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Report: Carlson headed home to Minnesota

Post by Eric Williams on March 14, 2012 at 10:04 am with 71 Comments »
March 14, 2012 1:37 pm

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that former Seattle Seahawks tight end John Carlson has agreed to terms with the Seattle Seahawks Minnesota Vikings.

Schefter reports it’s a five-year, $25 million deal. Adam Caplan of Fox Sports reports $11 million of the contract is guaranteed.

That’s a pretty good deal for someone who missed the entire 2011 season because of shoulder surgery. And obviously the Seahawks weren’t willing to commit to that kind of contract with Zach Miller already in the fold. So Carlson returns home. He grew up in nearby Litchfield, Minn.

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  1. patmcfar8 says:

    Eric, small error… you first list Carlson agreeing to terms with the Hawks, before the tweet confirming him signing with the Vikings.

    I’m sad to see him go, was really looking forward to some two TE sets once our O-Line was solid enough to allow it. Oh well, wish him well.

  2. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Thanks for the time your were here, JC. Best of luck in Minnesota.

  3. GeorgiaHawk says:

    What! The Vikings couldn’t get a hometown discount?

  4. Welcome back, even if the Vikes suck:)

  5. chuck_easton says:

    OK, I’m confused. Where am I supposed to be emotionally right now? Are we up or down?

    I can’t keep track.

    Where is that bi-polar App for my iPhone to tell me what I’m supposed to be feeling about FA progress?

  6. Seahawks2620 says:

    What is the latest on Jason Jones?

  7. Isn’t that more than we’re paying ZM? At that price, the Vikings can have him. I think Miller should hire Carlson’s agent.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – Lol. It’s so difficult to have a reasonable discussion right now, with all of so scattered. Love the Bi-Polar app. I’d drop $2.99 on that.

  9. You know what’s tough? Getting ANY work done today . . having to keep fighting the urge to get online and check this site and others, hoping for any good news . . . .

  10. Am I the only one who gets sick of reading posts with these fond farewells for former players, as if they actually care what any of us think?

    Carlson chose a crap team over the Seahawks, and didn’t give us a chance to resign him…obviously he wants to win about as much as Kyle Orton.

  11. Because we’re going to do so much winning with T-Jack (sarcasm). Either you win the Super Bowl or you don’t.

    For what it’s worth, I talked to Carlson’s Dad at the Dome two years ago at a pre-season game against the Hawks and he said they love it in Seattle and he hoped to finish his career there. The impression I got was that the only other place he’d want to be was back home in Minnesota. Excuse him for moving to where his Grandparents are actually going to see the little one more often than stay and play second fiddle TE and catch passes from T-Jack.

  12. SandpointHawk says:

    Bobby…He would only get to catch passes from T-Jack if they lined him up on the right side of the play.

  13. bird_spit says:

    The only thing we will really miss out on is the potential. The potential of two first class TE’s in double TE sets. Would have loved to have seen that. The double TE set, with a run game that is top 10. What a combo.

  14. Whoever our QB is, I hope there is a lot of pass catching and very little second fiddle playing. We can let the Vikes play second fiddle.

  15. Audible ~ No, Carlson signed for a bargain compared to what the hawks paid for Miller.

    Carlson 5 years 25 million (11 Guaranteed)
    Miller 5 years 34 million (17 Guaranteed)

    Seattle couldn’t commit 50 million to the tight end position in two players. So he got what he good.

    Good for Carlson, hope he has a good remainder of his career.

  16. FYI Mario Williams to visit other teams…

    Seahawks mentioned

  17. bigmike04 says:

    Clear up any speculation about Jake Locker..

    Tennessee Titans QB Matt Hasselbeck almost certainly would be traded or released if the team signs free-agent QB Peyton Manning (Colts). In the event they sign Manning, the Titans would prefer to keep QB Jake Locker, according to sources.

    The St. Louis Rams might be near a deal with free-agent DL Jason Jones (Titans), and a deal could be struck late Tuesday, March 13.

  18. bigmike04 says:

    I think if Mario Williams want to vist seattle, than he should but I don’t think Seattle is going to be getting in bid race for his service if he going to used the buffalo Bills contract offer as negogation ploy.

  19. FleaFlicker says:

    Calvin Johnson…$132 million…I can’t even comprehend how much money that is.

  20. Link bad on my previous post. Sorry, story is ESPN’s.

  21. Oh good, now when Vikings fans make fun of us for signing an injury-prone Sidney Rice, we can make fun of them for signing Carlson.

    Like a lot of Ruskell picks, Carlson looked good early, but didn’t take it to the next level.

  22. freedom_X says:

    Like anyone on this blog would take 40% less salary out of loyalty (especially if you knew your working career would only last 15 years max.)

