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Morning links: NFL scouting combine invitees announced

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 15, 2012 at 10:37 am with 96 Comments »
January 15, 2012 10:40 am
Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez is sacked by Washington's Alameda Ta'amu for a 10-yard loss during the second half of the Holiday Bowl in San Diego. (AP Photo/Denis Poroy, File) gives us the initial list of 231 pro hopefuls invited to the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, which runs from February 22 to 28. This group only includes seniors at this time.

Today is the deadline for underclassmen to apply for this year’s draft.

Oregon quarterback Darren Thomas is the latest surprise addition to forgo his final year of college eligibility.

We’ll once again provide wall-to-wall coverage of the combine from Indianapolis this year, focusing on local prospects and players on the radar of the Seattle Seahawks in this year’s draft at the end of April.

University of Washington players invited include defensive tackle Alameda Ta’Amu and offensive lineman Senio Kelemete

Check out the breakdown of each position group here.

Matt Maiocco of breaks down San Francisco’s final play from quarterback Alex Smith to tight end Vernon Davis that led to the Niners 36-32 win over New Orleans in the NFC divisional playoffs.

Blog commentor and New Orleans native Ewalters73540 shows his disdain for the hometown Saints by sporting a Niners’ jersey in this photo he posted on Facebook and allowed us to share here. HT/ to Sandpoint Hawk.

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. gives Seattle’s Chris Clemons honorable mention as he ranks the top five pass rushers in the league. DeMarcus Ware of the Dallas Cowboys tops the list. You must be an ESPN Insider to view this.

Wes Bunting of the National Football Post offers some prospects to look for in next week’s East-West Shrine game.

Dan Pompei of the National Football Post believes if the Seahawks don’t lock up Red Bryant before free agency begins there will be a market for him as a defensive end in a 3-4 scheme. Pompei also talks to team personnel executives on how they undervalued Texans rookie quarterback T.J. Yates, a lesson learned going into this year’s draft.

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  1. SandpointHawk says:

    My man The Big E himself….looking good.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. That’s pretty bad.

  3. Ewalters7354 says:

    Lmbo!I absolutely love this.I really feel apart now lol…as much as I hate the niners I hate the saints even more so I wore that to drive the people down here crazy.I immediately gave my dad his jersey back after this game.I’m a Hawk fan for life.

  4. If other options fail, I wonder if trading a pick for Yates may be possible? He’s not going to start over Schaub and they run a WCO in Houston. I’d imagine a 2nd round pick would do the trick? Sure, he’s played like a rookie at times but, overall, has been impressive. You can’t teach some of the things to a rookie that he’s learned this year (regular season playing time and two play-off starts, including a win). I’d rather take my chances on a guy like him who there is actual NFL film on over a rookie not named Luck.

  5. I gave Houston a zero percent chance of winning this game. I’m impressed with their performance. I didn’t think there was any way they had a chance today.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Ewalters7354 – Do you still live down in NO? And how’d you become a ‘Hawks fan, from NO?

    Jag and I were both pretty high on Yates last year, as some may recall. But as far a Seattle goes, if they were interested in him, they would have drafted him, I would think. He was after all, a 5th round pick, so there were opportunities.

  7. Ewalters7354 says:

    Duke yea I still live here.I started liking the Hawks at bout 10 because of the uniforms and when I really got into football I just took a real liking to them.Been a die hard fan since.Never liked the Saints at all.I really wanna move out there to Seattle so I can go to the games every time the Hawks play.But I’ll seebhow I like it when I visit for the next season.

  8. I’ve believed in Yates all along, and while he made some mistakes tonight, he’s shown that he can be a good QB in this league, which I never doubted, and I really wished we’d have gotten him later on, since I thought he was perfect for this system, but we got Sherman in that round, so I’m not complaining, lol.

  9. Ewalters7354 says:

    Jag,I agree Sherman is a stud.I just hope we can get Rob Mathis or Cliff Avril along with Flynn or Jason Campbell and I’ll be happy.Oh and I can’t forget Larry Grant.

  10. JazBadAzz says:

    My skin would burn if a 9er jersey ever touched it, ugghhh!
    I couldn’t do it even for Halloween. Thanks for sharing but I would never lol.

