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Morning links: A more mature Thomas

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 11, 2011 at 6:50 am with 26 Comments »
November 11, 2011 6:50 am
Seahawks second-year safety Earl Thomas has just one interception this season – stepping in front of the Giants’ Hakeem Nicks, left, during the Oct. 9 game. (BILL KOSTROUN/ THE ASSOCIATED PRESS FILE)

In my story today, Seahawks safety Earl Thomas says that although he has only one interception on the year compared to four at this time last year, he’s playing much better and is more comfortable on the field in his second season.

Thomas said he looks forward to getting an up-close look at one of the best safeties in the game in Ed Reed when Seattle takes on Baltimore on Sunday.

“I get to see a great safety play,” Thomas said. “I’m just looking forward to the whole atmosphere. It’s going to be a playoff atmosphere, just like last week (against Dallas). And I’m just ready for the challenge.

“My mentality going into the game is to be the best safety out there, period. I don’t care if it’s (Troy) Polamalu, Ed (Reed) – anybody. Just like they’ve earned their respect to where they are now, hopefully I can get there someday.

“And with me saying I want to be the best safety, that’s not making spectacular plays or anything. Just doing what I have to do, controlling what I can control and then go from there.”

Kevin Cowherd of the Baltimore Sun writes that the Ravens will be attempting to avoid another letdown similar to the team’s 12-7 loss at Jacksonville a couple weeks ago when they travel to Seattle.

Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times writes that the Ravens have to gear up to stop Marshawn Lynch, who Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh called one of the top two or three backs in the league.

Clare Farnsworth of writes that Red Bryant won the Ed Block Courage Award from his successful return from a knee injury that ended his season prematurely last year.

John Boyle of the Everett Herald offers his midseason evaluation of the Seahawks.

Tony Villiotti of Draftmetrics takes a state-by-state look at the NFL draft from 1992 to 2011, identifying the trends of players from each state. No surprise here that Florida, Texas and California are near the top, but Mississippi actually is No. 2 in the country per capita of players drafted per 1000 people.

Bucky Brooks of writes that Seattle’s priorities in next year’s draft are quarterback and defensive end, and he thinks they will target USC’s Matt Barkley.

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  1. 167 days and some hours from the draft!

  2. Sarcasticus says:

    It doesn’t seem so long ago I was so frustrated with all the deep balls getting past the two safeties. Since ET has come along, that has pretty much stopped. Oh yes, there was that pass last week for the touchdown, but it was a very good throw and also more of an anomaly than the norm.

    The play WTIII got hurt, ET should have had that pick. The fact that he doesn’t get a lot of interceptions is a testament to quarterbacks avoiding him. I think teams would have a much lower % rate of completions if there was any kind of pass rush other than from Clemons.
    Also, anyone notice few completions and fewer attempts have been going at Browner recently?

    This secondary is looking good. If the Seahawks could generate a better pass rush and perhaps (gulp) control the ball more on offense, I think we would see more results out of ET.

  3. Sarcasticus says:

    Also, I know heaping praise on an opponent is the thing to do so as to help keep your own team focused and to not provide bulletin board material for the other team….but…Lynch…top two or three backs in the league? At some point the hyperbole is an insult.

  4. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Man I love Earl Thomas. He’s already awesome, and with his attitude, work ethic and talents he is sure to be even more special as he progresses.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Big Thomas fan, as well. Comparisons to Reed are reasonable. The way he plays and how they use him back there is very similar. Hopefully he’ll get a chance to talk with Reed a bit and pick his brain about the position this week.

    Sarcasticus – I have noticed that about Browner. He’s steadly improved since the Arizona game, what I consider his low point. I’m really excited about his future.

  6. chuck_easton says:

    If nothing else comes out of “the lost season of 2011″ (I’m trademarking that one…) it will be the fact that we have a young strong (BIG) DB core that should be playing together for years to come.

    Browner, Sherman, Thomas, and Chancellor as the base with Maxwell, ThurmondIII as solid backups. Throw in Trufant as the old timer giving the kids the words of wisdom.

    An area of concern at the start of the season is now a position of strngth.

  7. HawkyHann says:

    Thomas is a stud. Hopefully he’ll be able get ints and return to the house like Reed has done for ever.

    I wish Walter Thurmond the best, but I don’t want to see him play another snap for the Seahawks. He’s got a couple busted up knees and is very skinny. He was a project to begin with.

  8. I just want to know why Brock has had such a drastic drop-off since last year. This defense will rock once we can pressure opposing QBs consistently.

