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Lynch on free agency: “Hopefully I can get taken care of where I’m at.”

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 2, 2012 at 12:34 pm with 40 Comments »
January 2, 2012 12:34 pm

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch addressed his pending free agency while talking to reporters during his team’s locker room clean out this morning.

“Everything’s going to fall into place,” Lynch said about becoming an unrestricted free agent in March. “There’s not too much I can do about it but just wait.”

And would he like to be back in Seattle?

“I mean I would like to come back, but if it don’t happen, it don’t happen,” Lynch said.

Asked about his feelings on hitting the open market in free agency, Lynch had this to say: “Hopefully I don’t have to. Hopefully I can get taken care of where I’m at. But I mean, if that’s the case, that would be the next step.”

Lynch said that one of the things he can take comfort in if he were to stay in Seattle is the way the team ran the ball in the second half of the season.

“It’s very encouraging,” he said. “Just to know that if we call a run play, we know we can run it and get success out of it. You got to be real pleased with that, being a running back, knowing that they’re going to get the job done. And they’re young and are going to get better.”

Fullback Michael Robinson, who also will be an unrestricted free agent, said one of the reasons the Seahawks were successful this year is players took ownership of the team.

“This team took a turn this year from last year,” Robinson said. “It went from the coaches pretty much directing us to this year we kind of took ownership of the team, and it became our team. And that’s what you like to see at this level. Nothing else can motivate you more than your peers.”

On whether he will return to Seattle, like Lynch, Robinson said you’ll just have to wait and see.

“Obviously, I love it here,” Robinson said. “I like the philosophy with Pete has going on here. I love the guys in this locker room most importantly. Like I expressed to them upstairs, I love this team. And how teams get good in this league is by keeping guys together for a period of time. So we’ll see. But I would love to be back.”

While Lynch and Robinson are two the mainstays on offense, linebacker David Hawthorne is the center of the defense. Hawthorne has led the team in tackles the last three seasons, and likes the progress he’s seeing on the defensive side of the ball

“We’re still building,” Hawthorne said. “There’s a couple areas where we could’ve got better. And I feel like there’s a lot of areas where we did get better. So we’re going to come back and see if we can keep it rolling.”

Hawthorne said he believes that he’s improved every season, and that this was his best season as a Seahawks, playing with a sprained MCL in left knee for most of the season.

“I’m older and wiser, and I’ve got a little bit of experience under my belt,” Hawthorne said. “I’m not seeing things for the first time anymore.”

Hawthorne is one of 19 unrestricted free agents for Seattle that will hit the market in March. But Hawthorne said he’d like to remain in Seattle.

“I’d love to,” he said. “And me and my agent are doing everything we can to get back.”

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I can’t see them letting Lynch walk or even hit free agency. I’d be shocked of he wasn’t locked up in the coming weeks.

    Heater is a different story. While I like Wright at Sam, they may see him at middle which would make Heater dispensable. I hope not because I like him and his style.

  2. piperfeltcher says:

    I hope if the Hawks resign Lynch it is not for more then 4 years. I also love Heater’s style but do not see his body holding up much longer as he never was all that athletic a LB more of a smarts and hard work type. I think it woill be intresting to see how much intrest there is in Red around the league he had a great season but no other teams play a system that uses a 300 LB DE and not sure Red would want to go somewhere else to be a DT with all the success and connections he has in Seattle.

  3. What is our cap room looking like? In terms of making a splash in free agency if there are a few players the front office likes, which is easier now that the rookie salary cap has been instituted, and still resign a few of these great guys/players that we need moving forward.

  4. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Seattle has lots of cap room, like $10 mill or more (I believe). Like Duke, I don’t see Lynch hitting the open market. He’ll be back, and I could see them re-signing Heater, too.

  5. Eric, any chance of a complete Hawk FA list?

  6. devisscher says:

    Is there a list of our UFA?

  7. Regarding the Robinson quote about players taking “ownership” of this team: Whose fault is it then for the zillion penalties? Is it the coaches (that’s whose job it is) or is it the players, who supposedly took ownership? Who is going to own up to the fact that this team seriously lacked discipline and what is going to be done about it moving forward? This is a legit and serious question that needs answers to if we’re going to take the next step.