    Please let T.J. Yates stay where he is, he is not as good as people think. I’d rather stick with T.Jackson.

    That kid from oregon showed great speed in his bowl game, if I was denver I would draft him to back up tebow because they can run the same system even if its pretty much garbage at this lvl. When you get in this deep you got to fully commit aint no sense in going half assed. I would hate to be the coaches and have to change my philosophy and teaching methods, oh well!

  11. I bet that most teams in the NFL would give us a 2nd round pick for Sherman this year even though they all passed on him about 5 times last year. Just sayin.’

    I thought Greg Jennings fumbled but apparently Bill Leavy doesn’t feel the same way. lol

  12. Dukeshire says:

    I see our old friend Bill Leavy screws up another big call. How does he continue to get playoff assignments? He’s one of the worst head refs in the league. Goodness…

    Ewalters – very cool man. NO is fun: Tipitinas, Maple Leaf, Preservation Hall, Vaughans… Would love to spend an extended period there.

  13. Ya’ll might have mentioned this already, but just saw this. Might help. Would be great to have someone we felt good about at the QB position and be able to use all our other draft picks on other needs.

  14. Ewalters7354 says:

    Hey Duke yea it real cool.Just too much killing bro.That’s why I wanna leave.

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “I see our old friend Bill Leavy screws up another big call.”

    Agree Dukeshire! What a horrible call!

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Karma- Go Giants!

  17. Holy crap, hell of a play, but then again the Packers defense looks incredibly fragile.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    Ewalters – That’s a shame, but I’ve heard that about NO before. Too bad, so much opportunity to reinvent itself now. Well, always room out here for you…

  19. Dukeshire says:

    My god, the Packers pass rush is non-existent. As good as they are, they’re about to lose to a far more complete (well rounded) team.

  20. Ewalters7354 says:

    Duke,Seattle is my dream city.I’ll be there one of these good days if God spares

  21. This is ridiculous, both the Saints and the Packers have shot themselves in the foot, embarrassing performances.

  22. Another horrible call by Levy.

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Great win for the Giants, Eli Manning, and the much maligned Tom Coughlin!
    I would say that Coughlins job is safe for awhile!

  24. Seriously, how can Leavy be this incompetent? It’s embarassing.

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    JacDG-what’s so embarrassing about getting beat by a better team?

    Even so I didn’t think this would happen, I am so glad it did! Down to the pass happy no defense teams! And up to the smash mouth defensive teams!
    The Seahawks are a smash mouth defensive team!

  26. It’ not the fact that they’ve lost, but it’s the manner of which, particularly the Packers, have lost, has been embarrassing in my opinion at least. The Seahawks could have beaten the Packers today, horrible defense, horrible offense from a fundamentals standpoints, 10 dropped passes, three fumbles? That is not playoff worthy, neither is the 5 turnovers, and only lord knows how many fumbles in total, from the Saints.

  27. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Interesting that two teams we beat (upset) this year made it to Championship Weekend: Ravens and Giants. Would be a great SB matchup.

  28. Ewalters7354 says:

    What a win by the Giants.Really can’t wait until the I see the Hawks playing in these games again.Once again the fact remains the DEFENSE wins champions.

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would love to see a giants/ Ravens Superbowl. Imagine the confidence that it would give to the young Seahawk team going forward next year knowing that they can beat the best teams.

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    JacDG- The Seahawks could have beat the Packers today if they had Eli Manning or his equivalent at qb.

    And it would have been alot worse if it wasn’t for Leavy and his best effort to keep the Packers in the game.

  31. EWalters, I love NOLA, we go down there about once a year. Best music city in the world, and because of that I’ve become a Saints fan too. Would be happy to host you if you ever make it up to Seattle for a game. But, dude, burn that f’in 9ers jersey! ;)

  32. If defense really won championships then the Steelers, who ranked #1 in almost every statistical defensive category last season, would have been the defending Super Bowl Champions. Instead, you need to get hot at the right time and be as well rounded as possible. If you’re not overly well rounded, you need to be extremely special in a certain aspect of your game to make up for whatever deficiencies you may have to overcome. You need to sprinkle a little bit of luck into the equations, too (perhaps be on Bill Leavy’s good side, or not his blind eye).

