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Rice will sit out practice today

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 9, 2011 at 1:48 pm with 12 Comments »
November 9, 2011 1:50 pm

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said a couple players still dinged up from last Sunday’s game against Dallas will not practice today.

They include receiver Sidney Rice, who missed practice last week with a foot injury. Carroll would not disclose what ails Rice, other than to say he has a couple things he’s dealing with.

Tight end Cameron Morrah (knee/toe) also will not practice today, but Carroll said that the Cal product is getting better and should be available for this week’s game against Baltimore.

Mike Williams (ankle/foot) will practice today. And we got no word on linebacker David Vobora, who Carroll said suffered a concussion during the Dallas game.

Carroll said that rookie receiver Kris Durham will have surgery to repair a torn labrum that’s been ailing him some time in the near future. Durham was placed on the season ending injured reserve, and replaced on the roster by Deon Butler.

Butler understood being activated to the active roster wasn’t a sure thing because of the competitiveness at the position.

“Definitely there was some doubt,” he said. “You watch our guys week in and week out, and you’ve seen the growth and maturity that they have over the weeks. And you just figure this is a tough group to break into.

“Everyone here is talented. Everyone brings a different dimension to this team. There were definitely times where, I know what I bring and I’m confident in myself, but you don’t know. It could have been a numbers game. It could have been the wrong time to get hurt, but obviously they feel confident in what I can do. And I’m glad for another opportunity here.”

Butler and fullback Michael Robinson, Penn State alums, also talked about the story dominating the news out of Happy Valley involving the Penn State scandal involving a grand jury investigating sexual abuse charges against former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky.

“First off, I want to express my sorrow for the children that are involved,” Robinson said. “I have three kids myself, and I can’t imagine what those families are going through today, and what they have went through in the past.

“It’s a sad day to be a Penn State (alum).”

Robinson went on to say he did not agree with his former coach Joe Paterno announcing his retirement and stepping down, but that was the type of guy he is.

“I know he wishes he could have had some things back,” Robinson said. “He’s not a perfect guy, but what he stands for as a man, and what he’s meant to college football, what he’s meant to me personally in my life, that’s another reason why I’m so sad.”

“Just knowing the man that he is, a lot of people think that they have an idea of who he is,” Butler said. “But if you’ve been on one of those teams and you know what exactly he stands for, what he’s all about. Obviously, no one there supports pedophiles, if this is true. But just the guy that he is and that he stands for, just to see him at a time like this go out this way is a tainted legacy. And you don’t want people to think of him like that.”

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  1. Is wrong to want Sandusky to die a slow, painful death if he’s a pedophile like this and allegations are true? And if Paterno knew about it, IMO, he’s almost just as guilty (or, perhaps, even more so). This is f-ing sickening. Joe Paterno is supposed to be a legend to be respected whether you like Penn State or not. This is a bunch of crap (if true) and it sucks for football at any level.

  2. Agree, Paterno needs to be fired ASAP if he knew something and just went to the AD and not the authorities. How sick would it be to be a parent and watch Penn State run out with Paterno still leading them after all that shit, that’s F’d up. They need to clean house now, today.

  3. Oh, yeah, the AD (and/or former/current) needs to be shot, too. I know the “eye for an eye” mentality isn’t how we should be, but I have no patience for this kind of crap. Throw bastards like this on an island and kill them all (pedophiles).

  4. Dukeshire says:

    The fact Paterno has not resigned already is a disgrace. He was told about victim 1 (as the grand jury identifies him) being sodomized in the showers in the locker-room on campus, the day after it happened, by the eye witness. He did the bare minimum required by law and then turned a blind eye as Sandusky continued to molest (at least) 7 more children. He was in a position to stop this from ever happening again and did nothing. He absolutely should step down immediately or be fired.

  5. dacmike says:

    I agree with BobbyK, all those fans that still support Paterno, I would like them to take a moment and ask theirselves if their child was a victim or had a family member or knew someone whose child was the victim, would you really be rooting for a guy who could of stopped future victims? I have 2 kids myself 10 month girl and 2 and a half year old boy so being a parent I probably have a stronger feeling about this then someone who doesn’t have children. Fire Paterno and all Penn State parties involved ASAP…

  6. MikePDX says:

    Hey did you guys notice cam Newton’s comments today about because their team is 2-6, he feels like he has failed? Same as TJack said last week.

    So the question is, would we be better off today having a star QB but poor supporting cast, or a good young supporting cast to which we can add a “star” QB next year? Seems fans of both teams are unhappy with the record, but which fans have more reason for hope in the next 2-3 years?

  7. Cam Newton is a stud, I was completely wrong about him during the draft. Him and Steve Smith are savages. I would love to have Cam Newton as a Hawk. We got are secondary to look forward to, they have their QB to look forward to, they got us beat, QB is more important than the secondary.

  8. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I am grateful Cam Newton is not a Seahawk. I, too, was wrong about his rookie season (thus far) but doubt I’ll be wrong about his career. You cannot build a secondary with one player; it takes time, a good unit of players and a little luck. With QB, it takes…luck (no pun intended) and one player, the O-line performance not withstanding. I’ll take our situation ALL DAY over Carolina’s. Cam will have a sophomore slump and we’ll draft a franchise stud next April. It’s all good…

  9. williambryan says:

    are you blind? Cam Newton is amazing in every aspect of the game except defense (And I bet if they let him play two ways he would fix that problem too). within five years Cam Newton will be the undisputed best QB in football (as Aaron Rodgers starts to age and decline).

  10. Dukeshire says:

    TruBlu – You and me both. Regardless what he does moving forward, he’s already far, far better than I ever thought he would be.

  11. Pretty cool to see steve smith’s rebirth too, with a good QB throwing to him. Fantasy football steal of the year if you got him . . .

  12. Steve Smith is a HOFer, in my opinion. The guy is amazing.

    Would I take Cam Newton over our defense? You betcha. That’s like asking if we would have taken Dan Marino in 1983. Of course, Marino didn’t win any Super Bowls, but he certainly made the Dolphins relevant for 15 years.

    As for Paterno, I have mixed feelings. I do think he should be fired, but I’m also saddened that a great coach will be forever tainted by what was obviously a terrible lapse in judgement. He wasn’t the criminal, but he allowed the crime to continue.

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