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Butler move official, WR Durham placed on IR

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 8, 2011 at 3:04 pm with 41 Comments »
November 8, 2011 3:05 pm

The Seahawks made a couple roster moves this afternoon. The most anticipated was activating receiver Deon Butler from the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP list. To make room for Butler, the Seahawks placed rookie receiver Kris Durham on season-ending injured reserve with an unknown injury. Durham, a fourth-round choice in this year’s draft, was active for three games, finishing with three catches for 30 yards.

Seattle also released defensive tackle Al Woods and signed rookie seventh-round draft choice defensive lineman Pep Levingston off the practice squad to the active roster.

The Seahawks also cut offensive guard Paul Fanaika off the practice squad and brought back receiver Patrick Williams, who was with Seattle during training camp. I believe Seattle still has one spot available on the practice squad.

Cuts and waivers
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  1. AKhawkFan says:

    Welcome back Mr. Butler. Before his injury I really thought he was going to be a legit number 2 reciever. I’m glad he is back.

  2. At least we know Durham will be ready for off-season workouts (as he’d probably be ready for the game next week, too). Wink-wink.

  3. I think it’s safe to say that there’s no way the Seahawks will draft a WR in April. If they do, you know it’s going to be VERY late.

    Rice, Baldwin, BMW, Tate, Obo, Durham, Butler… no way they will draft someone else just so they can cut them.

  4. yellaman says:

    These moves do nothing to improve the team IMO

  5. So it’s Durham that got the hangnail. I thought he might!

    Yeah, BobbyK, that’s a pretty deep WR group. We won’t need to bring back Koren Robinson anytime soon.

  6. HawkfaninMT says:

    I’d say WR, TE, and Safety are the lowest three positions on our draft list… Along with K, P, and LS of course

  7. seahawk44 says:

    They also still have the speedster WR Ricardo Lockette on the PS.

  8. I don’t think TE is all that impressive. Sure, I like Miller a lot, but what about Morrah’s knee? Neither are great blockers, which a guy like Carpenter needs besides him (if he’s to remain at RT). McCoy kind of sucks. And Carlson will be playing somewhere else as a free agent. It’s not as deep as we think it is.

  9. Audible says:

    “Carlson will be playing somewhere else as a free agent.”

    I think there’s just as much of a chance that they bring Carlson back. He should be a lot less expensive than Miller because he hasn’t done much in a couple of years, and he’ll be just coming off a year on IR.

  10. Audible – I would love to bring Carlson back. A few weeks back, I suggested that they try to resign him NOW b/c there is cap room and some of his contract could be frontloaded so it would hurt the cap situation this year (who cares, right, as there’s plenty of room this year?) and make it better in the upcoming years. If they are going to resign him, to me, it only makes the most sense to do it ASAP. I simply don’t think it’s going to happen and that he’ll be somewhere else next year (even though I don’t want that to happen). It would be nice to get a guy like Big Red resigned in the next month or two, as well. Take the cap hit now and make the situation better down the road.

  11. Audible says:

    Dumping Curry: Great move!
    Shipping Curry to Oakland: Priceless!

    Quotes from three Raiders fans:

    “Now you all know why the Seahawks let him go. He’s dumber than a doorknob and has no football instincts.”

    “Curry may not have been a Raider for long, but he sure plays like one.”

    “Curry, there is more to it than just running around aimlessly trying to make plays. First, YOU HAVE TO READ THE PLAY. It looked like before the play even developed, you made up your mind where you were going to go. THAT’S CRAZY”

  12. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    The Patriots cut Albert Haynesworth. He’d be more than a good fit for our 4-3 scheme. If he’d take less money, I wonder if Carrol would take a chance on him.

  13. chuck – comment on the above:)

  14. silverado110 says:

    LOL, We don’t want Haynesworth. His worth Nothing cries,and is always hurt..As for carlson..They should bring him back..The last two years have been bad because he is always having to stay in to block..Look at miller same thing..

  15. silverado110 says:

    This team needs,Pass rusher,left guard ,QB, right tackel ..
    Maybe DB..

  16. JazBadAzz says:

    Albert Hanyesworth doesn’t give effort on each play, he basically just dead weight and we dont need that around our young players.

  17. Looks like they want to give Butler some work this year but I would question whether he’ll have his speed back before 2012. As for Seahawks being “set at WR”?? From what I’ve seen, after Rice and Baldwin our WRs are all pretty average and I’d be happy to upgrade any of them.

    I don’t see why anyone would assume we won’t re-sign John Carlson. This team was designed with two TE sets supposedly a big part of the plan and a strength of this team. After injuries to Carlson and Morrah, TE has been a weakness that has affected both running and passing games. We need three good TEs on this team. Next year I hope that will be Miller, Carlson, and Morrah, with all healthy.

