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Morning links: Hawks thinking QB in the draft?

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 4, 2012 at 11:45 am with 57 Comments »
January 4, 2012 1:21 pm
Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones. (AP file photo)

Dave Boling of The News Tribune believes that Seattle head coach Pete Carroll may have provided some insight into his thoughts on how he will move forward at the quarterback position during the offseason.

Carroll said he’s come around to the thought that a rookie quarterback straight out of college can come in and be successful right away in the NFL, pointing to examples like Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco and Andy Dalton, which leads Boling to believe that the Seahawks could be in favor of drafting a quarterback to compete with Tarvaris Jackson rather than bringing in a guy like Matt Flynn through free agency.

Boling: Carroll stressed from the start that he expects to challenge every player at every position. And that obviously includes quarterback.But how?

The question was put to Carroll, as it relates to quarterback, do you have a preference – bringing in a veteran or a young prospect?

In essence, the question is whether he’d rather have a soon-to-be free agent such as Matt Flynn of Green Bay, or a draft pick he can shape from the start.

He was emphatic: He is intrigued by young guys. And it’s clear he’s given it a great deal of thought while flipping 180 degrees on the issue.

Here’s my story from Tuesday’s press conference, which focuses on the news that receiver Sidney Rice had shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum, his second surgery in two seasons.

Art Thiel of believes the Seahawks played a entire season and still have not found out enough to determine if Tarvaris Jackson is the team’s quarterback of the future. Thiel says he’d go with Jackson for another season and uses draft resources to bolster the rest of the roster.

Dave Wyman of ESPN 710 Seattle also is content with going with Jackson as the starter in 2012.

Brian McIntyre of Football Outsiders provides franchise tags projections for offensive and defensive positions.

Rod Mar of provides one final look through photos of Seattle’s overtime loss at Arizona.

Clare Farnsworth of provides and overview of Carroll’s offseason priorities.

ESPN’s Mike Sando wraps up the Seahawks regular season. Sando says Marshawn Lynch is the MVP, and Sidney Rice and Zach Miller are the team’s biggest disappointments.

A 27-year-old Seahawks fan has been charged for with felony assault for knocking a police officer unconscious at the Christmas Eve game against San Francisco at CenturyLink Field.

With Matt Flynn’s impressive performance last week against Detroit, some are suggesting it’s more about the system in Green Bay and not the QB pulling the trigger.

The Shower Pill continues to gain steam. Check out the video below.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Eric, You have one of these “shower pills” yet? I mean, is it basically like a wet wipe? Maybe some really sweaty dude will find real use for it, but girls? I find it hard to believe many girls outside the camping and climbing community, are rocking the shower pill.

  2. chuck_easton says:

    Now that the season is over it’s time to talk DRAFT.

    I never get excited about players because they never seem to be there when Seattle drafts. Or, worse, they are there and prove to be a mistake(Curry…).

    So, I get excited about position drafts. Here’s my guess for the 1st three rounds:

    1. DL (DE or DT don’t care get the best one out there)
    2. QB (Looks like only 2 or 3 will go in round one and will be gone long before we draft)
    3. LB (thought RB here, but RB’s tend to be found later)

  3. I would be fine with Jackson as the starting quarterback, if we draft a quarterback in the top two-three rounds, Jackson is serviceable, but he won’t ever get us near the super bowl, we need someone to learn or step in. I don’t want to touch Landry Jones with a 90 foot pole, I do not like that guy at all as a quarterback, RG3 is my first choice, but that’s unrealistic, can’t see him dropping that far. I could certainly see us going defense in the first round, if the right QB isn’t there, and I would be totally fine with that.

  4. Sarcasticus says:

    What if Peyton Manning becomes a free agent?

    Per Adam Brandt

    “Manning is due a $28 million option bonus due five days prior to the start of the 2012 League Year, on March 8th. The start of the 2012 League Year and trading is March 13th. Thus, the Colts have to either pay Manning $28 million – which means they will keep him for the foreseeable future – or not pay him, which means he will become a free agent available to sign with any team.”

