaika
    OC- Unger, Jeanpierre

    I still don’t get what people are thinking about drafting DeCastro. He’ll be a first rounder and the Seahawks won’t do that 3 years in a row. They have bigger needs at DE, LB, WR, and RB

  19. JazBadAzz says:

    Sttbm- I’m sure a lot gets done behind closed doors when players are in troubles. Families need some privacy and I highly doubt the franchise look the other way! When kids get in trouble at school, the parents don’t broadcast the punishments to everyone back at the school. Same way in a profession.

  20. raymaines says:

    Two things:

    1) Are we really all that sure that King was cut due to bad behavior, or maybe he just isn’t as good as the next guy in line?

    2) My dearly departed mother used to say… (I hate this wise old parent sort of lead in, but honest, my mom used to say…) “How would this look on the 5:00 news?” It really doesn’t matter if King really is innocent of all charges, it was a bad career decision to have placed himself in that situation. Take a clue from LeRoy Hill dude.

  21. piperfeltcher says:

    If nothing changes the O-line to start the season is Okung, McQuistan, Unger, Moffitt, Giacomini. That will be one of the 5 worst lines in the league .

  22. @duke – ‘Presuming the allegations are accurate, good riddance’


    @faninMT – we look a little thin, no?

  23. HawkfaninMT says:

    I am still short of exclaiming we NEED Decastro. Before I was in your shoes saying that we have spent a ton of draft capital on the OL in early picks… But I am getting to the point where if we did draft him, I could understand the argument

  24. I think we’re going with WR or DE in the 1st round.
    Good linebackers can be picked up in later rounds, and it looks like we’re going to sign Bush to shore up the RB position.

    So, I think we draft Justin Blackmon, Coples, or De Castro in that order.

    Is there a good chance Blackmon falls to us? I hope so. I’ve heard reports that Coples doesn’t always give maximum effort, but on a reasonable rookie contract, you’d think he’d be motivated for the big FA payday in a few years, so I think he’d be a good signing.

    If neither Blackmon and Coples are gone, I’d sign De Castro.

  25. Dukeshire–My last post was also directed at CHawkfanin9erland. I’m ambivalent to the handling of Tatupu, McCoy, and Brock. I feel two ways about it. My original post was simply pointing out that it appeared Seattle wasnt consistent with thier policies regarding arrests/crimes. Its a complicated subject, and I dont have all the answers. The only time I’ve gone out and said someone should be cut immediately was with Rocky Bernard (Ive allready mentioned why on several blogs) and today with King. The others were admittedly more complex, though Hill’s DV charge really bothered me.

    Raymaines–I remember hearing Carrol talk King up numerous times last year. They really liked him as an OT prospect. He had a lingering ankle injury last year that never healed: this year the sky was the limit. But it wouldnt surpise me if Seattle cut him just for the bad publicity alone.

    Piperfeltcher–While I dont think the line will be as bad as you say, it pisses me off to think of JeanPierre on the bench while McQuistan plays. We need to get a backup C so JeanPierre can play G. JP is a better G than McQ and shouldnt be riding the pine, but Seattle doesnt have anyone else to backup Unger.

    Jazzbadazz–I see your point. I was okay with Seattle drafting McCoy, and with them keeping Tats and Hill. I had a problem with Hill staying after the DV charge and the parole violation, and I have a problem with the high numbers of Seahawks in trouble with the law the last few years. I dont like it. But taking away a guys livlihood? I dont generally think that should happen for DUI–but again, circumstances are to be taken into account.

    Stevos–McQ at LG is enough to justify DeCastro. Carpenter wasnt the best choice last year, at least thats how it looks. Okung was necessary too, and if he can shake the injury bug we’ll all love him. Our line was the worst in the NFL for years, so taking OL three first rounds in a row makes sense.

    Also, we dont necessarily have to spend a first on a RB–in fact, it isnt likely unless Richardson is there. I like Floyd, but IMO LG is a bigger need than WR. Same with LB and DE. Are there guys at DE and LB that are as good a player as DeCastro?!

    Im not sure who the Hawks are looking at in the first round, but I hope they take the best player there. I cant stand seeing weird reaches like Carpenter. Remember Jeramy Stevens, Chris Spencer and Kelly Jennings? All reaches for need based on position, not talent.

    I think JS and Carrol will do fine, whether they go DT, DE, OL, RB or WR. Despite the uncertainty of Carpenter thus far, I think they’ve done a heck of a job drafting. And while I dont expect them to continually have success in the fifth through seventh round like they achieved last year, I think they will find a gem or two every draft.

