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Carroll won’t empty bench for Arizona game

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 26, 2011 at 4:41 pm with 26 Comments »
December 26, 2011 4:41 pm

If you’re looking for guys on the end of the roster like third team quarterback Josh Portis, offensive lineman Jarriel King and safety Jeron Johnson to get more playing time this week with Seattle officially out of the playoffs, you might have to wait to see those guys again next preseason.

“We don’t plan on changing,” Seattle head coach Pete Carroll said. “We want to see if we can finishing this thing off right and get a win there. It’s going to be very difficult. Arizona’s playing great football right now. But we’re going for it. We’re not shifting gear or changing. We’re not going to try and learn a whole bunch in one game of new things. We’re going to try and continue to finish this year out the way we’ve set a pace here now.”

Carroll said the team won’t know more about Ben Obomanu’s strained knee until Wednesday.

Marshawn Lynch has a sore ankle that he’ll have to deal with this week, Carroll added.

For more evidence on how far San Francisco quarterback Alex Smith has risen in stature over a calendar year, take a look at Carroll’s comments about the Niners’ quarterback.

“I really thought that he was the difference in the game for them,” Carroll said. “ I thought his ability to extend plays, and to give them a second chance – to give them a chance where they could go for it on fourth down on a big scramble where we had him kind of trapped back there. And also on the fourth down play keeping it alive and eventually hitting the tight end (Vernon Davis) for a first down.

“Those were plays that he made that really were effective in this game.”

Carroll gave props to the Niners for their ability to consistently run the ball. San Francisco finished with 178 total yards on the ground, the most Seattle gave up all season.

Frank Gore finished with 83 yards on 23 carries, while Kendall Hunter added 73 yards and Smith scrambled for 22 yards.

“They knew what they were doing, they schemed well and they did a good job,” Carroll said. “They’re not a typical running football team in that they have a lot more scheme involved than other teams. But they’re doing a nice job and they’ve been effective all year.”

Carroll wasn’t concerned about the yards Gore accumulated, but took issue with how much Hunter gained.

“If we gave up 80 yards or 90 yards to Gore we would’ve expected that, and that would’ve been a pretty solid game against them,” Carroll said. “But him getting 73 or 75 or whatever it was, that was a big difference.”

Another thing Seattle improved on this season was keeping games competitive. Seattle’s average margin of defeat this year was 10.6 points a game. Last season Seattle lost nine regular season games by at least 16 points or more.

“Our season has been much different than last season was,” Carroll said. “We battled in a different fashion and I think we’re growing. I think hopefully we’ll be able to take a big step next year.”

One example of Seattle’s roster depth being built up is rookie linebacker Mike Morgan, a USC product that went through training cam with Seattle and eventually was added to the practice squad. Morgan has been a special teams contributor for Seattle down the back stretch of the season.

“He’s got some rush to him and he plays the ‘Sam’ backer spot in our system,” Carroll said. “But if he had to he could jump over and play some ‘Will’. And he’s been with Brian Schneider before on special teams so he has carryover there as well and he can do a lot of things for us there because he’s such a good athlete.”

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Really happy to hear Carroll won’t be mailing this one in simply because they’re out of the playoffs. That would go against everything he’s trying to build here. Granted, I’m sure they’d like to get some regular season tape on guys like Portis, but it’s not in the cards, now.

    I am so excited about this team. It’s the same feeling I had back in ’02-’03 only different. Different in that there is an edge with this club. It’s violent and angry and cocky and with attitude. I love it. This will be a fun off season. (It’s rare for me to ever think that.)

