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Matt Flynn signs with Seahawks

Post by Eric Williams on March 18, 2012 at 2:21 pm with 174 Comments »
March 18, 2012 2:55 pm
Green Bay Packer quarterback Matt Flynn smiles as he exits the field after defeating the Detroit Lions 45-41 in an NFL football game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis., on Sunday, Jan. 1, 2012. Aaron Rodgers got to rest up for the playoffs and backup Matt Flynn threw for a franchise-record six touchdowns, the final one to Jermichael Finley with 1:10 left, giving the Packers a 45-41 victory over the Lions. (AP Photo/West Bend Dally News, John Ehlke)

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Green Bay free agent quarterback Matt Flynn has signed a three-year, $26 million deal, $10 million of which is guaranteed.

The Seahawks have confirmed the deal.

So based on the amount Flynn has signed for, it appears that the Seahawks have committed to Flynn as the team’s quarterback going into the 2012 season.

He’ll make more than Tarvaris Jackson, who is in the final year of a two-year deal that will pay him $4 million in base salary in 2012.

Other than Peyton Manning, Flynn was thought to be the darling of this year’s quarterback class after his impressive performance in relief duty in Green Bay’s final regular-season game against Detroit, as he set the Packers’ franchise record for passing yards and touchdowns in a game, completing 31 of 44 passes for 480 yards and six touchdowns.

Of course, the seventh round pick out of LSU in the 2008 draft has a limited sample set backing up Pro Bowl quarterback Aaron Rodgers with just two career starts.

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  1. SandpointHawk says:

    OH Yeah… Like this Big Time…Bobby and Duke drinks are on me see at the corner bar….

  2. DreadHawks says:

    YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Now let’s go get the rest of our FAs. I’m a happy fan!!!!

  3. WoW! That came out of the blue!

  4. Sweet! Now we have a young gun to grow with the rest of the team!

  5. raymaines says:

    Were we careful about what we wished for? Time will tell. Fingers crossed.

  6. And somehow, Joe Philbin who knows Flynn better than anyone and who coaches a team desperate for a new QB didn’t offer Flynn more money? That’s a major red flag.

    That being said, I think the Seahawks signed a Matt Cassell type of player who can play well with a great surrounding cast. But he’s not going to carry a mediocre bunch to greatness.

  7. SeahawkFan12 says:

    YEAH! Awesome news. Looks like we paid him well but didn’t over-pay. I love it. GO SEAHAWKS!

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Hell yes Samdpoint! Shocked and totally stoked. Very happy about this!

  9. Great great job Hawks! Now we won’t have to reach for Tannehill in the draft. Flynn will be at LEAST Hasselbeck 2.0. Very excited for the season now. Just a great offseason so far. Get Kuechly in draft or Coples, Ingram or Upshaw if available.

  10. raymaines says:

    Eric was right on top of this one! The Sandoman hasn’t put it up yet.

  11. I like this signing. Congrats to 12th man! This is a good day. Good job the FO

  12. Dukeshire says:

    How o we know what Miami offered? There certainly could be other factors a play, like Philbin doesn’t have the say in personnel in Miami that Carroll has here. Could be a red flag for him.

  13. nighthawk2 says:

    THANK GOD! Bye T-Joke, here’s some lovely parting gifts and thanks for playing (not!).

    As for Joe Philbin, he doesn’t make the decisions. Miami has an owner that’s more interested in B-list celebrities than he is in football, and they have a GM (Jeff Ireland) that actually makes the decisions, not the head coach.

  14. Where are all the doom and gloomers, believing Pete and Johnny Boy didn’t take the QB problem seriously? Patience people, patience. I can’t wait to see how Flynn turns out, I honestly have my doubts about him, I really don’t think he’s going to be fantastic, but this will certainly be interesting to watch, and, he is not Alex Smith!

  15. That’s true, Jeff Ireland might have overruled Philbin here.

  16. SandpointHawk says:

    Bobby is in shock….sign in Bobby K…..

  17. wow – we pulled it off – hot damn – at least he could be the guy. exciting again. this seahawks management team is on it. way to go.

  18. The best part about this signing is that it allows us the flexibility to go after the best players out there in the draft, rather than reaching for a need in desperation.

    And personally I think the Dolphins missed out, not because of the head coach throwing up red flags, but because they have a cheap ownership group.

  19. PixelDummy says:

    Great job PC/JS! I think the money is pretty reasonable. Compared to what other QBs in the league are making I think the deal is fair for both sides.

  20. Oh, and this also means that Kuechly is highly likely, should Hawthorne sign anywhere else, this is a great move.

  21. “That being said, I think the Seahawks signed a Matt Cassell type of player who can play well with a great surrounding cast. But he’s not going to carry a mediocre bunch to greatness.”

    come on now – let’s at least happy for a minute here – you don’t know that’s his ceiling. he’s playing behind the best QB in the league, and he did all he could in the small sample of guys where he got in.

    He could be Cassel, but he could also be a lot better – – – glass half full man . . .

  22. Now trade down and pick up a couple more choices then use the low first to nab Mike Wallace and pay him. He’s there for the taking and you tell me if there is a better WR at #12. PITTSBURGH IS STUPID.

  23. DreadHawks says:

    Wonder if Smith will still visit? Cut T-Hak and have Smith and Flynn compete???? HMMMMMM.

  24. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    bobby is getting cpr as we speak

  25. nidhighe says:

    “And somehow, Joe Philbin who knows Flynn better than anyone and who coaches a team desperate for a new QB didn’t offer Flynn more money? That’s a major red flag.”

    Maybe it wasn’t entirely about money. Perhaps Flynn was just sold on signing here by Carroll’s enthusiasm, plus Beast Mode, and receivers like Rice, Baldwin, and Miller to throw to?


