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Morning links: Fitzgerald gives Hawks’ DBs props

Post by Eric Williams on Feb. 3, 2012 at 10:45 am with 27 Comments »
February 3, 2012 10:47 am
Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, center, against Seattle Seahawks strong safety Kam Chancellor, left, and free safety Earl Thomas, right, during an NFL football game Sunday, Jan. 1, 2012, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Paul Connors)

ESPN’s Mike Sando talked with Arizona receiver Larry Fitzgerald about the state of the NFC West, and one of the NFL’s best receivers had very nice things to say about Seattle’s new and improved secondary.

Sando: How do you think the Seattle Seahawks have changed the most under Pete Carroll?

Fitzgerald: They are much more physical, much more physical. At the Pro Bowl last week, they had three guys from their secondary, Brandon Browner and Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor. When you look at Chancellor, Chancellor is 6-foot-3, 230 pounds and a phenomenal athlete with good ball skills, good range. Earl Thomas is like a young Troy Polamalu, flying around and making plays. And Brandon Browner is the biggest cornerback I’ve ever seen in my life. He can play, too. He can cover.

I really like the young rookie they have, (Richard) Sherman from Stanford. He is going to be a good player. Obviously, when they get Marcus Trufantback, that will only make them deeper. They challenge you at the point of attack. They want to pressure you and make things uncomfortable for you at the line of scrimmage, and their whole philosophy has changed. It’s fun to play against them.

John McGrath of The News Tribune admits baseball’s his first love in part because of the daily offering of games during the six-month season compared to weekly building of NFL games, which includes a two-week lull leading up to the Super Bowl.

McGrath has an interesting point, but from my perspective a Sunday of NFL games provides more excitement than a month of baseball during the regular season.

McGrath: “I keep hearing how the NFL’s popularity has lapped the field of other spectator sports, and there’s no denying the facts. This is a league able to connect with viewers who had nothing else to do last Sunday but watch a team that didn’t give a rip take on another team that didn’t give a rip. And yet the Pro Bowl, the ultimate TV trash-sport contest, garnered better ratings than baseball’s All-Star Game did last summer.

The Super Bowl figures to be seen Sunday by a television audience that could set a ratings record, despite a dearth of story lines since the conference championship games.

Maybe that’s the secret: Two weeks of nothing fuels an appetite for something, anything.”

Seahawks receiver Mike Williams tells Brock Huard and Mike Salk of ESPN 710 Seattle that he wants to come into camp lighter this season. Williams said the same thing last year, when he played at 240 pounds.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Peyton Manning has been cleared by doctors to resume his NFL career, which of course fuels speculation that teams will be lining up for his services once Indianapolis inevitably release him in a few weeks. But from what I understand Manning still has a long way to go before he’s ready to take the field. Stay tuned.

ESPN’s Trent Dilfer ranks the top 40 quarterbacks in the league, and as you would expect, Seattle’s Tarvaris Jackson is down the list. You must be an ESPN Insider to view this.

Dilfer breaks down the league’s QB as follows:

Hall of Fame Level: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger.

The Eli Zone: Eli Manning

A ring away: Philip Rivers, Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Matthew Stafford, Jay Cutler and Matt Schaub.

Mostly good: Cam Newton, Michael Vick, Andy Dalton, Josh Freeman, Carson Palmer, Matt Hasselbeck and Alex Smith.

Could go either way: Mark Sanchez, Sam Bradford, Kevin Kolb, Matt Cassel, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kyle Orton, Matt Moore and Jason Campbell.

Short leash: Tim Tebow, Blaine Gabbert, Colt McCoy, Christian Ponder, Rex Grossman, Tarvaris Jackson, Curtis Painter, John Beck.

Intriguing wild cards: Matt Flynn, Jake Locker, T.J. Yates, John Skelton and Brian Hoyer.

Here’s what Dilfer had to say about Jackson: The Seahawks might believe in his future, but league perception is that they probably could do better. He has to show more, because the Seahawks aren’t devoid of weapons.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times believes a franchise tag could be in Marshawn Lynch’s future.

KJR’s Dave “Softy” Mahler talks with Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin about his 2011 season in this audio link.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told reporters in Indianapolis that the league will expand to 13 Thursday night games on the NFL Network, helping to guarantee that all 32 teams will have at least one prime time game in 2012.

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  1. I don’t care how many SB rings Big Ben has – he is NOT a HOF QB – he wins because he is a good/Very good QB on a great TEAM!!!

    He is NOT a Elite/HOF guy – sorry

    I would possibly want Rivers above him. If SB rings are what it take to be HOF then every player ever to win 2 should be in the HOF.

