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Hawks say they gave one away

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 24, 2011 at 7:11 pm with 40 Comments »
December 24, 2011 7:11 pm

To a man, the Seattle Seahawks believed they should have beaten the San Francisco 49ers here tonight.

“It’s just a tough one to swallow,” Seattle defensive back Roy Lewis said. “I feel like we had control of the game early. And then they kind of rallied back, and that’s what we expected because they’re a good team.

“And then we rallied back, and we started to make our surge in the second half. We came up short – the ball really, truly didn’t bounce are way. And that’s the toughest one to swallow. Those are the ones that are going to sting, and leave a nasty taste in our mouth.”

Playing against his former college coach Jim Harbaugh, Seattle rookie receiver Doug Baldwin had extra motivation.

“We had mistakes the whole game, starting with the first play of the game when I dropped the ball,” Baldwin said. “So it’s not just one play that defined the game. We just collectively didn’t do what we were capable of doing to come out with the victory.”

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll was frustrated after the game, stating that he believed the decisions by the officials played a role in the outcome.

“I’m really upset about the officials,” Carroll said. “I can’t tell you. I’m not going to talk about it – but I am. There were a couple things that happened there that didn’t need to happen, and made a difference in the game.

“But that happens. We left the margin so close, that those were the factors that I’m steaming about here at the end.”

One call that Carroll had concerns about was the third and goal situation at the one yard line at the end of the first half. Carroll said that everyone in the sideline and on the field thought that left tackle Paul McQuistan jumped off sides, and so the Seahawks anticipated the call and stopped playing.

But the officials didn’t see it and never blew the whistle, leaving Tarvaris Jackson scrambling because Michael Robinson and Marshawn Lynch did not come through the line for the run play called to Lynch.

“We loved the call that we had to knock it in the end zone,” Carroll said. “We didn’t make it, and they didn’t call a penalty, and so that happened. I’m pretty sure we moved because we all saw it, and they didn’t call it.

“In that case we were wishing that they would have called the penalty on us to give us another chance.”

Instead, Jackson scrambled out of bounds and Seattle had to settle for a 19-yard field goal by Steven Hauschka. Carroll said he considered going for it on fourth goal, but thought with the way the game was going with points at a premium, his team was better off getting three points.

One of the plays that Carroll was not necessarily frustrated about was the personal foul call on fullback Michael Robinson on Kyle Williams in the final quarter.

On the play, it looked like Williams was never touched down, so Robinson delivered a blow and jarred the ball loose, and I believe Byron Maxwell recovered. However, Carroll said the official explained to him that Williams was ruled down because they believed he was not trying to advance the ball, so Robinson should have touched him down.

“It looked to me – and I didn’t see it as well as you guys have – that it was bang-bang,” Carroll said. “He tries to get up, and he gets hit. It’s just a guy competing for the moment, and at the moment the guy is knocked down, you hit him as hard as you can and hope the ball comes out, and it did.”

Although they did not win the game, Carroll was pleased with his team’s ability to run the ball with authority against the best run defense in the league.

“Our guys blocked them like other teams that we’ve played,” Carroll said. “I thought it was really, really stellar on our guys part. Nobody has blocked them like that.”

But once again, the story in the final minutes was Tarvaris Jackson and the rest of the offense’s inability to put a drive together to win a game. While Jackson has proved efficient at managing a game in the final minutes when his team is ahead, he has yet to engineer a fourth-quarter comeback for Seattle.

Jackson’s well aware of that sad fact, and said he actually thought about that to himself before going out on the field for the final two drives of the game.

“That’s something that we’ve got to get better at,” he said. “Obviously, we’re pretty good at finishing the game with four minutes left and being able to run the football. But when it comes down to us being able to throw the football in an obvious passing situation and go down and put points on the board at the end of the game, we haven’t been able to do that the whole season.

“I don’t know what we’ve got to do, but we’ve got to get more on the same page and be able to execute better in that situation.”

