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Morning links: WR Baldwin putting in work

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 13, 2012 at 8:18 am with 29 Comments »
February 13, 2012 8:19 am
Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin (15) against the San Francisco 49ers in an NFL football game in San Francisco, Sunday, Sept. 11, 2011. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

I talked with Seattle Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin last week and for this story. Baldwin is one of the few healthy players not rehabbing an injury still working out at the team’s facility.

Baldwin said he’s putting in the work now in order to build on the success he had in his first year, and that he wants to be known as a complete receiver – not just a guy who can get open out of the slot.

Baldwin also came to the defense of his quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, who’s been criticized for his play at the end of 2011 this offseason.

Baldwin: “Tarvaris can’t do it all by himself,” Baldwin said. “He’s sitting back there and he’s taking the pressure. He takes a lot of heat from fans and a lot of criticism from whoever, but Tarvaris is one of those guys that if he’s given an opportunity, he’s going to make the best of it.

“With the capability that he has, it’s up to the receivers, the running backs and the offensive line to give him that opportunity. Late in games I think we’re putting a lot on his shoulders, and a lot of guys, including myself, weren’t coming through for him in key situations when he needed us to.”

Adam Rink of provides musical mascots for each team in the league. Rink tags Soundgarden for the Seahawks.

More Rink: The Seahawks “Locker Room Rock” from 1985 appropriately makes his list of worst sports videos by a team ever.

Economists Tyler Cowen and Kevin Grier writing for Grantland paint a grim fantasy prediction for the future of football, where litigation because of the rise in concussions in high school, college and the NFL lead to the eventual end of the sport in 10 to 15 years. While an unlikely scenario, it’s an interesting read, and something I’m sure the NFL is working to protect itself against.

Mike Florio of pours water on the two’s prediction.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated comes to the defense of the Hall of Fame committee members who have taken heat for leaving Bill Parcells and Cris Carter out this year.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I was really impressed with Baldwin on the live chat last week. He’s candid, seems down to earth, and I don’t have a doubt in the world he’ll bust his ass to get everything out of his talent.

  2. sascotch says:

    You know, all our receivers (players) should think like this. “Chance favors the prepared mind [body]“. Mike Williams should be there with him, working out. They can feed off each other and Mike can mentor the young-ling and it would motivate Mike to get better. They all should be training like those Adidas or Reebok commercials.

    Read more here:

  3. Dukeshire says:

    The Adam Rink piece is a fun concept, but he clearly knows next to nothing about music. I presume his idea is predicated on living musicians, otherwise Hendrix is the only choice for Seattle. But even still, Soundgarden? Meh… How about Pearl Jam, at least. And Harry Conick Jr for the Saints? With all the musicians in that area? I’m embarrassed for him, that’s so bad. Hell, he couldn’t even come up with an actual band for the Broncos. I love South Park, but at least give them Bug Head Todd and the Monsters. When good ideas go bad… what a moron.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    *Big* Head…

  5. I love Doug Baldwin, and sincerely hope Seattle gives him a raise and a contract extension in the offseason.

    However, anyone with eyes can see T-Jack had opportunities to win the game in the fourth quarter, he just wasnt good enough (poor pocket awareness, innaccurate throws) to get the job done. Its nice Baldwin is defending his teammate, but the fact is Jackson isnt good enough to be a good NFL qb.

    Jackson missed plenty of open recievers, and was so afraid to throw a pick he wouldnt even try to get a ball to a reciever other than Rice who was covered. BMW is very good at using his huge body to block defenders draped all over him, and make the catch anyway. BMW’s lack of production was more due to having a poor qb than not getting open. He didnt seem much slower than the year before. The difference was the qb.

    How many times did Jackson miss open recievers deep? I know he did it in the last game against AZ–he had Obomanu open for a TD and totally blew it. That was just the most recent whiff on Jacksons part. The guy is a great person, a good teammate and leader, but he is innaccurate as hell, and he is battling Gabbert for worst pocket presence in the NFL.

    I stayed on the Jackson badwaggon for the most part, until after he came back from injury and was healed. Then he had several of his worst games, and failed to win even a single game when down in the fourth quarter. The guy is a stop-gap at best.

    And how anyone can say Hass wouldnt have been a major upgrade boggles my mind. When allowed to throw the football in Tenn, he was pretty damned good. Ultra-conservative playcalling in the red zone and losing Britt hurt him bad (not to mention how worthless CJ was most of the year), but Hass played very well overall. And he would have been smart enough to dump the ball early when pressured, something Jackson will never figure out. I think if Hass lived through the first four games where our line was swiss cheese (and he would have), we would have been at least 10-6. But who knows? All I know is Jackson isnt the answer to anything. He makes me wish for the return of John Friesz.

