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Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 30, 2011 at 8:17 pm with 22 Comments »
November 30, 2011 8:17 pm

Should the Seattle Seahawks consider sitting Tarvaris Jackson down for the rest of the season?
How has he success of Tim Tebow and Cam Newton changed the way NFL teams evaluate the quarterback position, and Seattle’s pursuit of a franchise quarterback?

Should Seattle consider drafting a Mike Wallace-type of receiver in the first round?

And how will the Seahawks contain an explosive Philadelphia offense on Thursday?

Eric Williams of the Tacoma News Tribune and Rob Rang of tee up those questions and others in this week’s Seahawks Insider podcast.

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  1. Yes, been saying it for awhile. Carroll should put TJack on IR and send him to surgery before he damages himself any more than he already has. Tjack is a tough guy and he’s fighting for his career. He won’t know when to quit.

    I won’t mind if Charlie loses the rest of our games and we draft high in April. We know what we have on the team now. They proved a few things to themselves this year, including demonstrating that Carroll and Schneider know how to scout young talent, confirming that the O linemen are good but will take a couple years to mature, and that wins will be tough to come by until that happens.

    First round in April has to be all about getting a QB they really like.

  2. T-Jack’s pec injury has nothing to do with his horrible pocket presence, the way he only looks at certain receivers, won’t throw in tight windows, etc. I’m tired of people making excuses for these faults saying that it must be an injury. Maybe he’s just that bad?

    One thing I noticed earlier in the year was that Bevell put him in a better position to be successful in terms of playing him to his strengths. Not that this has stopped, but now there’s no longer the unknown with him. Teams have film. That’s why he doesn’t look as good recently (when all indications are that he’s been getting BETTER physically).

    Sure, there was film from his Minnesota days years ago but does anyone really think that teams earlier this year watched all of the Bevell/Jackson film from years ago (before Favre) to gameplan for the Seahawks early this year? I think not (at least not much). So, yes, I do believe there was an unknown that benefitted Jackson/Bevell earlier in the year. That’s one way to explain that a guy who is getting heathier seems to be regressing. The proof he’s been getting better is that he has been able to throw/practice more as he’s gotten further away from when the injury happened. I don’t think this can be denied.

    Personally, I think WR is the least of our worries moving into 2012. I think Rice, Baldwin, Tate, Durham, and Obo are a solid five guys moving forward. I’m excited to see how Baldwin and Durham improve in year two, as every WR does between those years and especially with Tate moving into that magical third year for WRs. He’s got a lot to prove, no doubt, but I’m still one of the very few that believe in him for 2012. Obo is just such a solid guy to have around that I don’t see where he goes anywhere. He’s a great special teams player, too. That’s not even talking about BMW, whose on my personal list of outside and looking in.

  3. Putting Jackson on IR has nothing to do with whether you hate him or like him. Its simply the right thing to do for the man’s health and for his chance to heal up properly so he can continue his football career.

  4. nidhighe says:

    “That’s why he doesn’t look as good recently (when all indications are that he’s been getting BETTER physically).”

    Against the Redskins, the injury seemed to be bothering him more than in previous games. I noticed it even before the announcers mentioned it.

  5. Bobby, I have to respectfully disagree with almost everything you have said.
    Lets start with T-Jack, the game against the Skins it was obvious from his movement, facial expressions and even picked up by the commentators that he was playing hurt, so i dont buy the comment he was getting BETTER physically. Its obvious to see the only reason he was playing was two fold, firtstly as Stevos mentioned its his last chance of an NFL career and will never quit and secondly, Pete knows he is our only chance to win and still being in play off hunt he wanted him playing. This second reason was probably why TJack practiced more to give the team its best chance of winning.

    Now to the WR situation, like everyone I thought we were set there and was one of a few positions we didnt need to address for a few years, the way individuals and the team have played this year at WR now makes me question that.

    Rice has been for me the biggest dissapointment on the team this year, has all the abilities to be elite but just cant stay healthy and when he has been healthy has dropped way to many balls for someone with his skill set. The health issue was flagged when we signed him and has proven correct this year and unfortunately follows the pattern of his career, the more frightening being the 3 concusions in a short period of time.
    Williams, just hasnt kicked on from last year, seems slower, less interested and just cant catch, thats not a good set of skills for a starting WR. I’m not buying the TJack doesnt throw to him rubbish if anything TJack doesnt throw to him because he always lets him down.
    Tate, still needs to stop making silly mistakes, he knows the rules about falling down in endzones and what is offside or illegal motions so when he gets his chance, admittedly theyve been limited he needs to make sure he is at his best and he clearly hasnt done that. Im hoping the remaining games with Rice out he gets more chances and can improve as we look to 2012.

    OBO and Baldwin are keepers and Baldwin especially along with Sherman on D have been my players of the year

    The bubble are Durham and Butler and again I hope we get a look at them as we play out the remaining games.

