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Morning links: Reaction to Hawks 23-20 loss

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 2, 2012 at 7:22 am with 39 Comments »
January 2, 2012 7:22 am
Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald makes a catch against Seattle's Richard Sherman. (AP photo)

Good Morning. Locker cleanout for Seattle players is at 11 a.m., so we’ll postpone our regular Monday morning chat until Tuesday.

Here’s a wrap-up of reaction to Seattle’s 23-20 overtime loss to Arizona.

Here’s my game story from Sunday. Even though Seattle finished with an identical 7-9 record to 2010’s playoff team, Pete Carroll believes his team is better positioned for sustained playoff success. “In this league, games come down so often to the end, and we did not do as well as we liked to there,” Carroll said. “We did a nice job when we were ahead because we can run the football. It’s when we weren’t in the lead that we didn’t do as well. So we need to do a better job there. That will be a big focus for us.”

John McGrath of the Tacoma News Tribune wants the Seahawks to take a flyer on Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore in the fourth of fifth round.

Larry Fitzgerald has more catches and receiving yards against Seattle than any other team in the league. In 16 career games, Fitzgerald has 102 catches for 1,371 yards, and 10 touchdowns.

Ricardo Lockette made another big splash, catching a 61-yard touchdown to tie the game at 20-all late in the game against the Cardinals. “His upside is through the roof,” Tarvaris Jackson said. “He can run. He can catch. He has ball skills to make a bunch of big-time catches. It’s just about getting him to understand the NFL game.”

Clare Farnsworth of says Larry Fitzgerald is his player of the game.

Steve Kelly of the Seattle Times sees more big plays in Ricardo Lockette’s future.

Art Thiel of says he can see Tarvaris Jackson as a quarterbacks of a Seahawks playoff team in 2012.

ESPN’s Mike Sando offers his thoughts on the game.

According to Larry Fitzgerald Sr., his son suffered a lung injury and was spitting up blood on the sidelines.

According to a source, Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III plans to declare himself eligible for the draft.

Pete Dougherty of the Green Day Press-Gazette provides details on Matt Flynn’s monster performance against Detroit.

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  1. I don’t think there’s any shame in giving up 102 catches for 1,371 yards and 10 touchdowns to Larry Fitzgerald in a 16 game NFL season (although ours are split for 8 years). The way some people have talked on the blog, you’d swear his numbers were 150 catches for 2,000 yards and 25 touchdowns in 16 games.

    All I know is that the WR competition next year is going to be really interesting.

  2. IMO, To compete in 2012 The Seahawks need

    A. A quality QB, I don’t see TJ as getting to the SB, he’s a competent backup. Really wish we would have taken Dalton instead of Carp.

    B. Consistent play from a healthy O line

    C. A consistent pass rush (we made John Skelton look like Michael Vick yesterday)

    D. The receivers are going to be interesting. I would assume Rice, Baldwin & Lockett & are locks; with Tate, BMW, Butler & Obo fighting for the 2 remaining spots (IMO it’s time to give up on dropsy Obo) (speaking of which, why did Baldwin disappear yesterday?)

    E. SF to come back to Earth & Alex Smith to go back to playing like the old Alex Smith

  3. Dukeshire says:

    I’m not sure I agree with Carroll, completely. While its true, running the ball becomes an issue when you’re behind, I think Seattle’s issues closing games out came from allowing teams back into games. Washington is a perfect example. I think some of that is simply the maturation prices of a very young team.

  4. Rush defense weakened over the course of the year, and it was the first defensive strength we had – I’m sure they realize it too, and will address.

    At least we finally found a running game, it’s been years of trying, and when we had it, that was our most effective stretch of the season.

    I’m in agreement w/some of Bobby’s posts re Flynn in that I’ll put my faith in Schneider on this one. It’s his job to know talent – and if he’s all in for a guy he saw up close for a few years, then I am too. We’ll see.

  5. “I think Seattle’s issues closing games out came from allowing teams back into games. Washington is a perfect example.”

    It’s also Carroll’s way of saying that we were better at running the ball than we were throwing it. I heard TJ say a couple times that we needed to be better at throwing the ball when they know we have to throw it. Obviously, that was very true all year.