  6. Dukeshire–Good call on the BHTM. At least they are a CO band.

  7. ToddSchneider says:

    One of the first times I have actually believed Peter King…

  8. wabubba67 says:

    I think it’s a little bit of both with Jackson…he’s not quite good enough and neither are his receivers (to say nothing of the protection that he gets from the OL). I was at the AZ game to finish the year and I remember Obomonu dropping a deep ball that would have gone for a TD early in the game….later TJ delievered another perfect deep pass to Lockette for a TD. I actually think that he throws a pretty decent deep ball with time (always questionable right now), but has difficulty throwing intermediate routes over the middle.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- Great post! I agree with everything. Especially the part of Hasselbeck being able to withstand the constant pressure early in the season.
    He had to deal with crappy line play before he left and managed to help get us to the Playoffs and a first round win, that is one of the greatest wins in Seahawk history.
    So what does the FO do in return? Give him a take it or leave it one year offer. I could see it if they had a concrete plan to replace him but they didn’t, or wouldn’t.
    There is no doubt in my mind that we would have made the playoffs last year with Hasselbeck!
    I was kind of expecting the FO last year to either draft a stud D-lineman ( in a deep D-line year), and/or draft a qb like Dalton. And I was hopeing that they would have signed Hasselbeck and perhaps upgrade the Lines through free agency.
    We wouldn’t be talking (on almost every thread) about how we need a qb for the future and how we need a qb for the present if the FO would have done that.
    Tennessee got it right! Cincinnati got it right too.
    I hope like hell the FO gets it right soon!

    By the way, just about everything else the FO is doing is beyond what I expected, and that’s what makes it more frustrating to witness as a fan. How can they do so many great things for this team at almost every position and then seemingly blow it two years in a row with their qb transactions?
    I can only hope that they have something up their sleeve , because I can see us not going far at all in the playoffs if we even have a chance to make it at all.

  10. “However, anyone with eyes can see T-Jack had opportunities to win the game in the fourth quarter, he just wasnt good enough (poor pocket awareness, innaccurate throws) to get the job done. Its nice Baldwin is defending his teammate, but the fact is Jackson isnt good enough to be a good NFL qb.”

    STTBM = common sense!

  11. piperfeltcher says:

    Was reading that KC has 63 mill in cap room and TB has 60 mill going to be some crazy contracts handed out this off-season.

  12. chuck_easton says:


    No cap floor until 2013. Why would two of the cheapest teams in the league spend just because they can? Nothing prevents either team from going into next year with the same amount of cap room.

  13. As the Bucs have especially proven, they will NOT spend too much unless they have to. I can easily see them going with a big bucks mega-signing (like Mario Williams) to appease their fan base to a degree, and then continue pocketing all of the rest of their lute (like the past two years).

  14. freedom_X says:

    Disagree almost completely on Mike Williams. He was slower than last year. In post season interviews he himself said he played too heavy this season and was going to slim down to improve his quickness. He either bulked up too much or let himself get out of shape. Either way, lack of quickness is what derailed his career earlier.

    Even if he was able to outmuscle or outjump people (and I didn’t see much of that even when he was targeted), it was only for a short gain. Better to just go to 2 TE’s and have the option of getting some blocking out of it if you call run.

    The “throw to a covered receiver because he’ll outmuscle or outjump the defender” offensive scheme is without merit to me. Larry Fitzgerald is the only current receiver who can consistently do that.

    Yes, if you look at highlights, Calvin and Andre Johnsons, are making some plays like that. But that’s one pass play out of 10 or 15 targets at best. If 6 out of those 10 targets are jump balls or throws into tight coverage, even these guys *maybe* come up with it twice, miss 3 times, and it gets picked once. Not good enough odds for me.

    If Seattle gets two or three Fitzgeralds, then that offensive gameplan might work. But even Fitzgerald only comes up with 2 or 3 of these a game, at most.

  15. Personally, I didn’t see much difference b/w BMW this past season than the version we had in ’10. The only difference is that he had a competent QB in 2010 who helped make him look good (and he, in return did come through with some tough catches, most notably against AZ).

