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Carroll: “They did not waiver”

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November 20, 2011 7:14 pm

One of the things that Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll seemed most pleased about after his team’s 24-7 win over St. Louis is his team did not let a slow start and two straight turnovers by the offense affect their desire to beat a team they should be on the road.

“What was really done well by our guys is that they did not waiver,” he said. “Nobody wavered at all. Nobody lost their mind on it, and nobody got down in the dumps.

“They knew it was the start of the football game and it didn’t matter. Something that we always preach is that we just keep playing. You could feel it change. It was just going to be a matter of time that we got back on top of this thing and got it going.”

For a second straight game Seattle was impressive on defense, holding the Rams to 185 total yards, forcing two fumbles and an interception. The Seahawks scored 14 points off the turnovers.

Seattle also sacked Sam Bradford five times, and held Steven Jackson to just 42 rushing yards.

Playing against an injury-riddled St. Louis offensive line, Chris Clemons was basically unblockable, finishing with three sacks and two forced fumbles.

Defensive tackle Brandon Mebane also finished with four tackles, including two tackles for a losss.

And the cornerback duo of Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman really made life miserable for the Rams’ receiver.

Specifically, Browner played physical, tight coverage on Brandon Lloyd all day, finishing with two pass deflections on the afternoon.

“When we played them in the preseason (when Lloyd was with Denver) that’s what went on in my head,” Browner said. “But it’s my second time going at him, so I kind of had a game plan of how I wanted to get after him. And I was able to execute it, and have fun. And win.”

And what was that game plan?

“To put hands on him,” Browner said. “That’s my deal, to put hands on him and do my job to the best of my ability. And let him not catch as many balls as possible. Get as many breaks as I can, get interceptions. I was just trying to get it.”

Lloyd was targeted a game-high 14 times, and finished with just five catches for 67 yards, including the Rams’ only touchdown, a 30-yard reception on Richard Sherman.

“It’s nice man,” said Seattle linebacker Leroy Hill about having the big corners out there Hill sported a Boz T-shirt after the game. “I mean you have two physical, big corners out there that’s throwing off the timing of the offensive plays, and it’s working out perfect for the rush we’ve got.”

Red Bryant’s first interception: Most of the talk in the locker room centered on Red Bryant’s interception at the end of the game. Brandon Mebane set up the play with a tipped ball at the line of scrimmage.

And Bryant, who occasionally drops back in coverage and was a tight end in high school, corralled the ball and rumbled about 5 yards before he was tackled by St. Louis receiver Austin Pettis.

“I played tight end in high school, but that’s my secret so don’t tell nobody,” joked Bryant. “I just made a good, solid drop on one of our drop calls. I was on the left side, so I had to drop inside to No. 3 (the No. 3 receiver), and Bane (Mebane) did a great job of tipping it, and I was lucky enough to be in the right spot.

Bryant did get a nice stiff arm on Pettis to knock him back before he tackled him.

“I got tunnel vision,” Bryant said. “I was trying to get into the end zone, and I was just trying to get him off of me. Unfortunately I didn’t get us in there, but the offense got us in there.”

“I was like, ‘he really got a pick,” said Bryant’s good friend Brandon Mebane. “I tried to go out there and block the dude in front of him, but he was trying to grab him. And I ended up kind of knocking him down a little bit. But the good thing is he still held onto the ball and we were still in good field position to score.”

Yep, more penalties: The Seahawks finished with 13 penalties for 100 yards. If that sounds familiar, that’s because Seattle had 13 penalties for 100 yards last week. It’s the sixth game Seattle has finished in double digit in penalties.

Paul McQuistan was Seattle’s main offender, with two false starts and a hold.

The penalties are almost laughable, but at some point they will start costing them wins.

“We had a bunch of penalties again today, and we were trying like crazy not to do that,” Carroll said. “You don’t even want to know all of the emphasis we’re throwing on it. But it didn’t work out today.”

So will Carroll have to create a detention room for repeat offenders?

“We’re way beyond that,” joked Carroll. “We’re getting into some dangerous territory with tortures and all kind of things. Water treatments, or whatever you call it.”

Perhaps the most frustrating penalty for Carroll was the personal foul call on Kam Chancellor for hitting a defenseless receiver in the head when he smacked St. Louis tight end Lance Kendricks coming across the middle.

Chancellor was fined $20,000 last week for hitting Baltimore receiver Anquan Boldin in a similar situation, which left Chancellor with a concussion.

“I thought Kam tried to get his head out of that hit,” Carroll said. “He knew what happened last week. He got fined a lot of money for that hit last week, and he was trying to do it right and trying to be a great competitor, too. I don’t know.

“It’s a distraction to the game right now and the way you play the game,” Carroll went on. “I don’t know where this goes. We’ll just have to sit back and talk about it during the offseason, and hopefully they’ll make some decisions on how we can make some sense of this to the players. They almost have to take their helmets off. You almost have to play with no helmets, or at least I think John Madden said get the facemasks off, and maybe it will be a different game.”

Seattle had no injuries of note. Sidney Rice had some minor cramping but is okay.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    First things first: where did Hill (and why is he wearing) get that Boz Tee? For some reason, I absolutely love it!

    Next: Kam, do not change one single thing about your play. Continue to lay the wood. That hit on Kendricks was not only good football, but exactly what this defense needs to be known for; come over the middle, get punished.

    All in all, a fairly solid game. But for anyone who is still banging the “jackson is the future” drum, re-watch this game. He is not.

