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Morning links: Cruising the mock drafts

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 12, 2012 at 10:28 am with 36 Comments »
February 12, 2012 10:28 am
North Squad wide receiver Brian Quick (88) of Appalachian State, is tackled by South Squad linebacker Zach Brown (47) of North Carolina, in the first half of the Senior Bowl NCAA college football game at Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Mobile, Ala., Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

With a little over two months remaining until the NFL draft in April, I thought today we’d take a look around some of the national sites to see who they have the Seahawks selecting.

Chad Reuter and Bucky Brooks of have Seattle selecting North Carolina outside linebacker Zach Brown, an athletic specimen that would improve Seattle’s speed at that position. But don’t forget Seattle still has Malcolm Smith and Jameson Konz in the fold.

Rob Rang of still has Seattle selecting Penn State defensive tackle Devon Still in his latest mock draft, which would upgrade an already stout run defense inside.

Russ Lande of the Sporting News has the Seahawks selecting Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill in his latest mock draft, probably the best signal caller available if Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are likely gone.

Walter Football has Seattle selecting South Carolina defensive end Melvin Ingram – although he’s one of the best edge rushers in the draft, Ingram is somewhat similar to players already on Seattle’s roster like Dexter Davis and Pierre Allen.

Wes Bunting of the National Football Post has Seattle selecting North Carolina defensive end Quinton Coples. I’d be surprised if he’s available at 11 or 12.

ESPN’s Ted Miller talks to former Seahawks head coach Jim Mora about his transition from an NFL coach to heading up the football program at UCLA.

Chris Egan of KING 5 TV talks with Seahawks president Peter McLoughlin about his transition from the St. Louis Blues NHL team to Seattle in this video link.

ESPN’s John Clayton interviews Seahawks offensive lineman Breno Giacomini about his new contract in this audio link. The interview begins about 28 minutes in.

Rob Rang of reports that Stanford and Baylor have scheduled their pro days on the same day on March 22, making it hard for teams to see both Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III throw in person.

More Rang: He has the list of all the college pro days here.

Corky Trewin of shares some photos from the 12th Man on his blog.

Morning links
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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I like Still well enough, but I’d almost prefer they take Brockers, if they choose to go interior d line. I think it’s a “riskier” pick, but from what I’ve seen, I believe he has a much higher ceiling as an interior pass rusher than Still.

    Is Tannehil a sure fire first rounder? Not at 11 / 12, but in general? Is it realistic he may fall to them in the second? To be honest, I haven’t seen him play much, I’ll have to hit the Internet…

  2. Dukeshire says:


  3. IFFF Brockers is available(ideal) he will be the Seahawks pick but chances are that he’ll be gone. Sad face.

    My next two favs are DeCastro & Perry. A motivated Coples would join that group. Upshaw or Still though not “speed” guys wouldn’t hurt either.

    Depth, depth, depth!!!

  4. If we don’t land a free agent QB (Flynn or a HEALTHY Manning), I’ll be hoping for Tannenhill at 11/12. I saw a little bit of him and think he’ll be fine in the right system (a WCO type of system, which works well for us). I’m not willing to say he’s going to be the “answer” with any certainty (not that anyone is guaranteed, unless it’s a Suh or Luck thing) but we’re certainly not going to the promise land without a real QB either, no matter how good the rest of the team is. Sure, we could go to the NFC Championship Game or something, but is that really the ultimate goal?

    I hope Coples is gone by the time we draft!

    I like Malcom Smith going into next season. I think he’s a guy already on hand that is going to make the LBs much faster. I think he could have an impact almost like Chancellor (don’t do much in their rookie season and then become a valuable performer in year two). I just don’t see any way of getting around drafting a QB — and if that position is already taken care of with a Flynn — a pass rusher with our 1st round pick. I really don’t think we can expect greatness next season without those two things improved (QB/pass rush).

    Eric – I still have some Dexter Davis kool-aid in my system. I don’t know why but it’s a gut thing about him and his potential to be an above average pass rusher. I think he can greatly improve the pass rush next season. Am I wrong to keep thinking he’s going to be a guy who can help us to the tune of 6-8 sacks (or 10 if things work out for the best)?

  5. My Free Agent/Draft Wish List In Terms Of Importance:

    1. Sign Flynn.
    2. Add pass rush.
    3. Retain Lynch (but not at the expense of signing Flynn).
    4. There are other areas in need of improvement, but none overly close to the top three.

  6. If we have a QB by the time the draft rolls around, I’m going to be rooting hard for Perry with our #1 pick.

    It has nothing to do with me thinking he’s going to be great, it’s simply knowing that Mr. Happy won’t swing and miss on him. If we draft him, it’s because he’s going to be a legit edge rusher. If we don’t, it’s because he’s not going to be a great NFL player. I trust him on this one.