    Now, before I go too anti-Jackson here (which I’m usually good for since I think he sucks as an NFL starter, but among the best, in part, due to his experience starting AND in this system), I’d like to say that I think Tarvaris had less of a need to force the ball to BMW because his weapons were superior to what Matt had. Jackson had Miller, Matt had Carlson. Advantage T-Jack. Jackson has Rice, while he was healthy, over anyone Matt had last year (BMW). Matt also never had anyone as good as Baldwin, even though he was “only” a rookie. Jackson also had a 2nd year Tate, not that that’s saying much, but 2nd year WRs are almost always better than their rookie counterparts (i.e. the rookie version of him) and that was the case w/Tate too. Nevermind that Jackson had a great run game for half the year… Matt hasn’t had a great run game like that even if you could add all of our good run games from ’06-’10, compared to what the ‘Hawks had the last half of the season this past year. And before we compare sack numbers, lets not forget that Matt got sacked, yes, but he didn’t take as many needless and utterly stoopid sacks as Jackson took due to his lack of pocket awareness.

    Back to the BMW thing (easy to get off topic when you have a QB as crappy as ours), it’s not like he was great on all passes thrown his way in ’10. He still had his dumb drops if you don’t remember. I vividly remember to passes he easily should have caught that hit him in the hands that he couldn’t come up with that would have been TDs and I think they ended up INTs (1 for Matt, 1 for Weirdbeard), among others. And he looked like a marshmellow against the Bears in the play-offs when they jammed him. He looked like a little school girl that game (bigger than the DBs jamming and kicking the crap out of him).

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Matt never had anyone as good as Baldwin? Come on now. Engram and D Jackson… Baldwin had a really nice season, but let’s be reasonable. Lol

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    True Dukeshire, However Matt didn’t have a top ten defense either.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    That has nothing to do with anything. Let alone what I called Bobby out for. And believe me, he and I will have a laugh about that.

  19. I didn’t think D-Jack or Engram were on the team in 2010, which is what I was comparing when talking about the difference between BMW/Matt in ’10 and BMW/Tarvaris in 2011.

    Matt didn’t have a run game for a half decade, while Tarvaris didn’t have a run game for one half of one season. Whether he had a run game or not, BMW did not produce this past season (so the run game thing doesn’t really matter with respect to BMWs production in the first or second half of the season this past year, at least until the season ending injury).

    Georgia – you didn’t understand that I was only comparing the QB/receiver situation from 2010/2011 either? I reread it and it seems fairly clear that I was only talking about BMW from ’10 to ’11. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned the run game stuff from the previous half decade (which really didn’t matter – that must be where the confusion came from).

  20. You were misunderstood, Bobby, because you used the word “never.” That implies a longer period than a single season. You should have just said “Matt didn’t have anyone as good as Baldwin …”

  21. Dukeshire says:

    Exactly Canfan. Sorry Bobby, but I understood part of the comparison was from ’10 to ’11, but the “Matt never had…” seemed to reach all the way back for him. In any case…

  22. piperfeltcher says:

    I thought the collective bargaining agreement stated the league had to spend 98% of the cap as a league in the 1st 2 years of the deal and that is why teams are allowed to carry over there cap space to this year? Now I understand it will not be a true 98% as all bonuses and such can be put against this years cap but still means teams will need to spend there money.

  23. I want a team full of Baldwins – Guys who wanna work – Guys who wanna play – guys who will do whatever it takes to get on the field and STAY on the field.

    these are the types of guys who play for the love and appreciate the attention and money but dont seem to live only for it

  24. piperfeltcher says:

    Salary floors: Players accepted a relatively low salary cap in exchange for the raising the minimum teams have to spend. This can’t be underestimated. 99% of the salary cap must be spent in cash in aggregate between 2011-2012. The league-wide number falls to 95% after that. Teams must spend at least 89% of the cap from 2013-2016 and 2017-2020

  25. Bobby, more TJack bashing…. Maybe you should look at stats rather than cherry pick.

    2009 Matt QB rating 75.1,
    2010 Matt QB rating 73.2 (Bottom 4 of NFL)
    2011 TJack QB rating 79.2

    Yes you can say completion percentages, Tjack edges that too
    Yes you can argue TD’s agst Interceptions…. Par on that one

    And to say TJack had better weapons, Miller basically blocked the whole season to help out Carp and after the concussion played scared, Rice well the healthy couple of games he played he was Tjacks go to guy but the constant rotation at that position isnt good for continuity and allowing a QB to get rapport with his No.1 receiver.
    Williams didnt show up, played slow and also was on and off the filed way too much
    Obo dropped too many easy balls
    Tate towards the end of the season granted started running the routes he should have been running in game 1 and finishing of those routes

    Now the O-line, a revolving door throuigh the season with 2 1st round picks and 12nd round pick going down, not to mention the expensive free agent again on and off the field

    Now lets talk about taking sacks, yes ill give you TJack held on to the ball too long on too many occasions and certainly needs work on that but he didnt do a Hass and roll over when a DT or DE got within 10 yards of him.

