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Carroll says QB job up for grabs; Flynn will wear No. 15

Post by Eric Williams on March 18, 2012 at 4:58 pm with 92 Comments »
March 18, 2012 5:36 pm

Stop me if you’ve heard this before – the central theme of Pete Carroll’s football philosophy is competition.

So it’s no surprise to hear that new addition Matt Flynn will be competing with Tarvaris Jackson for the starting quarterback job when the team’s offseason workout program begins April 16.

“We are really excited to bring Matt in here to compete with Tarvaris,” said Carroll about today’s announcement that Flynn had agreed to terms on a three-year deal with the team.

Of course, the reality of Flynn signing a $26 million deal, including $10 million in guaranteed money, is the team likely will give him every opportunity to earn the starting job heading into training camp.

Flynn will be expected to step into camp and seize control of the position. But if for some reason he does not play well during preseason action and Jackson plays out of his mind, then Jackson could possibly win the job.

But I think the expectation is that Seattle wants to see what they have in Flynn sooner rather than later, in order to gauge if he’s this team’s franchise quarterback of the future.

As I reported earlier, I truly believe the Seahawks were lukewarm on Flynn heading into free agency.

So Flynn must have really impressed team officials during his visit to Seattle on Friday, both in the classroom and throwing on the practice field, enough to where they believed he would be a significant upgrade to the position.

The Seahawks were aggressive in securing his services, evidenced by the contract they presented, which makes you wonder how Miami with Flynn’s former offensive coordinator Joe Philbin in the building did not make a stronger play for his former pupil.

Seattle receiver Doug Baldwin said via twitter that he’ll be giving up his No. 15 jersey for No. 89 because his new teammate Matt Flynn wore No. 15 at LSU.

Flynn of course did not wear No 15 for Green Bay because someone named Bart Star had that number retired.

Baldwin goes back to his college number at Stanford in No. 89 with tight end John Carlson moving on to Minnesota.

Also, here’s highlights of Flynn’s two starts in the league.

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  1. It will be a great competition. Flynn should be expected to win it, but I think TJack will fight for his job ans surprise some people.

    I also think Flynn made the right decision for his own career. This team is going places.

    A great day to be a Seahawks fan. :-)

  2. I love doug Bladwin, his professionalism and team ethic is what champions are made of- I hope Flynn has half of the intangibles that
    Doug has if so, Dare to Dream Super Bowl!

  3. Soggybuc says:

    I keep going back to the glowing comments made about Flynn by Aaron Rodgers that Flynn is more than ready to step up and be a very good QB for some team so I’m worried about it. TJ is going to battle to prove he’s worthy of the back up job.

  4. Soggybuc says:

    should have read not worried about it

  5. Also – thank god for a year of hindsight and wisdom – think of the difference btwn what Arizona gave up for Kolb (2nd round pick, starting CB, and all that $), compared to what we’re giving Flynn. And they both had similar bodies of work on which to judge. Huge difference in the two transactions.

  6. The Packers beat reporter calls it a 3 year, $19m contract with $5m more of incentives. That isn’t a big contract and it’s not one that guarantees a starting position or even gives a player a leg up. This type of contract and him having to compete against Jackson precisely indicates the Seahawks are lukewarm/not all in on Flynn.

    What changed was that, for some mystery reason, the Dolphins were unwilling to give him any type of decent contract and no other team stepped up which is unusual in a QB desperate league. If they went “Full Kolb” on him, he would be the Dolphins starter.

    Jackson and Flynn are each getting paid like middle of the road starters and will each get an equal opportunity to win the job. I think this goes right until the end and it will be a really fun battle to watch and the Seahawks come out as big winners.

  7. Open competition until it’s 3rd and 6 and we need a first down ! We Allready know what TJ will do! Take a sack or scramble for 5 when we need 6.Bottom line. FLYNNS TO LOOSE! Go Hawks!

  8. Yes, no more Alex smith talk. I still think we need to draft a qb in either the 2nd or 3rd. Go hawks, awesome news.

  9. Carroll can say they will compete for the position all he wants. You don’t sign a guy for twice what you’re paying the backup. I truly believe Flynn is at worst Matt Hasselbeck 2.0. Thank God we didn’t have to draft Tannehill or Cousins and wait 2-3 years for them to be ready. Our time is now.

  10. Yeah, another happy part of this result for me is that it means no Smith. I don’t hate the guy, but have just seen him play so many mediocre games over the past 5+ yrs, would have been demoralizing to have him as our starter.

    If the Niners don’t get Manning, does Smith even go back now? Seems like some bad feelings now present there.

  11. Seahawks2620 says:

    Looks like the Dolphins are prepared to pay Alex Smith 8 million a year. HAHAHAHAAH!

  12. Yup, no QB is guaranteed…. I see Flynn as a guy who:
    1) Excelled in his 2 starts — nearly beating New England, crushing Detroit
    2) Learned from 2 MVPs, Favre and Rodgers
    3) Played very well in pre-season when given opportunities
    4) Won a national championship in college

    I know he has only 2 NFL starts, but sheesh, he’s succeeded in every opportunity. What kind of free agent were we expecting? Drew Brees? Flynn is as promising as we’ll realistically find….

