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Morning links: Rang high on DE Coples

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 25, 2012 at 10:08 am with 78 Comments »
January 25, 2012 10:08 am
North Carolina defensive end Quinton Coples. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

Rob Rang, senior draft analyst for, praised the performance of North Carolina defensive end Quinton Coples so far through the first two days of Senior Bowl practices.

Rang had Coples going to Seattle in his first mock drafts this year, but now has the North Carolina product headed to Buffalo at No. 10.

Rang: “Measuring in at nearly 6-6 and 281 pounds, Coples has the size, strength and athleticism to be a force regardless of scheme. Rated as the No. 1 defensive end prospect and 12th overall by, Coples is the highest-rated Senior Bowl participant. He hasn’t disappointed, terrorizing the South team’s quarterbacks and running backs by consistently penetrating the line of scrimmage to blow up plays before they’ve even begun.

“He’s been impressive,” one high-ranking team official thought likely to be considering a defensive lineman with their first round pick said Tuesday, on the condition of anonymity. “He played really well on Monday and followed that up with another strong effort today.”

Matt Bowen of the National Football Post also had high praise for Coples, saying he looks like a legitimate edge rusher.

Len Pasquarelli of the Sports Xchange writes that the Cleveland Browns are ready to move on from Colt McCoy but are unsure if Robert Griffin III is the right guy at No. 4.

More Rang: He writes that Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden has been the best QB at the Senior Bowl through two days of practice, but has settled with taking the first read and has not shown an ability to work through his progressions.

Russ Lande of the Sporting News says another defensive end, South Carolina’s Melvin Ingram, has stood out this week at the Senior Bowl practices.

Mike Mayock of the NFL Network provides his top five positional rankings.

Chris Egan of KING 5 TV talks with Tony Dungy about the Seahawks in this video link.

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  1. I just hope we get a beast of a DE… It would be nice to have “Beast Mode” on both sides of the ball.
    I’m already shaking from anticipation for the stinkin’ draft. Why can’t football be all year round…?

  2. FleaFlicker says:

    REM, As much as I love NFL football, I’m thankful that it’s not year-round, as spending nine hours per week in front of the flat screen is probably too much. One year I got the NFL package on DirecTV and I basically didn’t leave my apartment on Sundays for a period of four months. Personally, I need the offseason!

    E, what would have to transpire in terms of lower round trades for the Hawks to move up ahead of Buffalo for a Coples pick? Any other higher picking teams that might steal him? I read somewhere that he’s projected for Panthers. But if Rob R. likes him, I like him. And I have to agree with Duke on this: DE is probably the most important piece of the puzzle right now.

    E, one more: give me odds on Brees/Saints deal breaking down. I know, fantasy land. But if you’re saying there’s a chance…

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Coples won’t be there when Seattle picks, unless something dramatic happens.

    Eric – I know we’re 2+ months away from the draft, but will we have a chat (or a couple…) with Rang at some point?

  4. RDPoulsbo says:

    Rang’s current mock has Seattle picking Nick Perry. That seems to be a good pick if Coples isn’t there. The pass rush needs to be fixed, so I hope they go DE or DT in the 1st round.

  5. I like Zach Brown from the Tar Heels a lot better than Coples, they play different positions of course, but Brown is just a freak athletically and could bring some speed to the linebacker group, and could be a dominate player in pass rush situations.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Although he’s unlikely to be there too, I like Devon Still at 3-tech for Seattle. But I agree, DE or DT is where I’d prefer they go (for now) at 11/12.

  7. Does anyone else here like the idea of drafting Brandon Weeden in the 2nd or 3rd round? I understand that he’s older, but the dude can ball.

  8. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Weeden makes really bad decision in the clutch. Not saying he’s Jay Cutler bad, but I’d rather pass on him and take Kellen Moore later.

