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First look at the 2012 draft

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 21, 2012 at 9:39 am with 45 Comments »
January 21, 2012 3:08 pm

Our annual preview of this year’s NFL draft begins today with the half-hour video above produced by TNT media guru Joe Barrentine.

In the video Rob Rang, senior draft analyst for and myself discuss some of the top draft prospects among this year’s group that we believe the Seattle Seahawks might have their eye on as they prepare for April’s draft.

That group includes quarterbacks like Baylor’s Robert Griffin III, Texas A&M’s Ryan Tannehill and Ryan Lindley of San Diego State, along with a group of talented pass rushers like North Carolina’s Quinton Coples, Alabama’s Courtney Upshaw and Nick Perry of USC.

So check out the video. And below you can find a breakout of each player, which includes a link to highlights of each player, along with a quick comment from Rang.


Robert Griffin III
School: Baylor
HT/WT: 6-2/220
Rang’s take: “He’s a winner. And he’s a very intelligent quarterback that I think most teams are going to have no problem pegging him as the face of the franchise.”

Ryan Tannehill
School: Texas A&M
HT/WT: 6-4, 222
Rang’s take: “I’m personally am very high on Ryan Tannehill. I’ve had him as a first-round caliber quarterback essentially all year long. But at the same time he did struggle late in some ball games this year. There are some knocks on him as far as does he have the poise in the pocket at the end of games to really win the game for you when the game is on the line.”

Russell Wilson
School: Wisconsin
HT/WT: 5-11, 210
Rang’s take: “He has all the intangibles you’re looking for, and he has a strong arm. Unfortunately I see a little Seneca Wallace in his game. I just think that there’s only a limited upside there.”

Kellen Moore
School: Boise State
HT/WT: 6-0, 195
Rang’s take: “He is a spectacular player in terms of he understands what he has to do. But the physical skill set just isn’t there. He doesn’t have enough of an arm in my opinion to be successful in every offense, and unfortunately I think that offense does include Seattle.”

Ryan Lindley
School: San Diego State
HT/WT: 6-4, 230
Rang’s take: “He has an absolute rocket for a right arm. In fact that’s one of the negatives about him. He almost has too much of an arm, that he sometimes trusts his arm too much and will throw it into coverage.

Brock Osweiler
School: Arizona State
HT/WT: 6-7, 240
Rang’s take: “There’s some similarities with Osweiler to Ryan Mallett of a year ago. I really believe that if Osweiler had played in a similar system as wide open as Mallett we would have seen some pretty spectacular numbers, and he had strong numbers anyways.”


Nick Perry
School: Southern California
HT/WT: 6-3, 250
Rang’s take: “He’s a guy that really is just starting to scratch the surface of his potential. He’s going to workout like an absolute fenom, so I think you’re really going to see his stock rise. At the same time, he’s really only been a dominant player for one season. So there is some risk there. “

Quinton Coples
School: North Carolina
HT/WT: 6-6, 285
Rang’s take: “He has spectacular size, very good strength and very good athletic ability. Unfortunately I don’t know if he has enough (heart). At times he will play like his hair is on fire – he’s absolutely dominant. At other times, it just seems like the game isn’t as important to him.”

Courtney Upshaw
School: Alabama
HT/WT: 6-2, 265
Rang’s take: “He’s not necessarily an explosive athlete up the field in terms of speed, but he’s a very strong and very physical player, who played at Alabama and obviously went against elite competition. And he has a knack of making the big play on the big stage.”

Devon Still
School: Penn State
HT/WT: 6-4, 310
Rang’s take: “He has the strength you’re looking for as an interior run plugger. He’s not a great pass rusher, but at the 11 or 12 I really think he’s among the safest picks at defensive tackle in this year’s draft class.”

Michael Brockers
School: LSU
HT/WT: 6-6, 305
Rang’s take: “He is an exciting talent. At 6-6 he has very long arms, and also projects nicely as a player who can play both inside and move outside and play that 5-technique behind Red Bryant.”


Michael Floyd
School: Notre Dame
HT/WT: 6-3, 224
Rang’s take: “He’s a terrific football player. And he’s not one of those so-called diva receivers that’s all about him and he has to make the big catch. He’s one of the best downfield blocking receivers I’ve seen in a long time.”