  33. Ewalters7354 says:

    Stevo,its gone bro.I will never wear another teams attire again lol

  34. Ewalters7354 says:

    Bobby I can definitely understand what you are saying but offense has never really proven to win rings.Its not about the overall stat of one’s defense it a matter of playing and making plays when it counts.The saints won because of a pick 6 and the Packers because of a forced fumble and pick 6.That’s all I’m saying.Even the rams because of a last second tackle on the 1 against the Titans.

  35. When teams like the Colts, Rams, and Saints won their Super Bowls, they got there because their offense was their strength. Their defenses were fine, in part, because their offenses scored so many points that their defenses could simply attack and not have to worry about things. They forced their opponents to be one dimentional. When the Colts beat the Bears in the SB a few years back, the Bears defense was so much better than the Colts it wasn’t even funny. And if the old line about defense were 100% true, then you’d never see any offensive players go in the early rounds of any draft.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have a dominant defense, but you have to score, too. Right now, we’re sitting pretty good overall, but we need to add a triggerman for the offense so we can win a tight game with a late drive when all the marbles are on the line and on defense we need to generate more of a pass rush. That’s it. Granted, that’s two pretty huge things. We’re pretty solid and ready to comPete for all the marbles if we can add a Flynn in FA and add a pass rusher like Perry in the 1st round. I don’t think we’re that far away if that happens. Right now, we’re so close and yet so far away. However, if those two things can/do happen, I think we’re right there with almost anyone. Any given Sunday.

  36. Ewalters7354 says:

    I get what your saying.We definitely need to be able to score points.We mainly need a guy who can deliver in the clutch.We lost a bunch of games simply because of that.

  37. Much more surprised by the Niners win yesterday that the Giants win today. You could sense that the Packers peaked sometime aorund mid-season. Rodgers’ receivers did him few favors today, not just the drops (though those are always big momentum killers), but also just not getting open. You could see Rodgers looking for targets when he had time, and finding nothing. And we know he’s a QB who will zing it into small target areas. I’m assuming Jennings wasn’t himself today – he did zero basically, and he’s normally a gamebreaker type of player for them.

    Giants are a hot club right now, getting great QB play, and they probably have the best group of WR’s in football.

    Not sure who I’d pick out of these four to win it all . .

  38. raymaines says:

    I hate to admit this right out loud, but the ’49er’s have always been my second favorite team. That and I’d really like to see Eli win more Super Bowls than his brother. I really don’t much car who wins next week but I want that team to win it all. Go 9er’s/G-men!!

  39. That’s a classic argument you guys are having about whether its a dominant Defense that wins championships, or an elite Offense is really what does it.

    I don’t think there’s only one answer, but I’ve always liked the 2/3 rule. If you are best on 2 out of 3 (defense, offense, special teams), you win. I don’t think any one is more important. I think the most important things that win football games are (1) turnovers (2) field position (3) third-down efficiency.

    Defense has a huge role in all three. Special Teams have a role in both turnovers and field position. Put a great D and Special Teams together and I’ll take that over any offense and any QB, even Brees or Rogers.

    The 49ers offense made a few clutch plays, but they beat the Saints with their D and Teams.
    49ers Special Teams forced 2 Fumbles
    49ers Defense forced 1 Fumble, 2 INTs and returned one for 41 yards.
    Those two units destroyed Saints field position five times during the game.

    It held true in the Green Bay – NYG game too, as the Giants D forced 3 Fumbles and had 4 sacks.

    Add one more stud pass rusher in Seattle and I’ll feel pretty good about our D becoming as good as these in 2012.

  40. It’s funny that you say they beat the Saints with their great defense when they gave up over 30 points.

  41. With the addition of some of the Jr’s entering the draft, it might increase the possibility that we trade down a few slots and still be able to get a good DE/DT.

    There are now a few DL guys that rate as a first round talent – just a thought

  42. Ewalters7354 says:

    Stevo,exactly what I’m saying.The 9ers forced turn overs and field position for the Saints was awful.The Saints scored their last 2 touchdowns because or blown coverage on Sproles and a safety not knowing if he wanted to go for the pick or hit on Graham .If there d didn’t play well it would have been just like the Lions game.