  26. Oooh…this could get even better. If Manning signs with Denver and Smith signs with Miami….San Fran has whats-his-face from Nevada for a QB! Wouldn’t that be an ironic twist?

    Ooh and could get even better if manning goes to Tennessee, Smith to Miami, and Hass to San Fran. I’d almost hate to see that because I like hass so much, but would make for interesting stuff.

  27. freedom_X says:

    Yep, the front office read Flynn’s market value correctly. Leave it to many fans and Flynn gets way more (Kolb+ money.) It’s a good signing.

    Though I am not sure Flynn is a sure fire answer, he’s promising enough to justify the price they paid. Even if Flynn busts, the price they’re paying won’t kill their future cap, and even if Flynn takes a while to come along ala Hasselbeck, they can afford to let him get more experience.

    Much better than the Whitehurst signing for sure, even just looking at the signing day merits (i.e. not counting the fact Whitehurst actually did flop in reality.)

    Miami’s org is a joke. They’re always declaring they’re in the running for anything significant (coaches, players, etc.) but in the end they never ante up for anything.

  28. Dukeshire says:

    Seattle can now address DL or LB at 12 and take a developmental guy later. This is perfect

  29. A Matt Cassell type? How so? Flynn is far more of an unknown (thank goodness). All I know is that Flynn tossed 6 TDs in a game and holds the record for a very solid franchise. I was actually far more impressed with his game against NE a couple of years ago. Guy has moxy.

    Thrilled to see what we have in him. We know what Tjax can (or cannot) do. Let’s just wait and see what we’ve got with Flynn. It was a necessary move by the Hawks. Not full of panic, but a measured and potentially smart move. Either way, the unknown that Flynn brings is more exciting than anything Whitehurt or Tjax bring to the table.

  30. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    I’m tired of PC and JS. They don’t take the QB need seriously. They haven’t drafted a QB yet … they couldn’t get Manning to dance with them. They screwed up by not going after Kolb. T-Jack sux. They let flinn go to Miami. Once he sees the beaches there he’s gone. He’s a great prospect and we blew it. We’re screwed.

    Oh wait, they signed Flinn?

    I’m tired of PC and JS. They wasted money on some guy I’ve never even heard of. Dude ur kidding me right? Flinn? FLINNNNNN?

  31. PixelDummy says:

    Take a shot every time the “T-Jack being replaced by a former Green Bay QB in an ironic twist” comes up in next years broadcasts.

  32. taxspecialist1 says:

    Woohoo welcome to the Seahawks Matt Flynn. Pabuwal I trust Carrol and Schneider and Flynn will be a huge upgrade. It is not just about the first 3 years either Flynn has a much better chance to succeed in Seattle as I beleive he has better weapons on offense and our defense will give him more opportunities. As a result if he can prove himself as an elite type quaterback he will get a much larger contract in the relatively near future. Flynn has waited his opportunity to start so I am sure he wanted the best chance to succeed and there was a connection here as well as Miami although the Dolphins may have been closer. Adam Schefter ‏had also tweeted the contract was up to $26 million so lets hope it is performance based with the $10 million guaranteed and that he earns every penny of it. Bobby we will all be cheering for your guy now!!!!!

  33. Even nighthawk is happy!

    I guess all good things come to those who wait!

    My little (almost) 8 month old will be getting a little Flynn jersey as soon as they release the new Nike jerseys!

    Nothing like making us sweet it out though. What a rough week! In the end, they got ‘er done.

    Bo and Mr. Happy have an ally in me, that’s for sure!

    Thank goodness all this Alex Smith stuff is all for naught. He and Jackson are like people playing bad jokes on you. It sucks afterwhile.







    Hot damn… we got a 3-tech… we got a QB… we resigned some key guys… what a great freakin’ off-season!!!

    Bring on the draft!!!

  34. Thats really great news.

    Interesting to see what happens with Tarvaris. Will they keep him or cut him? I think it would feel uncomfortable for Flynn and Jackson if Jackson stays.

    Now, we need to address the linebacker and pass rush situations.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    Just got off the phone with Bobby, he didn’t die of a heart attack. He’ll b along shortly, and folks; he’s giddy. Lol

  36. You guys make it like Cassell is some type of stiff. He isn’t. He’s a nice system QB who can look good in the right situation – which is exactly what Flynn is.

    If you guys are expecting an elite QB who can elevate any talent level around him, then your expectations are going to be dashed. If you are expecting a player that can come in and put up a rating between 80 and 90 in a system friendly to his skills with good surrounding talent, then you will be pleased.

  37. nighthawk2 says:

    So what will be the Seahawks slogans this year? Bring back Eugene Levy!

    “In Like Flynn”
    “Our Man Flynn” (for those who remember the James Coburn movies as Derek Flint)

    “Flynn for the Win”
    “Flynn-stoned my mock draft”

    So I guess we’re not drafting Kirk Cousins or Brock Osweiller. Anyway, this calls for opening my $9 bottle of Korbel I’ve had chilling.

  38. I’ll see some of you next season for a game in Seattle!

  39. SandpointHawk says:

    Now give me an edge rusher, QB to develop and back up for Beast…on a personal note I’ll love all O-linemen until we shake the injury curse…Oh yeah, I like the twins and how they play the game even if it is hard on my nerves….

  40. Cassell is indeed a pretty solid player, and honestly, with the talent on this team, Flynn does not need to be a top 5 QB, as long as he can win us games in the 4th quarter (which is one of my only real complaints about Jackson, actually) we’ll have a shot a deep post season.

  41. I couldn’t wait, Duke! LOL!

  42. freedom_X says:

    At the price Seattle’s paying, a Cassel with fewer mistakes (ints) is a good return. Manning was the only person available that could have promised franchise-lifting powers immediately. Even Luck or Griffin will take a year or two to become franchise-makers at least (the wildly successful Cam Newton’s still not a franchise maker yet.)