  9. I hope Coples isn’t there when we pick. I’d rather someone else take a guy who “should” be great, yet doesn’t always seem to show up in the way his skill set seems to indicate. I did not see much of him play, it was a very limited sample size, and I wasn’t impressed in that small viewing, but I do not like guys who “should” be good and aren’t in addition to various people questioning the fire inside of them. I don’t care if a guy looks good in a 1-on-1 drill if their tape indicates the consistent fire isn’t there. Those drills are dang good for other players though, but not for ones, in my world, where dedication seem to be questioned by too many others to take lightly. His skill set indicates he should be a 8-10 time Pro Bowler and if he had the heart of a guy like J-Force, I’d take him in a heartbeat and love the pick. But I question what I’ve heard too much of so I’m hoping for something else.

    If Still simply isn’t another run stopper with limited pass rushing skills, then I’m all for him at 11/12. I may be still okay with it if the next two picks are speed pass rushers assuming the QB position has been taken care of.

    I pray we have a QB by the time the draft rolls around so I can root for two pass rushers of some sort with at least two of our first three picks. And if we take a DE, DT, and OLB/DE all in the first three rounds, I won’t complain one bit!

  10. JazBadAzz says:

    Courtney Upshaw is obviously the best rusher in the draft…draft gurus always get full of themselves and throw poo against the wall and see what sticks.

    Coples is good but he doesn’t have that drive to compete everydown…on the flipside upshaw mentioned that he loves to compete and that’s why practice at alabama was so awesome and working with saban was so great.

    I’ll even take a look at hightower in the 2nd rd if he’s there…

    I mentioned Weeden in the 2nd rd last week, or maybe closer to his bowl game. I liked that he was already a pro from playing baseball and let him sit for a yr and play him for the next 5-7 yrs. Better than signing a guy like flynn for big bucks and finding out he can’t play but we are stuck with him i.e. Kolb…should I name a few more?

  11. JazBadAzz says:

    I’m not a fan of Ingram, short arms don’t translate well at the next level, especially in our scheme.

  12. Ewalters7354 says:

    Courtney Upshaw is ok but Couples is looking like a stu.How about Rainy??This Guy is Reggie Bush fast.I would live if we draft him to to replace Jforce

  13. T-Jack is a 6 year NFL veteran. Weeden is only a few months younger than him and he’ll be a rookie. As utterly pathetic as it sounds, I’ll take T-Jack and his hundred years of experience over old man greenhorn Weeden and his non-NFL college system that he played in.

    Weeden is almost a year OLDER than Kolb and almost two years OLDER than Flynn (he never won a National Championship like Flynn either). I’d take Kolb and Flynn at mega-bucks deals over T-Jack and Weeden together at modest contracts in a heartbeat.

    Does anyone realize that Kolb is about to be the age where Matt was when he finally took off? I like Kolb. I’m sure many here hated Matt at this age, which is fine (same with Holmgren for benching him for “what’s a Dilfer?”). He’s not going to be a Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, etc. but I believe that he’s capable of being a good player who is an asset to a team. I can’t say the same for any QB on our current roster.

    I’m pretty sure Flynn or Kolb would have put up numbers at least as good as Weeden if they had been playing for OSU this past season.

  14. Fleaflicker: In the 2010 draft San Francisco traded the No. 13 overall pick and a fourth rounder (No. 113 overall) with Denver to move up to No. 11 to select offensive tackle Anthony Davis. So I think that’s a pretty good example of what Seattle would need to do to move up a couple spots.

    Tough to know where Coples will end up, because he could play in a 4-3 or a 3-4. Hawks would be lucky if he’s still around at 11 or 12.

    Also, there’s no way New Orleans will let Drew Brees get away in free agency, so that’s wishful thinking.

    Dukeshire: I’ll check with Rob and see what his schedule is like, but yeah we’ll get the chats rolling again in a couple weeks. And I’ll be back at the NFL Scouting combine in Indy again this year.

    BobbyK: Teams are looking for the next Jason Pierre-Paul, and Coples is the closest thing to that in this year’s draft. Don’t look at him as an every down guy, but a situational pass rusher who’s still learning the game and doesn’t have to come in and be the best player on the field, similar to Aldon Smith for San Francisco in 2011.

