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Morning links: Reaction to Hawks 24-7 win

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 21, 2011 at 3:30 am with 56 Comments »
November 21, 2011 3:30 am
St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford (8) fumbles the ball after being sacked for a 6-yard loss by Seattle Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons (91) during the third quarter of an NFL football game Sunday, Nov. 20, 2011, in St. Louis. The Seahawks recovered the ball and went on to win 24-7. (AP Photo/Seth Perlman)

Good morning. I’m heading back to Seattle now. We’ll host our Monday Morning QB live chat at noon today.

Here’s reaction to Seattle’s 24-7 win over St. Louis on Sunday.

Here’s my game story, which includes this quote from head coach Pete Carroll on the prospects of playing three straight games at home: “It’s a good deal,” Carroll said. “This is important. We’re coming home for three weeks now. It feels like we’ve been on the road all year. … So it would be nothing better than to go home and get a win this week, and then let’s go to that next one and keep climbing.
“There’s no reason we can’t get a bunch of them. Like I said, there’s a lot of wins out there, and somebody’s going to get them. So it might as well be us. So we’re going to go for it.”

Seattle’s defense once again held St. Louis running back Steven Jackson in check.

Dave Boling of The News Tribune writes besides penalties, Seattle’s patchwork offensive line performed okay.

Clare Farnsworth of focuses on Seattle’s defensive effort.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times writes that film study paid off for defensive end Chris Clemons. He noticed St. Louis quarterback Sam Bradford was holding the ball low, leading to two forced fumbles by Clemons.

Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times says watching the Seahawks’ defense is great entertainment.

ESPN’s Mike Sando offers his thoughts on the game here.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch writes that the Seahawks squeezed the life out of the Rams.

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  1. How crazy would it be for the Rams to draft Luck and trade Bradford for a first round pick? I think Bradford is still legit, but his stock is pretty low right now. Just a fleeting thought.

    This Defense is the key. Can’t remember the last time our Defense was the strength of our team. What a nice change. And with having such a young defense, it just seems like they’re staying pretty hungry always wanting to improve.

    With 3 games in a row at home, IF Tjack goes 2-1, he’d be 4-1 in his last 5. Do we measure a QB by his stats or by victories? If he continues to prove to be able to ‘manage’ the game, can we actually sneak into the playoffs as a wildcard? I haven’t done all the math, but I’m sure someone here has a pretty good start.

    If you were an Offensive Coordinator for an opposing team about to play the Hawks, where would you try to attack them? Where is our greatest weakness on Defense? Special Teams? Offense we can talk about later…I KNOW they are plenty of opinions there.

    PC looked pretty relaxed yesterday. Granted, it WAS the Lambs, but he too seems to have this confidence about him that looks to be growing. I’m pretty fired up. Can’t wait for this Sunday and how loud it’s gonna be!


  2. Palerydr says:

    It was the Rams but these are the kind of games that build your confidence about WINNING!

    Interesting question how do you attack this defense? It sure is great to have a defense that can actually impose it’s will on another team.

    Could we win out? Not likely but you never know the next 3 games are all at home and against teams we on paper could beat.

    @audible you suggested to break our curse a sacrifice of a ram(check) well I would add a human element say a 49er and a Redskin. I would also include an Eagle, Bear, Cardinal and another Ram just to make sure. Got a real good laugh out of that previous comment :>

  3. FleaFlicker says:

    Interesting game yesterday. Seemed like Marshawn was running behind the new starters almost every time, and it worked. Sydney Rice finished with a 118.8 passer rating. TJ was unbearable in the 1st quarter but finally got going. Big Red putting on a stiff arm (that’s my nomination for new Insider page banner). Three take-aways by the defense. And remarkably, we are only three games back from a wildcard spot:

    Granted, it would require a let down on the part of the Bears, but Cutler is done for the season and now that road trip to Chicago doesn’t seem as scary. Every game from here onwards is a legitimate chance for another Seahawks win.