    Yes, now the ultimate dream I agree is for Miami to finally push hard to sign Alex Smith (they need a QB badly now) and Manning to go to Tennessee or Denver. Shaft Harbaugh. A perfect capper for the week.

  43. Great job FO! Now we get a top DE or LB at #12. Although, if Richardson slides we grab him. Lynch/Richardson combo would punish defenses and allow Flynn to open it up. Also, great contract for an unproven QB – only 10 guaranteed! Go Hawks!!

  44. SandpointHawk says:

    But Bobby….how do you really feel?

  45. RDPoulsbo says:

    This was the ONE guy I wanted during free agency! I am so stoked! Let the PC era truly begin!

  46. This forces Miami to take Smith. Peyton goes to Titans and SF starts Colin. Don’t think Harbaugh did’nt get rid of Smith on purpose do ya?

    Who has it better than Kaepernick!

    BTW, Do not underestimate that kid.

  47. nighthawk2 says:

    Cassel blows. Maybe if he had Josh McDaniel as is OC again he’d do better. I’d never want him though.

  48. raymaines says:

    Flynn flees Florida and the ‘phins

  49. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    I cant’ believe we let whitehurst get away in free agency. You invest in a guy, and as soon as he’s ready to start you let him run to the sun

  50. BEASTmode24 says:

    Stoked, now we can focus on improving our pass rush, didn’t break the bank and still have plenty of cap space to go after a guy like Wimbley. Time will tell if Flynn is the answer, but we aren’t risking our future to find out.

  51. vichawkfan says:

    Is Zorn’s #10 retired by the team? Welcome to Seattle Matt.

  52. Yeah, the price is just on the high side of right – definitely not the overpay (full Kolb) we were fearing. If he doesn’t pan out – it’s not the end of the world cap-wise.

    Let’s not forget about the key re-signings of Marshawn and Red this off-season – – this team is really doing things right.

    I really hope this all bites SF in the ass – Manning to Tenn/Denver, Smith to Miami . . .make it happen.

  53. BEASTmode24 says:

    you gotta be joking about whitehurst…..go watch that browns game again from this year and I dare you to try and not throw up

  54. nidhighe says:

    In high school, Flynn led his team to the state semifinals playing on a broken foot. In college, he led his team to a national championship. As a rookie pro, he beat out a more physically gifted (and higher draft pick) rookie for the #2 job. In his first pro start, he had a gutsy performance. In his second pro start, he broke a couple of Packers team records. I don’t know how good he can become, but I like this kid.


  55. slicktoxic says:

    Let the Flynn-sanity begin!!!

  56. chuck_easton says:

    So does this mean we won’t be hearing from Chris Holmes for a while? After all he was sure the FO didn’t care about the QB and even if they did, they didn’t have a clue how to go out and get a good QB.

    Oh, and I guess we won’t be seeing PC and JS fired like Mr. Holmes wanted.

  57. SandpointHawk says:

    –Danielle …yes oh yes…I agree completely…

  58. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    Of course I’m joking about whitehurst. A little hyperbole on how critical we’ve been of JS/PC quarterback strategy. I’m really happy about this and it’s making me a little nuts

  59. ChrisHolmes says:

    Can’t explain my happiness in words right now… Did NOT think this would happen.

    “Where are all the doom and gloomers, believing Pete and Johnny Boy didn’t take the QB problem seriously?”

    I’m right here. And you have got to be kidding me with that comment, because up until this signing, that is exactly what it looked like – like they weren’t taking this problem seriously.

    You can’t drive your car off a cliff, watch it fall 500 ft, and then have Harry Potter wave his wand, save your butt, and say, “Yeah, that was all on purpose. That was intentional.”

    This FO has made a myriad of mistakes at this position. Does this make up for it? I think so. I was willing to suffer through one season if Jackson if it meant getting us an answer at QB. I was hoping it would be Andrew Luck. But I’m totally fine with Flynn.

    I still think Seattle HAS to draft a developmental QB this year. I really believe they need to take the approach GB and NE do each year. Draft QB’s. If they grow and become valuable and you still like your #1 guy, then use them as trade bait for picks. But draft QB’s…

    This is a great day to be a Seahawk. We could be looking at the next Matt Hasselbeck (or better). At least there’s hope now. We knew exactly what Jackson was. He’s reached his apex.

    This is neat… This improves the offeason a lot.

  60. DreadHawks says:

    Enjoying the signing of Flynn with an ice cold Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA. Anybody up for one?? Good day to be a Hawk Fan!!

  61. bird_spit says:

    In for Flynn. Flynn for President. And for the grrls, Making’ it with Flynn!

  62. ryanryan says:

    wait till t-jack beats him out…LOL

  63. SeahawkFan12 says:

    DreadHawks, I love Ruthless Rye! My favorite is Long Hammer IPA from Red Hook. I’m ready…I’ll crack one right now!

  64. Southendzone says:


  65. bird_spit says:

    Is there a news conference?

  66. ryanryan says:

    we don’t need to draft a developmental qb, we have one in portis…we need to draft a backup quarterback because tjack will go somewhere else to compete for a starting position next season.

  67. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Oh, and I guess we won’t be seeing PC and JS fired like Mr. Holmes wanted.”

    Don’t be silly.

    I didn’t want PC and JS fired. I wanted an answer at QB. Jackson was not an answer.

    Just because I was being critical of the FO’s history at this position in NO WAY equates to me wanting them to fail. Please, have a brain and use it.

    What I WANTED to have happen is precisely what DID happen – they got Flynn. I think he’s the best option for Seattle. I think he’s the best QB available for Seattle to procure.