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Tarvaris Jackson said. “He can run. He can catch. He has ball skills to make a bunch of big-time catches. It’s just about getting him to understand”

    I wonder how much longer before Jackson understands?

  7. HawkyHann says:

    Pete, this team is better. But…7-9 two years in a row is still a losing record. Time to put up a winning record.

    Pete Carroll’s NFL wins/losses:

    1994, 6-10
    1997, 10-6
    1998, 9-7
    1999, 8-8
    2010, 7-9
    2011, 7-9
    2012, ?

  8. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I agree with McGrath on Kellen Moore. Whomever drafts Moore will be getting a steal. The ‘myth’ about arm strength plays nicely into Moore slipping in the draft, becasue he’ll develop NFL arm strength. I just hope Seattle is wise enough to grab him while he’s still there.

  9. Duke – If Flynn or Luck is our QB next year, I’m coming out for a game. You’d better be ready this time and come up the night before the game.

  10. DFloydd says:

    Ok. New Year and all so time to eat some crow. I am not a TJ defender but I had hopes for hime (not high but hopes). He showed some flashes of being good this year but injury or not he just doesn’t make good decisions in the time of need. So, Bobby K, you were rrrrrr-rrrrr-rrrright all along. we need not a servicable QB but one who has no fear in the pocket and can step up and get it done. I still don’t know about drafting a QB high in the draft but at least get someone with some better skills at reading defenses. Still not on his bandwagon yet and still unsure if the Lions were playing their hardest yesterday but Matt Flynn seemed to be the real deal in a full game yesterday. DOn’t know if he;s the answer but we need someone like that who can take over a game, not just hang on and hope for the best like we havehad to watch in Hasselbeck’s last 2 seasons and of course this year. The defense is getting better all the time and all it is lacking is 2 killer pass rushers. I think our DB & LB positions are just fine. Just need to get to the damn QB ALOT more and you’d see even more magic from the LB/DB positions. our WR/TE group is fine in my opinion and running backs as well if we can sign Marshawn. So, I humbly say that pass rush and QB are our only glaring needs this year and with the amount of picks adn $$$ we have I say we go for it. Then sign Flynn or someone that can actually MAKE a game not just be serviceable enough to not LOSE the damn game. OK, I am done squaking. Give this team the 2 positions they need and a full off season to prepare and next seasone will be great. I am not at all going to be someone who says Pete needs to go. He said originally 4 years is what it would take to rebuild so I will respectfully take 2 more seasons of his philosophy (which i actually enjoy) before I start screaming for a new coach. Keep Cable and let him whip those fat-boy, hard nosed, take no guff Offensive linemen into shape next summer. I think our OL depth is OK for now. Spend the picks and money in free agency or the draft and get the scary pass rushing DE’s and a GREAT QB and i think we’ll be surprised at how much better the Seahawks will be next year. and for goodness sakes get rid of the DAMN PENALTIES next year. good grief….Enjoy the playoffs and superbowl this year everyone. see you all in 2012. Happy New Year fellow Seahawk Insiders!

  11. bulldog80 says:

    Kellen Moore is definitely worth takng a flier on. Why not? He’s the kind of player we should have already had on the bench developing. The QB position has really ben a glaring failure by the FO. I do have hope that they’ll be addressing it though.

  12. ChrisHolmes says:

    It’s simple. We need an elite QB. In this league, it’s all about who your trigger-man is. PC and JS can do all they want to upgrade all the other positions on this team (and I think they have upgraded a lot) but the bottom line is without a QB you are not going to compete for playoffs every year, let alone a Superbowl.

    Our biggest needs: QB, DE, OL. Still….

  13. bulldog80 says:

    What I hope they don’t do is put all of our QB eggs in one basket. They should release Whitehurst and Jackson, then get two more options to compete with Portis in camp. We need true competition there and hopefully the best man to come out of it. If we just sign a guy like Flynn and leave Jackson on the roster what do we do if Flynn ends up sucking? We need other options to turn to and develop.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    I’m interested in the Georgia / Mich St game today. Murray and Cousins are interesting mid-round (later…) players.

    O line is a need? I thought if anything, we learned this is a unit with far better depth than we imagined.

