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Carroll says Jackson the QB for 2012

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 28, 2011 at 2:20 pm with 21 Comments »
December 28, 2011 2:20 pm

Amid all the conversation on talk radio and on the comments section here, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll provided some clarity on who his quarterback will be next season – Tarvaris Jackson.

“Yeah, that’s where we are,” Carroll said. “We know where we are with that in that regard. Now, that doesn’t mean that we’re not going to look at the draft really hard and all the opportunities. We’ll always do that at every position.

“But understanding what this season has been like for him is really important. I don’t think you can look at any one thing, other than the fact that he was damaged for about six weeks in there, and just kept battling and fighting and made it though it.

“So if we put together an offseason and a nice camp again, with familiarity with the guys and everything about the system with a commitment with the running game, we know he can function with our football team. And he can make his move and do a nice job for us. But we’re going to always keep working to make it more competitive as we can at every position, and his is no different.”

Carroll went on to say that one of the things he wants to see Jackson improve on is his performance in the final minutes of games when the Seahawks are behind.

“I’d like to see him have the opportunity to win our games at the end when we need him to,” Carroll said. “We could have won three of our games on defense first if we stopped them. Then we put the offense in the situation where they had to come back to win it.

“So it’s both sides – it’s not just one guy or one aspect. But I’d like to see him come through and make some of those – take us down the field and win the game at the end. We’ve had a few chances and we haven’t got that done.”

Carroll had this to say about Earl Thomas being selected to the Pro Bowl.

“It’s a great reward for the hard work Earl puts in,” Carroll said. “Earl’s a great worker, and an intense competitor. He wants to be the best in every way, and he works at it. As a rook last year, he was trying hard, but he didn’t know how to try hard at times.

“There were a lot of times where he would put himself in bad situations and all, that he doesn’t do now.”

I also talked to Marshawn Lynch about being named as a second alternate, and Michael Robinson being named as a first alternate to the Pro Bowl.

Here’s what Lynch had to say:

“I know we would rather be getting ready to be going out here to try and play for a playoffs or wild card or something,” Lynch said. “I mean it’s cool. I just respect the honor that people are seeing in my out there. Not to be selected – it is what it is. But it’s still an honor though.”

Robinson said that after his first season with Seattle, it was the first time that he could specifically prepare for his role as a fullback heading into his second year with the Seahawks.

“Absolutely,” Robinson said. “When I left San Francisco last year after training camp I had no idea what was going on. They told me when I got here I was going to have to play fullback, and I definitely welcomed that role. But I didn’t know what I was going to be playing.”

“This is really one of the first offseasons that I knew for a fact what was my job was going to be and what my role was going to be,” Robinson said. “And I could get my body into the right physical shape to actually do it,”

As far as injuries, Carroll said the he will rest receiver Ben Obomanu and his strained knee all this week and see if he can on Sunday. Defensive tackle Clinton McDonald and linebacker Malcolm Smith will return from concussion that kept them out of last week’s game, and cornerback Kennard Cox will be a limited participant all week, with the hope he can play on Sunday.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Is it me? I didn’t read anything in Carroll’s comments that indicate he won’t be trying to upgrade QB. I would naturally presume Jackson is the de-facto starter heading into the offseason. Simply said, there is no one else on the roster who’s in a position to supplant him, at this point. What else is a head coach going to say?

  2. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Duke, I got that too. I would hope that he and JS would be AGGRESSIVE in going after a QB in the draft (i.e. Luck or RG3). If they don’t, I honestly do not know who is a better option, TJack or Flynn, but I have to think the FA options at QB aren’t that great. Should be an interesting offseason, and one I’ll be looking forward to following all year.

  3. If it’s true, which I don’t think it is, I’m ready to skip to 2013. I don’t know how they could be so smart with so many of their draft picks, signings, etc. and totally flunk the most important position in all of professional sports. We’ll see…

  4. Even assuming we pick a QB at around #15 in the first round – I’d expect that guy to sit in ’12 unless Tarvaris gets hurt or really regresses. Wouldn’t you, BobbyK?

  5. And I think we can 10 games w/Tarvaris next year, maybe more – unless injuries kill us all over the place.

    We had a 2-3 very winnable games this year, and no reason to think the Hawks won’t be improved next year. We’ll probably have an easier schedule next year too, since we won’t have won the division.

  6. nidhighe says:

    After last season, Carroll said he liked our O-line depth, and then we drafted O-linemen with our first two picks and signed a big free agent.

  7. Trade up to get Luck. That’s all I can think of. I remember Mr. Happy saying last year that trading picks for a franchise QB is okay (but not at for another position). I can’t go back and pinpoint where I read this, but am pretty sure it was in relation to Kevin Kolb speculation a couple of off-seasons ago.

    He also clearly said that resigning Matt Hasselbeck was priority #1 last off-season and we all saw how that turned out (only offered a 1 year contract) so him saying that Jackson is the man pretty much means he’s telling a(nother) fib.

