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Carpenter has torn ACL

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 17, 2011 at 10:21 am with 32 Comments »
November 17, 2011 10:21 am

First reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle James Carpenter’s MRI evaluation revealed he has a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his left knee and is done for year.

So in a time span of four days the Seahawks have lost the future right side of the offensive line, with rookie right guard being placed on the injured reserve list earlier this week because of an MCL and PCL tear in his right knee. T

Making matters worse is that fact that because of how late in the season both players suffered the knee injuries, Carpenter and Moffitt will be hard pressed to be fully healthy by the beginning of training camp, pushing the time table back on Seattle’s continued development of a young offensive line.

No word yet on when Carpenter or Moffitt will have surgeries, or the Seahawks adding a player to replace Carpenter on the active roster.

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  1. bigmike04 says:

    Sad to see James Carptner be done for season but I am happy that Breno is next in line to start as my buddy is friend with him so happy to see him get a chance to show what he can do..

  2. Dukeshire says:

    With due respect Eric, I disagree with your Moffitt timetable. Unless the MCL requires surgery, which is rarely the case unless it was a complete tear, he ought to be ready for camp, if not sooner. I’ve had the same injury (on my right knee as well) and it didn’t compare with the length of time the ACL tear on my left took to heal. In fact, I’d go so far to guess that there are many linemen playing right now in the league, with a partial tear of the PCL. Of course his injury is more severe than that, but I wouldn’t be very surprised if he wasn’t ready by camp in late July.

    Carpenter is another story. I wouldn’t be terribly shocked at all if 2012 was a lost year for him. Or if / when he does return, considering he wasn’t the most nimble lineman before, this doesn’t move him to LG. Of course, pure speculation here.

  3. with the Hawks’ injury luck over the last 3-4 years I am not surprised one bit by this at all. Definitely cursed by something….it is ridiculous at this point. almost laughable at which you can almost guarantee the types and amount of injuries to our positions in which we need continuity and cohesion over long term in order for players to learn. So here’s to the OL hopefully coming together in 2025. (barring any injuries) HA!

  4. HawkfaninMT says:

    I am with Duke a bit on the timetable… If I had to guess now I would say Moffitt is fine for camps and Carp starts the year on PUP (similar to Butler)unless he is an amazingly fast healer. he is 22 afterall.

    I am curious if this changes the offseason plans at all? PC was very adament about having a line with cohesion in place before a young QB is drafted. Well, 3/5 of the OL should be relatively cohesive, but that right side will be similar to starting over again next year. Do they still target and early round QB? Or keep building the defense and OL?

  5. Dukeshire: Agreed. I’m speaking in terms of worst-case scenario for Moffitt. Also, I forgot to answer your question on the last post, but Malcolm Smith is not on the injury report. Although I did see the same play you did with Smith coming off the field woozy.

  6. Well, at least the Seahawks aren’t in serious playoff contention. If they were, I’d be really upset about these injuries.

    It’s going to be tough to win in St. Louis now. They have a good defensive line. I see another 9-6 game.

  7. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m thinking Moffitt has a timetable of 6 months since it’ll be the offseason and there’s no point pushing it in minicamps. TC should be a very realistic return to full action for him. The ACL is everything when it comes to the knee, so I’d expect Carp to start next year on the PUP list. Coming back at the end of preseason is probably the most rosy of scenarios.

    Zach Miller must be bummed…just when he’s allowed to go catch passes, this happens.

    As for drafting a QB next year? I’d guess it wouldn’t change anything HawkfaninMT since they have their guys even with the injury. Besides, it’s the right side of the line where defenses typically put their run stuffers, not their pass rushers.

  8. Does anyone follow Green Bay? They have the 4th youngest roster in the NFL (scary)…I wonder what their depth looks like.

    Unless we can land a top free agent, it looks like we’ll be drafting OL with our 2nd or 3rd round draft choices.

    Any potential FAs to watch this year?

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Eric – All things considered, it probably is best to look at it through “worst case” scenario. lol

    Thanks for Smith. It was funny because (I forget who, Cox?) was slapping him on the helmet after that hit and he waived him off, kneeling on the ground. Then Cox (?), after Smith stood up, started waiving to the sideline and Smith stopped him from that, seemingly knowing if they suspected he got dinged he’d have to come out. Anyway…

  10. gonefishin69690 says:

    Well, so far this year, the second stringers have stepped it up, so I hope for the best (without holding my breath). I just hope Okung’s ankle doesn’t dump again.