    “In 2012, Manning will cost $35.4 million — the $28 million option bonus plus $7.4 million salary. Luck, although limited to about $23 million over four years, will get a signing bonus and salary of around $15.4 million. Thus, to carry both, in 2012 along, would cost close to $51 million. It is Jim Irsay’s money and he can do as he wish, but that seems unwieldy.”

    Obviously there are a lot of ifs and maybes here with the contract as well as the health of Peyton Manning…but it would be interesting.

    I too would like to see them add to the D-Line in the first round on the condition that they cannot move up and get either Luck or RGIII.

    As far as wideouts, I would drop Williams and start Rice and Obo with Baldwin in the slot. Tate strikes me as a very talented, unintelligent football player. Too many times does he look confused. He didn’t make it on to the field much his first year because he couldn’t figure out the routes. I would use him in 4-receiver sets (unless another wr emerges in training camp) and keep him around for insurance in case Washington is injured.

  5. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I’ve said this a lot, but it’s worth restating: I am completely in favor of moving up in the draft (as necessary) to draft a QB. I am also 100% in support of doing what it takes to get Andrew Luck.

  6. Seahawks2620 says:

    I would be ecstatic with Quinton Coples in the first round.

  7. HawkfaninMT says:

    In my opinion the best case scenario with Manning is that he is signed by either Cleveland, Miami, or Washington. Leaves one less team in front of us in the draft to compete with for RG3 and Matt Flynn.

    Another aspect of him becoming a Free Agent is that it could drive the price of Flynn down a bit, due to there being more “supply” of quality free agent QBs

  8. HawkfaninMT says:

    I saw that Rang has Couples “Mocked” to the Hawks in his latest draft. What makes you so ecstatic about him? Not trying to be argumentative, just trying to get some insight. Having watched very little of him and a little more than that on a couple other DEs that could be had in the 2nd round, I don’t see a huge difference. Except that he can kick inside to play DT at times, but I am not sure that is something the Hawks Def would necassarily need.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    I’ve only seen him play a couple times myself, and he’s nearly always been inside. And honestly, when he’s been at end, I don’t see the quickness. He lumbers, to me. His production this year was impressive, but I wonder if he can develop the rush moves necessary to make up for his lack of get-off. (Maybe I’m just not seeing it, either.)

  10. hawkfan777 says:

    I am surprised with how many mock drafts have the Hawks taking a WR or a CB. I will puke if the Hawks us a 11th or 12th pick on either of those. Those are strengths of the team. The Hawks need a QB, DE and possibly a RB (if the right guy was available).

  11. DFloydd says:

    2012 Prediction: Andrew Luck will not live up to the hype. Just like Cam Newton hushed all the naysayers.

  12. hawkfan777 says:

    A comment was made on an older thread regarding the differences between the Green Bay offense and the Seahawks offense. I am going to re-post my response on this thread. I still think Flynn would be a great option for the Hawks based on the information I explained below.

    “It is true that Green Bay has been calling plays differently but that isnt because the offenses are extremely different. Green Bay has a great QB and they can use the whole play book.

    Guys, Bevell used to be an offensive assistant and QB coach for the Packers (he coached Favre). His offense is extremely close to the one he worked in at Green Bay. When Favre went to the Vikings he had a small learning curve. He didnt even go through training camp if you remember. In an inteview he said he wasnt concerned because of his familiarity with the offense. Yes, Bevell has recently tweeked it some but it is because he is limited in his play calls because of the QB he currently works with”.

