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Morning links: Wright steps his game up

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 16, 2011 at 7:42 am with 17 Comments »
December 16, 2011 7:42 am
Seattle Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright takes down St. Louis quarterback Sam Bradford. (Peter Haley/TNT)

In my story today, rookie linebacker K.J. Wright is proving the Seattle Seahawks made the right move in trading high-priced linebacker Aaron Curry to Oakland two months ago.

The Mississippi State product had a breakout game against St. Louis, finishing with eight tackles – including three for losses – a sack and two quarterback hurries. Wright also nearly intercepted a Sam Bradford pass in the flat.

One of the things Seattle has been impressed with is Wright’s ability to adapt to different situations and pick things up quickly. Although they drafted him to play outside linebacker, the Seahawks put Wright at middle linebacker at the beginning of training camp, and he started there for David Hawthorne in the first game of the season at San Francisco.

Currently, Hawthorne leads Seattle in tackles for the third straight season with 88. But Hawthorne has been slowed by a left-knee sprain, and his contract is up at the end of the season.

Wright, who’s signed through 2014, could be a cheaper option at middle linebacker, giving the Seahawks some leverage in negotiations with Hawthorne.

Clare Farnsworth of writes in his Thursday practice report that Tarvaris Jackson threw passes in one-on-one passing drills for the first time since he’s been injured, showing how much the pectoral muscle injury has progressed.

Nate Davis of USA Today points out the Doug Baldwin could be come the first undrafted rookie free agent to lead his team in receptions and receiving yards since the common drafted was put in place in1967.

Steve Rudman of writes largely because of Marshawn Lynch’s effort, the Seahawks have a chance to match the 1996 franchise record of rushing for 100 yards in seven consecutive games.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times writes that the arrival of Marshawn Lynch has changed the perception of the Seahawks being a “soft” team.

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. previews the Seattle-Chicago contest. He likes Seattle 13-10. You must be an ESPN Insider to view this.

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports has an interesting take on Chicago receiver Sam Hurd and his arrest on federal drug trafficking charges, including an alleged report that Hurd kept a list of NFL players he had as drug clients. We’re just getting the tip of the iceberg on this story, which will have an echo affect around the league.

Rob Rang of now has Seattle selecting North Carolina defensive end Quinton Coples No. 14 overall in his latest mock draft.

Bill Barnwell of handicaps the potential trade destination for Peyton Manning of Indianapolis drafts Andrew Luck. The Seahawks make an appearance at No. 6 on this list.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I’d be somewhat surprised if the let Heater walk and moved Wright to MLB. He’s adapted to the NFL game so well and as Eric noted, is so versatile at Sam. Of course a lot depends on how the negotiations go. But I get the sense that of the current three starters, it would be Hill that was replaced, despite playing so well this season. Although, LB is not a particular need for them at the moment.

  2. “Wright also nearly intercepted a Sam Bradford pass in the flat.”

    He had a great game, but I wouldn’t give him much credit for this. Curry also nearly intercepted several passes. In this case, “nearly intercepted” is the same as “failed to make an easy interception.”

  3. piperfeltcher says:

    Wright made more playes in Mondays game then Curry made in 3 years.

  4. Makes me wonder if Harbaugh has any eye for evaluating talent at all after passing up both Sherman and Baldwin, especially considering both players could have been had so cheaply with little risk.

  5. Palerydr says:

    I think Hill would resign with the Hawks but as pointed out at what price. I would sign Lynch as well but for no more than 3 years as his style of running is gonna make him an old man before he’s 30.

    Jackson needs to play well on sunday but the defense needs to play better.

    Wonder how many names or more specifically who, are gonna come out from what Hurd did?

  6. The Curry/Wright swap-out only serves to increase my trust in Carroll/Schneider’s talent evaluations.

    Baldwin and Sherman too – what awesome value for a low round pick and FA.

  7. Lol, love that picture of KJW. Looks like he’s opening a jar of jam.

  8. Good call pdway.

    Seahawks personnel operation looks like the best in the NFL right now. I questioned them letting Curry go, but now we can see that the reason AC was expendable is because of KJ Wright.

    Even if Carroll might make final decisions, its clear that Schneider and his personnel staff have a great scouting operation across college football and the pros. A good example is Brandon Browner, who was on nobody’s radar, not even Carroll’s, when Schneider wanted to bring him in for a tryout.

    Seahawks not only have an inspiring HC once again, they have a top-notch personnel operation once again. It may take another couple years to rebuild to greatness, but its easy now to believe we are on the way.

  9. hawkfan777 says:

    It will be interesting to see what PC and Schneider do at the QB position in the draft. Luck looks to be very good, he has many of the same skill sets as Aaron Rogers but the Hawks will not have a chance to draft him. I really like Landry Jones. He has a strong, accurate arm, he is big, a good leader, very smart and he is really tough. Tannehill looks pretty good also but his arm is not as strong. He is still very smart, he is pretty big, he is also a good leader as well. He probably is more comparable to Matt Hasselback. I personally dont care much for Barkley and Griffen (for NFL QB’s) based on what I have seen but I trust PC and Schneider so I am excited to see how they evaluate these guys. Who knows, maybe they will grab a QB in round two and take a defensive end in round one.

