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Carroll says Hawks will stay humble; Williams suffers broken ankle

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 18, 2011 at 3:43 pm with 51 Comments »
December 18, 2011 3:46 pm

The takeaway for the Seattle Seahawks and coach Pete Carroll in his team’s 38-14 win over Chicago was not the impressive win on the road, but the way they got it – scoring 31 unanswered points in the second half, with folks at Soldiers Field streaming for the exits early in the fourth quarter.

“It is a big deal,” Carroll said. “We’ve played these guys now three times, and to get them twice and really get them well two times – we’ve beat them pretty good the two times here – that’s really exciting. Unfortunately that darn snow game ain’t going away. We missed that one.

“But it is important. We put this to rest. It’s not a big deal going to the middle of the country and playing a football game at 12 o’clock. It’s been a problem for a lot of teams.”

Still, at 7-7 with two games left against NFC West division opponents San Francisco at home and Arizona on the road, Carroll said he’ll keep his players in check.

“We’re going to be humble about it,” Carroll said. “The last thing we’re going to do is be cocky about it. But it’s just exciting to see these guys latch on to the ability to play late in the season and late in games and finish football games.”

Carroll announced that receiver Mike Williams suffered a broken ankle in the second half, meaning he’s done for the remainder of the season. Linebacker Malcolm Smith suffered a head injury and did not return. And receiver Golden Tate suffered an abdominal injury early in the second half but returned.

With Williams out, the Seahawks only have five healthy receivers on the active roster.

Lynch top 1,000 yards: Carroll did not know that running back Marshawn Lynch surpassed 1,000 yards today. Lynch finished with 42 yards on 20 carries and scored two touchdowns. He has 1,011 yards and 11 touchdowns on the year.

Lynch also broke a franchise record for touchdowns in consecutive games previously held by Shaun Alexander by scoring a touchdown in his 10th straight game.

“It is significant,” Carroll said. “It’s for everybody. It’s not just for Marshawn. It’s for the offensive line. It’s for the offensive staff. It’s just a marker that we all live by that we love to have on our side.

“I think more special than that is the fact he’s scored so many games in a row, and he holds that record with the club. That’s the consistency of a really good football player, and a committed team to him as well.”

Browner sets franchise record, too: Brandon Browner also made some history. Seattle’s first-year cornerback notched his six interception of the year and returned his second for a score in the second half, a 42-yard return for a scored to complete the scoring. Browner set a franchise record for return yardage in a single season 220 yards, passing Dave Brown, who finished with 179 interception return yards in 1984.

The Seahawks finished with four interceptions and a forced fumble on the day, converting those turnovers into 21 points. And none were more impressive than defensive tackle Red Bryant, who corralled his second career interception in the second half when linebacker K.J. Wright pressured Chicago quarterback Calebe Hanie into a bad throw, rumbling 20 yards for his first career touchdown.

“Got me a little “Prime Time” in,” Bryant said. “I didn’t get the walk like him, but just being a kid watching Deion Sanders do it and getting the opportunity to get a touchdown – that’s a fat kid’s dream right there.”

Halftime adjustment: The Seahawks made two key adjustments that helped them win the game in the second half.

The first was on defense. Seattle did a better job of containing Hanie and not allowing him to scramble and distort the defense once he dropped back to pass.

“They just zoned us out,” Hanie said. “They played eight in the box and zone us out the whole first half it seemed like. We moved the ball well. We didn’t really get any sacks until the end of the first half on a ball that I was just eating it.

“We ran the clock out from there. At the end of the game, it wasn’t that big of an issue. I was running around, but it was more of coverage.”

Offensively, Carroll said one of the adjustments his team made at halftime was to get the ball more on the perimeter in the passing game.

Part of the reason for Seattle’s struggles offensively in the first half is they were backed up most of the time. In the second half the Seahawks were more aggressive in pushing the ball down field. The result was Tarvaris Jackson finishing 15 of 19 for 176 yards and a touchdown in the second half. It could have been even more if Jackson could have connected with a wide-open Ben Obomanu on a seam route for score in the final quarter.

After playing awful in the first half, including a fumble that resulted in a Chicago score, Jackson played much better in the second half.

“He’s throwing the ball really well,” Carroll said. “I just wish he hit the darn seam route to put the topper on it. It was a great call by Darrell (Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell) to get the guy open, and he got a little excited.”

Johnny Knox update: Chicago Bears receiver Johnny Knox suffered a scary injury at the beginning of the game.

After Knox caught a pass over he middle for 17 yards on Chicago’s second drive of the game, Seattle safety Kam Chancellor stripped the ball and Earl Thomas came up with the recovery.

While still on the ground, defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove ran into Knox, who was stretched out awkwardly trying to recover the fumble. Knox suffered a back injury and remained on the field for several minutes.

