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Seahawks Insider live chat with Doug Baldwin replay

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 9, 2012 at 11:41 am with 20 Comments »
February 9, 2012 1:45 pm

We’ll get started at noon, or perhaps a little after. Please be patient.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Great chat. Baldy’s candid and down to earth. Thanks Eric.

  2. “What kind of competitor would I be if I allowed someone else to be more competitive than me?”
    This made me very, very pleased, he seems like a driven player, I love that, especially in a receiver, he is going to be great. Good chat.

  3. ryanryan says:

    well done eric

  4. Baldwin’s a stud, hope to have him around for years to come, dude’s a soldier.

  5. patmcfar8 says:

    Great kid. Everything you could want as a player for your team. I definitely consider him to be a part of our young core… which, much like Pete promised when he first got here, is younger, bigger and stronger. Awesome to watch this team built up the right way. BTW, when can we start referring to him and the other young receivers a Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew.

  6. I wish I could have made this chat. It was fun reading the transcripts though. What’s not to love about the guy?

  7. OBTW – thanks, Eric!

    Maybe next we’ll have Sherman, Chancellor, Browner, Mebane, Moffitt, Carpenter, Unger, Okung, Rice, Tate, or Miller?

  8. Lastly, I find it interesting that the 49ers weren’t even on the final list that Baldwin provided.

  9. maddog12 says:

    Thought his comment on Luck was interesting, (…he has a long way to go but he will be one of the greats). He did not say he was a gb God ready to dominate from day one.

    I hope someway he falls far enough for us to reach him. It does not seem right to me that Colts get Manning then suck enough for Luck.

  10. JazBadAzz says:

    Well I know one thing, he really loves Richard Sherman, must be a Stanford thing.

    I like what he said about T.Jack and BMW…fans don’t see how much some guys mean to the team because all we see is what happens on Sunday for 3hrs. When your working hard thru the week and putting in long hours of prep, those guys are right there to help! If you guys respect Doug.B so much then consider what he said and stop bashing the players he looks up too!

  11. Jaz

    It seems no matter what TJack does, to some he is worthless and waste of a roster place even if his team mates who see him, practice with him and play with him every day say otherwise.

    Im not saying Tjack is the answer to our prayers at QB but the constant bashing and negativity gets tiring especially when players like Rice who came with a big rep and a big fat paycheck and has done absolutely nothing for this team and with his injury history probably wont get away scott free

  12. The unrelenting TJack supporters are at least as annoying as the bashers. At least the bashers have something to point to as their reasoning…

  13. chuck_easton says:

    What about us fence sitters who don’t care either way? Don’t we get to be annoying? This is blatant discrimination to fence sitters everywhere.

  14. JazBadAzz says:

    I don’t t.Jack is so bad that we over pay and mortage a draft to get another qb, he is definilty more important to these guys confidence and growth and maturity than we all realize.

    What if we bring someone in and he doesn’t get accepted as the leader like T.Jack does? It would be a disaster and we back to step one! He does good things sometime and then dumb things sometime…hell Eli threw 31 int last yr and comes in this yr and wins a SB but his team always had is back NO MATTER WHAT! #GRINDING

  15. Dukeshire says:

    What’s interesting to me, is that I can’t think of any “relentless” Jackson supporters. There are of course, relentless bashers. But from what I read, a more accurate description might be “relentless defenders”, and I get that. Look, here’s a guy that took a pounding early on, played injured, and never once pointed the finger anywhere else but hisself. Does that excuse his poor and at times, inept play? Of course not. But the name calling and insults are thoroughly uncalled for, IMO. Seattle needs an upgrade at QB in order to become a legitimate contender. But Jackson is getting the most out of what he has to offer. The fact he’s the starter now is not his fault.

  16. SandpointHawk says:

    February 22-28: NFL Combine

    March 13: Free agency begins

    April 16: Offseason program begins

    April 26-28: NFL Draft

    May 11-13: Rookie minicamp

    May 22: OTAs begin

    June 12-14: Mandatory minicamp

    June 15: Conclusion of offseason program

  17. SandpointHawk says:


    “But the closer you look, the better Baldwin looked. While his receptions (51), receiving yards (788) and touchdown catches (four) ranked fourth, fourth and sixth among the rookie receivers in the league, he was first in third-down receptions (25), shared the lead in receptions of 20-plus yards (19) and was second in receiving first downs (40) and percentage of receptions that produced first downs (.784, 40 of 51).”

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I Can’t recall anyone here saying that it is T Jacks fault he is the starter. And I don’t think that constant name calling on Jackson is warranted, However I believe if it were Whitehurst or any other qb underachieving at the most important position in team sports they would get similar treatment.
    It usually goes with the territory.
    Do I like the constant bashing and name calling? No! Am I guilty of player name calling in the past? Yes!
    Do I feel bad or sorry for Jackson or Whitehurst for that matter? No way. How could anyone? These players are living their dream and getting paid millions of dollars to be below average at it.

    No matter how much bashing( And I don’t like the constant bashing) I would be laughing my way to the bank if I only had to put up with some fan and media bashing to collect 4- million a year! And I would feel lucky to make that much while producing little in return.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – I’m presuming that was in response to my post, and in that case, I believed you missed my point. Poor QB play always gets heavy criticism. But my post was directed specifically at comments made above. That is, there are some who criticize Jackson regardless of his play, and do so personally. If Whitehurst were playing at Jackson’s level, the would not be directed to him on nearly the personal level they have to Jackson.

  20. Jackson gets paid $4 million per year to suck at what he does in this economy. Poor guy.

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