  2. Me too, Duke. This team feels like a gritty, angry, in your face, aggressive, clenched teeth, clenched fist, fire filled, powerful team. My only concern is that the NFL is becoming too sensitive and soft to allow a team as physical as Carroll is trying to build. 10 years ago, the physicality and fire Browner plays with would have made him one of the best CB’s to ever play, his physical style is shunned in this modern era of flag football.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    RADEoN – I hear you. I was watching an NFL Network top 10 Packers show yesterday, and there were so many plays they showcased that would have drawn flags and fines today, it was crazy. But so long as the Steelers are out there slamming themselves helmet to helmet, Carroll’s band of marauders can fly somewhat under the Goodell radar. Thankfully and I hope… because I love it.

  4. Pete sends a strong messege to T Jack in his comments of Alex Smith. I couldn’t agree more.

  5. gonefishin69690 says:

    I agree Duke. This team was very exciting to watch today. You could “feel” like we were in every game. We played well against SF and let’s not take anything away from the 49’ers. They are a great team and we fought ‘em hard. Here’s looking forward to Sunday, and next season! Go Hawks!

  6. gonefishin69690 says:

    need an edit thingy. This season, not “today”

  7. WTraveler says:

    I hate to rain on your parade but the bottom line is that this team is about the same as last year as far as win/loss record (Just a change of players). Except this year has proven that PC made a bad mistake in letting Hass get a way. Not to mention his poor draft decisions.

    Further this club reminds me too much of the renegade Oakland Raiders losers teams. No discipline, too many penalties, too many mistakes at crucial times–and taking too many cheap shots.

    Chuck Knox proved a team could play a disciplined smash mouth brand of winning football. I’de love to see it again.

  8. Last year we got stomped 41-7 by the Giants and 33-3 by the Raiders – games where we completely embarrassed. I don’t think there’s been a game that bad this year. And more important, we have trended upward as the season went on. Won 5 of 6 going into the SF game, and lost by 2 points to a team that’s going to win 13 games this year.

    Wins and losses are obviously the final deciding factor, but if you’ve watched the games both years, you know that this team is heading in the right direction.

    Hiring Carroll was a huge move for this franchise.

  9. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Yes! I, too, love that Carroll is going to play this one like it “matters”. And I agree with Duke in that the nastiness and violence and swagger that have become this team’s identity are F*CKING AWESOME! So pumped to see what transpires in the offseason, the draft and next season. It’s great to be a Seahawk fan!

  10. Palerydr says:

    @WTraveler It’s true wins and losses define a season however if you take off the negative glasses you’re looking through and actually look at this team then you would have no other choice than to rethink your position and recognize the Hawks are quite a bit better than last years team at this time.

  11. Palerydr says:

    Also what are you talking about “poor draft decisions”? For every player you tell me is a poor decision I’m gonna come back at you with a good 1.

  12. hawkfan777 says:

    Palerydr and Wtraveler,

    I think we can add one more comment. As much as I do love Hasselbeck, he would not have lasted the first 6 games. The O-line would not have protected him early in the year. They have greatly improved as the year progressed but they were pretty bad when the year started. I think it is also worth noting that the Seahawks tried to bring back Hasselbeck but he declined the offer and took more money in Tennessee.

    I am also curious to what bad draft decisions PC has made? Most of their draft picks are still with the team and many are starters. I dont know the numbers exactly but I would guess there are more starters on the Hawks from the past two drafts then any other team in the NFL.

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “As much as I do love Hasselbeck, he would not have lasted the first 6 games. The O-line would not have protected him early in the year.”

    So how did Hasselbeck last more then six games the previous two years with a lousy O-line?

    Also Hasselbeck would have had far better receiving options this year, and a top ten defense that could actually stop their opponent more then once or twice a game.

    If hasselbeck was smart enough to work with the crap talent he had around him two years ago then he would more than be ready to work with the much improved Seahawks this year.

    Why don’t some people get it? Hasselbeck was a better option to make and win in the playoffs this year. Jackson has already proven he isn’t.

    Imo, there were other options better than Jackson too for this year and beyond, however the FO blew it with Jackson like the did last year with whitehurst.
    With that being said I am very happy with the overall improvement of the team, and I hope they get this qb situation resolved soon because that is the only thing that is going to hold this team back. Imo.

