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Morning links: Reaction to Hawks 23-13 loss

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 7, 2011 at 5:07 am with 40 Comments »
November 7, 2011 5:07 am
Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray (29) tackled by Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (25) during the first half of an NFL football game on Sunday, Nov. 6, 2011, in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Waco Tribune Herald, Jose Yau)

Good morning. We’ll host our Monday Morning QB live chat at 1 p.m. today, followed by a report from Pete Carroll’s press conference by Dave Boling later this afternoon.

But here’s reaction from Seattle’s 23-13 loss at Dallas.

Check out the stats here.

Here’s my game story, with a focus on Tarvaris Jackson’s poor performance and Pete Carroll’s thoughts on where Seattle’s sits midway through the season.

Seattle’s defense had a hard time stopping Dallas rookie running back DeMarco Murray, the type of big, strong runner that gives Seattle fits.

John McGrath of the Tacoma News Tribune writes that at the midpoint of the season the Seahawks are halfway home to drafting a quarterback.

Marshawn Lynch finally got into Beast Mode on Sunday.

ESPN’s Mike Sando offers his thoughts on the Seattle-Dallas contest.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times reviews the game here.

Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times says halfway through the season the Seahawks are learning the hard way.

Clare Farnsworth of writes that Dallas tight end Jason Witten was the player of the game because of his big catches in critical moments of the game.

Dwain Price of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram writes that the Seahawks had a disjointed effort against the Cowboys.

Morning links
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  1. I’m not sure the lovefest for drafting a QB when there’s a guy like Matt Flynn available in free agency. He’s got just as much of a chance to take the keys to this franchise and turn it around as pretty much anyone in the draft (although the more I watch Landry Jones, the more impressed I am) and we could keep that high pick and get someone for our trenches. Plus, he’s been watching Aaron Rodgers and doing the exact same thing that Rodgers was doing early in his career (although I doubt Rodgers has been a dick to Flynn, as Favre was to Rodgers), which is putting in his time.

    If you’re Flynn, you already have familiarity with Schneider, understand the offense, and you’d be inheriting a young, but talented offensive line in front of you, and have a really good group of receivers like Rice, Baldwin, and Miller. So, really, if you’re a QB concerned about your future, this is the perfect landing spot. And even if you don’t get much notoriety in Seattle, you will once you start winning, which is what’s going to start happening pretty soon (insert sarcastic “disciple” joke here).

    I’d love to sign Flynn and have a high enough pick to select Matt Kalil. It’d be nice to have a RT who could run block AND do well in pass protection (and be a stud LT if anything happens to our current starter). Then Carpenter could fill in the black hole we call left guard in Seattle and, really, the OL would be complete. I don’t see how we’d have to have to invest a draft pick in the top 3-4 rounds for a half decade (which would mean more picks to use on all other positions in the future). Don’t get me wrong, if there’s a beast of a DL available in round 1, I’d be all for that, too. I just happen to think at this particular moment in time that Kalil is the safest (Pro Bowl good) player in the trenches who will be available in the draft and I really have no interest in getting a bust just b/c that person fit a need more than a safter/better player at a position we supposedly don’t need as badly.

  2. “discipline”

  3. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I’m not sure Matt Flynn is the answer. Lovefest or not, we need a true franchise QB. And, yeah..I know…”when Hasselbeck showed up everybody booed/when Mirer showed up everyone thought he was the second coming”…blah, blah, blah. Frankly I don’t care. I just want a TRUE franchise QB on this roster come training camp next year. Don’t care if he’s a FA or a high draft pick, BUT this year’s draft class is better than we’ve seen in years (and better than we’ll likely see for a very long time). Just my $.02…

  4. Loved the since of ergency, loved the displine, loved all those stops on third down, loved all the under thrown balls, the OL was awesome, loved the way they keyed in on Witten, all around fantastic showing by the Hawks. Great weekend for Seattle fans.

  5. bulldog80 says:

    The QB situation is a mess, we all know that so I’m not going to pile on. My comment is about Sidney Rice. He isn’t really impressing me so far. He doesn’t seem to really play with any passion and you can’t even call him exactly “sure handed”. And it’s not like he’s not getting opportunities, TJ target locks on him about every down.

    I liked seeing BMW get some catches in this game. He plays like he’s got a chip on his shoulder and I love that about him. I really hope they keep him around he’s good player.

  6. Most the throws to Rice were under thrown or way out of reach, no one could of made plays on those balls, but I do get nervious now when they do have a chance and Rice has to make a play though. For the most part he pulls them in, but still, he should be pulling them all in. Also, a couple of other thing I enjoyed about the game, I was thrilled about the pressure we put on Romo and God was our tackling outstanding.

  7. pabuwal says:

    Clearly Jackson isn’t good enough to miss virtually an entire week of practice and play effectively. If he can’t practice this entire week, he shouldn’t play.