  13. piperfeltcher says:

    Watched a few of Couples games this year and do not see him as a DE more of a Hybrid like Red and Branch and do not see any way the hawks draft another player in that mould unless they do not plan on resigning Red.
    I am not against signing Flynn but am skeptical about any QB off of a couple of big games off the bench. Scott Mitchell lit it up for a couple of games comming in for a injured Marino and was supposed to be the next big thing and Bono looked awful good comming in for Young and got a big contract with KC. I think sometimes when a offence has been together and been rolling then they can bring in a new QB for a couple of games and cover up his flaws. On the otherhand GB has a history of developing decent Qb’s behind there starters like Hass, Brooks and Brunell.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    But remember, the offense Favre learned and “mastered” was Holmgren’s west coast version (as was taught to Reid, then to Childress through Reid, and on to Minn where Favre fell right back into it again). What GB is doing now may be rooted in some of those same principles, but is really quite different in many ways. McCarthy and Philbin have very limited ties to any WCO coaching tree and have brought so many of those spread offensive philosophies from college, to their passing offense. It’s so much more than simply opening up the playbook, if I may.

  15. HawkfaninMT says:

    @777: You would puke if the Hawks signed Flynn then drafted Blackmon followed by a DE in the 2nd? I may puke from too many celebratory shots of Jager but that’s bout the only reason!

  16. Skavage says:

    People might think I’m nuts but I’d like to see us spend our first two picks on an edge rusher and an O-lineman, preferably guard. Then use the next pick on that once-again-underrated-winner from Smurf-Turf land, via Yakima…Kellen Moore. I think he plays with a chip on his shoulder that drives him to success.

    The kid is smart, he’s a film room junkie, plays like a coach, thinks like a coach, (is a coach’s son), and he’s won everywhere he’s been. If I had to compare him to someone in the NFL today I automatically think of Drew Brees.

    Kellen Moore has the same kind of accuracy, same body make-up, and even a similar release (discounting the lefty/righty thing). Seriously, go watch Kellen and then watch Brees. Very similar foot work and release. Arm motion is a bit different (blame the lefty/righty thing) but I think someone is going to get a real steal if they pick him in the 4th or 5th. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go 3rd round or even earlier. He has the intangibles.

  17. Okay. This is a classic case of loving this blog for the content being provided. The last few 777/Duke exchanges is really good. I appreciate it. Good stuff (that I can incorporate into my own thinking). If it’s possible and not trying to play the role of a politician, I agree with both of you.

    Regarding Coples: I watch utube and see a player I want. I watch his games and see a player that I don’t understand can be an early 1st round talent. Let me be clear that I only saw parts of about 3-4 games though.

    I guess you can say the same for Flynn (only a few games of footage). Sometimes the “gut” feeling wins you over though (for good or ill). Besides, his last 3 games have been pretty good (National Championship winning QB and game offensive MVP, almost beating New England in New England, and then throwing for as many TDs in one game as ours QB can muster in about a third of a season).

  18. chrisj122 says:

    I have offically boarded the Matt Flynn express. I know Bobby K has been talking him up for a while, I wasn’t sold until recently. Watching him tear up Detroit like that definelty helped sell me, although I don’t expect him to be able to step in to the Hawks QB role and do what he did (that was truely a career game, one he may never top). So I say Yes on Matt Flynn and keep our draft picks for other positions.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Skavage- I don’t think your nuts so that probably makes us both nuts. We don’t have that one stud O-lineman yet and now we have a chance to get him.
    I can’t say the same thing about the D-lineman picking at 11 or 12, however I think they have plenty of time after the first round and also free agency to upgrade the pass rush.
    And I agree with you on Kellen Moore, however I would still like to see the FO go after Flynn.

    It’s simple, if we want to get to the playoffs , Get Flynn were in! Get Moore we score! Stay with TJack and we won’t make it back!

  20. If I had to compare him to someone in the NFL today I automatically think of Drew Brees.

    Other than the fact that I think he can only throw it about 15-20 less in distance than Brees. Accurate yes – strong arm- I don’t believe it as much as you.

    Like him as a QB but I want to know for sure he can get the NFL required deep balls. I haven’t seen it in games that I have seen (limited set)

  21. hawkfan777 says:

    That is funny Bobby.


    Sorry, I cant let this one die just yet.

    Here is a link for an article from 2009 that says Favre could teach the Vikings offense because of his familiarity with it and how similar it is to McCarthys version of the West Coast offense that he was just playing in prior to going to the Jets for a year. Here are two quotes from the article (by the way I found several articles like this).