  14. mindnbrad says:

    Dukeshire, don’t know if it totally blog-inappropriate, but would you be willing to share with me your email address? I can be reached at I follow this (and a couple other) Seahawks blogs daily. When I have time/am interested enough to scroll down to the comments, your comments are the first and many times only comments I read. I really appreciate your knowledge and perspective…

  15. Palerydr says:

    Wow thanks mindnbrad we all appreciate your ringing endorsement of our collective football knowledge which I’m sure exceeds your own.

    Sorry Georgia but I agree with Hawkfan Hasselbeck first of all turned down an offer from the Hawks. Second know one can predict what might have happened if he had stayed but judging from the shots Jackson took this year I’m pretty sure Hasselbeck would have been dinged up or worse.

  16. SandpointHawk says:

    @Palerydr at least he gave us an email address we can blitz. I’ll make a bot to fill that inbox in no time…

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The offer that Hasselbeck turned down was a take or leave it, we really don’t want you back offer.

    mindnbrad- I sure you don’t want my e-mail address? I can give all kinds of wag and swag advice.Lol.

  18. Palerydr says:

    Yea that really wasn’t very bright at all come on the blog and insult us, intentional or not, then leave an email addy that everyone can spam guess that shows the level of intelligence we are dealing with.

  19. mindnbrad says:

    Not an insult at all on anybody. Just a comment on my very limited time. Like many, my schedule is busy, and I try to maximize the time for my Hawk addiction. No offense intended, Palerydr and SandpointHawk.

  20. Palerydr says:

    Once again the medium of typing a response instead of speaking confuses the message. I can see where you meant your response to not be interpreted as an insult as I mentioned above “Intentional or not” However you might also see where it could be read as an insult. I apologize for any negative comments directed at you. But really did you have to single out Dukeshire I mean he already thinks this is his blog. :) wink wink nudge nudge. In case it’s not crystal clear yes I’m taking a friendly shot.

  21. SandpointHawk says:
  22. mindnbrad says:

    I can see that. No worries. I appreciate all that I learn here.

    Despite what happens this Sunday, I go into this off-season feeling VERY optimistic about this team. For the last two off-seasons, I have had nothing but question marks (not necessarily pessimistic question marks, but just curiosity question marks). Other than the QB spot, I genuinely feel, for the first time in a long time, that this team has SERIOUS upside. How long it might take………more question marks.

  23. raymaines says:

    Pete Carroll says: “I really thought that he [Axex Smith] was the difference in the game for them,”

    Total and absolute proof the SeaHawks will be acquiring a “franchise” QB this off season. Mr. Jackson should spend his off season toughening up his rump as he will be spending a lot of next season sitting on it. Go ‘Hawks!

    WTraveler says:…I hate to rain on your parade but … this year has proven that PC made a bad mistake in letting Hass get a way. Not to mention his poor draft decisions.

    I disagree twice. Actually, I disagree three times. I think you’re a troll and enjoy raining on parades.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    Mindnbrad – I just sent you an email.

  25. I sure understand, and agree, with the intent to play this game for a win, but I sure would like to see Portis play again, if even just briefly …… I certainly trust the JS/PC perspective on him, just can’t get a handle on what it is…. Hasn’t been any media coverage on him at all… A pretty decent preseason, despite the lockout, just has me intreaged… We will surely draft a QB somewhere in the draft, but the JS/PC perspective on Portis may be a big factor on where we do that….. These are points I have made before…. Even
    Sando wonders about him….
    I believe the win is more important, but …..

  26. “If hasselbeck was smart enough to work with the crap talent he had around him two years ago then he would more than be ready to work with the much improved Seahawks this year.”

    Why do people insist on forgetting how terrible Hasselbeck was his last two seasons with the Hawks? Does Whirlybird ring a bell?

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