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Morning links: Interest in Hawthorne heats up

Post by Eric Williams on March 12, 2012 at 6:47 am with 33 Comments »
March 12, 2012 6:47 am
Seattle Seahawks' David Hawthorne is greeted by fans as he runs into the end zone on his 77-yard interception return for a touchdown against the Philadelphia Eagles in the second half of an NFL football game Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011, in Seattle. The Seahawks won 31-14. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Michael C. Wright of ESPN Chicago reports that the Chicago Bears could be interested in pursuing David Hawthorne to play SAM backer with veterans Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs.

That’s interesting because Hawthorne has played mostly WILL and middle linebacker in his NFL career, and at first blush would not appear to have the required size to hold up over the duration of a 16-game season playing over the tight end.
Although I do think Hawthorne could play there in a pinch. Wright says that Hawthorne could play SAM and serve as an heir apparent to Urlacher or Briggs.

Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press says that Hawthorne could be an option at middle linebacker for the Lions, with Stephen Tulloch set to hit free agency.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated was down in Arizona for Peyton Manning’s visit with the Cardinals and says Manning’s decision remains fluid at this time. Although Denver, Arizona and Miami are the leaders right now, King says it’s still possible for another team to get involved.

Jeff Darlington of the NFL Network says the Dolphins need to come out swinging if they want to connect with Manning.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald says that despite reports out there the Dolphins are still in play for Manning.

Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network reports that the salary cap has been set at $120.6 million. He also has up-to-date franchise tag numbers for each position. The Hawks have about $30 million in cap space.

Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports updates his top 30 free agents with a new name at the top, Peyton Manning.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen has been closely monitoring the Manning sweepstakes, and talks about the story with ESPN’s Mike and Mike. Mortensen said he’d be surprised if Manning makes a decision by this week.

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  1. FleaFlicker says:

    26 years old, consistent producer…we need to re-sign him.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    This is exactly why I was hoping they’d ink him before he became a FA. He’s young, versatile, and a tackling machine. They’re going to have to pay if they want to keep him.

  3. We’re only a day away from real news where we can potentially sign some players.

  4. yakimahawk says:

    Anyone know why we have not/did not sign heater? Is the FO that low on him where they would just let him walk? Duke, any answers?

  5. Heater probably thinks he’s worth more than what the Hawks were offering.

  6. SandpointHawk says:

    Seattle has 21 million in Cap carryover…

    The new CBA allows teams to carry any unused cap space from one year to the next. Teams were required to notify the NFLPA by Februry 28 of the amount to be carried over.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    yakimahawk – Wish I did. The only thing I can think of is that they didn’t want to lock up a guy playing on a gimmpy knee.

    Here’s hoping they are able to bring him back.

  8. chuck_easton says:

    My uneducated opinion is it just may be a situation similar to Red where the team has made what it feels is a good offer.

    Red’s camp wants to shop the supposed 2 year $5 million a year offer around and see if he can do better. I’m hoping there will be a gentlemen’s agreement that Red will give Seattle a chance to match.

    Heater is probably in the same boat. Team likely made what it felt was a good offer. Hawthorne thinks he can do better. If he can then so be it. Team either ups the anty or he walks.

  9. Hawthorne’s agent must love this. He can now squeeze another million per year out of the Seahawks.

    Whenever Paul Allen’s wealth is mentioned, some fans say it doesn’t matter because of the salary cap. Well, this year it will make a difference. There’s no minimum spending amount, and some owners (Bengals, Bills) will try to save money. Allen can outspend them.

  10. RDPoulsbo says:

    One thing we could be looking at here is JS going back to a Green Bay approach to free agency of just letting all the high end players get snapped up with big contracts, including Seahawk FAs while they wait for the 2nd week and go after more cost value targets. If so, we could be seeing both Red and Heater leaving town.

    The problem though is Seattle is way under the salary floor. They’re going to have to spend in FA so they don’t get fined.

  11. chuck_easton says:

    No salary floor in 2012. It doesn’t kick in until 2013.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    RD – That’s a possibility, but Carroll and Schneider each, have stated that their first priority is to keep their own guys. Of course that doesn’t mean that they’re willing to bid against themselves to do that. I’d be curious to know if there is a current deal on the table for each.