    This makes me ecstatic. I’ve already said a NUMBER of times that I think PC and JS are doing GREAT at the other 21 positions on the field. I don’t really want to lose the progress we’ve had with those positions. Our defense has gotten so much better. As a lifelong Seahawks fan I’m beyond happy with our defensive progress. When have we been able to say our defense was a strength of our team? When ‘Tez lead them to a 2-14 season? Ugh…

    We have a QB now! This is awesome. We have a team that is growing in strength across the board. OL, DL, RB, secondary, QB…

    I’m tickled. This is what I was HOPING for when the off-season began.

    Don’t twist my words.

  68. Only 10 mil gaurunteed …….


  69. PixelDummy says:

    I’ve been watching as much video on Flynn that I can find to find out if I should be excited…or really excited.

    The things that jump out at me about Flynn are:

    1. His ball placement on short and intermediate routes…very good, gives his players great opportunity for YAC. Look for RBs and TEs to get nice gains from short routes. His accuracy is outstanding.

    2. His rhythm and comfort in the pocket…looks like a natural QB and makes quick sharp decisions – plays smart.

    3. Im not sure about his long ball, Tjack may have him there, but the difference between the two as far as QB awareness is night and day.

  70. ryanryan says:

    @seahawkfan12 – sherman is funny, i would probably hate him if he weren’t a seahawk.

  71. bird_spit says:

    Welcome to Seattle Flynn, you’ll fit right in. And I was just bitching to the neighbor that I hate F agency this season…wow.

  72. SandpointHawk says:

    Pixel…Long ball is the only issue….but you forgot two things..
    1) he’s smart
    2) He’s a winner

  73. Southendzone says:

    Just heard an interview with Schneider:

    JS: “I was on the fence, but earlier this week I read a guest opinion on TNT by Bobby K and it pushed me over the edge, I made signing Flynn my #1 priority”

    Ok some of this is made up.

    fine, it’s all made up… whatever.

  74. DreadHawks says:

    Seahawkfan12, My first Ruthless Rye and me likes very much. I love any IPA this was one I haven’t tried. Look for Redhooks release of the original Ballard Bitter. There is none better. Cheers! Here’s to many victories in the near future!!

  75. princeaden says:

    Flynn signing is very exciting. If Manning lands in SF, I can’t wait for the first blindside hit that snaps his head back like a Pez dispenser. Hopefully it comes in the form of a Chancellor Safety blitz!! CANNOT WAIT !!!

  76. bird_spit says:

    Hawks would be smart to call Zorn, and ask him to coach up the kid, and let him use #10.

  77. I think Flynn can provide a clear upgrade over Jackson in the final 2 minutes of halves. But I do expect him to put up a similar type of QB rating that Jackson put up in the 2nd half of the season (high 80s).

    I’m wondering what the third year of the contract looks like. My guess is this contract is really 2 years and $14m with the third year at $12m.

  78. The things that jumps out at me about Flynn

    2 STARTS 4Years! ATLEAST YOU KNOW HE HAS SOME BALLS BORN AND RAISED IN TEXAS!!!! that’s worth a few extra points in my book!

  79. Seahawks2620 says:

    I understand everyone is excited about Flynn, and rightfully so, however is there any news on the Corey Graham front?

    This guy was a beast of a special teams member and is more than able to fill in the void that Atari Bigby left. Our special teams play cost us a couple of games last year, and i would love to get this guy for the right price.

  80. The contract details are available:

    “3 years, $19 million with about $10 million guaranteed. There will be opportunities for Flynn to make as much as $24 million.”

    I was speculating last week that the Seahawks would offer him a 3 year, $20m deal and it looks like its exactly what they offered him.

  81. @chrisholmes – you are catching flack but I have been right there with you.

    I like this signing – I think 12 mill is a little high BUT only 10 is for sure – I think that covers both parties really well.

    If he doesn’t pan out the team can move on it he does he is getting 12 mil for 3 and then will still be young enough to get another big contract.

    This should leave us with about 16 mil left on this years cap correct?
    so we need to look for what?

    LB x2
    back up RB

    I think we are in great shape right now for the draft that we can
    1. make a pick at 12 –
    2. Trade down if we think we can still get value (best case would be like trade down to the 20’s and pick up a 1 next year as well)

  82. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I’ll look for the Ballard Bitter, DreadHawks! Great day to be a ‘Hawks fan!

  83. Saaaaweeeet!

    I wouldn’t read too much into “red flag because Philbin didn’t sign him” because:

    1) We don’t know what Miami offered or haow much say Philbin has (as others stated above)

    2) The Dolphins are highly disfunctional at the top end and have been for years. This disfunction is driving people away (Harbaugh, fisher, Manning, etc.) I bet there are some real doozy stories circulating in NFL circles that are scaring poeple away from there. Then again it could be just Ross all by himself that’s scaring them away…

  84. opps sorry not 12mill a year about 6.5 for some reason I saw a 36 – terrible reading on my part.

    WAY more money available about 21 mil left for next year.

    GREAT deal for us.

    and the idea of Mike Wallace is very interesting to me.

  85. NYHawkFan says:

    Time for a few fella’s to man-up for dogging Pete Carroll, saying that he doesn’t know anything about quarterbacks.

  86. PixelDummy says:

    He may only have 2 NFL starts, but he has 4 yrs of studying NFL defenses, and from what I have been reading is very good at pre-snap reads at this point…clearly our best available option right now. Im glad P. Manning didn’t come here, I think he is going to be tremendously over paid compared to his actual current value. I believe the brand of Peyton Manning is much greater than the player at this point.

  87. tribfan1 says:

    Flynn will wear #15 with Baldwin returning to his #89.

    Flynn > TJ. That’s all that matters.

  88. RhewChuryll says:

    Way to get on top of this Eric. Whats the next step now bobby? Id like to see you go two for two hehe

  89. The Miami Herald says “The Dolphins wanted to sign Flynn, but apparently did not want to approach that dollar amount.”

