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Leroy Hill arrested again for marijuana possession

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 27, 2012 at 1:57 pm with 126 Comments »
February 27, 2012 1:57 pm
Leroy Hill

Seattle Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill once again is ensnared in legal trouble.

According to a report provided by the Atlanta Police department, Hill was arrested for marijuana possession early Saturday morning after police dogs confirmed the smell of an illegal substance emanating from his apartment while performing random floor checks.

According to the incident report, officers received a complaint of a strong odor of marijuana coming from the 17th floor of an apartment unit at 10 Terminus Place Condominiums around 1 a.m.

Per the report, officers investigated, confirmed the odor and obtained a search warrant. Upon entry, officers found partially-smoked suspected marijuana “blunts” in plain view, as well as marijuana residue.

According to the report, Hill and his girlfriend were arrested and taken into custody for possession of marijuana (less than an ounce). The two were transported to the Atlanta City Detention Center.

I have not confirmed whether or not Hill posted bond or was released as of today.

The arrest is the latest off-the-field incident for the veteran linebacker, who’s been arrested three times in the past three years. Hill received a sentence of 12 months probation for misdemeanor drug possession for a Jan. 24, 2009 incident in which he was found asleep at the wheel by police in suburban Atlanta with marijuana in his car

Hill also was arrested in April 2010 at his home in Issaquah on a misdemeanor count of fourth degree assault/domestic violence for an incident involving his live-in girlfriend at the time.

Hill avoided trial and a settlement was reached in the domestic dispute, with charges dismissed if he complied with stipulations handed down by the Issaquah Municipal Court.

Hill was suspended for the first game this 2010 season for violating the NFL’s drug policy in regards to the marijuana charge in Georgia in 2009.

Later that season he was suspended two game checks for violating the league personal conduct policy for the domestic abuse charge. Hill was on the season-ending injured reserve list at the time with an Achilles tendon injury that required surgery.

With this latest incident, depending on disciplinary actions negotiated in the latest CBA, Hill could be looking at a minimum of a four-game suspension for the upcoming season as a repeat offender.

That’s not good news for Hill, a soon-to-be free agent coming off his best season in five years. For the first time in his seven years in the league Hill, 29, played a full 16 games, finishing fourth on the team in tackles with 89, and second on the team with four sacks.

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  1. RDPoulsbo says:

    Well, it looks like there’s 1 more LB they need to look for this offseason.

  2. yakimahawk says:

    Looks like we are going linebacker with rush capabilities in 1st round…When will people learn!?!

  3. Seahawkfan78 says:

    Is Hill still under probation from his last drug incident???

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    At least he learned to stay home this time and smoke it!

    It sucks sometimes living in the southeast. You can have drunk neighbors making all kinds of noise throughout the night and the cops won’t do much about it, however if those same neighbors are peacefully smoking a joint they are right on their A$$ ready to lock them up.

    Hell it was just a few weeks ago that I could start buying beer on Sundays, so now I make sure to buy it just on Sundays! It pi$$es off the religious fanatics! Lol.

  5. This sucks – very petty charge- it’s the off-season, he’s in his own home, not behind the wheel of a car, or in public, doesn’t sound like he was bothering anybody.

    I know he’s on probation and should be smarter/more careful, but I can understand why he didn’t feel like he was taking a big risk doing what he did inside his own residence. I hope it doesn’t cost him his job, he had a very solid season for us.

  6. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Unbelievable…okay, maybe not. I had high hopes for Hill to turn it around after a great 2011 season. Damn…

  7. I have no sympathy for Hill, he is on probation for a prior drug offense plus his domestic abuse charge. Players need to realize the consequences of their actions. He will probably get a 4 game suspension and not be picked back up by the Hawks and there could be a good chance other teams may see Hill as too much of a headache to sign.

  8. JazBadAzz says:

    Hopefully Leroy gets some help for his addiction. I don’t know what the circumstances were but he has to much at risk to jeopardize his career and freedom. this is more sad than anything.

    Police doing drug sweeps with police dogs??? Something sounds weird about this. Somebody must have called the police on him on purpose…I mean 17th floor and they bust a guy for less than an once of weed????

    Legalize weed! People should have the right to smoke in their own home. The man isn’t selling drugs or commiting felonies!

  9. PolarBear53 says:


  10. chuck_easton says:


    He was smoking in his own ‘home’. Except his home is a condo unit in a building with other tenants. It’s just like when somebody smokes cigarettes in an apartment building. They always get mad when somebody in the building complains about the smell or the smoke coming through the walls.

    There’s no such thing as a peeing and no peeing section of a pool and there is no such thing as a smoking and no smoking section to an apartment building.

    I’m sure his neighbors didn’t appreciate the smell or the second hand smoke.

    If the smell and smoke were truly confined to his apartment no problem.