  13. hawkfan777 says:

    I am actually happy for Hawthorne. I hope he stays in Seattle but he has been a great story from the beginning and I am glad to see that he is getting recognition for his hard work. I remember just a couple years ago people were saying his success had been a fluke (or just because of the system he played in). The Hawks signed him for very little considering how well he had played while filling in while other guys had been out with injuries. It is good to see that he will get some money for his efforts. His story is the exact opposite of Aaron Currys story.

  14. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I could see and hope to see Hawthorne re-signing before tomorrow. Love Heater and his leadership and toughness.

  15. Just because we haven’t signed any of our remaining FA’s to be, doesn’t mean they haven’t talked or that there haven’t been offers.

    Lynch had his Pro Bowl weekend and waited almost a month to sign it.

    This group has been good about not leaking information and seemingly communicating with the players where they stand. I think most people can respect that. and hopefully will be willing to come back and give us a chance to match/beat offers.

    It will be interesting

  16. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Looks like Manning is paying an official visit to Tennessee. If he’s cut, I’d welcome Hasselbeck back with arms wide open!

  17. ChrisHolmes says:

    Hard to envision Manning going to Tennessee. Outside of Chris Johnson (if he returns to form) and it being his hometown team, I have a hard time believing Manning won’t be a Cardinal when this is all said and done.

    I just think the allure of throwing to Larry Fitzgerald is going to be too much for Peyton.

  18. piperfeltcher says:

    This is how I see the Hawks going about this offseason.

    -resign Red.Great against the run and good at blocking kicks, has family connections to Seattle so be surprised if he left.
    -sign J. Campbell. Provides depth and competition at QB. Good team guy, worked with Cable in Oakland.
    -sign Nicks. Best guard in football and would improve passing and running game. Paired with Okung to make a strong left side.
    -sign M. Bush. Provides depth behind Lynch. Big physical runner who is a upgrade as 3rd down back as has great hands.
    -sign C. Crowder. Making a comeback after a year off. Can play outside but more suited to the middle.

    1st M.Ingram- A pure pass rusher.Has short arms and small hands but decent strength and a knack for getting to the QB.
    2nd B.Thompson DT Clemson. Provides a good push up the middle while being able to anchor against the run. Would have liked a LB here but none were worth taking in this spot.
    3rd T. Lewis LB Okla.- Productive every year at Okla. a monster against the run. Going to be one of the steals of this draft plays a lot like Briggs of Chi.

    Ok so this is what I want to see happen hope Carroll is paying attention. LOL

  19. ChrisHolmes says:

    @piperfeltcher You’re joking right? TJack and Campbell as our QB’s?

    You do realize this is the NFL, right? You kind of need a QB to win games in this league.

    Unfortunately, I feel like that’s pretty much what’s going to happen. Seattle is going to be left with no other choices and thus end up with some other team’s cast-off QB and we’re going to be no better off next year than we are today.

    I like PC and JS a lot, and their work revamping every other position on this team has been great, but my gut feeling is they will be fired in a couple of years because of a massive failure to procure Seattle a quarterback capable of winning a championship.

  20. piperfeltcher says:

    TJack will be better this year. He got no offseason,played most the year with a serious injury, lost his entire starting O-line except for Unger, Played without his starting receivers most the year. That is a lot for anyone to overcome.
    I think he deserves a 2nd season to show what he can do his passer rating last year was better then Hasselbacks was in his last 2 years in Seattle and people still want to see him brought back.

  21. ChrisHolmes–Exactly how were Carrol and Schneider supposed to find a qb capable of winning a championship?! Exactly who should they have targeted? While Dalton had a good rookie year, the jury is still out on whether or not he’s that kind of qb.

    The only thing Im mad at them for is the continued sloppy play on both sides of the ball–the lack of discipline evidenced in repeated stupid penalties. Now THAT could get them fired, if they dont clean it up. (well, that and dumping Hass which sucked and did not make us better)

    And the Carpenter pick was flat stupid. Cable blew that one. I still think the guy has another year or two to show us he was worth the pick, so Im not throwing him to the wolves just yet. But its hard to take the idea we chose him over Carimi.

    I understand thier logic in bringing in T-Joke, and in trying to build the line before chasing a high draft pick qb. And Im impatient too about getting a franchise qb. But its gonna take another year before that happens–at least, since Tannehill aint the guy and will probably be gone by pick 12 anyhow, Flynn has shown nothing to make anyone think he’s gonna be an elite qb and he will cost too much anyway.