  26. Depth at oline is awesome – can’t get enough of it. Totally agree.

    But given the choice between a pass rushing DE/OLB and OG, I think we should go pass rush at #12.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    The more I watch of Kuechly, the more and more I like him. He’s patient, sheds blocks well, very sure tackler, breaks like a mother on the ball in coverage, and he’s young. Turns 21 in April. The thing I worry about is his speed: would he bring the necessary speed Carroll wants to improve at LB? That said, at Mike, pure speed is not as necessary as it is at Will, for example. Reaction and quickness are more important.

  28. there are plenty of linebackers out there to be had…i would think that the best way to shore up that group is through FA. at that point they could draft DL early and shore up the OL later in the draft…they wouldn’t have released Gallery if they didn’t plan on replacing him and i don’t think they would have made the mistake of putting all their eggs in hutchinson’s basket.

  29. Audible–I dont see any way Blackmon falls out of the top 5, let alone to 12. The Rams and Browns both should want him, same with Minny and a couple others. If we want WR, we’ll be lucky to have a shot at Floyd or Stephen Hill, but not both.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – I thought you were singling me out, because you used my quote. No worries. I sure don’t have all the answers to that quagmire, either.

  31. Hammajamma says:

    DeCastro…would they…could they? A line of 3 firsts, a second and a third?

    They’ve got their impact player on O, but will they pass up the BPA for a pass rusher? Kuechly is a vacuum cleaner at MLB. I like smart guys who understand leverage.

  32. Audible: “I think we’re going with WR or DE in the 1st round”

    Yes, you are I are very much on the same page here. But even if Blackmon and Coples are gone at #12, as you suggest, I don’t see another first round O line pick.

    I think Schneider will be working the phones and trying to trade this pick down for an extra pick, and going after whoever they like as a DE pass rusher or LB or WR in the mid to late first round. Coples, Upshaw, Kuechley, Ingram, Blackmon, and Floyd could all be high on their list, I would think. I don’t see why we would pick an OG in the first round when there is this kind of talent there.

    And I’m one who doesn’t think this WR crew is as good as some think. After Baldwin, Rice, I think the rest of our receivers should have to compete hard for their jobs. We saw how bad our receiving corps was when Rice was injured last year. Its no guarantee Rice won’t get hurt again. We need another top-flight WR.

    And we desperately need another pass rusher.

    I’ll bet Tom Cable has a long list of guys he thinks he can turn into starting OGs.

  33. Yeah, Stevos…I think you’re right about De Castro. When I think about it, I just have flashbacks to the Jones – Hutch days and get a little watery-eyed and nostalgic.

    If not, Blackmon, I think Michael Floyd makes the most sense at WR because of his size. He doesn’t have elite speed, but he is able to get separation, which is more important than pure speed.

    And, so far so good on the Cable front, so it looks like we get to keep him for another year. You’re right about later round OL…that’s his specialty.

    So, I’m going with Floyd or Coples for my prediction.

  34. Yeah, Stevos… think you’re right about De Castro. I just get teary-eyed thinking about the Jones – Hutch era.

    Luckily we still have Cable, and it looks like we’ll keep for another year, so we should be good at OL.

    So, I’m going to predict Coples or Michael Floyd because Carroll likes tall receivers…at 6′ 3″…he doesn’t have elite speed but he does get good separation, which is even more important.

    Now that we have a shiny new QB, Carroll will want to make sure he has all the weapons he needs to be successful, so I think Floyd will be our pick.

  35. The Insider was down for a few minutes and it looked like I lost my first post.

  36. HawkfaninMT says:

    I wouldn’t mind a WR either… As the FA period goes on i see our options opening up quite nicely. I could see an argument made for:

    LB- Kuelchy
    DE- Ingram, Coples, Upshaw, Mercilus, Perry
    DT- Poe, Brockers
    WR- Blackmon (FieldGulls had an interesting write up about his potential to drop a while back for anyone looking for a straw to grasp), Floyd, Wright
    OL- DeCastro

    This why I think a trade down is so inviting… Trading back around 22ish and picking up another 2nd, or the teams 1st next year would be ideal because we could still get one of the above players and get more draft capital. Of course this is what most teams around our spot are thinking!

  37. Dukeshire says:

    I too like Michael Floyd. While I think Seattle has more pressing needs, he’s a legit talent. He’s got size, speed, can run inside breaking, and get on top of a CB. Even with all that, don’t expect him to come in and start running NFL routes right from the jump. (Baldwin was an exception even from the slot, and with that, still has a ton of learning to do.) But if Carroll / Schneider went Floyd, I could understand it. He’s a crazy talent.

  38. I’m fine with Kuechly.

    Kuechly = upsized Tatupu without the injury history.

  39. Does anyone have a surprise pick? A player dropping out of nowhere or another player expected to go later, like Carpenter last year?

  40. HawkfaninMT says:

    Whotney mercilus

  41. HawkfaninMT says:

    Whitney Mercilus

  42. Whitney Mercilus looks pretty damn good. Hopefully, we could trade back and still have a chance at him, if we’re going to go DE.

