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WR Rice sits out walk-through; Vobora placed on IR

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 28, 2011 at 4:44 pm with 20 Comments »
November 28, 2011 4:44 pm

The Seahawks conducted a short, walk-through practice on this afternoon.

Receiver Sidney Rice, who left Sunday’s game against Washington with a head injury, did not participate due to a concussion.

Quarterback Tarvaris Jackson (pectoral), defensive tackle Alan Branch (ankle), linebacker David Hawthorne (knee), cornerback Richard Sherman (calf) and cornerback Byron Maxwell (illness) were all limited participants

Also, the Seahawks placed linebacker David Vobora on the season-ending injured reserve with a shoulder injury on Monday.

With the vacant spot, Seattle claimed linebacker Adrian Moten off of waivers.
Moten signed with Indianapolis as an undrafted rookie free agent out of Maryland, and was waived by the Colts this week. Moten played in 10 games for the Colts, totaling four tackles and a fumble recovery on special teams.

Vobora signed with Seattle on Aug. 22 and made Seattle’s initial, 53-man roster, but released on Sept. 4. He re-signed with Seattle on Oct. 4 and played in six games for the Seahawks.

Notes from practice
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  1. I do understand all the comments that Carroll needs to crack down on the player w/r/t penalties, but we’ve all seen his willingness to cut/trade players (even established and/or highly drafted players) very quickly and unemotionally. Seems reasonable to assume the players would get that message too.

  2. Eric… With TJ on the sidelines, how much time does Portis get with the first unit? Any time at all?

  3. Given Carroll’s willingness to let underperforming players go, I still can’t figure out the deal with Mike Williams. He is slow, soft and has bad hands.

  4. Williams had a solid year for Carroll in ’10, plus I guess he was a decent reclamation story, but I basically agree with your assessment of him these days (maybe not the hands, but overall) – test will be whether he’s on the squad next year, which I don’t think is a sure thing.

  5. Soggybuc says:

    Damn!, with Vobora out and Heater questionable is Malcom Smith next to slide outside when we move KJ to mike? if it comes down to that.

    About the scrappiness that was the coin toss yesterday. if the Skins want to gather mid field for their breakdown when at home, fine. but to do that on the road is a blatant middle finger to your opponent and the fans!
    I for one and pleased that our team is willing to stand up and defend what is THEIR turf and some punk move to piss on it!
    Just need to make sure the anger is channeled in the right manner. which did not happen yesterday.

  6. Best way to stand up is to win the game and not blow a 10 point home lead.

  7. I think BMW needs a QB who can get him the ball in small windows so he can make plays. He does not have that right now. However, I think E said it perfectly in the live chat transcript today in that he doesn’t have that and Matt really didn’t have any real options to go to last year either so he got forced the ball more often, too. With Rice, Miller, Baldwin, etc. around (i.e. much, much more talent to throw to) there’s no reason to keep going to BMW. He simply needs to make the most of his opportunities when he gets them and that’s not something he’s doing either. He wasn’t as sure handed last year as we tend to remember either (he was in that one Cardinal game when he and Matt had a field day). I can remember two plays that cost each QB a TD pass and it turned into a cheap INT at the end zone. Anyone remember those? It’s not like he had hands of glue last year but, yeah, he did make some nice catches though and was definitely an asset. He’s not playing like an asset now but I don’t think it’s fair to think he’s gotten soft (lazy). Sure, he’s a soft big man. His best bet would be to end up in TN next season if he doesn’t make the team, which I don’t think is a sure thing.

  8. “I think BMW needs a QB who can get him the ball in small windows so he can make plays.”

    Yeah, or a QB who is willing to take shots throwing the ball to receivers who are not open. I’m not trying to be clever there – when you watch replays of great QB’s making great completions, you often see that the WR was not one bit open. Tarvaris is clearly a guy who isn’t willing to take that chance, for better or worse, which is one reason we see him hanging onto the ball and taking sacks.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    And Will Herring,(remember him), makes a great interception in the end zone off of Eli Manning!

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think BMW needs to get out of the NFL and let more talented-hungry receivers take his place! And I don’t mean all you can eat buffet when I say hungry!

  11. Soggybuc says:

    half a step is open in the league but TJ seems to wait until a receiver is a full step or more open to toss the rock. which is why we all agree he holds onto the ball to long.

    Herring was a damn good player for the Hawks that only left for a starting spot. I love KJ but I think Will would have been starting as soon as they dumped the Curry experiment. so in a way Curry not only was a waste of a draft pick he cost us a damn solid linebacker as well.

  12. If you think of our draft this way, it’s been great:

    1st round… Sherman… A+ pick!
    3rd round… Baldwin… A+ pick!
    4th round… Wright… Solid pick!
    4th round… Moffitt… Solid pick!
    5th round… Durham… hang nail should be healed for ’12.
    5th round… Carpenter… didn’t expect much from a 5th rounder anyway.
    6th round… Portis… possible QB of the future?
    6th round… Maxwell… good ST performer.
    7th round… Smith… good potential with this athletic LB.
    7th round… Legree… most 7th rounders don’t make it anyway.
    *just randomly put the later players in a draft slot.

    Overall Grade (so far)… B+… Looks like 4 good/solid starters moving forward (Sherman, Baldwin, Moffitt, Wright) and some definite contributors, too. Still too early to really judge, but could become an “A” type of draft.

  13. Good way of looking at things, Bobby. The good teams find solid players in the later rounds and don’t just rely on the first two rounds. So far, John Schneider had done an excellent job.

    Regarding BMW’s performance, I’m reminded of Deion Branch — how he looked so inept in Seattle, but looks like a Pro Bowler in New England.

    Btw, it looks like the two Aaron busts (Curry and Maybin) are playing well for their new teams. Maybin had two sacks against the Bills.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    I liked Herring too, but I’d be surprised if they would have moved him to Sam to replace Curry. If anything, Hill is the one who took his job at weak side.

    As far as juggling the LBs, in the event Heater can’t go, my guess is Wright moves to Mike (we know this), Hill now replaces Vobra at Sam and Smith takes Hill’s spot at Will. I just can’t see Smith stepping in to the strong side and Hill has played there before. Getting pretty thin there…

  15. Yeah. No way is Smith a SAM.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Ok, we are not mathematically out yet, however if we lose to the Eagles on Thursday I will want to see Portis play in some of the remaining games!

    It’s difficult to watch the teams playing their rookie qbs, Dalton, Newton, Gabbert, and Locker playing well in his limited time without thinking what could have been this year.

    I hope I’m not sitting here next year thinking the same thing about the 2012 qb draft class.

  17. Gabbert is a stiff.

  18. aldenroche says:

    I don’t think Curry is playing well in Oakland. Whenever I see highlights of their games, he is still making crazy reads that take him WAY out of the play.

  19. Assuming we do not have CW around next year (I’d be surprised), I also want to see Portis get some play time this year….. If he really isn’t what we saw in the (limited) preseason, thinking ‘out of the box’, we may be in the draft for more than just one QB…. On the other hand, if he is actually progressing, perhaps more than we here on the blog are aware, perhaps we don’t need to draft a QB with our first pick, or ‘trade up’, or ‘stretch’ our pick (to get a QB)…..

  20. I don’t think much of Gabbert either.

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