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Morning links: Cable’s way

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 21, 2011 at 7:13 am with 19 Comments »
December 21, 2011 7:13 am

Seattle Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable talks with his players during a game at earlier this year at Pittsburgh. (AP Photo/Don Wright)

In my story today, Seattle Seahawks offensive line and assistant head coach Tom Cable discusses the maturation of his unit and why his exacting, up-tempo approach has finally paid dividends in the second half of the season.

Part of that success has been accelerated by Marshawn Lynch’s willingness to better understand the techniques used by his blockers in front of him.

“Their whole life they’ve just been given the ball and then go do their thing,” Cable said about his conversation with Lynch. “And we all joke about it – they’re extreme that way. But he was more than willing to say, ‘Teach me. I’ll do it the way you need it, and just don’t let me off the hook if I don’t do it right.’ So big props if you will to him, to have that kind of integrity, discipline and desire to want to be great at it.”

Dave Boling of The News Tribune writes about the budding rivalry between San Francisco and Seattle – two teams on the rise in the NFC West. Michael Robinson had this to say about playing his former team: “Pride? Yeah, there’s a whole lot of pride at stake.They’re a great defensive and a great team. We’re not the same team we were the first week of the season.”

Rod Mar of takes you back to the Chicago game with these photos.

Clare Farnsworth of says the team’s dreams of Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor forming a formidable safety tandem have been realized.

Dave Wyman of ESPN 710 Seattle says that Seattle’s backup as at the offensive line and cornerback are playing like starters.

John Boyle of the Everett Herald writes that with Mike Williams going down, other receivers have to step up.

ESPN’s Mike Sando writes that Tarvaris Jackson’s stock is up in his latest NFC West stock watch.

Bill Barnwell of Grantland writes that Kansas City provided the blueprint for beating the Packers – avoid turnovers, attack the middle of the field in the passing game and pressure Aaron Rodgers on the edge so he can’t escape the pocket.

Doug Farrar of Yahoo Sports writes that the struggles of Arizona’s Kevin Kolb and Kansas City’s Matt Cassel shows the value of bridge quarterbacks like Tarvaris Jackson.

Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle writes about the Niners ability to create turnovers. They have a league-best +25 turnover differential.

Matt Maiocco of writes that there is a chance Patrick Willis could return from a lingering hamstring injury to play against Seattle on Saturday.

Morning links
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  1. I give PC and JS tons of credit for not going after Kolb, or someone similar. AZ gave up the farm to get him and he has been garbage and should be playing flag football with how injury prone he is. They took the risk on TJack, who I for one at the time was NOT excited about. But he has been a tough SOB this season, battling injuries and while not lighting the world on fire, has done plenty to help this young team get W’s and grow immensely. Can’t say enough about this FO, I’m in, compete, lets finish these last two games strong boys!

  2. Dukeshire says:

    That’s really cool to hear about Lynch. Yet another reason to like him. But let’s not put too much of this on Lynch. It’s no coincidence that their run production improved as soon as they started giving him the ball 20+ times a game, and got away from that idiotic no-huddle / hurry-up nonsense.

  3. I sure hope the Seahawks put away the Niners early. I’m going to miss the last part of the fourth quarter. I have a Christmas Eve service I need to attend (rather my wife needs me to attend — I wish she would get her priorities straight!).

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “The chemistry back there is just dangerous,” Chancellor said. “What Earl brings and what I bring, that’s a dangerous combination. And there’s a lot more to come.”

    As a group I have never been more excited about our secondary! And as a group they are the best in the NFL imo.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – I totally agree. Safety is my favorite position and they have the best combination in Seahawk history, right now. (And yes, that includes Easely and Harris. But no, neither is as good as the best SS who ever played: Kenny Easely. Just as a duo…) And if they’re not the best in the NFL yet, they will be by this time next season.

  6. HawkfaninMT says:

    I feel like the Cable hiring and the job Wade Phillips has done really shows hope important having great position coaches is in the NFL. Someone is going to get a gem in Norv Turner as an OC this offseason. I have backed off my wish to replace Bevell with him. Although to hire Norv as a QB coach (for OC money probably) would be outstanding! One of the benefits of having an owner with deep pockets and no salary cap on Coahes pay!

