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Moffitt done with MCL knee injury

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 14, 2011 at 4:01 pm with 18 Comments »
November 15, 2011 5:00 am

Rumors of John Moffitt’s serious knee injury were confirmed by head coach Pete Carroll this afternoon.

Carroll said that the rookie out of Wisconsin suffered an MCL and PCL tear in his right knee in the first half against Baltimore that will require surgery, and that he is done for the year.

Lemuel Jeanpierre replaced Moffitt at right guard during the Baltimore game, but Carroll said that veteran utility lineman Paul McQuistan also will be considered for the starting right guard position.

It’s a tough blow for Moffitt, who had been playing well along with the rest of the offensive line. But Carroll is confident that the Seahawks have enough depth at the position so that they continue to be successful running the ball up front.

“He’s been working so hard at it, and has been such a big part too,” Carroll said. “He’s a good character in the locker room and all, and a good guy. He’s really right at the cusp at where we’re starting to improve, and he would have loved to have been a part of it as we finish the season.”

Carroll said that Kam Chancellor, Doug Baldwin and Sidney Rice all had good days a day after being diagnosed with concussions. He’s hopeful that all three can make it back on the field this week, but the team likely won’t find that out until later in the week.

“They still have some time,” Carroll said. “We’re not going to know until Thursday or Friday on these guys, on whether they’ll be able to play or not, because of the process they had to go through. But it’s a good sign that they’re not having the headaches, and they’re not feeling uncomfortable in just doing normal things.”

Carroll said that defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove and safety Atari Bigby re-injured hamstrings on Sunday, and the team will have to wait and see how they improve this week.

Carroll singled out fullback Michael Robinson as someone who had an impressive game against the Ravens, both in his blocking up front against Ray Lewis and the rest of Baltimore’s talented linebackers, and also being involved in causing both fumbles on the kickoffs.

“At the fullback position Mike had his best game since he’s been here,” Carroll said. “He really was effective. And he had the matchup of the century going up against Ray (Lewis), and he did a very nice job. He didn’t win them all, and you’re not gonna. But he was effective and some key blocks. And he dominated some blocks against their guys at times.”

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  1. FleaFlicker says:

    Another injury. Seems like it never stops. At least Moffett is young enough that a return to 100% next year is a feasible outcome. Maybe Jeanpierre will take this time to shine and demonstrate an ability to take the LG spot in the future. Just trying to put a silver lining on a very dark cloud. Frustrating!

  2. The only silver lining is that Moffitt didn’t tear his ACL. I’m not worried about the MCL and if we had to choose, I’m “glad” it’s the PCL over the ACL. He *should* be ready to rock from the start of training camp!

    I was really hoping to develop some continuity for the OL this season.

    Now, we have our young LT playing next to a 100 year old injury prone LG (i.e. no continuity for 2013, or even 2012 when he gets some kind of injury, provided he’s still on the team). No continuity for Okung.

    Unger is going to be flanked by two guys who most likely aren’t part of the long term plan either. This sucks.

    And Carpenter isn’t going to get to work with his RG. No continuity there either. I’m really angry about this, as it was the #1 thing I wanted from this season.

    The only way they could build continuity would be to go with Okung, Carpenter, and Unger on the left side. But I doubt they would do this with the team playing better right now, even if it’s in the best long term interest of the organization. I know the “Carpenter is only 22″ stuff is going to come in full force, but I’d like them to name me one RT who was ever good in pass protection that also had extremely slow feet. He’s going to be good in run blocking whether he’s at LG or RT, so why make him do something (pass “protection”) he does not have the skill set to do as well? He has so much more of a chance to be a better football player if he’s lining up at guard (smaller area to worry about in pass pro), than tackle.

  3. FleaFlicker says:

    Agreed! I’d rather take a well developed half of a line than stay stuck on the initial vision. Okung, Carp, Unger, Gallery, Giacomini! I like it! But I’m afraid that Cable’s affinity for “his” guy (Gallery) would preclude asking Gallery to move in the interests of long term upside. But what do I really know? Cable gets paid to go the games, I don’t. Still venting…

  4. Relax Bobby.

    In my estimation, (assuming the ball is snapped 50-60 times a game), by week 10 they’ll have around 550 snaps played with one another, which is where I would assume they would have been after a legitimate training camp, unaffected by the lockout.

    The continuity should mesh through the remainder of the season for the remaining linemen, and they’ll (especially Carp) only get better throughout the remainder of the “lost” season.

    Come early preseason/late in training camp this line should be more than legit.

    All this dreck is just my eternal optimism at work, hopefully im right.

  5. Who knows, maybe Jeanpierre can take advantage of this opportunity and prove to be part of the long term solution? He’s young, too. That’s assuming he starts over McQuistan. I’ve love nothing more for him to prove he’s part of the long term solution (he’s only 24). Maybe he takes over at RG and develops a strong bond with Carpenter at RT and they start the final 7 games together and maybe he sticks? Perhaps they would then dump the injury prone 100 year old and simply stick Moffitt at LG, where he played in college, heading into 2012. Stranger things have happened. I doubt they’d move Moffitt, but maybe Jeanpierre would play so well that they insert him at LG when Gallery isn’t around anymore (but then we’re juggling the line-up again after some of these guys may have played 7 full games togethe) [C Unger, RG Jeanpierre, RT FalseStartpender].

  6. I agree with Bobby K, IF we have SOMEONE to play RT, move JC to LG. My take is he’s never going to be a particularly strong RT.