    He knows his USC guys and he hasn’t been wrong on any of them yet (passing on a guy like Mays in the draft, Leinart in free agency, etc. or adding a guy like Smith at the right price, which I think will turn out to be a steal). And low-risk, high-reward guys (LenWhale, BMW) he’s been fair with too.

    Ideally, we’ll have Flynn, can move down 2-5 spots, add a pick or two, and still draft Perry! It may be fantasyland thinking, but it’s what I’m hoping for! If you have no hope in life, you have nothing.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – I really liked what I saw in M Smith during the preseason. Although its a bit irrational, I too have fairly high expectations for him at Will.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    What about this (as I’m not a big hypothetical guy): if they don’t sign Flynn / Manning, trading out of 11 / 12, for an extra pick or two, and still taking Tannehill late in the first…?

  9. Duke – Here’s a little blurb on Tannenhill:

    It seems Mr. Happy would brainwash him on limiting the risky throws (unless he’s throwing to a healthy Sidney Rice), which I did notice on an INT and what we seem to read about with him.

  10. He may not be there. But after that copy/paste I put on the site about Cousins a few days ago, I almost want him. I simply believe that the face of your franchise must be a good person (T-Jack has an A+ on this one), smart, role model, well spoken, etc. At least that’s what I want.

    How funny is that? The one game I watched of him (Cousins) against Nebraska, he was absolutely terrible. Yet if you look at all of his stats, they were never close to that bad. We’ve all had bad games, whether we were high school or college, whatever… And all I have ever read about him has been positive. WTF? I wish I would have watched one more full game of his this past season! And like Luck last year, I wish there was a way to rewatch entire games on the ‘Net.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Cousins is one of the few guys that really stood out to me during the Sr Bowl practices. Beyond how he carried himself, he really showed a stronger and more accurate arm than he gets credit for, IMO.

  12. yakimahawk says:

    BobbbK and Duke (especially Bobby K) yes it is importand to get a QB,an elite one ! Tanehill and Cousins though both may prove to be worthy (seviceable) I highly doubt either will ever become elite..Aren’t we trying to wine a Super Bowl here? Why are we trying to push the envelope and force things? Wasting a first round draft choice on any one of these guys is idiocy, IMO…Let someone else do it!

  13. yakimahawk says:

    There have been like 10 ELITE QB’s taken in like the last 10 years and about 10 times as many first round bust QB’s taken in the first round…What makes you guys think 4..5..QB’s taken this year are going to be the face of the that franchise for the next decade…Look at the QB’s taken in mid 80’s era compared to now…The college game (spread) is creating good athletes at QB’s and heisman type’s not necessarily great NFL QB’s…I personally think we have a shortage of high level college QB’s today and that is my whole point NOT to be reaching and wasting picks..Lord knows the Hawks have enough 1st round bombs on QB’s..

  14. yakimahawk says:

    typing w one hand sorry about spelling

  15. Dukeshire says:

    The spread argument isn’t as strong today as it was 5+ years ago. NFL teams are incorporating spread principles into their game plans, more and more. The Pats, Packers, and Saints are perfect examples of this. That doesn’t mean that one shoud “reach” for a QB (or any position) but the fact remains, Seattle has to address the position, and soon. How best to do that is certainly debatable, but they cannot simply wait until their ideal comes along. They have to go out and make it happen, one way or another.

  16. I really like Tannehill. Depending on what Miami and Washington do, the Seahawks could potentially trade down into late round 1 and still draft him while adding an extra pick, and this could be an ideal scenario.

    If you watch Tannehill, consider that he didn’t play QB full-time until 2010. This kid is still raw but learned and improved extremely fast. He’s a natural athlete, great feet, great speed, smart, quick learner, and should keep getting better. I think his upside could be through the roof.

    If Schneider and Carroll disagree, then I’ll want to see a 3-tech DT or a rush DE drafted, but I have yet to be real impressed by any of the DTs or DEs in this draft. I actually love watching the Bigs run their agility drills at the combine, so at least there’s that to look forward to.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo – That was my proposal as well. Presuming Seattle likes Tannehill, they may be able to get him and additional pick(s). (What’s happened to me? I’m now playing the “what if” game? Christ, I need a drink…)

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Russ Lande is an idiot!
    My dog could do a better job with a mock draft!