  11. Hey, if Gallery’s groin, Unger’s toe, and Okung’s ankle issues return, we can make a clean sweep of the OL and really see what kind of depth is there.

  12. Wow. Just WOW! First Moffitt and now this? Granted, I thought Falsestartpender had been crappy up to this point, mainly in pass “protection,” but this is one of the last things we needed. A big guy like him with a torn ACL this late in the season does screw us/him over for 2012.

    Speculation is my specialty, so here it goes. They move Carpenter to LG in a back-up role next season in a wasted year to back-up Gallery. Carpenter will be the future at LG, while Gallery doesn’t have much left in the tank. I doubt they would have signed Gallery if they thought he only had one more year left (but I don’t know if it’s realistic to think he’ll reach year three of his deal either, but by that time Carpenter will be healthy and ready to take over).

    Regarless, this sucks.

    Who lines up at RT to start 2012? I’m pretty sure he’s not on the roster. I wanted to give Breno the benefit of the doubt earlier, but he looked pretty bad, to me, in the limited time he had in real game action.

  13. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Having shredded an ACL (the left one) myself, I can attest that this is a long process. It took me 9 month to get back, so who knows what an NFL tackle will need, especially with his size and impact on the line. This sucks.

  14. boucherm says:

    I feel like this is totally devastating, and I don’t mean for this year. These two were put in to take lumps now so we would be better later, and now we’re set back not just for the snaps this season, but for the offseason program, as well. No matter the timetable, neither is going to get the offseason/training camp at 100%, and we’re right back to the patchwork o-line that these guys were brought in to prevent.

    These are almost the two worst guys to lose for the year, with only Okung, Unger and the 2 safeties as crucial to keep healthy. These are the young guys that we are relying on for the future that just NEED the snaps/reps to improve.

  15. Palerydr says:

    Heavy sigh ….really? All the good stuff I was thinking was gonna come our way next year and this happens. I don’t believe in curses but if anybody knows a good medium that can lift this thing I’ll pitch in some dough…

  16. I was just going to post about the same thing I see Duke posted above. Carpenter year next year is jeopardized. Whether he ends up back at RT or at G in the future is anybody’s guess at this point. But I won’t be surprised if Schneider goes after another OT prospect high in the 2012 draft to give the team the depth and options it will need.

    Well, it was an interesting 8-game rebuilding season. At this point I feel like the interesting part is over. Biggest question now is how many games until TJack is pulled from the games to go get his surgery. If Carroll wanted him to last the whole season, he should have rested him several games after he tore his pectoral. TJack is still being reported as a day-to-day limited participant in practices. One good pull on that right arm and he’ll be done for the year. And with backups side-by-side on the O line, he’ll be taking his lumps sooner than later.

    Get ready to watch the Whitehurst-Giacomini-McQuitstan led Seahawks. Coming soon to a stadium near you.

  17. “if anybody knows a good medium that can lift this thing I’ll pitch in some dough”

    It may require an animal sacrifice…like possibly a Ram.

  18. Southendzone says:

    This sucks but here’s a bright side:

    At least our GM didn’t trade 2 1st rounders for Carson Palmer.

  19. At this point, we may as well write off Carpenter as a bust. No doubt, I”ll get some flack for that statement.

    But, Carp is an enormous (overweight) dude, who probably would never be elite at his position anyway. And, now he’s just had the worst kind of knee injury only half way through his rookie season…By the time he returns, I think we’ll have moved on without him…

    At this point, I think the best we can realistically hope for is that he becomes a solid backup at RT and/or G in 2013. At least, I’m really hoping that is the approach Carroll, Schneider, and Cable take.

    If he returns and plays well, then we can consider ourselves lucky to have the extra depth.

  20. Audible… I completely agree entirely.

  21. adamtoth says:

    What ever happened to Ray Willis? He was a “must-resign” person a couple years ago in his contract year. Why don’t we sign him back for depth? It looks like he was signed by N.O. early this month, but his status on is “CUT”. If he is still out there, I think he would be a good, low risk, veteran minimum signing. Always seems like he would have fit under Cable as a nasty road grading type.