  15. HawkfaninMT says:

    Mich St has a DL(Worthey), and WR(Cunningham) and Georgia’s Jonathan Jenkins could be interesting…

    If you are looking for more guys to keep an eye on!

  16. Palerydr says:

    Lets not kid ourselves here folks Flynn is on other teams radar as well like Washington for instance. Snyder is known for throwing money at a guy. How bad do we want an unproven QB? Who is Flynn’s agent? That will also factor in to how much money he’s gonna get. I see Bobby is leading the charge for Flynn but at what cost Bobby? If we could sign him for 8-9 mil on a 3-4 year deal I would do it but I figure it’s gonna take more than that. We still need to resign our own FA. How much is Lynch gonna want to stay and if that’s deemed too much then a replacement is needed cuz we don’t have one on the roster now. That’s gonna domino effect what we do in the draft.

    Decide which of our own FA to resign and for how much.

    I’ve been on The Cliff Aviril train for awhile now so I would target him at DE. I would also consider Mario Williams however I believe he will be franchised by Houston. If not then go after him hard. A top 5 defense could help us win games just as much as an upgrade at QB. If we were to sign Williams his most obvious position would be to replace Big Red a move that would be unpopular.

    Identify a QB that will come in and challenge Jackson for our starting position. We have got to get someone who can be the game manager Pete wants but also the ability to lead a 4th quarter comeback. We had roughly 5 mns and the ball in a tied football game and we run Forcett??? WHY??? Because in my mind they had zero confidence in Jackson’s ability to get it done in that situation. This QB may be Flynn however what other BU QB’s are on their radar? Someone else available through trade? What QB’s do they like in the draft?

    Use the draft to fill in depth after FA is over.

  17. HawkfaninMT says:

    I would say our needs are:
    QB (Flynn)
    DE (Whitney Marcilus)
    DT (3rd round pick?)
    #2 WR I think BMW is done, and I think Baldwin is best in the slot. Get a Alshon Jeffery, Micheal Floyd to put opposite Rice and our offense begins to look a lot more like the Falcons and less like the Cardinals.

  18. Palerydr says:

    I would not release Jackson that is a knee jerk stupid move. He has proven that he can play at least good enough to be a solid BU. He can win a game as well as lose a game but he will push whoever we bring in.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Hawkfan – I’d agree with that list, for what it’s worth. I would add RB behind Lynch and LB (depth).

    I thought Murrray was coming out this year, apparently he is not.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The jury is still out on Carpenter and Moffitt, and the injury jury is still out on Okung, imo.
    Don’t let the rushing success of late fool you into thinking that suddenly we have a very good O-line. Lynch and Cable have more to do with this than talent, imo.
    Now if David Decastro is available when we pick I would be thrilled to land him. The safest pick in the draft, and that includes Luck, imo.

    Decastro is a beast! The best guard to come out since Hutch, and a more versatile player than Hutch was.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    All I said was that the I line in deeper than we (I) thought. I guess from my perspective, there are greater needs than to use a high pick on the line.

  22. Interesting to listen to ex players Paul Moyer, Mack Stong & Craig Terrill on the radio post game. All agreed that the biggest need was either a pass rushing Defensive End, or another Wide Receiver. They also all agreed that the Seahawks should not trade up, and to take the best player available at 11 or 12. They said that fans tend to over react, and that no matter who the QB is, he is going to have to sit for a couple of years, so don’t spend the farm on a risky pick. I like the idea of Kellen Moore or someone like that in the middle rounds.

  23. “The safest pick in the draft”
    That is what they said about Curry too…and look how that turned out. No picks are safe. With that being said, I have faith in our FO as they have a knack for picking exactly who they believe will help this team. When draft time comes I will be comfortable with whoever is chosen.

  24. Ewalters7354 says:

    Speaking of pass rushing DE’s what about Robert Mathis? I also hope and really believe this FO is looking to upgrade the QB position.I just fell to believe they will leave that position the same as it is.I don’t think we need much more than LB depth,pass rusher,and QB.

  25. Upgrading the QB position is the #1 priority for the team – no doubt in my mind that the FO realizes it. Question is where to find that next QB.

