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Morning links: Bring Manning to Seattle

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 9, 2012 at 7:46 am with 33 Comments »
February 9, 2012 7:48 am

Dave Boling of The News Tribune believes the reward outweighs the risk, and the Seattle Seahawks should go after quarterback Peyton Manning if the Indianapolis Colts release him and he becomes a free agent in March.

Boling: Other teams will be after him, too, but Seattle seems well positioned.

And it wouldn’t mean that you still couldn’t draft a young prospect in the lower rounds and allow him to learn the game from Manning. By not drafting a quarterback in the first round, the Seahawks save the pick (11th or 12th) for another prime need.

Everybody in the locker room would be positively influenced by Manning’s professionalism and game preparation.

Risks? Sure, they’re numerous and obvious. But if there weren’t risks, he would never hit the market.

And if he turns out to be even close to the Peyton Manning who was an 11-time Pro Bowl selection, it’s likely that no other single move could put the Seahawks in contention quicker than landing him.

Clifton Brown of the Sporting News writes that Manning’s best options are Miami and Arizona.

Clare Farnsworth of catches up with Hall of Famer Cortez Kennedy, in town to say thank you to the folks who helped him get inducted.

Jeff Diamond of Sports Illustrated writes that quarterback, offensive tackle and defensive end are the Seahawks’ top needs this offseason.

ESPN’s Mike Sando adds linebacker to the list of Seattle’s needs, as he takes his first look at the draft.

Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated ranks the best and worst NFL broadcasting teams.

Vinnie Iyer of the Sporting News takes a look at the top 100 free agents. Marshawn Lynch comes in at No. 22, David Hawthorne is No. 44, Leroy Hill is No. 56, Red Bryant is No. 57 and John Carlson is No. 94.

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  1. Cornutt says:

    That photoshopped picture of Manning is hilarious. Nice to get a chuckle in the morning!

  2. GeorgiaHawk says:

    That is a funny pic! Looks like Elmer Fudd with Hasselbecks body. Lol.

  3. As long as it’d be low-risk, high-reward type of signing, I’d be all for it. His presense, I firmly believe, would also eliminate many of the needless and utterly stupid penalties we had last off-season. Sure, the team will have less penalties due to experience, but then what’s the excuse of some of our guys like Gallery who were penalty machines?

    If we sign Manning, I’d be happy with that and a 2nd or 3rd round QB and possibly another late round QB, too. Enough screwing around with this position. Manning and a couple of rookies would be fine by me!

    Really, we’re only a QB and at least 1 good pass rusher away from being one of the elites, IMO.

    However, if team doctors weren’t sold, I wouldn’t touch him even at a low risk type of scenario. It would all depend on that. Yes. I’m playing the fence.

  4. RDPoulsbo says:

    “And it wouldn’t mean that you still couldn’t draft a young prospect in the lower rounds and allow him to learn the game from Manning.”

    I see this argument all the time for . Isn’t this what they pay coaches for? The added bonus is coaches don’t cost salary cap or roster space.

  5. RDPoulsbo says:

    Guess the system didn’t like my quotes. This argument that we should sign an aging player to teach younger ones the game. That’s what coaches are for. Is anyone going to make the argument that signing Gallery to help the younger players learn the system something that worked?

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I don’t care if we have to wait until mid season before he’s ready to play. That’s when most teams make their playoff moves anyways.

    All a team has to do is sign a contract that is incentive heavy so there wouldn’t be much risk if he couldn’t play right away.
    However with a team like Washington out there that may be difficult to do.
    I doubt that he would want to play here anyways, but I hope I am wrong!

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    RDPoulsbo- True, it doesn’t always work, but I think it is working in Tennessee.

  8. Cornutt says:

    I think a mentor is very different than a coach. In the case of Manning, I’m guessing his work ethic, study habits, passion for the game, etc., would be infectious–and thus a benefit to the entire team. Nobody would be asking PM to become a QB coach. But having him as a mentor to one or two young QB’s might be a good thing.

  9. Palerydr says:

    I was one of the first to speculate that Manning would be released and become a target of the Seahawks. It appears now that my speculation has been validated. The positives I see are obvious to all a great QB capable of leading a team to the playoffs. The negatives are just as obvious minimized by Mannings willingness to sign an incentive laden contract. The not so obvious is his effect in the locker room. He will get respect unless he can’t perform. TJ will get to watch another HOF QB come in and take his job that will not help his confidence whatever is left of that. Mannings signing will give us the chance to select a pass rusher in the first round. I’m also onboard with selecting a QB in the second which will give us 4 Josh Portis take notice your job isn’t secure. His overall approach to the game is what I like the most and I believe the most important byproduct of his signing that and the Seahawks will no longer be a 60-1 shot to WIN the SB. The national news media will be paying attention to what’s going on here in “southern Alaska”

  10. RDPoulsbo says:

    It should be obvious I’m very against this move. Don’t discount the Titan’s QB coach either. This is the same guy that brought an ancient Kerry Collins and his career back from the dead and actually made Vince Young productive.

