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Hawthorne, Brock do not practice

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 8, 2011 at 3:56 pm with 43 Comments »
December 8, 2011 3:56 pm

Seattle Seahawks linebacker David Hawthorne’s knee apparently still is giving him some trouble.

Hawthorne did not practice today, along with defensive end Raheem Brock (calf). Cornerback Byron Maxwell (illness) did take some reps in practice and was limited, along with fellow cornerback Kennard Cox (hamstring).

Quarterback Tarvaris Jackson (pectoral) fully participated in practice today and again threw the ball with pace. Specially, I thought Jackson practiced with great tempo today and seemed to be getting the ball out much quicker as he went through his progressions.

For St. Louis, quarterbacks Sam Bradford (ankle) and A.J. Feeley (thumb) did not practice, along with defensive end Chris Long (ankle), kick returner Quinn Porter (abdomen) and defensive tackle Fred Robbins (back).

Offensive tackle Mark LeVoir (chest) and defensive end Eugene Sims (ankle) were limited.

Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell talked about how the offense feeds off of the way Lynch runs.

“I think it’s contagious,” Bevell said. “It gets everybody excited. Sometimes the runs are blocked for one or two yards. Obviously the run for a (15-yuard) touchdown, he just got engulfed. And all of sudden he slips out for whatever it was, a 15-yard touchdown. I mean those are impressive plays. And it’s not only him. I mean there’s guys finishing up front, Russ (Russell Okung) had a big block on the backside to kind of clean him off.

“But I think that attitude, the toughness and the tenacity he has is contagious for the rest of the guys.”

Bevell also talked about facing a team like the Rams for the second time this season.

“First of all you have familiarity, so that helps,” he said. “We’ve had a little bit longer on this one, too, with us playing on Thursday. You’re just trying to figure out what kind of wrinkles they’re going to give you. We try to say, ‘What have we shown, and where do we need to go?’

“I wouldn’t say it’s tough. It’s just that you’re trying to play that cat and mouse game the second time

Notes from practice
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  1. pabuwal says:

    If Jackson is indeed fairly healthy, he has a pretty solid shot of establishing himself as the QB of the Future.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    I totally disagree, with due respect. Among other things (not the least of which has been his “spotty” play) they would have to lock him up with a multi-year, long term deal after this season. If they were to decide he’s the future, there is no way they let him reach the end of his current deal. Especially with as many talented QBs coming out this April, it seems hard to imagine they’d pass on one of them early only to put themselves in a position to re-sign their “future” later. Either the extend Jackson this off-season (highly unlikely) or they’re drafting a QB early in April, as I see it.

  3. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It looks like the top three or four qbs will be gone in next years draft so who do we pick as our qb of the future?

  4. Soggybuc says:

    I believe we have TJ thru next season so it’s possible we can take one of the mid level QB’s in the draft and let TJ run with it for another year or 2. there are some promising talents out there that are not starter ready but will be good in a couple of years.
    Either way whatever they decide to do JS has proven to me that we can trust them no matter how weird or puzzling the move seems at the time

  5. pabuwal says:

    Jackson’s contract expires at the end of next year and if he’s healthy he will play the team out of the position to draft one of the top 3 QBs.

  6. pabuwal says:

    What’s better than the Stealers Quarterback being out for the year?

  7. JazBadAzz says:

    Jackson will beat out any QB on the roster next year besides Manning if JS and PC and get him on a deal with a restructured contract. I do trust our management better than any before and many around the league. They will not do stupid stuff just to get a player they like ask the eagles or bengals about it. The only move I didn’t like so far is that Whitehurst trade, although Charlie did get us in the playoffs last yr.

    With that said can we get back to whats going on this year, enjoy the season while it last cause life sucks with out football! We still got a lot to cheer about you bums lol

  8. JazBadAzz says:

    DEC. 8, 2011 AT 6:38 PM
    What’s better than the Stealers Quarterback being out for the year?

    He just stood there like he’s mr.bigstuff, I seen it coming and yelled something I rather not repeat online…but I don’t wish anyone ill fate by injury.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Toothlessraper unfortunately will be around long enough this season for the Ravens to end the Stealers run!

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Pab – So if Jackson “plays them out of the top 3 QBs” he becomes the de-facto QB of the future? Moreover, who have you assigned (or have you let others tell you) as the top 3? Look, it is WAY to early to begin speculating on where players will fall. Even weeks before, clarity is nearly impossible. The logic is flawed, at best, to assume that Seattle cannot draft a so-called franchise QB in the mid to late 1st round. History would prove that.

  11. “Either they extend Jackson this off-season (highly unlikely) or they’re drafting a QB early in April, as I see it.”

    I think they might do both. If Jackson is willing to sign for $4 to $5 million a year, why not extend him and ALSO draft another QB? After all, Charlie isn’t coming back, at least I hope not.