  43. Yeah, Bobby, it is funny. The 49ers were the first D to hold the Saints under 40 points in their past five games. Saints might have the best offense the league has seen in years, but that alone doesn’t win championships.

  44. Here is another name to consider drafting at #11/12:

    DT Michael Brockers , LSU

    Didn’t see him play. Anyone get eyeballs on the redshirt sophomore?

  45. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Does anyone think for one minute that Peyton Manning is going to sit back and take it easy if his little brother wins another Super bowl?

    Imo, he will want to get that second one so bad that he may consider finding a new team,(one with much more talent), to finish his career with. Especially now that the Colts appear to be going the Luck route.

    Wouldn’t that be something if Manning somehow became a Seahawk?
    This city would just go nuts!

    I am not a Giants fan, however I am rooting for Eli to win another Super bowl,( hopefully against the Ravens, Two teams we have beaten), and put a little more pressure on his big brother.

    With flynn, Manning, and the draft coming up, we could possibly fill our biggest holes this offseason and be one of the favorites going into next season.
    I couldn’t ask for any more offseason excitement!

  46. chuck_easton says:


    Now that my worst case scenario happened in both NFC play-off games this weekend at least I get 1/2 my Sunday free next week.

    I can’t stand either the 9rs nor the Giants. If SF wins we have to listen to 9r fans and how they are the greatest team ever…going for six…blah, blah, blah. If the Giants win we have to listen to East Coast media talk all off season about how much better the NFC East is than any other Division. I’m left rooting for an earthquake to hit the Bay Area right around game time. Don’t want either team to win.

    So, that leaves me waiting for the SB in three weeks where I will be an AFC fan because I can’t stomach the idea of either of the NFC teams winning another ring.

  47. piperfeltcher says:

    I can not believe Darren Thomas is leaving Oregon for the draft someone is giving this kid some bad advice. If he stays at Oregon he gets to play for one of the strongest teams which means lots of press and coverage while he works on some huge mechanic flaws and bulks up. I thought he would be a 2nd rounder in next years draft if he had another strong season and put some muscle on his skinny azz frame. Now he is not going to get drafted and sign a min. contract to sit on the bench as a 3rd QB and hold a clipboard and as he will likely see zero playing time he will not get any better.
    Guys like Thomas are why colleges should change there rules to allow drafted players to stay in school and keep playing. I do not understand why the college program is not used as a development tool for the NFL let drafted players remain eligable, if a team drafts a player and he is not ready why should he not be able to play another year of collage and develop. Seems like it would benifit the colleges as well as more players would stay another year. Sorry for my rant but hate watching a kid who could be a decent player throw it all away.

  48. chuck, lol! I hear that frustration. Without rooting for NOLA or GB I don’t know what to do with these playoffs now.

    Does everyone realize there is a 25% chance this will be a Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh super bowl? The Harbaugh Hype would be sick.

  49. I second that Chuck, never thought I’d be rooting for the Patriots, but that’s where I am right now.

  50. bayareahawkfan says:

    I’m with you Chuck – for the remainder of the playoffs, whomever is matched up against SF is my rooting interest.

    I’m not living in SF any longer (moved 6 months ago), but it was unbearable there right after the Giants won the series. It’s been bad enough listening to Niner fans during the last few years of futility – its going to be like being around Steeler fans following Superbowl XL, and all that “one for the thumb” pablum.

    Please don’t let Jim Harbaugh win a Superbowl in his first year as a head coach. His already giant head might explode.

  51. Dukeshire says:

    Fisher just pried Greg Williams away from NO. The Rams are going to be well coached, if nothing else. Great hire. And while I’m not looking forward to the ‘Hawks having to face a Williams defense twice a year, they’ll be better for it. They’re going to have to be if they want to win. This division is deninately improving

  52. For the record, I’ve never seen anyone pitch a shutout in the Super Bowl, which means you actually need score points to win. That’s all I’m saying.

  53. Dukeshire says:

    Defenses don’t win championships, they allow offenses to win them. The worse the offense, the better the defense must be.

