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Hill has marijuana possession charges dismissed

Post by Eric Williams on March 5, 2012 at 1:39 pm with 81 Comments »
March 5, 2012 1:39 pm

Leroy Hill

In a court hearing at Atlanta Municipal Court this morning, Seattle Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill had marijuana possession charges dropped, according to his attorney.

Hill was arrested early Saturday morning on February 25, after police dogs confirmed the smell of an illegal substance emanating from his apartment while performing random floor checks in the condominiums he resides in.

According to the report, officers investigated, confirmed the odor and obtained a search warrant. Upon entry, officers found partially-smoked suspected marijuana “blunts” in plain view, as well as marijuana residue.

Hill and his girlfriend were arrested and taken into custody for possession of marijuana (less than an ounce). The two were transported to the Atlanta City Detention Center, posted bond and were released later that day.

According to Hill’s attorney, Edward T. M. Garland of the Atlanta law firm Garland, Samuel & Loeb, marijuana possession charges on Hill and his girlfriend were dismissed on a motion by the prosecution.

Both Hill and his girlfriend submitted to a urine test immediately following their arrest, and both tests came back negative.

“This morning the charges against Leroy Hill Jr. were completely dismissed because he was innocent of having any knowledge that trace amounts of marijuana were in his apartment,” Garland said. “He took a urine test immediately following his arrest and it showed that he was negative for any drugs in his system, as did the young woman who was with him.

“Because he was innocent, the charges were dismissed.”

Garland also represented Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis when he was accused of murder in Georgia, getting the worst of those charges dismissed.

Garland also represented Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in his sexual assault case. Rape charges were not filed in that case because a judge ruled that it could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

With his latest issue resolved, Hill remains a possibility to return to Seattle in free agency to fill the team’s need at linebacker. Hill, 29, is coming off his most productive year in five seasons.

For the first time in his seven years in the league Hill, 29, played a full 16 games, finishing fourth on the team in tackles with 89, and second on the team with four sacks.

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  1. They found marijuana residue??? OMG!! Firing squad time. Sorry Hill.

  2. “Both Hill and his girlfriend submitted to a urine test immediately following their arrest, and both tests came back negative.”


    Anyway, good news for us and for him.

  3. am_misfit says:

    Good news. Hope we have Leroy back this season. He’s a savage.

  4. wabubba67 says:

    Note to self: If ever in trouble with the law while in Georgia, hire Garland as your attorney.

    I’m glad that the charges were dropped. God knows how many times I have possibly been guilty of the same offense while in my condo. A negative test result for the UA is pretty surprising though…marijuana stays in your system for about 30 days and I’m sure those blunts didn’t appear out of thin air.

    Regardless, smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em!

  5. Was it possible the “blunts” (is this what we used to call roaches, or something else?) and “residue” were planted? Was his less than an ounce in a baggy, or was it the blunts that counted as less than an ounce?

    Next smart move: Move out of that apartment complex, Leroy!

  6. chuck_easton says:

    Just a thought, has Hill made any recent purchases from the Whizinator company?

    Wabubba is correct THG stays in the blood system for 30+ days. Hair folicle tests can detect it up to 2 months post usage.

    Either the police REALLY missed regarding where the smell was coming from, or there just might be something else going on here. Not that I would ever bring the Race issue into things, but we are talking deep south here.

  7. WOw, Georgia is F’d up. Random k9 siffers @ private condos? is that even legal?

  8. SandpointHawk says:

    LOL Snappa, yeah a roach is how I’m reading it, also maybe only sticks and seeds. A Blunt is a cigar size joint smoked in Jamaica…A big multi-paper mother of a buzz. However the terms have changed since back in my youth so what do I know….

  9. wabubba67 says:

    snappa–my understanding is that blunts are usually cheap cigar (Swisher Sweets) emptied of about half of it’s tobacco, with the remaining tobacco blended with marijuana. I don’t use them, but no others who have.

    Maybe we now know why Hill went with the shaved head look to possibly avoid a hair follicle test of THC in the future. Just kidding…kind of.