  9. hawkfan777 says:

    I think they were being sincere when speaking about Lynch. He is a very good back running behind a pretty bad line. I believe the line will some day be a strength of the team but today it is poor. They just need time together and they need to be coached up to NFL standards. Lynch runs very hard and keeps his legs moving until the whistle is blown. Everyone has watched Lynch’s run against the Saints last year. He earned other teams respect with that run (if they didnt already respect him). He may not be a top 3 back (that is probably reaching), however, he is a very good back that needs to be held in check.

  10. boucherm says:

    I agree with everyone loving up the young safeties, they are the most fun, exciting and hope inducing part of the team right now.
    My excitement is considerably less with the corners. I have been really, really impressed with Richard Sherman in his 2 starts. He has shown good size, speed, ball skills and a willingness to hit.
    Browner is looking better the last 2 weeks, but has there been a game yet that he hasn’t been flagged for holding/pass interference. I understand that he’s playing a more physical style than other corners and that officials are getting used to that, and I understand he’s learning what he can and can’t get away with, but there have been multiple times when I have thought they simply can not leave him on the field killing us with penalties.
    I was so excited about Walter Thurmond, and, while I want to believe, I have seen little reason to expect a lot in the future.
    I also thought Roy Lewis was really promising last year and hope he can get back to that level of contribution, he seems to be overlooked here for Maxwell.

    I also noticed not noticing Brock this year, wonder if age is part of it, or if it’s more opportunity related. He certainly showed up last year when Red went down.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    I’ve thought about Brock too. He’s been invisible. Perhaps age, but I also think he benefitted from scheme last season. This year he’s been in a more traditional 5 tech position on the strong side and having to fight through a TE that chips him as well as the RT.

  12. boucherm says:

    Yeah, we’re seeing a lot more base defense, less going to those kind of bizarre pressure packages–one thing I will say about Curry is I enjoyed seeing him line up at nose tackle with 7 dbs on the field last year. Maybe it’s a result of situational needs, I don’t know any numbers, but it just feels like there have been less 3rd and long defensive sets this year. Brock could end up rushing inside in those sets, because Lawyer or even Roy Lewis rushed outside. Remeber Brock lined up inside as a pass-situation DT at Indy.

  13. “If nothing else comes out of “the lost season of 2011″ (I’m trademarking that one…) it will be the fact that we have a young strong (BIG) DB core that should be playing together for years to come.”

    Yeah, agree. The improved play of the corners and Kam living up to our best hopes for him, best development of the year.

    D has been a bright spot pretty much all year. Hoping they can keep us in the game on Sunday.

  14. I remember how I thought bigby should start over Kam. Boy was I wrong. I love watching Kam play. I’m gonna start calling him Kamshaft, because he’s a vital piece of that engine in the secondary. (Plus its an awesome name)

    I agree with Harbaugh in his assessment of Lynch. He’s not an all over the field style back (Forte, McCoy, Rice, MJD, DMC, etc), but once he gets in a groove and gets moving, he’s a workhorse and can move defenders back a few yards, if he’s not stuffed by 6 at the line.

  15. I have to give Browner some credit. He certainly seems better now than he did during the preseason and early part of the regular season.

  16. Kam makes another mid-season All-Pro team — and Branch makes second team at DT. Mebane and Earl Thomas are being overshadowed.

  17. Leon’s a second-teamer too. Would be nice to see a few Seahawks go to the Pro Bowl.

  18. Plus, when he delivers a big hit, you can say the guy was Kamshafted!

  19. Dukeshire says:

    boucherm – And in the base sets this year they’re running an over front as opposed to the under last year. In that under, when he spelled Clem, he was able to get pressure and when he replaced Red, they were able to get him isolated on a RT while Curry took on the TE. Those are better matchups for him that what they run now.

  20. I’m going to stick with “The Season From Hell” but it’s nice to see positives taken from such a horrible year (as we all expected anyways). There’s really no overall surprises (maybe with individuals, but not as a team) but it sure isn’t any fun looking at the final score each week either.

  21. “but it sure isn’t any fun looking at the final score each week either.”

    True, but other than the Pitt game, there haven’t really been any one-sided beatdowns. For the most part, we’ve been competitive in all the games, which makes it somewhat tolerable.

  22. This season is actually better (performance wise) than last season despite the division title anomaly.

    Like pdway said, the Seahawks have had a chance to win in the 4th quarter in every game but the Stealers game. Last year, most of the 10 losses were over by halftime. And last year had a veteran, patched up team while this year’s team is a true rebuilding, youth driven effort.

  23. They had too many Robert Gallery players last year… this is true.

  24. The Seahawks are where formerly good but now washed up LGs go to end their careers. And you know what that means BobbyK – your favorite LG will come to Seattle to end his career.

  25. That’s fine by me:)

  26. is your favorite LG kurt cobain?

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