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Morning links: Losing faith in Mario?

Post by Eric Williams on March 15, 2012 at 7:39 am with 89 Comments »
March 15, 2012 7:39 am
Houston Texans defensive end Mario Williams. (AP Photo/Dave Einsel)

One of the Seattle Seahawks expected targets heading into the beginning of free agency this week was defensive end Mario Williams. But perhaps the team sensed that Williams wasn’t worth the truckload of cash that would be dumped on his doorstep because of his recent injury history.

At least that’s what Don Banks of Sports Illustrated believes. Banks says that the Buffalo Bills could be making a big mistake in believing that Williams can be the savior for their franchise, which has an NFL-worst streak of 12 years without making the playoffs.

Banks: In the five full seasons he played in Houston, the Texans never made the playoffs, and finished with a winning record only once, at 9-7 in 2009. So his difference-making is at least debatable. In fairness, last season, when Williams shifted to outside linebacker in Wade Phillips’ 3-4 formation, he was on his way to a monster year, racking up five sacks in Houston’s first five games. But he tore a pectoral muscle in that fifth game and was lost for the season. Rather than wilting without their best defensive player, the Texans survived and even thrived in his absence, going 10-6 to claim the AFC South title and the first playoff berth in the 10-year history of the franchise. Even won a playoff game once they got to the dance.

Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News writes that the Bills are hopeful they can get Williams to sign on the dotted line today after two days of courting.

Here’s my story on Matt Flynn visiting Seattle today.

And here’s my story on the release of Robert Gallery and the possibility of Steve Hutchinson returning to Seattle.

Dave Mahler of KJR AM 950 talks with Red Bryant about remaining in Seattle in this audio link.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald writes that Matt Flynn’s trip to Seattle is an attempt to drive up his market value by getting other teams involved.

Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams offers Peyton Manning a contract for life during his 8-hour visit to the Titans’ facility in Nashville on Wednesday.

The New York Times Fifth Down Blog provides a nice roundup of information from several sources on Manning’s visit to Tennessee, including Manning’s announcement that he was going to stay for his senior season while playing his college ball there.

Mark Craig of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune writes that John Carlson should pair nicely with fellow Notre Dame tight end Kyle Rudolph for the Vikings.

Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post breaks down some of the high-dollar contracts some of the top free agent receivers have signed.

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  1. I’m starting to get a little higher on Flynn (thanks bobby). But i dont doubt that his trip to seattle is to help out his market. I’d want Flynn here for the right price, so i hope they dont dish out tons of money, but i also hope they dont under value him so Miami can come up with more money for him. I ‘m hoping he leaves seattle with a contract tomorrow…wishful thinking at this point

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Is Bobby meeting Flynn at SeaTac this morning?

  3. maddog12 says:

    Bobby is definitely a Flynn Flan. Sign Flynn and Hutch in one day…Bobby would be in paradise.

    On another note: why is Cleveland not interested in Flynn? Are they thinking Tannehill?

  4. It would be a huge red flag if the QB desperate and big splash making Dolphins don’t offer a Kolb like contract to Flynn – especially considering the Dolphins Head Coach has been Flynn’s Offensive Coordinator his entire career.

  5. RDPoulsbo says:

    I actually don’t see cutting Gallery to make way for Hutch, but for Carp to make the transition to LG when he’s ready. McQuistan is good enough to start somewhere in the league at RT. Him signing with Seattle suggests to me he has the inside track at that spot.

  6. It’s good point. McQuistan may simply be the one to keep LG warm for Carp. Maybe the will keep Carp at RT and knew that he wouldn’t be ready, so that’s why they signed Breno? Breno can start this year and then the both of them could compete there in ’13 (Breno would only have 1 year left on his contract). We’ll see, but I hope the Hutch thing works out!

    I don’t know what I’d do if we got a Matt and Hutch on the same day!?!?

  7. Seahawks2620 says:

    McQuistan will not be the starting right tackle, unless Breno gets injured.

  8. Soggybuc says:

    LOL @ Duke, Bobby’s rabid fandom might scare the shit out of Flynn and send him right to the comfort of Philbins arms.
    Agree with you guys on the LG. McQ is insurance if Carp busts out at the position.

  9. Palerydr says:

    I was on the Williams bandwagon long before most and I always knew if they signed Red then No Williams. I’ll be ok with that as long as we compete for the division and another answer is added for the pass rush.