  10. Hey guys. I’m new here and all the way from Denmark! First I want to say thanks for this amazing blog, I’ve been reading it for years now and can’t get enough of all the Seahawks news everyday! :)

    About Hill; Well at some point this makes me smile a little. He played a good last season and looked “hungry” to show all the critics out there, that he still had what it takes to compete at this high level. I would really enjoy to see him back in Seattle this upcoming season, but not for any price.

    And about the price.. do you think he has “helped” himself by not being innocent in this matter? Could we still re-sign him for a multi year deal, without hurting our cap room too much, or would there be any serious offers from other teams do you think?

  11. jchawks08 says:

    LOL what a turn of events. Well Congrats Hill. If you’re reading this by chance, what urine cleanser do you use? Thx in advance.

  12. Greetings HawksDK –

    Cheers to you and the future confusion on this blog when we post differing opinions!

  13. wabubba67 says:

    HawksDK–How is life in Denmark? I’m a Norwegian-American, but have always loved the food and people of Denmark. The women there are incredibly beautiful and outgoing…even more than in either Norway or Sweden (hurts a little to admit that)!

  14. wabubba67 says:

    Bad typos with my earlier post:

    1.) “cigars” not cigar
    2.) “know” not no

    Good thing this is an article about marijuana use…now you know that I have credibility after my previous typing efforts.

  15. Palerydr says:

    I would think these blunts belonged to friends or has it been mentioned if he has a roomate? If so I think it might be time to get some new sycophants, er friends.

    No worries wabubba67 if the 67 is a BD then we went through some of the same good times mine were just 5 years earlier. Ah yes I remember the first joint came from some south of the border rag weed that gave me a headache, the ignorance of youth…

  16. HawkyHann says:

    Excited for Leroy to leave town. Hopefully this won’t change things.

  17. HarbaughsMother says:

    Amazing what an attorney with the right connections can do.

  18. Dude, a blunt is a swisher, black and mild, or whatever, completely emptied and then re-rolled with all weed, not mixed with tobacco, come on, that would just be nasty. I think all the posters diss’n on Hill need to come out say what’s up, there was some serious bad jokes and names goin around. Hill is a savage, re-sign his ass.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck is on the right track, IMO. This does not add up at all. They found pot in his aparent yet he tested negative. Random floor searches? No, something doesn’t add up. But I am very glad he tested negative.

  20. chrisj122 says:

    Green Bay is NOT going to Franchise Matt Flynn.
    Sign him and resign Hill!

  21. wabubba67 says:

    TruBlu–You probably have smarter associates than me. I tried what I described and thought it was nasty, too. Now, I just use my old reliable pipe (for tobacco only, of course).

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It’s not that Hill needs to get out of Georgia, he just needs to get out of Buckhead and/or Atlanta. There has been so much crime in that area in the last 26 years that the cops have a tendacy to overreact to things, ( especially if you are black and have money )! Any athlete that chooses to live or hang out around their are just asking for trouble.
    If hill wants to live in Georgia he’s better off living up north of Atlanta perhaps at st ives or country club of the south, where many professional athletes choose to live.
    Any further north then that you are getting into redneck country.

    Man I can tell you some story’s from the last 26 years of living down here!

  23. HawksDK: Welcome aboard! Glad you took the chance to put some of your thoughts down. Always good to have more voices and opinions on this blog.

    Yeah, it does seem fishy that Hill tested negative. Maybe it was just caprizzi salad…

  24. JazBadAzz says:

    There is a couple of posters that need to eat crow! Both need names start with a R

  25. Wabubba, Sandpoint, Trublu – thanks for the info… Now, can you explain what a cell phone is?


    I like Hill. Hope he was straight, just for the sake of living the straight life like he said he was. I don’t really care what these guys do, but when a guy “gets his life together” you kind of like him to keep it together. I’ve always liked him as a player. Not an ounce of bullshit. Just the hits where and when you want them. I hope we keep him on the team.

  26. JazBadAzz says:

    The entire situation sounded fishy…RESIGN HILL!

    Where is that dude that was talking mess about him living of the state?