    It doesn’t really seem that high of a dollar amount, assuming they thought he was a clear upgrade to Matt Moore.

  90. Anyone see that Baldwin is giving up #15 so Flynn can have it – he is going to the 89 he wore at Stanford – he also says “we are ready to win”

    Gotta love the attitude!

  91. I wonder, given the signings we’ve had so far and the losses (or cuts) I wonder if we might end up grabbing an OG in the 12 slot? I would think a LB with edge rush capability is a bigger hole to fill, especially if we lose Hawthorne, but I could easily see us grab a guard or shoft carpenter over and grab a right tackle.

    And wow…we could still snag Cousins in the 2nd (although that is doubtful now).

    Ok, so how about this… LB/Edge rusher with 12, OL with the second round, and somewhere around 4th or 6th we grab Kellen Moore. That would be fun.

  92. PixelDummy says:

    I bet we are going to see alot of JS/PC high fives at the draft this year. With the FA moves they’ve made, alot of pressure has been lifted and I think they will really have fun with the versatility they have afforded themselves in regards to draft day maneuvers.

  93. Macabrevity says:

    Good contract, awesome signing… with a full off-season and pre-season to get him up to speed on the Bevel WCO I am really jacked up.

    This news just made my day. It doesn’t feel like Monday is just around the corner anymore…

  94. SkeleTony says:

    NICE!! Seattle surprised us all! I was ready to consign myself to another crappy year with T-Jax or Alex Smith at the helm.

  95. Doug Baldwin gives up #15 to Flynn. Classy step by a classy guy. I bet he and Flynn will make a helluva combination. And I bet Mike Williams can’t wait to have someone that will actually be wiling to toss the ball upand let him go after it.!/Dbfresh15/status/181504738049794048

  96. Well, look at that. The front office did what most of the people on this blog have wanted. I think it says a lot about the Hawks, FO and team, that Flynn should want to play here. Good, too, that we didn’t pull a Kolb.

  97. NYHawkFan says:

    “I think it would feel uncomfortable for Flynn and Jackson if Jackson stays.” Do you think it was uncomfortable for Jackson when he was taking Whitehurst’s job? Whitehurst stayed, stuck it out and got paid well for sitting on the bench, sending in signs to Jackson. :-)

  98. This is a pretty good value signing by the Seahawks now that we know the contract details. They took a QB that is in the middle of the bell curve (ie Cassell, Kolb), gave him a reasonable contract (3 years, $19m) and are now hoping he can develop into a higher end QB. If not, they didn’t lose all that much. If so, then they realize nothing but upside. If he’s a complete bust, they still have Jackson to pick up the pieces. It epitomizes the type of thinking these guys have had over the past few years and why I have been so positive on this team and this front office for the last year.

    I am still SHCOCKED Miami didn’t go full Kolb on Flynn.

  99. nighthawk2 says:

    Keep the beard Matt. I want to hear all the smartasses talk about “Clipboard Shaft” when T-Joke is standing on the sidelines charting plays.

  100. PixelDummy says:

    Thats awesome. He already changed his Twitter handle from Dbfresh_15 to Dbfresh_89!

  101. Does it bother anyone that Flynn’s father seems to be the one who is talking?

    so what is going to happen if things don’t start well? Will daddy bad mouth the team or players? Hope not – Dad, time to sit back and let your son do the talking – on and off the field – enjoy the ride, pretty sure we will!

  102. This is the best news for Seattle sports in many years. I couldn’t be happier.

  103. DreadHawks says:

    K 1/3 of my dream scenario realised. We got Flynn and at a good price. Now Smith to Miami and Manning to Tenn. That leaves SF in a big deep dark hole at qb. I can’t wait to pummel them this year!

  104. If we stay healthy & can sign a couple quality Linebackers (Heater & Hill would be ok with me), we should be able to overtake SF & win the West.

    I have to assume with dollars this high there ain’t going to be no “competition’ at QB. TJ will be a fine back up.

  105. nighthawk2 says:

    “wait till t-jack beats him out…LOL”

    That will happen about the time T-Joke is named All-Pro, NFC Pro Bowl Starter and MVP, NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP, beatified by the Pope and named the new Dalai Lama. In other words, dream on crackhead.

  106. nighthawk2 says:

    Oh yeah, “LOL”.

  107. Dukeshire says:

    Another great thing about this signing, is that we can all get back to talking about actual football and focusing and realistic draft scenarios. All this QB talk has been painful.

  108. Russell Wilson is the man we want! All you have to do is look in his eyes to see he is a winner! Arm length and hand size of a man who is 6 3 and played behind the largest line in college football! Excellent backup for us.if you have done any research you would no he’s not a senneca Wallace clone! He is a steal in the 5 th and a solid 4th for us but I would take lamicheal James ahead in the 4 th because that would be steal of the whole draft.I hate Oregon but I halve watched alot of film on James! He really is something special!just a thought! Go Flynn their is a big part of me that thinks he can lead us to the promised land as long as hour defense is solid!

  109. I like how we have lots of cap room left for additional players or to carry over to next year. Now add a WR, DE, and some LBs in the draft and this would be an awesome team. These guys are fantastic in finding later round defensive talent.

    I think the LB holes may well be filled by as yet unknown draft picks or maybe even some of the young guys we already have such as Smith. Also the strong D-line may reduce our need for top flight LBs and young, fast guys might be fine even though they aren’t top rated. Also aren’t many of the free agent LBs still on the market?

  110. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i now could easily see the team take decastro at 12, i think they will sign one of the FA Lb avialable. giving them the ability to draft BPA accross the board.

  111. nighthawk2 says:

    This is what Sando had to say regardin the Flynn signing, for all the haters out there.