    So I want to know, and apparently no one will step up and say exactly, why is Matt Flynn considered to be so “smart”? I want to know how after playing 2 NFL regular season games this is determined? What evaluation leads everybody to believe the guy is so smart?

    Also Eric I’m curious as to when compensation picks are announced and what Hasselbeck is worth in terms of that type of pick.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    RD – I generally disagree with that point. Like Bobby, I believe RT is Berno’s to lose. McQuistan will compete for a spot at LG, once Okung returns. At least, here in March, that’s what I see.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Soggy – That’s a great point. Bobby may in fact, be on a no fly list, while Flynn’s in Seattle. lol

  12. jchawks08 says:

    Best FA news I’ve seen all week: Henne signs with Jacsonville. Whewww, dodged that bullet of mediocrity… So is it really possible to bring Flynn in with a salary comparable to T-Jack? For some reason, I’m thinking Flynn for about 8-10 million a year, not 4. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  13. I’m still trying to figure out how 2620 thinks I think McQuistan will be our starting RT.

  14. OBTW – I just picked up Flynn at the airport. He seems like a nice guy. I’ll be arriving in Renton shortly. LOL!

  15. Seahawkfan78 says:

    @pabuwal – If I remember correctly the Dolphins O Coordinator was Tannehill’s head coach. He may want him in the draft so he can have “his guy” throwing the football in his system.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    I would think that Cleveland would now have some interest in Richardson now that Hillis is in KC.

  17. Tannenhill definitely has the physical skills over Flynn, that’s for sure. That’s what they may, indeed, be thinking if they can’t land Manning.

  18. Seahawks2620 says:

    Bobby- My comment was directed towards RD.

  19. Seahawks2620 says:

    Bobby- My comment was directed towards RD.

  20. Oh, okay. Sorry. I was wondering about that?

  21. ChrisHolmes says:

    “So I want to know, and apparently no one will step up and say exactly, why is Matt Flynn considered to be so “smart”? I want to know how after playing 2 NFL regular season games this is determined? What evaluation leads everybody to believe the guy is so smart?”

    I don’t think anyone determines that after a simple sample size of 2 games.

    I base my own personal assessment of the kid off several factors.

    First, I thought that probably the most encouraging thing I’d read came from Peter King in his TMQ column this past week. Just reading quotes from Flynn about how he diagnosed a particular defense, a particular play, how he knew, from film study, what a specific defender liked to do on certain downs, showed me that he studies the game diligently and is smart about how to play and where to go with the football. I mean, when you read that story you just get the feeling that those sentences are never coming out of Tavaris’s mouth, ya know?

    Second, the kid scored above average (26) on the Wonderlick (38 on a re-take, but I don’t count that; if you want to know a true IQ score you take the first one). Average score for a QB is 24. He’s legitimately not stupid.

    Third, watch the game film on YouTube. He knows where to go with the football and doesn’t hold it forever like TJack does. Holding on to the football is a sign of several things and most of those things point to a QB who simply doesn’t study hard or lacks the mental skills to quickly and efficiently process information.

    Again, from the Peter King column – when asked what is more important at the NFL level – arm strength or accuracy – Flynn answers, without hesitation: accuracy. That’s the right answer.

    Throwing windows are so tight in the NFL that the only thing that matters is accuracy. It doesn’t matter if you have a rifle for an arm. If you’re overthrowing receivers all the time, or not getting passes into areas where the receiver can make the catch, then we all know what the consequences are. Tipped balls, interceptions, incompletions, drive killers…

    Flynn understands this.

    He’s also been in the GM system, coached by McCarthy, for four years. Listen to Aaron Rogers talk about Flynn. This is not a stupid quarterback. This is a kid who gets it, understands the NFL game and will make quick decisions and accurate throws.

    I think, for me, more than anything, the game film shows a lot. He knows where to go with the football and when guys are covered, he’s going to his other reads. Tavaris… man, if his primary receiver is covered, he holds the ball like he has no idea what to do next. I mean, when I see Tavaris play, this is what I imagine going through his head when his first read is not open:

    “Okay, who is my second receiver? Which side of the field would he be on? Right side, right? It’s always the right side, right? Wait, that guy over there is open! Oh, hold on, what color jersey am I wearing? Is he on my team? Crap, this fat guy is trying to sack me, I guess I better run. Dammit… turf doesn’t taste good. I wonder what’s on TV tonight..”