On the forced fumble by San Francisco linebacker Larry Grant at the end of the game with Seattle driving, Jackson had this to say: “I was just trying to make a play, tried to get the ball in there, tried to get the first down. I felt like I was close. I wanted to at least get a little bit closer instead of just throwing it away, but the guy made a good play and got the ball out.”

In terms of injuries, receiver Ben Obomanu suffered a strained knee at the end of the game, but that was about it for Seattle.

For San Francisco, tight end Delanie Walker got kneed in the head by Seattle linebacker Leroy Hill and had to leave the game with a jaw injury. He went to the hospital but flew back with the team. Niners kick returner Kyle Williams suffered an apparent head injury on a helmet-to-helmet hit from Seattle fullback Michael Robinson in the fourth quarter.

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  1. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “I don’t know what we’ve got to do, but we’ve got to get more on the same page and be able to execute better in that situation.”

    If the starting qb doesn’t know what to do then why is he starting?

  2. From the stands it looks like the Returner was getting back up would have to see the play again to get a real feel for the call or not.

    The way the called it and the way they described it are 2 different things. They explained it to carroll as a defensless player (play is therefore dead) and should be a late hit.

    but they say H2H so the play was live – so which is it?

  3. danjsloan says:

    I’ve had enough of this QB. I want him to succeed, but you either have it or you don’t…and he don’t.

  4. Seahawks2620 says:

    The Hawks have A LOT of great targets going into next year in Rice, Baldwin, Miller, Tate, Carlson (if re-signed), and Williams (if he has a bounce back year). There are plenty of weapons on this team, we just need a QB who isn’t afraid to deliver the ball to them regardless of where they are positioned on the field. We need a QB who can attack the middle consistently. Who knows how well Bevell can actually call a game for this team, when his QB is only willing to roll out and pass it to his right. Give him a legitimate QB and see what he has up his sleeve.

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would love to see Portis play in our last game with Arizona! We already now what we got,(not much), so at least we could see what Portis has.

  6. bird_spit says:

    Portia’s should play, and Charlie should back him up. As much as I like TJ, I think he is a long term backup…he better get used to that.

  7. bird_spit says:

    PORTiS…edit function please..

  8. A 4-4 record at home … that won’t get you in the playoffs. They needed to be at least 6-2 at home. This loss and the losses against the Falcons and Redskins could easily have been wins, with a couple of breaks. However, it doesn’t upset me too much, because I know they had no chance of winning the Super Bowl this year. Next year, things will be different, hopefully. But unless TJ plays much better (unlikely) or they draft a better QB, the wins won’t come. I’m sure JS and PC are smart enough to realize this.

  9. Proud of the team & the way they played vs the #2 seed in the nfc.
    A few things didnt go their way today but its no reason to blame it all on Tjack. If we would have had a couple more starters on offense healthy we would have won.

  10. “The Hawks have A LOT of great targets going into next year in Rice, Baldwin, Miller, Tate, Carlson (if re-signed), and Williams (if he has a bounce back year). There are plenty of weapons on this team, we just need a QB who isn’t afraid to deliver the ball to them”

    Yeah, we do have a lot to look forward to next year, but look at that list… Only 3 of those 6 were in the game. At the end of the 4th quarter, only Tate and Baldwin were on the field at WR, with youngster Lockette. The failure of those young WRs to get open throughout the second half was one of the biggest stories of this game. But they’re young, we can’t expect Baldwin or Tate to take over games at this point in their careers. One of the biggest reasons we lost is simply that Rice, BMW, and Obo were all on the bench injured when a playmaker was needed to finish this game.

    I was hoping to see TJack take one more big step in his improvement this year to show that he can create plays during crunch time. It didn’t happen. He’s not that QB who can do something extra to win from behind. And he might never become that QB. But to be fair to the guy, he was playing with youngsters and backups at the end of this game, and those young WRs were getting owned by a mature defense.