    And I heard a CRAZY stat on KIRO 710 yesterday. Since coming to the Seahawks, Pete Carrol is 8-0 when winning the turnover battle. Previously at USC, he was 53-0 when ahead on turnovers. 61 and freakin’ zero! Seems like a simple formula: win the take-away battle and win the game.

    Go Seahawks!

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think there is a very good chance for us to win the next three games.
    It will be a lot of fun playing the Eagles on national tv!

    The game against the bears will be tough! What will be the status on Cutler? And why do the schedule makers seem to always have us play at Soldier Field? Same thing when we play the stealers.I doubt the NFL will schedule the Stealers to play in Seattle for a long time, But what’s up with the Bears?

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Cutler is done? Now all we have to do is shut down their run game like we did with big Red last year.

    Great stat FleaFlicker, 61-0! Not a big stats guy, but the turnover stat has to be the most important one of all. Imo.

  6. SandpointHawk says:

    Cutler is done until at least the playoffs is what I read.

    I think Bradford needs a West Coast Offense. I love the Rams with Josh McDaniels running the O. What were they thinking?

    No wonder why Pete is always talking about winning the turnover battle.

  7. HawkyHann says:

    It is so painful watching Tarvaris. Can we trade for Seneca Wallace? BMW gets a big catch, finally, but Sidney has to throw it to him. So frustrating watching our QB play.

    Love Marshawn.

  8. ChrisHolmes says:

    It was the Rams. Nothing to get excited about. They have serious issues.

    And the way you attack Seattle’s defense is simple: you throw it. Aaron Rogers and the Packer receiving corps, for example, would eat Seattle’s secondary alive. The Rams lack the receiving corps to attack Seattle properly.

    JTack was terrible. And that’s the bottom line. We played possibly the worst franchise in the NFL this year and won. Yay for us. We still don’t have a QB and we continue to put ourselves further and further away from being able to draft someone who could reshape this franchise for a decade and a half.

    We’re going to have to trade draft picks now in order to get a proper franchise QB in a draft that is pretty deep with QB talent.


  9. It is so hard this season to feel great about a win like this, but impossible to not feel good about how the team is developing in the right direction.

    ‘What-if’ may be lame, I know. But I can’t help thinking this team would be coming into their own right now and capable of making a playoff run IF Tarvaris hadn’t gimped his throwing arm with an injury, and IF Carp and Moffitt were still side-by-side improving every game.

    The stout D along with the horrible Rams offense were obviously the biggest keys to the win, But – Carroll and Cable remain dedicated to the running game, regardless of who their personnel are. That’s good. Marshawn averaged only 3.3 yds, but got the ball 27 times. That’s believing in your system. Tarvaris was bad early, took too many sacks, but remained in the system and didn’t play outside himself, and he won.

    The way this team is developing, its hard to see them losing more than half their remaining games. Having a gimped QB and O line makes it hard to believe they could win more than half. Its a little frustrating to see them heading for 7-9, no playoffs, and no top-10 draft pick.

  10. Indy will win the Luck sweepstakes and either make off like bandits on Draft picks or take him because Payton Manning is done. (still surprised they never put him on the IR)

    We still need a QB – Pass Rush – LB depth – OL depth/starters

    only 3 places I would not draft unless you get a steal – TE-DB-WR. We are good unless we lose someone in all of those places. Provided injured players come back healthy.

  11. yakimahawk says:

    I think I am with BobbyK now about going after Flynn though I would like to see more of him. No way Seattle gets Luck, Barkley or Jones..Weedin is too old and RG3 is a project he has a huge arm whip (long release)and is accurate short passes an just “ok” with deep balls (but great athleticism). If we can’t get the big 3 QB’s in this draft I would rather see the Hawks NOT spend a 1st rounder on a QB and go after DE and then try to make a deal with Green Bay for Flynn (though I hope he is not another Kolb) and then get someone like Kellen Moore in 4th-5th round..I think that would be the best-bang-for -buck in this situation..Hawks will NOT draft lower than 12 and more likely 15-16 ish..

