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2013 Super Bowl odds: Hawks 60 to 1

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 6, 2012 at 10:28 am with 51 Comments »
February 6, 2012 10:52 am

It didn’t take long for to release odds for the 2013 Super Bowl. In somewhat of a surprise, the Green Bay Packers, not this year’s champion the New York Giants, are the favorites to win the Super Bowl at 6 to 1, followed by New England (7/1), New Orleans (8/1), Philadelphia (12/1), Pittsburgh (12/1), Houston (12/1), Baltimore (14/1) and then the Giants (15/1).

The Seahawks once again get little respect, and can be found way down the list at 60 to 1.

Also of interest for Seahawks fans, Bovada gives the Arizona Cardinals the best chance of landing quarterback Peyton Manning once he inevitably hits free agency in March, giving Manning 2 to 1 odds of playing for Arizona in game 1 of the 2012 season. The Cardinals are followed by Washington (5/2), Miami (3/1), the N.Y. Jets (7/2) and Indianapolis (7/1).

The Seahawks do not appear on the list.

“With Peyton Manning’s situation it has made setting next year’s Super Bowl Odds very difficult and a reason you will see teams like Arizona and Miami at lower odds than what they would be in case Manning signs there,” said Sportsbook Manager Kevin Bradley. “ As for the Colts, even though there is a slim chance he stays they are at 50-1 but if he does leave will shoot up to around 100-1 and if stays would drop down to around 15-1, just goes to show the importance of a guy like Peyton.”

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  1. New York Giants, are the favorites to win the Super Bowl at 6 to 1, followed by New England (7/1), New Orleans (8/1), Philadelphia (12/1), Pittsburgh (12/1), Houston (12/1), Baltimore (14/1) and then the Giants (15/1)

    So the Giants go off at 6 to 1 and the then again at 15 to 1?? I don’t the love for Philly after this year and where are the 9ner’s who made it all the way to NFC championship game

  2. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I forgot all about Arizona being a strong landing spot for Manning.

    Looks like Chuck is right.
    I wonder if Warner has been talking to Manning?

  3. I actually don’t see Arizona or Seattle going after Manning. Forgot about the Jets – another possible spot but then they would also have to draft a QB since Sanchez would be done in NY

  4. RDPoulsbo says:

    I like to joke that Arizona avoids grooming young QBs like the plague and Leinart certainly won’t change their minds, but can they afford Manning after locking into a huge contract with Kolb?

  5. Dukeshire says:

    I imagine Kolb has a significant roster bonus due himself, coming in March, as well. So they’d have to cut him, then pursue Manning. Risky, regardless the potential upside. So, I’d be surprised if Arizona went after Manning, too. I’ll be interested to see what the market will be for Manning. I think it might be a little drier than commonly believed. Well see.

  6. I am not convinced that Ari, NYJ, will be actively searching for an older guy like Manning based on the fact that they have a younger guy at the helm now making money.

    BUT we have all seen in the NFL – teams do some crazy stuff!!!! For all we know Baltimore is going to make a run at him to try and get over the top for a year or 2.

    Ya just never know! (especially if you are in Seattle)

  7. chuck_easton says:


    It’s the other way around.

    Manning: $28 million due March 8
    Kolb: $8 million due March 16

    So, the Cardinals could make a play for Manning and if they don’t land him keep Kolb. If they do land him Kolb is cut before the 16th.

  8. FleaFlicker says:

    From Adam Schefter:

    Manning really could end up anywhere if Schefter’s report is true. I could see Manning here on a two year deal, loaded with incentives (like zero base pay with a $1 million bonus for each game started). Then we can draft a QB when it works in our favor.

  9. Well since Seattle actually admitted they were interested in Kolb last year – would they make a run at him this year? (just trying to make everyone cringe)

  10. RDPoulsbo says:

    Last year, I was 1000% sure Seattle wouldn’t land Kolb because he had Arizona written all over him…and that was before the draft. All you have to do is look at what they’ve done at the QB position over the past 20 or so years to know there was no way they were going to draft a top QB to groom to be a starter. It was pretty easy to see that their eyes were locked on Kolb and were going to outbid everyone in the field no matter the price. I was quite thankful for that because Kolb isn’t that good. If the Hawks make a run at him, I hope it’s only for a backup role.

  11. My mistake – it’s GB at 6-1 and then NYG at 15-1. Gotta proof read my reading!

  12. I’m surprised that our odds are that high with Jackson slated to open the season as the starter.

    xcman – I wouldn’t cringe one bit. Actually, I’d be happy having Matt Hasselbeck in a decade time machine, as that’s what I think Kolb is still going to be.