  54. Sad thing is they may be the best team left – they have the best combination of OFF/DEF.

    What this really shows is how bad a coach Singeltary was!!

  55. Duke – exactly. You can have a great offense, but if you’re defense totally sucks, you’re screwed (early 80s Chargers; a couple of Dan Marino teams, etc.).

    You can have a defense like the Philadelphia Eagles that one year with Jerome Browne, Reggie White, Seth Joyner, etc. where they were basically #1 overall in every defensive category on Earth and couldn’t sniff the Super Bowl. If any “defense wins championships” team ever should have won the Super Bowl, it should have been that defense/team. They didn’t get it done (or come close to it). Their special teams were also good.

    The Ravens are the only team ever who won it all, basically, with their defense.

    Sure, you can talk about the great “Steel Curtain” but the last I looked, they had a Hall of Fame QB, RB, OL, and a couple of WRs who are also in Canton. That doesn’t have the make-up of a “defense wins championships” team either, as their offense was also pretty darn good with almost half of it in the Hall of Fame.

    I’m pretty sure the Colts defense of a few years ago, who finished LAST in the NFL in run defense, had no right to even make the play-offs if not for its great QB/offense. They may have improved in the play-offs and all, but, again, no way in heck they sniff the play-offs that season had the offense and its QB not carried them.

    The moral of the story is that we all have a philosophy of how we think a SB winner should be built. However, history shows that no one singular blueprint is right, as there have been multiple ways to get the job done. Some teams have been carried by their offense, others by their defense, and some have been led by a little bit of lady luck (Leavy, Bill). Some have caught the right breaks, others haven’t.

  56. This is me and only me, but I belive in this:

    1. QB
    2-3-4. LT, LG, C
    5. DL (E or T)
    *and, no, I’m not saying that a C all by himself is more important than a D. Sanders shut-down corner.

    I believe in having a good/great QB. That’s my first objective. I’d get someone who I thought was good. He doesn’t have to be as great as a Dan Marino (I’m purposely using him, as he never won a SB even though he’s better than most SB winning QBs).

    Then I believe in a great LT with a LG/C (and possibly RG) who could play a decade together to develop that all-important continuity. Ideally, for me, I’d get a good/great LT/LG/C relatively high in the draft in the span of two years and then I’d somehow fill in a solid RG/RT to play the other two positions. When my LT/LG/C were in their late 20s or early 30s, then I’d go into a draft and use the two highest picks on a RT/RG so they’d be in their prime by the time my left side was too old (and had to be replaced, somewhat, themselves).

    That’s it. That’s me. Then everything else would have to fall into place. I’m not too dumb to realize that a game breaking WR wouldn’t be beneficial. Or a dominant DE isn’t necessary. Or that a shut-down corner or great FS isn’t important. We all choose to build teams differently and the only way that’s truly the right way is the team who drafts the most talent that actually pans out.

  57. Scoring more points than your opponent in the Super Bowl is the ultimate recipe to win championships. Yes, that’s obvious. It can be done with offense, defense, special teams or in Super Bowl XL buying off the officials. Or the right combination of all the above.

    Generally though names like Rogers, Brees, Manning, Rothburger with cheese, Brady etc. are playing for the winner. The teams with “franchise” qbs tend to be perennial contenders where everyone else may rise up for that magical season where everything comes together for a superbowl run and afterwards they decend back into the murk with everyone else.

    As has been mentioned, a Dilfer might sneak in there every once in a while(less common in the last decade). I don’t even remember who Tampa Bay’s qb was when they won.

    A while back the Redskins pulled it off twice with Mark Rypien and Doug Williams playing behind some monster offensive lines.

  58. I wonder if Jeff Fisher will try and get our RB coach Sherman Smith to join him in St Louis? Sherm was with Fisher for 13 years as Assistant Head Coach before Jim Zorn made him OC in Washington. I have heard Marshawn give Sherman Smith credit for the year he had. Hopefully won’t happen.

  59. Ewalters7354 says:

    The Bucs defense also won them that championship.

  60. The Bucs didn’t win a Super Bowl with that defense until they got a competent offense. They never won it with losers at QB like Shaun King. The scored 48 points in that Super Bowl. You don’t lose too many games doing that.