    Bottom line: they arent going to get fired for not finding a franchise qb, they have at least two more years as long as our team improves.

  22. FleaFlicker says:

    Piper – good point about T Jack…maybe we’re all a bit too harsh on the guy considering the points you’ve raised. Let’s hope so. But from what I’ve seen, I ain’t counting on it.

  23. piperfeltcher says:

    Hasselback did not look very good his 1st year in Seattle either but they stuck with him and let him develop. TJack really struggled in his 2 minute offence and it did cost us a couple of games and he has to get rid of the ball a little quicker but if he improves those 2 things I think the Hawks are in the playoffs. I also admire the fact that when he got hurt he did not quit and went out and toughed it out. There were times last year where you could see that he was in a lot of pain but he kept fighting. If he had quit I think last year would have been awful as Whitehurst looked lost.

  24. Jackson played in what I would guess, is more or less the exact same system, with his number one receiver from the get go, the lack of off season did not hurt him, or at least it shouldn’t have. I don’t think he will improve dramatically, and best case he can get us to the Playoffs, but not deep into it. About Carpenter you really need to have some patience, not every player is going to be great off the bat, some simply need time, I’d rather have Dalton right now, just as I’d rather have picked him back then, but what use it there looking back like that? The future is exciting no matter what happens, we shouldn’t dwell in the past at times like this, when we actually have a team to be somewhat excited about, for the first time in a while.

  25. FleaFlicker says:

    Chargers must have been doing backflips when they got a draft pick for Charlie. Nobody can be 100% successful in bringing in new talent, but that one definitely didn’t pan out for JS/PC.

  26. piperfeltcher says:

    I think the lack of a offseason hurts any young QB. He was not given a chance to work with his receivers and gain trust and timing. After working with a WR for a while you no longer have to wait to see what he is going to do or guess what he is going to do, you know what he is going to do and can throw the ball on instinct. Playing together as a group is important.

  27. piperfeltcher says:

    Ya it looked like Whitehurst had regressed in his 2nd season in Seattle.

  28. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Hasselback did not look very good his 1st year in Seattle either but they stuck with him and let him develop.”

    Not even a valid comparison.

    Jackson already had four years in Minnesota with a lot more starts, with more talented position players, a better OL and a better team, overall. And he STUNK. Hasselbeck came into Seattle looking good in a few preseason games. Not the same thing as four years of playing.

    I mean, are people just losing their memory facilities totally now and ignoring everything TJack did pre-Seahawks uniform?

    This is why guys like me and BobbyK were down on TJack before he played a down for Seattle – because he’s already played a TON and SUCKED.

    I mean, are you NOT watching? He’s slow to mentally process the defense. He’s very, VERY slow to make a decision. He’s NOT accurate. He lacks anticipation and he lacks pocket awareness. And he’s not nearly as mobile as people thought he was, so he doesn’t even have that ability to fall back on.

    The guy is NOT even a ‘decent’ quarterback. Forget about being good. And forget about developing. He’s had his time. He is NOT going to get better! Not with his skill set (or better yet, lack thereof)

    Hasselbeck at least had the proper skills coming into Seattle. Smart. Quick information processor, quick decision maker. Accurate. Had a weak throwing arm, but wasn’t ask to make the 7-step drop and float bombs deep down field; was asked to play in a West Coast timing offense. Quick decisions, anticipate throwing windows, make accurate throws. Matt’s hardest part in the first two years was learning the offense and sticking to Holmgren’s design (one of the bad influences of playing behind Favre for too long was that Matt tried to improvise like Favre too often in those early games and we all saw the horrific results). Once Matt learned and accepted what Holmgren wanted the offense to do – once he trusted his coach and playcaller – we all saw what happened. He led us to a Superbowl.

    TJack doesn’t have Matt’s skill set and never will. So it’s not a fair comparison at all. It’s not accurate.

    “ChrisHolmes–Exactly how were Carrol and Schneider supposed to find a qb capable of winning a championship?!”

    Draft or Trade or acquire in FA. I mean, sorry for the smart-aleck answer, but that’s it.

    At the MINIMUM: have a PLAN for the future of the position. It’s only the MOST IMPORTANT position in sports. Have a freaking plan!

    TJack is NOT a plan.