    Joreb: I’d be very surprised if the Seahawks take Brandon Weeden. I just think he’s too old at 29 to take as a developmental quarterback. The Seahawks like young players with upside. Michigan State’s Kirk Cousins makes more sense.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    I’ll tell you who’s looked good in practice this week: Cordy Glenn. One of the only O-lineman to hold his own vs Upshaw, Ingram, whoever. And they’ve had him at tackle and guard

    Speaking of Upshaw, for all the praise being heaped on him, he’s not quick off the ball. In fact, I haven’t been overly impressed with what I’ve seen of the practices shown, for what that’s worth

  16. I watched the entire Nebraska-Michigan State game expecting good things from Kirk Cousins, as that’s all I had heard about him, but he looked like a little girl once he got punched in the face (not literally). It’s only one full game of his that I watched and he did look okay in part of the Wisconsin games I saw (both) but I certainly have my doubts from what I did see in those four full quarters of football in Lincoln. If I were a scout, I could watch all of his games and things of that nature (as I’m sure most college players have had sucky games who have turned into good NFL players) and maybe I’d have a different opinion.

  17. Duke – I think that’s the general consensus that some have mentioned here the past days. He’s a productive college player but I question the “burst” off the ball that most pass rushers, seemingly, need to have in the NFL. I am definitely worried about that if the ‘Hawks get him. Even when he dominated in college (like Carpenter, James on a lesser “scale” in the same conference) he still didn’t seem to have a “burst” or “explosive” step that you need to translate to the next…

  18. JazBadAzz says:

    You don’t need a burst off the ball to dominate at the next lvl. Brian Orakpo doesn’t have burst but still gets it done. Klye vanden Bosch too. You got to be head smart and savvy. Got to have that it factor to kick your opponet butt every down. Tons of guys don’t have that “burst” that you guys speak of. Getting to the qb doesn’t all ways mean beating the man to the outside with spd, c’mon man please!

  19. I always assumed M. Williams would get the franchise tag. Maybe not?

    Of course, lots of teams are desperate for pass rush help too. If the ‘Hawks are willing to pay a billion dollars more than anyone else in the NFL for a glorified blocking TE, then I’d have to think they’d pull a Sidney Rice and try to sign a young stud at the second most important position of need on the team, which is a pass rusher. Hey, I dout it’ll happen and, really, it won’t matter how many stud pass rushers they sign/draft if their QB sucks, but you never know.

  20. Jaz – I have some good advice for you. The next time you want to make me look stoopid, which is probably easy to do, make sure you compare a player to somone that didn’t play at Nebraska. I watch and follow them almost as much as the Hawks. I even went to school there because I loved the football program so much when I was younger almost two decades ago (out of state tuition forced me back to MN where I graduated). I watched most of Kyle Vanden Bosch’s college games. Don’t tell me he never had a “burst.” You have no idea what you’re talking about. He may have never had an “elite” burst, but he had one (more than I’ve seen from a more productive player in Upshaw even though he was heavier in a 4-3 there than Upshaw at AL this past season – and I will not claim to have seen most of the AL games). Sure, you’re right in that he’s a fighter too, but to say he has limited “burst” is ignorant. His sack numbers weren’t like Upshaw but you could tell by watching the games coming out of college that he was a guy, even with so-so sack numbers, that you’d want — by that I mean getting pressure on opposing QBs. Even though he didn’t amass huge sack numbers, he still got consistent pressure. Outside of Clem, we don’t have anyone like that and that’s what we need. I don’t care if we add a guy who is only going to get 5 sacks on the season, if he gets consistent pressure and forces QBs to get rid of the ball earlier than they want to — then I don’t care. I mentioned Adam Carriker as a potential replacement for Big Red a few weeks back. Carriker would be a plus at LDE (I’d predict 6 sacks this year with more consistent pressure from that position) at getting to the QB even though he’d be a negative from Big Red in stopping the run. However, I still think Carriker is easily a top 5-10 LDE type of guy at stopping the run. I’m not saying that I know what should be done with Big Red, I like him, but I do think I have been pretty accurate at predicting Nebraska players the last 20 years (and knew the Rams were morons for drafting him as a DT – Carriker).