Kendall Wright
School: Baylor
HT/WT: 5-10, 200
Rang’s take: “This is an absolute playmaker. He’s 5-11, so he’s a little bit shorter. But he’s a legitimate 200 pounds, so he’s got that going for him. He almost looks like a mini-running back. And he has the ability to make people miss, and he has straight line speed.”


Luke Kuechly
School: Boston College
HT/WT: 6-2, 237
Rang’s take: “Luke Kuechly is the most instinctive linebacker I’ve seen since Lofa Tatupu, and that’s saying something. Where Tatupu didn’t have the physical skills you’re looking for, Kuechly does have a lot of those. At the same time, 11 or 12 is high for a middle linebacker – I don’t care how good he is.”


Trent Richardson
School: Alabama
HT/WT: 5-11, 224
Rang’s take: “He is a physical back. He almost gets stronger as the game goes on.”

Dre Kirkpatrick
School: Alabama
HT/WT: 6-3, 200
Rang’s take: “Dre Kirkpatrick is Brandon Browner all over again, expect he’s young. So that’s something that’s definitely intriguing.”

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  1. I’d be fine with RGIII if the staff/scouts are too. I didn’t see much of him in college so I haven’t commmented on him much. I love his interviews and the fact that he seems like a good, smart kid. It’s so important to have someone be the face of your franchise that you can be proud of too (and not a Rapistburger).

    The Rang comments about Tannenhill are pretty similar to T-Jack (questions in the pocket and trouble winning games late). From what I have seen of Tannenhill, I do like him though. There is certainly going to be some growing pains with him (which is to be expected) which means it’ll be another season of mediocrity. Still, I’m fine with that. We can’t ignore this position any longer. Ideally, we’ll already have a QB by that time (Manning, Flynn, other).

    I know Coples has tremendous upside, but I don’t trust him. I hope we don’t get him. I think there are better and safer options.

    The one fear I have about Upshaw is that he does not have that explosiveness that Rang mentions too. That’s something that you really seem to need in the NFL if you’re going to be a great pass rusher.

    If we draft Perry, I’ll be thrilled (assuming QB has been addressed) because that means Mr. Happy is sold on him. I don’t feel like I have a need to have an opinion on him b/c I really do trust comPete on this one since he had him at USC. There’s no way he’ll whiff on this pick. If he passes on him, there’s a good reason and I’ll trust it. If we get him, you know darn well that we’re getting a potential double digit sack guy!

    Another potential QB scenario to think about is possibly trading for Colt McCoy. It’s not an ideal scenario but I think he may be available relatively cheap if the Browns draft a QB with their #4 pick (or trade up for their guy). He hasn’t had much by way of skill position players around him and he’s got a bunch of starts under his belt which is appealing to me (life would be much easier here handing it to Lynch and throwing it to our healthy receivers). He’s a “safe” player that Pete seems to covet at that position who has some athletic ability although I don’t know about the required arm strength. He has a little more of an “it” factor than T-Jack too (although Ithat doesn’t take much).

  2. If Still is a safe run plugging DT, no thanks. He need pressure on opposing QBs, not more of what we already have (run plugging defensive linemen with limited pass rushing ability).

  3. HawkyHann says:

    Mohammed Sene, WR, Rutgers. Solid accross the board. He’ll be a good pro.

    RGIII is special. Please do what it takes FO to land this gem. RGIII with all our weapons. Seahawk fans will loose it becaue we’ve never seen something like this guy.

  4. If we pick up a QB in FA or by trade I’m hoping we draft either DeCastro or Richardson in the first. Last year the talk was all about how we were a LG away from having that wicked OL for the future … DeCastro might fall right into our lap. Richardson because I don’t think we’re that deep at RB. If not DeCastro in the 1st then maybe Zeitler in the 2nd?

  5. HawkyHann says:

    I’ve watched Ryan Lindley live a few times at the Q, and was not impressed. Against TCU, was asking myself how this guy is starting for SDSU. Pass on him..