  11. ryanryan says:

    the thing is that EVERYBODY (tenants I mean) knew they were doing ‘random’ floor sweeps because there have been so many complaints by other tenants, the HOA HIRED THE APD. this is the second bust in 2 months…one was a prescription pill deal where there were thousands upon thousands of pills confiscated from a doctor, and now this…he and abrayo (sp) franklin live there and hang out all the time, AF better watch his butt. there was a strong odor, the police brought the dog in to pinpoint the condo where it was coming from…YES THAT STRONG OF AN ODOR IN THE HALLWAY. From what I was told, they got the key to his place and just walked right in on him and the girl.

    i think its really lame you can’t do it in your own home, but at the same time there is such a thing as discretion (especially when you live on top and directly below others) and it was not being used…guess he doesn’t read the minutes of the HOA meetings.

    I would bet that he is no longer on probation for his other stuff, usually those things only last a year…but the nfl will most likely come down on him pretty hard. I wonder if we would sign him again, he would come on the cheap…GM’s have to know that a TON of players do it.

    I feel bad about sort of blowing the whistle…but it was bound to come out sooner or later and I figured why not let eric break it up there in seattle, he is very good to us.

  12. Patches_Pal says:

    We don’t need this. He is a free agent so just cut him lose and move on with someone who has a head on their shoulders.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t want to get into a whole political discussion here, but the fact he was in his home, and the police were able to obtain a search warrant… If I were his defense attorney, I’d be fighting this as a 4th amendment issue. This probation on marijuana simply needs to end.

    That said, Hill did Seattle a favor, of sorts. It becomes a far easier decision as to who to re-sign: Hill or Hawthorne. Now they can focus on a weak sore ‘backer, that can also get to the QB. M Smith already here and perhaps Ingram now has become of even more interest.

    Also, tip-o-the-hat to ryanryan for first reporting this.

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Didn’t Hill get busted last time just before he was about to sign a big contract?
    Now the Seahawks can resign him for cheap!

  15. Palerydr says:

    Heck guys look at the bright side we can resign him at a discount then just get him a medical marijuana card. This is the perfect state for him to play in. :)

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Prohibition, that is.

    I too live in a non smoking apartment building. I’m also on the neighborhood watch committee, and some time back during one of out meetings, the officer in attendance said they would NOT respond to a complaint of smoking. That it was an issue for the management company to address. I’m not sure what went on in Hill’s building, but the cops brought dogs? Feels like there’s a lot more to this story.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. That’s funny. He did get busted after his contrac expired, last time. His timing is impeccable.

  18. SandpointHawk says:

    Hill made $685K last year, had his best season in years and is a free agent. Damn can’t you put off the weed for a few years until your career is over. What a waste of talent….

  19. nidhighe says:

    I still say re-sign Hill.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Mabey that’s the only way Hill can control himself from committing domestic violence on his girlfriend, ( which happened after he got busted for pot the first time.)

    I prefer just to go in my man cave to escape from my girlfriend.

  21. Damn, Hill, should of moved up to Seatown homie, you can walk around and do that shit and nobody cares. Anyways, for real, I’m sure he’s not living in a normal small ass apartment, I’m assuming there’s some serious square footage going on and it’s hard for me to beleive neighbors, especially below or above him could smell it. I bet he got profiled, that’s ridiculous. I mean we are talking about weed right, not meth or oxys. I actually feel bad for him, that’s messed up.

  22. Re-sign him anyways, weed, that’s laughable to me.

  23. SandpointHawk says:

    My son-in-law got a medical weed card in Washington because he hit his thumb with a hammer…Hill should have stayed in SeaTown…..

  24. Dude the DV got dropped, the chick was known for pullin’ stuff on other athletes in the past. Also, hasn’t marijuana been scientifically proven to ease pain, oh yeah, what does Hill do for a living. I guess he could be popping a bunch of pills, ya know, since that’s legal and healthier for you. What a joke.

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    All football players should get medical weed cards.

  26. SandpointHawk says:

    Hey Eric: great job. Google is linking to you as first source. RyanRyan gets a TOH also…

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Weed may ease the pain or help keep you from causing pain to others, however I never heard that it makes one smart. Poor Leroy.

  28. With the emphasis on getting faster at LB this off-season, I really didn’t expect Hill back anyways unless it was a very cheap type of deal. Just because he had a good year doesn’t mask the fact that he’s never been an ironman and has been one of the more injury prone players that we’ve had. I feel bad for him to a degree but I’m ready to move onto someone “faster,” as Mr. Happy would say.

  29. “Pdway,
    He was smoking in his own ‘home’. Except his home is a condo unit in a building with other tenants. It’s just like when somebody smokes cigarettes in an apartment building. They always get mad when somebody in the building complains about the smell or the smoke coming through the walls.”

    I could see that if he was smoking out on the porch or something, but does it really go through the walls if you’re smoking inside? I don’t know, maybe you’re right.

    “Feels like there’s a lot more to this story.”

    Right, that’s kind of what I’m thinking too – and if there is, then my sympathy is much less.

