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  1. JazBadAzz says:

    People shouldn’t over look Russell Wilson in the secound round for the Hawks.

    If we had another edge rusher from the 1st rd (Couples from UNC) to pair with Clemons would be make a world of difference for this def and getting off the field.

    I would also like to see Lynch resign at a reasonable deal and draft another stud back in the 3rd to complete the power running game…

    BUT, forget all that, way to take care of business and lets think about sticking it to the bears on Sunday. I’m in bear country and it would be great to see them shut up again this week :D! I believe we can beat them running the ball and getting up early on them to force Hanne to beat us. Oh by the way, DO NOT KICK TO HESTER!!!

  2. Dukeshire says:

    I know better than to think this way, but I find myself getting really jacked up about the game this Sunday, with the playoff implications involved. A win there really puts them in the driver’s seat for a wild card spot. (Calm down… long way to go…)

  3. BobbyK – to answer your question posed on last night’s thread –

    Yes, the talent is much better on this team now. But after losing 3 starting OL (the loss of Okung is really the big one) and the number 1 WR, the Seahawks offensive talent last night was only better than the Rams at the QB and TE positions – which meant Jackson’s only advantage last night was at TE.

    RB – Lynch vs Jackson is a wash. I think Cadillac is better than Forsett.
    WR – Lloyd vs Baldwin is a wash. The rest of the WRs on both teams are journeymen
    OL – same, both teams backups played weren’t bad.

  4. You do realize that losing Carpenter seems to have improved the line, don’t you? He had a pretty brutal rookie season and capped it off with the injury that screws his ’12 season over, too. You’re also trying to say that Bradford wasn’t missing just as many starting offensive lineman (and his blind side protector; although Staffold is not as good as Okung, granted). If anything, the Seahawk depth on the OL has all-of-a-sudden become solid, whereas you can’t really think that the Rams have as solid of offensive line back-ups, can you? Really? Lastly, you have rightfully given so much credit to Cable for getting this unit (without the high picks you’ve alluded to) to perform admirably so are you talking talent or production from the offensive lines because you certainly can’t be talking about production b/c everyone sees that the Seahawk OL is playing pretty well and the Rams are not. The reason Lynch is running wild is b/c he’s great and he’s had holes (thanks to the line), whereas before he was great but getting criticized by people like you for sucking (but now you claim he’s equal to S. Jackson) b/c he had nowhere to run.

  5. After rereading your post, are you also insinuating that the defense Bradford went up against was the same as the “defense” Jackson went up against. Yeah. I’m sure ET, Kam, Browner, Sherman, etc. are no better than the DBs of street scrubs that the Rams had last night. Which set of DBs would you rather throw against? And I doubt Lynch would have had as many rushing yards if the Rams would have borrowed Mebane and Big Red (although in your world Colin Cole is probably still better in the run game and more important than those two as you continually said last year).

    Play the Seahawks defense every week and you’re probably not going to have great numbers all the time. Play what the Rams have and you’ll put up MVP numbers. There’s a reason the Rams are scheduled to have a top 3 pick again. Their overall team sucks.

  6. I agree that losing Okung was huge, but the one game he hasn’t played so far was against our second bye week (the Rams at home). We could have benched Unger, ET, and Mebane and still won last night.

  7. I stand corrected – you never said Bradford wasn’t missing as many starters. You’d conveniently comeback with that and forget all the points I nailed you on (Lynch sucking, Colin Cole more important than Mebane, Seahawks and Rams defenses eqaul to play against, etc.).

  8. Has Bradford looked good at any point this season? His OL was serviceable last night. By no means was it bad. The Seahawks played 8 in the box because they knew Bradford couldn’t make them pay.

    I’m not sure who’s been worse the past month, Bradford or Hasselbeck. And it would be absolutely stupid for their respective teams to continue to play 2 of the worst QBs in the NFL when clearly better replacements are on the horizon.

  9. BobbyK’s assessment of QBs the past year:

    Cam Newton – awful and will never be an NFL quality starter. I think you even compared him with JaMarcus Russell for some strange reason.
    Matt Hasselbeck – still has it and would lead this Seahawks team to the playoffs. Yet, this guy has gotten hurt 2 straight years untouched. He is playing some of the worst level of QB in football the past month.
    Tarvaris Jackson – the worst QB ever.
    Charlie Whitehurst – deserved a chance to comPETE against the worst QB ever and would have taken the job, because of “better” preseason performances.
    Matt Flynn – will be a future franchise guy. This is the only one where the jury is still out on.