  6. One thing about DeCastro is that Gallery was only guaranteed money for last season. He’s set to earn a bunch of money again although I question if he’s really worth it (actually, it’s an easy “NO!” b/c his “productivity” doesn’t come close to the high pay he earns). Picking DeCastro may allow this regime to play him at RG and move Moffitt to LG, where he played in college (DeCastro played RG at Stanford), and then boot Gallery and his millions to the garbage. Then that millions saved on Gallery could be used on pass rush help via free agency (although I question we’ll be able to get a good pass rusher in FA). I do like that DeCastro may be our safest option at 11/12, which is someone who I think you can pencil in to at least a few Pro Bowls. However, can we really go with another OL when we have the need at QB and pass rush? Cable also proved that he can coach up some scrubs and get results so I don’t think we’ll be taking an offensive lineman in the first round for the third year in a row. Again, to contradict more thinking, Cable probably won’t be around much longer if he continues to get results like that and then we would need good players on the OL (another pro-DeCastro comment). I’m excited to see how all of these possibilities pan out but I have fun with the speculation:)

  7. Soggybuc says:

    I disagree with Rob on RGIII, this kid is off the charts smart, already nailed his degree and working on a masters all before he is done with his eligibility. this kid has sponge for a brain! now couple that with lack of ego and humbleness he will be a coaches dream.

    I’d take Upshaw over Coples in heart beat, kids a gamer and is going to do well.
    If they take Richardson I wont be upset at all, re-sign Beast and with TR as a 1-2 punch we will leave a trail of broken and bloodied defenses in our wake.

    Hopefully this Keachly(sp) kid gets ripped apart for lack of “combine” numbers and falls to us in later rounds.

    Instinct = football player! AKA Lofa!
    Combine superstar = Workout warrior! AKA Curry!

  8. Ewalters7354 says:

    To me we don’t need another guard with all do respect to DeCastro.But I think we have a find in Lemuel Jean-Pierre.I have seen a bunch of positives from him.He still young and will make a quality RG so I’m content at that position.

    RG3 is a great story to me but I don’t think we should draft him to be the guy.Only QB I see that’s the guy is Luck.We shouldn’t and don’t think we will break the bank on Flynn knowing how this FO opperates.

    I’d say target Jason Campbell to compete with Tjack and we’ll be ok for now.The only REAL problem I have seen with Tjack is his late game situations.To me that was what made Alex Smith succeed and Tjack not this year.They are pretty much the same type players.

  9. chuck_easton says:

    At the risk of sounding redundant to the negative side my take is this

    Colts take Luck with the #1 pick. No brainier here.

    Browns take RGIII with #4 pick.

    Washington takes Tannehill with #6 pick

    So Seattle has to like one of these guys enought to trade up to 2 or 3. It’s not in Schneider’s nature based on past performance to give away picks to move up. In fact his history shows the opposite in that he likes to trade down to obtain more picks.

    That leaves a second or third round prospect with TJack pencilled in as the 2012 starter.

    Orton, Flynn, Campbell are all FA QBs. I want desperately to be wrong but every fiber in my body says Seattle won’t be prepared to pay the 10+ million Flynn is going to demand. So are we comfortable with Orton or Campell? If Manning truly is making a power play behind the scenes with the Colts to try to get them to trade the 1st pick or he will retire or demand a trade perhaps he could be the QB for 2 to 3 years while some project is groomed. Bree’s will re-sign with the Saints or will be Franchised.

    Other possible FA QBs are McCoy or Claussen but I don’t see either of those guys as a significant improvement over TJack.

    I know BobbyK will blow a gasket but I’m preparing myself for one more year with TJack as the starter. I just don’t see another scenario.

  10. A gasket would get blown:)

    Here’s a scenario where we don’t have to go through another year of T-Jack (i.e. Hell)…

    RGIII ends up in Cleveland, Washington passes on a QB b/c they sign Manning (I don’t think the Colts will pay him his $28 million bonus – if they do, that’s over $50 million they will commit to 2 QBs this season) and if Flynn ends up in Miami, that leaves Tannenhill falling to us in the 1st round.$505m

    Or we could be the team to sign Manning.

  11. Ewalters – I don’t think guard is of the utmost priority either. It’s just a potential scenario.

  12. Seriously, how cool would it be to sign Manning (provided his neck is okay)? He’s getting older and I would have to imagine that he would salavate at the opportunity to have our Lynch-Cable led running game. I really can’t see the Colts giving him that big of a bonus by March only to trade him (I’d think that $28 million in this economy would be more valuable than even a draft pick), nor can I see any team committing over $50 million to one position like this for 2012.