  12. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Pab, you continue to post delusional comments…and I mean that with the most respect possible. You’re either joking or out of your skull to think Jackson is the QB of the future. The QB of the Seattle Seahawks future is walking around a college campus right now deciding what to wear to the draft next April. Hopefully one of those campuses is either Palo Alto or South-Central LA…

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Can – I meant that in context of extending him as their franchise guy. That type of investment (time and money).

  14. pabuwal says:

    This Stealers QB is like a cockroach.

  15. pabs – you’re right. Jackson could very well be the QB of the future, assuming you are okay with substandard play from that position and are okay with usually having to win games in spite of him, not because of him. Sounds like a great recipe for success. Hey, it’s working for the 49ers and Alex Smith so why not copy what our division rivals are doing? Of course he can/will have some good games, but when you look at the overall body of work, it’s not going to be top 10ish by any means. Just b/c he’s not as terrible as I thought he’d be doesn’t mean he’s good. He’ll probably look good in the Rams game, but then again, most people do look good against the Rams so I’m not sure what the game on Mondaynight will prove.

  16. pabuwal says:

    No, I don’t think Jackson will be a top 10 QB either. I think he would fall in that next tier. But Hasselbeck was only a top 10 QB for 3 years of his 10 years (2003, 2005, 2007) with Seattle, so the team can survive provided the other 3 teams in the division continue to have weak QB situations.

    Top 10 QBs are generally gained through the 1st round of the draft. Brees and Brady are the exception. If the Seahwks play themselves out of the top 10 this year, how do they find this future Top 10 QB?

  17. HawkyHann says:

    I’m pounding the RGIII kool aid. Make a bold move and go get this kid. Let Tarvaris go, and move Josh Portis to #2. There is no reason to believe Tarvaris should be the leader of this team.

  18. pabuwal says:

    Teams that will draft ahead of Seattle which would draft a future Top 10 QB: Miami, Buffalo, Cleveland, Jax, Indy, KC, Washington.

    The Seahawks would have to move from say number 16 to the top 5 to draft one of the top 3 QBs. Who thinks Carroll and Schneider will actually give up the huge bounty needed to move up to the top 5?

  19. HawkyHann says:

    Buffalo paid big time money to the Amish Rifle. Take them off this list. Carroll and Scneider will easily move up if they’re dead set on a guy, and then weal and deal to get more picks in later rounds.

  20. chrisj122 says:

    Pabuwal- of the teams you listed, I think only Washington, Miami and Indy will be choosing a QB in the first round. the other teams listed still have faith in their QB’s or have to much money wraped up in them.
    Just my opinon..

  21. Seahawkfan78 says:

    Draft order if the season ended today…

    Indianapolis Colts – Most likely take a QB
    St. Louis Rams – Probably Not – Invested recently
    Minnesota Vikings – Probably Not – Invested recently
    Jacksonville Jaguars – Probably Not – Invested recently
    Washington Redskins – Will take one!
    Carolina Panthers – Probably Not – Invested recently
    Cleveland Browns – They have McCoy, probably wont invest in another one quite yet.
    Philadelphia Eagles – Vick…
    Miami Dolphins – Most likly will take a QB
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers – I think they have more needs then a QB
    Arizona Cardinals – Probably Not – Invested recently
    Kansas City Chiefs – Probably Not thanks to Casel
    Buffalo Bills – Probably Not – Invested recently
    Seattle Seahawks – Which then leaves us to invest in a Franchise QB. So we have the 4th QB unless we move up…

  22. chrisj122 says:

    I have to agree, I’m also starting to drink the RGIII Koolaid. I just wish he was a couple of inches taller but others at his height have made it work (Drew Breeze). Everyone should take a good look at him in the Almo Bowl, just hope he doesn’t have to good of a game.

  23. DFloydd says:

    Say what you want about the Steelers QB but the dude is tough as nails. any other QB would’ve packed it in for the evening but he came back and won that game last night. that is what I call toughness beyond belief. And I don’t get all the hate for the Steelers? just because of the Superbowl in 2005? I do believe the referees screwed that game up. Not sure how PIT “cheated” in a Superbowl game to cause so much hate for a team not in the Hawks division. sorry, i just find it weird to hate the team not the refs. all they did waws play the game. I live and die by the Seahawks(Sorry, kind of a closet Steelers fan too, wish Seattle was as tough as they are at times)

  24. pabuwal says:

    If the Top 3 QBs coming out this year are indeed Future Top 10 QBs, a lot of teams that don’t have much money tied up in their current QB that you guys think won’t take a QB are going to jump at this year’s class (Buffalo, Jax, KC, Cle).

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Who are these “top 3″ you keep mentioning? And again, are these your top 3 or someone else’s? And why does it have to be an arbitrary number like 3 in order to be considered a “franchise QB”?