  13. 2620…. Let’s hope Miami gets Smith…. Sure would put SF in a bind and us in a legit position for the division title…

  14. Seahawks2620 says:

    IBGoofy- Either that, or it just makes SF push that much harder for Manning.

  15. bird_spit says:

    Cgg – you keep using the Hasselback 2.0 . God I hope it is Hass’ 2.0. If we could have a do over on Hass’ with out the Timmay experience, and the PC defense, man, then dare to dream.

    Good to hear that PC is talking competition at the QB. May it be open, and not given away…

    This really sets the Hawks up for a good draft. No reaching for a QB.

    Jacked for this season!

  16. tribfan1 says:

    Acquiring a franchise QB for just cash is incredible. No draft choices, no players and no $40 million guarantee. Amazing.

  17. Even at 19 mill thats 6.3 mil per year and Jackson is making 4.

    It still bothers me that Carroll has a boner for Jackson – he did NOT make him compete for a job and he is going to get a chance to compete to keep it. Not really that big a deal but if you are going to preach “always compete” you need to be consistent

    Also, I think this is a JS move and NOT a PC move. There are articles about JS calling and talking to GB people and talking about the improvements that Flynn has made, leading to the contract offer.

    It almost comes across as – this is not my choice so I am going to make it difficult on the guy. I know, I know I am being glass half full but I just get tired of inconsistencies, and the twins don’t always seem to be one the same page.

    BUT with all that there are 2 things I really like about this FO group.
    1. They have the team seemingly heading in the right direction
    2. You never know exactly what is going on with them, they have a tight lid on the thought process and there are very few “insiders” who really know what they are exactly thinking.
    3. They have a plan and the stick to it.

    #3 is the way that I think guys like Belicheck, Bill Parsels, Bill Cowher, etc won, for many years, they new what they wanted and they went and got it. They didn’t worry about names but worried if they fit what they needed, not straight off of stats. but on a combination of stats and physical abilities.

  18. “Also, I think this is a JS move and NOT a PC move. There are articles about JS calling and talking to GB people and talking about the improvements that Flynn has made, leading to the contract offer.”

    Peter King talked to Flynn and has a series of tweets about it –!/SI_PeterKing Seems like at least one of them, sounds like good Carroll recruiting, where Flynn talks about the coaches, the vibe in the building. No real reason to infer that PC was/is against this.

  19. This is a good signing – especially since they didn’t have to overpay. Lets all take a deep breath and remember, we just signed a player who was a 7th round pick and only has 2 career starts. Flynn will be able to come in, compete for a starting job, and prove whether or not he is a legitimate starter. I love all the optimism, and am happy about this news. I will be anxious to see what kind of QB we really have – but before we all start jumping up & down thinking we finally have a franchise QB, Hass 2.0, or whatever, lets keep this signing in perspective and hope he is more like Schaub than Kolb.

  20. bird_spit says:

    Xcman – no competition last year could more a reflection on who the competition was with, and the lack of time for Charlie to prepare with a new offense. Last year may be a reflection of the league shutdown.

    I have no doubt that TJ will get a fair shake. after all, he is the “expert” of this Bevell offense.

  21. bird…..
    “This really sets the Hawks up for a good draft. No reaching… ”

    You betcha! This actually sets us up even ‘better’ , perhaps! “No Reaching” for anyone! Wow! Nice!

  22. Hammajamma says:

    Of those two highlight packages, I think the NE was more interesting. I see a guy with decent feet who finds the checkdown pretty quickly, is accurate to 25 yards and sees the intermediate and crossing routes quite well. I think he’ll be Doug Baldwin’s new best friend. Long ball doesn’t impress, but guys get a chance to make a play.

    To me, the most telling comparison is pocket awareness and presence when things break down. Can he make a play when one is necessary? That’s where TJack failed and is Flynn’s ticket to starting, because he clearly doesn’t have his arm. He’s a point guard.

  23. RDPoulsbo says:

    Just remember, CBJ was supposed to come in and compete with Hass…more like he came in to compete with Losman. I had no problem with PC bringing in T-Jax during a lockout shortened offseason. We already saw enough of CBJ to know he wasn’t going to compete for the starting job, so why even pretend? Too bad CBJ didn’t go to Denver where he’d hold the clipboard for the guy who people think is Jesus.

    I expect Flynn to be Hass 2.0. No rocket arm, but accurate, smart and willing to do what it takes to win. That’s fine because that’s the way Seattle’s offense is supposed to work. To put it in baseball terms, Seattle doesn’t need a Randy Johnson. They need a Greg Maddux.

  24. XCman, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see JS here longer than PC. Though I still think PC was calling all the shots at first, I can see that changing; may very well have already.