  12. Really ChrisHolmes, your post is disappointing, dude, go back and read JazzBadAzz post on the last thread, he said it perfectly. You could be dead tomorrow and the last thing you would of saw is the Hawks tanking it for a draft pick, that’s ridiculous. You play to win, it’s called competitive nature. What kind of athlete would accept tanking it for a better draft pick, a loser. If we had players and coaches on this team like that, a hall a famer QB wouldn’t be able to fix that. Root for your team to be successful, anything else is pitiful. Every Sunday watching a shitty team throw in the towel for a whole year, cool, that would be a fun season to watch. Who bitches about wins and hopes for losses. What a joke.

  13. yakimahawk says:

    I agree…why would you throw wins away..Luck? Barkey Jones?? Good QB’s and NONE I repeat NONE of them are a sure deal..In fact if you believe in the stats 2 out of the 3 will be just “ok” if they make it at all. I think JS and PC can find our QB without giving up the franchise and you have NO idea of what QB can re-shape a franchise until they are here and prove they can do it..There are very, very, very few QB’s who ever develop into something REALLY special..

  14. What grade do you give our Oline this week? The right side looked pretty damn good to me for most of the game!

  15. HawkfaninMT says:

    First, I dont think a deal will need to be made for Flynn as I think he is an FA. Secondly if we aren’t going to draft a 1st round QB, and assuming Flynn would cost Kolb type money, why not just stick with T-Jack? I don’t think he has lit the world on fir, but he hasn’t been as bad as Bobby thought he’d be. He is playing hurt, within the system, and winning here and there. He is also growing with the team. I guess I just don’t see the upgrade from T-Jack to Flynn that some other here see.

    Can anyone shed some insight on this for me?

  16. This was the largest margin of victory by ANY Seahawks team against the Rams in St. Louis.

  17. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Flynn=Kolb vers 2.0…moving on…

    I could actually see the FO moving up in the draft to get the right QB. They know what this teams needs, and this QB draft class is unlike any other we’ve seen since ’83 (or will see for a long, LONG time). I will be stoked when they make the right moves to get the future QB in April’s draft.

    In the meantime, it is loads of fun watching the Seahawks smash the Rams. That never gets old…

  18. chuck_easton says:


    Go root for some other team to lose. I want Seattle to finish strong and show promise for the future. That’s how you build up a young team. We don’t want these kids getting used to a losing mentality. That can stick around forever.

    Also, if you look at the actual standings (as of today) we are still in strong contention to grab one of the top QB’s without having to move up or tank the season.

    Indy 0-10 (just give them Luck now)
    Minnesota 2-8 (They have Ponder who is their QB of the future)
    St. Louis 2-8 (Bradford is the Franchise QB – their out of the running)
    Carolina 2-8 (they have some guy named Cam Newton they are pretty high on)
    Arizona 3-7 (Just sold the farm to get Kolb. Can’t draft a 1st rnd QB)
    Miami 3-7 (Would likely grab one of the three so their in play)
    Jax 3-7 (Gabbert is the future. Likely out of the mix)
    Washington 3-7 (would likely grab a 1st rnd QB so their are the top three)
    K.C. 4-5 (likely 4-6 after tonight. They have Cassell but are they sold?)
    S.D. 4-6 (Rivers…no further comment)
    Cleveland 4-6 (High on Colt McCoy, probably not looking)
    T.B. 4-6 (have their Q.B of the future in Josh Freeman not looking)
    Philly 4-6 (spent 100Million on Vick. Stuck with him)
    Buffalo 5-5 (59 million on Fitzpatrick stuck with him)

    So, really only Indy, Miami, and Washington would likely draft a 1st round QB. There are way more than 3 potential 1st rounders out there this year.

    I say the Seahawks go for 7-9 or 8-8 and let the draft fall where it may.

  19. wabubba67 says:

    No. Flynn = Hasselbeck 2.0

  20. HawkfaninMT says:

    @ Chuck: I agree with your assesment on most of the teams. But I don’t know about there being WAY more than 3 1st round QBs. I would say RG3 and Tannehill are in the conversation, but beyond that, I wouldn’t want them to spend a first one any other QBs. I’d say Luck, Barkeley, and Jones are top 10. RG3 is Top 20, and Tannehill is borderline 1st round. Just my opinion from the game here, game there watching I have done of them. But I would be excited if we got any of the top 4.