    No Courtney Upshaw in the first round? Zach Brown #32 to the Giants? Devon Still #25 to the Broncos? David Decastro # 24 to the Stealers? Coby fleener # 22 to the Browns? Trent Richardson #16 to the Jets?
    And now for the grand finale, Alameda Ta’amu # 6 to the Redskins?
    ” Are you kidding me?” The same Ta’amu that was dominated by DeCastro and company for 446 rushing yards this year!

    How do people like Russ Lande keep their jobs? This is as a complete joke of a mock draft that I have seen in a long while!

  19. HawkfaninMT says:

    Wish lists…

    1) Sign Flynn
    2) Re-sign Lynch, Red, Hawthorne
    3) Add Stevie Johnson
    4) Draft: 1st-Brockers, 2nd-Andre Branch, 3rd- Chris Polk

  20. yaki – perhaps you’ve missed my many points how I’d be willing to trade the farm for Luck b/c I’d give almost anything for a franchise QB?

    Georgia – Yeah. That’s lunacy. DeCastro and Richardson falling that far? lol

    Duke – have one for me!

  21. Patches_Pal says:

    Some may think Tannehill is a reach at 12. Others think he will be gone before the Seahawks pick. If he is there I would select him unless we have filled our QB need in free agency. Tannehill has more potential than Locker did last year. I like him more than RG3. I expect to see four QB’s selected in the first round. All in all, it is a weak draft.

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If we don’t get Still or Upshaw in this draft, then by all means try to move down and pick up Tannehill if he is still available. If not than pick DeCastro or Kirpatrick!
    If we can somehow sign Flynn this year, and a pass rusher in free agency, we will be sitting well on our roost at the top of the NFC west. Imo.

  23. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Eric (and anyone else who has facts as opposed to opinions) I have not seen Zach Miller play and know nothing of him. How does he compare to Aaron Curry at this stage of his (Miller’s) career? Do they play similar styles, systems, etc? Just curious as I know nothing of him.

  24. SandpointHawk says:

    Did you mean Zach Miller of the Seahawks or the Jaguars?

    I bet you meant Zach Brown from North Carolina.

    But that’s just my opinion :)

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I don’t now much about Zach Miller do to him kind of pulling a disappearing act after the Seahawks signed him to big money.

    I do know it’s a fact that Zach Miller plays TE. Lol.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    You can thank Bevil, not Miller himself, for his “disappearing act”

  27. chuck_easton says:

    There’s so much debate going on about who Seattle will draft. I think I’ll just end the whole discussion here:

    Round 1: CB
    Round 2: Kicker
    Round 3: Punter
    Round 4: Long Snapper
    Round 5: Safety
    Round 6: CB
    Round 7: Safety

    There, now everyone’s unhappy! My work here is done. Off to the office to do my real job that I get paid for and that I have some actual knowledge about how things will go.

  28. Whoever Seattle takes at 12, as long as they are an impact player, I will be happy. Drafting anyone for depth in the first round is idiotic–thats what our old pal Timmay! Ruskell did. Look how many of his first round picks have made the Pro Bowl. Yeah, zero. (I think Roddy White for the Falcons is the only one, though he may have done better there).

    I havent watched enough of Tannehill’s games to have a strong opinion, but I sincerely hope Seattle doesnt reach on a guy because of positional need or measurables. That doesnt work out too well in most cases. I dont think you take a qb in the first round unless youre in love with him.

    I also dont believe in taking a run-stuffing DT that high. High first round picks should net you an impact player at an impact position. Qb, WR, DE, CB, LT, DT with pass rush ability, etc.

    However, I also believe you take the best player available unless its close, then you bring positional need into it. As I said, as long as the pick turns out to be an impact player, I think I’ll be happy. I dont want to see any more reaches like Carpenter. No matter how much he improves, its still ridiculous they drafted him over Carimi.

  29. ChrisHolmes says:

    @yakimahawk You never know which QB in a draft is going to be Elite. That’s the point. We can guess all day, but no one knows. Who are you to say Tannehill isn’t going to be the next Tom Brady? How do you know?

    Some picks seem safer than others, but no one knows for sure. People thought Ryan Leaf was in the same class as Peyton Manning…

    And at the same time, Tom Brady waited a lot of rounds…

    I think the success of an NFL QB comes down to several things…
    There are things you simply cannot teach (desire to win, accuracy, arm strength, to name a few). There are certain things which you can *try* to teach, but are very difficult (throwing motion and speed of release – exhibits A and B being Tebow and Aaron Rogers).

    And the real trick here is – do you have a head coach and GM who place higher value on the qualities and attributes that tend to be common among Elite QB’s at the NFL level?