  13. mojjonation says:

    So Indy has a better chance of landing Manning than Seattle? Wow. No bias there.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – You missed my point. Clearly Indy will cut Manning. But Ariz will risk cutting their, only one year in franchise guy, for only an opportilunity to sign Manning. The only real motivation theu’d have to risk that is dump the 8 million. No way they keep Kolb and pursue Manning.

    And so long as guys like Clinton Portis, Warrick Dunn, and Ricky Williams have more rushing yards than Alexander (none of which are getting in the Hall either) he’s never getting in.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – I didn’t read the dates. Regardless, they won’t keep / sign both.

  16. chuck_easton says:


    We are talking the same thing here. I say Arizona can pursue Manning right up until the March 16th they have deadline to give Kolb his bonus or to cut him.

    IF Arizona is successful in pursuing Manning then they can cut Kolb with no issues. If Manning goes elsewhere they keep Kolb.

    Manning will likely be cut within the next week or so so there is well over a of month for teams to make a play at him. I know there is that little rule about not being able to sign FA’s until a certain date. But we all know Manning will sign his new deal at 12:01am on that date.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    The only thing we disagree on is that Manning will be signed that quickly. I’m skeptical of that. Regardless…

  18. RDPoulsbo says:

    If they do cut him in the next week, he’ll go through waivers (undoubtedly no one will take that contract) and then can sign with anyone ahead of the March 13 start of free agency when the upcoming FA contracts expire. That means about a month ahead of the official start date when he can negotiate with anyone.

    To be honest, I never thought of Arizona as a landing spot but it would fit their pattern of signing veteran QBs. I still don’t think they can do it because talks will inevitably get leaked, probably by Manning’s agent, then the Cards would have a huge problem keeping Kolb happy if they don’t sign Manning. Just think Cutler in Denver when they inquired about Cassel. They’d have to go all in or not at all.

  19. Kolb doesn’t have any clout in AZ though. He had a miserable season (plenty of good or even terrible QBs have had bad seasons in their first year as starters), whereas Cutler was a Pro Bowl QB who could cry and wine and get away with it.

    I can see Manning wanting to throw to Fitz but when Manning looks at that AZ line, he’s not going to want to be a Cardinal (I’m not saying that organization will or won’t pursue him). And there’s no way he’s going to want a rookie (even if it’s a 1st round pick) taking care of his blind side at this stage of his career. If you’re Manning, you won’t go to a situation where the OL doesn’t look good/great on paper.

    I’m not playing the speculation game on who will pursue him (normally my specialty) but if Manning looks at Okung, Gallery/Carp, Unger, Moffitt-McQuistan-Breno, I think he’d feel fine with giving the ball to Lynch 20+ times per game. Really, it’s not like McQuistan or Breno look good on paper, but with Cable as their coach and what he’s already gotten out of them, well, they do!

    However, if I’m Manning, I’d rather go to San Fran. I’m sure he could get them to bring in Wayne and/or Garcon and then the WR position would be fine with Crabtree in the mix. Plus, they already have the dominant pass rush that we want.

  20. nidhighe says:

    The only Manning I’d want is Eli. Peyton will be 36, hasn’t played since he was 34, coming off of multiple neck surgeries, etc.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Peyton Manning (imo) wants another ring or two. He won’t sign with a team if there is little chance of that happening.

    I still think that the Baltimore Ravens have the best chance to land him.

  22. chuck_easton says:

    Manning is a tenured Vet. He doesn’t have to go through waivers. If he’s cut at noon on Wednesday he can be signed by another team that same day.

    Not that it’s gonna happen. Any team interested would want him to come in and take a physical and actually show he can still throw.

    No team signs a player without first giving them a physical…oh wait…no team not trying to sign a WR from Minnesota who refuses to prove his hip surgery is not a problem.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    The Ravens aren’t cutting Flacco and there’s no way he takes a backseat now. That his his team, for good ill.

    One of the reasons I don’t think the market is as strong for Manning as some, it that there aren’t really too many teams where he’s a likely to want to sign with or many teams that would have a real interest. And a club like Miami would be foolish to bid against themselves. I think it will be much closer to the draft or after, before he lands somewhere. Just a feeling, could certainly be wrong.

  24. Payton is set financially so unless it’s ego driven the dollars won’t be as important as the potential to win. On paper, San Fransico with a healthy P. Manning would probably enter as the odds on favorite to win the SB. If he went to AZ and Kolb got cut loose you’ve got to believe that Kolb’s stock has gone down after last year and that he could be signed to a “prove it” contract. Seattle might be part of a very limited market for him if that were to play out.