  11. Our young WRs weren’t up to the task, but I can’t say I’m disappointed in them, they’re just young.

    I’m a little disappointed in TJack, but he was was impressive during the first half and then he didn’t have a lot of help to finish the game.

    I have to say the biggest thing stuck in my craw after this game was watching Mebane and Branch get owned by SFs interior O linemen in the second half. Or D line had been a real strength, but SFs O line is maturing and will own this division for a long time if we don’t upgrade our 3-tech DT and find another pass rusher.

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree Stevos- Our D-Line got owned in this game. It was almost like the team went into the locker room at halftime and saw the score of the Lions game and had a let down from that point.
    I don’t know? Overall they gave us some good entertainment this year while rebuilding.
    It will be interesting to see who plays in the last game, and I am so looking forward to watching this team next year.

  13. Obviously, Jackson is never going to be the type of QB who can put a low end offense on his back against an elite defense. He was missing 3 starting OL and 3 of his top 5 WRs. If these players were healthy, I wouldn’t call this a low end offense and I would expect him to make the plays to win the game. Guys like Okung and Rice are paid a lot of money to play in games like that.

    I’m all for upgrading to this type of elite QB, if he can be found. The only 1st round QB the Seahawks will have a reasonable shot at is Landry Jones and no one here seems too excited about him. Is it worth giving up the 2013 1st round draft pick to move from 14 to 5 to draft RG3?

    All of the glaring weaknesses of the Seahawks came up yesterday and they still only lost to the number 2 NFC seed by just 2 points –

    * Jackson’s inability to make plays when it counts against a playoff caliber defense
    * Tate’s inability to play consistently as a number 1 or 1 WR
    * Brandon Browner’s lack of ball skills in deep ball man coverage
    * The Seahawks faltering run defense, against power run teams
    * The Seahawks defense unable to stop the journeyman QB in a close game

  14. Watching the replay of Jackson’s fumble again this morning – yeah, it was an awful time for that kind of play – but, you know, he was scrambling hard, and was going to make the first down. It was a damn good, textbook strip from behind by Niners LB. A screw-up by our guy yes, but more a play made by the other guy.

    And if he makes that first down? Probably another 10 yds, and we kick the FG and win.

    Merry Xmas to all – this displaced Seattle fan enjoys having you all around to talk Seahawks football every season.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Browner has 6 picks this season and there is a question regarding his “ball skills”? Good lord…

    As much as I like him personally and respect his leadership, toughness, and how he carries himself, Jackson is this offenses most glaring weakness. He take an eternity to make a decision and deliver the ball, and even then, his decisions are often questionable. (That throw to end the game was the most mind boggling throw / decision I’ve seen from a QB is a very long time. There is no reasonable excuse for where and how he threw it.) He is capable of really, only one type of throw. He’s failed to show any touch, consistently, all season. And for a so-called mobile QB, he may be the worst scrambler in the league.

    This team needs a player at that position that is an upgrade at every one of those issues, mentioned above. Jackson may indeed be the starter next season, but so too should the “QB of the future” be on this roster by opening day 2012. IMO, this team, no matter how talented elsewhere, will never be a serious championship contender until QB is upgraded.

  16. Palerydr says:

    First Merry Christmas to all the bloggers here hope all your Xmas wishes came true.

    I won’t put this loss totally on Jackson because he played up to his capabilities as a good back up QB. He even pointed out he was thinking about the teams inability to put together a winning drive in the 4th quarter. Regardless of who was or wasn’t on the field they all get paid to play and this is week 16 nobody is a rookie in week 16.

    I have to grudgingly agree with pabuwal that the play that wasn’t made by Browner was huge(the 42yd pass to Crabtree). If they get a stop there then it would have been 3rd and long instead they had 1st and 10 on our side of the field. Every corner in the league can get beat but that was poor timing.