  10. pabuwal, that’s an interesting point to “wonder if Harbaugh has any eye for evaluating talent at all after passing up both Sherman and Baldwin, especially considering both players could have been had so cheaply with little risk.”

    I’m all for dissing Jim Harbaugh, but I’m not so sure we can blame the 49ers poor draft in 2011 on him. Their organization is a mess and they went without a GM for months before promoting Baalke to GM before the draft. Judging their past several draft, I have to question their whole personnel operation.

    When SF passed up Richard Sherman to draft Chris Culiver, I was happy since Sherman was one of my personal favorites on draft day. Still, I don’t think anybody really knew how fast this kid would develop.

    Watching Sherman, Browner, ET, and Kam develop, I’d say Kris Richard has my vote for Asst Coach of the Year… right alongside Tom Cable.

    Not drafting Doug Baldwin was a mistake by all 32 teams. Remember that we didn’t draft him either, we just won the FA bidding contest. I think that just shows that drafting is more of a crap shoot than any of us like to admit.

    I thought Aldon Smith was a bad pick for the 49ers in 2011 at pick #7, but his 10.5 sacks have a bit to do with why the 49er’s D is so good right now.

    Still, I doubt the 49ers will draft well next year, and I see plenty of signs that suggest the 49ers magic will run out next year. Along with that, I see plenty of signs the Seahawks are rebuilding fast.

    SF’s O line is not that good and should be exposed by opponents more often than it is. They need a LT and a C. Their WR corps is thin, and if their beast of a TE were to go down injured, their offense would suck. Also, their QB situation is no better than the Seahawks QB situation. SF will be drafting late and have blown a lot of first round picks. I see their holes being exposed soon and I see Harbaugh’s luck running out in 2012.

  11. “Even if Carroll might make final decisions, its clear that Schneider and his personnel staff have a great scouting operation across college football and the pros. A good example is Brandon Browner, who was on nobody’s radar, not even Carroll’s, when Schneider wanted to bring him in for a tryout.”

    I agree 100%. The only real blemish is the Carpenter pick.

    I didn’t like the Aldon Smith pick by the 49ers last year but it’s been great for them. But, still, if you coached someone last year like Sherman and Baldwin, how could you fail to realize their potential? I can see others passing on those two, but the man who coached them? That’s pretty bad/dumb, IMO. Still, as a coach I have been impressed with him though even though I think he’s a moron. Oh well, I’m not complaining, their loss is our gain and I like that!

  12. I agree, Bobby. and my dislike for Harbaugh goes beyond anything rational. Along with the rest of the 49ers, I don’t like him.

    But on Carpenter I’m inclined to not judge him yet. He came in very raw in August and didn’t have enough time in the system yet to grow.

    Who knows whether Carp might be a quality OT or OG eventually, but I keep remembering this Tom Cable interview I heard a month or two ago. I’m paraphrasing, but Cable said ‘there are 32 teams in the league, so you would think there are at least 50 good tackles, but there aren’t. There are about 25 good tackles and we are lucky to have two of them.’ Cable was talking about Okung and Carpenter.

    So yeah, maybe I’m drinkin the koolaid again, but this gives me hope. Cable saw something in Carpenter and I’m not going to doubt him at this point. He’s really done a great job with the guys who have stayed healthy.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    While I think Carp fits a more prototypical guard profile, considering how much he improved, I believe he’ll be a solid RT, at worst.

  14. Up to this point Carp hasn’t been an impressive pick. I’ve said I think he can/will be a solid LG so I haven’t written him off either. It’s just that as of today, he hasn’t been what we all want.

  15. freedom_X says:

    Players can take time to develop. If the barometer for success is being great as a rookie, then I guess Cortez Kennedy was a drafting blemish.

    Clearly Seattle’s head staff thinks Carpenter has a better combination of immediate ability and long-term physical potential than the other tackle prospects available at that spot.

    Richard Sherman’s a great pick, but he also found the right system. That’s often overlooked. Seattle is drafting players that fit their system. They’re able to find players overlooked by other teams because they aren’t universal fits, which degrades their value to most draftniks.

  16. If there was a “redraft” would the Seahawks “retake” Carpenter if he were available at #24? Hell, no. They won’t admit to making a mistake, but they wouldn’t put their money where their mouth was if they could do it over again. Guys like Sherman would easily go before him. Actually, Sherman wouldn’t be available with that pick (props to the FO).

  17. Bobby, what are you talking about dude? lol… If there was a “redraft” of any draft, after an NFL season worth of hindsight, only about 5 or 10 teams would draft the same player they took in the first round.

    Most NFL “experts” still don’t know who all the future All Pros will be even after watching their rookie seasons. The time to rate a draft is after the players’ sophomore seasons. Like someone mentioned here the other day, Cortez Kennedy had a disappointing rookie year and wasn’t even a starter. Like Carpenter, he didn’t have the benefit of an offseason program and mini camps before his rookie year.

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