  21. Carriker on the Hawks next year as the starting LDE would get 6-8 sacks (assuming we’d have a decent QB so we could play with the lead every once in awhile) and end up as one of the better LDEs in terms of NOT allowing rushing yardage their way.

    If we sign Flynn (or get Kolb), I’d guarantee Carriker at leat six sacks next season from LDE.

    No way in heck should he have been drafted by the Rams as a DT. Even though he’s a good DE in the Redskins 3-4 defense so their OLBs are put in better position to be successful, that’s not what’s best for him either. He’s simply a 4-3 anchor with some pass rush ability from LDE, which I’d love to have.

  22. JazBadAzz says:

    Bobby wasn’t comparing them coming out of college, I’m talking about right now in his career. There are very few that have the “burst” like freeney does.

    I wasn’t trying to make you look stupid, your ridiculously long post says it all. I’m cool with being wrong you obviously have to justify everything you write.

  23. There are plenty of players now who have lost their skills and rely on “savy” to get the job done (many current NFL QBs and MLB pitchers in their mid/late-30s). *IF* they had their old skills AND current savy, they’d be Pro Bowlers every year. Of course players get better with experience/age (before their skills decline too much).

  24. Dukeshire says:

    Of course one doesn’t need an elite burst off the snap to be an effective pass rusher, but for a guy like Upshaw, it does limit what schemes he’ll be most effective in. And so far as Seattle goes and their particular 4-3, he doesn’t seem like an ideal fit because he’s a bit of a ‘tweener. I see him as a OLB in a 3-4 where exploding off the snap isn’t as critical.

  25. Ewalters7354 says:

    Rainy is my favorite player in the whole senior bowl.I see Reggie Bush written all over him(smaller).How I would love to see him as a third down back that can blow the top off a defense and scare them too.Also the kid from Houston runs the best routes out of any receiver so far.Too bad he got hurt.

  26. JazBadAzz says:

    Rainy said if he runs a 4.1 in the 40 he will run out the stadium lol.
    He’s fast but not that fast!

  27. SandpointHawk says:

    Arron Rogers reguarding Matt Flynn on ESPN Radio …

    Matt Flynn to the Miami Dolphins?

    Aaron Rodgers thinks it’s a “strong possibility.”

    In fact, Rodgers on Wednesday told a Milwaukee radio station he sees the Dolphins and the Seattle Seahawks as the “two top dogs” in the race for the talented backup, expected to become an unrestricted free agent in March.

    This is based on a conversation with Flynn “in the last few days,” Rodgers said of his backup quarterback in Green Bay the past four years.

    “I think it’s a strong possibility that [the Dolphins] would make a run at him,” Rodgers said during his weekly appearance on ESPN Milwaukee. “I think it kind of makes sense. Joe [Philbin] in that system, which I’m sure is going to be very similar to this system, and Matt having a great grasp of that and playing well in his recent opportunities. I think it would kind of make sense to bring Matt out there.”

    Rodgers, taking a break from Pro Bowl “preparations” in Hawaii, was upbeat about Flynn’s chances to thrive in a new locale, whether it was under his former offensive coordinator or not.

    “I think with a talent like Matt, he would have success in just about any offense you plug him into,” Rodgers said. “I think you could see maybe a little bit more immediate success in an offense he’s very familiar with, so I think you have to look at Miami, obviously.”

    As for the Seahawks, their general manager John Schneider knows Flynn from his time in Green Bay.

    “John Schneider knows Matt and he’s pulling some strings up there with them,” Rodgers said. “I think that would be an opportunity for him up there. Those are probably, in my opinion, the two top dogs that would go after him. There’s got to be at least five or six teams who legitimately should take a look at Matt and see him being an immediate improvement over what they have at quarterback.”