  27. bird_spit says:

    I lived near buck head when I was down in Georgia. If he was a rich white boy, no issue. Wanna bet they didn’t know he was an athlete, and decided to hang that crap on him. He might want to consider suing them for slander. It better not be an issue with negotiations either. Sign Hill to a contract. We need him back. Besides, we should get him his medical Mary Jane card back here in the emerald city… It’s not warm like Ga, but you can smoke’em if you got em.

    I can’t wait till these guys are back in seattle. You can count on the coaches having fun with all of this.

  28. Dukeshire says:

    One of my big (many) questions is this: are the police under authority from the homeowner’s association or management company to conduct these “random, floor checks”? Because if not (and I’m skeptical they are) and were called by neighbors, as first reported, then where are the subsequent searches, and / or arrests? Moreover, that was the only unit that the dogs were able to detect marijuana? And “trace” amounts? No one elsein that entire complex has pot? Bullshit. If he and his girlfriend were really burning blunts, how’d they test negative? Didn’t sound like anyone else was in the apartment. Very odd… Really good use of taxpayer dollars and law enforcement time.

  29. oscar_contender says:

    Carroll mentioned getting “faster” at the will position, so reading between the lines, I see Hill walking and us drafting that position. As getting faster while having Smith on the roster (4.4 in the 40) also tells me they are not sold on him to start. My 2 cents is getting Levonte David in the 2nd Round.
    Hill must have some friends that smoke, it doesn’t mean HE does. If this is all true, it is a mature step in the right direction for Leroy. Good for you, and good luck with your next contract, go hawks!

  30. Dukeshire says:

    Actually, Carroll noted getting faster at LB in general, not specifically at Will. And Smith battled injuries most of last season, so it may be a bit premature to know if they’re “sold” on him or not. That said, I totally agree they invest a pick into the unit. And likely someone versatile, like Wright, who can play multiple positions.

  31. CDN_C_Hawk says:

    Back in the Day, he(’54) says with a cantankerous growl, they only sold, “roach clips”,not “blunt clips”, a joint , rolled with herb and tobacco, was a ” spliff “, Each generation, likes to hang their own terms and spin on things. Guess the Law books do also.
    On the field, Hill plays smart, and is worth keeping, IMO.

    Welcome to the Danish 12th (HawksDK)..I think you meant, “not guilty” instead of “not innocent” . Having past law issues, teams would more than likely shy away from a guy with a new charge, but now, he could draw interest.

  32. oscar_contender says:

    Thanks for the clear up Duke, I assume a lot, and with them giving the Heater an offer, albeit low, it pushed me in a direction that they were more thinking will. I thought he said will, but I suppose I should have some proof first before opening my mouth. In regard to Smith, perhaps they see him as back up/special teams. I like Levonte David because he is so versatile and could play mike in our system as he was the only LB on the field in dime packages at Neb.

  33. Dukeshire says:

    And you may very well be right. Carroll does like his weak-side ‘backers to have the range to play sideline to sideline, which Hill cannot. But when he said “… get faster at LB.” the only player I thought was safe is Wright. Neither Heater nor Hill are exactly speed merchants.

  34. Hill was the first person I thought of too.

  35. oscar_contender says:

    Yes Duke, when I hear faster I hear younger too. Both those LB’s were not brought in from this front office. And they only offered them 1 year deals last year. I feel that Hill and Heater earned a nice deal, just not from the Hawks (John Clayton said that they low balled Heater with a contract for what it’s worth). Build through the draft, younger, faster, and comPETE forever winning.

  36. oscar_contender says:

    What do you think of Levonte David in the 2nd round?

  37. If we haven’t signed a pass rusher or quarterback in free agency, I don’t think we should be thinking about any other position, besides those, in the first couple of rounds.

  38. oscar_contender says:

    True Bobby K, true. Although I would prefer waiting til the 3rd and getting Cousins. But he is going to rise come draft day. Pass rush in the 1st would be ideal (DE or DT) I think Super Mario would look nice in a Hawk uniform as well. Would the free agency hurry up so we can get a better picture! Love the beast re sign and the excitement of the offseason. NFL is by far the best offseason in sports.

