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Final: Cardinals 23, Seahawks 20

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 1, 2012 at 4:46 pm with 42 Comments »
January 1, 2012 4:48 pm
Seattle Seahawks running back Leon Washington dives for the end zone on this 48-yard touchdown run. (AP Photo)

Nothing like some bonus football, as the Seahawks extended their season with an overtime 23-20 loss to the Cardinals. The Seahawks definitely had their chances, but remember the Cardinals were just as hot as the Seahawks coming into the game.

No playoffs for this season, but lots of growth was made in the second half of the year. While Eric’s down getting his interviews, here are few subjects to ponder:

• Defense: Do you still like what’s been established this season, with the young defensive backs getting valuable time, the line finding its legs against the run behind the return to health of Red Bryant and the emergence of the two safeties as one of the best combos in the NFL? Is another pass rusher a must-have this offseason, whether its through the draft or free agency?

• Speaking of defensive backs, what should be done with Marcus Trufant? Is he done, and is that OK considering the development of Browner and Sherman? And what of Walter Thurmond?

• And how about the linebackers? Is this a group that can continue to grow? Or is there a pressing need for a dynamic playmaker?

• T-Jack: Have you seen enough to be convinced that he could be the long-term answer at quarterback? Is it fair to judge him considering he did not have Sidney Rice or Mike Williams for chunks of the season?

• Speaking of receivers… Has Doug Baldwin shown enough to be a No. 2 behind Rice? And then there’s Ricardo Lockette, who had a TD vs. the Cardinals and shown tremendous speed. Is this unit, with Golden Tate and Ben Obomanu, going to be more than adequate going forward?

• Marshawn Lynch: Is he a franchise back who should be kept at all (almost all, anyway) costs?

• The offensive line: This group has shown some depth after losing three starters. But next year, who should start when Russell Okung, James Carpenter and John Moffitt return?

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  1. SandpointHawk says:

    Feeling fairly empty after this game. Here’s to 2012 it’s going to get better…

  2. I’m so incredibly pissed right now, we lost to one player and our own mistakes, why did we keep throwing to Obo? Why the hell did the staff think it was smart to run the hurry up offense again, stupid game, felt like this was a step back in many ways, hated almost every single minute of this one.

  3. Aaarrrrrgggghhhhhh! TJack strikes again… Obo with some big drops but I put this on the QB. He had numerous opportunities to win us this game and again proved incapable. We need a QB like bad!!!

  4. Cornutt says:

    Well damn.

    I know this loss, as all the others, can’t solely be put on TJ, but I’m looking forward to the day where we have a better QB.

    I’m sure ya’ll talked about Flynn on chat. I didn’t see that game, but 6td’s? Tempting potential there.

  5. nidhighe says:

    Sign Matt Flynn. I feel T-Jack did an adequate job this season, but we need more than adequate.

    Sherman’s development means Trufant is done. We can spend that money on upgrading at QB or the pass rush. Thurmond will be a good nickelback.

    I think we’re okay at WR with Rice, Baldwin, Obo, Tate, and Lockette.

    We shouldn’t break the bank to re-sign Lynch, but he deserves a nice contract.

  6. And I would give up a lot of players on this team for a disruptive force, whether linebacker, defensive end or tackle, Skelton had all day on some of those passes to fitzgerald, and even with all of that time most of those passes were pretty inaccurate.

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The defense needs an upgrade on the front seven imo.
    With out a doubt the qb position needs upgrading.
    Doug Baldwin has shown enough to be #1 imo. Rice is an injury waiting to happen!
    Lynch should be signed at a modest cost. Don’t want another Alexander situation.
    Draft David Decastro and start from there.

  8. energy24 says:

    At least you you people do not live down here in phx… and here it all year long from these people… how they beat the seahawks. Well theres always next year.. sounds like I have heard ythat before!!!!

  9. CYRREEN says:

    I watched the GB vs. Detriot game this morning only to see Matt Flynn. I kid you not that kid is better than Rodgers. He reminds me of a QB i used to admire, Bret Favre. If we get Flynn, we won’t be waisting any picks on a QB of future. He is ready to go.