  25. What we currently know about Peyton Manning is this: he had three spinal surgeries, he has not had the physical strength to throw a football with even average velocity since his third surgery, we know that his tricep muscle has atrophied, and we can assume that he probably lacks coordination and strength in his hand, as that’s what spinal nerve injuries do to a body. Oh, and we also know that he will never easily swivel his head again because the vertebrae have been bolted together.

    Still, people want to talk about him like he’s going to lead a team to the superbowl? Sounds like a pipe dream to me. I won’t be too surprised if some team dumps a pile of money on Manning, but I will be surprised if he ever starts another game, and I’ll be shocked if he plays and is better than an average old quarterback. Remember Joe Montana in his final year in Kansas City at 38 years old? That would probably be a dream season for Peyton Manning at this point, and he didn’t get anywhere close to a super bowl season.

    The Seattle Seahawks are a YOUNG TEAM and need a YOUNG Quarterback to groom.

    Football careers are short. Enough talk about the last great quarterback. We need to find the NEXT one.

  26. hmmm… do I have the ability to stop a conversation dead, or what? ;-)

  27. Nah I just haven’t been on.

    but you and I agree on a few things – I think we do need a young QB.

    That is why in a previous post I said I wanted Manning (assuming 2010 abilities) AND draft Cousins who I like – (even though I am very seldom sold on a college QB – but for some reason I really like Barkley)

    Groom Cousins and give Manning a chance to get to the promised land again – would be a fun ride!

  28. Dukeshire says:

    I’ll be damned where I read this last week, but this particular article noted that there are nearly 200 currently active players in the league that have had a similar neck fusion. I don’t believe that is nearly the prohibitive issue it is being made to be. That nerve regenerating is the bigger issue.

  29. Duke- agreed!

    I am only in favor of Manning if he will be at or very near 2010 levels.

    Of course we all panic about this and that. Could it be dangerous – oh heck yeah, but get him an incentive laden contact and go for it.
    I seriously doubt we can get him here, but we can dream can’t we. Young line may or may not be attractive to him, but he gets rid of the ball very quickly so that will help.

  30. He’s not coming here (Seattle), please believe that. Why would HE want to?

  31. SandpointHawk says:

    I had that surgery and was back to work after a week. Of course don’t have 300# men chasing me and the longest throw I have to make is Ctrl+Alt+V….

  32. “The Seattle Seahawks are a YOUNG TEAM and need a YOUNG Quarterback to groom. Football careers are short. Enough talk about the last great quarterback. We need to find the NEXT one. ”

    If our doctors think he can play at a high level, we’d be crazy not to get him, if that’s possible. Yes, we’re a young team, but so what – you don’t think Peyton Manning from just one season ago, would improve our young team? Of course, we’d like to draft Andrew Luck, but that’s not an option. We could sign Peyton, and still draft a QB in the 1st round. If the guy is healthy enough to playt, a big huge if, I know, but assuming we could get assurance on that – it would be awesome to have Peyton Manning lining up at center next year.

    I think it’s a real long-shot, but fun to think about anyway . . .

  33. “He’s not coming here (Seattle), please believe that. Why would HE want to?”

    We’re a decent team that seems to be on an upswing, with a player-friendly coach, and an owner who’s not afraid to spend his $. Those are all decent reasons.

    We just don’t yet know what his options will be. Seems like Washington and Miami would be at the top of the list of suitors, and I could make good arguments as to why we’re equal or better options as those places – but if SF wants to make a run at him, I can see why he’d take that one.

  34. Duke – Interesting comment about Peyton. I hadn’t heard that.

    If I were Peyton Manning, winning a Super Bowl would be my top priority moving forward as an NFL QB. His brother has more and I’d think that, although he’s definitely happy for Eli, he’d want nothing more than to get to at least two championships as well, especially winning one with another franchise (since it appears he has no choice and the Colts don’t appear to be in position to realistically win one anytime soon).

    I don’t see any scenario where this Manning would want to play in the same division (Washington) or in the same city (NYJ). Even though both may be interested in him, I just don’t think he’ll want to play in Eli’s division (not that he’s scared of Eli in any way; just the family stuff) or New Jersey.

    I can see where he’d be okay getting protected by Long and Pouncey and throwing to BM in Miami though. I don’t know if he believes in the new coach/staff or the defense though?

    If I were him, I’d look at the NFC West as a place I’d want to land and, if I were him, I’d be interested in San Fran. If not there, I’d want to come to Seattle (but I’d want assurances, somehow, that they’d address the pathetic pass “rush”). I mentioned yesterday that I don’t think he’d want AZ just b/c of their line although I’m sure he’d love to throw to Fitz.

    If we were to sign him, there’s no reason we couldn’t do that AND draft a QB in the 2nd round, while still adding the most athletic or best pass rusher available with the 11/12 pick in the 1st round.