  8. Off-Season Needs:

    1. QB
    2. Smart/discipled play by ***ALL*** players.
    3. Pass Rusher (DE or 3-tech)
    4. Pass Rusher (opposite of #3)

  9. I’m starting to wonder if re-signing some of our own UFA’s needs to be the #1 priority. In the absence of a list I can only speculate, but I think there are some major contributors on that list.

  10. Seahawks UFA (I don’t know how truly accurate it is, as we all know that Michael Robinson is a FA and yet he isn’t on this list)

  11. I found a list here:
    that includes Robinson, though it also includes the departed Kelly Jennings & Jeff Reed!

    Of the names below & on the list Bobby K posted, I’d consider the following UFA’s pretty important:


    Marshawn Lynch RB UFA
    Doug Baldwin WR RFA
    Allen Barbre G UFA
    Atari Bigby S UFA
    Raheem Brock DT UFA
    Brandon Browner CB UFA
    Red Bryant DE UFA
    John Carlson TE UFA
    Kennard Cox CB UFA
    Paul Fanaika G RFA
    Justin Forsett RB UFA
    Breno Giacomini T UFA
    Mike Gibson G UFA
    Anthony Hargrove DE UFA
    David Hawthorne LB UFA
    Chris Henry RB UFA
    Leroy Hill LB UFA
    Kelly Jennings CB UFA
    Jeron Johnson S RFA
    Roy Lewis CB RFA
    Chris Maragos CB RFA
    Matt McCoy LB UFA
    Clinton McDonald DE RFA
    Jeff Reed K UFA
    Michael Robinson RB UFA
    William Robinson T RFA
    Junior Siavii DT UFA
    Marcus Trufant CB UFA
    Chris White C UFA
    Charlie Whitehurst QB UFA
    Jimmy Wilkerson DE UFA

  12. I think its always best to lock up your own free agents (at least the ones you view as important pieces) but I don’t really view any of our current guys as “must keep at all costs” type of guys.

    Sure, Lynch, but I purposedly left him off because he isn’t going anywhere thanks to the franchise tag. One way or another, he’s going to be a Seahawk in 2012.

    I really want to keep Big Red, but life wouldn’t end if we upgraded with a DE who was better at rushing the passer (wouldn’t take much) even though we’d give up something on run defense. I know having Big Red at the 5 is perfect for our defense right now but we’ve also seen that Mr. Happy can change things with the right personnel (adding a pass rusher instead of a run stuffer at LDE – he’d find a way to make it work). This is a classic case in how much is he worth? I hope he gets a big raise (I’d support that) but at the same time, I think there’s only so much a DE is worth that can’t threaten to get more than a few sacks per season either. I could see some 3-4 team pay big bucks for him so Big Red would do all the dirty work for their LBs to make plays and avoid blockers. For the record: I love Big Red and want him back! But if we’re of the mindset that we can’t have whoever we want, I certainly want a QB more than a run stuffing DE (although this probably isn’t either/or). Another concern with losing Red is that if we replace him with someone who is more of a pass rusher, well, then we have replaced 1 DL with 1 DL and we all know the depth on our line is bad and that would do nothing to help depth (gain one, lose one = 1).

    Same with Heater. I like him and hope he comes back. I don’t view him as deserving to be paid like one of the best LBs in the NFL though.

  13. moo – Browner isn’t an unrestricted free agent.

  14. “Pay Da Man, Boss-Man”

    This offense would lose a lot of toughness and quiet leadership without Lynch.
    Same is true for the defense without Red Bryant.

  15. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Watching the Rose Bowl and I gotta say, I love Oregon’s uniforms. If we can’t get the throwbacks back and this is a hint of the direction the Seahawks uniforms will take, I’m all for it.

  16. Southendzone says:

    yeah that list didn’t look too accurate to me. Browner on a 1 year contract doesn’t make sense.

    Players I’m OK if we let leave next year:

    TRU: great Seahawk but I think our secondary is set. We could keep him at low cap # as a nickel player. (I don’t think hes FA in 2012)

    J-Force: Didn’t do much this year. He picks up blitzes well when he’s in but that’s about it.

    Charlie W: No explanation necessary

    John Carlson: A little undecided here. Tjack doesn’t throw much to TE’s so JC might be expendable.

  17. “moo – Browner isn’t an unrestricted free agent.”

    Phew . . .