  10. devisscher says:

    I never want to see tjoke in a Seahawks uniform ever again, that guy makes me sick
    He’s playing like a bad rookie, locking onto receivers, taking ridiculous sacks, throwing of his freaking back foot and so on. This guy shouldn’t be starting in the NFL, I don’t even want him as a backup. He does not have the ability to lead a team and he shouldn’t.

    It’s so freaking annoying to see the defence making plays and then have tjoke blowing those opportunities. Everybody in Seattle deserves a real QB. Get rid of him!

  11. MadSweeney42 says:

    TJack has repeatedly shown he’s nothing special and the future of the position should be acquired ASAP.

    MLynch has repeadly shown he’s the future at the position and an extremely special member of the offense (who was oddly underused today in a loss) and should be re-signed at all costs.

  12. What a disappointing end to the season. Im still trying to decide who I blame more for the loss, T-Joke and his erratic passes, poor decision making, and lousy pocket awareness, OC Darrell Bevell and his idiotic red=zone offense and horrid decision making, or Pete Carroll for once again showing that he has no clue how to field a disciplined, smart football team.

    Darrell Bevel absolutely enrages me. Other than Mora’s awful OC, Bevell has the worst red-zone plays I have ever seen. Week after week, its more of the same. No slants, no skinny posts or fades–even though we had three WR’s over 6′-2″ tall. We had all these weapons all year, and yet field an offense that seems designed to turn red zone posessions into field goals. Why in hell cant we get an OC that actually likes Touchdown passes?!

    But the worst was watching Seattle have first and goal from the five, and fail to give Lynch a single carry. A reverse to Tate?! Really?! And the empty backfield set, over and over and over, despite the fact it rarely if ever worked. AAaaggh! Enough! I want a new OC and a new qb who has some form of pocket awareness and some accuracy on third down.

    The defense let down today as well, but I still feel they will be even better next year, and are the brightest spot on this rebuilding team.

    Trufant is worth keeping as a nickel back for cheap, but he likely wont take league min, and so he’s expendable. Sad but true. Thurmond is talented, but always hurt. His injuries appear chronic, and perhaps its time to move on? Hard choice. The LB’s are all good, I hope we resign Hill. The problem is every one of them has been injury prone except Wright. Baldwin is fine right where he is in the slot, and all our WR’s look good. Next year a couple very good WR’s will be cut or traded, thats for sure. Personally, I want to see us with Rice, Tate, Baldwin, Williams, Lockette, and either Durham or Butler. However, I think it likely that next years team is minus Williams and Butler. Perhaps Tennessee will trade for BMW?

    What I would really like is to see Hass return to lead this team, now that we seem likely to field an O-line that isnt crap. Pipe dream though. Too bad. With him we would have been 10-6 at least. I think he would have missed a few games, but overall we would have been better off with him. I understand why we dumped him and brought T-Jack in, but it didnt work out all that well.

  13. TJ is an adequate QB – it’s not on him that Obo repeatedly dropped catchable balls at hugely crucial moments of this game. But TJ has clearly shown that he’s not a long-term solution. That’s fine, we tried, and he’s not as terrible as some are making him out to be, but he’s not the answer.

    No reason for Obo or Forsett to be on the squad next year. We know what they can do, and it’s very limited. Better to get some new young guys and see if we can find another Baldwin or Sherman.

    Disappointed that we lost this one, b/c it was winnable, and I wanted 8-8 as some sort of objective evidence that we are trending upward.

    Still, an optimistic year, I thought our defense became better and better at the turnover game as the year went on, but am a little concerned that our effectiveness against the run, which was a strength, really softened.

    Got to re-sign Marshawn, he’s the MVP of the team this year, and the way he runs gives attitude to the whole team.

  14. And Fitzgerald is worth every penny they pay him. Unbelievable plays over and over – I forget sometimes that he’s still the best receiver in the game. Give him a Stafford, and he’d put up crazy stats too.

  15. Coolalvin says:

    Anyone know what position we have in the draft? I have heard 14, but didnt know if this was 100% set.

  16. freedom_X says:

    On the radio, they said Seattle now has the 11th pick in the draft. If that’s true, that’s the silver lining to take from this – 11th is just within the target range to make a trade up for a impact top 3 pick feasible, I believe.