    Overall it was a great season and not many including myself, expected them to be playing for a playoff spot in week 16. Going forward I’m excited that our team is getting better. I was hugely disappointed we didn’t win yesterday but again I have the knowledge we are just gonna keep getting better. Lastly it appears we now have a real rival to hate with passion in the 9ers cuz it sure was chippy out there.

  17. Duke – you really think Browner has good ball skills on deep balls? Has he made even one play on a deep ball all year?

    Both losses in the second half of the year saw Browner allowing deep completions in critical 4th quarter long yardage situations. He can keep his 6 interceptions if this is what we get in return.

    I have 0 faith that Jackson can make a fourth quarter comeback and Browner can stop any type of deep ball.

  18. “Duke – you really think Browner has good ball skills on deep balls? Has he made even one play on a deep ball all year.”

    It’s true, that is his weakness.

    But to not mention all the rest he brings is to be very one-sided. He does indeed have great ball skills on all the other types of throws, is obviously a very physical player for his position, and I think, got better and better as the season went on. Totally comfortable with him and Sherman starting as our corners next year.

  19. “Jackson may indeed be the starter next season, but so too should the “QB of the future” be on this roster by opening day 2012. IMO, this team, no matter how talented elsewhere, will never be a serious championship contender until QB is upgraded.”

    Yep – agreed. He can start next year, but he’s got to be a placeholder for the upgrade.

  20. I do think Browner can improve on his deep ball skills next season.

    I am spoiled by Richard Sherman.

  21. Sherman was a steal. He’s got pro bowls in his future. Great skills. Still can’t believe he’s only been a CB for a couple years.

  22. chrisj122 says:

    I like the fact that our corners are big and play physical, I’ll take Browner any day of the week over Josh Wilson or Kelly Jennings so compared to a year ago I don’t think anyone can really complain about our corner situation. I mean com’mon he’s getting mentioned in ProBowl talk.

    As for Jackson I think we all new going into the season he is not our QB of the future and performed better than I expected over the course of the entire season. I think he did as well as could have expected and then some, we just need to draft a true franchise QB.

    The Hawks as whole this season were better than I thought they would be which was a pleasant supprise, I wasn’t expecting any possiblity of playoffs this late in the season. I have to give props to P.C. and J.S. for putting together a very competitive team, that never really gave up. I’m really excited about our young Defense, which will only improve and be good for a long time.

    All in all, with an almost complete overhall in one season, we were much better than expected and now we have some of the foundation building blocks in place for a long time.

  23. chrisj122 says:

    Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin are starting to become my favorite guys on this team. Not only because of how they have performed on the field (which is far beyond what anyone could have predicted), but also because both of these guys sound very intelligent and articulate when have heard them speak. I’m very impressed with both of these guys, hope they are Seahawks for a very long time.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    Pab – I think he’s far better than you are willing to acknowledge. That pass to Crabtree was a big time NFL play. If that’s your criteria for having good “deep ball skills” then you are going to be constantly disappointed.

    If I’m going to single out one of Browners weaknesses, it’s his inability to cover hitches, double moves, and dino routes. He’s not terribly quick regarding changing direction.

  25. Palerydr says:

    At Pabuwal at least 1 of his picks was on a deep route don’t feel like investigating right now but I’ll see if I can find something. Deep balls are IMO 50-50 most times and even though he got beat he was right there step for step. You know these guys are pretty good maybe give Crabtree a little credit for making a play.

  26. re: Brandon Browner:

    Add one stud pass rusher to this defense for 3rd downs, and there is no way Alex Smith completes most of those big 2nd half pass plays… no way the 49ers win a game like that at the Clink. Add one stud pass rusher and Browner and Sherman will have the help they need to become one the best CB pairs in the NFL.

    Here’s wishing the Seahawks some gifts in 2012:

    One young QB to grow up with this team and take us to the next level.
    One stud pass rusher to put fear into the eyes of opposing QBs.
    One more year of growing up together as a team!