  30. A lot of good points made by posters with various views. Seems to me like there were some cops with a quota to fill, targeting him. It’s in his house. I see and agree with the point about peeing in the pool, but maybe his neighbors could have talked to him before calling the cops. Maybe they did. I don’t care. I like Leroy. Sign him and cut him when he stops making tackles.

  31. Soggybuc says:

    That seems to be an awful lot of police resources and effort to for a misdemeanor charge. you don’t cops waking up judges in the middle of the night so they can rid the streets of a couple of roaches in an ashtray.
    seems a bit fishy to me.

  32. From someone who has never smoked anything in his life, yes, you can smell crap through walls (well, depending the quality) and it’s gross. I don’t know the ventilation system stuff or anything, but second hand smoke, if you’re not a smoker, is disgusting. I’d complain if I smelled smoke somewhere if I were paying to be in a non-smoking environment.

  33. chuck_easton says:


    I’m one of those people that is so sensitive to cigarette smell I can be sitting at a stoplight with the windows rolled up in my car and smell if somebody is smoking in their own car.

    I can’t be the only one that sensitive. It came in handy when I was a cop. I still don’t understand how people can light up a joint in their car and not think everyone around doesn’t know whats going on.

  34. HawkyHann says:

    Good news is that Leroy did not fall asleep at an intesection this time with a bunch of weed. Bad news, anothr run-in with the law.

  35. 2012.02 – Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn today delivered his third State of the City Address of his mayoralty.

    It is time we were honest about the problems we face with the drug trade. Drugs are a source of criminal profit, and that has led to shootings and even murders. Just like we learned in the 1920s with the prohibition of alcohol, prohibition of marijuana is fueling violent activity. We also know today that the drug war fuels a biased incarceration policy. The drug war’s victims are predominantly young men of color.

    Seattle is the kind of place that isn’t afraid to try a different approach. We support safe access to medical marijuana and made enforcement of possession of marijuana for personal purposes our lowest enforcement priority. But we’ve learned in the past year that with the federal war on drugs still intact, and with our kids still getting gunned down on the streets, we need to do more.

    I know every one of the city council members sitting to my left and right believe as I do: it’s time for this state to legalize marijuana, and stop the violence, stop the incarceration, stop the erosion of civil liberties, and urge the federal government to stop the failed war on drugs.

  36. Floor Checks? What is that? Get real people. This guy is getting high in his own home. Maybe they should have made him put a towel under the door and then get the F… out of his house.

    Arrested for pot? I don’t get it. Its a bit worse for you than eating a ding dong, maybe.

  37. grizindabox says:

    On a related note, sort of, Clayton thinks Heater will walk. Hawks will not come close the the number he is looking for.

  38. Dukeshire says:

    Is this the same Clayton that said Seattle will dump
    Rice in order to sign Owens?

  39. Heater is a good, solid player. One thing I see though with free agency after 4 years is that there are a lot of good, young, solid players scheduled for free agency in a few weeks. I like Heater and want him back, but only if it’s reasonable.

  40. SandpointHawk says:

    Duke, go back to that string, the poster came back and said the Owens post was a joke… I would add a bad joke….

  41. grizindabox says:

    Duke, nope, a different Clayton…the one not made up by HawkyHann.

  42. JazBadAzz says:

    RyanRyan check this out:
    If I personally knew him and knew he smoked and something was going down, I would have gave the guy a heads up like, “Hey Leroy, some people are smelling a lot of weed around your condo, might want to clean that sh!t up Big Dawg”! If he ignored me and kept doing it, then he gets what he deserves, point blank.

  43. grizindabox says:

    This made me laugh

    @JasonLaCanfora has the Seahawks trading up and taking Ryan Tannehill at No. 6.

  44. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. Thanks guys. I was beginning to think Clayton was slipping.

  45. Dukeshire says:

    Like Chuck, my nose is sensitive enough that I can smell someone in the car ahead of me smoking. And as I said before, my building is a non smoking building, but if someone is on the street smoking, I can often smell it on the 6th floor, where I live. However, if I called the police to respond to cigarette smoke, or if I thought it was pot smoke, not only would they have me take it up with my building’s management company, but they sure as hell wouldn’t respond with a search warrant and drug sniffing dog. Again, I’ve got to believe there is far more to this story.

  46. “I don’t care. I like Leroy. Sign him and cut him when he stops making tackles.”

    Pretty succinctly sums up my point of view too. I could care less that he’s smoking pot in his home. I’ll acknowledge the bad judgment, given his past, but I have no doubt plenty of nfl players smoke some in the off-season.

  47. Dukeshire says:

    smino7 – Hear, hear.

  48. grizindabox says:

    Think the problem with signing Leroy now is that he will most likely be suspended the first 4 games of the season.

  49. Aside from whether or not pot should be legalized…

    LH knew the rules. Has had trouble following them before. Continues to have a hard time making good decisions.

    I’m not suggesting that smoking weed is morally wrong. But if LH cares about his profession and his team mates, seems like he would make better choices–at least while he’s an NFL player. Pretty selfish decision. Don’t let the door hit ya on the arse Leroy.