    I’d hate to lose Lynch after the struggles we’ve had to get a run game going. I know it’s not all about him in that regard, but he was great this year, probably the best RB in the league in the 2nd half of the season. Provides the offense (and the team) with an attitude and style of play that we all want.

  18. Re Browner, glad to hear it. i got that from the spotrac list.

  19. Southendzone, I would agree with that list, except that I think Carlson could once again become a great weapon across from Miller in 2 TE sets.

    see you next year in the south end zone.

  20. Indy,Miami,Jax,Jets,Washington,and Seattle all need Qbs. Payton,Luck,Flynn,RG3 all available. Homy is too stubborn which helps. If the Jets stay with Dirty Sanchez we will have to pick RG3 if available or sign Flynn or Manning. I would take a pissed off Manning and pay him what ever it takes if I was the man in charge.

  21. tchristensen says:
  22. tchristensen says:

    From what I’ve read, the team should have about 50 Million in cap room, not the 10 million previously mentioned.

  23. Some Free Agents who could help our defensive line:

    Adam Carriker – If Red Bryant gets a monster contract from someone else in free agency, this guy would fit perfectly in as our LDE. He is one of the better run defenders in the league at end and could seal the edge for us. He’s not Big Red, but not many are. However, he is more of a pass rusher than Big Red. It doesn’t take much, but I think he’s a guy who can get 6-8 sacks per year at our 5-tech. I followed his entire career at Nebraska (since I watch most Nebraska games) and couldn’t believe how utterly stupid the Rams were for taking a good LDE and moving him inside to DT. This year he was in Washington (trade) and played end in a 3-4. He’s stout in the run game, as mentioned, and ended up with 6 sacks on the year even though he’s a “dirty work” type of player, as all ends in 3-4 defenses seem to be. I can’t imagine Washington letting him go but he’s not good enough to get the franchise tag either so he could hit the open market. If we lose Big Red, this is the only guy available in the NFL that I think we could get that wouldn’t hurt us (what little we’d lose in run defense would be made up for in him getting more pressure on opposing QBs). Like Big Red, he’s had some injuries but not to the point I’d call him injury prone.

    John Abraham – He didn’t want to come here about 5 years ago because he wanted to be closer to his home so he chose less money than Ruskell offered and ended up in Atlanta (so instead we kept our #1 pick that we had offered the Jets in the deal and drafted Kelly Jennings). With that being said, I can’t imagine he’d come here now either. But it’s salavating to think about him as a situational pass rusher. He’s old but he’s still one of the elite pass rushers in the league. Again, I don’t see him leaving Atlanta though.

    I’d mention Mario Williams or Calais Campbell but I don’t see how either of them escape the franchise tag. There’s some others but they are more run stuffers inside and we really don’t need that at this time.

    Trevor Laws – I remember there was a lot of talk on this blog about 4 years ago how some people wanted Laws. I will admit to not following him (or noticing him) during his career though. He’s a DT who people said could get some push in the passing game and was good against the run as well. I do not know how things have turned out in Philly, I just know the last time we got an Eagles defensive lineman (Clem) it turned out fine:)

    Amobi Okoye – I remember when he came out of college as a 19-20 year old and was a 1st round pick in Houston. It seems like a hundred years ago. He was a pass rushing DT prospect who looked like he and Mario Williams were going to give the Texans and extremely dangerous defensive line for a decade. It didn’t work out that way and something must be wrong for Houston to have given up on him. However, he played against us in Chicago game and I saw a few plays where his potential flashed. Maybe it’s another BMW type (although Okoye was never out of the league for a year). He’s been in the league for a half decade and he’s ONLY 24 years old!

  24. SeahawkFan12 says:

    tchristensen, I’m the one who said $10 million in the cap but I believe you are correct. My bad, and if you have a link that would be sweet. Either way, I know we are in good shape and should be able to get Lynch, Red and a few others in no problem.

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Watching the OSU Stanford game. Looks like Bradford may have his stud receiver. Blackmons a beast!
    Now we will probably have to face him twice a year as well as Fitzgerald. Hope not!