    “For the most part, the formations, the protections, the routes are the same (as in Green Bay).” (Brett Favre)

    “Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell coached for six years in Green Bay, the last three as Favre’s position coach. Favre has said he could teach Minnesota’s offense, a significant difference from last year when he had to learn a totally foreign scheme with the New York Jets, an undertaking he admitted was much harder than he anticipated”.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    Hawkfan777 – I don’t dispute that the Favre GB offense was very similar to Minn offense Favre went to. In fact, I drew a direct line from GB to Minn. The problem is that we’re not talking about bringing in Favre to run Bevell’s offense, we’re talking about Flynn. And Flynn has never played for Bevell (nor has Bevell ever coached wih McCarthy). In fact, the offense that Flynn has been learning under has evolved away from the one Favre played in under McCarthy for two seasons. When the Packers made the change to Rodgers and a new OC, the offense Favre was so familiar with began a very real facelift and evelolution.

    If Flynn had worked with Bevell or had been working with some branch of that coaching tree, that would be one thing, but he has not. What GB does now is not what they did McCarthy’s first two seasons nor what Minn did under Childress. That doesn’t mean Flynn won’t be successful here, but it’s not as though he’s learning Bevell’s offense by extension. Not at all. In reality, it’s probably more like when Favre went to the Jets. Again, the Packers spread defenses out so much more than what Bevell does. There are similarities, but they do differ in some very significant ways.

  23. I know that Cable has a lot to do with the running game (or is the czar), something I don’t know about (scheme wise) Green Bay.

    I think talent has to do with what you can do, too (I know, stating the obvious). I remember Holmgren running a bunch of 3-4 WR sets as the talent dictated that’s what he should do. I believe it was ’07 (I could be off by a year).

    I don’t think Flynn would have any trouble at all playing for Bevell (or Tannenhill). I also know Bevell would change things up and play to the strengths of Flynn. He’s limited to a degree with Jackson (like the middle of the field stuff, timing routes, etc.) with respect to the plays that he calls (or chooses not to call).

  24. I’m pretty sure I remember Favre talking about how much different it was playing in New Jersey because they weren’t really anything like a WCO?

  25. Dukeshire says:

    That’s true and my point isn’t that there aren’t similarities between what GB does now and Seattle. There are. But Seattle incorporates next to no spread concepts and Rodgers thrives in his. And that’s what Flynn has been learning.

  26. If Flynn, Luck, RGIII, or Tannenhill starts next year — I’m coming. You better be ready! Basically, if our QB is someone I have faith in and not named Jackson, I’m coming!

  27. HawkyHann says:

    I want a top tier QB. Flynn has looked good in the two games I’ve seen. But he easily could be the next Kevin Kolb or the dork from KC, who everyone was hot on after he stepped in for Brady in New England. Man did he look horrible last year in the playoffs. To me, Cassell looks like a backup. Drafting a QB or acquiring via FA is going to be expensive. So, lets roll the dice and Double down. Get a top tier guy. RG3 is that guy. Regardless of what PC says about not making it all about the QB. If I were a gambling man, I’d be betting on these guys to win the Superbowl-Brees, Rodgers, Brady, or Big Ben. It is all about the QB. Dont kid yourself PC.

  28. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah? Oh, I’ll be here big boy. And ready!

  29. The Packers traded Mark Brunell to the Jags for 3rd/5th round picks. Brunell, who had only attempted 27 career passes in Green Bay, went to 3 Pro Bowls for Jacksonville.

  30. Duke – I’ll be ready, too!

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If it’s the spread concepts that are making flynn look good , or better than he truly is, we need to change our concepts and find the right qb for them, asap!

    Seems like a no brainer to me!

    This is kind of reminds me of when Holmgren came in here,( except for in reverse). What I mean is Holmgren was very good at building a great offense,( because he was a good offensive minded coach), however he wasn’t a very good defensive minded coach, and the defense suffered for it.