Chicago team doctors strapped Knox in on a back brace and he was carted off the field.

Chicago head coach Lovie Smith said that Knox has total movement throughout all of his body and use of all of his extremities. Knox suffered a lower back injury and was taken to a local hospital for further evaluation, where he remained overnight.

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  1. boycie99 says:

    Damn those Lion comebacks
    Raiders gave that away

    Zona wins again in OT…

    Need to win out and hope Chargers and Packers can help out and beat the Lions

  2. bird_spit says:

    Lions win. What does that do to the playoff hopes? Are hawks eliminated?

  3. Its about next year at this point and going 13-3 with Jackson as the starting QB. This year, he has a shot at putting up the second best winning percentage of any Seahawks starter since 1990.

  4. just did the playoff machine
    I could be wrong but if Lions win one more game, they’re in we’re out..
    (even if we win out)

  5. “He’s throwing the ball really well,” Carroll said

    But of course it TJ’s fault the D was all over him.

  6. There could be a scenario where if the Falcons and either the Bears, Cowboys or Giants finish 9-7 with the Seahawks, the Seahawks could get in.

  7. pabs – aren’t you on record as saying this is one of the best Seahawks teams from a talent perspective that you’ve ever seen so shouldn’t one have a good win/loss record if you’ve got a team this good, as you claim, around you? I still love you give him credit for the win against the Giants when he left in a tie game and it was your whipping boy, Brandon Browner, who really won it.

  8. Part of the talent is Jackson who was able to come out in the third quarter and take over against a pretty good defense in a hostile environment. That is something Hasselbeck rarely ever did, even in his best days. Jackson had very little on offense to work with today and for whatever reason, Baldwin played nowhere near the number of snaps the other WRs did. The defense may stack the box, but unlike Hasselbeck, he can make them pay.

    And speaking of Hasselbeck, how about that call last night that he would go down to the Colts today? He’s back to his status as one of the worst QBs in the NFL after that first 4 game mirage, during which you enjoyed mocking the Hasselhaters. Mike Munchak is a bigger idiot than Childress for not playing the young talent and sticking with an old, broken down QB.

    Do you still think that the Seahawks would be better with Hasselbeck? They don’t get to face the Colts, Jags, Bucs and Panthers defenses a total of 6 times like the Titans have.

    Matt Hasselbeck now becomes one of the few QBs in NFL History to lose against a 1-15 team. What a way to end a career as a starter.

  9. williambryan says:

    You gotta give Tjack a lot of credit. However, even in this game he showed us what he is. A very inconsistent QB. He is capable of having great stretches, even games at a time, but he is also capable of looking horrible. This team can win with him obviously, but It would be hard to imagine him winning a super bowl. The way I think about it is this: Can Tjack win in an offensive shootout if he needed to. We know Hasselbeck could do that (NO game last year) BUt I don’t know if Tjack can. The offense only scored 24 today (defense had 2 scores). If this team were playing Green Bay for example could Tjack handle a shootout? Although, while typing that sentence I convinced myself that Browner, Sherman, ET, and Kam would shut the GB passing game down :)

  10. This is the offense’s first year together with no offseason. They are missing 3 starters on the OL and their best WR. Despite that, the offense has improved tremendously as the year has progressed. It will only get better as they play more together. With a young team like this, the trend is more important than the overall body of work. And the trend is in the right direction.

    After the Falcons game (1-3), I felt this team was going to be great down the road. After the Ravens game, I thought this team was going to be great this year with a 10-6 record. That’s not happening but a 9-7 finish this year would mark the second most successful season for the Seahawks in the past 20 years.

  11. Good comeback, pabs. I like the spunk! I guess you’re saying the Seahawks and Titans have the same talent level?

  12. On Offense today, the Titans had the better talent (ex the QB). The Titans look like a real offense with Locker under Center. On Defense the Seahawks are better.

  13. So we can expect to see Jackson outduel Brees in a play-off game pretty soon? lol

  14. How would anyone here like to be a RB and go up against Big Red and Mebane? If you do get past them, how would you like to get drilled by one of our DBs? No thanks!

  15. Pabst, did you watch the game?
    Why are you such a dick about Hass.
    Both QB’s were hurt. A wr had to take snaps in practice becuz they were injured. CJ had 55yds rushing. Of course it wasn’t the other 40/50 other players on the teams fault, It was #8’s. Hell the D gave up 27pts to Indy.

  16. Hasselbeck could barely outduel Dan Orlovsky today. Orlovsky is now 1-9 as an NFL starter. Of course, if Hasselbeck ever starts and has a good NFL Game, I’m sure that one will be referred to many years out.

    This might be the first game all season the Colts actually stopped another offense.

  17. You didn’t answer my question about Jackson outdueling Brees in a play-off game.

  18. Jackson is just as capable as having that huge monster game once in a while without having so many bad games in between.