    Haynesworth? Bahahaha! He gave up on working hard a long time ago. He’s a rich fat man. Let him retire.

  18. “This team needs,Pass rusher,left guard ,QB, right tackel .. Maybe DB..”

    Hmmm…. I’ve been thinking they need:
    QB, LG, a true 3-tech DT, another LB

    and mostly, they need another year for Carpenter, Moffitt, Okung, Wright, Chancellor, Browner, Thurmond, and Sherman to all get more experience and grow up. No one knows yet how good these players can be.

  19. 1. QB
    2. pass rusher (whether it’s from the edge or 3-tech)
    3. RT (after they solidify Carpenter by switching him to LG)
    4. pass rusher (whatever wasn’t added from choice #2)

  20. Thanks, bigsmooth. That Curry post made my day. I feel sort of bad saying that, but I didn’t want to hear Raiders fans saying that Curry failed in Seattle because of bad coaching. I wonder if Curry will make the Raiders roster in 2012. Might find himself in Chicago with Tim Ruskell.

  21. So you guys don’t think the Seahawks need a RB? Before Lynch’s performance against the Cowboys, you might have thought different. Let’s see what he does the rest of the year.

  22. Personally, I like our RB situation. I think we’d be talking about our group as one of the best trio of RBs in the NFL if their run blocking was decent.

  23. freedom_X says:

    I don’t see John Carlson returning. If you’re John Carlson, why would you return, especially if you still have strong career aspirations? He’s going to want to go to a team where he can be a #1 TE. There’s going to be a team that offers him that chance.

    The only way he returns is if he loves Seattle so much, he doesn’t want to leave, or there’s no other team that’s willing to offer him a starting job at TE.

    It’s not like he’s leaving a winning situation, either in terms of W-L or a chance to showcase his abilities. The weakness of the Seattle O-line has caused both his career and Zach Miller’s career to (at least so far) go straight into the tank.

    I’m sure the Raider fans are sniggering about how we signed Miller to the huge deal, getting 11 catches for 99 yards so far.

    If Butler has regained his speed, maybe that can help the O a little. None of the other Seattle receivers are true speedsters. Maybe he can get the safeties to back up a couple extra yards.

    But it probably won’t be a huge difference. He’ll offer more than Durham did though, at least at this point in their careers.

  24. BobbyK. Do you really believe that PC is going to switch Carpenter to LG and if yes, what leads you to believe that which is beyond your usual wild theories? Does this mean we’ll have to read about this ‘theory’ right up until the draft when the Hawks select another RT along with the persistent mentions of Flynn?

    As far as Flynn, he’s intriguing but so is Josh Portis and he’s already on the roster. At the rate we’re playing right now, we should have a top 5 pick. It’ll probably be a QB, but we may wait ’til the 2nd. I think they’re are at least a handful of QB’s that will get drafted in the 1st two rounds, don’t you? Plus…look at the big contract that Arizona just gave to Kolb and he ain’t ever done anything. Would Flynn want the same?

    As far as RB’s, they’re good but not great. Lynch has moments, but has been terribly inconsistent. Say what you will about the line, but he’s not Arian Foster (undrafted free agent). Leon and J-Force are two the same, but if it was my money, I’d rather have to ‘bangers’ than a couple of finesse guys. I like our little guys, but they have very limited rushing inside the tackles ability. Wish we could land Forte.

    WR’s? We do have a lot of talent there, but if we have a shot at the kid from OK St, and the QB’s we want at that place are gone, I say go for it. That guy is ridiculous.

    Defensively…we’re pretty good, so building depth sounds great! I think our defense will win some games for us next year, but really hope that offense will be as good by then.

    Other than to improve and build confidence over the 2nd half of the year, I think it’s reasonable to suggest that this year is lost regarding playoffs. Get over it as much as it sucks. Look for improvement, young talents emerging and playing the spoiler role on their way to a top 10 pick.

    And despite it all…GO HAWKS!

  25. joreb – Eric has predicted twice this week that he sees Carpenter getting moved to LG as well. Wanna bash him for being stupid and not knowing anything about the Seahawks?

  26. Soggybuc says:

    Whats frustrating about this offense is that we have seen glimpses of what they are trying to be. all you have to do is look at the D to restore your faith in what JS/PC are doing and with the way they are playing all we need is just a little bit of consistant play and wins will come.

    Really happy to see DB back on the roster. he was showing steady progress in his second year and was looking as if he would develop into a very decent NFL receiver. that and if a man breaks his freaking leg catching TD’s for you he deserves a little loyalty.

