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Morning links: Flynn takes physical in Miami

Post by Eric Williams on March 17, 2012 at 8:45 am with 21 Comments »
March 17, 2012 8:45 am

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post writes that Matt Flynn didn’t waste any time after an overnight flight from Seattle put him into Miami early this morning.

Volin reports according to Flynn’s father, Alvin Flynn, that the Green Bay quarterback arrived around 5 or 6 a.m. Miami time to take a physical with the team’s medical staff, and met with Dolphins’ official after that.

Volin reports that it was Flynn’s intention to visit both teams first before making his decision, and that according to his father, he wants to make a decision sometime this weekend.

“He said it was a really nice place, and he enjoyed it,” Flynn’s father, Alvin, told the Post about Seattle. “But he wanted to look at both of them. That was the way he felt going in.”

Here’s my story on Matt Flynn’s visit and the emergence of Alex Smith as a possible free agent target for Seattle.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Miami has emerged as the favorites to land quarterback Matt Flynn.

Brock Huard of ESPN 710 explains what Minnesota free agent tight end Visanthe Shiancoe could bring to the table for the Seahawks in this audio link.

According to Mike Florio of the Seahawks have 28.6 million in salary cap space left, the third-most in the league.

Brian Billick writing for says that Matt Flynn is the best free agent left on the market.

Frank Cooney of has an excellent breakdown of the top middle linebackers and edge rushers in the draft. Here’s a name to keep an eye for Seattle – Boston middle linebacker Luke Kuechly.

Rob Rang of takes a look at the top 32 players in the draft, and says the focus in free agency on signing defensive ends, tight ends and safeties shows that there are a dearth of talent at those positions in this year’s draft.

Peyton Manning reportedly has a workout scheduled with the Tennessee Titans today, and has told teams he will make a decision by early next week.

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  1. “…it was a really nice place..”

    NICE. No, no, no. Seattle is a very badass and mysterious place. You play here and whew… The sky is the limit.

  2. IdahoVandalHawk says:

    It doesn’t really matter that Seahawks have cash to spend. Seattle might as well be Mars for some of these guys. If you were from the south and played at LSU would you rather play in Miami or Seattle?

  3. wow if visanthe shiancoe signs here, we’ll have arguably the best 2 tight end set in the nfl, a fairly stout D (hopefully getting stouter as the offseason continues on), a bruising running back, a gelling offensive line, and a very good WR corps, assuming Rice can say healthy. All these great pieces to this team, and we’re likely gonna have Tarvaris Jackson or maybe even Josh Portis running the offense. What a sad, sad scenario. This almost reminds of of the Jets, but TJ is far worse than Sanchez.

  4. bigmike04 says:

    Thought Tim Teabow & Kevin Kolb have to feel some kind of remorse against their teams after they been throw over the bus during the Peyton Manning race..

    If Dolphins throws their money at Flynn than let them have him.. Not worth the same money as Cassell or Kolb that for sure..

  5. Radeon–Dude, we wont have the best TE group in the NFL, even with Shiancoe. The pats have Gronk and GOnzalez and good backups. Shoot, the Panthers, Saints, and Chiefs all have a better 1-2 punch at TE. The Chiefs have Boss and Moeaki, who is a stud waiting to happen. Just sayin’.

    I think a lot of the hate directed at Smith is because he plays for the Niners. Or did, Lol! He flat out beat Seattle’s D last year, especially in that last game. While he didnt throw downfield that well, he was at least equal to Jackson (and what would anyone else have done with that crappy corps of WR he had?!). And he ran like a scalded cat when it was necessary. He’s pretty fast. Funny, Jackson is supposed to be the running qb, yet Alex Smith put him to shame all year long.

    If we get hosed by Flynn like I think we will (He just used us to get more money out of Miami), Smith may be our best option. Myself, I would have rather had Henne, but he has a very good chance of sliding Gabbert to the bench and being the guy in Jacksonville. Unless of course Manning goes to Denver and the Jags get Tebow…wouldnt that be hilarious?!

    I really want to see us sign Jason Jones. For God’s sake, look what we paid Branch! I am kinda irritated with JS and Carrol for being tightwads; if you have bags of cap room, and several BIG holes to fill (Like we do), then for Pete’s sake, who cares if we overspend a little for a couple players?! And it seems thats what it will take to land ANY FA’s now.