  26. Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy punted on the QB position this past season. The guys they may have wanted (Locker? Ponder?) were gone and they chose not to reach for Dalton. How many years can we afford to keep punting that position? We can’t or we’re going to have a good team held hostage by its QB and then we’re going to go through another generation of fans who haven’t seen the Seahawks win a Super Bowl. I don’t want to root for a 9-7 to 11-5 team that’s good in spite of its QB and then loses in the play-offs because its QB can’t make plays that the opponents’ QB can make.

  27. i really think flynn ends up in a seahawks uniform this year.

  28. Well, we’re not the only ones thinking about Flynn/Seahawks. From King’s column:

    “Okay. Now onto Flynn. Imagine the value of a 26-year-old unrestricted free agent quarterback in a market with four quarterback-needy teams (Indianapolis, Miami, Washington, Seattle and maybe Cleveland) who won’t all be able to move up to get one of the two quarterbacks expected to go very high in the draft — Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. That brings us to Flynn. He’ll either be a free agent and get to choose whatever team he wants, or have the franchise tag put on him by the Packers and be traded in March or April to the team that likes him the most. My early money’s on Washington or Seattle. The Redskins have to have a quarterback if Mike Shanahan is going to have any chance to win, and Seattle GM John Schneider worked for the Pack when Flynn was drafted by Green Bay. But we’ll see.”

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    No one close to the organization, whether that be the coaches, ex players, or most of the media are not going to call out Jackson and say that the Seahawks qreatest need this year will be the qb position, imo. At least not publicly, however when we get outside of the organization the opinions are almost overwehlming that the qb position is the greatest need for the Seahawks moving forward.

    After qb our greatest need is to upgrade the talent on the d-line.
    My question would then be is this a good enough draft to do that this year? I know last years draft was when almost everyone was wanting to draft an o-lineman. Look how that has turned out so far.

    Moving forward I would like to see us either sign Flynn and/or pick up a qb after the first round.

    Then with our first round pick take the best player available. I don’t want to see us reaching for a pass rusher just because that’s a bigger need.
    And I am all for trading up to get Luck because the FO has done a great job at drafting lower round talent and undrafted free agents. And so what if we trade two or three 1st rounders to do it. It seems like half the 1st rounders turn out to be busts anyways, so I don’t see how that is mortgaging the future, especially when we do so well at drafting in the mid to lower rounds.
    I don’t consider going after a projected talent like Luck a reach. Sure it has some risk, but the reward could make us a contender for the next decade!

    I am also ok with us moving back in the first round to acquire more picks if we could some how land Flynn.

  30. If Larry Fitzgerald had been in a Seahawks uniform during games 15 and 16, he and TJack would now be getting credit for leading successful wins against the 49ers and Cardinals for the 9-7 Seahawks.

    Or, if Sydney Rice was on the field and healthy for games 15 and 16, he and TJack would now be getting credit for leading successful wins against the 49ers and Cardinals for the 9-7 Seahawks.

    One great WR is often the difference between a QB who “sucks” and a QB who is a winner.

  31. pdway, good point, its not as easy as saying we want Flynn or don’t want him.. A lot of teams will be competing for QBs while at the same time competing for other players and managing their cap.

    After Indy takes Luck,

    Miami, Washington, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Seattle are competing to draft RGIII and then for Tannehill.

    Miami, Washington, Cleveland, and Seattle will compete to sign Matt Flynn.

  32. We do have “comPete” so I like our chances!

  33. I think some of the Flynn-Seahawks stuff is pure, uneducated speculation like all the USC player (Leinart, Palmer, etc.) to Seattle “rumors.”

    Sure, Schneider knows more about Flynn than any of us which means he knows if he’s well worth going after or purposely not going after (Jackson, Lawrence).

    My gut tells me that Flynn is my #1 choice. It’s been telling me that since the day Matt left and T-Jack signed. If that doesn’t work, priority #2, for me, is to see what it takes to get Luck. If that doesn’t work, take RGIII if he’s there when we pick (he won’t be). If that doesn’t work, I guess it could be worse than getting Tannenhill. It might be “too early” to take him, but it doesn’t look like the Vikings took Ponder “too early” anymore.