  26. Seahawkfan78 says:

    Dukeshire – Luck, Barkley, and RG III are most likely the Top 3 QB’s for this years draft. But there are still some good ones left out there. The Seahawk front office seems to be pretty good at finding the guys we need to build a young team.

  27. pabuwal says:

    Luck, Barkley and Griffin.

  28. HawkyHann says:

    Pabuwal-do you consider a 6 year, $59M, of which $24M is guaranteed, big money? This is what Buffalo paid Ryan Fitzpatrick(amish rifle).

  29. Seahawkfan78 says:

    Pabuwal – I just dont see KC or Jax spending more on another QB this year. Cassel has a 6 year, $62.7 million contract in July 2009 and Gabbert was a 1st round #10 Pick in this years draft. Browns may go for one but I think they have bigger needs then a QB. McCoy is getting the ball to his recievers, they are just dropping it.

  30. pabuwal says:

    If I recall, Fitzpatrick’s base salary is very low in 2012. And with the new rookie wage scale, high 1st round picks are fairly inexpensive. The same logic will apply with Cassell and Gabbert.

  31. HawkyHann says:

    Fitzpatrick received extension 1-2 months ago after this blazing start to this season.

  32. pabuwal says:

    With the Top 3 QBs this year, we are talking about Future Top 10 Franchise guys that can lead a team for 10-15 years. Possible Rodgers, Brady and Brees types. Does anyone here see McCoy, Cassel, Gabbert or Fitzpatrick anywhere near that caliber?

    I’d easily take one of these top 3 guys over Jackson as well. I’d even take them over Bradford, as most of you guys know my thoughts on Bradford.

  33. Breakdown of Fitzpatrick’s guarantees:

    “Fitzpatrick will receive (or, possibly, has already received) a $10 million signing bonus. He’ll also get a $5 million option bonus in March. That’s $15 million of his $24 million guaranteed right there, and he’ll get it within the next few months. The remaining $9 million in guarantees are only due to Fitzpatrick if he’s on the roster but injured, per Brandt; that implies that if the Bills release him, there won’t be anything else guaranteed to him. That’s obviously huge.”

    Basically he only got $10m and the rest doesn’t have to be paid if they cut him after this season ends.

  34. HawkyHann says:

    However you slice it, the $24M is his because theHarvard boy isn’t going anywhere.

  35. Its not $24m, its just $10m.

  36. Dukeshire says:

    Pab – Do you see the irony in calling for a top 3 QB when two of the three you named weren’t even taken in the first round (and Rodgers was the 24th overall pick)? This phantom “top 3″ QB you mention could be found well outside the top half of the first round.

    Seahawkfan78 – That’s my whole point.

  37. The success rate of QBs drafted in the first round who became starters is far higher than the success rate of QBs drafted in all the other rounds.

  38. pabs – another question/comment.

    You have made it clear that you hate Matt Ryan, think he’s way overrated, etc. He needs, according to you, a good running game and everything to go his way for him to be functional.

    However, doesn’t Jackson need that exact same thing for him to reach the height of what he can become? You want Jackson to eventually get to where Matt Ryan is right now (yet you hate Ryan, and like Jackson). That part doesn’t add up to me.

    Matt Ryan is already there (game manager; according to you) and you hate him, but Jackson isn’t there, although you think he could get there, yet you like him? What am I missing?

  39. I don’t “hate” Matt Ryan. I think he is a good QB, but he won’t become a top 5-10 guy like everyone assumed after his rookie year and even last year. I also think he hit his ceiling after his rookie year, which is a very good game manager.

    I’d be pleased if Jackson got to that level on a consistent basis. You can win with very good game mangers, like the Seahawks did with Matt Hasselbeck.

  40. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – Then why did 2/3rds of your list include QBs taken out of the first? lol. Look, of course every team that needs a QB wants a blue-chipper. But you don’t need a top 5 pick (or even top 10) to get one, and that seems to be your underlying argument.

  41. I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t take 10 current QBs over Matt Ryan if I could choose who I wanted to be our QB for next year.

  42. Miami might very possibly play their way out of a High pick for a QB – and I think that Moore is growing on them. Maybe not enough to skip drafting a guy but they are liking him more and more.

    Many things will happen the next 4 weeks I think that will alter the order – it happens almost every year where a few of the teams jump up or down the list.

    If I had my choice of picks right now I think I like Barkley the best. Then Luck. RG3 is very interesting BUT playing the spread doesn’t always convert to playing the NFL game so it worries me a little.

    I still wonder how guys like Tannehill, Foles, and Landry are going to pan out as NFL guys – don’t know whether to like them or not. But I like them all way better than Gabbert last year. Totally a pick based on the combine and not anything else.

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