    Of course, the Seahawks (along with the Cardinals) are reportedly on Peyton Manning’s shortlist of preferred landing spots.

    The Dolphins have yet to make it to such a (reported) list.,0,3219545.story

  28. Dukeshire says:

    “of course” Seattle is onManning’s short list…? Where the hell does that report come from? Interesting comments from Rodgers but not terribly surprising considering the GB / Flynn connection to each city.

    Thanks for passing along…

  29. SandpointHawk says:

    If it’s a rumor regarding Payton Manning’s future I’m sure the report came from Rob Lowe….

  30. chuck_easton says:

    I won’t believe any rumor about Payton until Molly Ringwald, Judd Reinholt, and the rest of the Breakfast Club tweet what they have heard. Rob Lowe was the irrisponsible one of that detention group.

  31. Sarcasticus says:

    I posted a week or so ago my thoughts on some of these folks, but I would really love Mario Williams. The contract is interesting. They moved him to outside linebacker in their 3-4 and the dispute is whether he should be franchised at the linebacker rate or the defensive end rate.

    I would be ecstatic about Upshaw. He is not a speed rusher, he is a strength player. So, if you are hoping he will be zooming around the edge on every play, he is not your guy. If you want someone that will take the tackle and push them back consistently, he is your guy. More than that, he plays the run excellently.

    My hopes are for either Stills, Upshaw, or Perry at the moment. Of course that is subject to change with the weather this far out from draft day.

  32. Dukeshire says:

    Seattle already starts 3 players on their D line that rely on strength over speed. And from the edge, speed is exactly what they need (and what Carroll has stated he wants).

    Stills is interesting to me, switching to the interior for a moment. He really seems to play in the offense’s backfield, which is something they did not get from 3-tech last season and which they need.

  33. Peyton Manning has a short list and it includes the Seahawks? Excuse me for a moment while I dance on the table. …. if you put a healthy Manning on the 2011 Seahawks, they’d be playing the Patriots next Sunday!

    I just hope Peyton doesn’t end up in Arizona. If you were Peyton, would you choose the Cardinals over the Seahawks? Throwing to Fitzgerald would certainly be tempting.

  34. Funny comment, Chuck, but who the heck is Judd Reinholt?

  35. hawkfan777 says:

    Lets dream for a minute. The Hawks pick up Mario Williams and Payton Manning in free agency and draft Tannehill(or someone else) in the first or second round. Tannehill gets a couple years behind Manning and ends up being the next Aaron Rogers. With the Hawks other picks they are able to get a great wide receiver(2nd round), running back (4th round), two linebackers (3rd and 5th round) and another o-linemen and d-lineman with their 6th and 7th round picks. I know they have at least one more 7th round pick. Probably another pick for the secondary.

    That could make for a great 2012 season.

  36. Dukeshire says:

    Poor Chuck, he was all kinds of catty-wampus there: first of all, Rob Lowe wasn’t in Breakfast Club. Lol. And I’m sure he meant Judd Nelson (who played the street-tuff) not Judge Reinhold (Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Beverly Hills Cop I and II). Come on Chuck… Haha

  37. hawkfan777 says:


    I am assuming he meant Judd Nelson. But, he got his name confused with Judge Reinhold(Beverly Hills Cop and Fast Times at Ridgemont High). You may already know that and are trying to give him a hard time.

  38. hawkfan777 says:

    Oops, apparently Duke beat me to the punch.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. He still put Rob Lowe in there.

  40. Does anyone think Yates could be a possibility at QB for us? I think he suffered from some bad play calling in the playoffs, which ended in unnecessary interceptions, but I liked what I saw in that kid.

  41. JazBadAzz says:

    No, I think yates suck! He had a beast in the backfield and still could make the right throws, I don’t think it was the play calling…he tried to force the ball too Andre Johnson and #failed

  42. chuck_easton says:

    OK, It was 30 years ago and I was young. Besides I just remember Molly Ringwald… :)

  43. Sarcasticus says:

    and now I am thinking of Fast Times….and Phoebe Cates

  44. “Doesn’t anybody knock?!”