    Lets not use this time to critically think of the negatives like he’s never played in a WCO or anything like that. It’s too much fun to dream every once in awhile.

  13. Ewalters7354 says:

    Bobby,agreed.I wouldn’t be mad either way.

  14. FleaFlicker says:

    Eric, great video and analysis.

  15. boycie99 says:

    I dont want Tannenhill, I just dont see him as a Franchise QB and given his weaknesses in the pocket and producing when the game is on the line I just dont see the improvement over TJack.

    I agree with Chuck and think JS and Pete view Tjack as the QB in 2012 and he will be the starter. Thats not a disaster for me given we hopefully will have a running game for the whole season and not just half like we have just witnessed, we will hopefully get some productivity for all the money tied up in Rice, Williams and at TE.
    That would be a massive improvement over 2011 and in the meantime grab a QB from round 3 or 4 and let him compete with Portis…. Cant be any worse than Yates who if I remember correctly was even put forward by Bobby as a possibility for the Hawks to trade for.

    My preference would be to have a go for RGIII but just dont see this Front Office giving away the farm to either trade up or to pay Flynn on 2 NFL starts.

  16. I’d take anyone not named Tarvaris Jackson. The thing I like about Yates is that he isn’t a rookie anymore and not only has a handful of regular season starts under his belt, but now a couple of post-season starts too. Yeah, he didn’t set the world on fire and made a couple of piss-poor throws against Baltimore, but most rookie QBs don’t set the world on fire. He showed enough to prove to everyone who passed on him that they were wrong for letting him fall the the later part of the 5th round. I’m not saying that’s who I want, I just want a young guy (unless it’s Manning) who can lead us for at least a decade. Not some game manager in his late 20s who still hasn’t gotten it and still turns it over more than he throws for TD passes or you can’t trust when it’s crunch time late in the game. Settling for that is saying you hope to be competitive and make the play-offs but you have no realistic chance to run the table once you’re in those very play-offs. To me that isn’t acceptable.

  17. I don’t think we’re at the point with team personnel to be able to cough up a bunch of extra high draft choices to get RGIII. I’m okay with it if we do… but we still need to build our defense so that nobody beats us with passes on the last series to win the game. I can’t stand that. It makes me scream.

    Bobby’s idea of Colt McCoy is intriguing. And what about Mallet? What do you think NE would want for him? Somehow I think we’re going to get a surprise.

  18. The one thing about Mallett that says “no” is that we passed on him last year and he essentially did nothing on the field this past year to make anyone change their mind about him from last April, whereas Yates started some games, did well in some, not as good in others, including the play-offs, but now has experience and, overall, was impressive for a rookie.

  19. Ewalters7354 says:

    Bobby,Yates did absolutely nothing this year.Sorry but I recall him having one good game all year.He showed me nothing to think we should pursue him.Mallet is way better regardless to playing time or not What about Brandon Hoyer guys?He looks like he has what it takes to a stud.

  20. Ewalters7354 says:

    Brian Hoyer I’m sorry

  21. Mallet went to NE right before our pick. I remember being devastated about it. I’m not so sure that we would’ve passed on him. I remember reading that the FO liked him, but who the heck really knows?

    Tjack will be the Opening Day starter unless we acquire someone via trade or free agency. It won’t be in the draft unless it’s Brandon Weeden, in my opinion because I don’t believe this regime will mortgage draft picks when they’ve clearly displayed the ability to draft late round talent. It is a core philosophy of John Schneider to trade down and acquire more picks. I still think they take an edge rusher. Sorry BobbyK. Sounds like the kid Perry from USC would fit the bill. I do find it interesting how you’re ok with certain decisions that ‘Mr Happy’ makes as long as it’s not Tjack. It’s gonna be a long off season for the rest of us regular readers to have to hear about your disdain for Tjack.



  22. If they really coveted Mallett they would have taken him in the 2nd round (or 1st) instead of making the trade with Detroit into the 3rd round (only to have Mallett go the pick before Moffitt). If you think you have a chance to draft a franchise QB late in the 2nd round, you do it, I would think (if you wanted him), regardless of getting extra picks later in the draft.

    I’m not sure why we should compare a 6 year veteran to a rookie in terms of “production” when we’re talking about the QB position. I suppose the 6 year vet is going to appear better. However, long term thinking requires one to ask what kind of ceiling do they have. Do they have the ability to eventually be an asset and someone who can help you win games or simply settling for someone who won’t lose them for you.