    I thought $5 million/yr would be Carlson’s market value, and I didn’t think Seattle would be willing to pay more than $3 million, due to fact they already have a lot invested in the TE position. Unless Carlson turned down an equal contract from Seattle, he’s doing what any rational thinking person would have done.

  23. Jason Jones scheduled a visit with hawks… Let not let him get to the rams.

  24. That Holmgren did not make a move at JC and we did not FT him says alot. Still the FT was for only $5 million once and they did not even blink on it.

  25. FleaFlicker says:

    Hasselbeck to Tardinals? Excuse me while I go throw up:

    Does Sando have no loyalty to The Insider?!?!?

  26. I would think if Manning went to Tennessee the obvious move would be Hasselbeck to Cleveland.

  27. Don’t make me sick (Matt to the Cards). Why not come back here instead of our worthless retread never was clown?

  28. grizindabox says:

    I believe that Sando thinks Cleveland and Miami would be destinations for Hass if he is released due to Tenn. signing Manning.

  29. Maybe he’d be our “number one” off-season priority if he became available?

  30. Dukeshire says:

    I would like for Jason Jones to sign here. Versatile, young, productive… And Seattle needs the depth. He would be a very nice rotational DL at end and 3-tech.

  31. piperfeltcher says:

    Hawks have enough pass catching TE’s I want them to bring in a big physical blocking TE like Boss.

  32. grizindabox says:

    It looks as though Red’s cap hit for 2012 is $4mil. Still leaves around $25mil is space

  33. piperfeltcher says:

    Jason Jones would be a great signing as his best football is still in front of him. Starting to look like LB is going to be a huge need entering the draft to bad it is a weak LB class.

  34. piperfeltcher says:

    Hawks do not have a lot of money coming off the books next year and have a few of there players to resign so doubt they use all there available cap space this year.

  35. Branch and T-Jack will be coming off the books. That’s $8 million right there.

  36. piperfeltcher says:

    Two key guys free agents next year though in Clemons and Unger. Clemons has earned every dollar of his contract and is going to get a nice raise.

  37. piperfeltcher says:

    Oh and BobbyK do you not think they will extend there starting QB at some point this year?

  38. grizindabox says:

    I am not sure they resign Clemons if the deal gets to big since he is on the downhill side of 30

  39. Seahawks2620 says:

    Clemons should not receive a “substantial” raise next season, seeing as how he will be 32 at the beginning of the 2013 season. The players that would suit us best are still out there, but are on the “verge” of signing contracts with other teams. With Williams’ contract being structured the way it is, I could definitely see us being able to sign him and Flynn at this point if that is what the Seahawks so desire. Flynn obviously isn’t worth as much financially as originally thought, at least as far as we know. Williams however, is in Buffalo with the entire Bills FO on there knees for him, so it appears as if it will be tough to pry him from them. I just want for things to start happening for us. I would be ecstatic if we signed Flynn, Jason Jones, Larry grant, and drafted a DE with our first. That would still leave us with plenty of cap room for next year.

  40. Seahawks2620 says:

    I meant “with Bryant’s contract being structured the way it is, I could definitely see us signing Williams and Flynn”.

  41. Seahawks2620 says:

    It looks as if Jason Jones still intends on visiting with the Seahawks tomorrow. I would imagine the only thing that would keep him from visiting would be the Rams panicking and giving him 10 million a season for 5 years. haha

  42. Give an extention to a bad starting QB during the season? Like the 49ers did with Alex Smith?

  43. grizindabox says:

    Danny O’Neil has posted that the Hawks were never in the Mario sweepstakes. They knew from the get go that the price tag would be too steep.

  44. chrisj122 says:

    As long as we can land a potential franchise QB I’m ok with passing on Williams. We can get another F.A. D.E. or address it in the draft.

  45. grizindabox says:

    chrisj122, my question for you is what franchise QB? Who possibly could the Hawks get that would be a franchise QB?

  46. Hammajamma says:

    Just heard Millen on KJR. On TJack’s QB rating:

    Ahead by 16+ points — 111
    Down by 6+ points — 70

    His take is that TJ can’t make clutch plays when needed.

  47. Palerydr says:

    I’m on record for Brock Osweiler who would you you want considering what’s available this year Grizndabox?

  48. Its tough to make any clutch plays when your #1 stud WR is always hurt and you are throwing to stiffs like Ben Obomanu, Golden Tate and Deion Butler. Is there a worse trio of WRs in the NFL?

    Obomanu would be good if he can catch, Tate would be good if he could get open and Butler would be good if he had real football speed.

    I am hoping Lockette can continue his development. I was amazed at his ability to track the ball in flight and make difficult catches.