    The defense has a good foundation but still has a lot of room for improvement. I expect the corners to get better. A pass rusher is needed, and is always a must have. No team can have too many pass rushers, and Seattle doesn’t have enough.

    Some of the weakness of the makeshift O-line were exposed (12 tackles for loss? Brutal.) I expect the line to be much better next year, which alone, everything else being equal, is probably worth 2 or 3 wins.

    Seattle has enough receivers. They’re in good shape for the next couple years. Imnprovement in the line also opens up the TE receiving assets as well.

    Marshawn Lynch is a high priority, at the right price only (no record-setting deals here.)

    Jackson is not the long term answer at QB. He’s a solid bridge to the future QB, but that future QB must be obtained, unless they think Portis is the guy.

    Flynn had a huge game, but I’ll trust Schneider on this one. If Seattle makes a play for him, it’s because Schneider knows him really well, and that’s enough for me. Big numbers in a couple games aren’t enough for me to break the bank for a guy.

    One last shot – I hope there’s no more bleating about “how we need to get rid of our midget cornerbacks to stop Larry Fitzgerald.” Fitzgerald’s success has nothing to do with the height of Seattle’s CB’s, as today proves. It’s about Fitzgeralds’ talent. I don’t know that any CB can stop Fitzgerald. A dominating pass rush is probably the only way to stop him. Few QB’s are accurate throwing from the supine position (to quote Lou Holtz. :) )

  17. freedom_X says:

    One more thing – I loved Marshawn Lynch standing up to the goon Darnell Dockett. That’s the fire I’ve been wanted to see from a Seattle team since 2006.

  18. raymaines says:

    I say again: I don’t pretend to be able to judge QB’s but…

    I like the idea of just buying Matt Flynn in free agency and drafting the best DL pass rusher available.

  19. “Flynn had a huge game, but I’ll trust Schneider on this one. If Seattle makes a play for him, it’s because Schneider knows him really well, and that’s enough for me. Big numbers in a couple games aren’t enough for me to break the bank for a guy.”

    Good point – and I totally agree.

    And what are you gonna do about Fitzgerald making catches like that? He’s uncoverable at that size, when he can making diving one-handed grabs. And I guess Skelton knows it too – 18 targets.

  20. “I like the idea of just buying Matt Flynn in free agency and drafting the best DL pass rusher available.”

    Right – if it works, and Flynn is capable of more games like this, it’s the best of both worlds for us. We’ll see.

  21. Goes w/out saying – but obviously we need something from Sidney Rice next year – it’s a lot of $ allocated to a guy who 32 balls this year. The difference in the quality of the targets the two QB’s were throwing to today was pretty striking.

  22. HawkfaninMT says:

    Am really looking forward to seeing a few guy in the upcoming Bowl games…

    Andre Branch of Clemson
    Devon Still of Penn St
    Kirk Cousins and Bj Cunningham of Mich St
    Jonathan Jenkins of GA
    Brandon Weeden of OKST
    DeCastro and Martin of Stanford
    Jared Crick of Nebraska
    Alshon Jeffery of SC

    Sitting here now, I would love to see Flynn signed and Alshon Jeffery in the 1st and Whitney Mercilus in the 2nd

  23. edstang45 says:

    Well we play’d hard…How’d the goon duckett liked getting smaked in the mouth, he wont use soft when talkin crap about the Hawks!!
    In my modest opinion TJ is and play’d average, OBO dropped some but TJ missed 2 or 3 sure scores on the long ball. We fell on our ass when we got the ball in OT. I was screaming to throw to Baldwin in OT and Then screamed harder to get pressure on Skelton also in OT. We new what they were and we let them off the HOOK!! My wish (hope list) list in April is A no gamble passrush DE if there is such a thing. Another BIG and fast DT, Also a Game breaking WR or two to make TJ look better than he is.
    I really dont think the draft will get us a sure bet QB without giving up the farm. We are so close to a top 5 defense now so go get the studs to make us even better. Sign Lynch, try for Flynn, look at LB as we are maybe on inside LB away. ( I do like Heater but is he big enough to last?? To much to ask??