    “The Seahawks’ general manager, John Schneider, was with the Packers when Green Bay drafted Flynn. There was never any indication Seattle pursued a trade for Flynn when looking for quarterbacks a year ago, however. That tells me Flynn made a strong positive impression with the Seahawks during his recent visit, firming up the impression he made in limited on-field opportunities with Green Bay.”

    And I agree about Sherman, I liked this guy before. After what he said about Manning, and A.J. Green, I love this guy.

  112. I’m glad we got Flynn. I cant believe how cheap and stupid the Fins are. Ridiculous! I bet Philbin is having second thoughts about now. I was never on board with anointing Flynn the savior and qb for the next ten years, but I’m thrilled to see we got him for a reasonable price. He will provide competition for T-Jack, and more than likely beat him out for the starting job right away.

    That said, I dont see Jackson leaving, unless he has a tantrum and signs with the Niners. I think Jackson stays, teaches Flynn the system, and fights like hell to beat him out. Perhaps Carrol and company will quit ruining what T-Jack has to offer, and let him be what he is–a mobile, running qb, who does his best work on the run. I think Jackson will be a pretty fine backup, and a big help to Flynn. He’s a good dude, just not starting qb material.

    Im excited because at least we have a qb with some pocket awareness, one who can throw it downfield. I expect Flynn to take advantage of BMW and use him like a rented mule. Im excited.

    At worst, he’s T-Jack competition, and buys us time to find the RIGHT qb, a real talent.

    Doesnt look like we’ll get Cousins, which is a bummer. But now Seattle can wait for a real intriguing qb prospect, even a raw high talent dude from a small college, and we dont have to get one in this draft, though that would be ideal.

    I still wish Hasselbeck would have found his way back here. I think he would have done great in Bevell’s system with Beast, the line, and our newly decent WR corps. Oh well, Flynn is a nice signing. Hope for the future is better than nothing, even if he never pans out to be all he’s cracked up to be.

  113. Nighthawk, dude, youre ragin’! You crack me up!

  114. “This FO has made a myriad of mistakes at this position.”

    I know I’m taking one line out of a bigger post of yours – but really, where’s the myriad of mistakes? I can only think of one, and he’s now backing up again in SD. They’ve been around for 2 yrs. It’s not like you can rub a magic lamp and get a Brady or Brees.

    Flynn may not be the answer either – but he definitely seems worth the shot and the $ we’ve laid out for him.

  115. pungentsound says:

    This guy was great behind the Packer line but the Seahawks don’t have that OF line but this was a great move anyway. This is the new hope for the Seahawks and maybe things will fall in place.

  116. “I expect Flynn to take advantage of BMW and use him like a rented mule.”

    Not sure about that, I’ll be a little surprised if BMW is still on the roster next year.

  117. Hey mike we need one solid veteran run stuffer in the middle for 1 2 down plenty of vets still available for that role and obviously draft one for future.I think front office is Leary of heater because he’s starting to get beat up just like lofa was. Linebacker is coming next on the free agent front. I almost guarantee it my friend!

  118. Late to the party. HOT DAMN! A QUARTER BACK!!!!!

  119. This has been painted on my face for about a few hours now:


  120. This great news! Now the challenge is to keep the O-Line healthy and well stocked enough to protect Flynn and hopefully get the team through the season and into the playoffs.

    What’s next? LB? Backup RB/FB?


  121. mrbaileyboy says:

    I am having A SN Hoptimum, a killer IPA, in my McDonalds Seattle Seahawks glass with Zorn, Sudden Sam McCullum and Steve, the fastest guy on that team, Raible. Go Seahawks. Now sign the LB from the Raiders and draft Chris Polk.

  122. Yeah, I guess they aren’t going to re-sign Hawthorne. So maybe a LB in round 2?

    If Richardson is there at 12, you guys think we might surprise and snag him? Not the biggest position of need, but a compliment to Marshawn would only help this offense go.

    Rice’s health is obviously a huge factor for the season too.

  123. Hey guys and gals. I’ve been lurking on this board for probably about 3 years or so, and all of this excitement made me finally come out of my anti-social shell, just to say that I am stoked. Anyway, I’ll post from time to time, but know that I’m watching. Go Hawks!!!!

  124. Great news. There is no need to keep dissing Tarvaris, he held down the fort decently for a year. I hope he stays on as backup, better to have a known veteran than a rookie, just in case. If a rookie pushes him out, no prob, either.
    Someone tie lead weights around BobbyK’s ankles so he doesn’t float away.

  125. I think we need to find a LB before the draft – not sure I am confident we find 2 quality starters with what we have and going directly to the draft.

    If we can find a solid LB to play all around well – it gives us a ton of options in the draft we can go for. These guys like versitle players so I don’t think you will see a FA guy that is just an inside guy or outside guy, but a guy who can do both. but if they draft a guy I can see them going for a more top notch guy at one of the positions.

    As far as WR goes – I can see 2 or 3 of our current guys cut or traded. I think we need a little upgrade but we are pretty loaded at the position (numbers wise)

    I can see:
    Obo (special teams nod)
    being safe

    Then Williams could be a salary cut
    Tate and Butler could be guys that are packaged with a pick to move up. a number of spots in the middle rounds (i.e. how we got Washington)

    I think they are intrigued with Lockette so I think he stays.

    Now that we have a QB could get boring in Hawk land until closer to the draft!

  126. fromargentina says:

    i can´t believe!!!!! this is great, we have a QB!!!!!

  127. The QB competition is going to be closer than you guys think.

  128. RDPoulsbo says:

    The o-line isn’t bad, it’s inexperienced. 2 years ago, it was bad. It has since been revamped with a bunch of rookies that are talented, but just made rookie mistakes, especially early in the season last year. The last half, things were starting to click and should bode well next season. I think Flynn understands this. Miami’s organization is a complete mess in spite of his old OC now there. Why would any player want to play for an owner who’s constantly overruling the football personnel? It’s almost like the Ken Behring era down there.