    Now im not dissing Hass, he was grerat for this franchise but towards the end apart from an odd game here or there it was tough to watch and I thought that PC and JS might the right decision letting him walk.

    Calling Cousins or Tanehill elite or the face of the franchise is ridculous, they might well be but I dont see either coming in day 1 and starting

    Also Bobby your call to pay the farm for Luck, not a chance in hell PC or JS who have spent endless roster spot moves and hours building a team and a team ethic which seems a little uniquie in the NFL in that most of the players get on and like each others company and like playing for each other…. You dont just blow that up for 1 player

    Also you kind of contradict yourself by saying on one hand Bradford is an Elite QB but sucks because he doesnt have the players around him and then on the other your advocating the Hawks do exactly the same thing.

  26. You really think Matt would have had that exact same passer rating as he did in ’09 and ’10 if he’d had as good/dominant of run game as Tarvaris had for the last half of this past season, are you? Nevermind as good of a defense in addition to a run game opening up things for the QB to make plays (i.e. higher passer rating).

    When you’re a good QB and are forced to force the ball (like he did with BMW in ’10 that Tarvaris couldn’t do in ’11 with the same receiver) you’re going to naturally throw more picks if you know that you need to take chances to win the game. Heck, this staff kept the training wheels on Tarvaris this past season, we could see that, so he wouldn’t turn the ball over. Even one of the final drives they hardly let him throw it b/c they know how bad he sucks and didn’t trust him.

    So, you’re saying that Obo didn’t drop any easy balls in ’10? You’re smoking something. He made some big plays, but he also had some bad drops too. Remember the first play of the Bears play-off game when Matt hit him in the hands, but it turned into an INT to start the game? There were others in the regular season too.

    Miller spent most of his season blocking? Like Carlson never did that in ’10 (block most of the time)?

    This OL was the second best Seahawks OL since ’05 thanks to Cable. Even with the rookies. Sure, the first three weeks were brutal, but then you can say this OL the rest of the way was better than ’07 unit (who couldn’t run block). In your world, I guess the OL of ’10 wasn’t a revolving door either? Or ’09? Or ’08 for that matter (with the worst WR situation in the history of this franchise)?

    How many times did I say the biggest reason for the bad Bradford this year, moreso than talent, was the fact that he was hurt? Look in the mirror before you use the cherry pick line.

    The Luck stuff is that ***I*** would trade the farm for him. ***I*** would. I know that “they” won’t.

    Lets talk passer rating:
    If you have a dominant run game, the defense must commit another man in the box, which means there are less people in coverage. Less people in coverage means it’s easier to complete passes. This is what Tarvaris had (in addition to better receivers than Matt had in ’08-’09-’10).

    Matt had to face more people in coverage b/c teams knew we couldn’t run. That means they know we’re going to throw in some situations AND they have more people in coverage waiting for it. If you want to see a crappy passer rating, I would have loved (no I would not have) to have seen Tarvaris deal with that for the previous three seasons. He sucks bad enough with a great run game, than if he had to face more men in coverage when people knew he had to throw consistently. I guess cold hard facts/stats are better than using common sense though?

  27. I wish we had Hass last year. I hope we don’t have T. Jack this year unless we draft a Qb, but then we could get lucky and that dude would over take T. Jack in the offseason, highly unlikely though. We would probably have to wait for Jackson to lose a couple of games for us again, i.e. collecting ridiculous sacks or throwing those untimely int’s because he has to force it due to those ridiculous sacks before the rookie would get a chance. Just go get Flynn, it’s all a gamble anyways, at least we’ve seen a little bit of what he can do.

  28. I’m sorry people. Having our current QB situation really brings out the worst in me. I don’t like it (and want that position fixed).

    All I want is to WIN a Super Bowl. I don’t care about 11-5 seasons with no realistic chance to actually win it all without a lot of luck. That’s where I fear we’re headed with T-Jack and a great surrounding cast.

    I know the rants can get old, but I don’t think anyone should be accepting of worthlessness at the most important position either.

    We all want to win it all and I hope to see it sooner, rather than later.

  29. boycie99 says:

    Agree 100pct Bobby…

    All I want as a Hawks fan is that Superbowl

    The 11-5 seasons and almost being good enough seem to typify the Hawks history, can be good but never elite

    While I support TJack I freely admit if we want to be elite we need an improvement at QB but Im realistic as to what our options are and last year PC and JS who know a lot more than me felt TJack gave us a better chance than Hass and I support that

    Heres hoping they can package some stuff together to get either RG III(picks not players) or if healthy Manning or Kolb if the Cards go after Manning

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