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Morning links: Do Hawks have a shot at RG3?

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 25, 2012 at 6:10 am with 21 Comments »
February 25, 2012 6:12 am
Former Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III shows off his monster socks during a news conference in Fort Worth, Texas, Monday, Feb. 20, 2012, at the Davey O'Brien Award dinner. (AP Photo/Forth Worth Star-Telegram, Max Faulkner) MAGS OUT

The action finally shifts to the field here at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, as the offensive linemen and tight ends will go through their workouts today.

CBS Sports’ draft blog has the full list of bench press results for the offensive line and tight ends.

My story today from the scouting combine focuses on the Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll’s search for a quarterback in this year’s draft.

Carroll will have to figure out if guys like Ryan Tannehill, Russell Wilson or Kirk Cousins make sense as a developmental prospect behind Tarvaris Jackson.

However, probably the best fit for Seattle is Robert Griffin III. He has the mobility, athleticism, accuracy and smarts the Seahawks are looking for. But he’ll likely go in the top five in the draft, and Seattle has to determine at No. 12 overall if they have the draft capital to leap quarterback-hungry teams like Cleveland, Washington and Miami to get him.

So what would it take?

Three years ago in the 2009 draft the New York Jets moved up from No. 17 to Cleveland’s pick at No. 5, trading their first and second-round draft pick, along with three players to select quarterback Mark Sanchez.

And just last year, Atlanta bolted up the draft board 21 spots with a trade for Cleveland’s No. 6 overall pick and the right to select receiver Julio Jones.

That Falcons gave up a king’s ransom, trading the team’s first-round pick at No. 27, second- (59th) and fourth-round (124th) picks in the 2011 draft, along with their first- and fourth-round picks in this year’s draft.

Carroll and general manager John Schneider are both risk takers and I think would be willing to make a move, but the problem is they might not have enough draft capital to get up far enough to get Griffin.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times considers if Griffin has done enough to charm his way into being the top pick in the draft.

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports believes that Griffin is worth the risk of trading up in the draft to get him.

Clare Farnsworth of takes a closer look at this year’s young passers at the combine.

ESPN’s Mike Sando notes that Carroll got in a joke at the NCAA’s expense when a New York reporter asked about his former players meshing well and having fun under Rex Ryan’s direction with the Jets. The reporter asked if Carroll ever had to ramp down the fun while at USC: “Well, the NCAA thought we had to,” joked Carroll.

If you’re interested in seeing the coin flip you can watch the riveting drama unfold at this video link.

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated writes that he believes Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill will be selected in the first half of the first round, similar to Jake Locker and Christian Ponder last year.

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  1. If we’re going to try to trade up to #2, why not try for #1 and the QB people say is the most NFL ready in a generation? I realize the Rams are set at QB and have stated they want to move down if the right offer came along, but if we’re going to make a big trade, why not go for the gusto?

  2. Dukeshire says:

    “…can watch the riveting drama unfold…” lol.

    In much the same way Griffin isn’t given the credit he deserves for being an accomplished pocket passer, Luck isn’t given enough credit for his athleticism. In short; the kid can run.

    I can’t imagine what it would take to get the first overall from Indy. That would be scary.

  3. Reading stories about RG3 and Andrew Luck is kind of like reading the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. It provides a nice little fantasy that is almost certainly beyond the realm of reality. That being said, I would be absolutely thrilled if Carroll/Schneider made the bold move up to secure RG3. I just can’t see it happening.

  4. I guess I’m a “glass half-empty” guy concerning giving up so much for any one person. Basically losing our draft for 2 years and giving up good players for someone that can’t be guaranteed to produce miracles is too risky for me. I don’t know that a prudent coach would be willing to risk his career and reputation on that scenario, either.

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Give me one good reason why the Rams would deal with the Seahawks?
    Imo, we would have a better chance to move up and get Luck.

    Unless the unthinkable happens and we part with one of our pro bowl safties too.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t think that’s a “half-empty” outlook, at all. I believe that’s a reasonable view.

  7. SeahawkFan12 says:

    “Reading stories about RG3 and Andrew Luck is kind of like reading the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. It provides a nice little fantasy that is almost certainly beyond the realm of reality.” TJ! that is funny stuff!