  2. RDPoulsbo says:

    A lot of the QBs high on the list really shouldn’t be there. Romo, Flacco and Cutler? I wouldn’t call any of them a ring away.

    The SB is big because it’s 1 and done. No best of 7 BS. Put it all on the line for 1 game. The general interest is that the league sells hope and almost every fanbase believes their team is just a year away from also going to the big game. Anyone believe that about the Mariners? Most of the hope is stamped out of MLB fanbases by July, so by the time October rolls around, baseball is far from their minds.

  3. Nice to hear from an elite receiver that he is giving our guys props! (even though he ripped us apart in the 2nd half)

    and what the heck is the Eli zone? (not an insider so I cant read it) Why isn’t he in the same level as Rogers, Brees, and the butthead,etc he has just as many rings as they do and has put up very good numbers in an offense that in some years has been a run first offense and in others has relied on the pass.

  4. As much as I hate Fitz for killing us almost every single year, I can’t do nothing but respect the guy, a truly great guy and an amazing player, hearing such nice words about our DB’s coming from a player/guy like that makes me believe it even more, we are going to be great a few years from now.

  5. JazBadAzz says:

    Much respect to Fitzgerald, he knows his hands a full for the rest of his career when he plays us now!

    Trent Dilfer is an idiot, he has Tebow ahead of of any other qb is retarded! I bet he thinks the ravens would not have won the superbowl with out him BAHAHAHA! T.Jack would have won it that yr. Ben is not hof…Eli and Rivers is better, he is on the lvl as Cutler and Romo. Bradford has proven he can play but that team was doomed when the hired josh mcdaniels…Cam Newton would be taken ahead of a few guys above him…dilfer is a dummy, I wonder where would he put himself? Probably a ring away lol cause he stole that one he has!

  6. raymaines says:

    The SeaHawks have a QB that gets grouped with the likes of Tim Tebow, Blaine Gabbert, Colt McCoy, Christian Ponder, & Rex Grossman and there are some here who don’t think the ‘Hawks should spend anything it takes to upgrade the position pronto. Not only that but if T-Jack gets hurt CW goes in to save the game. How sad.

  7. Hey – props to Larry Fitzgerald for being cool.

  8. chuck_easton says:


    Who has said Seattle shouldn’t look to upgrade? What I and others are saying is:

    1. Even if the team wanted to trade up, nobody would trade with us to get the team high enough to get Luck or RGIII.

    2. Manning is going to want to go to a warm weather or domed team that is just a QB away. Doesn’t sound like Seattle.

    3. Flynn is going to want a boatload of cash and he’s not a sure thing.

    Get around those problems and sure thing. The sky’s the limit.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Mabey Browner knows of a good qb in the CFL?

  10. How to get a QB not named Tarvaris Jackson so we can have more hope heading into 2012 instead of wanting to put a loaded gun to your head each Sunday:

    1. Sign Matt Flynn.
    2. Sign Peyton Manning and draft a QB in the first 3 rounds (assuming docs have full confidence in him – which I don’t think will happen).
    3. Move up to #2 and draft RGIII (Rams have made it clear the pick is available).
    4. If RGIII makes it past the Rams, make a trade with the Vikings to get either him or Ponder. Either will do.
    5. If the Browns trade up (or RGIII somehow drops to #4), ask about Colt McCoy.
    6. Ask about Yates.
    7. Ask about getting Matt back (wouldn’t take much, I wouldn’t imagine). I know this isn’t realistic, but these are MY scenarios.
    8. Trade for Kolb. Can’t imagine it would take much. I’m not as down on him as most of you. I’ll take him with an eye towards the future over Tarvaris any day of the week and 16 times on Sunday (moving forward). His game reminds me of Matt’s at this exact stage in his career.
    9. Sign Orton. I don’t want to do this, but it beats another year of Jackson.
    10. Tell Paul Allen to give Zigi Wilf a billion dollars so they can build their new stadium in exchange for all their draft picks this year and then offer a boatload of picks to the Colts for the #1 pick.

  11. chuck_easton says:

    Um Bobby, did somebody start happy hour a little early?

  12. chuck – I wish! lol

    Larry Fitgerald is a stud. He’s the type of guy that you’d love to have on your team as a person and role model for young fans of your organization (nevermind the greatness he gives you on the field). It’s too bad there aren’t more guys like that in this world. It’s also too bad Dockett hasn’t, seemingly, learned anything from him.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Fitz was out at Nike a couple weeks back for the 15th annaversary of Livestrong, and he couldn’t have been a cooler guy. He was genuine and down to earth. He actually led a class at one of the fitness centers, for whoever wanted to participate. The fact he’s one of the better receivers the game has ever seen, is all the more impressive.