    Anyway, I digress. From the little evidence I have, Flynn strikes me as a smart kid. And accuracy is his focus, and I like that. That shows that he understands what’s important at the NFL level.

  22. RDPoulsbo says:

    Completely forgot Breno was re-signed. Feels like it was a long time ago now that FA has started the frenzy.

    Regardless, McQ has shown he can start in this league that it doesn’t seem to be all that important to sign Hutch.

  23. One thing that makes me a bit nervous about Flynn is why Holmgren isn’t interested in him. That’s gotta be a red flag because Holmgren really knows how to pick QBs.

  24. I remember Aaron Rogers talking about how if Flynn says something about a particular defense or coverage that he believes him and trusts him because he’s that intelligent of a guy.

  25. jchawks08 says:

    Yea no doubt. Cleveland is stock full of stud QB’s. LOL

  26. Palerydr says:

    “Okay, who is my second receiver? Which side of the field would he be on? Right side, right? It’s always the right side, right? Wait, that guy over there is open! Oh, hold on, what color jersey am I wearing? Is he on my team? Crap, this fat guy is trying to sack me, I guess I better run. Dammit… turf doesn’t taste good. I wonder what’s on TV tonight..”

    An assesment on Jackson that I can agree wtih comepletly.

    I also looked up his wonderlic and saw he as well as others that draft year all had a second score that was higher. I read into the score the same as yourself that the first was more accurate. Thank you CH for your thoughts on why you support Flynn’s football IQ.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    As far as guard goes, Jeanpierre played very well on the right side, too, filling in for Moffitt. I’m very excited about the future of this OL. And I would love to add Hutch, even if he’s in the twilight.

  28. Dukeshire says:

    jchawk08 – If they don’t sign a FA QB, witch it looks like they will not, they surely wont be selecting one in the first, unless they trade back. They’ll look to the 2nd or so, to find a QB.

  29. Mario signed with Buff.

    Holmgren may not like Flynn anymore than McCoy due to arm strength. What I thought to be significant was Shermur’s quote that he liked Tannehill as much as RG3. Watch the Vikes trade down and target other OL’s.

  30. If they do, indeed, transition Carp to LG when he’s healthy, I am confident in our guards three-deep with McQuistan, Moffitt, and Jeanpierre. But, boy, adding Hutch would ensure incredible depth and the toughness and nastiness he brings to the table would mean so much more, too. I’d love to see he and Okung run block for the beast.

  31. Crazy to think the Vikes may be able to trade out of #3 with some team to get Tannenhill. It probably won’t happen, but I don’t think anyone thought this was possible a few weeks ago.

  32. I’m still skeptical that the Seahawks signed Carpenter for $7.6M/yr (OT money) to be the future LG. He simply hasn’t had enough time yet to prove anything.

    But speaking of O line… if we do bring in Hutch to start at LG, then we will open the season with Carpenter as PUP/starer-in-waiting and McQuistan as a great backup utility lineman, and this would be the DEEPEST O line I can remember having in Seattle. Maybe not the best, but deep and full of promise.

  33. SandpointHawk says:

    For anyone wondering, I know I was, Tarvaris Jackson got a 19 on his Wonderlick. Nice write up ChrisHolmes.

  34. Seahawks2620 says:

    Only 3 days into free agency, I am already kind of tired of talking about what could potentially happen. I just want for something to actually happen!

  35. I think the Vikings would be stupid to draft Tannehill when OT Matt Kalil and WR Blackmon will be there for the taking. But there are still a few teams drafting ahead of us that might jump for Tannehill. That’s a good argument to snag Flynn while we can.

    Speaking of Vikings, Could the Seahawks really be interested in 32 year old TE Visanthe Shiancoe, while letting 27 year old Carlson go to the Vikings? Seems unlikely.

  36. Of course they won’t take Tannenhill, but they do want to trade down.

  37. ChrisHolmes says:

    TJack scored a 19? Wow. I knew he wasn’t the brightest of guys, so that score shouldn’t come as a surprise, but dang…

    RE: The Browns. Honestly, I don’t understand that team at all. One minute you hear they are interested in someone, the next they are denying it. I’ve heard multiple reports both ways about the Browns’ interest in Flynn.