  129. Seahawks2620 says:

    One of the most exciting things about signing Flynn, is the fact that he is willing to throw it to his left and down the middle of the field. In turn, we should see more of Zach Miller if the O-line can hold there own, allowing for him to actually play the role of a receiver more than once per game.

  130. I think the big ?’s on the O line is the health of Okung, Moffat & Carp; + finding out if Carp can play. It could go either way.

  131. Hey guys, this thing is lasting over 4 hours.. Should I call my doctor?

  132. bigmike04 says:

    Carroll quote from Seahawks: “We are really excited to bring Matt in here to compete with Tarvaris.”

    I am sorry Pete, you didn’t bring in Flynn to compete with Tarvis that just not going to happen.. Tarvis Jackson lost his job for poor performance last yr.. I hope SEahawk cut Jackson ASAP.. Seahawks to Jackson it not us it You..

    Thought I be up in the air about the move as Flynn could be the next Cassell & do horrible their was reason why Chiefs wanted Peyton because Casell hasn’t live up to his contract…

    I do wish Flynn to good good in Seattle but if he fails than people are going to say it Carroll fault when in reality it because Flynn only succeeded in Green bay system..

    Are hawks still going to bring in Alex Smith??

    To Eric how much cap do hawks have now? Last time I tweet you said 20 mil but these recent signing have to be less than that now..

    Thought now with hawks looking better might just buy some single game tickets for 2012 season..

  133. bigmike04 says:

    If you are fan of Richard Sherman, he doing autograph signing at DJ Sports cards shop in Renton, April 5th from 6pm to 7pm, tickets are 10 bucks, DJ sport cards will have photos for sell for 4.95.

  134. Peter King@SI_PeterKingReply

    Talked to Flynn. Said a big factor in Sea over Mia was vibe in the building in Seattle: “The coaches, the staff–they were fantastic.”

    I like this! I have worried about this since we have had soo many players go in and out and were having problems getting guys to even come here.

  135. Polk doesn’t do much for me! Llllaaaaaazzzzzzzyyyyyyy.won’t cut it at the next level!

  136. As of the 14th this is what the hawks had

    NFC West

    49ers: $23.5 million
    Cardinals: $448,000
    Rams: $14.6 million
    Seahawks: $28.6 million

    so subtract 5 for Jones and 8.5 for Flynn and there should be roughly 15 million left

  137. Carroll quote from Seahawks: “We are really excited to bring Matt in here to compete with Tarvaris.”

    This is interesting in the fact that last year Tjack didn’t have to compete to get his job and now they are paying almost double for a guy and he is going to have to compete for it. No worries I think it will be a no brainer by the time the season starts

  138. Jackson didn’t have to compete last year because Whitehurst was one of the worst QBs in the NFL. Everyone knew it except for a good deal of fans on the internet.

    3 years, $19m isn’t a big endorsement or commitment. It’s a great value signing. I think Jackson goes in camp as the named starter and it’s going to be a really fun battle to watch. This one’s going until the end.

    Jackson needs to step it up in final 2 minute, pressure situations to keep his job.

  139. I can’t imagine Flynn not starting over T Jack (or any other currently available QB’s not named Manning for that matter).

  140. Dukeshire says:

    Not only did Seattle’s line begin to really play better after the Cle game. But even after the injuries, we learned they have surprising depth. I’m very encouraged and excited about this line.

  141. Welcome Raindog! Always good to have new voices and perspectives. Stick around and make yourself heard!

    Man. I’m beer-bonging the kool-aid right now. So excited. And not just because of this move, but because of the collective, which is so damn encouraging.

  142. hickhart says:

    Mr. Flynn you played football for team that is rich in history, please respect this team’s history and choose a jersey number other than #10. When doing so make a point of stating that it wouldn’t be right for you to wear #10, by doing that you will earn a lot of respect from loyal Seahawks fans!

  143. Lukeyluke77 says:

    Thank you JS and PC!!! I was really bummed until I heard this!!!!
    GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!

  144. is reporting 3 years 26 mill which is 8.6 mil a year. even at 19mil thats 6.3 mil per year

    As compared to Tjacks 4 mill per – that is a pretty significant upgrade in price to compete for the job

  145. Lukeyluke77 says:

    Hickhart that was stupid, how do you know what the team think?

  146. maddog12 says:

    You can count me in on Flynn. But maybe we need to slow our roll a little. He is a seventh round draft choice made good. He played exceptional ball in two NFL games. He is not yet the second coming of Farve, Montana, Young or Rogers. I am taking a more stayed approach until I see him take us down with under 2mins in 4th and win a game or two. Until then Mr. Flynn welcome to Seattle, you may now go prove yourself.

  147. nighthawk2 says:

    “Russell Wilson is the man we want!” JIRISH, you must be kidding bro. Wilson is 5’11”. I love the Ducks and love to have LeMichael James, but Carroll is too busy drafting injury prone tackles that can’t pass block and bust DE’s to actually add some world class speed to our backfield.

  148. RDPoulsbo says:

    Flynn already chose #15…the number he wore at LSU. 10 isn’t retired, but it might be one of those unofficially retired numbers like Tez until he entered the HoF.

    Just remember, when PC brought in CBJ, he said he was there to compete as well. Some competition…guess he meant with JP Losman.

  149. ChrisHolmes says:


    Let me count what *I* consider to be mistakes at the QB position.