  24. edstang45 says:

    pdway theres no way to shut down a guy like Fitzgerald the whole game…he’s a freak of nature

  25. BobbyAyala says:

    Ain’t gonna lie, I’m glad we lost this one.

    The second Detroit took that huge lead last week, the best possible scenario was two straight losses to close out.

    Mission…. well, accomplished is the wrong word.

    The point is, sometimes a loss is really a win.

  26. 1. Defense will be fine with an additional pass rusher or two (not at the expense of losing a run stuffer like Big Red though). I am concerned that they were a bit exposed the last few months against such mediocre QBs though. Bradord was gimpy and not anywhere close to healthy and the rest, well, sucked. It’s pretty bad when John Skelton was probably the best QB they faced the last few months.

    2. I’m sure Trufant will be given a chance to compete for a roster spot at minimal cost. Who else will want a guy with back problems like his and at his advancing age (for a CB). He seems like the type of guy who would understand/accept his new role (compliment to him as a person).

    3. Depends on if Heater is resigned or not. I think Smith is going to be a good situational LB moving forward and Wright is already a very good player. I’d like to add depth, but I can say that about every position (minus K/P/LS).

    4. Not a legit starter, but a fine back-up. It does suck for him that Rice wasn’t available for as many games as he was. However, losing BMW wasn’t a big loss, as he didn’t exactly do anything when he did play. Losses like BMW, Carpenter, and Moffitt actually made this team better (for the record – I like Moffitt moving forward).

    5. I like Durham moving foward and I think it’s pretty obvious that Baldwin is easily a top 1-2 WR. Rice is a legit #1 WR but he must stay healthy! This is a pretty solid area of the team. I’m not going to hop on the “cut” Obo bandwagon b/c he’s not supposed to be a starter AND he’s very good on special teams.

    6. I’d like to keep Lynch, no question. If nothing else, the franchise tag will keep him around for another season. I want no part of him if it means we can’t afford to bring in a legit QB who will cost money. However, I don’t think it’s either/or and there’s no reason we can’t have a Flynn AND keep Lynch. I’d rather have Flynn/J-Stew over T-Jack/Lynch if I had to choose though.

    7. LT = Okung, LG = Gallery with Carp as his back-up and groomed for the future when he’s healthy enough to come back, C = Gallery, RG = Let McQuistan fight with Moffitt for RG and Breno for RT. May the best looking player at each position in training camp win the starting job (unless McQuistan wins both RG and RT, then it’s b/w Moffitt or Breno starting).

  27. *Unger at Center

    *And didn’t mean losing BMW actually made us better, just that he didn’t do anything when healthy.

  28. BobbyAyala says:

    coin flip between us and KC determines whether we’re the 11th or 12th pick in the draft.

    11 may be good enough to get Rg3.

  29. Another game where Jackson was the difference. I understand why he was signed. No training camp, years with the OC, Rice, etc but that doesn’t excuse him not having ANY football sense.

    He scrambles INTO sacks, throws the ball away while in the pocket resulting in a penalty, gets outside of the pocket and HOLDS onto the ball for a sack, runs with the ball as far away from his body as possible just to fumble it…

    Rookie mistakes from a vet QB.

    I don’t mind mistakes, Joe Montana made mistakes, it happens.

    What I can’t stand is stupid “rookie” mistakes made by a “vet” QB.

    I don’t want Jackson as a backup, starter, work out coordinator, etc.

    He barely has the football IQ of Jamarcus Russell…

    I would love to see Flynn in a hawks uniform. Has a LSU fan I can say that what Flynn lacks in “Jackson” arm strength he more than makes up for in understanding the game of football.

    Some posts earlier said Flynn reminds them of Farve…as someone who watched Flynn all through college…no he doesn’t. I also don’t think he’s better than Rogers.

    He is a better version of Hasselback. Game manager, competitor, accurate passer, good ability to throw the deep ball…AKA a good football mind with skills.

    This years Seahawks team was a playoff team, even with the injuries. What hurt the team was lack of football IQ at the QB position. I could give Jackson a break if this was his second or third season but it’s not. Torn pec doesn’t excuse mental mistakes.

  30. Longinus says:

    They need a new QB and head coach. They are weak.