    I don’t feel sorry for him in the least. Are you kidding me? You reep what you sow, big fella.

  50. I didn’t buy the “drop” Rice and add Owens thing b/c next year is guaranteed for Rice. No way they would drop him and still have to pay him all that money.

  51. “This made me laugh
    @JasonLaCanfora has the Seahawks trading up and taking Ryan Tannehill at No. 6.”

    I can’t find that online – but is that so totally farfetched? It may be seeming like we won’t be able to match what other teams are throwing at the Rams for RG3 at the #2 spot, and if we have Tannehill rated as the 3rd best QB on the board, and maybe don’t like any of the next group of guys. I wouldn’t be shocked.

  52. grizindabox says:

    BobbyK, the Rice/Owens comment was Hawky being a dope. Clayton never said any such thing

  53. grizindabox says:

    pdway, I do not believe Tannehill is worthy of the 6th pick, and even less worthy of a team trading up to the 6th pick to take him.

  54. JazBadAzz says:

    Was he the only one in the building busted? Can’t believe he was the only one smoking pot on a friday night!

    I don’t smoke but our rights are null and void! How strong of and odor it can be when he had less than an once? Its always a strong odor when the police find something…and if it was so strong, wtf was the dogs for?

  55. griz – I know:)

  56. Seahawks2620 says:

    If Brockers and/or Ingram are not there at 12, I wouldn’t mind trading down to pick up Devon Still and possibly a high second round pick to use on Zach Brown. I wouldn’t be bothered too much slotting K.J. in at MLB and allowing for Brown and Malcolm Smith to play OLB. Obviously it is a very young corps, but it could be a very solid unit. In the end, the one acquisition which would make me soil my self, would be to see Mario Williams in a Seahawks uniform next season. It would open up so many possibilities for the hawks in the draft. Imagine Brockers being there at #12 and having a defensive corps of Mario Williams, Clemons, Mebane, Bryant (if re-signed), Branch, Brockers, and Dexert Davis if he can ever stay healthy. It could be pretty solid. There is obviously A LOT wishing taking place here, but it could potentially happen. The biggest long shot being the signing of Williams. A fan can dream though.

  57. ryanryan says:

    @jaz – I do not personally know him and it would be WAY out of line for me to tell him something that he already knew – that the police had been notified that there were illegal drugs in the building and that at least the most influential tenants and especially those with children didn’t want it wafting down the hallways. there is a strange melange of people who live in the building, but I would guess that the majority of them are far more wealthy than Leroy’s 680K a year…one of them is the heiress to the Belk money for instance. The owners complain to a degree that is unbearable when the temperature in the athletic club gets above 68 degrees (while refusing to lower the blinds), so you can imagine how they feel about the blatant presence of drugs while their kids walk down the hallway. There are a bunch of rich white old people, some very rich families and some rap stars and football players (Tony Gonzalez just moved out)…

  58. He should just move to Seattle and nobody would care. I had a neighbor that always made my house smell like pot smoke. I used febreze and didnt involve the police.

    Eventually we all got a note from the manager to knock that crap off.

    Guess they dont have many problems in the ATL.

  59. ryanryan says:

    was he profiled? was the search legal? who knows, but the damage has been done. there were about 8 cop cars too…apparently they had nothing better to do in buckhead – an affluent part of atlanta.

  60. Seahawks2620 says:

    The Seahawks defense was and is so close to becoming elite with the young secondary that they have created, that adding a player like Williams, barring any injury to him would almost certainly put them over the edge. It would also stay the course of “adding young players”, which GM Schneider and Pete have made clear that they desire. The hawks at least have to make a very strong and legitimate push for him. The cap restrictions are obviously one of if not the only main concern, but I think with his talent level, it is most certainly a risk worth taking.

  61. JazBadAzz says:

    Understood ryanryan

  62. FleaFlicker says:

    Bad break for LH. Poor manners to be smoking in a non-smoking building, but you have to have some sympathy for the guy under the concept of “every man’s home is his castle”. Seriously, if someone is going to get high, would it be more responsible to be out at a club or something? Note to Leroy: get some of those brownies next time.

    Maybe his girl brought it over. Maybe he didn’t even touch the stuff. Circumstances make that unlikely, but with good representation he might be able to work out of this jam from a legal perspective. In the meantime, it’s going to be very costly for him. He’s at that point of his career where it’s time to cash in on one last contract. Kind of a shame for a guy to put his body through so much wear-and-tear while not getting compensated in line with his peers. I’d expect Goodell to come down on him pretty hard; too many players doing unmarketable things in their free time jeopardizes the league and its sponsorships. I can envision that conversation to be in the commissioner’s office: “Nothing personal, Leroy. This is a business.”

  63. JazBadAzz says:

    The Mario Williams scenarios sounds really good guys, but have anyone notice that the guys that we want to potentially sign or have signed all come off injuries? Help me think of one big signing that hasn’t, Im stumped…

  64. “Seems a bit fishy to me”

    “sounds like there’s more to the story”

    …and, RyanRyan broke the story…hmmm, interesting!