    Now Carroll comes in and is building a good defense fast, however at times I have to question some of the things he has done for the offense. Like whitehurst, Jackson, and putting too much trust in Bevell and Cable.
    Good example is giving Cable our first two picks in the draft last year, and both of them were considered reaches by most experts. Then starting them from day one without having them,( Carpenter, Moffitt,) earn it. What happened to compete?
    Now we are talking about Bevell’s concepts compared to McCarthy’s spread concepts. Now who in their right mind would take Bevells concepts over McCarthy’s concepts? or Jackson for that matter over Flynn?
    Carroll would be smart,( before this all gets out of hand), and tell Bevell to change your Dam concepts and your qb that can’t implement them, and change to McCarthy’s and find a qb that can!

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Sorry for the spelling errors.

  33. “Carroll comes in and is building a good defense fast, however at times I have to question some of the things he has done for the offense”

    Really Georgia? Think about it. Ron Wolf and John Schneider drafted Aaron Rodgers in 2005, then had FIVE more years of drafts, free agent signings, training camps, and seasons, before they became the finely-tuned team that won the super bowl in 2010.

    Carroll and Schneider have had 2 drafts, FA signing periods, and seasons, and only 1 training camp… and look at how far both the D and the O have come!

    I’ll admit am a totally biased 12th Man Homer, but I think (so far) we may be watching one the fastest and most successful team rebuilds since Jimmy Johnson rebuilt the Cowboys into champs in four years from ’89 to ’92.

  34. d’OH! of course I meant to say “Ted Thompson and John Schneider” with the packers… not Ron Wolf.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – Who knows if that’s the case? What if Flynn’s real ability were to come out in a more traditional offense, like say Pittsburgh’s? It’s like when there was this whole push to have Seattle switch to a 3-4 a couple seasons back. Other teams were having great success with it, must be scheme. Partly I suppose, but got to have the right players. I think Seattle evaluates what they expect from the ideal QB for their system and fills accordingly. Adjustments come later.

    I like Flynn. I don’t know that he’s the next Aaron Rodgers. He’s a special player. And like all greats, he’d likely have success regardless of scheme. If Flynn has even an ounce of that in him though, he’s going to make some team very happy. And one thing’s for sure; he’s been seeing how one of the best prepares up close for several years now.

  36. Dukeshire says:

    BTW – Fun conversation, fellas.

  37. AKhawkFan says:

    Bobby/Duke – those last exchanges were a little awkward. Lol. On a less hilarious note:

    Why the hate for Landry Jones? I haven’t had much of a chance to see him play this year, but people were pretty high on him before the season began.

  38. I have no problem with Landry Jones as a Seahawk. He would be a great addition with a 5th round pick!

  39. I’m indifferent on Landry Jones (don’t really have a good feel either way). The reason I’m not willing to really give him much thought is because comPete wants a certain kind of QB, which is one that requires athletic ability. This isn’t a strength of Jones so I don’t want to think about him much b/c it’s almost like wasting your time, IMO (not that we don’t waste our time on plenty of other stuff). I don’t think the chances of him becoming a Seahawk are very high because of his lack of mobility. Guys like Flynn, Luck, RGIII, and Tannehill more of a fit for what he wants in a signal caller.

  40. Skavage says:

    Question….Why is everyone so high on RGIII? I admit I’ve seen very little of him prior to the Alamo Bowl, but what I saw in that game didn’t impress me in terms of it translating to the pro game. His arm strength didn’t seem that great, especially watching his sideline throws. I was expecting a lot more zip on dig patterns and it just didn;t seem to be there.

    Sure he is an anthlete, but do we really want a Mike Vick with a weaker arm? Vick is NOT a big man. He is actually pretty small and it’s one of the reasons he gets injured. RGIII seems so similar in body type. Small, lanky, and great quickness. But ultimately any QB that relies on scrambling/running is going to take some solid hits…more so than the QB that doesn’t, because they get more protection from the rules.

