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Morning links: Pro Bowl snubs

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 28, 2011 at 7:58 am with 17 Comments »
December 28, 2011 7:58 am
Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch. (AP photo)

With the Pro Bowl list announced on Tuesday, the annual flood of most-snubbed lists and overall critiques of the selections have followed.

So of course, I’ve selected a few for your perusal.

Michael Lombardi of lists Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch and Brandon Mebane as potential players who should have been on the list.

Elliott Harrison at lists Green Bay’s B.J. Raji and Greg Jennings, along with San Diego’s Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates as players undeserving of an invitation to Hawaii.

Doug Farrar of Yahoo Sports lists Lynch and Seattle fullback Michael Robinson as part of his hidden Pro Bowlers.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports publishes his Pro Bowl ballot, with Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor and Brandon Browner all making the list.

Seattle defensive end Brandon Mebane tells Bob Skelton and Dave Grosby of ESPN 710 Seattle that sacks don’t always tell the story in this audio link.

Clare Farnsworth of previews upcoming Seattle-San Francisco contest.

Rob Rang of writes if last impressions mean anything, North Carolina defensive end Quinton Couples could have hurt his stock with his poor performance in the Independence Bowl against Missouri. Rang has Couples going No. 15 overall to Seattle in his latest mock draft.

ESPN’s Mike Sando has Tarvaris Jackson’s stock falling and Marshawn Lynch’s stock rising in his latest NFC West stock watch.

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated has a nice review of the major storylines in NFL for 2011.

ESPN’s Jeffri Chadiha takes a look at why the playmaking tight end is back in vogue.

Morning links
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  1. Tom Cable should have been voted in as the offensive line coach in the Pro Bowl (and, yes, I know it doesn’t work that way).

  2. Four of the dumbest plays in Seahawks history (in no particular order)…

    1. Jeff Kemp. Late in the game. 4th and goal. Score a TD and you win. Don’t get a TD and you lose. This moron throws a ball so high that there’s no way Dwight Clark on a 20 foot latter could have made the catch. I think this was in the late 80s. It was truly the dumbest play I had seen in my life up to that time (and I had seen the Garo Yepremian “highlights” too).

    2. A few years back the Hawks face a 4th and 15 or so late in the 4th quarter with a chance to beat the Chiefs if the drive can continue (game over if not). What does Seneca do? He checks down and throws about a 1 yard pass to his fullback who, obviously, is stopped well short of the 1st down. I couldn’t believe the stupidity on that one.

    3. Ken Hamlin. Picks off a pass inside the 5 yard line on a 4th down istead of letting the ball fall to the ground and getting it about 35-40 yards up the field. He barely got the ball in bounds, as he was falling out, so there’s no way possible for him to have returned it. It was simply an example of an extremely stupid play. If you’re really a professional, instead of a stupid, yet athletic marvel, you understand the situation and what’s best for the team. Hamlin was too dumb to know better. One of my favorite comments on the game chat ever was a few years ago when either Ryan (probably) or Eric mentioned something about Trufant making a comment to them that there’s a reason someone wanted to hit Hamlin over the head with a pole.

    4. Tarvaris on the 4th and 2 play the other day. Just like Jeff Kemp in situation #1, just give someone a chance to make a play. What the heck good is throwing it out of bounds when that scenario guarantees that you lose the game? At least give someone a chance to make a play. Even if it gets picked, at least you gave someone a chance.

    I know there are plenty of dumb plays to choose from, but those are four of the dumbest in my book. Geniune stupidity in each of those cases.

  3. 2012 Pro Bowl

    7 Seahawks

    ET, Chancellor, Sherman, Okung, Rice, Lynch, Luck

  4. And somehow you don’t think Forsett staying in bounds and virtually ending the game is dumber than any of those plays you listed?

  5. pabs – you’re right, that play was stupid, too. However, it was my list, not yours, and I never said there weren’t other dumb plays. Those are four that I find the most mind boggling.

  6. It was a poor play by Jackson but there was almost no play (outside of a very deep out) he could have made with 18 seconds left, no timeouts and 50 yards from FG range that would have given the Seahawks a chance to win the game. Forsett killed whatever chance they had by wasting 12 seconds and one down for no reason.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Forsett staying in bounds crippled any real chance of getting into field goal range. It’s a same that will likely be his last as a Seahawk. Regardless, Jackson simply cannot makes throw that no one has an opportunity to make a play on, in that situation. It was a horrific throw an a terrible decision. At the bare minimum, work the middle, spike the ball after presumably getting a first and give yourself a shot at the end zone or whatever time left allows. Awful. Just an awful throw.

  8. “We want the ball and we’re gonna score”
    /proceeds to throw pick six
    ^^^ Real genuine stupidity

  9. Palerydr says:

    The real stupidity of the play in GB that year is the receiver ran the wrong route.

  10. I like how Matt got up to the podium a few years back right after he knew we were going to Green Bay again in the play-offs and before anyone could even ask him anything, he said “We want the ball and we’re gonna score.” I like how he could make fun of himself, too. Yes, probably best advised to have not said anything but I liked the spunk at the time. We could say Matt’s dumbest moment was throwing the pick in the Super Bowl and then trying to tackle the runner and getting flagged for it. lol (in a painful way)

  11. AKhawkFan says:

    Snubbed this year or not, it’s really exciting to know we have a bunch of future pro bowlers on this team. As irritating as it has been this season watching Browners penalties, he will improve and become a STUD. ET, Red, Kam, Sherman sure has the potential, Miller if we get a QB that will throw to him, Sidney if he can stay healthy, I might be in the minority, but I think Hawthorne has potential if he continues to grow, Okung, Marshawn. Can Baldwin continue to impress enough people? Good Lord this team is one elite QB away from contention. Oh yeah, forgot about our stud ginger kid, Ryan is a damn good punter in this league. It is finally starting to feel good to be a Seahawks fan! All I wanna know is….. Who’s comin’ with me?

  12. AKhawkFan says:

    He’ll add Clem to the list too! I’m all in!!! In Pete we trust! Barring more penalties…

  13. AKhawkFan says:

    *HELL. DYAC.

  14. Can’t help wishing Browner was 22, not 27. But better late than never, I guess. I hope JS will give a chance to another CFL player next year (in training camp). They did try Ricky Foley in 2010.

  15. raymaines says:

    Steve91 says:“We want the ball and we’re gonna score” /proceeds to throw pick six ^^^ Real genuine stupidity

    Could not disagree more!

    How about the 900th time in a row Mike Holmgren called a dive right into the middle of the line on first and second downs? I know we’re not supposed to trash a HoF coach, but I’m glad to have him in Cleveland. He is a totally charming and honorable man in every way, and he was a blessing for the media but I think the ‘Hawks will do better than the Browns over the next five years.

  16. Hasselbeck saying “We want the ball and were going to score” is one of my favorite moments…

    At that point in time Seahawks and Seattle sports in general had absolutely ZERO personality. No leaders no direction….

    At that point of typical fairweather seattledom we were a baseball town who’s sports icons were a “non-English” speaking ichiro……congratulations..that was our Seattle sports representative…

    Matt was having an excellent year and clearly took hold of the franchise…that one line began Seahawks ascension into becoming a football town.

  17. What does non-English speaking have anything to do with it? Most sports (sans the NFL) are comprised heavily of players from other countries. Ichiro has been a colorful and awesome face of that franchise…

    I get your point, but disagree with the logic.

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