    Very bad news on Moffet; if we had to lose one of the rookies, too bad it wasn’t Carpnter.

  7. Mora just said its the coaches responsibility to take blame for players. Olindo Mare much?

  8. RDPoulsbo says:

    As much as this sucks, there is room for improvement at guard. This is a good chance to find out if they need to make any additional moves for depth there in the offseason or if they have a future starter. You can never have too much depth on the line and McQuistan and Jeanpierre have played decently when they’ve had the chance. Let’s see what they can do before writing off the o-line for the year.

    Moffitt’s injury looked pretty bad. Luckily it’s not the ACL, but let’s hope he can recover quickly and be ready for TC next year.

  9. Soggybuc says:

    While McQ and the mule may never be pro bowlers they have both played decently when called upon.such a far cry from the depth we have had on the line for the past few seasons when o-line depth has been priority #6 on the to do list for the FO. more good work from JS.

  10. Jeanpierre is really a pleasant surprise this year. He came in for Moffitt cold and did an impressive job. This guy came out of nowhere and he played better than any G we had playing for us last year.

    As for the idea of moving Carpenter to LG, it seemed to make some sense to me too early in the year when he was struggling, but I really don’t think they want to move him from RT. I think Cable wants his two young tackles to stay right where they are and keep improving. That’s continuity.

    The other day I heard an interview with Tom Cable, and he said something like this:

    Cable: “There are 32 teams in the league, so you would think there’d be at least 50 good tackles. But there aren’t. There are about 25 good tackles, and we are very lucky to have two of them. Everyone else is playing with inferior personnel.”

    Cable drafted Carp to play tackle, and he doesn’t see many out there in the league who he’d rather have. Guards are easier to find. We still have three pretty good ones.

  11. surelyyoujest says:

    Bummer. I wonder if Moffatt will be ready in time for the May mini-camp. If he can get back by then he’ll at least get the benefit of a full off-season…..which I think for him and JC would work wonders.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    For what it’s worth, I had the very same injury (MCL / PCL tear) from a skiing accident years ago and it took about 4 / 5 months to get back to the point I felt totally healed. And considering he’s a professional athlete with all the great medical attention and rehab he’ll receive, I imagine he ought to be ready mini-camps. (If not the first, then the second.) Unless the MCL was a complete tear and that too requires surgery, then I’d guess training camp. Anyway, as Bobby said, could have been worse. Could have been the ACL.

  13. I agree Stevos. Carpenter was drafted for RT. And despite 2 straight Beast games of 100 yds plus against the Ravens and Cowboys, there are still a bunch of Arm Chair QBs here that feel it necessary to continually suggest that Carpenter would be a better fit @ LG. Sheesh! How many more weeks of this nonsense? Does he have to rush for 2oo yds a game or what?

    I’m bummed about Moffit. He’s a leader and someone I think we’re going to enjoy for many years to come. Although I’m still a little apprehensive when it comes to Wisconsin lineman (see McIntosh), I am hopeful that he’ll be back in time for OTA’s and a full training camp.

    Hawks have a ton of potential. Love the big CB’s that we have and would love to have a few more. Believe in these guys. Rebuilding years suck, but it should pay dividends in the future.


  14. The point of Carpenter to LG refers to his lack of mobility in pass protection, I don’t think Lynch was running for a 100 yds at the same time T. Jack was dropping back, unless every run was a draw.

  15. My main beef with Falsestartpender at RT is that his feet are too slow to ever be an asset in pass protection.

    Having a liability at RT in pass protection also kills our receiving production at TE, as Miller is going to spend too much time babysitting, as he’s done, and helping Falsestartpender in pass protection before going into his route later.

    With that being said, why in the f*(K would you sign a TE for $6 million per year and then destroy his chance at helping the team by making him a glofied pass blocker? My goodness, you can sign some regular TE who is a better blocker, but not good as a receiver, for about $5 million less per season.

    I realize that they didn’t know he’d look this bad in pass protection, but now that those heavy feet have proven not to lie at this level, I wish they would do something about it (LG). I probably wouldn’t be so pissy about moving him to LG if our TE was a minimum salary type of glorified blocker. But to pay someone $6 million per year to waste away seems like a total lack of irrisponsibility with respect to spending money to improve your roster. Next thing you know we’ll sign some free agent free safety for $6 million per season and tell him to sit on the bench behind Earl. That’d be about as dumb.

  16. I’d also give Carpenter more time before throwing in the towel. I’m thinking that Carroll and Cable have spent more time analzying offensive lineman than anyone here – and if they think Carp can’t handle the position, they’ll make a move. Pass protection has been much improved of late anyway – just one sack against a good Ravens D means something to me.

  17. “his feet are too slow to ever be an asset in pass protection.”

    hmmm… why does that statement make me itchy to make a wager? hehe. Carpenter is 22. He played only 2 years of major college football. Tom Cable wants him starting at RT over more experienced players. Something tells me that by the time Carp is 24 or 25, there will be plenty of frustrated DEs and LBs who won’t dare to criticize his feet after what he’ll do to them for 60 minutes every Sunday.

    Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, his footwork can’t improve if he doesn’t play. This year seems a great opportunity to develop him.

  18. Carroll signed Whitehurst, Cable brought in Gallery. Even the experts that get paid are wrong sometimes, it’s when they let it influence their decisions or try to prove a point that it gets them in trouble.

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