  65. ryanryan says:

    mario williams would be great, but he’s 29 already…old for our squad, LOL. Of course, at some point they will almost certainly have to sign a veteran (tjack aside).

  66. Williams was born on 1/31/85. He just turned 27 less than a month ago.

  67. ryanryan says:

    wrong again, won’t be the last time…sign him for goodness’ sake.

  68. ryanryan says:

    gallery has only 5 million guaranteed money over 3 years however…so the expectations are a little different than would be for williams. that said, i still stand corrected :)

  69. I love Mario Williams too. I just don’t see us going anywhere without figuring out the QB position. I’d probably mess my pants if we did get a “real” QB AND signed Williams though!

  70. JazBadAzz says:

    Mario Williams may command around 25-30mil guaranteed. The agent will say he would have made 22mil if franchised so we want more. But who knows, Osi is still good trade bait and has something left in the tank, not as much as Mario but better than most.

  71. ryanryan says:

    bobby – would you rather secure williams and wait another year for a shot at barkley…or sign flynn and go for a rookie de? I would lean towards williams as a known commodity.

  72. HawkyHann says:

    John Clayton was hanging out with Leroy Hill last night in ATL when he tweeted about Owens coming to town and replacing Sidney. Guess he was thinking straight.

  73. HawkyHann says:


  74. raymaines says:

    FleaFlicker says: “… but you have to have some sympathy for the guy under the concept of “every man’s home is his castle”.”

    No we don’t! Quit being stupid. Grass is illegal, LH is in a Condo, he’s young, rich, black, and living under a microscope. I’m sorry the world sucks and life isn’t fair but Leroy Hill has to face the unfair reality of the situation.

    At this point LH is pretty much out of a job and 7.3 years from now he’ll be bankrupt. At that point he’ll be on welfare and the rest of us will be paying for his upkeep. The guy earns 8-10 million in his career and we’re going to support him for 40 or 50 years on welfare.

    This is exactly the sort of thing that makes me cheer for the uniform and hate the individual that wears the uniform. It looks to me like Leroy Hill is one of the poster children for stupid, entitled athletes that just doesn’t understand how the real world works.

    If it turns out the story is all wrong and LH is an innocent victim I’ll crawl on my hands and knees to apologies to him and his supporters, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

  75. GeorgiaHawk says:

    How in the hell are we going to have a shot at Barkley next year?
    Oh, wait a minute! I stand corrected. If we stay with Jackson next year we very well may have a chance at Barkley!

  76. Dukeshire says:

    I know I wasn’t asked, but my 2 cents: tne QB position cannot wait. Unless none of the “available” options appeal to them, would I then be comfortable with Seattle pursuing Williams. But IMO, first and foremost is QB, and between Flynn and Williams, got to go Flynn.

  77. I have no interest in waiting another year for a QB. None. It will be another wasted season, no matter who we sign, IMO, if we do that. At least if we start a rookie this year he will be gaining valuable reps. All that will happen this upcoming year is that T-Jack won’t lead us to a Super Bowl and all of his reps will have been wasted, instead of on a player they should have been used on in gaining experience.

    And if we’re good next year, which you know we’ll be, even with T-Jack (again, no Super Bowl though) then we’re not going to be picking early in the draft. A guy like Barkley is going to go high in the draft and then we’d be looking at another scenario where we would have to give up too much (as the case seems to be with Luck/RGIII). And, really, I don’t see a rookie leading us to a Super Bowl next year either. He’s going to need a year of experience. So, we’re looking at 2014 by the time we are ready to make a legit run if we wait another year to address the QB situation. That’s a big part of why I want Flynn so badly. Sure, I know he doesn’t have a bunch of NFL starts, but he’s been in the league for four years and he’s ready to lead a team in 2012. He’d give me hope that we can do it this year, in addition to being “our” guy for a decade. I’m ready for him and I’ve said before that I’d overpay to get-er-done. How much, that’s the real question. Even I’d have a limit, but it’d be pretty darn high. I would love nothing more than Flynn and a couple of front seven players in the first couple of rounds. Even though I know Williams is a more known commodity at an extremely important position, I’d still go with Flynn (I think Williams is going to get quite a bit more on the open market though, even though Flynn is going to become really rich too).

  78. ryanryan says:

    GH – what i was thinking about for next year and the barkley situation is that we may be in a better position to ‘sell the farm’ to get him…should JS/PC hit 4 starters in 5 picks like last year perhaps we could actually do it??? just a thought.

  79. ryanryan says:

    of course, with an emerging team…the possibility and NECESSITY of 4 starters in one draft is hopefully VERY unlikely moving forward. I think I read PC saying something along those lines recently.