    I can’t believe anyone here would think that the addition of TJack last offeason was anything but an “oh-crap” plan. It was PC and JS getting caught with their pants down because they couldn’t get anyone in FA and the young QB’s available all got drafted way earlier than anyone thought (except for the best prospect, more on that further down).

    PC and JS were NOT prepared to acquire a QB. They didn’t prioritize it enough. And when they music stopped, guess who was still standing up? Yep, Seattle. And TJack was the “oh crap, we don’t have a QB” plan.

    So far, what I’m seeing from PC and JS is they are doing GREAT with 50 guys on the roster. They are sucking at the other three. And what concerns me is that they don’t seem to VALUE the Quarterback position APPROPRIATELY.

    As for last year – I know my name doesn’t have the sticking power of Duke or BobbyK on this board (I just don’t post as much as they do) but I thought (and wrote often) that Mallet was the best QB in the draft. The character issues were absurd.

    All you had to do was put tape of the kid on and you saw a monster QB in the making. Super strong arm. Accurate. Fearless about throwing the ball into tight, NFL type windows. He was Tom-Brady-slow running at the combine, but watch his tape again: the kid keeps his eyes down field and, just like Brady, he sidesteps pressure and delivers the football with defenders in his face.

    He ran a pro style office at Arkansas. Knew how to read defense and how to deal with an offense than gave him multiple receiving options on every play. He wasn’t limited to reading half the field like a lot of college offenses. None of this spread-offense, fake-the-handoff, read a DE, throw to only half the field crap. No way. Mallet ran a real offense in a college game and was really good at it.

    And he’s a nut about being the best and working hard at his craft (remind you of anyone?).

    And Seattle passed on him.


    Now, sure, we don’t know what Mallet might be. That’s the problem with every draft pick. He’s a Patriot now and sure looked good in pre-season, but we all know to take that with a grain of salt. But still – at least Mallet would have been a PLAN for Seattle. And a clear plan. It would have been the franchise saying that they had a clear way forward for the next few years. We could live or die with this kid. But at least we’d KNOW without a doubt: this is our franchise.

    I mean, any player you draft, you are drafting him based on his tool set and his potential. Mallet had the best tool set of any QB last year except maybe Newton, and his potential sure looked good to me when I watched his film.

    I want the Seattle front office to take this position seriously. Not more Charlie Whitehursts. No more Tavaris Jacksons. Let’s either make a play for someone like Flynn, who might be the next Matt Hasselbeck, or lets settle on a kid we think can be a future star. But do something! Anything other than sitting on our butts watching all the other teams in the league at least ADDRESS their QB problems while we just pickup their cast off scraps.

    It’s driving me nuts. It’s like QB just isn’t a priority for PC and JS.

  29. piperfeltcher says:

    The way the Vikings handled TJack was a joke and yes I disregard it. His 3rd season he threw for 9 TD to 2 Int with a passer rating of 113.4 but was backseated in favour of Favre. He was never really given a chance to take over that team.
    Matt had more problems then just bad decision making in his 1st 2 years in Seattle I remember home games against Philly and Miami where he was lucky if he could take the snap and get back into his drop without falling down.
    I to liked Mallet and would have been alright with the Hawks drafting him but they did not. I also like Cousins as a development QB this year but he is not ready to start.

  30. piperfeltcher says:

    LOL so much for the Redskins having cap space to build around RG3.

    “The salary cap is projected to be $120.6 million in 2012, but the Cowboys will lose $10 million, while the Redskins will be docked $36 million in cap space, sources said.”

  31. SandpointHawk says:

    ChrisHolmes…nice rant…I agree with most of it…

  32. grizindabox says:

    Eric Winston would be a good addition. I think Hass would be a no.

  33. Not worried about QB. Nobody knows who’s going to be successful. We mocked Alex Smith last year. Last I looked he came back and beat the Saints and was a couple of muffed punts from the Super Bowl. Tom Brady was a 6th round draft choice. Montana a 3. There are too many factors. Even if he stunk with Minnesota (10 and 10, is that stinking?) TJack could still work out. Everybody thinks Flynn or Manning or somebody else is going to be IT. But guess what, we don’ t know. I have confidence in PC and JS. They’ve built an exciting team. I think it will be more exciting next year, whether or not we get “the quarterback of the future” (who we don’t know will pan out.)

    However, it’s nice to see how articulate everyone is about their point of view.

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