  31. nidhighe says:

    “They need a new QB and head coach. They are weak.”

    A new QB, yes, but a new head coach, too? Do you remember where this team was in 2009?

    *shaking my head*

  32. Pretty impressed by the quick youth movement and talent turnaround pulled off by the FO. Being that we aren’t that far off from being a playoff team again my quickest path to glory would be signing Flynn and having him pay immediate dividends. Trusting our front office here. If we are going to draft and develop someone then Nick Foles of Arizona a couple of rounds down is just as exciting to me as anyone not named Luck. Our last Green Bay backup QB turned starter panned out pretty nicely.

    Looks like we’ll be picking at either #11 or #12 in the draft after a coin toss(based on my suspect math) with K.C. I’ll be honest here. Even though we have good depth now on the OL I would still LOVE to add G David DeCastro out of Stanford. Our Cardinal players are proving pretty good at the NFL level. The Sea”HOGS” could grow to be dominant. If not, then obviously a rush end is on every teams wish list and coach should know whether DE Nick Perry of USC is worthy of picking up. Also CB Dre Kirkpatrick of Alabama is a big corner in the mold that the FO favors.

    Of our own free agents I hope Bryant, Lynch, Hawthorne and Hill all return with reasonable deals. Imagine that someone will pay more than us for Trufant.

    On the critcal side looking back on the season: T-Jack seems like he is showing us his ceiling and for most of us an instant upgrade at qb is our top need. Petey’s coaching bothers me too as far as the lack of disipline visible at critical times in the game. Players not getting out of bounds, “stupid” penalties, etc. that cost games. Can’t have that next year if we want to fight in this rapidly improving division.

    Aside from the Whitehurst debacle, the talent assembled here has been impressive. Late round draft picks, free agent signings and sifting through other teams’ scrap heap have paid off. Keep it up and bring us a “NEXT LEVEL” QB! If it’s Flynn then make it happen.

  33. SkeleTony says:

    T-Jack…I said he was a bad joke before Seattle went after him and my opinion of him has only gotten worse. WTF Carroll? We have now seen him play like a complete noob while starting for two different teams over 4 different seasons. Can we call this one a bust now? Seriously?!

    Matt Hasslebeck was not much better in reality(I always laugh at Hawks fans who try to make him out to be an above average(or better!) QB. Guy lost us FAR more games than he managed to help us win. I laughed hard at the Titans fans who were so happy to get him. “Enjoy those %50 – %100 more int’s than TDs!” I said and viola! Matt did not disappoint.

    I cannot really blame the OC. He was saddled with a QB who cannot throw TD passes so he did not want to force too many of those onto T-Jack’s plate. OC was playing the odds thinking T-Jack is better at running than throwing so…

    We need(in this order):

    1)QB – Josh Portis was intriguing but we never got to see him play. Sounds like Indy is taking Andrew Luck so…we should either make a play for Peyton or draft the next best college QB.

    2)Linebacker – Not only for depth(which Seattle cannot ever possibly have too much of) but if we can get a real playmaker that helps against the run and getting after the QB. If not then at least another good DE or tackle.

    3)Another OL – One that is versatile enough to play LT and/or center.

  34. I disagree with those that want to throw Obomanu under the bus. Ben is a very underrated player, and his drops today were pretty tough catches, thrown inaccurately and mistimed. Still, they hit him in the hands…The thing is, Obo is usually a very sure-handed receiver, and often absorbs big hits without losing the ball. He runs great routes, is faster than many people think–one reason he gets open deep occasionally, as he did today when T-Joke flat-put missed him on a sure TD–and he can play all the WR positions. He’s good enough to start.

    I hope we keep 6 WR’s next year, and if Obo isnt kept, I will be upset. While he isnt the fastest guy on the team by any means, he’s quick and strong and tough and usually a smart football player. He also blocks and helps out on special teams. All in all, far from being junk. He’s a solid player and a nice security blanket when injuries show up.