    BK and Duke – I’m just so weary of overpaying for a qb like I believe the cards did last year…whitehurst may have looked like flynn with that supporting offensive cast (although I know he didn’t have ALL of the weapons when he played, but i would bet they gameplanned much more heavily against the run)…so i guess i just feel like i would rather get one in the draft than sign someone elses project…even if JS drafted him. i don’t know…i just want to watch the hawks play.

    there is no doubt that they will draft a qb, and I would bet it won’t be with the first pick…I guess they either go with a qb in the 2nd round if they don’t sign flynn/manning OR sign flynn/manning and maybe sign a qb in the 3rd-6th rounds?

  80. JazBadAzz says:

    raymaines-If you think all that about Hill I guess this guy needs the firing squad!,wp13964

    If it turns out the story is all wrong and LH is an innocent victim I’ll crawl on my hands and knees to apologies to him and his supporters, but I don’t think that’s going to happen

    And if you’re wrong apologizing to hill shouldn’t be the only thing your doing on your hands and knees O_o!

  81. ryanryan says:


    @raymaines – that was pretty harsh – a lot of these guys do need money management training, but there is no way to know if Hill is one of them. And for the record, in THIS instance – the way the world works is just plain wrong.

  82. GeorgiaHawk says:

    raymains- Sodomy is illegal in Georgia too! would you want the cops busting in on you and your girlfriend/wife in the privacy of your home and arrest you and lock you up for it?

    So why would you want to be so judgemental on Hill for doing what so many other NFL players do?
    This is a brutal sport! A controlled violent sport that us fans get our rocks off to watch players sacrifice their bodies for our entertainment.
    So it’s ok for you to get your entertainment by watching these players sacrifice their bodies and mind, however you want them also to be the mother Teresa’s of the world?

    Sounds to me that you are being just as stupid here? Lol.

    Georgia’s Sodomy Law. Georgia code section 16-6-2 provides a 1 to 20 year mandatory sentence for any adults consenting.

  83. geanderson2001 says:

    Jeeez, can’t afford your OWN home on a private drive with surrounding acreage?
    Dis you spend all those millions on Pot???

  84. bigmike04 says:

    He not the only seahawks that smokes weed that I heard from buddy of mine who friend is on the team.

    Thought it did cost Hill money this time around as teams are being carefull with who they signed but as for him being seahawks next season, nope as he already blew his chances of resigning as good bet that seahawks told him to clean up his act & stay out of trouble. This deal could & probabaly cost him a job.

  85. JazBadAzz says:

    raymaines has now been blocked from your comments!

  86. FleaFlicker says:

    @raymaines – yes, weed is illegal. For the record, I’ve never touched it my life, but I have no problem with people that do. I don’t see much moral difference between me knocking back a glass of scotch or LH lighting up a joint in our own homes.

    Lots of stuff is illegal. Imagine if LH had just bought a new Porsche and was clocked going 110 mph on the freeway. It would be considered a case of “just having fun”, even though that kind of behavior actually endangers other people. I’m assuming you’ve never done anything illegal in your life. Always reported every dollar of income from a garage sale, never driven home after a couple drinks, never hired a guy with crummy English from the Home Depot parking lot, never smoked a joint in high school or college, always paid sales tax on out-of-state purchases, never done a burnout start at a green light even though that’s reckless driving. As they say, let whoever is without sin cast the first stone.

    Let’s call the league policy on drugs what it is: public relations management to keep the TV contracts and the endorsement dollars flowing. It’s not some moral or ethical stand on our behalf.

    I’ve never met LH, so I can’t make any predictions as to how he will do financially down the road. But if I were in my early 20’s making crazy bank and then at the age of 30 or 35 had my earnings drop by 90%, I might end up in trouble as well. Is the money ridiculous? By most standards, yes. But in any field if you are world class you get compensated as such. And if you don’t think NFL is world class, just run the numbers on how many people you have to beat out to get a spot on a roster. And how many people never even get an invite to try out. Hopefully LH has somebody giving him good advice for investing his money while he’s in the peak earnings years of his life.

    Let’s cut the guy some slack…

  87. raymaines says:

    JazBadAzz: I see this as sort of a “To Stupid To Live” kind of thing. Natural selection comes into this at some point.

    God bless every genitally superior athlete in the whole wide world, but there comes a point in what the rest of us call “real life” that 40 yard dash times don’t really count for much. Leroy Hill is living on borrowed time so to speak, and was apparently caught smoking dope in a public place. Sorry dude. Say good bye to your Posse and we’ll check back with you in 4 to 7 years, when you’re back in society. Keep in shape and perhaps you can play a few years in the Arena Football League for about $25,000 per year.

    Smoke all the dope you want big guy, it’s your choice.

  88. FleaFlicker says:

    I’m hoping you meant “genetically superior”

  89. GeorgiaHawk says:

    And as a blogger on another site say’s-

    “Hill’s lawyer should claim his client was driven to abuse the horrible and deadly drug by Seattle’s QB situation.”

  90. GeorgiaHawk says:

    raymaines- How do you know that Hill is genitally superior? Is there something more that you want to share? Lol.

  91. *Too

    I asked my gf if I was genitally superior… She said its cute. FUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!1!!1!!!!!!