    To DNNY O’NEILL’S POINT, I actually was thinking that RG3’s poise and charm could wreak havoc on the Colt’s psyche; it’s hard not to like him and he’s a special athlete. That said, I cannot see him jumping Luck for the #1 pick. And to BobbyK’s point, if you move for #2, why not go for #1? The only thing that comes to mind is that it is an monstrous jump from #2 to #1. But I like the idea all the same…

  8. For the right price a team would trade a top tier player within the division. To get Luck it would take three 1st’s and posibbly one or two 2nd’s. For RGIII I am guessing from where the Hawks are at #12, two 1st’s plus a 2nd or 3rd. The Rams know they can get a ton for teams to move up. I think Luck and RGIII would be worth the risk to sell the farm. Atlanta gave everything minus the kitchen sink to move up for Jones. There is a handful of elite QB’s in the NFL, imagine if the Hawks had one…

  9. CDN_C_Hawk says:

    If teams believe the Hawks are a QB away from returning to the play-offs next year, then a Hawk’s, first next year is worth 800 ( or less ) on the value chart…to jump from 12 to 2 or 1, that’s 1400 and 1800 to pay back, which would mean losing our 1st rounder for the next two years and a 3rd ( to trade with Colts) or a next years first and this years 2nd and 3rd ( to trade with Rams). Go after M. Williams, trade back with Bengals if Richardson still on the board, for their 21 this year and next years first and maybe a 4th or 5th this year…give Portis a shot, I think he deserves it. Akiem Hicks late round sleeper

  10. I’d stick with T-Jack over some fool who is too dumb to steal a credit card and then sign up for crap with HIS name! Talk about one of the worlds dumbest criminals! At least T-Jack is a good guy, by all indications. The only thing Portis deserves is a jail cell!

  11. CDN_C_Hawk says:

    Most of are guilty of stupidity when young, getting caught should make us learn . I doubt G. Tate won’t be coping anymore donuts, but Portis has the tools, give him the chance to use them. Perhaps, in my senario, the Fins or/and Skins land, Manning/Flynn….making Tannehill available at 21…the glass is half filled !

  12. There are degrees of doing stupid things. Stealing a dohnut isn’t the crime that stealing credit card information is. Unless a crime is a crime no matter how severe? Then I’d like to see how you handled someone stealing all of your personal information and running you into debt, which you’d be responsible for, for the rest of your life. Or killing a close family member no matter the circumstance. And really, I could live with Portis being a dipshit if he played any position other than QB. That’s simply where you need to have a separate set of standards. The QB is the face of your franchise. He needs and must be held to a higher standard. RGIII seems to have those tools. Same with Andrew Luck. That’s what I want. Not some moron that I’m ashamed of. I refuse to let my 7 month old son wear a jersey of some creep that plays QB. I may not buy him a jersey of some moron that plays a different position, but, again, the QB position needs and must be held to a higher standard. I was fine with Derrick Fenner was a RB, I would have hated him as a QB.

  13. Soggybuc says:

    If we shot everyone 18 to 20 YO who did something stupid there wouldn’t be very many 21 YO’s.
    I am eager to see what Portis can do come pre season. he wowed us last year when he had very little time to get ready. with a full off season of working at the VMAC, OTA’s etc. should show if he has what it takes to play or not.
    I know it was late in games against 3rd stringers and guys about to get sent packing but even camp fodder guys are pretty good football players or else they wouldn’t even be in camp.

  14. Bobbk–Well, your precious Manning isnt exactly a nice guy either. While he has a squeaky clean image, the reality is something less; or havent you heard about the way he treats those below him? The incident in college where he and his buddies grabbed a female trainer and pushed her nose into Mannings ass just for the hell of it? He paid to quietly make that one go away. And it wasnt like former teammates were lining up to claim nothing like that ever happened either. Its a good bet it did.

    Portis was 19 years old or something. And last time I checked, credit card accounts have fraud protection. It wasnt like Portis jacked up a card for 50k or anything. Sure its disturbing he stole a credit card, thats one reason he never got to play division 1 football. I would say the guys has more than paid for his sin, and deserves a chance to have a career. But you are more upset about his stealing a credit card at 19 than you were about Lofa’s DUI, or Hill’s ongoing domestic violence issues, or even Rocky Bernards DV against one of my family members.