  35. Next year I want to see a lot more disciplined play on both sides of the ball, and more consistency on Special Teams. This year, at least half the time Special Teams was more Special Bus than anything else! The stupid penalties–personal fouls, false starts, holding, PI, those MUST be drastically reduced. It isnt just the young players making these penalties, so Youth is no excuse. Its simply poor execution and lack of discipline. And you know who’s responsible for fielding a disciplined team? Thats right, Pete Carrol is ultimately the man whos responsible for whatever happens.

    Im excited to see our defense improve next year, especially if we can get something out of Jameson Konz and/or Dexter Davis at pass rushing DE, or find a good pass rusher in FA or the draft. Im also hoping to finally field a solid, consistent offensive line. Hopefully Carpenter can be moved to G and or discover more footspeed.

    I sure hope we can resign Lynch, Big Red, and Doug Baldwin ASAP. And Im excited to see what happens in the draft QB-wise. I really would like to see a qb under center who is actually capable of going through his progressions and has some sort of pocket awareness.

  36. • Defense: I think our defense is not quite as good as it is made out to be. Good yes – Great, not yet. We HAVE to be able to generate a consistent pass rush, if we don’t it won’t matter how good our CB are they will get torched OR have to hold grab etc to stay in coverage. I believe our guys got picked on a little by the Refs but sometimes I think they were left out there for soo long they had to do something to not give up a TD

    • Speaking of defensive backs, what should be done with Marcus Trufant? These coaches don’t want to pay him a ton, BUT they did have him as a starter until he got hurt. I think for the right pay he will be back. and contribute, he may or may not be a starter, but I think he is the type of guy who can be “demoted” and still be a good team leader and a contributer. With that said he may need to do it on another team.

    I like the combo we have with Browner, Sherman, Thurmond, Tru, and COX as a ST guy. but if they think they can upgrade I won’t be screaming that they made a mistake by moving on W/O Thrumond or Tru.

    LB: I think Hill has another season in him and can be kept at a team friendly price. Heater I think needs to return -UNLESS we have to give him a BIG pay upgrade. Wright is a keeper for the forseeable future but the other guys can’t seem to make an impact or stay healthy. it is time to look for a guy or 2 that can help our depth. If we lose any of the starting 3 it becomes a definite area on need.

    • T-Jack: NOT the long term answer – I am OK with him for another season, IF we draft a guy like RG3 and he needs some time to get used to taking the ball under Center and reading NFL defenses. I think he will be gone at the end of the 2012 season. but then again NONE of us can say they know what these guys (PC & JS) are thinking about as far as roster moves

    • Speaking of receivers…
    IMO there are 2 guys safe moving forward. Rice and Baldwin. Obo really hurt himself with drops today. The one in the endzone was VERY frustrating today and the one in the 4th down the middle of the field that would have been a clear 1st down. Williams, Tate, Obo, Butler have all done some good things this year but not great. I think they all have a chance to stay and all have a chance to go. I do think they are all the type of guy who could be traded on draft day (i.e. we want to move up in the 5th round so we swap picks and send a player – how Washington came to us type deal)
    Durham – hasn’t done anything for me to say he stays. I think Lockette stays in front of Butler since he has actual GAME speed and is bigger/stronger but maybe not the same hands. and PC has gushed about him alot the last 2 weeks. Can he tackle on ST?

    • Marshawn Lynch: I don’t think you give him Top dollar but he deserves a healthy chunk!! I want him back since, as we saw today there isn’t anything behind him. JF is done here in Seattle – I like the guy but doesn’t fit the scheme here. Lynch could be a 3 down back and/or Washington picks up 3rd down duties

    • The offensive line: I am not and have not been a fan of Gallery. but There may not be anyone to replace him healthy enough on the roster at the start of the season.
    With the guys we currently have I would like to see the following.
    Okung-Carp-Unger-Moffit-Breno(or McQuiston) I think that is a decent line. J-P has shown to be capable fill in guy and Breno or McQ are also solid guys off the bench – and if you actually believe comPETE (which I don’t) this guys would be pushing each other for time.

    Here is the rub – when will Carp-Moffit be able to play again? Not super worried about them coming off the knee injuries like you worry about a RB – WR- or bball player because the cutting is different, but still…

    If we had a chance to draft the Stanford RG(I think might be LG) late first early 2nd I would jump on it and grab him. Everytime I watched them play I was amazed at his play.