  25. I’m fine with Jackson as a back-up. He’s proven to me that he’s capable of keeping the ship afloat. The reason he’s not a starter, nor should he ever be the starter, is because he’s not a guy who is going to do a lot more than keep a ship afloat and that’s what you need in the NFL if you realistically want to win a championship.

    I don’t expect Flynn to be Manning, Brees, Brady, or one of those type of guys, but I do expect him to be a good (and much more of a clutch) player who will be more than capable of leading a good leam to the promiseland.

    You don’t pay someone over $6 million per year in this scenario and expect them to be the back-up for three years. I understand the argument that Jackson didn’t have to “comPete” for his job, but am smart enough to know that comPete can’t and shouldn’t say anything else (that Flynn is going to have to fight for the job).

    I now fully have enough faith in the Twins that they aren’t going to do something dumb like keep Jackson as the starter, but I expect that we’ll be lied to (fine by me) that they are going to say that there is a “competition” when in reality Jackson is going to have to clearly outplay Flynn to win the job (which I don’t think is possible). It probably won’t be “officially” announced that Flynn has won until just before or after the third pre-season game.

    Time to find some pass rushers!

    It’d also be nice if Heater (no offense to him) doesn’t get any big contract offers and comes back at a reasonable deal.

  26. I believe that Mr. Happy is the man who is really in charge. One example is that he’s in charge of the roster. He’s the one with final say. If Schneider wanted to keep player X and Mr. Happy wanted player Y, it would be the guy Mr. Happy wants who is kept. That’s the way it’s written in his contract and he wouldn’t have come back to the NFL if he wasn’t going to have legitimate say (which he didn’t have in New Jersey and New England). He even said this – I think at his introductory press conference. He was then heavily involved in the process to hire the next GM, a guy who would essentially work for and with him, not someone who would tell him what to do.

    I remember and interview last year shortly after Carpenter was drafted last year and Schneider was talking to Cable about what “they” wanted. The impression I got was that it was Cable who wanted Carp and that’s the direction they went, as they knew they wanted OL with who was left available (we’ll never know if they would have taken Locker or Ponder if the opportunity presented itself). It seems (and seemed in that interview) that Schneider does a great job of setting the table and then Mr. Happy calls the final shot. Obviously, there is significant input from Schneider (I don’t believe he’s a puppet at all, but rather someone WITH significant input), but, ultimately, it’s Mr. Happy’s Happy Show in Seattle.

    Fortunately for us, both seem to work well together in their respective roles and have a respect that both of them are earning from the other, too. They have all the makings of a great team, just like the one they are assembling on the football field!

  27. The12thMan says:

    Okay so this post is going to sound very stupid and cheezy to many of you and my apologies for that in advance. I have been going nuts the last few days with stress and worry that we weren’t going to sign Flynn. Ever since his game against Detroit I have been feeling more and more sure that Matt is the guy that is going to be the franchise QB for my beloved Seahawks. I knew almost nothing about the guy before that game. At some point while watching it I got hit with this realization that this guy was going to be the franchise QB that myself and my fellow Seahawk fans have always longed for. With respect to past Seahawk QB’s none quite got to that level as we all know. Anyway I really felt like I had been hit with a lightning bolt during that game and I declared to my wife and my children that Matt Flynn was going to be the next QB of the Seattle Seahawks. I called my Dad to tell him the good news and he thought I was a little nuts (it was only one game afterall) but he humored me while laughing at my excited rantings. I called, emailed, and texted friends about Flynn. (Sorry guys but I did warn you that this was going to get quite cheezy). Since that day of watching that game I have been reading everything I could about him and watching every clip I could find. Everything I read and saw pretty much just confirmed what hit me that day.

    But what happens if you know the guy who is to be the ‘messiah’ (I use that word playfully for what I feel about Flynn and I hope it doesn’t offend anyone) of your beloved team, but it suddenly seems like your coach and GM might not know it? That was the realization of horror that hit me when Matt left for Seattle without signing a contract. Since then I have just been trying to keep my sanity in tact as I waited and worried. I kept checking this blog every so often and always with some hesitaton that I might see the horrifying and unthinkable headline ‘Matt Flynn signs with Dolphins’. Then my worry turns to almost sickening terror as I read things that say our coach and GM might really want Alex Smith instead of Flynn. Finally I think my body and mind couldn’t take it anymore and I took a nap today at 2pm with the last post here talking about Smith coming to Seattle for a visit. Then I wake up around 5:30 and nervously pull up this site for any updates. And I see the most beautiful headline I have ever seen “Matt Flynn signs with Seahawks”. I’m not ashamed to say that even as a grown man I still have goose bumps about this and I’m sorry this was so long but I had to share my excitement with my Seahawk brother and sisters on my favorite blog.


  28. bird_spit says:

    Part of me wanted to see Manning in camp just to see his reaction to the Happy show..

    Flynn has a lot going for him. Namely a adequately solid run game, and a defense that will give him opportunities. Flynn gets to grow into the job. PC and JS definitely had the priorities right so far. Let’s hope they wrap up the LBs soon, Heater/Hill. Get them contracts which they will have to compete for their jobs.