    To me, something smells fishy here. At best, you are overreacting. At worst, you appear to have some other agenda going thats clouding your judgement.

    Punishment should fit the crime, and I dont see what he did at that age precluding him from turning into a leader or a franchise qb. He certainly deserves a chance. Just my two cents.

  15. chuck_easton says:

    Seattle has as much chance of convincing a division rival to trade with us and thus land RGIII as I do of stealing Gizelle away from Tom Brady.

    Sorry but somebody had to be the cold hard voice of reality here.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- Are you more upset that Portis was a criminal or a stupid criminal? At least being a stupid criminal would help him see that he wouldn’t have a long career at it and help convince him to never go that way again.

    Now it’s the smart criminals that I have more of an issue with! Like Rothlisraper, who had his police and bar buddy friends help cover for him.

    I would rather have Portis as my qb then Rottenburger if I had to pick the lesser of two evils.

    The only thing keeping half the players out of jail( imo ) is an outlet like football , unfortunately.

  17. There are a separate set of standards that a QB must face than a player at a different position.

    I agree that the Manning incident was stoopid. And, yeah, I had heard about it before. Like well over a decade ago before Nebraska kicked the hell out of him in his final bowl game (lol!).

    However, he’s been clean since. Has Portis been clean for 15 years since his retard incident?

    I’d rather have Flynn, btw!

  18. STTBM – Great! Lets let my kids’ mother get killed by a drunk… hell, afterall, there’s life insurance! They are “protected.” DERRR!!!

  19. BobbyK–How you can compare stealing a credit card and charging a few hundred dollars on it with drunk driving and/or killing someone I just cannot understand. That is a clear case of anti-logic.

    I was hard on Tatupu and Hill for thier DUI’s and I was even harder on Bernard and Hills DV’s.

    I realize qb’s are held to higher standards, but come on Man, you know a good portion of the starting qb’s in the NFL are utter douches despite thier supposed squeaky clean record. Stealing a credit card at 19 is far less than what many qb’s have done. Even HOF qb’s like Kenny Stabler, Joe Namath, and others have done many immoral and unethical things, before, during and after thier careers.

    What Manning did wasnt stoopid, it was cruel and evil, and it revealed a great deal about Mannings character, then and now. Even moreso than Favre’s sexting incidents.

    As for Portis being clean for 15 years, he hasnt been given that chance. He’s stayed on the straight and narrow since and done his punishment. Your irrational freakout over his one major mistake reveals a bias, an agenda you havent revealed.

    You are welcome to your opinion, everyone has one, but so far yours is backed up only with real stretches and anti-logic. Sorry Man, I usually love reading your posts but you are past Pluto on this one, IMO.

    Would have been nice to see you work up half so much rage at Rocky Bernard.

  20. CDN_C_Hawk says:

    BobbyK…I respect your moral values, and you wanting to instill those in your 7 year old, but a thief is a thief, a conscious decision to take, what is not yours, be it a donut, CC or someones life savings, ( Madoff) DUI, can be considered attempted murder,Sexual assault a personal violation So how can you expect someone 19, to have the same fore thought and judgement at 19 as one at 25 or 26? Life is about learning from mistakes ( I’m sure you and I have made a few, we are not proud of) made in High school and College.

    I’d much rather give a QB a opportunity that has wronged society, at 19,and got caught and paid his debt, rather than at 28 and got away with it. Would it be nice to have a roster of angels and squeaky clean guys that have never wronged before…you bet, but I live in the real world, and know there is no team like that.

    For the Hawks, situation, keep building with youth,looking to be on top within 2 or 3 years, snagging more picks, and coaching up what we have now.

  21. dougpinoski2 says:

    Seattle needs to get rid of tjax and stay away from rg3. Only one african american qb has won a sbowl. Maybe someday those odds will change and I hope they do. We need to go with theodds and history and take a caucasian qb. Some people might think that sounds bad but its true. Get Peyton to Seattle or Flynn if the price isnt too high. If not them take a qb in a later round. Peace

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