  22. HawkfaninMT says:

    Ray Willis was cut in just the last wcouple of weeks by the Saints…

    Is this what we have fallen to?

  23. “At this point, we may as well write off Carpenter as a bust. No doubt, I”ll get some flack for that statement.”

    I’ll start it – – 1/2 of his rookie season in during a training-camp free season is way too early to write off a 1st round pick. And we’re jumping the gun saying that an ACL is going to end this 22 year old kid’s career.

    Plenty of O-lineman come back from knee injuries. He’s very young. If he was a RB or WR, I’d have more concern. Not that this doesn’t completely suck, but let’s not cut bait already.

  24. adamtoth,

    Good point about Willis…what the hell happened to him? I remember him the same way you do…The reason we let him go was because we were after more athletic linemen to fit into Gibbs’ system…I agree that he might be a good fit with Cable, though.

    BobbyK…what’s your take? Oh, hey…you can start bitching about our OL again! It’s like there is balance in the universe now. LOL

  25. I didn’t suggest we release Carpenter…

    But, I think Schneider and the coaches should approach this as though it’s the worst-case scenario.

    If we just move on…draft another tackle in April, sign the best young FA, or both…Then we’re not counting on Carpenter and his bum knee to make a full recover….I think in the end we’re much further ahead.

    If we just find a place holder until Carpenter returns, I think we’re setting ourselves up for more injury plagued seasons like what we had at the end with Walter Jones, Chester Pitts…and for five years with Porkchop Womack.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    With the money they have into Carpenter, they will give him every opportunity to earn his RT (or perhaps start at LG) spot back. I can’t imagine a scenario where they only delegate him to back-up initially, if he’s able to come back at all (and he will, in time.) He’ll have to prove he won;t be able to compete anymore before they consider writing him off, IMO.

  27. It’s not like Carpenter was a top ten pick, though.

    And, I seriously doubt this FO is willing to trade the continuity and development of something as important as our offensive line for a few million bucks. Besides, Carp may have been slowly improving, but he was far from being a solid NFL tackle.

  28. ACL injuries are more common than not in football. For better or worse, this will show Carp’s willingness to work for his job. As for the “sky is falling” contingent, it is a bit early for that. This is why the FO keeps bringing in player after player, to build the depth the team hasn’t had in many years. Green Bay had a ridiculous number of injuries last year and won it all. That is JS’s model for team building, quality depth rather than superstars.

  29. I liked Willis for Holmgren’s system (he’s not a ZBS guy) but it was pretty well known that he was playing on arthritic knees. Not good (especially a few years later).

    Willis was also more like Carpenter although their bodies couldn’t be more different. Both could (or had potential) run block and not excel in pass pro.

    I’d bitch about the OL, but I can’t. They did the right thing by going young with Okung, Carpenter, and Moffitt (AND moving Unger to C). It is what it is and that is extremely unfortunate. Really, the situation sucks.

    In my perfect world, this is what happens…

    LT Okung for a long time.

    LG Gallery in ’12 (not that I’m a big Gallery fan), Carpenter in ’13 (no way Carpenter will be 100% for ’12, as we’ve said… but he may be able to come back mid-way through the year when Gallery has his annual stint on not being active with an injury).

    C Unger for a long time.

    RG Moffitt for a long time.

    RT With Okung, Gallery/Carpenter, Unger, Moffitt being so young on 4/5 of the line, I’d be perfectly okay with bringing in a solid veteran free agent to play this position.

  30. Bobby, yes it would make sense to add another good OT next offseason. The team is deeper at G than at T at this point. Carpenter should need to compete his way back into the lineup when he’s healthy again.

  31. Audible, a 22-year old rookie who starts 8 NFL games, and then tears his ACL is not called a “bust”. All the guys he outcompeted to get there are the busts.

  32. He came in fat and out of shape. Now he will sit on the couch for months and hobble around on crutches. Anybody want to guess how big he gets and how long it takes him to get in shape with a limp? 2012 is gone for the kid. Maybe Mike Williams can talk to him about how to get back in 2013. Coming back from ACL doesn’t make your feet quicker either, so the Tackle position is out! Too bad for the kid and the Hawks.

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