    But if the Browns are not interest in Flynn, that doesn’t scare me in the least. They picked Colt McCoy for crying out loud. I watched the kid in college and did not think he would transition to an NFL QB. So if we’re going to use the Brown’s as a measuring stick of a Front Office that knows QB’s, I’ll pass.

    I understand Homlgren is the GM, but I always felt like Holmgren’s skill was better suited to coaching QB’s and coaching an offense as opposed to being a GM and leading a team from the Front Office. After all, Holmgren got his GM title revoked in Seattle. I don’t know if I trust Holmgren as a GM yet. His track record isn’t the best.

    If he eventually turns the Browns around, okay. But I think he’s got a long way to go before we can consider him a top-flight GM in the league.

    I mean, Colt McCoy… really?

  38. Audible–I loved Holmy too, but saying he really knows how to pick qb’s is stretching it. He was right about Hass–but it took quite awhile. He drafted quite a few qb’s in GB and Seattle that didnt work out too well.

    Myself, I wish we had Seneca Wallace instead of T-Joke. I think Wallace would have been far better here. At least the dude could check down in a hurry, and fit the ball in tight windows downfield. He would have been able to take advantage of BMW size.

    And I know his running out of bounds behind the LOS was stupid, but it only happened twice–and he had WAY more pocket presence than T-Joke. People mentioned his taking a sack on fourth down vs the Pats, but he never even had time; that was the line’s fault.

    Then again, I’d rather have a dirt sandwich than T-Joke.

  39. HawkfaninMT says:

    If he comes for peanuts why not? He is a versatile TE that knows he will be number and knows the offense. It seems like he wants the Hawks as much or more…

    Kinda bummed that Mario is outta the picture, but on to the next one! Would love to get Upshaw or Coples in to shore up that edge rush and Jones to sign on to get some pressure up the middle.

    IF (see how I capitalized the I and F) the Hawks were to grab Upshaw, does anyone think it makes Hightower more valuable if he were around in the 2nd? By that I mean having the chemistry between Upshaw and Hightower already in place, is that a factor that would increase the odds of picking Hightower? Or is chemistry between Defensive players less important than if they were to have landed Moffit and Carimi on the OL last year

  40. RDPoulsbo says:

    The young depth at OG is exactly why I don’t see why they should sign a 34 yo player. I’m not against it like I am with Manning, but just see it as meh. I prefer to let the young guys get the snaps because signing an aging OG worked out so well last year…

    The rumor is that Cleveland likes Tannehill so much that they could draft him at #4. If the Dolphins miss out on Manning and Flynn, they could be desperate enough to trade up to #3 to get him before the Browns do. I can see that as plausible, but more likely they’d take their lumps with Moore and draft a QB next year if they can’t get Tannehill at #8. It’s a new regime down there, so there should be a couple years of patience to fix things.

  41. jarred767 says:

    I hopefully Flynn doesn’t get turned off by rain because he’ll definitely get to experience Seattle in all its glory today

  42. Shiancoe WAS a real talent. He’s getting old. I suppose he’s better than McCoy, who blocks about as well as Deion Sanders tackled. And Mora isnt really a blocker either. So we’re kinda desperate. We need a Gronk/Willimas type TE in the draft. I just hope we dont overpay for Shiancoe. Why let a young smart TE go, then replace him with an aging, injury prone guy for the same money?

    Upshaw isnt a pass rush monster. We need pass rush. I think we’re looking at Poe and Ingram. Just my two cents. I wouldnt be unhappy with DeCastro or Trent Richardson.

    I hope Tannehill goes elsewhere. He’s not the best, he’s just the rest. I hate qb’s from college with only one year experience. Sanchez-types. Yech!

    As for Seattle getting compensatory picks for Hasselbeck, that would have been last year. We dont get picks two years after the fact!

  43. Huck Futch, by the way. I dont care what anyone says, he’s a fat-head ego and he can rot in hell. He left Seattle ON PURPOSE. I hated Ruskell with a passion, but it really wasnt his fault. Hutch was being a fat head, he thought he was worth more than Walter Jones (A LG worth more than the greatest LT to ever play?!! Ha!)and he wanted to be the big shot on the line. Ruskell tried to let him go get offers elsewhere so Seattle could match. Old Timmay! undervalued Hutch and what the new market for LG’s would be, but he was bargaining in good faith, and Hutch wasnt.