  34. Or a good QB can make so-so WRs actually look good. You’re right though, a good WR (like the catch by Lockette) can make a bad QB look good, too (however, I think the credit goes both ways on that play: great pass by Jackson and great play by Lockette). Obo should have made a few more catches yesterday, but you can’t tell me our guys had them beat deep on a few other plays and T-Jack simply failed to get it to them. I think there’s enough blame to go around though.

  35. I will defend T-Jack here…

    I have been a big Tate supporter since he was drafted. However, if he’s going to “explode” next year, as I’ve been predicting, he needs to pull his head out of his a%#. I can see that he has, indeed, improved, but there’s still a long way to go. There were numerous times the last month or two (when Tate got more snaps) where T-Jack made what looked like a bad throw, but you can tell that it was Tate who made him look like an idiot (screwing up the route… kind of like Matt getting blamed for the “We want the ball and we’re gonna score” game when idiotbox Bannister ran the wrong route). I have no way of knowing if this was definitely the case, but it appeared to be. And Tate needs to realize that it’s okay to make a good 15-yard pick-up and flip the ball to the ref instead of thinking he just single handedly won the Super Bowl all by himself. He’s looked foolish on some routine plays the way he handles himself. Actually, what he really looks like can’t be expressed with the appropriate words. He should also read and actually comprehend the rule book, along with getting mentored on running a crisp route. He’d be dangerous if he could run crisp routes and was smart enough to know where to go most of the time. He should be a top WR in this league but if he’s not going to work/study his butt off this off-season, he may as well try his hand at minor league baseball and becoming a decent professional in a different sport.

  36. “Or a good QB can make so-so WRs actually look good. You’re right though, a good WR (like the catch by Lockette) can make a bad QB look good, too (however, I think the credit goes both ways on that play: great pass by Jackson and great play by Lockette).”

    Both points true. But I think the point being made is not just on circus catches like Fitz was pulling off yesterday, but guys who just aggressively go after the ball and make plays. Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson are the guys that immediately come to mind. But also Jordy Nelson yesterday. Balls that a QB just throws up into coverage – good WR’s make plays, and make their QB’s look good.

    Skelton was throwing the ball all over the place and Fitzgerald went and got it; our guy didn’t have the same caliber of players to throw to. Hopefully, Rice stays healthy next year and measures up to what we paid him.

  37. Yes, all good comments, pd and Bobby. And while I’m still skeptical about Tate, I think our WRs and TJack can all improve by the time next September rolls around.

    I’ve been ranting on the failures of our WR corps today, but there are a couple of things I’ve heard lately that are very encouraging:

    I think it was John Boyle of the Everett Herald? who reported on Mike Williams coaching Ricardo Lockette by watching film with him before the 49ers game. Williams was stepping up as a leader of the WR corps even while on IR. Also, in a subsequent interview Lockette said that he and several other WRs were planning on travelling to wherever TJack spends the offseason to train with him.

    These reports are really encouraging to me. Several of these guys are very young, and none but Baldwin and Rice seemed to be on the same page with Jackson this past season. The passing game chemistry and skills can only get better with this offseason.

  38. That’s cool about BMW working with Lockette.

    However, what’s wrong with Jackson staying in Seattle to work with his Seattle Seahawk WRs? Others have to follow him around if they want to work with him? Good grief.

  39. Well, one thing we’ve got to look forward to is a much more interesting off-season this year than last! Because we didn’t have one last year.

    I don’t really care what positions we draft for, as long as we continue to get big, punishing players with great instincts and an intense desire to win.

    One way or another, they’re going to beef up the QB position. And it might be a surprise how they do this. Bringing in TJack and Portis last year and saying farewell to Matt was a shock to many of us. But it really didn’t turn out so badly; in fact I think it turned out a lot better than most of us thought it would. Not great, but better than we could have imagined. So I recommend, fellow fans, not setting your heart on anyone in particular, be it Luck or RGIII or Flynn or Moore. Sit back and enjoy the process. Pete and John have proven that they’re not stupid, and I’m sure they want to win every bit as much as we do.

    This is an awesome blog, with very rich content from so many contributors. Best wishes to all for 2012!

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