  39. Yeah. I just want free agency to get here so we get a better picture of what 2012 is going to look like.

  40. Dukeshire says:

    My initial impressions of David were that he looks small (although he weighed in heavier than I would have guessed, at the combine) and is a bit slow, honestly. He’s a tackling machine, no question. Bobby’s the Nebraska expert here, but I can’t say I was blown away by him.

  41. Dukeshire says:

    For me, a guy who is a bit is a project, but would be worth a 4th (maybe a 3rd even) is Nigel Bradham from FSU. From my eyes, he fits more of what Carroll would seem to want. A little bigger, a little faster, a littler stronger, but raw, as it were.

  42. RainDawg says:

    Please, no Manning. That neck won’t hold up.
    Get a second round QB and give TJack a chance.

  43. jarred767 says:

    I will second the comments on free agency getting here. I really hope that the front office is able to address at least one if those two positions (QB and pass rusher) in free agency so that it gives us some more flexibility in the draft.

    Sometimes I actually think the offseason is more entertaining than the regular season, especially with how active we’ve been the last two years. This year could be very interesting to see how we fill in the relatively few holes compared to previous years.

  44. jarred767 says:

    Do we want/need a project QB? Isn’t that what Portis is? And he fills that mold almost exactly – big, fast, strong, and raw. It will be fun to watch his progress with a full offseason to work on stuff with our coaches.

  45. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Once we sign Mario and Flynn, then we can draft Decastro in the 1st, Stephen Hill in the 2nd , Nick Foles in the 3rd, Shea McClelin in the 4th, and T.Y Hilton in the 5th.

  46. Don’t think McClelin will be around for the 4th round. Might be though

  47. Palerydr says:

    I know who I want them to sign all that remains is wait and see who it is the Hawks decide to sign. The first couple of days should bring some big name signatures. Really looking forward to actual FA.

  48. oscar_contender says:

    Thank you Duke and Bobby for your input. I think we can all agree that LB will be “faster” next year. I know that Levonte David has the coverage skills that our front office covets at the will too.(thought I would throw that in ;) ) Duke, you may be right with them looking for bigger LB’s ala KJ Wright. If Bobby is a Neb expert, it would b nice to hear his take on David. Bobby?

  49. wabubba67 – Haha yes indeed, the girls over here is quite amazing and beautiful! Well the weather is almost the same as yours (Seattle). Between 0 at night to 10-13 degrees at day. Still too cold for me though :) How long have you been in Seattle if I may ask? I’ve been a fan of Seahawks since 2000, all because of some random youtube video with Shaun Alexander at Alabama, and then I watched a few games online with Seahawks and I felt in love. I use gamepass at every season and I’ve been at Qwest Field two times earlier and will be heading over there again this season to watch a game in september :)

    Dukeshire – I’m with you on Nigel Bradham. He seems to have the toughness and speed that Carroll is looking for at that position. We might even be lucky enough to get him in the third round, although I personally believe that he will be off the board in the middle/end of the second. Big guy, makes alot of tackles and uses his body good to run over people. Talented guy indeed.

  50. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Top 5- 2nd round wish list-

    1- Stephen Hill- WR.

    2- Kendall Reyes-DT.

    3- Mohamed Sanu-WR.

    4- Ryan Tannehill-QB- Move up.

    5- Kirk Cousins-QB- Move down.

  51. JazBadAzz says:

    FEB. 27, 2012 AT 6:49 PM

    At this point LH is pretty much out of a job and 7.3 years from now he’ll be bankrupt. At that point he’ll be on welfare and the rest of us will be paying for his upkeep. The guy earns 8-10 million in his career and we’re going to support him for 40 or 50 years on welfare.

    This is exactly the sort of thing that makes me cheer for the uniform and hate the individual that wears the uniform. It looks to me like Leroy Hill is one of the poster children for stupid, entitled athletes that just doesn’t understand how the real world works.

    If it turns out the story is all wrong and LH is an innocent victim I’ll crawl on my hands and knees to apologies to him and his supporters, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

    Pay Up!!!

  52. Terrific. I hate to see a guy’s job being taken away because of a couple of roaches in his ash tray.

    Note to Hill: Buy a house, for chrissakes! I think you can afford it by now.