    I dont mind being careful with the cap, but DAMN, we havent signed ANYONE except our own guys hardly. And we have holes that wont be filled by the draft. I wonder why its harder for Carrol to get FA’s to even visit than it was for Ruskell to sign big names. Perhaps as I’ve said before, the rest of the NFL doesnt respect Carrol for his teams sloppy play and lack of discipline.

    Or perhaps its because everyone knew ol Timmay! would overspend.

    I would like to see Seattle sign Tolbert, but he seems to want huge money and I doubt they’ll spend it on a RB. They will probably grab a big tough back in the mid rounds of the draft. We need a DE, a DT, perhaps a backup SS unless the young guys are ready to backup Chancellor, a qb of course, and a veteran LG or a potential starter in the draft would be nice. Thats not all gonna be fixed by this years draft. Especially DE and qb; those positions take a couple years experience before a player is worth a damn, kinda like WR.

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I know I’ve said this before but the more I hear and see of Luke Kuechly the more I like!

  7. IMO, the reason the Patriots tight ends put up such high numbers is because that’s really all the team has on offense that’s taller than midget status. (Welker and Branch both being 5’9″, Edelman being 5’10, and while Ochocinco is 6’1, he’s lost a step and is an afterthought.) This being said, when it’s time for you to float a ball up for a player to jump up and grab a ball, it’s going to your guy that’s 6’6, not your guy who has a 6’6 vertical leap.

  8. Palerydr says:

    Radeon I think you might want to rephrase your last sentence of your last comment a guy with a 6 foot 6 inch vertical leap would be able to jump flat footed over a man 6 feet tall.

  9. Macabrevity says:

    @bikemike… not even Cassel and Kolb are worth the same money as Cassel or Kolb ;)

  10. Pete Carrol should have taken Flynn’s wrist watch.

  11. Macabrevity says:

    @GeorgiaHawk… I’m with you, I’ve always liked D’s strong down the middle, tough interior D-linemen (check), bada$$ safeties (check) and while our LB’s have been really good imo, I think bringing in a guy that reminds me so much of Chris Spielman can’t hurt. Really love the guys football IQ and athleticism, tackling machine… anyone have any reports on the guy in pass coverage? He has the athleticism, and covered a lot of ground in college but I only saw one full game, and some highlights beyond that, and it’s tough to really evaluate something like that from your couch.

  12. “I wonder why its harder for Carrol to get FA’s to even visit than it was for Ruskell to sign big names. Perhaps as I’ve said before, the rest of the NFL doesnt respect Carrol for his teams sloppy play and lack of discipline.”

    Then how do you explain Rice and Miller last year?

    It’s just situational. I think Miami will guarantee Flynn the starting spot, and I’m sure Carroll said some version of Flynn will come in and compete for the starting spot. That, and the Philbin connection. I think we’re pretty clearly the better team overall, but doesn’t feel like that’s going to be enough here.

  13. I want Kuechly, simple as that, think he could be a monster on the inside, even if we don’t sign Flynn, I’d take Kuechly over Tannehill, mostly because I really think that Kellen Moore and Russel Wilson can get it done in the NFL, and I’d rather have them then Tannehil.

  14. Southendzone says:

    @ STTBM

    Alex Smith took how many years to have a good season with SF? And in doing it was never a situation where he was carrying the team. He had a killer D, great run game, and a passing plan designed simply to not screw things up. Not a significant upgrade over TJ.

    Agree with you on Jason Jones though, that would be a splashy signing that would help us out.

  15. bird_spit says:

    Let hope that option C is to bring no FA QB into the group. Flynn (option A), Manning (wildcard B), option C-wait for the draft, and wait for QBs that are released in the summer. Clearly the Manning stakes are no over, so there can still be a mass shuffle take place. We dont need Alex “My ribs hurt” Smith in a Hawks uniform.

  16. Nice 1 year splash on Jones. Do these guys have patches on their sleeves for a reason?

  17. SandpointHawk says:

    Jason Jones is nice news for a change. I wonder why only for one year….

  18. Macabrevity says:

    Eric’s link answers my questions about Kuechly’s pass coverage ability somewhat…

    Apparently he played DB in high school.

  19. HeinieHunter says:

    A note to Peyton Manning: Just pick a freaking team already! You already know who it will be as well as who it won’t be. Leave the soap opera crap to Susan Lucci. Enough already.

  20. Mr. Flynn, your ride to the airport just arrived. Just give it a minute while we unload Alex Smiths luggage. You should have plenty of time for that Miami to Clev. connection.

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