    I don’t know, maybe it’s just my mentality, or maybe it’s my coaching background, or maybe it’s just a gut feeling, but I am not sold on RGIII as a long term Pro Bowl type QB. I would have to see a LOT more film before I could justify him as a 1st rounder. And as much as it sounds contradicting, I see Kellen Moore as a better prospect.

    He’s small-ish too, but he looks to me to be a lot less fragile than RGIII (again I am going on limited information on RGIII). And while people question Moore’s arm strength, I just ask them to watch his highlight films. He throws a super accurate dig route, has great timing with his receivers, has a quick release, and is very football savvy.

  41. hawkfan777 says:
  42. Dukeshire says:

    Slav – he played well but not his best game. He really can make every throw. Tooich and rocket ball. Despite coming from a spread, he seems to really go through progressions but can scramble. Looks off safeties. Very smart. Leader on and off field. Size may be a concern and doesn’t take snaps from under center, but I like everything else about him.

  43. hawkfan777 says:

    I cant believe that. I wasted about 30 minutes on a post on the Tribune gremlins ate it. I will make this shorter I guess.


    I understood that the Green Bays offense of today is different from the offense that Favre played in. All offenses change from year to year (plays are added and deleted). However, the base offense does not change. You still have the same formations, protections, routes and even the terminology remains similar. Those are the hard parts to learn for a new QB. Once they have that mastered adding plays is not too difficult.

    My point is a guy like Flynn would have a shorter learning curve because he understands the base offense well. Having mastered roughly 80% of the offense will make his learning curve shorter.

    Most college QB’s have little to no experience in a west coast offense because not many colleges run them. Even the ones that do run a west coast offense dont run one similar to what you will see in the Pro’s.

    Bevells offense that he ran the second half of 2011 is nothing like the one he ran in 2009. West Coast offenses typically do many timing routes but few were used in the second half of 2011 because Jackson struggle with timing routes. The QB needs to be able to anticipate where the receiver will be well before he finishes his route. Flynn and Rogers have quick releases because they have great timing and know where the receiver will be. Even simple slants are difficult for Jackson. When he did throw a slant this year it did not typically go well.

    I believe we would see an offense more similar to the 2009 Vikings offense if the Hawks had the right QB (check out film of some 2009 games and you will see an offense more similar to the Green Bay offense than the Seahawks offense that we saw this year).

  44. Dukeshire says:

    The same damn thing just happened to me. Lost an entire post. Jesus…

    I guess the easiest way to illustrate my point is just have you watch the Packer game next week. Watch how often they run 4, 5 wide. Motion the RB out of the backfield in to an empty set. Use the TE in the slot or even split-end. This is more than adding plays. This is a philosophical difference in creating mismatches. Perhaps Bevell would like to do these things, but there is no evidence of that either her nor his time in Minn to suggest that. And with due respect, I believe you are mistaken the Joe Philbin (GB’s OC) and Bevell use the “same formations, protections, routes and even the terminology”. Especially the terminology. There is little I see in Philbin’s background to suggest he’s a WC guy, and that’s from where those things would stem.

    Again, I understand the connection between Minn and Seattle. But what GB does now is different than either of those. Hell, Rodgers takes far too many sacks to be relying on timing routes. The only connection between Seattle and GB is McCarthy (even if it’s a stretch), and neither does he have a WC background.

  45. @ Skavage: “RGIII seems so similar in body type. Small, lanky, and great quickness.”

    Looking at their official bios page, which is usually wrong, RGIII is actually slightly bigger/thicker than Moore. Moore is listed as 6’1″ 191lbs while RGIII is listed at 6’2″ 220lbs.

    I don’t follow Boise St but I’ve watched a couple of Baylor games and RGIII can be pretty exciting to watch. What I really like about the kid is he’s very smart, well spoken and humble. Picking up an NFL offense and figuring out defenses shouldn’t be much of a problem for him.

    I can’t say for sure if he will be sucessful or not, but he seems to have all the right tools, including the desire to learn.