  53. JazBadAzz says:

    I seriously believe we can get DT Worthy in the 2nd rd…that would be a steal! I love the depth od DL in this draft, what perfect timing!

  54. Dukeshire says:

    Jaz- ouch… Lol

  55. Nice call Jaz, where is that raymaines fool now, dude probably changed his(?) username. Back to actual football, after QB and DE/or a crazy OLB, I do think the Hawks are in need of another go to WR. If Rice can stay healthy, then all is good, but if he goes down again, we need someone to fill in his shoes and if he stays healthy, than we got another bad ass on the otherside and they D can’t blanket both, especially if we can start getting Miller involved, but then again, we would need a QB that could get the right guy the ball, not just Sidney every time.

  56. Palerydr says:

    raymaines make sure you post your apology on you tube that oughta get you 15 mns of fame…. LOL

  57. ryanryan says:

    @jaz – ‘There is a couple of posters that need to eat crow! Both need names start with a R’

    …i can only assume the other (than raymaines…WOW) is me…however, please note that all i did was post what I knew to have happened…and showed Eric enough proof (offline) for him to investigate. i stand by my actions – i would have wanted any of you to do the same – this IS an insider’s blog correct? i see it as no different than during the lockout reporting about the different atheletes who were working out at my club and what they were doing/saying…again, all information that i would have loved to hear from anyone else in my position. by the way i saw hines ward last week, hood over his head briskly walking through the lobby after a workout…i resisted the urge to mockingly lament to him the eminent woes of his outright release from the steelers – i do have a job to keep.

    im thrilled that hill’s case was dismissed, i want him to be a seahawk, he deserves a contract from somebody due to his resurgence last year.

    and now the rest of the story, as told to me: “hill’s neighbors have complained many times about the odor…they called the Property Manager that night and she called the police, they brought the dogs in (i would guess to solidify the case/search?) and the rest is history.”

    random, it was not…i was told at the time that it was. i believed it, due to the fact that there was another tenant arrested a few weeks ago for a prescription pill sting and foolishly thought it logical and/or legal.

    I do know that he is drug tested about every 5 days (i believe that is league wide – maybe eric can clarify), what that test entails or all that it checks for is not something that I know. perhaps that is why he passed the drug test, maybe his gf doesn’t smoke or even NEITHER one smoke…all that really matters is that in the eyes of the law they are both innocent, hopefully the hawks and goodell feel the same for his sake.

  58. ChrisHolmes says:

    This just in: Flynn is a FA…

  59. Dukeshire says:

    ryanryan – Yeah, I don’t recall you doing anything other than note the story. And there were far more posters than just “the 2 Rs” who got on Hill pretty good. But raymaimes… Lol. I hope he ownes up to it.

  60. JazBadAzz says:

    I can’t understand why people fell good at the expense of others, and in a lot of cases its all speculation. Some things that were said was overly harsh and crossed the line. Name calling and defaming a person is childish and uncalled for!

    Using your job to spy on athletes and reporting it to the web is creepy and unprofessional. Your the type of guy that makes it harder for us genuine fans to interact with them if we met them. However I don’t make the rules so do whatever floats your boat!

  61. JazBadAzz says:

    I remembered the “2 r’s” because they were pretty adamant about how they felt about hill. hawkfaninoklahoma was another one I believe criticized hill pretty hard as well.

  62. Sarcasticus says:

    I wonder how much this will affect his negotiations for a new contract. I would imagine a good bit. Although the charges were dropped, teams can still see the pattern here. Where there is smoke, there is fire (I couldn’t resist).

    I wouldn’t mind the Seahawks picking him back up. I would imagine his cap hit would be pretty friendly with his lowered bargaining power (if my guess is true).

    I think getting Hill back and maybe drafting a guy like Kuechly for the middle would be quite nice. Pick up Mario Williams in FA and a guy like Alabama’s Chapman later in the draft, and this defense will really be moving towards something special.