  29. I wanted Flynn last off-season after they let Matt walk and know exactly how you felt when it appeared he might not be heading toward Seattle. I ain’t gonna lie, I was a little ornery in my personal life this last week at the thought of thinking this might not happen. Now I’m in a good mood:)

  30. So nice that we had to give up zero draft picks to get Flynn. Only had to give money from our big cap cushion. Contrast that to the Whitehurst deal.

    Envision for a moment how Whitehurst would fare in that New England clip above. It would not be good. Now envision TJack in the same clip. Tjack would do o.k. but lacks the pocket presence and ability to find additional receivers that Flynn showed. Tjack has poor long range accuracy IMO. Flynn looks to be a bit short on arm strength for those downfield throws and doesn’t have a particularly quick release. So neither look stellar on those long throws to me.

    So Flynn is an upgrade but not a blue chip franchise QB. Looks a lot like a young “Mr August” to me. I hope he is as smart as Hasselbeck, that would be a huge plus.

    It looks to me that Flynn would be able to hit the short and intermediate routes very well and could thrive in a run heavy offense. I think it should translate into 2 additional wins for next season vs. Tjack. Now if he could pull off a couple 4th quarter comebacks, maybe more! Total guesses of course. I think our team is better than it was yesterday with no real risk to the future such as giving away draft picks.

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This is great news!!!

    I’ve been out all day and come back to see this happen! Wow!

    I haven’t been this excited since we drafted Hutch!

    I can’t think straight right now! I need a beer!

  32. ryanryan says:

    it will be very interesting to me to see how jackson responds to the competition.

    1. he is in a contract year
    2. the whole damned city is hoping he loses the job
    3. his go-to receiver just gave the new guy his jersey number

    interesting indeed.

  33. The12thMan says:

    “I wanted Flynn last off-season after they let Matt walk and know exactly how you felt when it appeared he might not be heading toward Seattle. I ain’t gonna lie, I was a little ornery in my personal life this last week at the thought of thinking this might not happen. Now I’m in a good mood:)”

    I gotta say that I hadn’t been keeping up with this blog before that Packers/Lions game so I hadn’t seen anybody write about Flynn as a possibility for us. After that game I got on here to write about him and saw that you were already championing the cause Bobby. I have totally loved reading your stuff about him on here for the last several months by the way. And I was also very pleasantly surprised that logical, down to earth, Duke was in the ‘Flynn to Win’ camp!

    Man I just want to go yell from the top of a mountain right now haha!!!

  34. RDPoulsbo says:

    I keep seeing how sports writers are calling it a risk. Well, DUH! So is drafting a guy who came from a college spread offense #12 overall. You can add #2 overall as well because RG3 hasn’t thrown a single NFL pass yet and comes from an offense that doesn’t translate in the NFL.

    Any move for a starting QB is a risk. It comes with the territory. The thing is we actually know more about Flynn in the league than we do about any rookie, plus he comes from a system that’s compatible and so far, it has been a lot of good.

  35. bird_spit says:

    12th – look for the burning bush on top of that mountain…it says hawks are still many pieces away from a team capable of competing with the elite of the league.

    Hawks need pass rush, CB depth, RB depth, OL depth…the game is played by 11 per side. High quality, healthy 11.

  36. Very excited. With more FA, a draft, and a full off season of training, I think we will have a playoff team this year.

  37. bird_spit says:

    Left out the obvious lack of LBs on this team..

  38. It’s really not a risk if those sportswriters were to consider:

    1) if SEA does nothing then TJAck is the starter

    2) no risk in terms of losing draft picks

    3) No risk in terms of cap-strangling financials

    4) No risk that we won’t draft a QB now because Flynn is the designated franchise QB. They could draft a QB if they want to.

    You risk overpaying him a bit sure, but who cares. We just signed a DT for around $5 mil. Is our whole team at risk because of that? No.

  39. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Don’t listen to/read sports writers. Especially Adam Schefter, KC Joyner and Peter King. Not only do they suck, they have ZERO respect for Seattle.

    I’m gonna love watching the competition at QB, knowing the play at that position will be VASTLY improved over last season. New QB, new uniforms (next month) and draft coming up…CAN’T WAIT (as Bart Scott would say)!

  40. We are gonna draft two LB’s, a RB, a DE, and an OL this year. Count on it. And if theres a stud DT available in round 1 or 2, we may take that too.

    I wonder if the East Coast Media will ask Flynn if the Seahawks front office led him on a tour of the Kremlin while he was in town?! LOL, like we’re in Siberia or something, the way they talk…

  41. The12thMan says:

    “12th – look for the burning bush on top of that mountain…it says hawks are still many pieces away from a team capable of competing with the elite of the league.”

    Agreed but I have more faith than ever in our FO now and I am not worried. ‘Yay though I walk through the valley…’ Okay enough of that theme lol! Though I would really love to read that Petey and Johnny had no interest in Alex Smith for this year. If they did last year (instead of TJack) it would make total sense to me (as a scrambler to survive our porous O-line). Reading that the FO never saw Smith as our longterm answer for this year and beyond, would really give me 100% faith in them! So yes lets get our LB’s in place now, but I myself am going to ‘bask in the glory’ (rolling eyes at myself) a while longer.