    We draft 12 from everything I have seen (KC strength of schedule puts them in front of us) that means we can go up – down – or draft and be happy. Just a month ago people thought RG3 was “probably” a first rounder MAYBE as high as 10 but that was before Barkley bounced. He could be available at 12 for us if they wanted him.

    For me – in a perfect world – JS-PC agree that Flynn is our guy and we get him. We can draft the BPA at 12 OR drop to 15-19 and pick up an extra 2nd/3rd pick – still get a great defender in the first and keep building with those middle picks they have done so well with.

  37. Its easy to blame every close loss on TJack. And its easy to blame Obomanu’s dropped passes. But seriously, how about a little help? The receiving corps played a big part in losing the last two games.

    We can blame Obo, but there were 3 and 4 WRs on the field on 3rd downs. TJack was targeting Obomanu far too much in the second half of the game. Why? Because Obo runs crisp routes and knows how to get open, he’s very disciplined and a QB can count on him, but he never did have great hands. Baldwin has the hands but was getting doubled as the Cards did a good job on him. Lockette is young and only has a couple of routes ready for prime time. Golden Tate, meanwhile, was no help at all.

    Where was Tate in the 4th quarters of the last two games we lost? Covered and thrown off his routes by every DB lucky enough to have the easy job of covering him. I’m fed up with Tate. He’s sloppy, doesn’t get open, flashes on one play, then is lost on the next. He’s a QB Killer.

    Whomever is QB starting 2012, they absolutely need a healthy Sydney Rice. Behind him, give Baldwin, Lockette, and Durham a full training camp to develop, along with Butler returning to full speed, and that QB should have the targets he needs to throw to for a 4th quarter rally. BMW should be welcomed back for his team leadership, but shouldn’t be starting at SE next season. Golden Tate, on the other hand, has had two years of coddling and failed to develop. I’d be happy to see Tate cut from this roster.

  38. freedom_X says:

    I disagree completely on Tate. Tate has made considerable strides in his 2nd season, and I think, if all receivers are healthy, he’s worked his way to #3 since Mike Williams has dramatically regressed. Even as the #4 WR Tate had been outproducing Williams, which admittedly isn’t saying much. But once forced into action, he’s been a reliable target.

    Laying the 4th quarter losses the last 2 weeks on Tate is a bit excessive in my view. I don’t see why an opposing team would cover Tate any differently in the 1st quarter than the 4th, and any reason why Tate would decide to pull a Santonio Holmes and lay down in the 4th quarter. If his production is actually dropping off in the 4th quarter, he has to be seeing some sort of different coverage or look.

    The next step for him, now that he appears to have a grasp of the fundamentals, is to engrave those into his brain in the offseason (which he didn’t have and really needed last year.) Once the fundamentals become instinct, that will unlock his considerable athletic talent (run after the catch and highpoint the ball.) Then he’ll fill a distinct and needed role on the team.

  39. I think I posted some of this in the wrong thread already!

    1. Defense: Do you still like what’s been established this season, with the young defensive backs getting valuable time, the line finding its legs against the run behind the return to health of Red Bryant and the emergence of the two safeties as one of the best combos in the NFL? Is another pass rusher a must-have this offseason, whether its through the draft or free agency?

    A. Mostly a positive but the pass rush needs to be more consistent. We made John Skelton look like Michael Vick yesterday,

    2. Speaking of defensive backs, what should be done with Marcus Trufant? Is he done, and is that OK considering the development of Browner and Sherman? And what of Walter Thurmond?

    A. Tru is going to be an expensive backup, hopefully he’ll take a pay cut to stay. Thurmond will be a very solid backup. No ? in my mind that Browner & Sherman deserve to be the starters in 2012.

    3. And how about the linebackers? Is this a group that can continue to grow? Or is there a pressing need for a dynamic playmaker?

    A. Question here is can we re-sign everyone. Aren’t Hill & Heater FA’s?

    4. T-Jack: Have you seen enough to be convinced that he could be the long-term answer at quarterback? Is it fair to judge him considering he did not have Sidney Rice or Mike Williams for chunks of the season?