    Hutch knew what he was doing with the poison pill clause. It was deliberate. So bleep him. The NFL never, ever would have allowed one of thier pet teams to lose a player like Hutch to the poison pill. Only because it happened to Seattle was it allowed to stand.

    The Ice Fisherman is old and broken, a shadow of his former self, and I hope he goes elsewhere and blows his knee out and ends up 400 lbs and living in a trailer park, eating pork rinds and drinking Pabst. And I have almost never wanted to see a player get hurt–Futch and Rapelisberger are the exceptions.

  44. The article saying Mario Williams isnt all that because his team made the playoffs and won a game without him is anti-logic, its an utterly specious argument.

    The Texans won more games because of Williams, and they would have been even better last year if he hadnt gotten hurt. The difference last season was that they finally built a team around him, which took five years. Two years ago, they never would have won without Williams. So last years wins and the playoff victory, rather than being an indictment of Williams, should be viewed as a sign the team is finally coming together. They have talent across the board, and in my mind, if they can keep thier stars healthy next year, even without Williams they will be potential Super Bowl contenders.

    But to say Williams isnt a game-changer because his team just last season became decent and played well without him, is utterly, mind-bogglingly stupid. I am dumber for reading that article.

  45. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Eric (or anybody else) do you have any updates on how the Hutchinson meeting went/is going?

  46. SeahawksFan12: I believe he’s still in town and negotiations went well into the evening, which I think is a good thing if Seattle wants to sign him.

    Palerydr: I believe compensatory picks are traditionally announced the third week of March, so perhaps we will find out something next week. I’m awful at calculating what the picks will be, so I’ll leave that to someone like Brian McIntyre.

    STTBM: Much respect. You’re bringing it today. I almost spit orange juice on my computer after reading your last two posts.

  47. The only reason I can see that Cleveland isn’t taking a hard look at Flynn is because Holmy is going to draft Tannehill.

  48. Yo, Mr Williams! – thanks for chiming in with the updates!

  49. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Thank you, Eric!

  50. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – Absolutely. Ruskell is totally blameless regarding losing Hutch…

  51. STTM – totally bringing it on your Hutch comments. lol! I agree completely, and yet I would still welcome Hutch back if he’s changed and wants to play for here again.

    My last memory of Hutch is this — NFC championship game vs Carolina, after the game Terry Bradshaw presented the trophy to the Seahawks. Actually, Bradshaw handed the trophy to Shawn Alexander, told Shawn to hold the trophy over his head and take a lap around the stadium by himself. (Break out your old tape of the game and watch it again.) Standing behind Alexander was Hutch, glaring at Alexander, not smiling, looking like he’d rather punch Alexander in the mouth for getting credit instead of smiling and celebrating the biggest win of his career. I think Hutch carried that grudge into the offseason and to Minnesota with him.

    Still, we need a left guard, don’t we? Got a better one?

  52. HawkfaninMT says:

    Comp picks are announced at the owners meeting if memory serves me. So find out when that is and you will have your date

  53. March 26-28, 2012: NFL owners’ meetings , Palm Beach Fla. Here’s a list of key dates for the 2012 year.

  54. ESPN Mario lands with Bills

  55. STTBM I’m not the word smith you are I’m pretty blunt and straight forward. Regarding your comments about Hutch what you said works for me.

    Thanks Eric I was pretty sure we still have that going for us as we lost Hasselbeck last year. I predict a 4th so we’ll see.

  56. Chrisholmes, I felt so much better about Flynn after reading that Peter king article, seems a smart guy, ;oved how when he was asked that question his GF quipped from the back seat, “accuracy!, I could have told you that”!

  57. bigmike04 says:

    Buffalo Bills LB Mario Williams has agreed to a six-year deal worth $100 million, with $50 million guaranteed.

  58. March 13: Start of free agency, 4 p.m. ET

    March 15: Matt Flynn files stalking charges against BobbyK.

    March 16: BobbyK arrested at VMAC in the bushes outside of John Schneider’s office. From Seattle city jail, Bobby insists he was only trying to help his team.

  59. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would have done the same thing that Hutch did. To not franchise one of the greatest guards in NFL history is an insult, imo. Especially after the FO insulted him by giving Alexander a huge contract.
    Hutch was just as important to our run game than Jones, And more Important than Alexander. Plus he had that toughness that no one on our team could match!
    Would be a great day if he signs back with us!