  42. RDPoulsbo says:

    The LB market hasn’t really gotten started yet so there’s plenty of time to go after them in FA. DL and WR have been the big movers this past week while the Manning soap opera continues to play out. Most of that has to do with a weak draft. We’ll start seeing other moves to fill needs soon. Seattle just filled 2 of their top 3 this week. The other needs will come at low costs. DE could be addressed with the 1st round pick.

  43. RDPoulsbo says:

    *weak draft in terms of DL and WR that is.

  44. HeinieHunter says:

    If Flynn had say 10 or twelve games like the two he had last year….we would not be able to afford him! As QB of a team that wants a pounding running game and a ferocious defense he does not have to be Tom Brady. Just don’t turn the ball over and complete some third down passes and we will be fine.
    Thank God we have PC&JS and Mr. Allen ….,I cannot imagine being a Dolphin fan with all the FO bluster and BS then getting nothing.

  45. Why when we have such good news are posters trying to drive a wedge between Carroll and Schneider and claim Carroll was lukewarm on this? Maybe Carroll’s “lukewarm” is everybody else’s “hot.” An earlier article today (Miami) quoted Flynn’s father as saying Flynn really liked Carroll. Do you think he would really like him if he was “lukewarm?” Now P.King says Flynn really liked the vibe in the VMAC. Where does that vibe come from?

    We should all want TJack to compete his ass off because that will only make Flynn better. And if Flynn can’t beat out TJack, do you really want him starting?

    Schneider and Carroll and company (Bevell sat with Flynn and excited him, see P.King tweets) have done a terrific job so far of maximizing free agency for the Hawks. They signed Red, Marshawn, Mike Rob and others, just like we wanted. They got Jason Jones. They signed Flynn. And all of this so far without pulling a Kolb or a Mario Williams. I’d love to see Heater and Hill resigned, if we can and they want. I hope to see us draft a Kuechly or an Ingram – or, pick up a Wallace instead. And who knows what great guys we’ll get in the 2nd-7th rounds and in FA.

    Net: Can we please be positive for 24 flippin hours?

  46. This is a pretty low risk move, except for the dreams of Seahawks fans if this doesn’t work out. But at that point I’m sure everyone else will move on to the next savior and forget about their support of Flynn.

    Schneider and Carroll now how to build a team with the best of them.

  47. bird_spit says:

    12th – amen to everything you said.

    I worry more about CB depth. One injury away…

  48. GeorgiaHawk says:

    ” Every team is building, to win the Superbowl.”

    “Some are building faster, some are building slow”

    “Everyone is in despair, Dukeshire and BobbyK too”

    “But now that Flynn the quarterback is here”

    “We got some ass kicking to do!”

    “Come all without”

    “Come all within”

    “There’s now hope for us with the signing of Flynn”

    “Come all without”

    “come all within”

    “You’ll not see nothing like the mighty Flynn!”

    From Quinn the Eskimo lyrics.


  49. seahawk44 says:

    Dukeshire says: “Another great thing about this signing, is that we can all get back to talking about actual football and focusing and realistic draft scenarios. All this QB talk has been painful.”

    QB- Flynn/Jackson/Portis/Rookie. I am thrilled about this. Now, I hope Manning signs with Denver and Smith signs with Miami. That way the Titans keep Hasselbeck and he doesn’t end up in SF. I would hate that so much. Then 49ers are left scrambling for that position.

    I saw a news clip that said the Panthers were going to try to sign Mike Tolbert, then put Jonathan Stewart on the trading block. I think there are a good amount of fans that would love him to come back to the PNW.

    RB- Lynch/Stewart/Washington

    Unlike many posters on this blog, I am not that worried about the WR position. Epecially now that there is a QB on the roster that will find them in time and get them the ball. I also think that there are 2 hidden gems currently on this roster in Ricardo Lockette and, even more-so, someone who is rarely brought up on here, Kris Durham, who I actually think could be a starter that takes BMW’s spot. Sidney Rice MUST stay healthy, because he can be a game changer. Baldwin is solid slot, and Tate/Butler/Lockette/Obo are each better than most teams bottom depth.
    WR- Rice/Durham/Baldwin/Lockette

    OL- Need to draft some solid depth. Too many ?? with players coming off injury. Not sure if the #12 pick should go here though.

    DL- Clemons/Jones/Mebane/Bryant = formidable. Draft some more depth here. Also not sure about using #12 pick.

    Linebacker is where moves need to be made to answer the obvious question marks. Still a chance that Heater and Hill both come back to continue to build on the momentum gained last season. I would use #12 pick on Luke Kuechly to plug right into the middle of the D, day one. And if we could get Kamerion Wimbley as a pass rushing LB, this would be awesome.
    LB- Wright/Kuechly/Wimbley

    DB- draft depth.