  23. If Schneider had wanted Flynn bad enough, he could have traded for him anytime over the last two years. He was in Green Bay when they drafted him. He should be real familiar with him. Probably would have been cheaper than what they have to pay for him as a free agent. Instead, he signed Whitehurst in 2010. He could have traded for him in 2011, instead he signed Tarvaris Jackson. I think the chances of signing Flynn as a free agent for the money he is going to want is close to nil. When Holmgren wanted Hasselbeck, he traded for him. JS & PC could have done that. Since they didn’t it makes me feel like they are not interested.

  24. Mr. Happy is the guy with a majority of the power in Seattle, not Schneider. I’m not saying he’s totally a puppet, he’s not, all I’m saying is that it’s what Pete wants most, not what Schneider wants most. Schneider sets the table for comPete and then Mr. Happy decides what to order.

  25. jawpeace says:

    One more year of T. Jack will not be the end of the world. The guy did play with a partially torn pec muscle. That affected all aspects of his game. By the end of the season you could tell he was feeling better actually overthrowing some men open on deep passes.
    I do expect the Colts to cut Peyton. The 28 million bonus is just too big. One sign that points to this is the firing of their head coach. Looks like they are going to start over with Luck. Manning as a free agent will take his pick of all the QB needy teams. I think if Seattle offered him some $ he would come to us over other teams as our team is set in a lot of areas and not rebuilding.
    No offense to Jackson but I would much rather have Peyton. I could start having dreams of a Superbowl again.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Well, if you want Peyton then start rooting for the Giants to win the Superbowl. Peyton manning will surely want to at least match his little brother with Superbowl wins.
    Nothing would be better than to see Peyton Manning in the Seahawks uniform this year.

  27. “The guy did play with a partially torn pec muscle. That affected all aspects of his game”

    Um NO!!! torn pec had nothing to do with
    1. Holding the ball too long
    2. Scrambling INTO pressure
    3. only seeing half the field

  28. Reading thru the last few blog articles, I am a bit confused. BobbyK are you saying we need a franchise QB in order for this team to win any Superbowls? haha. Just pulling your leg, man. I’ve tried in vain to not agree with you and I’ve decided it’s because I actually DO agree with you and it’s one of those “guy” things where you don’t want to admit another guy is absolutely right. WEll, I’ve decided to quit disagreeing with you and now agree wholeheartedly. With the defense the ‘Hawks have been putting together and the running game finally getting going after too many years of being virtually non-existent we may get to the playoffs but will never win a Superbowl without a true badass field general to orchestrate the offense; not just “get by” like the last few years. An example I like to use is John Elway: made it to a few Superbowls but lost and then the team finally got him a legitimate running game in the late ’90s and then he finally won a Superbowl (2 actually). Those Broncos defenses were legit and Elway was legit. They just didn’t have that great running game to balance out the offense. Seattle now has an elite Defense in the works and a running game that is exciting and on the verge of being great. Now, like you said BobbyK, they need that final piece of the puzzle to become a title contender for years to come. I hope they do it while most of the team is still very young so they can be like an early 2000’s Patriots team and win 3 superbowls in 4 years or whatever. Could you imagine the insanity in this town if the ‘Hawks won not one but 2 or 3 Championships? I think we’d all collectively pass out from shock and awe.AND Seattle will HAVE to win more than one Superbowl in order to silence the media and rest of the country who would call it a fluke that the Hawks actually won one. Oh, how I hope Mr Schneider, Mr Carroll and Mr Allen make it a reality. We’ve been lapdogs of the NFL for too long. Tired of the constant disrespect Seattle receives as a sports town. It is absolutely maddening! I’m tired of being a Seahawks apologist. I for once would like to be able to talk smack and be cocky like the New England, Pittsburgh, 49ers, and Packers fans.

  29. jawpeace says:

    I am sure he does not want to be out done by his little brother. Though I am not sure if I can root for the Giants. Well maybe I can as I don’t really have a favorite among the four teams that are left. This could be the X factor that makes me root for one of them.