    This is the thing that concerns me about PC and JS. With Holmgren we knew what he valued: decision making and accuracy. Above all else, in order to run that offense, that’s what he needed. And I think those are crucial attributes that are common to all Elite QB’s.

    JS and PC seem to value attributes that I personally don’t, and for which I cannot find as common denominators to Elite QB’s. They value mobility, for some reason I don’t understand. This isn’t college. Pure, raw athleticism doesn’t make a difference at the NFL level. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are two of the more immobile QB’s to play the game. They’re also two of the best. I’m hoping that PC and JS value mobility only due to the state of the OL, and that once they have the OL in place, they will focus on getting a QB with really important attributes, like accuracy, decision making, and the ability to process information quickly.

    Tannehill presents an interesting case. The kid doesn’t have much real experience at QB, but scouting reports say he’s already more NFL ready to take snaps from under center than anyone except Luck. And he appears to have a nice, compact release and be accurate.

    There could be a lot of upside to him. He could also be a total disaster. Right now, it’s too soon to tell.

  30. wabubba67 says:

    Zach Miller “disappeared” for two reasons:

    1.) The season ending injury to John Carlson. There is no way the Seahawks were willing to invest that much money into the TE position without envisioning that it would become the focal point of the offense…especially with TJ at QB…a great TE or two is a scrambling, inaccurate QB’s best friend.

    2.) Injuries along most of the offensive line. This, combined with the Carlson injury, almost forced Bevell to keep Miller almost exclusively on the line to block.

    Let’s see what Miller will be able to do this year before hinting that he’s a bust. He’ll have a training camp under his belt and maybe Carlson will be back. A young, upcoming player doesn’t go from being a Pro Bowler as a Raider to just another guy overnight.

  31. wabubba67 says:

    By the way, I am completely sold on Robert Griffin III as a stud QB in the NFL. Some of the throws that he made against Washington were passes that not too many NFL QBs make right now….off-balance, under pressure, off his back foot, and he still was throwing accurate lasers along the sideline where only his receiver had a chance at the ball. Unfortunately, Baylor figured out that the Huskies couldn’t stop the run by the midway point in the second quarter and we didn’t get to see too much more of his arm after that.

    I’ve also seen him while being interviewed…seems to be very smart, charismatic, and genuine. All of the traits that you want in a QB if you are a teammate or the organization.

    Haven’t seen Tannenhill play at all, but I would be surprised if he has the ability to be RG III’s equal.

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Let’s see what Miller will be able to do this year before hinting that he’s a bust.”

    If I am hinting at anything about Miller ( as we all know) it’s that some players do go from Pro Bowler to just another guy when they get a big contract. However like I said, ” I don’t know much about Zach Miller.”
    I hope if/when we do give Lynch a big pay day that he doesn’t pull the disappearing act like Cris Johnson did over in Tennessee.

    And I was more Impressed with the Washington Huskies qb in the Bowl game then Robert Griffin, but I don’t Know much about him Either.

  33. Zach Miller is an above average blocker. That’s about all I know of him after watching the Seahawks this past season.

  34. chucko24 says:

    I’m as confused as ever about who I want the Hawks to take. The bottom line is its a crap-shoot. Look at J Carpenter. They said he was a reach, I hoped he was a sleeper, and he looked slow and at times just not very good. Giacamino proved to be better and he was a free agent signing, know what I mean?

    I guess what I am trying to say is I hope we take the best player available that will be a Hawk for years to come. If its a QB, cool. If its a DE, better! Lets just hope we hit on our picks because we gotta get these ones right.

  35. freedom_X says:

    So, how come James Carpenter is a bust after one year (where he got hurt) but Giacomini is a big success story and clearly a better talent after being in the year 4 years? (2 years in the Cable system?)

    Many of Seattle’s current success stories are players that took a few years to come around (Red Bryant, Chris Clemons, Giacomini himself, etc.) If Carpenter doesn’t get any better by his 3rd year, then write him off like Curry.

    But really, this desire for instant gratification is verging on absurd. If the coaching and front office staff, whose jobs depend on it, think he’s the right guy, then what’s the fan reason?

    “Carroll and Schneider don’t want to admit they made a mistake?” Who will be the 1st to utter that notorious phrase?

  36. A first round pick should be a starter, if possible – leave the depth picks for later.

    Pass rushing improvement from a starter – I see only 2 options at 11/12th. Quinton Coples at RDE, replacing Clemons, and moving to LDE on passing situations.

    Or, Courtney Upshaw at OLB, replacing Leroy Hill, and playing that rush LB 3-4 scheme on 3rd down passing situations.

    Of course, neither may be left for us, since Jacksonville, Buffalo & Miami have similar needs.

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