  21. SeahawkFan12 says:

    HawkfaninMT, a concur, EXCEPT to say that I’m not sold on RG3. Not really sure why. Maybe it’s his windup and mechanics…I’m really not sure. BUT, I do agree on the way you broke out Luck, Barkley and Jones, and wouldn’t be surprised if the FO made a play for one of them. If ever the FO was going to secure the QB of the future through the draft, this is the year to do it, IMO…

  22. Palerydr says:

    Something to keep in mind is that the top 3 QB prospects are all juniors and, while not likely, all 3 may not come out for this draft. In that scenario and say we actually do make the playoffs then I would figure them to target Tannehill in the top of the 2nd or bottom of the 1st. Still not onboard for Flynn regardless of how tall he is.

    It’s obvious we need a QB but just as important is developing a winning mentality. Winning that playoff game last year IMO is paying dividends this year just like winning out and competing for a playoff spot would pay dividends for next year. I realize it’s not likely especially if we lose Jackson which I really didn’t expect to be talking about but it’s now reality.

    Using GB as an example of how a team could beat us is a poor choice IMO. GB right now would give any defense in the NFL fits trying to stop them. How about talking about how the Redskins, Eagles and Rams are gonna do against us seeing as how we DO play them over our next 3 games not GB.

  23. Palerydr says:

    winning out *this year Darn the no edit function/button

  24. What in the world makes people think that Flynn would be even as good as Kolb? Kolb was drafted higher and given much more experience than Flynn, and then proved himself to be the biggest waste of $$$ in the league. The Cardinals rebuilding is now crippled due to Kolb’s contract. That’s no way to build a team.

    I’d much rather see the Seahawks draft a QB in the first round and then another QB in round 3 or 4. And Not overpay some unproven overpriced free agent. Loser teams do that.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Regarding QBs, the more I watch RGIII play the more impressed I become. He would look nice in Seahawk blue.

    And playing off what Stevo eluded to, anytime you get a win when your QB has a rating of 54, you’ve got to feel good. But there is still so much room for improvement and wins like that aren’t going to happen very often.

    And lastly for now, I challenge anyone to find a harder hitting secondary in the league. Roy Lewis just laid wood yesterday, among others. Awesome.

  26. chuck_easton says:

    Agreed Duke,

    We can officially stop the need to draft a DB talk.

    We have our starting 4 for years to come in Kam, Earl, Sherman, Browner.

    The backups are all hard hitting with Thurmond, Maxwell, Lewis, (and the old man Trufant giving sage advice from the rocker).

    One area that may need attention is a good backup Safety but CB is pretty much set.

  27. chuck_easton says:

    Just a thought…could Tru move to Safety? He’d be a good backup to Thomas.

  28. Palerydr says:

    He could but you aren’t gonna pay a back up Safety starting CB money so it would require a renegotiated salary.

  29. SeahawkFan12 says:

    chuck, why would Tru move to safety? He’s not big enough, and Jerron Johnson is a hammer at the position. Thomas has a viable backup.

  30. chuck_easton says:

    Trying to find a ‘spot’ for Tru as he’s a personal favorite.

  31. chuck_easton says:

    Not sure the team would keep 6 CB’s next year and my gut feeling is that Browner, Sherman, Lewis, Maxwell, are 1 through 4. That means Thurmond and Tru might be fighting for that potential 5 CB spot.

  32. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Gotcha, chuck_e, and I agree…Tru is a fave. WOuld love to keep him for the entirety of his career.

  33. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    All I really wanted for my ‘Hawks was for them to become a physical team that kicks azz in the trenches. The type of defense that punishes people for wearing the wrong uniform. A mentally and physically tough team.

    Teams like that find ways to win on the road. Once you build a team like that, a few talented skill players can turn you into a contender. Who knows, maybe even some day steal a playoff win on the road. I’m happy to know that our team is going to become known as an opponent that RB’s and receivers around the league dread seeing on their schedule.