  60. bigmike04 says:

    I wouldn’t count browns out on service for flynn just yet.. I don’t think browns or Dolphins are out of Flynn service.. I think Dolphins are waiting on peyton to know if they still have a chance & if he want to come their.. So far he hasn’t said no to denver, AZ, Mia & now Tennessee. Once Peyton sign the next Top QB on market are Flynn & david Garrard, so their no way Flynn signs before Peyton as his agent would be stupid to not get more money from teams like Browns, Dolphins or Seattle.. Someone is going to overpay that is guarteed for flynn service..

  61. Wow, Mario Williams = $100M

    Next on Buffalo’s radar = Mario Manningham

    Williams + Manningham = The Super Mario Brothers!

  62. Dukeshire says:

    Hopefully he fairs better than the last DL to sign for $100 mil.

  63. ChrisHolmes says:

    @Soggybuc Exactly :-)

    I thought that article was great. I mean, it’s a very, very small glimpse into the kind of kid Flynn is, but dang – you have to love what he said, and you have to even like that his girlfriend said that :)

    As for the time machine posts on Hutchinson today – listen, sure it’s ego. BUT – which one of you wouldn’t do the same thing at YOUR job?

    I mean, don’t you WANT a player on your team who thinks he’s great? Don’t you want a confident player?

    And if it was you – in YOUR job – wouldn’t you go elsewhere for big coin if the opportunity presented itself? How many of us would stay with a company out of “loyalty” if another company clearly wanted us and was willing to pay us big dollars? It’s not like Hutchinson was FROM Seattle. So he didn’t need to stay from some mythic “hometown discount”. That’s kind of baloney if you ask me.

    The fault here lies in Ruskell’s hands. Because Ruskell had the EXACT TOOL he needed in his arsenal to keep Hutch from leaving. He had the FRANCHISE TAG and he didn’t use it!

    I understand all the reasons for not using the tag, but the bottom line is that if you value a player that much and you have any fear AT ALL that he might go somewhere else, then you FRANCHISE HIM.

    Ruskell put the Transition Tag on Hutch instead, and the Hawks got screwed.

    Hutch was just doing what I daresay most of us would do: looking out for himself. And in a business situation, as an employee, that’s what you have to do.

    Sure, there was ego behind it. But to be mad at Hutchinson… that’s not right. Ruskell deserves our ire on that one.

  64. does anyone have a link to this “flynn article” that everyone keeps talking about?

  65. Nevermind, i found it

  66. Shh, dont let duke know your reading Peter king.

  67. Dukeshire says:

    The difference in the year’s salary for Hutch, between the transition and franchise tags was $300,000. That’s it. Ruskell is a moron. Then and now.

  68. Dukeshire…was that sarcasm?! Lol! Im not sure Ruskell is blameless, but as I said, he was bargaining in good faith with Futch’s camp. They are the ones who deserve the most blame and scorn. Though Timmay! flat out PROMISED Holmy he’d franchise tag, not sorta-tag Futch–Holmy refused to leave team headquarters unless Timmay! promised him. So Timmay! lied.

    As for Mr. Ice Fisherman being the toughest guy, Ha! Im not buying it. Walter Jones played what–11 seasons? And he was still nearly Pro Bowl form playing on a trashed knee. In fact, he played through an atrocious knee injury against Dallas that was so bad he had to have total reconstruction. The Ice Fisherman burned out after 7 years or so. Not only that, Jones skipped training camp and trained by pushing SUV’s. Now thats tough. And he never had to pose all GQ tough guy for newspaper photoshoots either, as Futch did, and he didnt have to grow his hair out and try to look movie star tough–he just was.

    Stevos, Eric Willimas, Palerydr,etc; Thanks for the love! The Ice Fisherman REALLY gets me riled up LOL!