    A. IMO, TJ is a competent back up, but will never be a star as a starter. We need to address this position if the Hawks goal is truly the SB. I hope & assume that CW’s Seahawks career is over.

    5. Speaking of receivers Has Doug Baldwin shown enough to be a No. 2 behind Rice? And then there’s Ricardo Lockette, who had a TD vs. the Cardinals and shown tremendous speed. Is this unit, with Golden Tate and Ben Obomanu, going to be more than adequate going forward?

    A. The receivers are going to be interesting. I would assume Rice, Baldwin & Lockett & are locks; with Tate, BMW, Butler & Obo fighting for the 2 remaining spots. IMO it’s time to give up on dropsy Obo.

    6. Marshawn Lynch: Is he a franchise back who should be kept at all (almost all, anyway) costs?

    A. I am in favor of keeping him if the $’s work out. I also hope we keep Washington. I suspect Force is gone, especially if we re-sign both of the other 2.

    7. The offensive line: This group has shown some depth after losing three starters. But next year, who should start when Russell Okung, James Carpenter and John Moffitt return?

    A. I agree with what others have said the last few weeks regarding moving Carp to LG & finding a new RT. I assume Okung & Moffit will go back to there positions, but if Okung is injured again in 2012, it’s going to be time to find a replacement.

  40. Re Flynn: On the one hand, I’d love it; on the other AZ is going to have big troubles with the Kolb dollars when Skelton ends up being the starter.

    I.e., the $’s make signing Flynn a HUGE risk with both giant potential upside & downside.

  41. A 1st round pick also has a chance to be a bust, as history indicates, but that doesn’t mean we should skip on making our 1st round pick because of it.

  42. mojjonation says:

    Stevos mentions that Baldwin was doubled and had a hard time getting free, which forced TJ to lock onto Obu only. Hey Seattle, there’s a thought. Double the guy you don’t want to have beat you; read… bracket Fitzy. They did it in 05 when they played the Panthers for the NFC Championship and totally removed Steve Smith from the game. So they have done it before, just not with this coaching staff.

    Defense…looks good. Unless you count all the dumb pass interference and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. At times it looked like the maturity of a ghetto football team. Yes I said ghetto, and yes I actually mean it. Get over it.

    We need line depth and Tru to take a pay cut. The LB’s are good, but not great. A guy who can step it up a notch and absolutely chase the QB for all he is worth would be nice. Just someone nasty along the lines of Ray Lewis. Essentially, Lofa with a really bad attitude.

    TJ. A competent back up at best. CW is probably done in this league. Portis, no one knows since he didn’t play. I still do not believe in Matt Flynn. Three starts does not a career make. I’ll jump on the RG3 bandwagon before Flynn’s. If I’m wrong, so what.

    BMW should be realeased. When he was around, he didn’t show up. Rice needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap. The guys who made it through the season should be alright. If we had a better QB, it would make the receivers better. TJ wants a walmart sized window to throw the ball and the receivers know it. Yet they still run junk routes. No separation at times, bad routes at others, drops at still others. How much of that is on knowing your QB has a low football IQ, and how much of that is on the receivers not being professional because of it. If they still suck with a good QB, then it’s time for them to move on. Until there is consistent O-line blocking, with an above average QB, we will never know how good the receivers are.

    I’d say give Lynch a 4 or 5 year deal, front loaded, with incentive and escalator clauses. No more Sean Alexander/CJ2K money for guys looking for a place to fall down. Did anyone see CJ run yesterday? He had no vision. I didn’t watch the entire game and I bet there was at least 6 plays where he could have popped either left or right and gotten a few more yeards as opposed to just running into a pile and taking 1 or 2. He looked like a guy unmotivated to be there. Beast Mode should be well paid, just not on the stupid side.

    You can never have too much O-line depth. That can actually be said for D-line too. I still can’t figure out how anyone can have as many false starts as we do. It’s week 17 people. Get your heqad screwed on straight. Our running game is great. Too bad that on numerous occasions they needed to run an extra five yards for a first down, or ten after a holding penalty.

    I think if the team focuses on disciplined game planning and playing, a lot will take care of itself. No more foolish unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. Cut down on the false starts and the holds, and things may wind up golden.

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