  27. Soggybuc says:

    Bobby I think it is going to depend on the options for the RT, If a complete stud day one starter is there in round 2 they pull the trigger and move Carp. could happen sooner though as this King kid is getting talked about a ton. no matter what i wont be shocked. hell if the Hawks announced that they signed Dukes Grandma to the active roster as a DE I wouldn’t be surprised.

  28. I think Carpenter can likely succeed at either RT or LG, given some time to work at it. Remember he’s only 22 and only played two years at a BCS college.

    Carpenter really gives the team great flexibility for the offseason. If they can find a great RT, then Carpenter can move to LG. If they find a great LG, then Carp can stay at RT and keep improving his footwork. Either way, give the kid a couple years and he’ll be solid.

  29. I stand corrected. And you never rant obsessively.

    If he does move and it works out, great. If not, that means they missed on him twice. There was a lot of draft scuttlebutt that the teams drafting at the end of the first round (Steelers and Packers)also had Carp in their sights, but it just seems too early given that it seemed like such a cornerstone move. He did play the left side in college and it does make sense in some regards, but he also had a limited training camp and IMO I think a full camp with Cable will have him ready.

    Wanna bring your fat mouth and your skinny wallet and lay it a little cabbage on it?


  30. Your pessimistic expert opinionated ways bug dude. Try optimism. It’s a blast!

  31. And oh by the way, are you the one the posted this thread earlier.

    But the coaches remain committed to them because by growing together they will be able to comprise the right side of the line for many seasons to come.

    C’mon dude. Be positive…more often. Just try it. It won’t hurt THAT bad.

  32. SandpointHawk says:

    Believe it or not Peter King gave kudos to two Seahawks in his Monday morning column. Yes I am in no hurry to read King saving him for moments of total boredom…
    Under “Things I liked in week 9″

    g. Red Bryant’s playing like a monster for Seattle.

    h. Speaking of Seattle monsters: Cornerback Richard Sherman, a rookie from Stanford, saved a Dallas touchdown with a bone-jarring forced fumble on Dez Bryant. No ifs, ands or buts — that hit by Sherman prevented Dallas from taking a 10-point lead in the second quarter.

    Read more:

  33. you guys are psycho on curry. going to the raiders blog and checking on him? come on..

  34. Joreb is a super douche.

  35. I have never seen a great RT with slow feet who was decent in pass protection (whether it’s a rookie of 5 year veteran). Has anyone?

    If you’ve got good receiving TEs, which we do, you want them to run routes, not babysit. We could have saved millions on the Zach Miller signing, as a good, competent blocking TE whose specialty is blocking and is about $5 million cheaper per season. That’s not being pessimistic, it’s being, IMO, realistic.

    I think about a guy like Eric Williams. He’s the best RT I’ve ever seen in my lifetime (Jackie Slater was a stud, too). Him being able to stonewall anyone, including the great Reggie White, allowed a piss poor blocker in Jay Novacek to be an asset to his team (and to be considered a great player). If the Cowboys would have had a crappy pass protector at RT, there’s no way that Dallas offense would have been as good (although still great), in part, b/c it would have taken Novecek out of the equation to a certain degree. And since Williams was so good in run blocking, too, it wasn’t as important that Novacek kind of sucked at it.

    I’m not saying Carpenter is destined to be a bad RT, I think he could develop into an okay one who is a good run blocker even though he’s below average in pass pro. Combine those two together and you’ve got a little bit above RT on your hands, which any of us would be happy with.

    I am, however, saying that I think he could be destined to be a really good LG based on his skill set. There’s no reason he wouldn’t be every bit as good of a run blocker from LG as he is or would be at RT. Then you talk about him in pass protection from LG not having to worry about speed rushers (his downfall with those slow feet) and it’s actually setting him up to be a more successful pro, IMO. That’s why I’d like to see this.

  36. Good points. Thanks Bobby. Radeon…I look at your threads and there nothing but anger there. Prove me wrong.

  37. Dukeshire says:

    Soggybuc – Don’t kid yourself, Grandma’s got a wicked spin move and one hell of a violent rip.

  38. “you guys are psycho on curry. going to the raiders blog and checking on him? come on..”

    I also go to the Titans blog to see what they’re saying about Hasselbeck. I want to read lots of positive stuff about Hass and lots of negative stuff about Curry. Sorry, can’t help it.

  39. I wouldn’t exactly say it’s all anger, but there’s not a whole lot to be happy with at this point in the season.

    So, while you’re trying to troll BobbyK (who’s opinion I respect more than any other member here), the majority of us are having legitimate football discussion about the pros and cons of each possible scenario, starting with the scenario of Carpenter playing LG, which I agree with.

  40. mocarob says:

    ok i take it back.. what are they saying about Hass. (now i’m into it) haha

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