  92. JazBadAzz says:

    LOL this is hilarious!
    Back fired like a 72′ pontiac huh ray?

  93. raymaines says:

    Well, spell check issues aside……

    ryanryan: But it’s the way the world works!!

    I’m not as actually stupid as I’ve presented myself, but you and others on this thread have to understand that the world isn’t playing by fair rules.

    And at the same time, Leroy Hill and lots of other young people just don’t seem to get that that the cards are stacked against them. It really doesn’t matter that grass is harmless (or it’s not, depending on your point of view), but it’s illegal. Sorry Leroy, but your personal point of view doesn’t really matter. Yeah, your rich and a stud but so what? Grass is still illegal. Sorry pal, but you’re totally fucked. Too bad you’re so stupid.

  94. He won’t even go to jail for this.

  95. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Imo, if Hill would have kept his weed issues in Washington and his DV issues in Georgia (instead of the other way around) he wouldn’t have ever been in trouble by the law, and he would have been a much richer man for it.
    So I guess he is just not Geographically superior. Lol.

  96. raymaines says:

    I really hope he doesn’t go to jail. Nobody deserves to go to jail for MJ possession.

    It could be argued that he should spend the rest of his life in prison for being totally stupid, but that’s a different argument.

  97. Dukeshire says:

    ryanryan – I hear you, and Flynn comes with risk. But whether it’s a draft pick or big money free agent contract, they’ll be rolling the dice one way or another. And of all the realistic possibilities this off-season, I like the Flynn-option best. I can’t wait for free agency and the draft to see what Carroll / Schneider come up with.

  98. Dukeshire says:

    I just don’t understand how a neighbor’s complaint insights the police into securing a search warrant with a drug sniffing dog in tow, condo association or no. Again, I have to think there is more to this. This much I know for certain: I’m never living in Atlanta. I’ll stay right here in Portland, where I’m safe, thankyouverymuch.

  99. I’ve defended TJ some – but I’m in full agreement that addressing the QB position is the number one priority for the team this off-season, period. Whether it’s via FA or draft, whatever they decide is the best option. If we don’t sign a free agent QB, I know it could happen, but I’ll by disappointed if we don’t get a QB in the first round.

  100. JazBadAzz says:

    At the most he will get is a fine and maybe public service work.
    If the lawyer is good, it will be thrown out.
    Its probably the chicks weed and she will sign and affidavit saying so.

  101. Dukeshire says:

    It could be a lot worse, everyone. We could be NASCAR fans, enjoying the cluster-f that is the 2012 Daytona 500. What an absurd spectical.

  102. CDN_C_Hawk says:

    Every seen that new TV program…Persons Of Interest, where Big Brother is watching our every move? I enjoyed pot for years, and felt in more control and social after a couple of herb sticks, rather than getting buzzed on alcohol.Enjoying in the PRIVACY of your own home, without endangering others shouldn’t be a crime. Is the US slowly reverting to a Communist society, where your every move is under scrutiny ?

    Hill should have been smarter, since of his past, but Come-on Man !!

  103. Palerydr says:

    Duke apparently you don’t walk around downtown Portland at night my brother in law says it’s not safe at all.

  104. Dukeshire says:

    Portland is a safe as any place I’ve ever been. The only dicey area would be the China Town area, which is easily avoidable, unless you’re into dance clubs. Seattle, SF, even Vegas, Portland is as safe as a city gets. Also, there is ZERO chance the cops knock at my door with a search warrant and drug dog, regardless what’s going on inside.

  105. chuck_easton says:

    The issue isn’t whether it should or shouldn’t be legal. The issue isn’t if he was doing it in the privacy of his own home.

    The issue is his personal enjoyment crossed over to into a position where his choice was imposing on the rights of others. You don’t come into my house and smoke anything. If your apartment and mine are close enough that the smell of your partying is infringing on my right to not have to smell it, by all means I’m calling the cops.

    If you want to act like your still in high school than by all means do what the stoners in high school did and go light up in the woods behind the school.

    Or better yet Mr Hill. You are rich. Go get a home on a secluded acreage and toke to your hearts delight.

  106. Soggybuc says:

    Duke I firmly believe this is a case of well connected very rich people calling their buddy the mayor. completely political! if an Atlanta cop stopped a person in a 1,500 dollar car and saw a roach in the ash tray, he might search the car and even find a gram of weed. odds are he would take it and not even bother writing a ticket much less take him downtown.
    I’ll say what Georgia and Ryan hinted at, it’s a high priced building loaded with old rich white people and a few rappers and athletes. wanna guess what their real issue is? I grew up in the deep south so i dont have to speculate I saw it first hand.

  107. Palerydr says:

    Well then I stand corrected maybe he was talking about the places you mentioned. I live in Buckley so I don’t have to worry about cops at my door with SW much either but the meth heads are real scavengers so I lock my stuff up and keep my gun loaded

  108. I can honestly say I have never had so much as a puff of a joint or any other illegal drug. But I still think it is B.S. that you can’t do what you want in your own home. If you are not harming anyone else, what the hell.