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Can’t say it better CHawkFanIn9erLand! How this FO has created a defense of extraordinary magnitude out of mostly middle to late round picks says much about our GM!

  35. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Why not? Let’s run the table, Let’s crash the playoff party! Why not! Only one team in the NFL scares me a bit and that team almost got beat by Tampa this week!

  36. “What in the world makes people think that Flynn would be even as good as Kolb? Kolb was drafted higher and given much more experience than Flynn, and then proved himself to be the biggest waste of $$$ in the league. The Cardinals rebuilding is now crippled due to Kolb’s contract. That’s no way to build a team.”

    First of all Stevos, let me say that we’ve met and I will acknowledge that you’re a good dude. Very nice guy.

    With that being said, I can’t believe how different our perspectives on things have become this year. I couldn’t disagree more with most of the posts you have made this year and the above is more of the same.

    So many people have said crap this year about T-Jack like “he just needs more time.” We’ve also gotten garbage like “he could still be our QB of the future.” I’ve wanted to throw up with all of those comments.

    And, YES, I will admit he’s better than I ever thought he’d be this year. However, aside from Spergyn Wynn, I thought he’d be the worst starting QB in the history of the NFL, which means, while he isn’t good, he’s still not like I thought he’d be. So, yes, I thought a below average QB would be worse than crappy. You got me. Ouch.

    Back to the T-Jack/Kolb thing…

    T-Jack is 28 years old and has almost 30 NFL starts under his belt. “But he needs more time.” Not from you necessarily, but some others. LMFAO

    Kolb is over a year younger with half as many starts under his belt and the same fools who want to give T-Jack a break are the same ones who want to proclaim Kolb the ulimate failure of failures? I do get that his bigger contract makes him an easier target (same with Curry as opposed to if he had been a 5th round pick). Good thing these idiots weren’t around when Matt Hasselbeck was starting out in Seattle (and sucked). He was a 6th round pick so he should have sucked too, same as that loser in New England.

    Here’s my prediction (probably wrong)… part of the reason Hasselbeck wasn’t offered more than 1 year was b/c Schneider (and PC b/c we all know he really calls the shots) knew Flynn would be “free” this off-season. All reports indicated that Hasselbeck was wanted by the Seahawks even during the 1-day window around the draft. He was contacted by Bevell, too. But once the CBA became clear that 4th year players would be “free” (and there’s no way the Packers would franchise Flynn), why would we give Hasselbeck more than a 1 year deal when “we” knew Flynn would be the QB in ’12? Other than that, I can’t see any logical reason why Jackson was brought in over Hasselbeck with the exception to add a crappy, younger QB over a better one (it’s not like we saved $10 million per season on the move either) and the durability issue with such a young line. And in the irony of ironies, now the Seahawks are the team with explosive skill players, and Tennessee, led by pile-of-dung Chris Johnson, have no decent players for a QB to get the ball to after the Britt injury.

    The Seahawks are going to sign Flynn and make him their #1 QB next year. Flynn is going to suck, here and there, and all the idiots on the blog are going to complain about him. But in ’13, when he’s had a full year of starting under his belt, he’s going to do really well and we will make a big play-off push into January and then those clowns are going to talk about him being so good (same as Hasselbeck when he first started out).

    Aaron Rodgers even didn’t have crazy success in Green Bay after 3 years of watching Favre. They went 6-10 and he improved so much after that 1st year as a starter. It’s not fair to compare his stats to others b/c he is on schedule to go down as one of the best QBs of all time if his success continues. But, still…

  37. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This Idiot says Flynn will never play a down for the Seahawks! Why would we take a chance on him when we can simply draft one in 2012?
    Unless we could get him on the cheap, and I mean really cheap! It makes no sense imo.
    This idiot says we have a better chance of resigning Hutch than we do of signing Flynn. I am sure that would make you and I happy BobbyK. Lol.

  38. B/c he’s a “free” agent with upside, as compared to a “1st round draft pick” agent.

  39. For the record, if we make no attempt to get him in FA, I will not make any critical blog post. Schneider knows more than any of us do on him. I simply believe we’ll make the run for him.