  30. P.S. Jim Harbaugh can suck it. I want the 49ers to lose just to get that stuid, arrogant, narcisstic grin off his dumb face. I cannot stand even looking at that guy. Really disliked him as a player too. And that garbage he pulled when the 49ers beat the Lions just proved his smug, self-rightgeous attitude. The guy has no sportsmanship as was proven when he coached in college. He has no class. I am not a Giants fan either but I sure am for today only. I hope for a Ravens/Giants Superbowl as the ‘Hawks beat each of those teams pretty handily this season. Gives me hope for the future. Enjoy the games today err’body! ha!

  31. I think all of us would be tickled to get a Brees, Manning, Brady, etc. it’s not something that’s overly realistic either (unless we actually do sign Manning if he’s released by Indy, which is very possible or we trade up for Luck), as those guys don’t grow on trees.

    What is more realistic is finding a QB who is good, who is an asset to your team, even though he’s probably not Canton bound. I think of a guy like Matt Schaub. Sure, he’s no superstar QB, but he’s good (injury aside from this past season). If a guy like him had a good team around him, he could win multiple Super Bowls (and be an asset to those teams). He’s not going to go all Dan Marino and carry a crap team into the play-offs, but I’d be really like to see a guy like him as our QB (and, no, I’m not saying him specifically b/c I doubt Houston trades him).

    I do think that this is the category that Matt Flynn will fall under and part of the reason I’d really love to get him. He’s not Rogers just b/c he did in one game what Favre or Rogers never could do (yards/TDs) but he’s going to be a guy, I believe, who is an asset to your team, even if he’s not considered in the Elway or Montana class either.

  32. Ewalters7354 says:

    Bobby,what your difference between Matt Flynn and Kevin Kiln?Just curious.Because I simply can’t tell who’s better.If you look at it Kolb has more playing experience and also has more tools to make one think he could be the guy(jury is still out on that).But I just don’t think Flynn is worth being overpriced.I would much rather us try and trade for Andrew Luck.At least you know what you have.I know that won’t happen but I’m just saying.

  33. This isn’t a comparison of past stats – this is an opinion of what counts the most (the future) – but I’m not as down on Kolb as 99% of everyone else. I think Kolb looks like Matt Hasselbeck looked before he got good. I think Kolb should have stayed in a WCO type of offense that he’d been trained in Philadelphia. He didn’t look comfortable of what I saw of him and he had never been a starter before (kind of like when Matt took over… he sucked, though Kolb at least had some NFL starts). His mobility reminds me of a young Matt, same for his arm. It’s not like Kolb is a guy like T-Jack who has over two full years of NFL career starts (and as xman said earlier, still only sees half the field, runs into sacks, and is horrible in the pocket), Kolb is a guy with less than one years worth of starts. The biggest question to me is what’s his ceiling. I’m not saying Kolb will be as good as Matt, but I still see the potential. I know our FO called the Eagles plenty, from all indications, two years ago about Kolb.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    All this QB talk is sure fun, but if we’re talking about scouting players, next week is one of the great weeks of the year: Sr. Bowl week. The practices airing on NFL Network are one of my favorite things to watch. Hope everyone gets a chance to watch some (or all..) because one can lean so much about the Sr. coming out. It will also give us an opportunity to discuss other positions of need.

  35. Ewalters7354 says:

    Duke,I agree.Can’t wait!

  36. One pet peeve that I have is how people talking about how drafting a player from the SEC is safe (like how James Carpenter must be good b/c he played in that conference).

    Yes. The SEC is the best conference in the country. Yes. They have produced more stars (I think) than any other conference.

    However, look at how many early round busts have been taken from the SEC in the early first round these past 4 years:
    #1 – J. Russell (LSU) QB = biggest 1st round bust in the history of the NFL
    #4 – G. Adams (Florida) DE = so bad they got rid of him via trade
    #8 – J. Anderson (Ark) DE = bad
    #16 – J. Harrell (Ten) DT = Schneider helped draft this worthless loser
    #5 – G. Dorsey (LSU) DT = not the impact player they thought he’d be
    #8 – D. Harvey (Florida) DE = horrible (& they traded up for this bum)
    #3 – T. Jackson (LSU) DE = makes lots of money to not be overly good
    #12 – K. Moreno (GA) RB = I was wrong about this guy
    #18 – R. Ayers (Ten) DE = another bust

    Obviously, there are plenty of successes too (Pat Willis, Joe Hayden, AJ Green, Cam Newton, Patrick Peterson, Darrin McFadden, Jerod Mayo, etc.)