    Joe Montana took the Chiefs to the AFC Championship Game in his first year in KC. That’s not too shabby. I’d like to have Peyton going for us against anyone next Jan for a shot at going to the Super Bowl. Montana played one final season after that and still led the Chiefs to the play-offs so it’s not like he sucked that final season.

    Interesting Stat of the Day – Joe Montana only started 16 games THREE times in his entire NFL career (regular season).

  35. “I don’t see any scenario where this Manning would want to play in the same division (Washington) or in the same city (NYJ).”

    hmmm, I don’t know about that. I would think Peyton would love to get NYC attention for a change, and who says he wouldn’t enjoy playing against his brother? It would be a great rivalry to watch, that’s for sure. Not that its going to happen.

  36. Dukeshire, that’s right — The spinal fusion surgery (his third surgery) is the least of his worries. His second surgery, to relieve pressure on the pinched nerve, is the one that may have failed.

    A noticeably atrophied arm (according to those who have seen it) months after surgery indicates a damaged nerve (at C-6/7 or C-7/8) running from his spine down his throwing arm. A damaged nerve can be permanent; there is no surgery to fix it. After I ruptured a spinal disc at C-8, it took me two years to get all the coordination back in my hand, but my arm was never atrophied. That’s why I think Peyton is done.

    We’ll see what happens, but I don’t expect Peyton to be able throw a strong or accurate ball in 2012. Peyton can say he’s coming back, but remember — washed-up athletes seldom know when its time to quit.

  37. I just heard of a guy who put down $1000 at 50:1 that a safety would be the first score in the super bowl. He made a quick $49,000.

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Stevos- why would you think that it would be a great rivalry to watch Peyton Manning playing against his brother in The NFC East when you are adamant about Peyton being too old and injured to play for the Seahawks? Lol.

    I heard but can’t confirm that two Doctors have said that Peyton Manning will be better then ever after his surgeries.
    Can anyone confirm that?

  39. Knowing what we know about the Manning family, I don’t see the division or city thing the way you do.

    What I’ve read is that Manning seems to be willing to take a low base salary with loaded incentives. I’d take that coupled with tak drafting a QB in the early rounds as a best case scenario for winning NOW and getting the “next great one” in the draft. You kill two birds with one stone.

    I don’t think any doc in his/her right mind would say that a 36 year old athlete will have more arm strength than the 34 year old version of his former self. Give me 85% of the old Peyton Manning and we still have one of the better QBs in the NFL and one who is 99,129,390,590,239,999,833,417,392,129,394,595,029,193,298,594,929,232,555,392,491,001,393,761,023,444,494,781 times better than the one we have right now.

  40. maddog12 says:

    I’d agree with you Bobby. 85% Manning is better than a gob of others.

    I don’t see us getting “the guy” this year as “the guy” is going to go number 1 and 2 or 1 and 3(Stanford then Baylor’s qb). I don’t think we can get there so next best thing…persue Manning focus on finding the next dominant DL guy.

    O yea, give Cable a raise to keep him here.

  41. Georgia, I wasn’t adamant, I said “we’ll see what happens” but I don’t expect Peyton to be back to his old self again. No one knows for sure.

    But if he can play again, I would love to see a Peyton vs. Eli Manning duel! Who wouldn’t want to watch that?

  42. maddog: “give Cable a raise to keep him here”

    Most sensible comment I’ve seen here in awhile. Cable is the MVP of our team. For the first time in years, I am certain our offense will continue to improve.

  43. Some of the globs of goo along the OL that Cable got to open holes was pretty darn impressive as the season wore on. I’m jacked for a healthy Okung to man the blind side and for Unger to keep the middle solid. That’s two nice players to build around. With the development of the young guys, this unit finally looks like a strength.

  44. I wish that we could have a season with 1 or fewer OL injuries.!!!!

  45. globs of goo. ha. don’t let Breno hear you say that.

  46. Dukeshire says:


  47. Dukeshire says:

    Man, this web site can be so frustrating. I made 3 seperate posts last night and none of them posted. Ugh…

  48. Titans came right out and said they have no interest in Manning – so that must be where he will end up!

  49. so Does anyone know about this guy?


    I was reading that the Hawks, among other teams, have interest in him – Raw but talented. Don’t see him as a pass rush guy though

  50. Trade down scenarios:

    If you were offered Cleveland #22 and #36 (4th pick round 2) would you take it for our 11th or 12th pick?

    Cincy at #17 and their 2nd rounder for for our 11th or 12th pick?

    How far would anyone be willing to trade down to stay in round 1 and get another 1st in 2013?

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