  2. Did anyone else note some of the body language late in the game today after a few more stupid penalties? I think I saw Robinson shake his head with really bad/disgusted body language at one of the idiots with ANOTHER penalty on the OL. There seemed to be more after that last Gallery hold, too. If anyone rewatches the game, look for that. Some of the players are clearly sick and tired of some of these dumb penalties, too. The part I found most interesting was that we had basically won the game when some of that bad body language was happening with respect to some of those late penalties.

  3. How can one not love Big Red? He’s one of the guys who is changing Seahawks Football from people thinking we’re “soft” to the point where when you see the Seahawks, you’re going to know that you’ll be black and blue after the game.

    Nobody will dominate the LOS with guys like Mebane and Big Red around. And who would really want to catch a pass in the middle of the field with The Chancellor of Kam ready to kill you? If you were a WR, would you really want to get p!ss pouned by Browner at the LOS all game long? It’s so refreshing to think we’ve got guys who will be bullies.

    I’m not saying anyone needs to be replaced in the starting unit, but it would sure be nice to add a situational pass rusher to go with Clemons. Then this unit would be among the best in the NFL, instead of on the cusp of being one of the best.

  4. Soggybuc says:

    With ya Duke something about that shirt is freaky but very cool. No one is going to be calling the Hawks D “soft” anymore. saw some great hitting today from more than just Kam.

  5. It was a good victory and the defense played VERY well. But let’s remember two things…

    One, we still need a QB for the future. Sorry T-jack but you can’t hold the ball “forever” and not expect to get sacked. Too many third-and-forevers today as a result. Thankfully he didn’t fumble.

    Two, while it was a solid, really solid, day by the defense, we were going up against an o-line that was practice squad quality.

    The one really nice positive was that I thought thr right side of our o-line did an admirable job against one of the best in the game in Chris Long. No, they didn’t win every battle, but battle they did and they held their own pretty damn well. Which could payoff some day down the line. You could even say we have a little depth there. :)

  6. JazBadAzz says:

    Kam when you get the fine just say what Lee Corso would….
    and keep making them think twice about coming through your land bro!

  7. bsinnitt says:

    Soggybuc – agree, I think the shot Roy Lewis dished out at the beginning helped to set the tone. I also agree with Duke that Kam shouldn’t change a thing. He’ll receive the fine money back in his next contract for being a guy that receivers are scared to catch in front of.

  8. williambryan says:

    It’s some wierd emotions going on for me right now. I really want a high draft pick so we can get a choice of the QB’s but man, I just can’t root against this team. Then you watch the interviews and they win me over even more. I know it’s almost crazy but I want this team to go 10-6 now, even though they would still likely miss the playoffs and get a not ideal draft pick. I love these guys

  9. williambryan says:

    Also if you havent already you should check out Kam chancellors twitter account. Kam_Chancellor

    The NFL need to start fining QB’s that throw the ball across my middle… #DangerZone

  10. That’s awesome!

  11. Palerydr says:

    Mindset that’s what I’m gonna take away from this game a team getting a winning mindset.

    Love the direction the defense is going. Sherman is impressing me more every game. It was the Rams but still a nice performance.

    I’m gonna go on record and say I do not want the Hawks to try and sign or make a deal for Matt Flynn. He might be listed at 6′ 2″ but I doubt that I know someone who went to school with him at LSU and they say no way he’s that tall, 6′ tops. I hope they get a chance to draft Barkley or Jones otherwise I will wait for the evaluations to be completed before I start guessing who they will draft.

  12. JazBadAzz says:

    Whoever likes the feeling of losing an entire season to draft one person needs meds, I hate the feeling I have after losing! Kiss my ass if we draft 20+, I feel good thru the week and sleep good at night!

    Besides its a freaking crap shoot at drafting any player that will become a perennial probowler…PFFT! A bunch of miserable fans waits for a freaking draft every year, I want to celebrate every week when we win cause tomorrow ain’t promised today!

  13. Perfect response Kam…

    I said last year that Mebane was the most important player to our defensive scheme…. Throw in some playmaking and he could be the MVP of out team…

  14. Whoops….Big Red..

  15. JazBadAzz says:

    And I see this about the bears…
    We got the tie breaker with the Giants so we good for the wildcard spot at 10-6 or maybe even 9-7…
    Be a freaking fan and take that draft talk somewhere else, or atleast be happy about the lack of injuries this week!

  16. College players/teams lie all the time about height/weight and then the go to the combine and they are measured so the numbers we get are actually real. When Flynn goes to the combine and officially gets measured and those measurements say he’s 6’2, then I’m going to believe them.

  17. JazBadAzz says:

    I read that Trent Willams redskins LT has an MCL injury, we could be on our way to a magical run fellas!

    Think Big Seahawks!

  18. “they did not waiver”

    That sounds SO much like a college coach………….. (Win one for the Gipper, etc).

  19. bird_spit says:

    I watched a bad team ( based on record ) play another BAD team. The one that won, I approve of… But, all this talk of play-off (PLAYOFFS?!) is crazy. I officially disown my illusion that TJ would ever be our QB of the he sucks.

  20. HawksKD – both are true! lol! Big Red absolutely changes this defense when he’s on the field. And Mebane was a total monster out there today. Red and Mebane made Steven Jackson disappear.

    Steven Jackson
    game 8 NO: 159 yds
    game 9 ARI: 130 yds
    game 10 CLE: 128 yds
    game 11 SEA: 42 yds

  21. Think Robert Griffin III for Seahawk QB next year… Or Landry Jones

  22. Matt Flynn

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