  45. Dukeshire says:

    I like Yates. I liked him last year. But no, I don’t see him as someone Seattle will pursue. (And he had a “beast” in the backfield? CJ was a dog nearly all year. Yeats’ first start he did go off for 153. After that: 23, 55, 56, and 61 yards rushing, respectively. Not impressive. At all.)

  46. Where’s Mr. Hand?

  47. JazBadAzz – Sorry for the oversensitive remarks yesterday… I had an early happy hour (don’t get out as much these days after having baby #2) and was a little too, you know what (doesn’t take much anymore), once I checked the site.

  48. Nothing that wasn’t already mentioned:

    If we signed Flynn (that would mean Schneider is “all-in” which would make me even more confident than I already am) and could then grab two or three pass rushers in the first two days of the draft, well, I don’t think I could really have a better off-season than that.

    And if Perry was our guy at #11/12, then I’d be jacked about that b/c of the Mr. Happy connection. I don’t believe Flynn or Perry could come here and flop b/c of the connections they have with out two top decision makers.

    So, for the record, if I say I want Perry — I have no idea what the heck I’m talking about — I’m only wanting him if comPete does too (b/c of his familiarity). If Pete doesn’t want him, then I don’t either. I’m a puppet with respect to Perry and Mr. Happy is pulling my strings.

    I believe that we have a legit chance to win the Super Bowl if Flynn and Perry are Seahawks next season (again, b/c of what comPete/DukeBoy must think about them to have brought them to Seattle). I know Flynn will have some growing pains to a degree, but he’s a better long-term investment than Manning (if healthy, who would be better for next year).

    All I ask and pray is that Tarvaris doesn’t enter 2012 as our starting QB. I don’t want another season destroyed and by “destroyed” I mean with a player at that position who, realistically, has no chance to win it all. I can see Tarvaris lead a team to 11-5 or whatever if his surrounding talent is great, but from there I don’t see much chance in the last few rounds of the play-offs (after the Cincy/Houston type teams have been eliminated).

  49. Seahawks GM John Schneider, formerly with the Packers, is “pulling some strings” to bring Flynn to Seattle, according to Rodgers.

    What is that supposed to mean? That seems to imply there’s some inside negotiation…what is there to negotiate?

  50. The last 3 starts of Matt Flynn:

    National Championship Game vs. Ohio State: 19-27, 174 yards, 4 TD, 1 INT
    at New England (’10): 24-37, 251 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT
    Detroit (’11): 31-44, 480 yards, 6 TD, 1 INT

    The negatives are that he’s good for 1 INT per game. The positives are that a TD/INT ratio of 13-3 is pretty dang good.

    Playing at the Patriots is pretty tough. And the Lions game was impressive b/c they were a play-off team playing to win and Flynn was quarterbacking a Packers team that wasn’t playing its best players while it was getting ready for the play-offs.

    Lets sign him so we can concentrate on pass rushers early and often in the draft!

  51. Dukeshire says:

    Mr Hand is Fast Times! Context here was Breakfast Club (for some reason…). Come on, people!

  52. chuck_easton says:

    OK Duke,

    We are now opening it up to all the teen movies of the 80’s. Have at it people!

  53. chuck_easton says:

    If we can land Flynn that would be “totally rightious” and if we miss out on a QB BobbyK will say that this is “totally Bogus”.

    10 points to the one that names this movie.

  54. I wasn’t a Breakfast Club type of guy… I was thinking 16 Candles earlier. Wow. I’m way off.

    Didn’t he say “doesn’t anybody knock” when, all of a sudden, Mr. Hand entered his room ready to make up his lost time in American History class?

    If Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy do not answer my QB prayer, I may feel that there will be “No more yankee my wankie” for my feelings towards the Seahawks until we get a team, led by a QB, I can feel good about.

  55. Fast times and Bill and Teds. Damn, I need to watch those movies again!

  56. “off topic comments will be deleted.”