  61. Gruden for that Bucs offense with Brad Johnson was kind of like Tom Cable with our OL this past season. He took that offense to another level (like Cable took our run game to another level). Both are examples of good/great coaches which can never be overlooked either. That defense of the Bucs never would have won a Super Bowl if it hadn’t been for a vastly improved offense. They never needed to be great, but they got better and that’s all they needed (as the defense was never good enough to win the big one until that happened).

    There have been teams historically who have failed to win despite its talent and San Diego has been a prime example. Their talent has dictated that they should have been better but I don’t know of anyone who thinks a guy like Norv Turner is a good head coach (great OC, yes) or that Marty isn’t a choke artist in the play-offs. Someone needs to be fired in SD (can’t fire the owner though) for sticking with those clowns in a division that should have been theirs for the taking.

  62. Looked up the stats to the Bucs defense winning that Super Bowl.

    True – the Bucs defense scored 3 TDs that game (impressive).

    Fact – the Bucs offense and defense played well and the Bucs team had a 27-3 lead over the Raiders before any of the Tampa Bay defensive TDs happened.

    Moral of the story – it was a team effort where the defense held the Raiders down and the offense scored enough points to finally get the job done for that Tampa defense.

  63. I’ll stick with the 2/3 rule.

    One of the best things about football is that questions like what really wins championships cannot be answered with a simple answer or a statistic. Football is too much of a team game, too dynamic, prone to surprises, and emotion. No simple answer will ever capture it. That’s what makes it so great.

    Please God, don’t let this be a Harbaugh-Harbaugh super bowl. Please don’t do that to our offseason.

  64. I wouldn’t mind seeing John Harbaugh in the Super Bowl. But not Jim. If Jim is there, I hope Belichick spanks him.

    But I have a feeling it’s going to be the Giants winning the Super Bowl again. You can’t spell Elite without Eli.

  65. Screw the Pats, hate to say it, I mean I really hate it, but I gots to go with the 9ers. Keep it West Coast baby. Plus, maybe it will juice up the Hawks to raise their bar.

  66. The really fusturating thing about the 9ers now, is it looks like Smith and Davis are starting to click in a nasty way. That dude (Davis)is a beast and has the potential to become even sicker.

  67. Packer fan in NY spent $240,000 to go to the game! Wow, must be nice to have so much disposable income.

  68. Anyone but the ‘9ers.

  69. Dukeshire says:

    Yes. Just the thought of it makes me sick. It’s not just that they’re division rivals, but Harbaugh is such a dick, at best, and a sociopath at worst. I hope the Giants steamroll them.

  70. HawkfaninMT says:

    Trumaine Johnson 5th round CB steal this year!

  71. @ Canfan “You can’t spell Elite without Eli”


    @ TruBlu “Smith and Davis are starting to click in a nasty way.”

    Meh, it was a couple of plays in one game. I suppose it’s possible that Alex Smith will become a mediocre NFL QB, but count me in the doubter camp for now, I think he’ll remain an the awful NFL QB, at best a vanilla Trent Dilfer with no hope of a broadcasting career.

    I agree with the sentiment that nobody wants Jim Harbaugh to win for fear of his ego. But I think they might.

  72. I thoroughly hate every team that isn’t the Seahawks, and I hope they all suffer miserably in some way.

    In my ideal scenario, the Niners lose to the Patriots in the Super Bowl. This moves the Niners back a few spots in the draft and hopefully stirs things up down there – their guys demand raises, dissension among the troops, maybe a critical error in the Super Bowl by someone important, an extra game for late season ACL tears, so on and so forth. The Super Bowl loser syndrome.

    Does that make me a bad person? Probably, but that’s the beauty of Jim Harbaugh. He sets the bar so law for human conduct, it allows us great flexibility in hating him.

  73. The thing about the Smith Davis connections were that they were at the end of the game with the game on the line. Think about the emotions runnig through everyones head when Graham scored and Smith rose to the occasion and threw that dime to Davis in stride, on the other hand, think what Yates did, yes I know Yates is a rookie, but still…..