  63. Re: Levonte David

    I loved him in college. He’s not going to be successful in all defenses in the NFL, IMO, but his best chance is as a WILL in the Tampa-2. I just don’t know if he’s big enough. He and Terrell Farley (who was also a juco transfer) were two of the best LBs I have ever seen at Nebraska. Even though he and Farley had different games, Farley didn’t make it because of his size, or lack thereof and that’s what worries me about using a high pick on David. I thought he would time a bit better at the combine, but one nice thing with him is that even though he’s got good speed, he plays faster on the field. He also has the heart and desire that Farley didn’t have as much of either. Since I really like the potential of Smith and know that we need a QB and pass rusher badly, I haven’t really cared to focus or worry about anything else. David seems to be a luxary in comparison to QB/DE with respect to an early pick. The only worry about David is the size though. He’s definitely got the heart and passion. I also love sure tacklers and he’s one of those guys, too. At least he was in college. Guys are bigger and faster in the NFL and that’s part of the reason his size worries me a little bit more, as his frame really can’t get too much bigger.

  64. RDPoulsbo says:

    I think you’re right Sarcasticus. He’s also not out of the woods yet in the eyes of the NFL. It doesn’t take a conviction to trigger a suspension. Just ask Pacman Jones. He’ll certainly avoid an automatic 4 game suspension at the very least. The DV arrest was bogus, but it still paints a pattern of poor judgment that has led to 3 separate arrests. As I tell a friend of mine who can’t seem to get it though his head, the first thing to improving his life is not to get arrested. That’s really not a high bar to clear.

    The circumstances should make him affordable and the risk of a long suspension are minimal, so I wouldn’t mind if the Hawks signed him on the cheap. Still, to me, this is an issue of responsibility. He should know very well what is expected of him from the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy. He doesn’t have to play football for a living, but if that’s what he wants to do, then he has to follow the rules that go along with it.

  65. “At this point LH is pretty much out of a job and 7.3 years from now he’ll be bankrupt.”

    Shoots, 7.3 years from now we might all be bankrupt. I’m all for giving him another 1 or 2 year deal near what he got last year just to keep him off the street.

  66. mojjonation says:

    While it may not be LH’s weed, it is his house. Possession being 9/10 of the law, it’s his. This guy is Seattle’s poster child for bad decisions or stupididty. The only reason they offer up a whiz quiz so quick is because they know they won’t pop positive. Whether he smoked it or not, that guy needs to move out. I don’t know who said he should buy a house since he has enough money, but I am right there with you. If the only thing he is guilty of is repeated stupidity, then he doens’t fit the mold of the players that PC and JS want.

  67. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think most of us jumped the gun on Hill to some degree ( some were extreme with it). He has been in trouble before a couple of times so I see how easy it can be to assume he would be in trouble by the law again.

    Just like what raymaines said- “entitled athletes that just don’t know how the real world works”, can be applied to fans too. Sometimes fans don’t no how the real world works, ( like due process and/or innocent till proven guilty). Especially in this case with raymaines.

  68. Man, it’s like Lord of the Flies this morning! GET PIGGY!

    If we all came back and showed contrition every time we were wrong about something, this blog would be filled with apologies instead of football talk. Let it go. Who cares.

    Matt Flynn…I’d be happy with him in a ‘Hawks uniform. Still think he will sign with Miami. What about this Manning guy? :P

  69. Glad you asked…

  70. NisquallyHawk says:

    Thank you JazBadAzz, for the “raymaines” Pay Up Post!

    From the initial report of the LH incident to it’s dismal, there is still a great deal which does not square up correctly. From a sideways looking view of the LH incident, I am still wondering were the “evidence went to” regardless of the negative UA, or whom was the “neighbor” whom called the police be cause the odor of pot, lingered in the vicinity of LH door, oh that’s right the dogs lead them to LH door, sure the K-9 did and as his handler waved a VitaBone treat in front of his K-9 partner directly LH door. It is getting easier and easier to tarnish a person, before they have an opportunity to their Due Course of Justice. Alway question what has been reported, never give it complete value, allow those whom have to right to Justice, be given their day. Never let the tail wag you! Oh and Raymaines get on all fours and start wagging!