    This “idiot” wanted Derrick Morgan over Russell Okung in the draft. Nobody’s perfect.

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    In Schneider I trust, and if it’s Flynn than I’m in! And if it is Hut ch, I will like it very much!
    Bottom line is no matter what we do with this team moving forward, we have the makings already of a top ten defensive football team, and that is sweet music to my ears!

  41. Agreed. But I’m not going to get my hopes up too much until we get a real QB, whoever that may be. I don’t think the Trent Dilfer recipe for winning a Super Bowl is one I’d like to follow.

  42. Georgia – how far are you from Atlanta? I’m going to be at the Braves-D’Backs game on Wed, June 27.

  43. How about that Matt Hasselbeck laying another egg against a decent team? Oh yeah, its the team around him that makes him look so terrible.

    The Jake Locker era should have started yesterday but the allure of a Matt Hasselbeck 7-9 season is too strong for someone like Munchak.

  44. Name 2 Hall of Fame players that he’s playing with on offense? You claimed he was playing with “Hall of Fame” player*S* earlier in the year. Who are they?

    Why don’t you cry about Gus Bradly some more. Nobody complained about him more than you. According to you, Bradley was one of the dumbest DCs ever. Keep bashing him.

    Bash Browner, too. You know, they guy who won the game that you were at so you could see the Seahawks actually win a road game against a good team. Oh, wait, according to you it was T-Jack. I forgot. He led them on the game winning drive.

    You should mention that T-Jack is the QB of the future some more.

  45. After the Falcons game I became the biggest Seahawks optimist. Duke commented on his surprise on that. I have been optimistic each and every week since then.

    You’ve done nothing but enjoy the losses and hate the wins all year. Didn’t you bet against the Seahawks and lose this year? I have bet on them and won more money then lost so far.

    You are going to continue to hate it all the way to 10-6 in this so called “wasted year.” All because your beloved Hasselbeck is no longer the QB. You’ve been a bigger Titans fan than Seahawks fan this year.

  46. It is weird, because you have always hated the Seahawks and I have always loved them. I simply believe that they can’t do what I want them to do until they have a real QB. But, I guess, maybe we could be a Trent Dilfer team? Crazier things have happened.

  47. Personally, the only game I bet was $50 on the Giants game (and lost). But I was with 3 guys from NY so I enjoyed the win. They are typical NY sports fans (so that part was fun).

  48. When the Seahawks are on t.v. the same as the Titans and I watch the Seahawks — how does that make me a bigger Titans fan?

    Just b/c my favorite player in the NFL plays for them doesn’t make me their #1 fan.

  49. We flipped roles this year but I never bet against the Seahawks the past few years. I even resisted playing fantasy football for years because of how limited I would be.

    Come back over and enjoy the ride. It will be like 1986 all over again for you.

    I understand you had the worst possible scenario happen – your favorite player of all time is gone and replaced with your least favorite player of all time.

    But Pete Carroll looks at the QB position a lot different than you think. What happens when he doesnt proceed anywhere close to how you think he will next year? Are you not going to enjoy the victories and the ascension of this squad?

  50. I have been very critical of the Seahawks the past 3 or 4 years because I just didn’t see the future growth of the team. I saw a team with a bad talent level that was constantly being pached up.

    During the Falcons game I had an epiphany and I finally understood what Carroll was building and saw a big light at the end of the tunnel. Hence, my newfound outlook on the team.

  51. “During the Falcons game I had an epiphany and I finally understood what Carroll was building and saw a big light at the end of the tunnel. Hence, my newfound outlook on the team. ”

    I like it. It’s a new world around here.

  52. Okay, in all seriousness, pabs, I applaud and commend you for this new faith. Again, this part is genuine. I agree that it’s a heck of a lot more fun to be optimistic about your team. We’ve switched roles and I hate it (for me). I agree that every position, on average, is so much more talented than a few years ago that it’s sick (and we’re both happy about it!). But this is a QB driven league and we must have a QB to do what you and I would give a nut to see (a Super Bowl win). Until we get this guy, I have my doubts (and it’s no fun doubting).