  19. pabs – Would you be mad if the Titans go with Locker next year and Hasselbeck resigned with the ‘Hawks (after potentially being released) and he won a Super Bowl in Seattle? I bet you would be mad if he had this talent around him and it made him look good. There’s actually a running game these days and a dominant defense.

  20. MadSweeney42 says:

    I still think after an abysmal first half that Jackson still made a lot of mistakes in the second and continues, while ironically winning, to show why he’s a back up. Certainly a good backup and better than a few teams have as starters, but not someone to build a team around. Not at all. As good a direction as the team is heading, not upgrading the QB position would be a massive step backwards.

    As for Knox, PFT reported he’s having surgery tomorrow to “stabilize a vertebrae”. Fortunately he seems to be unharmed, long-term. Really one of the scariest injuries I’ve seen.

  21. BobbyK – would you be mad if the Titans start Locker for the final 2 games and look like a real NFL offense again? He’s replaced an ineffective/injured Hasselbeck in 3 games now and moved what looked like a terrible offense earlier in the game pretty well.

    I’m sure Chris Johnson wouldn’t mind either because he would have an NFL QB actually make a team pay for stacking the box.

  22. I remember being scared about the Carlson injury at the Bears last year in the play-offs. I thought for sure he broke his neck. But, yeah, that Knox injury sucked. I’m glad he’s going to be okay. There are very few players ever that I have sincerely hoped would get hurt (Dockett is one).

  23. I like Locker. I drafted him for the Seahawks in the Insider Mock Draft last April. I wish there was some way we had him.

    Anyone else amused by the 4-year old comments by me and pabs? I’m only partly serious on all of this stuff but it’s been fun egging you on:)

  24. Dukeshire says:

    I’ll say this about Jackson: he was just awful in the first half. But to his credit, he played far more decisively in the second and had some success.

    Regarding the playoff scenario: Seattle needs to win the next two and the Lions need to lose the next two. If the Giants and Cowboys each end up 9-7, Seattle is out. The Giants would win that division because they’d have the tie-breaker on the ‘Boys and the ‘Boys would get the wildcard because they own the tie-breaker over the ‘Hawks. Atlanta has the tie-breaker over the ‘Hawks as well. The Raiders choking that game away today was brutal for the Seahawks.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Also, regarding the half-time adjustments: I saw them blitz Wright from the strong side regularly and it was awesome. Really effective. They also brought A gap or weak-side corner blitzes with Wright in the second half, and that really seemed to rattle the Bears. No real answer for it. To me, those were the adjustments that got this team the win today (in addition to some ridiculous play by Chancellor. Great game).

  26. BobbyK and I are the two drunks at the local bar who go round and round on the same stuff and at the end we aren’t even sure what we were arguing over.

    Duke – if there is a 3 way tie for a wildcard spot, doesn’t the tiebreaker start at conference record (assuming one team did not defeat the other 2)? The Seahawks would have the best conference record.

  27. pabs – That’s the funniest comment I have read in a long time! LMFAO!

  28. Damn. I’m actually still sitting at the computer and laughing at that one.

  29. Just did the playoff machine again. If NYG & Dal both finish 9-7 and ATL loses to NO ~ Hawks are 6th seed over dallas. NYG wins the east.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – It’s head to head. Division record is second. If I read this correctly, in the case of a three-way tie, the team seeded highest within their division is in, then head to head between the other two for the final spot. In this scenario, Atlanta, and either the Giants or Dallas would all be in second place like the ‘Hawks, so it would come down to head-to-head.

  31. Dukeshire says:

    mocarob – How would Seattle get in over Dallas in that scenario. Do you have a link to this “machine”?

  32. just look at this page in a previous post.
    eric posted it here last week

  33. Duke – according to your link, if their are 3 teams from 3 different divisions tied and none of the teams have swept the other 2 teams, conference record would be the tiebreaker. The Seahawks would have the best conference record of any 9-7 team.

  34. Duke – the tiebreaking procedure you are referring to is to eliminate teams from the same division from the procedure, not to give them slots. That procedure only applies when there are 2 teams from the same division tied for a WC, in addition to the division champion.

    The easiest way for the Seahawks to get in is for the Lions to lose their remaining 2 games. They can still get in if the Falcons lose both their remaining games and other improbable things happen.

  35. there still might be too many scenarios for my post to be correct. I just tried to calculate the nyg/dal situation. who knows..

  36. Dukeshire says:

    pab – No, I was referring to the wild-card but miss-read the second scenario. I stand corrected.

  37. What are we gonna do at WR now? We have Obo, Butler, Tate & DB.
    Guess the rocket will see some action.

  38. Maybe Koren is available?

  39. Three in a row. Combined score of 99 to 41; average margin of victory of 18. Best stretch for our club in a long while. Better than I had dreamed to hope for this year.