  46. Seahawks2620 says:

    I wonder if we would be able to pry Chris Ivory from the Saints. I understand that they love him, however they already have Pierre Thomas, Mark Ingram, and Darren Sproles. I just think it could be a possibility. I know just about every Seahawks fan remembers Ivory making our defenders look incredibly dumb last year.

  47. WTraveler says:

    I say trade to move up in the draft to get Griffen or Luck.
    You guys talk a lot about formations and offense coaching schemes and the ability to play within them. A rookie QB has to learn from the QB coach and offensive coach regardless of who they are.
    Don’t make it any more difficult then it is. The franchise QB has to have the inner clock, see the field and be able to check off depending on the defensive look. Yeah he must have a great arm and “size counts.”

    A fall back would be to sign Flynn. I know of at least 2 2nd string QBs out of Green Bay that turned out OK: Mark Brunell and a guy named Matt Hasselbach.

  48. Soggybuc says:

    The thing that impresses most about RGIII is the smarts, criminy the kid already has his degree has been working on his Masters! Does anyone really think an NFL playbook will be an obstacle?
    Brains are very important for a QB. Peyton Manning is not a hall of fame QB because of his arm strength or accuracy. more because of what he does before the ball is snapped using his brains to disect the defense and audible to a play that will rip your heart out.

  49. bigsmooth says:

    Love that idea 2620. Ivory would be a much cheaper alternative to Beast Mode who runs with the same vigor.

  50. Dukeshire says:

    I like that too. He or J. Stewart would make a nice compliment to Lynch.

  51. HawkfaninMT says:

    A couple other RBs to keep in mind are Michael Bush of the Raiders (I think there is a Cable connection in there somewhere) and Peyton Hillis if released (or is a FA?) by the Browns

  52. HawkyHann says:

    No way do you let Marshawn leave. He is the leader and only improving. If your going to pay for a broken down WR and give him 18.5M after one healthy season, you better take care of the beast. WIth that said, we do need another quality backup. Tired of seeing Forsett get body slammed.

  53. Seahawks2620 says:

    At the right price, I don’t see why Ivory couldn’t relieve Lynch every now and then. Lynch cannot continue to take the beatings that he has alone. Why shouldn’t it be Lynch 2.0 in Chris Ivory.

  54. Seahawks2620 says:

    A Lynch/Ivory combo would be fierce. That kid runs hard, and has the burst that Lynch does not. I am not suggesting that we do not re-sign Lynch, just that Ivory could be a cheaper compliment as bigsmooth suggested. There is only one Beast Mode, however there would be little drop off if any when Ivory took the field allowing Lynch to take a few plays off. Lynch won’t make it to 30 as a football player if he continues to take the beating that he has.

  55. Dukeshire says:

    I think the Cleveland game illustrated exactly why Seattle needs another physical back to compliment Lynch, not just a good RB, regardless of style. Forsett and Washington provide a redundancy that is not productive. Ivory, Bush, Stewart… these type of backs would provide Lynch with a rest while not having to alter their power scheme. Washington can still provide a so-called “change of pace” as necessary.

  56. @HawkyHann-

    “If I were a gambling man, I’d be betting on these guys to win the Superbowl-Brees, Rodgers, Brady, or Big Ben. It is all about the QB. Dont kid yourself PC.”

    I get your point, but it’s also about the lines and the systems these players play within. Look at NE; they were pretty damn good with the same guy you make fun of (Cassel) in 08.

    My point though, is not to argue that the QB position isn’t really important, but what has me so jacked up right now, is that our FO understands that it takes an entire team (including coaches) to make a run. Doesn’t it feel good to be a few pieces away from the playoffs? That’s how I look at it, and I’m glad to suffer through mediocre QB play while our FO improves every other part of our team, readying it for the right fit at QB.

  57. Of course Carroll is “intrigued by bringing in a young QB”. 8 or 10 starters we have won’t be entering the prime of their careers for several more years.

    The idea of signing an old guy like Peyton Manning is a total nutball idea, IMO. He’ll be retired by the time the rest of this Seahawks team is peaking around 2014-2015.

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