  14. Yeah. All the reports here from MN is kind of like Tarvaris — NEVER have heard a bad word about him as a person (damn impressive).

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It just doesn’t seem right that NY fans have Eli Manning! They just don’t deserve him, imo. I am torn because I dislike NY fans, however it is hard for me to root against Eli unless it’s the Seahawks playing the Giants.

  16. Cornutt says:

    LF is an impressive dude. Still… I’m glad our secondary is what he said. I look forward to those games too–fun to watch that matchup.

    Even though Dilfer looks a tad on the inbred side, I like his QB list. Makes me look forward to a time when we have another leader and player like Matt Hasselbeck. That dude was/is such a pro.

    I can’t help feel a bit lusty about Manning playing for the ‘Hawks. I don’t see it happening, but seriously, could you imagine?

  17. Cornutt says:

    Oh, and in comparing NFL to MLB…

    Two different beasts entirely. I look look forward to the start of Mariners baseball every spring. Long games where you can watch a few innings, eat a sandwich, hop and the treadmill, come back and nap on the couch, wake up and watch the last few innings of mediocre ball. Plus… JESUS MONTERO! Not so bad in my book. NFL is almost tough, when you have so much interest in all the games, it’s hard to be a daddy and husand and enjoy the games too. Could almost imagine being 450 lbs and lonely doing nothing but watch football and doing fantasy football week after week. All in moderation I s’pose.

  18. SandpointHawk says:

    Doug Baldwin, Big Red and Chris Clemons make the All-Joe Team (yeah who knew)…

  19. I’m not for bringing Manning to Hawks – unless it was guaranteed (not possible) that he was healthy. It would be a huge distraction to the team and ultimately disruptive. I can see and agree with all the potential positives… but consider where Minnesota is. Favre helped them almost get to the Super Bowl, but the team was left in a shambles. Hoping for Manning is hoping we can find a short cut.

  20. Dukeshire says:

    All-Joe team? What the hell is that? Especially written by Nate Davis. These All-(insert mane here) teams really are becoming a bit much.

  21. Favre didn’t leave the Vikings in shambles. He joined a team built to win “now” and they almost went to the Super Bowl. Thanks to Chilly or Bevell being too dumb to know how many people should be in the huddle coming out of a time out, they had a good chance to kick the FG and play the Colts for all the marbles.

    Just b/c Favre sucked in his last year doesn’t erase the FACT that he was GREAT for them in his second to last year.

    The biggest difference was the surrounding talent that had been built to win “then” got a year older and wasn’t as good, overall, anymore (same with Favre himself).

    Our team is young and on the upswing… Even though it seems we’re almost built to win now, we’re still young. However, the CBA has made it much more difficult to win “now” b/c you have guys reaching FA after their 4th year, which kind of sucks if you draft well. Oh well, this is the new reality.

    I’m all for Peyton Manning if he’s GUARANTEED to be 100% (at his age). However, I think we all realize there’s no way this is possible (him being “guaranteed” to be fully healthy). If the docs said he’s 100% (which they won’t) then I’d be all for it, as long as we also take a QB in the first 3 rounds. Personally, Favre for ’12 would be a better option for the Seahawks (and in NO way am I saying that’s what I want!).

  22. Who would you rather have in 2012 Favre or Jackson? Those are your only two choices!

  23. Favre would give this team a better chance to win if we’re only concerned about 2012. Of course, my dead Grandma would probably also give our team a better chance to win in ’12 (since she’s dead and wouldn’t be wasting a roster spot or any of the salary cap).

  24. Tez is in the HOF!!!!!!!!!


    I knew he’d get in this year.

    Congrats to our second HOFer.

  25. jboard1 says:

    Big congrats to Tez. Awesome news!!

  26. Dukeshire says:

    I cannot believe it! I’m so happy for him and absolutely blown away. I really felt like the system is so terribly flawed, a truly deserving player like him wouldn’t make it. So proud today.

    Congratulations, Tez! LONG overdue, and I’m so happy for you.

  27. Skavage says:

    Bobby I like number 10. :)

    Short of that I think we need to seriously consider packaging our draft for the number one pick and Feeney and then see if the Colts will bite. They’ve got a LOT of rebuilding to do and could sorely use a wad of extra picks this year. On the other hand, we are closer than a lot of people think we are. If we could find a decent (doesn’t have to be great) D-lineman in free agency, and manage o stay healthy, we could contend with Luck next year.

    Seriously, go up and down our starting line-up, it’s pretty solid really. And the way PC and Shneider have been able to find diamonds in unexpected places (think Browner and Baldwin amongst others) we could almost afford to give up our entire draft. Add some depth in the lesser free agents, and barring a slew of injuries we could make a decent run in the playoffs next year.

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