  26. I’m watching it, too (and looking up free agency stuff and multi-tasking by feeding the Milk Monster).

    If I were the Rams, I’d take Kalil. But if I were the Vikings, I wouldn’t let Blackmon fall past #3. Either way both of those teams need a stud LT (Kalil) and a stud WR (Blackmon) for their young QBs. If you’ve got a top 3 pick, you’re definitely getting a “can’t miss” type of player in my book. Those three are going to be playing in plenty of Pro Bowls. When Blackmon torched Nebraska’s supposedly good secondary last season, I knew that kid was for real.

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I hope he does go to the Vikings!

  28. Dukeshire says:

    Goodness Bobby. Your output has been remarkable the past couple days.

  29. HawkfaninMT says:

    Blackmon is like a man among boys out there…

    A few thoughts I had as I ran on the treadmill tonight:

    If Lynch were to take a big payday elsewhere, how about Michael Bush as his replacement? Ran in Cable’s system for years, filled in more than admirably for DMC while he was injured, and is still relatively young.

    I think Branch could also play that 5 tech DE if the need arose. Hopefully it doesn’t!

    I am on board BK’s FlynnWagon. But I could see some logic in “FieldGulls” idea of RG3 dropping to 8 and the Hawks only having to move up from 11 to 8. It went something like Manning to Washington, Flynn to Cleveland, and Luck to Indy. Leaving us to jump in front of the Dolphins at 9.

  30. HawkfaninMT says:

    Sorry, not FiledGulls with the RG3 article it was SeahawksDraftBlog. Just wanted to make sure I cite the right site!

  31. Dukeshire says:

    What’s crazy about all the speculation, is that we still have the combine, pro days, and personal workouts still to go (not to mention the Sr Bowl for those eligible) which will alter draft stock like crazy. But I have to admit, now that Seattle is in a position where their needs have been greatly reduced, Om finding it more fun to entertain these scenarios.

  32. The best thing for the Seahawks would be for Washington to trade for Manning. They are the only team I could see really driving up the cost of Flynn to a crazy level.

    Someone should tell the Stanford kicker that the ball goes between the goal post.

  33. SeahawkFan12 says:

    After the game, Brandon Weeden was heard shouting, “I’M A MAN! I’M 40!”

  34. I know Jeremy Bates was the opposite of Carroll in character-wise, but still think he was a better OC than Darrell Bevell.

  35. akmac63 says:

    The odd thoughts: keep big red and draft a pass rusher to rotate in; if Heater isn’t too expensive keep him and draft some rookie depth at LB; JS knows Flynn, maybe that’s a plus for the Hawks; if not Flynn, look hard at Moore from Boise, he may be short but what a winning record and attitude, his football smarts could outweigh lack of stature and/or arm (the anti-TJack). Lynch stays, JF goes unfortunately, draft a hard running backup for ML. Keep enough veterans like Hargrove to provide leadership and stability.

  36. tchristensen, thanks for the link! I only see 5 really important re-signs:

    Lynch Bryant Hawthorne Hill Robinson

    Carlson would also be nice, but I don’t see it happening. Is there a realistic upgrade over Hill out there? Hill did have a pretty good year.

    For some reason i thought Washington was also a ufa. Glad I was wrong.

  37. I don’t see Hill as a priority at much of a price tag moving forward. Lets not forget that just because he stayed healthy this year, he hasn’t exactly been an ironman throughout his career. I don’t think it would be too hard to find an average to above average LB somewhere else.

  38. @bobbyK (or anyone else)- – – so what would you do if GB franchises Flynn and then wants our 2012 1st round pick in trade for him? Do you make that deal?

  39. I don’t think Green Bay has the guts to franchise him. First of all, that would mean that Flynn would earn top-5 QB money for this upcoming year and, therefore, he’d command more money than teams may want to pay. Green Bay wouldn’t get as high of a pick from someone if that team had to trade a HIGH pick and then also pay him more than they would have (b/c of his guaranteed payday in ’12 if he signed the franchise tender). It’s like a reason we hadn’t seen many teams trade into the top 5 in recent years (crazy rookie contracts). I think Green Bay will be content to get a comp 3rd rounder in ’13 instead of taking that risk. If he stays in Green Bay, I don’t that that’d go well with Flynn making more than Rogers.

  40. Well, but if GB does take that risk, figuring that his value is high enough that someone will trade for him, and use that high 1st year salary as a way into a longer term deal . . it’s possible.

    So, is he worth the #11 pick? It’s a tough call.

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