    I just might have to flag your asses!

  57. chuck_easton says:

    Sorry everyone. Things were getting too serious in here. FA is 6 weeks away and the Draft is 3 months away. I had to try to lighten the mood before someone had an aneurysm or there was bloodshed.

  58. SandpointHawk says:

    OK, enough everyone, I was OK with the 80’s movie crapola but when Bobby K is threatening “No more yankee my wankie” I getting worried about my fellow Hawk fans….We will overcome…

  59. SandpointHawk says:

    *I’m*….Damn beer got me again

  60. Palerydr says:

    I believe that’s Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High talking to Mr Hand when he took his pizza.

  61. JazBadAzz says:

    Its cool Bobby, no harm no foul bro

  62. Dukeshire says:

    This sub thread has me cracking up. Especially Audible’s “off topic” post. Holy sh*t, hilarious. Thanks everyone. Too much… Lol!

  63. HawkfaninMT says:

    @ Duke: I am not pro Yates by any means. But in your above reply you respond to the comment by listing Chris Johnson of the Titans running totals. Yates is on the Texans with Arian Foster in his backfield


  64. JazBadAzz says:

    Eric can you ask your fellow pundits to compare Coples in this draft to Robert Quinn from last year draft please? Thank you very much sir!

    Yeah duke, Arian Foster(153 vs cin/ 132 vs ravens in playoffs) was smashing up the ravens in that last playoff game. Houston got the best run game in the league. Even their back up Ben Tate had a decent year.

    Check out his stats, he missed a few games this year also.

  65. Dukeshire says:

    HawkfaninMT – Lol! Wow, I sure did. Apologies. (I’m so embarrassed) Some how the wires crossed. In any case, I’m going to stand down, for now.

  66. bayareahawkfan says:

    Just to keep it real, “doesn’t anyone knock?” was Judge Reinhold’s line after getting caught, uh, thinking about Phoebe Cates in (and partially out) of that bikini to that bitching’ Cars song.

    “No more yanky my wanky?”, Bobby?

    “The Donger need food!”

  67. bayareahawkfan says:

    I should have watched the video first – there goes my winning completion of the famous quote from memory.

    I cannot wait to see what kind of diamonds in the rough this front office pulls out this offseason.

  68. Ewalters7354 says:

    Bobby,I just thought of what you said about Adam Carriker.He would be a nice addition to this team.But I think this team needs more KJ Wright type linebackers.Maybe Mike Morgan may be one of those but who knows.Pete looks to want athletic,fast,and instinctive talent all over his D.With that comes a LB who can rush the passer.Upshaw?Never know

  69. Carriker is strictly a 5-tech in our defense (his best position, too). He’s a run stuffing defensive end (not quite as good as Red) and he’d be an average to above average pass rusher (an improvement over Red). No way that guy could ever handle a LB position. Sorry if I made that seem confusing.

    For the record, I’d rather have Big Red. I love that guy. I love Carriker too, from the Nebraska days (and think he’s never played a position in the NFL that puts him in his best position to be successful). Carriker at a few million less per year than Red though is an easy choice for me.

  70. Ewalters7354 says:

    Bobby,where in the world did you read about me saying we should use Carriker at LB??I said he would be a nice addition to the team,BUT I think this team really need more KJ Wright type linebackers.And with that will be one who can rush the passer.

  71. piperfeltcher says:

    I think the Hawks will also be looking to bring in a run blocking TE. The 4 TE’s on the roster right now are more pass catching TE’s then run blocking.

  72. “Bobby,I just thought of what you said about Adam Carriker.He would be a nice addition to this team.But I think this team needs more KJ Wright type linebackers.”

    This insinuated, to me, that you were saying that you weren’t interested in Carriker b/c you’d rather have LBs that could run.

  73. Ewalters7354 says:

    No sir Bobby.You understood it wrong

  74. Okie-dokie.

  75. piper – please no more TEs. Miller is a monster as a blocker and McCoy is certainly above average at blocking.

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