    1) Letting Hasselbeck go

    2) Not drafting Ryan Mallet (and we could have got him 2nd round too)

    3) Not drafting Andy Dalton

    4) Trading for Charlie Whitehurst and paying too much

    5) Bringing in Tavaris Jackson to run the offense

    As far as I’m concerned, this is the first GOOD move they’ve made at QB. Let’s hope it’s the only move they need to make. If Flynn pans out, all the rest will be forgotten.

  150. “Cornutt wrote LMAO

    I would LOVE to see SF with no QB; though the irony is that Hasselbeck could very well end up there if Smith leaves.

    Tenn might also be willing to trade Locker to SF for a 1st round pick or 2, since they obviously want to win NOW.

  151. Dukeshire says:

    I will be stunned if Flynn isn’t the starter of not jut the first preseason game, but taking snaps wih the 1s first day of camp.

  152. Night hawk2 5 11 really ?I thought he was 5 8 thanks for the info.

  153. I wouldn’t be all that surprised if they still take a QB pretty high in the draft. They want to have depth at all positions, and JS even said in an interview awhile back that he’d consider drafting 2 QB’s.

    How nice would it be to have a successful starter and someone in the wings you felt good about as well–either to keep or trade.

  154. Guys, did this really happen? Did Matt Flynn really pick my Seahawks over the Dolphins? I haven’t been this excited since … well, we drafted Aaron Curry. But enough about that. I think Flynn is going to be the real deal. Doesn’t have a great deep ball, but will be very accurate on the short and intermediate passes, and will have great pocket presence. Super Bowl, here we come!!!!!!!!!!

  155. ChrisHolmes–I agree, the worst thing JS and Carrol did was dump Hass too soon. I give them a pass on both T-Jack and Clipboard. The logic behind bringing in these dudes was sensible. I just didnt like it.

    I know I’m gonna get killed for this, but if Hass goes to San Fran, Ima root for the Whiners when they play Seattle. One, because I feel Hass got shafted by our FO, two, because he’s got limited wear on his tires and needs to get back to the big game NOW, and three…I just like him a lot. And wish him well. And I think Tennessee utterly hosed him. And this is hard for me, since I detest Harbaugh more than any coach in the NFL, EVER. I think I hate him more than The Lip and Rapelisberger put together. And thats saying something.

    Im really looking forward to having a real qb again. I hope Flynn is the real deal.

    As for our WR corps, I think the only locks are Baldwin and Golden Tate. Tate was known to be a project, and has shown enough to stick around. Baldwin is Mr. Seahawk. He’s here for life, in whatever position. After that, I think that the guys in order of likelihood to stay are Rice, Lockette, Obomanu, BMW, and Durham. I just dont see a place for Butler, no matter what he does because he isnt going to take Baldwin or Tate’s spot and we arent going to keep three tiny WR’s. Deion Butler will make the Bears or someone a heck of a slot WR next year. Durham and BMW will be duking it out, and unless Durham flops utterly, I think BMW is a cap hit. Depends on Flynn–if he begins immediately using BMW like Hass did–forcing the ball to him in coverage, using his size–then BMW makes the team; otherwise, he’s gone.

    And of course, if we take Malcolm Floyd, BMW is history and so is Durham. And boy, will I laugh my butt off over the histrionics that will explode within minutes on this blogs comment section!

  156. “Ima root for the Whiners when they play Seattle”

    I understand the sentiment, but why throw the baby out with the bathwater? Root for Hass to play well and for the ‘Hawks to win. Easy peasy.

    Hilarious to me when people say they’ll root for another team if so-and-so happens. I can’t imagine being so easily swayed against ones own loyalties.

  157. I’m with ya cornutt! That guy needs to move too frisco and visit a bath house!WOW!!!!!!

  158. Thanks for the welcome cornutt! Funny that it’s hard for me to write anything on here. Guess I’m just an observer by nature.

  159. letsworkitout says:

    6 million a year is the best he could get? In a league that values QB’s so much?

    He has a couple of starts in a dynamic offense with talented players all around.

    He was a 7th round pick.

    He couldn’t get much interest around the league.

    Tells me something doesn’t add up.

    He will get the snot beat out of him with this sad O Line.

    Better than T Jack? Maybe…

  160. Anybody who says Chris Polk is lazy doesn’t actually watch him play the game. He doesn’t play lazy. Ever.

  161. letsworkitout says:

    Didn’t say anything about liking him in that link…

  162. Liking and strong endorsement via a recommendation to hire is pretty much the same.

    Welcome in Raindog- Lots of lurker/part time contributors around :)

  163. SkeleTony says:

    My freaking word what is with this selective memory about Hasselbeck?! He wasn’t really any better than T-Jax(and with less arm strength). Go back and look at all those games we lost with Hass at the helm. Most of the time it was Hass himself who lost the game. Guy just was not a good starting QB. backup? Sure…but not a starter. He has thrown nearly as many INTs as he has TDs.

    Getting rid of Hass’ was the thing that gave me hope for the JS/PC team. Recognizing that Hass’ actual ability was no where near what fans thought his ability was and dropping the dead weight.

  164. SkeleTony –

    Who has selective memory??? Your post is so ironic…..

  165. ChrisHolmes says:

    You got the word wrong HawsKD. It’s not ‘ir’-onic. Try another word that ends in ‘onic’ :)

    Hasselbeck is 10x better than Jackson ever will be.

  166. Cornutt–My comment was rather tongue in cheek. I simply love me some Hasselbeck, in a non-bromance sort of way. I think it sucks they dumped him like garbage, and I REALLY hope he gets another shot at the Super Bowl. Ive been bashed before for being too high on Hasselbeck, so I was just taking it down the road a little far…:)

    Jirish–not sure what youre implying there. I dont need either Frisco nor a bathouse, just a Seahawks Super Bowl victory! (And one for Hass before he retires while we’re at the dreaming).

  167. Sttbm your money brother .I was a big time mathew fan as well and always willbe!!!

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