  71. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Jazz, yes i was hard on hill and reguardless of wether or not he got off. there was trace amounts of pot in his apartment which still makes him a dumb ass. lets face it someone was there smoking it which once again in his situation is stupid. with his past and a confirmed arrest i don’t think anyone over reacted.more importantly who made you the blog police? i don’t owe hill an apology, if he had not let someone smoke pot more than once in his condo and then let them leave the roaches on the table none of this would have happened.

    he is a idiot he just coast himself most likely a couple of million in a contract.

  72. chuck_easton says:

    As I said before, legal/illegal, not the issue. Problem is somebody was smoking to the point a neighbor (could be a Gladys Kravitz type neighbor from the old Bewitched series…wow I’m old) called the manager who called the police.

    Everything flowed from that.

    If Hill wants to smoke or have friends over that smoke then get a home where the smell doesn’t go wafting into the neighbors personal space. That is the mistake Hill made and the reason we are all here talking about it.

  73. ryanryan says:

    @jazz, “Using your job to spy on athletes and reporting it to the web is creepy and unprofessional. Your the type of guy that makes it harder for us genuine fans to interact with them if we met them. However I don’t make the rules so do whatever floats your boat!”

    okay – so you could call what I did in this instance unprofessional, and believe me, i have thought about this since it happened. however, I gained absolutely nothing, and my intent with having some close contact with some athletes has only been to add something to this blog that maybe wouldn’t be added any other way…no harm no foul. back during the lockout, there were NO complaints when i gave little tidbits of what was happening around here, and it went largely ignored and hardly provided fuel for fodder…a few guys seemed interested. I have no desire to look back to those posts to see if you made any comments about it or even read what was posted…there were no complaints, this much I remember. of course, this was a different beast, and my thought was that this would have been reported by the AP no matter what i did or didn’t do…i was probably one of the first 25-50 people to know about what had happened, so I shared it with the blog first, then gave a lead to eric so that it could be proven and reported officially, i threw him a bone for all of the hard work he does for us. I GAINED NOTHING, NOR ASKED FOR ANYTHING IN RETURN. I spoke with Leroy as well, he told me last week that it was going to be dropped and he wasn’t worried about it…i didn’t mention any of that to the blog because that was spoken in (my perceived) confidence…the rest of the things that I have posted were VERY PUBLIC…8 cop cars with sirens and lights in Buckhead is the definition of a public event. hell – even back when i reported about the players working out, they were putting on a show with their antics in the weight room and I didn’t feel like I broke anybody’s confidence. i certainly didn’t trash hill, call him names or defame his character in any way…nor did i say that i felt anything bad about him, perhaps his decisions, but not him personally.

    I find the timing of your moral high road a little suspect, should this post have been the first and only thing out of your mouth on the subject it would have received my respect. so as far as i am concerned, you can take all of the ‘you’re the type of guy’ BS and do with it whatever you’d like…this blog is about what’s happening with the seahawks – good or bad and IS the place to talk about it. there were a few TOH comments made, so there must be some desire for any new tidbits about the club and it’s players. you’re welcome to skip over my posts if you’d like, it won’t hurt my feelings any ;)

  74. Palerydr says:

    Ryranryan very well written and thoughtful response nicely done. I read your comments about football players and how they worked out which is why I took Calvin Johnson in the first round of my fantasy draft. Keep up the good reporting I like it just fine!

  75. footballscaa says:

    Good to see this thread has become the fantical pulpit of the Seattle faithful. Rave on ravers. Anyway, it’s good to know Leroy can put his legal issues behind him and get back to squeezing the Hawks for more money.

  76. oscar_contender says:

    Thank you Bobby K on the Levonte David “scouting report” :) Everything I hear/see is that he will be an impact player. Let’s get Flynn or Super Mario in so we can have such a luxury, go Hawks!

  77. JazBadAzz says:

    ryanryan- I did not see any of your posts over the lockout period. I’m not saying what you do/did was any indication of you but creepy…deal with it! Im glad we agree that you are unprofessional. Either way you look at it there are points to be made so keep chumming it up and pecking around corners at athletes and blog about until your heart content buddy! Have a nice day! :D

  78. JazBadAzz says:


  79. Put Edward T M Garland on the Defense. Good safety!!!

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