  43. Speaking of Carp, anyone heard any updates on his recovery? Last I heard he was totally off field for pre-season, for sure, perhaps longer…
    Add that to the stupidity of King, unless we pick up a FA lineman, I sure don’t think it’s unreasonable not to consider that direction with our #1 pick again…. depends what’s there….

  44. IBGoofy–I havent heard anything recent regarding Carpenter, but his injury was severe and he will likely miss the start of the season. I dont expect to see him onfield until week 6 at the earliest–due just as much to his conditioning than his knee, but thats just me. Even after his knee is healed, he wont be in football shape and he’ll need weeks to practice and work his way slowly into game shape. I’d be kinda surprised if he starts at all next year. Giacomini wont give up the starting RT spot easily.

    Dukeshire–Glad to hear you like Floyd. I was wondering if I was the only one! He’s the real deal. Whoever gets him will be happy for the next ten years.

  45. sealedandlock says:

    Hello to every1, here r the facts Jarriel King is her cousin on her fathers side. Ernie Holmes and her went 2 school 2gether. stating that y would she feel unsafe around her cousin and some1 she went 2 school with? Also she was not alone with them the whole night she was hanging out with female friends that left,once again y would she feel unsafe with staying the night with her cousin. Would u feel unsafe staying with ur cousin,dont answer that. Jarriel King obviously did not c her in a cousin way,or mayb he did. She satyed their with him after her friend left bcause she felt safe. They were messed up but forcing a drunk woman in 2 having safe is has rape written all over it. They knew that the drunker and higing they got her they would b able 2 take over. Considering that she kept telling them she was messed up and didnt want anymore 2 drink. The kept foring on more. Plus I believe that her drink was speaked being that it was reported that she started feeling dazy,hint hint. Also it was reported that she spilled her drink and right after they offered her more. Shame on them, this woman did not c it coming. Their only reason 4 encouraging her to drink more is so they could do whatever to her and hope I said hope that she didnt remember. Its sad that a woman cant go out with people that she trust and b taken for a rug doll. That poor woman being raped 4 hours. Also that fact that she passed out. Let’s c drinks+weed+spiked what does that equal way passed messed up. Have any pf u ever had your drink spike. Dont answer that, when your drink is spiked u lose all control of yourself. Thank god 4 her for her sake she spilled the drink. If she had finish the whole thing she could have dyed and not b able 2 tell her story.Considering that she did call the cops,and went 2 the doctor that shows that she has nothing 2 hide. So 4 those of u who do not know them on a personal level press the mute bottom. Only speak if u have facts. They’re the facts a woman raped by her cousin and a friend that she went 2 school with. I guess u cant even trust your own family these days.

  46. Sealandlock-I think we’re all pretty horrified by the allegations against King. And many of us agree with Seattle firing his butt. But damn, your post is as hard to read as something from BigMike. Use spellcheck next time, or something. Please.

  47. Don’t be rude, STTBM.

    Thanks for posting, sealedandlock! Glad to learn the details.

    How do you know them?

  48. sealedandlock says:

    I’m sorry 4 the mixed up words. I was very upset typing that,I went 2 school with both of them. In middle school and high school they would always hang out on and off. In her eyes Jarriel was some1 she could trust. She did not c it coming, she was just hanging out. She is also a mother,student, and a part-time working woman. She did not think something like this would happen just hanging out on her free night away from her children. Jarriel and Holmes should b put under the jail,he knew she truted him.Her staying at his house showed that. From my understanding she was hanging out with friends and they left at diffrernt points of the night. After every1 was gone they had conversation about hangin out some more, but every1 was 2 drunk 2 drive,smart choice on all parts.As I said b4 she was already messed up coming back 2 the house. In her mind she was going 2 hang out with her cousin and his friend 4 a little while longer,then just pass out. Both of the guys wanted 2 drink and smoke more. As I said b4 she did not c this coming. The only thing that she was wrong 4 is trusting her cousin and thinking that she was in the right hand. U all need 2 step back n put urself in her shoe. Being attack by two men at once for hours,using the little bit of strenght that she had left in her begging them to stop. They didnt care, all they cared about was having their way with some1 n kept pushing drinks on. Just keep her in prayer, this is the worst time in her.

  49. Sorry, that probably did come off as rude.

    Sealandlock–I think its pretty likely that more than 95% of people on this blog are horrified about the allegations, even before your post. If youre telling the truth, the story is even more heinous, and those guys will get whats coming to them in prison.

    You should have heard the awful stuff people were saying on other blogs about Rocky Bernards victim a few years ago. It made one blogger give up his blog entirely, and it made me fighting mad because his girfriend was distant family, so I knew the details.

    This time most folks are being human about it. Thank goodness.

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