    It is an exciting time to be a Seahawk fan!!! Please let me know your thoughts on my assesment of the 2012 team.

  50. HeinieHunter says:

    Flynn moved up my scale big time by signing with the Hawks after visiting Seattle during some of the worst weather possible. He also gets kudos for his judgement by having a major hottie for a GF. LOL

  51. Good one, Georgia.

  52. bird_spit says:

    The girlfriend alone is worth spending P Allen’s money..
    Thanks HH

  53. The12thMan says:

    GeorgiaHawk – Awesome, I love it!

  54. shoehawks says:

    Redundant, I know; but WOOOOHAWWW!!! Somehow I don’t feel bad that they didn’t make a big splash on the first day. The patient, intelligent teams are the ones that win long term. GO HAWKS!

  55. bigmike04 says:

    Pete Carroll want to talk about Competion really.. really.. Really.. Carroll do us seahawks fan a favor & shut your mouth. This whole preaching Competion you preach is BS because you gave Jackson the job last yr without no competion.

    So try to say that Flynn is going to have to compete for Starting job is full of crap, because if you were to listen to your words, than you should have gave Charlie a better chance at competing for starting the job even know you already pencil in Jackson as the Starting QB so what ever you say about competion is crap..

    You don’t pay Flynn more money than Tarvish Jackson this yr in term of money & have him hold the clipboard. Flynn is your starter period..

    Does anyone here think Jackson is competing for 2nd string job against Josh Portis? I have to think that might be the case if Portis outplays Jackson than one would think Jackson get cut.

    What about trading Deon Bulter for a LB or DL/DE or another position we need dept for..???

  56. bigmike04, the reason Carroll named Jackson the starter is because Tjack needed it to build his confidence. Carroll was trying to erase the environment of second guessing that existed in Minn. and tell him everyone is behind you 100%. He did it to bring out the best in Tjack and it was pretty unique to that situation. Carroll’s whole deal is to build the confidence of his players and get them in a position where they can use their strenths, or special gifts, or whatever you want ot call it. Like Red Bryant. They can’t reach that until they have maximum confidence. I think PC did all that could be done with TJack. And naming him as the starter was needed for that particular individual IMO.

  57. RDPoulsbo says:

    bigmike04: Are you suggesting CBJ was actually going to compete with T-Jax? Say what you want about him but T-Jax is a HoFer compared to CBJ. For the life of me, I don’t see what the hell anyone saw in CBJ that he was going to compete for the starting job. The guy barely beat out Losman 2 years ago. Stop and let that sink in. JP freaking LOSMAN!

  58. raymaines says:

    I see that Steven Tulloch MLB from Detroit is available and there are a couple of guards that could be signed. That would make me happy.

  59. The12thMan says:

    44 I like your overall take and agree with most of it. I’d love to have Stewart for the right price and he is used to splitting time already. Having said that I don’t think I would give up more than a 4th rounder for him because I don’t see backup RB as a big need that can’t be filled pretty easily through FA or lower draft picks.

    Totally agree with your take on the WR’s and I am also not worried about that unit at all. I’m also excited at the potential of guys like Lockette and Durham plus I still really like Butler, he just obviously needs to stay healthy from here on. I haven’t given up on Tate either. That dude has tons of talent and I just have this gut feeling that the light is finally going to go on for him this year, we’ll see.

  60. RT @AaronRodgers12: Seahawks got a great player today, graham and I will miss u buddy #flynnstimetoshine

    Aaron Rodgers showing the love!!!

    I am hoping we can get 1 solid LB – either a guy that is good in the passing game (either in coverage or rushing) or a guy that can jam but the middle. Then look for the other in the draft – then we have Wright, and a few other returners fighting it out with some younger guys.

    I think the DB depth will be added late in FA or drafted mid rounds or later. This is where the twins have been golden -about the only guy that was a miss was Legree – but was he a miss or just out shadowed by the other guys they brought in?

    At 12 I see them going DL/LB/OL depending on who is there. If Tannehill or Richardson are there I can see them drafting them OR trading back since I think both of these guys would spark some interest. It would be really nice to go back 5-8 spots and picking up a 2 or 10-12 spots and getting a #1 next year – Dreaming yes but I have been rewarded for dreaming this week

  61. The12thMan says:

    Who would have thought 2 years ago that we would be where we are with the LB unit? It was our obvious strength and we all felt we were loaded there. I’m not panicking at all about our LB situation its just funny to me and shows how much can change in the NFL in just a couple of years.

  62. PC and JS don’t value LBs much IMO. They value DL a lot. After last year JS pointed out the one thing they need to improve is speed at linebacker. That is why they don’t want to pay that much for Heater I think. They can find speedy LBs in the draft even pretty late it seems.

    Contrast their approach to Ruskell’s who heaped cash on Hill then Tatupu and then Curry. That wasn’t sustainable as we found out unfortunately. Ruskell’s D-lineman were often 5th round draft choices as I recall (some were real good though). The current regime views the value at LB much differently than the old regime IMO.