    Carroll turned over damn near the entire roster in 2 years – and deserves a lot of credit right about now.

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It isn’t going to be easy for the Lions to win against the Chargers and Packers.
    The Chargers are on their annual late season playoff run looking good against the Ravens, and Greenbay will be tough to beat at home against the Lions even if they do rest many of their starters imo. I think the Packers would love nothing better then to knock the Lions out of the Playoffs, especially after what Suh did to them.
    The Lions could have easily lost their last two games.

    With that being said it isn’t going to be easy for the Seahawks either. The 49ers are still playing for the 2nd seed and Arizona is playing for the last playoff spot.

    I hope it all comes down to the very last game with Arizona to decide the last playoff team in the NFC west with the Seahawks winning it in overtime on a 50 yard fumble recovery for a touchdown by big Red dragging four hapless Cardinal players across the goal line with him!

  41. GeorgiaHawk says:

    NFC conference.

  42. I’d love for them to get into the playoffs, but what’s more exciting is the direction that this team is headed in. This is like 2002 again and the Seahawks could be in the playoffs for the next five years or more. I still think a stud pass-rusher in the draft would take them to the next level faster than a QB would.

  43. Palerydr says:

    As it stands we will be in the middle of the draft and quickly heading for the bottom third. We need a DE that can help Clemons in rush situations I agree, we need a QB that can do a better job than Jackson even more. Jackson has convinced me he is a very capable backup QB. A quality back up is a valuable asset to have in this league but we need a starter who gets rid of the ball when he’s standing in his own endzone, one who can look off a safety to create a passing lane and win a game in the 4th quarter. I see Jackson’s toughness and that’s admirable as well as being a good guy but I just don’t see him as a starting QB rather the best option we have available this year.

  44. When was the last time the NFC West had only one losing team this deep into the season? Last year, all four teams had losing records!

  45. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I agree Palerydr that we need to upgrade our QB and DE positions next year, and hopefully we will do that but I am being more and more drawn to David Decastro. I hope he is still around when we pick.
    I have heard nothing but good things about this Stanford guard.

    Here is one scouting report.-

    “DeCastro is regarded by many as a top ten prospect. In fact, he’s right there below Matt Kalil as the draft’s best offensive linemen. Some have even compared him to Steve Hutchinson, the Vikings guard. DeCastro has all the toughness desired in a guard and many feel like he could step in right away in the NFL as a quality starter.”

  46. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Canfan- The NFC west is fast becoming one of the better Divisions in the NFL imo.

  47. Canfan – Are you saying we’d be better next year with a guy like Jared Allen instead of a Drew Brees? I hope you’re not serious.

    One thing that really worries me about next year is that we almost seem to be built to win starting next year (and with the young nucleus it should continue for a few years) and a rookie QB doesn’t give me much confidence unless his name was Luck. Hey, I haven’t changed my mind on Jackson being a good NFL starter, but IMO he gives us a better chance in 2012 than a rookie QB like Barkley would just b/c of his experience. We’re kind of in a weird position. And outside of Peyton Manning, I really don’t know who would trade a pretty good veteran QB to us?

    It’s refreshing to be in a respectable division. The Rams even aren’t that terrible with all of their starters, but as they stand now with all of their injuries, there are as pathetic as can be.

  48. Seahawkfan78 says:

    BobbyK – to win now… I think a guy like Jared Allen would help more. Just because of how long it normally takes to develop a good quality QB. How long does it take for a good starting QB to become great, two or three years? Most likely, we are not going to be able to get an elite QB in the first round for how high we are in the draft. I would like to see a DE to replace Raheem Brock and go for a QB to develop in the later rounds.

  49. I said that too (about QB taking time to develop, making Jackson more attractive, to me, in ’12 than Barkley, even though a guy like Barkley would be better in the long-term). I’m talking about Drew Brees himself on this team over Jared Allen. Where they are now. Brees would be better, hands down, even though Allen is a stud and one of the greats at his position. Some positions are more important than others and a QB trumps any other position in all of professional sports.

  50. Seahawkfan78 says:

    Completely agree. I actually like Barkley better then Luck. Maybe it is because of what Barkley and Luck was able to do to the Ducks. or the lack there of for Luck. Luck also could have just had a bad day. Barkley just looked better to me.

  51. Yeah, I’m a defender of TJ these days against some of the negative talk about him – just b/c I don’t think he’s getting enough credit from some of the folks here.

    Doesn’t mean I want to give up on getting our Brees/Rodgers/Brady, or at least having a hope that our QB can get to that kind of place. If we pick somewhere around 15-20 and there’s a QB that Schneider thinks has a chance to be that guy, or if we package something to move up and take one of the top-4 QB’s, I’m totally good with that.

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