  74. Carson – classic!

  75. Yeah but the play before the TD pass – 2 NO defenders took each other off the tackle – would have taken 30 yards or more off of the play – meaning more time off the clock more plays to run etc.


  76. “Does that make me a bad person? Probably, but that’s the beauty of Jim Harbaugh. He sets the bar so law for human conduct, it allows us great flexibility in hating him.”

    He does seem like a real douche.

    And, not that it really matters I guess, but he’s not missing many meals lately either . .

  77. OK can we just get past the super bowl so we can talk FA signings and hits and misses!!

  78. I’m willing to start talking about potential FA signings and the draft right now!

    Santa didn’t put anything under the tree for me this year and all I asked for was a real quarterback, so we’ll see if I get my present this off-season. T-Jack is my lump of coal, so I’ll see if Santa sticks me with that (please, no). I’m hoping I was better than that!

  79. Sorry bobby – don’t get your hopes up! these guys have proven they are going to keep us guessing! and then pull something no one expects. Since everyone expects getting a QB it the #1 thing, so that means they probably won’t

    Just my glass half full thinking -

  80. If we don’t get a QB this off-season, I’m going to pull a pabuwal and quit. I’ll be back when we do get a real one. The idea of finding a needle in a haystack like Trent Dilfer isn’t real appealing.

  81. “A needle in a haystack like Trent Dilfer? Hmm, I see what you mean, but wasn’t he a high first round draft pick who simply underperformed and ended up winning because of his team’s defense?

    Remember, Dilfer was drafted #6 as a “can’t-miss” prospect. We should be careful what we wish for.

    I’m sure we’ll get another QB or two this offseason, but who and how they do it is really anybody’s guess. The only thing I think I know for sure is this: John Schneider and his crew have shown two years in a row (and in GB) they can pluck starting-caliber football players from the middle rounds of the draft (Chancellor, Wright, Sherman…). So I’m expecting more good surprises there.

    Can the Seahawks scouts pull their future QB out of the pack too? He may be just as likely to come out of round 4 as round 1.

  82. We do know they have to get at least one QB – no way they go into the season with just Tjack and Portis. I claim 0% chance that the resign Whitehurst.

    So it will be interesting where that body comes from. Threw it out as a joke earlier but how nice would it be to sign Flynn, draft someone like Moore in the middle rounds and have 4 QB’s fighting it out in Camp!!!!

    In my ideal world I think I would like to see

    1. Sign the following guys
    Flynn, Beast Mode, Breno, Red, Hawthorne, Hill

    2. Draft a B.A. – guy for the DL – hopefully and end in the 1st.

    3. Get LB depth and a RB in 2-4 and a QB somewhere between 3-5.

    4. File in everywhere else with the skill they have shown so far.

  83. I like the looks of that, xcman. I’d take that.

    The only move there that looks risky to me is Flynn. If they sign Flynn they tie up $9 or 10 million a year, whereas a first-round QB signing only costs around $6.7 mil. If their plans include high priced free agents they have their eyes on for 2013, they may need to be careful about overpaying Flynn.

  84. SandpointHawk says:

    A linebacker in the first…Oh No Mr. Bill

  85. Stevos – you totally missed my point. I meant that Dilfer sucks and, yes, it was the Ravens defense that won it (thanks, in part, to a schedule where they didn’t have to face many good QBs that year either). I don’t want to ride a train with averages like that.

  86. Dukeshire says:

    Who the hell is Ryan Lownes? Anyway, I simply cannot imagine Seattle taking a player like Kuechly when: A – Carroll has a stated desire to get faster at LB. And B – They can find players like KJ Wright in the 4th and Malcolm Smith in the 7th.

  87. SandpointHawk says:

    Where is the like button on this blog (Duke…I agree)

  88. Well I didn’t miss your point since you repeated what I said. My point was that Dilfer was never drafted to be an average QB who needed a great defense to win. It wasn’t anyone’s plan to ride that train.

    At the time Dilfer was drafted, all that anyone knew was that he was the second highest rated QB in his draft and worthy of a #6 pick. Same as is thought of RGIII this year. No one plans for their first round draft choice to be an average player, and no one plans to win with an average QB. There is no way that is the Seahawks plan. That said, they won’t be so foolish as to overspend on a hyped QB unless they are positive he’s their guy. That’s what I mean about be careful what you wish for.