  63. So here is our roster @LB (taken from seahawks website)

    44 Bradford, Allen LB 5-11 235 23 R USC
    55 Farwell, Heath LB 6-0 235 30 7 San Diego State
    46 Konz, Jameson LB 6-3 234 25 2 Kent State
    52 McCoy, Matt LB 6-0 232 29 7 San Diego State
    48 Morgan, Mike LB 6-3 226 24 R USC
    59 Moten, Adrian LB 6-2 230 23 R Maryland
    53 Smith, Malcolm LB 6-0 226 22 R USC
    54 Vobora, David LB 6-1 238 25 4 Idaho
    50 Wright, K.J. LB 6-4 246 22 R Mississippi State

    So I am guessing that Morgan will be fighting for a starting spot and after that?

    Will Vobora be back?

  64. Mike I am not sure that they De-value it I think it is more that they know they can get LB’s – kind of like RB right now. No team is running out to grab LB’s but when they get a true stud they try and keep them.

    They will get someone I am sure – looking for the right fit at the right price since they know there will be lots of guys making the rounds. Pretty sure they want young, fast and hungry to play!! oh and cheap too.

  65. Dukeshire says:

    Think next years Packer / Seahawk game will get any attention? That’s going to be awesome.

  66. Opened a new bottle of Talisker. Because, why not!? :)

  67. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t think Carroll devalues any position on defense. But his plan in re-build Seattle’s would seem to have started with he secondary. And depending what happens with Hill and Hawthorne, I’d be very surprised if LB wasn’t a real possibility at 12 (DL being another).

  68. Cornutt–Damn, I wish you were my neighbor. I’d help you out with that Scotch, bigtime! :)

    Cant wait for the draft!

  69. My scotch is open to any Seahawks fan, at any time. Just have to make the drive to Bend! :)

  70. bigmike04 says:

    If Pete Carroll was true to his word than yes, he should have let Charlie whitehurst compete for the starting job, what the worst that could happen? That seahawks was going to be worst team in NFC West when they prove that this yr with Jackson at the helm that Seahawks were a big joke with signing him..

    I don’t care about easing players ego, if they need their ego’s manage that what they got agents & entourage for.. Coaches should get best out of their players & build them up but to feed their ego’s isn’t part of their job..

  71. bulldog80 says:

    All of you talking about the QB competition aren’t reading between the lines. I highly doubt TJ will even be on the roster by the start of training camp.

  72. I need to say “Contrats” to BobbyK who called for this move waaaaaaaay back when Hasselbeck was sent packing and we signed TJack. I know a lot of people have been on the Flynn bandwagon for awhile, but Bobby was here calling for this before last season began.

    A little warning is due here, since Pete Carroll, John Schneider, Jim Harbaugh, and even Joe Philbin didn’t jump to give Flynn a big starters contract. Flynn fell to us because the real NFL pros are fully convinced this guy is the real deal.

    That’s why Flynn will have to compete. He will have to beat out TJack. $10M guaranteed money says the Seahawks believe Flynn will do it, but it hasn’t happened yet. Flynn has never beaten out an NFL starter. Not once. TJack did as a raw rookie. Also, Flynn doesn’t know what its like to play behind an O line that is not super-bowl caliber. He doesn’t know what its like to play with an average WR corps. Flynn has a lot to prove, and and he’ll have to earn his job.

    If both Flynn and TJack stay healthy to compete through August, I think that is going to be a great competition. Both QBs will be better for it.

  73. I don’t really want to go to bed because there’s a chance that tomorrow morning, when I wake up, I may find that this whole Flynn signing with Seattle thing may be a dream. I don’t really want to chance it.

  74. d’OH, I think I meant to type “Congrats”. Not contrats. A little too much celebrating! ;-)

  75. Palerydr says:

    Well we signed Flynn guess I’m with Pabuwal cuz I’m not jumping up and down for joy. Flynn is gonna have to prove it for an entire season on the field. Jackson isn’t gonna roll over I think he’s gonna come in ready to play. That said I expect Flynn to win the job on performance. I can’t wait for the first minicamp and Eric’s reports on how he looks throwing the ball and running the offense. I believe they will still draft a QB early as in round 2-3. They will be covering their bets so to speak. I do like the contract it appears they could cut him after 2 years with very little negative effect if in fact he doesn’t pan out.

  76. Holy Moly Miami is getting a lot of flack for not signing Flynn. It’s getting bad. Fans are going ballistic. Have you guys seen Jeff Ireland’s wikipedia page? Pretty funny stuff.

  77. I hope that tomorrow morning we wake up to news of Smith signing with Miami, Manning signing in Tennessee, and the 49ers crying in their milk!

  78. Shoot, they changed the wikipedia page back. I still have the funny one up on my screen and I’ll try to find a way to post it on here.