    I’m pretty sure I don’t want T-Jack QBing my team in the NFC play-offs if he’s going up against Aaron Rogers or Drew Brees. That’s not fair (for us). I’m tired of bringing knives to gun fights, but it’s fun to have an atomic bomb like the Packers and Saints have when they face teams that have a trigger men (QBs) who try shooting them with bows and arrows. I know crazy stuff happens (Trent Dilfer) but playing the percentages shows you want a good QB that helps you win, not one you win with in spite of.

  8. nidhighe – good point.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – I remember that interview, and he did say that he’d be willing to mortgage future drafts for a franchise QB (interview with Softy). But even if they did move all the way to #1 (they won’t) it’s still reasonable to presume Jackson is the opening day starter. In nearly any situation, I think you’ll need to fast forward to ’13, or at least mid ’12. Lol

  10. Pete does not believe in saying negative stuff. There’s no way he would ever indicate less than 100% support for his quarterback. We will not know what’s really going on in his mind until he (and Schneider) act on it. My guess is they would have to really feel confident about whoever they drafted if they were going to trade up to get him. I don’t think they have the draft picks to trade up for Luck. Not if they traded 1-7 this year and 1 next year. Aside from Luck, it appears that everyone else is a crapshoot. Even RGIII. Not that they’re not worth having, but at what price?

  11. I think it will take this year’s #1 and two more firsts, and maybe even a player, to get Luck. I don’t think our guys will make that happen. If Barkley were still in it, and we’re talking about moving up 5-10 spots, maybe that’s something we could swing.

    Of course, they may love another QB in this draft, and be willing to spend some picks to get him. Will be interesting.

  12. I’m sure PC is going to explore other options. But I don’t think he’s going to trade up to get RGIII or Luck. We can forget about that.

    I personally would be fine going into 2012 with T-Jack as the starter as long as they improve in other areas, particularly pass rush. I do want them to draft (or sign) a QB prospect, but not at the expense of getting a pass rusher.

  13. I’m fine with T-Jack as the starter, provided we can add Jared Allen, Ndamukong Suh, Jake Long, Jimmy Graham, and a couple of more studs.

  14. Pete Carroll end of last season: “Matt Hasselbeck is our Quarterback, that’s where we are with that.”
    Pete Carroll end of this season: “Tarvaris is our Quarterback, that’s where we are with that.”

    That’s called “cold comfort”.

  15. Trading up for Luck or RGIII is likely next to impossible this year with all the hype and all the teams lined up in front of the Seahawks wanting that trade.

    But I’m fairly confident that John Schneider already has his eyes on at least one QB that he thinks can be as good as Luck or Griffin. When Schneider drafts him he’ll have that cocky expression on his face, thinking he is the smartest guy in the room.

    We’ve seen that look on Schneider’s face on draft day before, and he was usually right.

  16. I don’t know if it’ll be as tough to get a QB as some think. For example, I see someone signing a Kyle Orton and making him their starter and skimming over QB in the 1st round because of it. Same for Matt Flynn. I don’t think there will be many teams who feel they “have to” draft a QB in the 1st round like we saw with the Vikings and Ponder situation last year. I think even the Seahawks (I disagree) think they don’t have to draft a QB in the 1st.

    I don’t want to be a pabs homer, but I’d even be more okay with trading for Joe Webb and making him the long-term starter next year (almost anyone but Jackson). Webb has shown me more in his limited action in MN that Jackson ever has (although I know there are still no guarantees with a guy like him either, at least I see hope/upside with a guy like Webb).

    I’m perfectly okay with trading 3-4-5 good picks to get Luck. I differ with some here, but if we motgaged some future for a 15-18 year QB (I doubt any of those picks would last that long), that’d be fine by me. I’d give up all our picks this year in a heartbeat to add Luck. I want a franchise QB and where there’s a will, there’s a way!

  17. “I don’t think there will be many teams who feel they “have to” draft a QB in the 1st round like we saw with the Vikings and Ponder situation last year.”

    Colts, Redskins, Miami, KC, all seem like strong bets to draft a QB early, maybe Cleveland too.

  18. BobbyAyala says:

    I think we already knew this, regardless of who the future QB is.

  19. Equal chance they pluck a comer off another roster for a 3 or 4 unless Tannehill is there. Don’t see them reaching with TJ under contract. Not their style.

  20. bigmike04 says:

    I have to agree what Bobby K wrote as he does make some good points…

    Thought in my opinion, I think Colts has good chance with # 1 pick to draft Luck due to fact, that they don’t know if Peyton will be fully healthy & can play or if his neck issues ended his career, thought if Peyton can play than, I would still have them getting Luck because Green bay did same thing with Rogers in 1st round.

    The next best team if Colts pass would have to be any of number of team from: Minnesota Vikings as they should be sitting at number 3 in draft with Rams getting 2nd, Dolphins need a QB badly, Tampa, Redskins, Bears, Browns if their not sold on Colt McCoy.

  21. adamtoth says:

    I think it would be intriguing to consider Peyton Manning for a two year deal if the Colts do not exercise the option. He would instantly make the offense mature, and the receivers we have would learn a ton from him. The Colts have to deal with that contract before free agency and the draft, so it’ll be clear what their plans are regarding drafting Luck once they make that decision.

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