    While its obvious it would have been better to keep Futch and let Alexander walk, no one could have foreseen Alexanders Lis Franc injury. And lets not forget that Alexander came back from that injury to play his two greatest games–vs GB where he set a Seahawks record with 40 carries in the snow, even though it was obvious he wasnt 100%, and later against SD, who was about the best run D in football, where he ran for two sweet TD’s and over 130 hard-fought yards. He earned those yards the hard way, too. It was only after that season that the injury robbed him of his speed and things fell apart. Not Ruskell’s fault, though it pains me to give him any slack, the $%#!~!. Plus, most fans were screaming about what a scumbag Ruskell was for not immediately ponying up for ALexander after his monster 2005 season. And I totally do not buy the line that it was all the line. Sure, any halfway decent back could have run for 15 TD’s and 1000 yards with that line. But only an elite back could have done what Alexander did that year. So many runs were due to not only big holes, but Alexanders shifty improvisations on the fly.

    While he surely went out with a whimper, it wasnt until the year after his injury–two years after signing his contract–that it became obvious that Alexander was done and we would have been better off with Futch.

    The whole thing with Timmay!, ALexander, and Futch was a cluster. Im glad its over, and I wish the Ice Fisherman would just retire and go get fat.

    Kinda bummed Seattle didnt land Williams, and Im not buying that they didnt want to pay big bucks. It looks to me like Seattle is having a really hard time getting any FA’s with options to even come visit, let alone get excited about being a Seahawk.

    While a lot of that is due to the fact that everyone outside the West seems to think Seattle is in Russia and commuting distance from the Kremlin, I think a lot of it is that the rest of the NFL has little respect for Carrol. And I believe a large part of that is the idiot repeat penalties and general sloppiness of our team. All of which points to a lack of discipline and poor Big Picture coaching.

    While we arent considered a finesse, wimpy team anymore, teams know we lack the discipline to pull out wins in tight games, or to step up when we’re behind with time running out. And that matters.

    Carrol is a good coach, but the extreme lack of discipline evidenced by the team is his Achilles heal. He’s got to find a way to severely punish and hold repeat offenders accountable, and stop being Mr. Happy all the time. Then, and only then, will Seattle begin to win consistently, and earn respect around the league. And until then, the only way we’re getting big name FA’s to come calling is if we overpay like Michael Jackson.

  69. Seahawks2620 says:

    Eric- I am aware of the fact that there have been reports of Flynn and Jones visiting the Seahawks at “some point” today, however are they actually in Washington yet? Or at least on there way? As far as Jones goes, I am just hoping he isn’t still in Fisher land negotiating.

  70. I do blame Hutch more than Ruskell but I also believe that Ruskell was pulling a power play on Holmgren who clearly wanted Hutch to stay. I think Ruskell used the transition tag just to let Holmgren know he was in charge. Hutch did sign a contract with full knowledge he wasn’t going back to Seattle. Why would you do that other than to piss somebody off Ruskell or Holmgren? We all know Holmgren had a soft spot for players. I remember reading he was at a wedding of a mutual aquaintance and he saw Hutch and left him standing there without a word even though Hutch had extended his hand. This happened after the contract fiasco.

  71. Gotta wonder if Hutchinson and the Seahawks are so close to a deal, why it hasn’t happened yet. And no Flynn deal will happen until Manning makes a decision, which I hope will be by tonight.

  72. I already picked up Flynn and dropped him off!

  73. Wouldn’t John Abraham be perfect as a rotational pass rusher with Red Bryant? How many other guys can still rush the passer and do not have to be every down players?

  74. Seahawks2620 says:

    Pabuwal- You would think so, however Abraham still feels as if he is worth top notch money. There in lies the problem.

  75. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – We couldn’t see the Hutch situation more differently. Probably best to leave it at that, because I read your posts as revisionist history. But I’ll tell you this: I was 100% against, at the time, re-signing Alexander to that deal. We both can agree that we’re grateful that period is over and done with.

  76. I’d love Abraham in a situational role, but it seems he wants $10 million+ per season. Plus, he probably still wants to remain close to home. He took a few million less from Atlanta than Seattle offered 6 years ago for that very reason.

  77. I’m way over it by now – but as I remember it, and I do remember it, Ruskell is guilty of bad judgement – but I absolutely think Hutch is guilty of everything else STTBM says. No way to just blame this all on Ruskell – he offered Hutch a huge contract for an OL at the time, and Hutch elected to not only sign the offer sheet with MN, but also to include a poison pill that made it implausible to match. But it’s a long long time ago now.

  78. Manning is reported to narrow down to Tenn and Denver. So Miami is back in play for Flynn.

    I am interested in seeing what the actual numbers end up being for Flynn – it seems to be clear that he will not get Kolb numbers. but how much or how little will he get.