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Imagine Dukeshire how good they will be when the front seven gets better!

    The NFC west is quickly going from the NFC worst to the NFC best. The only thing holding this division back are the qbs imo.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t mean this to come across as sarcastic as it likely will, but outside of a couple seasons with the Hall of Fame laden Cowboys, what has Turner ever done that has people thinking he’s an offensive genius? I don’t get it. As OC, his offenses were middle of the road or worse, at every stop.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – If you’re referencing a consistent pass rush… oh hell yes, they’ll be sick.

  10. HawkfaninMT says:

    With regards to Turner, I am thinking more of the QBs he has helped bring along than his overall offensive prowess. Troy Aikmen, Alex Smith’s best year as a pro, and Phillip Rivers are all on his resume as successes in my opinion.

    If we are going to draft a QB early, why not have the best coach in place to groom him as possible? Is there a better alternative to Norv that I don’t know about?

  11. JazBadAzz says:

    If harbaugh is smart and wants to win in the playoffs he would sit patrick willis until he’s %100 but he’s so hell bent on embarrassing Pete that he would throw his best players in there and risk more injury just to beat us…
    Bring him on, I’m sure chasing Beastmode, Tate and Dougie around will make that hammy feel real good hahaha…
    Burn the 9ers….here’s to hoping T Jack use his wheels more this week cause we see what they can do to a qb that wants to hang around in the pocket flailing the ball around!

  12. Dukeshire says:

    If I may, and again, apologies if this is dickish, but Rivers was a pro-bowler prior to Turner going to SD, and this is far and away A. Smith’s best season as a pro. But yes, he worked with Aikman for his first 3 seasons in Dallas. That turned out well, clearly.

  13. Not that anyone here has said this, but nobody can tell me the OL didn’t get better after Carpenter got hurt, too. He was not good and was not getting the job done. That’s not to say he won’t be a good Left Guard in 2013, it’s simply stating a fact that he was a liability in his rookie season (he was also being outperformed by his fellow rookie who was taken a few rounds later… and McQuistan of this year is performing better than either of them did THIS year).

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think Carpenter was overwhelmed. He was surpised to get picked in the first round and then I think he was pushed into a position that he couldn’t handle at the pro level.
    It didn’t help that he came in out of shape too!

    Left Guard is a better position for him imo, however that position will be taken by next years #1 draft pick David Decastro or Hutch Lite. Lol.

  15. I want that pick to be used on drafting or trading for a QB.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Would the Vikings, Rams, or Colts deal with the Seahawks?

  17. I’d love to make a deal for any of those QBs (Luck, Manning, Ponder, or Bradford). I’d be more concerned about trading for the rights to RGIII or Barkley b/c there isn’t NFL film on them (rule doesn’t apply to Luck b/c of how good I think he’s going to be even w/o playing an NFL down yet). I think there’s enough NFL film on Bradford to know he’d be great in our system and even enough with Ponder, too. If the Vikings think enough of RGIII or Barkley, maybe they would trade him, but I doubt it. They will most likely draft either Kalil or Blackmon to aid in the development of Ponder (stud LT or WR).

  18. freedom_X says:

    I differ on the reasons for the improvement in the run game. It’s a bit semantical (chicken or egg) but I believe they’re running more often because the line is blocking better and the defense is more solid. Not because they’re choosing to call more running plays.

    The line is opening more holes. Lynch is actually getting some seams at times to run through, untouched until he passes the line of scrimmage. Unheard of last year. Lynch isn’t running any differently than he did last year or early this year. He’s not “turning it on”, instead, the line is simply more effective blocking people. I am confident we’re not seeing a “contract year” push by Lynch, something you always worry about with most players without a long track record of success on your team.

    With a solid defense, Seattle can also be more committed to the running game because they can afford a few more 3 and outs while the line improved. This meant some putrid 1st half performances, but being able to stick with a relatively ineffective running game does help wear down a D in the 2nd half. But the defense has to be rock solid, or you’re down by 20 at halftime.

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