    Completely unrelated, has anyone noticed there hasn’t even been a hint of news on contract talks with any of the Seahawk FAs? For having a number of them guys they want to keep, you’d think we’d be hearing something even if it was through player agents.

  11. If he’s healthy enough to play – I’d love to see the Hawks make this happen.

    There was a article about Manning working out away from the Colts facilities, and it crossed my mind, that IF he’s healthy, he could easily be in the mindset of absolutely working his butt off and proving wrong the naysayers. This is the first time in his career he’s had to read that he may not have what it takes to play anymore, so let’s not underestimate the professional pride of an all-time great like Manning. So, if his body will let him, I could easily see him doing what Favre did in his first year at Minnesota (and coincidentally, Peyton would have the same OC, and #1 WR that Favre did).

  12. tchristensen says:

    I agree, the lack of any news on player contract talks is baffling. Makes one wonder if the front office is planning to make a run at Flynn before they lock up their own players. Just a thought.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    RD – I tend to agree with you here. Signing Manning and drafting the so-called QB of the future have nothing to do with one another. IMO, unless the sign Flynn, the have to invest a high round pick into a QB, regardless if the sign Manning. Dave’s argument that they could use a late round pick on a QB If they landed Manning does not hold water, for me. That is something they ought to be looking to do every year, anyway.

    As for the mentor aspect; there is little other than anecdotal evidence that has any relevance or positive impact on whether a QB succeeds or not. That should be very far down the list of reasons why the ought to consider signin him.

  14. Seahawkfan78 says:

    It didnt work out to well for the Colts to have PM mentor the younger QB’s.

  15. SeahawkFan12 says:

    “And it wouldn’t mean that you still couldn’t draft a young prospect in the lower rounds and allow him to learn the game from Manning. By not drafting a quarterback in the first round, the Seahawks save the pick (11th or 12th) for another prime need.”

    EXACTLY. Manning is still going to play at a very high level for the next few years. By “very high level” I directly mean higher than we’ve seen the position played here in Seattle in several years. I don’t care if he’s a bridge QB. WE ALREADY HAVE A ‘BRIDGE’ QB IN TJACK. Do you really want TJack to be the bridge? And to dismiss the value of Manning’s mentorship and influence on a young QB is preposterous.

    Bring in Manning to start winning NOW. Draft a QB this year and/or next year (see: Barkley, Matt). This makes a lot of sense to me. Hopefully it does to the FO as well. Better he (Manning) land in Seattle than in Arizona or SF.

  16. hawkdawg says:

    Nothing has been “validated” here by the only source that could provide “validation”–the Hawks. I have heard precisely nothing to indicate that the Hawks are interested in getting Manning. Until then, this is all noise.

    Interesting noise, to be sure.

  17. We’re going to have the same chance of drafting Barkley next year as we have of getting Luck or RGIII this year. Zero. We’re getting better not worse. Why is it always easier drafting the top QB in next year’s draft?

  18. 78:

    “It didnt work out to well for the Colts to have PM mentor the younger QB’s.”

    Weak argument, since there’s so many other factors involved, but okay.


    I agree that you don’t sign a QB to help mentor younger players. If he becomes a positive force in the locker room and acts as a good role model for young players, that’s a bonus. You get a QB to win, and if PM is healthy I think he’d go a long ways towards that goal. And based on my assumptions about him,those bonuses would be realistic to excpect as well.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Mabey while the qb starved teams are courting Manning the Seahawks could swoop in and sign Flynn.

    Or maybe not.

  20. ryanryan says:

    I am laughing so hard right now, I cannot believe that none of you has brought up the fact that TJack would be ‘getting screwed’ by his new coaching staff and front office EXACTLY like he did in MN…it’s like he’s Larry David, this couldn’t be scripted any worse for him.

    That said, I don’t think the hawks will go after him, call it a hunch…but it would go against everything that they have so far done to revitalize the roster.

  21. T-Jack sucks. Who cares? You produce and you play. You suck and sit. It’s not rocket science. I’ve never seen a Seahawks player ever get more “poor him” crap than TJ has gotten for being subpar! Who cares if he’s nice if he can’t get the job done? Hell, if nice is important we should have kept Ruskell and his “character” stuff around.

  22. ryanryan says:

    @bobbyk – trust me, I would MUCH rather have Manning at qb than t-jack. I just find these musings hilarious and ironic…t-jack must be writhing in agony. Sympathy? Not from me…I want the ball and I’m going to score.

  23. So why does everyone think Manning is would be willing to roll up here again. I hear a lot of speculation from the fans perspective, which is ridiculously biased, but what about his. He controls his own destiny, unless the Colts keep him, which if he is healthy (which is what everyone is basing there wants on) they would be crazy not to. Also, ditto what hawkdawg said except the interesting part. Realistically the Hawks got to be shotting for Flynn or trying their best to get RG3, but since the Rams got that pick, it’s probably a little far fetched, so they are back to Flynn. Sorry boy’s Payton is not coming to Seattle.

  24. ryanryan – I hear ya (and I agree). Just don’t throw to some special teams player who is too stupid and runs the wrong route so you end up being the one looking bad when it’s really not 100% your fault:)


    If I’m Manning, I want a team with a good offensive line, running game, and receivers. I also want to play on a team with a good defense.