  49. grizindabox says:

    Hutch is visiting the Hawks today

  50. hawkfan777 says:

    I dont understand how teams like the Cowboys (who lost cap space and didnt have as much as the Hawks had to begin with), are able to sign so many free agents. They are up to 4 of them and Carr is a 50 million dollar contract. How do they do that and yet the Hawks have only signed a couple of their own players? Are they just waiting for the madness to settle down and then they will jump on it??? I hope that is what they are doing.

  51. Hutch and Flynn back to back?

    Holy sh*t BobbyK just had a heart attack..

  52. grizindabox says:

    Pabs, I agree that the Hawks do need another WR. As for the QB position, and this is based on what is available and where the Hawks are picking in the draft, I am not sure anything matches up well. I think #12 is too high to pick anyone not named Luck or RG3 and round 3 will probably be too late. I am not a fan of Nick Foles and believe Tannehill should be picked later than 12 and earlier than the Hawks second round pick. Osweiler intrigues me, but if the Hawks pass on him in round 2, pretty sure he will not be there in round 3. Flynn for a reasonable contract is probably the best option at grabbing a QB that could turn out as a long term option.

  53. Hopefully Hutch plays better than he has the last 2 years. He was average to below average. Age has taken its toll.

  54. He ranked as one of the best guards in the NFL again last year according to pro football focus. Just b/c their line was terrible, doesn’t mean he was the reason.

  55. If we have a starting QB named Matt next year and his LG is Hutch, I’ll be one happy camper.

    I’ll start a “Mr. Happy Cult” where anyone who criticizes our current regime finds themselves with broken bones.


    (for the politically correct, I’m obviously just kidding!)

  56. chrisj122 says:

    Well Griz, I said potential franchise QB. I would consider a franchise QB one who does more than manage a game, someone who can play up their game when the game is on the line. One who you because of not just win with. One can read defenses and get out bad situations. One who can make every one on the field better.

    Maybe Matt Flynn is that guy, at some point in time P.C. & J.S. are going to have roll the dice on a QB. The trick is taking an educated gamble to increase your odds of picking a winner. With Flynn it looks like the price might not be as much as very one was thinking, making him less of a gamble. This why I roll the dice on Flynn.

    What about you Griz? Do you stay complacent with T-Jack and have another average season, maybe improve to 8 wins and be a 500 team?

  57. chrisj122 says:

    oops “One who you can win because of no just win with.”

    Trying to multi task and its not really working

  58. Don’t forget, those two wins against the Rams this year were “free.” I haven’t seen that many teams as decimated as that one was. That is going to make it harder to get back to 7 wins and we all know that 7 wins still isn’t good enough. We need a Matt and a Hutch! Can anyone here understand how nasty our OL would be with guys with the attitude of Okung, Hutch, and Breno on it (and if Moffitt starts, which I assume he will). Under would be the glue in the middle and we’d have mean, nasty guys everywhere else. I’d LOVE it! Looks like we could open up some cap room by dumping Gallery (but replace it w/someone else, like one of my favorite Seahawks ever!).

  59. “Unger”

  60. ChrisHolmes says:

    “my question for you is what franchise QB?”

    You gotta read his whole sentence. The word “potential” was in there.

    There are no *known* franchise QB’s available for Seattle (I’m saying that because clearly Seattle is out of the Manning race).

    So what you are left with is “potential”. Ugly word, but it’s the truth. You have to go off potential now. Obviously, that’s much harder to identify…

    Clearly though, Tavaris is not a franchise QB. So what are your options, realistically? Stick with a guy you KNOW doesn’t have the tools to win a Superbowl and hope that you can patch together 52 other guys on the roster that overcome your starting QB’s shortcomings? Not exactly a recipe for consistent winning.

  61. nighthawk2 says:

    Think Okung would sell Hutchinson his number back?

  62. HawkfaninMT says:
  63. So does this mean Carpenter wont play this season?

  64. Carp tore his ACL late in the season and he’s a huge man. I don’t think there’s any way possible he’ll be 100% by the start of next year. I’m excited about him for ’13 though. I don’t think he’s a bust yet.

  65. grizindabox says:

    Pabs, not sure the Hutch visit has anything to do with Carp.

  66. grizindabox says:

    I am wondering if Hutch has more to do with Gallery

  67. Hammajamma says:

    Hutch v. Gallery: Battle of the thirtysomethings

  68. Hutch is a lot better than Gallery. No question. Not even close.

  69. SeahawkFan12 says:

    And I’ll say it again (only because in my mind I have the delusion that by repeating it over and over again it will come true) that I really hope Hasselbeck gets cut be Tenn and we re-sign him immediately.

  70. Word is Cousins had a heck of a pro day. If Hutch is physically sound, he could be a better alternative to Gallery.

  71. After what Hutch and his agent did to us, I can’t stomach seeing him come back. Hit the bricks!

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