    Here is a cut and paste of the first paragraph, pretty funny:

    Jeff Ireland (born in a Denny’s parking lot in Abilene, Texas) is the most incompetent human being in the history of existence. He has previously served as an executive for the Dallas Cowboys, a team he still dearly loves, proving so by signing every player the Cowboys cut to the Miami Dolphins franchise, a scout for the Kansas City Chiefs and an assistant coach for the North Texas Mean Green. He played college football for the Baylor Bears. As a child he was a ball boy for the Chicago Bears (pun intended).

  79. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    bigmike … whitehurst sucked deal with it. The reason there was no open competition for the position is because whitehurst didn’t show ANYBODY that he was a legit challenger for starter.

    Really it’s that simple

  80. I just hope that when the seahawks play the Packers this Matt doesnt say “We want the ball and were going to score” I abslutely love this move. This is certainly an awesome day in the cold forbidding Nothwest.

  81. Congrats to all Seahawks fans! I just hope the offense gets tweaked to add screens and more dump offs because that seemed to be what Flynn excels at. I sure hope this works and I hope they spend one of their draft picks on a QOF. Now my wish is that we find a trading partner in the first round (unless deCastro is still there!)

  82. Dwight Freeney to Leo (even though everyone knows he’d basically just be a RDE and wouldn’t run around the field nearly as much as Clem did this past season) and Clem to rush the passer from the 5 after Red leaves the field on obvious passing situations?

    Doesn’t sound like Indy has much interest in keeping Freeney around.

    They are transitioning to a 3-4 and have already resigned Mathis (who doesn’t seem to fit the 3-4). It would be foolish, IMO, to keep two players who don’t seem to fit the 3-4.

    With the current cap hit, Indy isn’t going to find many takers to give them anything too significant for him (and they could release him given the circumstances).

    I wonder if they would trade us Freeney and their #3 for our #2? We have cap room and that would revolutionize our defense. We’d have two great ends coming at the QB in pass rush situations.

    Obviously, Clem wouldn’t be happy about the situation. He has played well and deserves to keep his job. However, if they want to “comPete” at every position all the time, Freeney would be an upgrade. And if we’re getting close to Super status, then why not?

    I don’t care if anyone agrees or not, I’m just throwing it out there… it’s meant for a sake of discussion.

    I’m starting to dream about the Super Bowl!

  83. seahawk44 says:

    Stevos says: “hope that tomorrow morning we wake up to news of Smith signing with Miami, Manning signing in Tennessee, and the 49ers crying in their milk!”

    I agree except I want Manning in Denver so there is less chance that 49ers get Hasselbeck or Locker.

  84. bird_spit says:

    BigBlew – I hope Matt says we want the ball, and we plan to shove it up your azz. When Matt 1.0 said that, I loved the swagger. I also like the swagger of Sherman. I kind a hope that Manning goes to SF. Why not? The can break the bank on him. Manning is what 45 yo, with a bad neck. Whatever..he won’t last long.

  85. GeorgiaHawk, just saw your Mighty Quinn lyrics. Rockin Dude.

    I have a feeling we’ll be hearing that song through the PA at the CLink this year!

  86. HeinieHunter says:

    Thank god we have a front office that actually has a plan! The Dolphins front office must be brain dead. After promising that their number one priority was fixing their QB problem by recruiting a free agent, they trade their best WR to Chicago ( for two 3’s), Manning passes on them, they appear to low ball Flynn and he passes. I think Smith is just using them to drive his price up as I can’t see SF letting him get away until they are sure they get Manning.
    Meanwhile Seattle picks up a nice DT that can rush the passer, signs a FA QB unproven but with a very nice upside, paying $ but no players or draft choices and still has the rest of free agency to help fill other needs. Oh yeah, and they still has all their draft picks to play with.
    You don’t want to play chess with the twins, they are planning their moves way ahead.

  87. nidhighe says:

    “Flynn has never beaten out an NFL starter. Not once.”

    He spent all 4 seasons behind Aaron Rodgers, who had 146 TDs and only 41 INTs during that span. Oh, and won a Super Bowl. The fact that Flynn wasn’t allowed to compete for the starting job there says far more about Rodgers than it does Flynn.


  88. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I just woke up and it really is true! We have our qb of of the now and of the future!

  89. Dukeshire says:

    It will be interesting to me to see if Seattle will revert back to an “under” front with Jones playing 3-tech and putting Clem back into the Leo roll. Or if they’ll stick with the more traditional “over”, keeping Branch at the three and Clem in a standard RDE position. How Carroll envisions that will determine how they approach the draft from a DT / DE and LB perspective. Seeing who they take will give us a strong indication on which direction they’re headed.

  90. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I have to say it is comical (if not refreshing) to see all the comments this thread has generated that praise te front office for their ‘patience’ and planning. Less than 24 hours ago the natives were getting restless and looking for torches and pitchforks to plan their revolt! LOL!

  91. NE Game: 6min 25sec

    When was the last time you saw a Seattle QB make a play like that? Intangibles!

    And in other news: KC Joyner is a complete ass hat. I’ve only read the headline to his Insider piece, but that guy’s analysis on just about everything is absolutely putrid.

    Go Hawks! CAWCAWCAW!

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