    Good OL (that will only improve) – check (thank you Cable).
    Good run game – check (Lynch/Cable).
    Good receivers – check (thank you Rice, Miller, Baldwin…). Need to keep Sidney from getting knocked in the gord too much though.
    Good defense – 1 really good pass rusher away from having a very good defense. DBs are best in NFL headed towards next year. LBs are okay (Smith, Wright, Heater/Lofa – I really think 1 of those 2 will play MLB in ’12). Clemons and Mebane are a nice 1-2 punch. Branch is a nice role player. Need someone else good and then we’re Golden (added depth would be nice).

    I’m trying to think why Manning wouldn’t want to come into this situation. If the Colts can only win 2 games without him and our team can win 7 games with a clown like T-Jack, you’d think a healthy Manning would have us with double-digit wins, including a couple over San Fran.

    Switching Gears:

    I think that signing Flynn AND drafting a QB still makes the most sense. Even if it’s a 2nd or 3rd round QB, that’s fine. I’d rather overkill that position instead of being shortchanged. Sign Flynn and then draft a DE, DT, or OLB/DE type of guy in the 1st. And then in the 2nd/3rd get a combination of whatever we didn’t get in the 1st round AND another QB to compete with Flynn in case he isn’t what we think he’s going to be. Some positions can hold a franchise hostage and I don’t want that. Flynn and a 3rd round QB would be fine with me.

  25. Cornutt says:

    Who’s better? Eli or Payton?

    Thought I’d throw this in here given my infatuation with PM these past few days. Totally irrelevant, but pretty damn funny.,27279/

  26. i want manning

  27. RDPoulsbo says:

    Quite frankly, if it were between TJ or Manning, I’d go TJ. It’s one thing to be bad, but it’s a complete other thing to sign a player tabbed to start that physically can’t play at an NFL level. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t go after Flynn. Just that if they’re going to find a replacement, at least get one that will be physically able to throw a football. The goal is to upgrade here.

  28. RD, I don’t think anyone’s arguing with you about not wanting an unhealthy Manning.

    The people who like the idea of Manning coming in, are those who hope he will be healthy and regain his form.

  29. I said it on the article and I’ll repeat it here because I know that you guys are interested in my opinion. If management doesn’t at least get involved in negotiations it says one of two things; that they already have their QB rostered or that they aren’t interested in getting better. I don’t believe either of those. I don’t want them to sign Manning at any cost, but if he signs a contract with minimal guarantees that doesn’t saddle the team with a cap number on a player that couldn’t play any longer, then sign him.

    Of course, I’m for taking a pass rusher first round this year anyway, and if they get a QB in the second or later (including next year if they have an upgraded veteran like Manning) that’s fine.

  30. I’d like to see Flynn here. I really believe the seahawks have as good better weapons than green bay does. Marshawn is better than Ryan Grant. I think Sidney Rice and Greg Jennings is a push. I think Jordy Nelson and either BMW or Baldwin is close to a push. I think BMW, Baldwin, Lockette, and Tate are all better than the former great Donald Driver, and I also think that Zach Miller is as good as “the best tight end in football” Jermichael Finley. Maybe the last part is a stretch, but I don’t want to discount ZM.

    If they can set up a system catering to Matt Flynn’s talents, I’d absolutely think he can be successful.

    The thing with Peyton is how smart he is at the line. He runs that offense quickly and efficiently, quicker than an OC, HC, and QB all can. I don’t see that style being a fit here, but you never know.

  31. guiltybystander says:

    “It didnt work out to well for the Colts to have PM mentor the younger QB’s.”

    Well, that’s not a 100% accurate point, since Manning wasn’t really in a mentor’s role when he was healthy. However, it’s pretty obvious that he’s been against the Colts drafting Luck because he doesn’t want to be a mentor…he wants to play. Nothing wrong with that.

    It’s obvious that Tarvaris Jackson is a different story than Andrew Luck, but the basic point would remain: Peyton Manning has no interest in being a mentor: Not to Tarvaris Jackson, not to Josh Portis, not to anyone. If he’s not capable of starting in Seattle, he’s not worth having because he will not accept a backup or mentor role. His ego and need for control won’t allow for anything but the starting role. Ask Aaron Rodgers (or Tarvaris Jackson himself) what kind of “mentor” Brett Favre was to them.

  32. Palerydr says:

    Manning isn’t Favre. Manning also will not be a mentor, if signed he will be the starting QB. Manning will however show the other QB’s how to prepare like he does. Everybody here doesn’t necessarily have a mentor but you do watch how others do things at work or play. In most cases you adapt what you do to pick up the more successful aspects of what you observe. Unless of course you’re dumb as a post and have no desire to better yourself.

  33. Joe Montana sucked! He didn’t want to be a “mentor!”

    Dumbest post I have ever read here: trade Seneca Wallace for a 1st round pick (in the year Seneca was to be a FA).

    2nd dumbest: Keep T-Jack, screw Manning (much more to it than this, like health, but you get the idea).

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