    All I’m saying is that, like any draft pick, there’s the risk of busts everywhere. I don’t buy the idea that a “safe” player is one from the SEC because he’s faced better competition. I think you should go for the one you think will be the better player in the NFL. Ruskell tried too much of the big college production stuff and all that got him was fired.

  37. scorpeeo says:

    If DeCastro falls in your lap you have to take him. This scenario would be just like Hutchinson years ago. If you can’t get one of the top 2 QB’s keep stacking talent on the line.

  38. What Scorpeeo said.

    First order of business for draft day is to win that coin flip. If Perry or Brockers is there at our number, that is the greater need. Having seen DeCastro tear the living piss out of the Huskies several times I am a believer. Feel that he will be the real deal and our O-line would be one of the best with him.

    I hope we net Flynn, then the draft will just be fun.

  39. Sarcasticus says:

    First off, I am a huge Seahawks and Alabama fan. So, call me a homer if you like, but I have been dreaming of Richardson going to the Seahawks for two years. If that somehow happens (and I doubt it will), I will go nuts.

    As far as Kirkpatrick, I think he is more like Sherman than Browner. With that said, I think Sherman is a better athlete and ultimately a better cornerback.

    Upshaw is my second favorite Tide defensive player after C.J. Mosely. Upshaw can get to the quarterback, but that is not really his deal. He is an edge setter. Any roll out, run, or screen to his side will be met with force. He strength is his strength. He uses his hands about as well as any defensive player you will see. He can get to the quarterback, and will improve with more coaching, but I think he is a better overall player than he gets credit for (He had 18 tackles for loss this season).

    I think moving Wright inside and grabbing Perry for outside might be an interesting option.

    I also think grabbing Stills for the middle would be nice.

  40. Sarcasticus says:

    Also, I did not like the Carpenter pick last year. I am an Alabama fan, but I am not blind.

  41. Its funny that people here treat James Carpenter as if he’s a bust. All he did was walk onto an NFL team, never having had an offseason program or full rookie training camp, and start at OT, one of the harder positions in the NFL for a rookie to start at. He was 22, inexperienced, and very raw. He started a few games, began to learn, then was injured. That’s not what I call a bust, that’s a youngster with great potential.

    Tom Cable liked Carpenter enough to make him the first guy he wanted to draft for his new O line. Cable stuck with Carpenter to develop him as his starter. But people here think they know more about offensive linemen than Tom Cable does. All I can say is I have to think Cable knows what he’s doing there.

  42. I like BobbyK’s comment on QBs: “The biggest question to me is what’s his ceiling.”

    That’s how I think the Seahawks need to approach QB this offseason. Its a reason I’m not sold on overpaying for Matt Flynn (unless of course Pete Carroll is over-the-moon about Flynn, but I’ve never heard that).

    I’m one who thinks TJack and the whole offense will take another big step to improve next year. But TJack’s ceiling is limited. And Matt Flynn’s ceiling may be too limited to commit a big multi-year contract to him. This is why I’m much more excited about a guy like Tannehill who is still developing and may have a very high ceiling, and about watching prospects like Weedin and Foles in the Senior Bowl.

    At #11, they have to go for the highest-ceiling player. Taking Earl Thomas at #14 two years ago was a good example of that.

  43. Moving up to get RG3 will be too expensive and deplete or draft this year and next. Tannehill at 11/12 also too high. Perhaps trade down, still pick up Tannehill and additional picks. If we don’t trade down I can’t pass on Richardson. Same type back as Lynch, but with lots more tread on the tires and better top end speed.

  44. In reference to Flynn, again, much too expensive. He’s going to command a huge contract and who really knows what ya get? Huge contract and no guarantee we get a long term QB. Can you say Matt Castle? Should have grabbed Mallett in the 3rd last year :(

  45. olyfan63 says:

    Seattle needs to snag Russel Wilson of Wisconsin as their next QB. The Seneca-Wallace-in-college comparison is total BS. TD-to-Int ratio, baby. Seneca’s college ratio was 1:1. Wilson’s ratio is 4TD to 1 Int. No comparison. After watching TJack fail to make reads and miss open receivers, Wilson will be just what the Dr. (Carroll) ordered. He is a master at making the right read. Don’t miss out on this gem hawks!

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