  6. I guess is if he’s healthy enough to practice more than he was means he’s getting worse. My bad.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t understand that either. He even threw in practice yesterday and he hasn’t thrown the day before a game since the injury. There is no evidence the injury is getting worse, in fact, by all reports, he’s more active in practice each week which would seem to indicate it’s getting better. It feels like what’s happening here is that people are letting their respect for his toughness skew any objective assessment of his play.

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I say put Jackson on injured reserve! This would now be a good time to evaluate the other qbs.

    Jacksons the one that got himself injured by making a bone head play, thinking he was Lynch!

    I wish he didn’t get injured so there could be no more excuses for him. But I guess the next excuse would be, “Well he doesn’t have his go to reciever anymore”.

    Mike Williams is a great example of showing us how a good qb can make him look good, and how a bad qb can make him look like Mike williams.

  9. confucious says:

    It is not ethical to place Jackson on injured reserve if he is not unable to play. You can’t throw the season for Luck or Barkley. You must ALWAYS field your best chance to win the game. If you don’t, we might as well be watching big time wrestling. Ofcourse the way the nfl is allowing refs to call games this year, maybe we already are.

  10. pabuwal says:

    How was Mike Williams good at all last year? Because he beat up on Rod Hood?

  11. Im no doctor but a torn or partially torn muscle only gets better with rest.
    Continually working and aggravating the injury can only make matters worse, if not anyone who pulled a hamstring, calf, pec etc would just play though it.

    So yes i do believe his injury is as bad or getting worse and the reason he is practicing more is to try and get something going on the offensive side of the ball.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    I agree in theory. But If it’s getting worse, they wouldn’t increase his work load in practice. That would be counter to trying to improve the offense. As you say, continually working a muscle injury will generally make it worse, so considering he’s gone from 2 full weeks off, to one practice a week, to now throwing the day before a game, all reasonable signs point to an injury on the mend. Or least one that has stabilized at a far better level than it was. (At least from where I sit.)

  13. pabuwal says:

    I think he is practicing more and telling the coaches he is ok because he knows this is his last chance to be an NFL Starter and understands it is quickly slipping away with every loss. He knows he won’t get one more chance unless he plays well enough so the Seahawks are in no position to draft a QB high. While the team is mathematically in the hunt, the coaches have nothing to lose by taking him out because the backup situation is that bad.

    Unfortunately, for Jackson, it probably won’t work out. It might have worked out if Whitehust was even a competent starter because he could keep the team afloat while Jackson healed up. This is 2 straight years his season has been deterred due to a major injury.

  14. pabuwal says:

    Made a mistake back there –
    “While the team is mathematically in the hunt, the coaches have nothing to lose by taking him out because the backup situation is that bad.”

    Meant nothing to lose by KEEPING HIM IN.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    He only played last season when Favre was injured. It’s not as though his turf toe toward the end of the season (in his only start) derailed his year.

  16. pabuwal says:

    He could have at least started the remainder of the year and put in some work on the resume. Instead, everyone was left with the Eagles playoff game as their lasting impression of him.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    That’s presuming it was his call to play or not. Moreover, no one knows at what level he would have played.

  18. I’m not sure if they should sit TJack or not.I would like to see Portis play in a real game.It boils down to all we can do is trust in PC
    The draft I don’t think we are going to draft a QB in the first round.PC only has good things to say about Portis an TJack I think he might draft a QB in the 4th or 5th round.Time will tell again trust in PC

  19. Why does everyone keep saying Durham is that great? How many NFL catches does he have? How many snaps has he played.

    Yes the coaches loved him, other teams wanted him too. SOOO WHAT! He couldn’t get on the field. He has proven nothing!!

    Everyone loved Legree as well and where is he — OUT OF FOOTBALL.

    still don’t get it. made some great catches in the preseason, but Charlie played well there too.

  20. Guys like Baldwin are extremely rare for WRs. You don’t get WRs who come into this league and play like veterans right away. I liked the Durham pick at the time even though I really expected NOTHING from him this season. He could be a bust, he could be good. But on average, you don’t cut 4th round picks if you’re the regime that drafted him (and I know they did that with Wilson last year, but it’s certainly not the norm).

    This is stretching it a bit, but the Packers have been criticized for drafting Jordy Nelson over DeSean Jack$son. They looked like idiots for those first two years (again, you don’t get many inexperienced WRs who play great, some, yes, but not most). But now Nelson is emerging, in his 3rd season, as a really good player. I really believe that you can’t fully judge many good WRs until their 3rd season.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    I would say that about most positions: by their 3rd season, you know what you have.

  22. Agreed. You can see if there’s the potential you want or not. I’m just saying that their big breakout year (if they are to have one) is usually that third year.

    Switching gears (from the next entry), it sure looks like the Tarvaris injury keeps getting worse. Insert sarcasm.

    He’ll actually be pretty good for the remainder of the season after getting Fri-Sat-Sun off this week. I guess excuses for someone is more fun than logic.

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