    I don’t even want the Seahawks to overpay for Matt Flynn with a track record like that.

  10. How much has Bradford played the last month and why hasn’t he played all the time?

    No. He has not had a good second season. But T-Jack gets 394 years to prove himself and Bradford is a bust by the end of year two after having a great rookie season? I don’t get it.

  11. Missed one last assessment from BobbyK –

    Josh Freeman – “would give my left nut for this guy.”

  12. You got me on Cam Newton. I didn’t want to touch that guy with a 10 foot pole. Go back to our insider draft and I said I would have taken Von Miller at #1 overall.

    Matt Hasselbeck would have this team in the play-offs. He’s better. You even said yourself that this Seahawks team is so much more unbelievably talented than any team we’ve had in quite some years.

    I didn’t say worst starter ever. Spergyn Wynn was the worst. But I did think he’d be the worst this year. I still don’t think he’s good (but he is more good than suck). For a “game manager,” he shouldn’t have more picks than TDs, should have more pocket presence, and stupid plays like the fumbles last night shouldn’t happen as much as they do with him.

    Charlie sucks but you can’t tell me he wouldn’t be just as “good” as Jackson if he had over 30 careers starts, too.

    For the record, I don’t think Flynn will be all that good in 2012. I think he’s going to need a full season as a starter, but I see a higher ceiling with him than what we have starting now.

  13. Do you remember that Wynn game where he started that final Monday night game for the Vikings against the Ravens in 2001? The Seahawks needed him to win the game to get them into the playoffs and he put what was the worst display of Quarterbacking ever. That night was very painful.

    A big part of analyzing young, new players and situations is trend analysis. Which way is the trend going? Looking at the second half of the season (5 games so far) – For Jackson it has been straight up (5 TDs, 3 INTs and 4-1 as a starter. For Hasselbeck it has been straight down (2 TDs, 4 INTs and 3-2 as a starter).

    The whole concept of the trend is why I jumped hard on the bandwagon after the Atlanta game after 3 years of being fairly negative on this team. The trend is our friend as Seahawks fans and it is pointing up. And that includes Jackson.

  14. Another QB stat I use in my trend analysis is yards per attempt. I think it is one of the most important statistical metrics used in evaluating a QB. 7.0 is my “Mendoza Line.” Jackson has exceeded this in 7 of his last 9 games while Hassebeck has exceeded this in just 2 of his last 9 games. The Seahawks are 4-2 in the 6 games Jackson has started and exceeded this metric.

    At some point, Jackson is going to have to prove he can lead a 4th quarter, game winning drive – something he has been unable to do all year (at SF, vs Atlanta, vs Cinn, at Dallas, vs Wash). He is 0 for 5 now.

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Hasn’t Jackson missed more plays due to injury this year than Hasselbeck?
    Hasselbeck is in the the middle of the pack when it comes to starting qb play this year.
    Jackson is in the bottom third.
    For this year at least we would have been better off with Hasselbeck, and we would be 8-5 and headed for the playoffs with Hasselbeck.

    If Carroll wants to keep going with Jackson next year it will be based on how well Jackson plays in these final three games imo!

  16. JazBadAzz says:

    T.Jack biggest problem is a combination of the most important things a successful qb needs to lead his team to the playoffs every year!

    1. Pocket presence- he continues to run right into defenders when it was so easy for him to step up in a little different direction.
    Last night against the rams he would have gotten rocked if Forsett didn’t step up when they were close to the goal line.

    2. Making it through his progressions- to many times he stares down his receiver right after the snap.

    3. Accuracy down field- always over throw or just throws it out of bounds. never give the receiver a chance to make a play on the ball.

  17. ejkimber says:

    Why are we still talking about Hasselbeck. He would not have made it through the first month of the season.

  18. One problem about focusing on stats the last 5 games is that 40% of those numbers were accumulated against the worst team in the NFC. I highly doubt those numbers would be that good if we had traveled to Pittsburgh instead of St. Louis and hosted an average team at home on Monday. That’s the skeptic in me. The Ravens win at home was great and fun, but that’s the only real team we’ve played in this stretch. Granted, we’re winning and can’t control our schedule and have to play regardless, but I want to see some good Jackson performances like he’ll get tested with the next couple of weeks (Chicago & San Fran – one away, one home). I think that’s a better measuring stick with respect to doing well against good teams/defenses b/c those are the types of challenges we’ll get in the playoffs in the future and that’s what I want (big wins). The nice thing though is that we appear to be getting really good at winning against teams we should beat.

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