  89. Anyone think the powers go for a DE/LB combo type of guy?

  90. raymaines says:

    I want the brain trust at the VMAC to identify the QB they want and go after the guy big time. I really don’t want to hear about value or any such nonsense like that. Just figure out who they want, get him at any cost and then live or die with that choice. Manning, Luck, Flynn, whoever. Just identify him and sign him. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Dukeshire says:

    xcman – I don’t see that, for one. If they ran a 3-4 then I could see the value. Or even if they featured the “under” front they did in ’10, I could make an argument for it. But with what I saw last year, especially the second half, I’m not sure I see that style player with a role here.

  92. Openning up the Free Agency talk:

    QB – Drew Brees (NO)
    Matt Flynn (GB)
    Kyle Orton (KC)

    RB – Arian Foster (Hou)
    Michael Bush (Oak)
    Matt Forte (Chi)
    Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis (NE)
    Peyton Hillis (Cle)
    Ray Rice (Bal)
    Larod Stevens-Howling (Ari)

    WR – Wes Welker (NE)
    Danny Amendola (Stl)
    Dwayne Bowe (KC)
    Marques Colston (NO)
    Pierre Garcon (Ind)
    DeSean Jackson (Phi)
    Vincent Jackson (SD)
    Stevie Johnson (Buf)
    Robert Meachem (NO)
    Steve Smith (Phi)

    OL – Scott Wells (GB)
    Anthony Collins (Cin)
    Ben Grubbs (Bal)
    Carl Nicks (NO)

    K – Matt Prater (Den)

    DE – John Abraham (Atl)
    Cliff Avril (Det)
    Calais Campbell (Ari)
    Adam Carricker (Wash)
    Israel Idonije (Chi)
    Kendal Langford (Mia)
    Robert Mathis (Ind)
    Aaron Maybin (NYJ)
    Mario Williams (Hou)

    DT – Broderick Bunkley (Den)
    Tommie Harris (Ind)
    Amobi Okoye (Chi)
    Pat Sims (Cin)

    LB – Geno Hayes (Buc)
    Manny Lawson (Cin)
    Curtis Lofton (Atl)

    S – Tyvon Branch (Oak)
    Courtney Greene (Jax)
    Brandon Merriweather (Chi)

    Some big names available this year! Left out CB’s due to a weak free agency class and no real need there for starting caliber free agents.

  93. P.S: Only put FA’s that I can see finding a starting/significant rotational role in the Seahawks team. Unique characterisdtics that Mr Happy loves. Some failed projects that could come good in our system too.

    New Orleans, Baltimore and Houston will have some trouble keeping their all of their stars it seems.

  94. I think drafting an “DE/LB combo type of guy” could make sense if he’s a truly elite best pass rushing prospect. I see your point, Duke, that he would not fit in the 2011 D, but if a player of that description can be a long term answer at the Leo position in the under, I would think Carroll would take that player and adjust scheme to use those skills. Clemons is over 30, so they need to prioritize his replacement at some point, and it seems like Carroll and Bradley are flexible on schemes.

    That said, I still think a pass-rushing LDE and DT are bigger priorities right now. But they can only grab the talent that happens to be available. Whenever Carroll sees his future starting Leo, I would think he’d jump on that.

    Finding another QB is obviously a priority this offseason too, but I’m expecting Schneider and Carroll to do everything they can to find solutions for more pass rush. They can’t build an aggressive turnover-producing D without it.

  95. Some interesting names on that FA list, for sure. Seahawks have to be looking at Robert Mathis, Calais Campbell, Cliff Avril… and what about Jason Jones from TN? He’d be welcome replacement for Branch. Trouble is, I don’t see how any of those guys end up available, except maybe Avril?

  96. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo – I agree, that if there was a player fitting that description they were in love with, they might revert the scheme. But I’m willing to bet they used Clem as Leo (in the way we saw in ’10) less than 25 snaps all season and that’s the only position a LB / DE hybrid player would fit capably, in a 4-3.

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