  109. Just had to share this from another poster on another site:

    (Regarding RG3)

    Mystery team = Vikings. They need to just acknowledge they cant get drunk before the draft and grab Ponder in the first round.

    About spit my dinner out on that one! Lol!

  110. Soggybuc says:

    Chuck, you said earlier you worked as a LEO correct? If you had responded to such a call and after knocking on the door saw 2 young couples that appeared to be hanging out watching movies and YES smoking a little weed which you could very well smell. would you have called in the drug dogs? woke a judge up for a search warrant? or would ya have just tried to put the fear of Jesus into them hoping they had the respect not to anger the people next door again?

  111. As a Hawks fan, this bites. Hill played well this past year.

    1. Unlikely they’ll sign him now

    2. Under the circumstances, he’s an idiot to be smoking pot & in this particular situation may be an indicator of serious emotional problems (I am NOT saying that pot is bad. I am saying that someone who risks a $10 million + payday to get high has got problems).

  112. olyfan63 says:

    I say re-sign Hill, he’ll come at a nice discount now, with 4 games shot. So he’ll be stronger in the second half of the season, and less nicked up, and be a key part of a playoff run.
    I was impressed that he came back and had the good season he did last season. I think Carroll has the right approach with players like Hill. Compete and perform or ship out. And Hill performed. Recall that Tatupu couldn’t, sadly. So I’ll trust Carroll and Schneider to make the right football-based call on this.
    Gotta say the whole thing sounds stupid-funny, and if every NFL player who was tokin’ in the offseason got busted, we’d be scrounging Arena football rosters to have enough to play.

  113. ryanryan says:

    its my opinion that chuck is correct…don’t live near people and infringe on them, pretty simple. im fairly certain that measures could have been taken to ventilate and or hide the smell should he have given it much thought.

    Soggy – ‘the fear of jesus’ in hill? c’mon…lets be real here, IF his other contact with the police, the contract he had to re-negotiate and the knowledge that any new offense would jeapordize his next contract and probably incur a suspension didn’t ‘put the fear of jesus’ in him, how would a city cop banging on his door have any affect. as far as your other post goes – i’m not from the south, but its SCARY racist down here, its also a two way street that will never go away…regardless of who started it – the religion mixed in makes it all the more frightening and hypocritical.

    for all of those thinking that there is something else going on and that this is all fishy…money talks and it spoke, doesn’t get any fishier than that.

  114. duke_of_hurl says:

    seems like he can afford 150 for a doctors recommendation so he can legally smoke but thats why i wont visit my family on the east coast.,.,the east US are mostly anti pot republicans that will never legalize potand keep it a felony violation

  115. RDPoulsbo says:

    The argument about legality is beside the point. They don’t allow it in the NFL and that’s where he’s making his living. HGH is legal to anyone with a prescription, but athletes will be suspended for it. NASCAR drivers are severely punished for driving infractions off the track that will cost them far more than a speeding ticket.

    It’s the reality of the profession he’s chosen for himself and he has to live up to the rules of that profession.

  116. Hes an adult smoking a small amount of weed in his own home. I understand the complaint about the smell, but anyone cooking unusually smelling food is just as ‘guilty’ in the context of an apratment building. Do we really need to call the police or stop the man from earning a paycheck? I agree – he could (should) just open a window.

    I think this is much to do about nothing….. I don’t think it should significantly impact the teams decision to resign Hill.

  117. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    lets see i am a grown man making a 6 figure paycheck soon to be 7 figures all i have to be is not be stupid……. what a dumb ass and if you all think we need an idiot like this on our team its sad. regaurdless of how you feel about the legal aspects it is not ok under any circumstances with the NFL. he is an adult and needs to be resposible for his actions and pay the price.

  118. trout_hound says:

    Leroy, get a vaporizer, dude. No smell, much healthier for those athlete lungs…

  119. jchawks08 says:

    Minding his own business in his condo, smoking some reefer. Suddenly, drug sniffing dogs! lolol! Way to go out like a chump, Leroy.

  120. That’s why thet call it dope!!!

  121. Dude is in his own home! Illegal or not, NFL rules blah, blah…its the offseason and he’s relaxing with his woman and a joint. What a great use of public resources and the judicial system…arresting athletes for misdemeanor pot possession. Always get a kick out of how Marijuana is viewed as the devil in the South, but ol’ Jimmy Beam and Jackie D are saints…have another drink on me America.

  122. Scotthhflorance says:

    well have 8 good drugs defying the cops. docters will not offer mood in your head drugs ever again after the regime change mood in your head study forbidden all labatories effects last ten years of your life thats all. holograms as patients and nurses happend diomond clarity of sieng thru your eyes speeding up time so 1 second is 5 minutes tv to are you sure hes not going to an empy biulding poltergiest blind thingsd driving the ambululence. make sure the call to the public defender and the Judge visit is a big Yes gets out tap the phone line at the hospital, there screaming bunny rabbit witha ll sieng site biulding up momentum oh so android

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