  27. WTraveler says:

    “As for Jackson I think we all new going into the season he is not our QB of the future.” Seriously? Really? Maybe all of us except PC and Schneider–otherwise, why would we unload Hass and keep T Jack this year?

    Also I get sick of PC blaming the refs instead of correcting mistakes. Even when we get a no-call by the refs PC whines about the officiating. Why not ream the O lineman that jumped off side at such a crucial time in the game?

    And this team is not better then the one last year. Talk about run-stopping, and defensive backs all you want, but we can’t put a game winning drive together in the final minutes, and we can’t stop the other team when we have to. Oh and our record now is 7-8 and last time I checked we were not going to the play offs. Last year we were 7-9, Div champs, and the fan base was all excited about going to the play-offs and the draft be-damned. We are almost the same as last year except with several different players.

  28. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Couldn’t Have said it better Stevos.

  29. HawkyHann says:

    Harbaugh had PCs number in college and now 2-0 in the league. You can tell he can’t stand Pete. Hope PC takes it personal and finds a way to beat this guy. Start with getting another QB. I’m all in favor of doing whatever it takes to get RGIII. I think he’s that special. My “Seahawks” Christmas wish.

    I still think Alex Smith is a turd. Give us a consistent pass rush and this guy crumbles.

    Happy holidays..

  30. bulldog80 says:

    I actually think that Thurmond will be one of the starting corners next season.

    All I can say is that if TJ is our starting QB next year we’d better get used to endings like this. ridiculous

  31. nidhighe says:

    “Seriously? Really? Maybe all of us except PC and Schneider–otherwise, why would we unload Hass and keep T Jack this year?”

    Hass unloaded himself by turning down our best offer.

  32. BobbyAyala says:

    Sadly for TJack, this was the game that defined him.

    RG3, please.

  33. ” “As for Jackson I think we all new going into the season he is not our QB of the future.”
    Seriously? Really? Maybe all of us except PC and Schneider–otherwise, why would we unload Hass and keep T Jack this year? ”

    — I think they refused to pay Matt $21 Million and decided to pay TJack $8 Million so they could save $13 Million to spend this offseason on their QB of the future.

  34. Palerydr says:

    I’ve seen all I want to see of Jackson this year. Here’s to hoping Pete starts Portis this weekend. We need to see Portis and any other young guys he feels should be given a shot to prove on the field during a real game what they have or don’t have. Hasselbeck is gone he would not have made the difference this year as he would have been inj and subjected us to Charlie Whitehurst. In that scenario we would have surely been in the running for Luck.

    RG3 and Jones haven’t declared for the draft yet until they do it’s all speculation. On that path I like to speculate that the Hawks swing a deal for Manning as long as he is cleared by our medical staff to play. Imagine Manning at the QB spot with all the young guys we have. we could also draft a young QB with the hopes he is our QB of the future unless Portis is the real deal learning from Manning could only be a good thing for Portis or any young QB IMO.

  35. Seahawkgo says:

    Pete denied Go For It twice that clearly show him didn’t want calling aggressive plays as Harbaurgh to win yesterday game. Why Pete didn’t want handle short foot long ball to Beast mode to get TD instead of field goal? Why TChoke could not keep/protect ball on his chest to avoid fumble. It seems Seahawks denied to win that game. Did Vegas control the 1 and half point game? So disappointed yesterday game.

  36. nidhighe says:

    Seahawkgo, um, what?

  37. nidhighe says:

    Palerydr, nothing about John Schneider suggests he would dump a ton of cash and draft picks to get a 36-year-old QB who missed an entire season.

  38. Duke,

    Just smoked everything I had. Been deep in thought and snacks for hours – still can’t come up with a reasonable explanation for that last throw.

  39. Go smoke some more and let me know why Forsett made the boneheaded play of the year a few plays before that.

  40. Anything less than 8-0 at Home is a FAILURE with the Home Field Advantage we have.

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