    I feel that somewhere in the range of a top 10-15 drafted QB gets would be fair. I think he has a little bit less risk than those guys have at this point in time.

  79. But does Miami know and accept they are out of the Manning race? They seem to be the last ones to know.

    Once this Hutchinson and Flynn thing are done, I can stop watching this so intently and come back for the draft. I am hoping that would be tomorrow at the latest.

  80. RDPoulsbo says:

    It’s been 6 years and we’re still arguing over the tag? FWIW, I think the franchise tag would have just enraged Hutch like you see with so many players out there while the transition tag let him get his value on the market. Remember that Ruskill took it to arbitration because he was going to match, but the poison pill was allowed to stand. I’m no Ruskill fan and there’s blame to go around, but more has to fall on Hutch for putting the poison pill in his contract.

  81. Nothing is going to happen before manning commits. Personally i think he is pulling a Hugh Douglas with the League and driving up the market only to let the Indy Roster bonus expire and RE_SIGN with INDY!

  82. I’d love to be a fly on the wall of these FA meetings to see what is discussed, body language of the player and the strategies of the FO…of course, if i was a fly, i’d be more interested in finding a pile of sh*t in that room, so i guess i’d love to be a fly on the wall with human abilities to see, hear and think..ya

  83. RDPoulsbo says:

    Well, Hutch just signed for 3 years with the Titans. No more rehashing the poison pill. Whatever….was a meh move to me if he signed.

  84. Dukeshire..I thought I sensed some sarcasm. It doesnt bother me that we see things differently. Youre certainly entitled to your opinion. And we agree more than disagree, so no big deal.

    Revisionist history? You bet, guilty as charged. At the time, I blamed Hutch and Ruskell. Holmgren never would have allowed even a chance for Futch to get away. He would have just Franchised him, THEN negotiated. And he would have tagged him two years in a row if he had to. Holmy never would have risked losing such a player. Timmay! had too large an ego, and was naive. And he paid for it.

    At the time, especially since Ruskell LIED to Holmy, I blamed him for a lot of it. But the fact is, Futch made it clear in several interviews he was miffed that Seattle didnt kiss his butt enough, and he left on purpose. I dont care that he signed a contract with another team, just that he wasnt upfront with Seattle, and he signed the Poison Pill clause. That was 100% on Futch.

    And he has looked to be fading for the last three years in Minny. Injuries and age have taken their toll. We need a LG I suppose, so I understand those that want him back. I just dont agree.

    To me, we should either start Lem JeanPierre at LG, or move Moffit to LG and start JeanPierre at RG. Lem played very well, he can pull, he’s getting better at Pass Pro, and he’s a mauler in the run game. I thought he outplayed McQuistan at G, and was pissed when they benched him because he’s our only backup C.

    Okung-Moffit-Unger-JeanPierre-Giacomini doesnt sound too bad to me.

  85. I just wish we had a Jason Jones signing or something else positive to gnaw over instead of haggling over whether or not we should rehire the Ice Fisherman.

    Im kinda bummed we havent signed an impact player in FA. I thought we’d get at least one, perhaps two, especially with our honkin’ cap space. Oh well, better to wait and roll over cap space for next years FA crop than to overspend on second-rate players.

    And besides, just because they havent signed anyone immediately doesnt mean they wont pick up a few good players. We’ll just have to trust in Carroll and the Schneid.

  86. Dukeshire says:

    I was sarcastic with my Ruskell post, because I blame him entirely.

    But I agree about Jeanpierre: he will be pushing someone for a starting guard spot.

  87. Well, Futch just signed with Tennessee for three years. Ha! If he makes it that long, I will buy a Futch Seahawk Jersey and eat it!

  88. Duke–I understand your reasoning. I have moderated my opinion recently due to some comments from the Ice Fisherman, and the fact that my bitterness with Timmay! has faded enough for me to believe he really was naive enough to think Futch would negotiate in good faith, and that by not tagging him it would stroke his ego. Ruskell was incompetent and an ego maniac, but he really thought he was catering to Futch. Boy was he wrong!

    But yeah, as Holmy said, he never would have given Futch the chance to get away. You dont do that with players of his caliber unless you want them to go away. So I can totally see how you blame Timmay!.

  89. Seahawks2620 says:

    Three years! That is a longgg long time for a 34 year old with shoulder problems.

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