  53. Technically, my favorite player of all time is Kenny Easley. There really is no clear second place. Depending on the day, yes, Matt is easlily in the top 5-10.

  54. Flynn at 2008 Combine: 6’2″, 231 lbs. 4.8-40
    Nothing stands out in his history to indicate franchise level talent.
    Why is there always some savior that is just waiting unnoticed to lead the Seahawks to the promised land: Kolb, Palmer; Flynn; etc. Sometimes it sounds like grass-is-greener syndrome. Hass was washed up, CW was the man until he played, TJack is the worst QB in all of football, Portis should be playing; Flynn is?….
    The second coming of Kurt Warner would not satisfy around here. How about trusting the professional player evaluators to do their jobs and not set up these never-to-be-satisfied expectations. Perhaps it is all good fun, but reading the prophesies of failure (or success) that are based on little but opinion, gets old. I’m too lazy to do it, but how does TJack match up statistically against similar middle of the road QB’s, including Flynn?

  55. I don’t think you’d hear anyone bitch if we won a Super Bowl. However, since we’ve never done that, that’s a big reason for the frustration of wanting to improve.

  56. ChrisHolmes says:

    @TruBlu “You could be dead tomorrow and the last thing you would of saw is the Hawks tanking it for a draft pick”

    If I die tomorrow The Seahawks would be the furthest thing from my mind man…

    It’s a game, after all. Priorities man.

    And as a strategic thinker and long-term planner, this season disappoints me. Sorry if that upsets you die-hard-true-blu “fans”, but you’re just coming at this from a totally different perspective than I am. It doesn’t make either of us “right” or “wrong” (or less of a “fan” – disagreement doesn’t make me less of a Seahawks fan) – we just have different opinions and place a much different value on winning now as opposed to winning later….

    I don’t really care about winning “this year”. This team was never going to compete for a Super Bowl.

    What I care about (as a lifelong fan, BTW) is not ONE season, but the long-term success of the team. I don’t want to win this year. I want to win EVERY YEAR. I want us to be Patriots West. I want us to establish a proven track record of winning; to be a threat to win the Super Bowl every season for a decade or longer.

    You can’t do that with Tavaris Jackson as your QB. And you won’t ever do it if you don’t have a franchise QB at the helm. This league just doesn’t work any other way. It’s a QB-driven league, period. End of story. And the position of greatest importance is also our position of greatest weakness.

    And I totally get “playing to win”. Jesus, don’t treat me like a moron. If there was a game on the schedule I’d expect us to win, it’s the Rams. Anyone with any pride and passion at all is going to play to win. It’s stupid to think otherwise.

    But that still doesn’t negate the fact that overall it’s disappointing IN THE LONG RUN because Seattle is putting itself further and further out of position to actually fix the biggest hole in the team. So yeah, I’m happy as a clam that we’re seeing some growth and development in the players and the defense is playing strong – it’s all good. It’s just also simultaneously disappointing to see is march further away from a franchise QB that could have a significant impact on our team for a long, long time.

    And if you don’t think that way, fine. If you disagree that QB is the most important position on the field, I certainly can’t say anything to persuade you otherwise. If you’re more happy to win a few games this year than to draft Andrew Luck and have our franchise compete like the Patriots for 15+ years, so be it. That’s your opinion. Most “fans” are short-sighted anyway. I’m used to it. I’m used to being the fan trying to convince people to see the bigger picture.

    Until Seattle has a franchise QB the team will remain a non-factor in the NFL. And I can totally sit by for a season and watch the games (and enjoy them) for the bright spots they present. But that isn’t going to cloud my long-term thinking on this issue. We need a QB. Bad. And this upcoming draft class presents us with one of the rare QB’s who could be a difference maker like Peyton Manning has been to the Colts.

    I wanted to see Luck in a Seahawks uniform. Now the only way that is going to happen is if PC pulls a Mike Ditka and trades away our entire draft for the kid.

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