    Hasselbeck often struggled when coming back from an injury and I figured it was because of the missed practice time. I don’t know of many QBs who can miss an entire week of practice, show up for a game against a tough opponent and be effective.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    He didn’t practice leading into the Bengal game and when he came in, he played very well. I’m not sure being a full participant in practice is at the root of his issues.

  9. pabuwal says:

    In both games, he moved the team very well BETWEEN the 20s and had a decent average per attempt. But in both games, they completely struggled in the red zone.

    Mentally, he didn’t appear to read the field well either week. He locked onto his primary WR and missed red zone opportunities. I attribute this to the fact he barely made half the practices both weeks.

    He needs his practice work to sharpen his focus mentally so he can make good on the red zone opportunities, where his read and recognition is key.

    If he practices every day this week, I think he will have a great game against the Ravens. If not, we will be in for another week of Jackson bashing.

    I’d like to hear about how he was feeling physically after the game.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Well in fairness, they’ve struggled all season in the red zone, and he overwhelmingly targets the right side of the field. I’m not discounting the necessity for him to take as many reps as he can get. Just that his play doesn’t really seem to spike or fall based on his participation in team drills the previous week. Similar mistakes are made and similar successes achieved, regardless. But yes, he needs (everyone does) reps to improve.

  11. pabuwal says:

    That’s true about the red zone struggles all season, but making it more painful now is the team is having no trouble moving up and down the field the last 3 games. They just can’t convert it to TDs.

    Hopefully, its one more step in the evolutionary process. As well as cleaning up the ST mistakes and the constant penalties. I thought Dave Arnold was back as the ST coach for a while yesterday.

  12. Pete has proved he is a good coach when he has the best players around him and his rara go get em style can work but now with the hawks when he has a young team and doesnt have the best talent he seems unsure what to do to turn it around and is clearly struggling. This is proven by his continued clock mis management and the inability to stop the penalties

    So while this team is young and growing, Pete is also on a steep learning curve which in my view will be good for the future as he will know how to adapt better and deal with tough situations when this team is in a position to win

    So while its frustrating to see both the coach and players struggle and make repeated errors going forward this might be a blessing in disguise

  13. K.J. Wright did not have a good game. Meanwhile, Aaron Curry, despite a couple of bonehead penalties, appears to be impressing Raider fans, even drawing a comparison to Ray Lewis.

  14. chrisj122 says:

    Well i guess the Jackson love fest is over. I got really tired of hearing we could win with him, but yesterday we lost because of him.

  15. chrisj122 says:

    Aaron Curry and boneheaded pentalties. hhmmmmm there’s something to say about consistency.

  16. Re: Flynn, I’d hate to see the Seahawks pass up a good QB prospect in the first round next year, regardless of drafting position. I agree Flynn has the right profile and training, but he hasn’t proven much yet. As far as comparing Flynn to Aaron Rogers? Rogers was drafted at 1/25 and Flynn was drafted at 7/209, so its hard to see at this point.

    As for another QB who also has the right profile and training, I’m watching Ryan Tannehill at A&M coached by Mike Sherman. He looks like a mid-first rounder at this point, mostly because he’s still inexperienced at QB but he’s an excellent athlete improving fast. Accurate arm and can really move and run, which Carroll likes. I could see him growing up next to Tarvaris and outcompeting him with the same style game.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    I thought Wright, despite making what I’d consider some rookie mistakes (allowing Whitten to run free among them) played a very active and fairly decent game. I think they have something really special in him.

  18. Audible says:


    I just read through that thread on the Raider’s blog…Sounds like the same Curry we know and love. Here’s an excerpt from a guy trying praise Curry:

    “Curry still played very well, outside of the penalties. I was still impressed by the way he showed up often and in different areas of the field.”

    by RaiderPsycho on Nov 6, 2011 5:08 PM PST up reply
    You mean like he completely bit on playaction, allowing Tebow to run outside untouched for a huge gain?

    by Fearless Frog on Nov 7, 2011 12:09 AM PST via mobile up reply 1 recs
    And whiffed on pass coverage

    leaving his man wide open on a couple of big plays. If we brought him in to stop the run, why is he in on pass coverage, where he obviously does not excel…??

  19. chuck_easton says:


    This season is now and will continue to be painfull. We fans have to suffer through the growing pains of watching our young team learn through on the job training.

    The fan in me wants wins now. The realist in me says this is all for the ‘greater good’ and we will reap the benefits for several years.

    It just stinks being laughted at by the national media. ESPN had Seattle ranked below both St. Louis and Arizona despite the fact we had a better record and beat Arizona.

    I don’t care about the national media anymore. I don’t care about the score (but an occasional win would be nice). I just want to see improvement.

    I also want to see what happens with the QB situation over the off-season. As much as losing sucks the team is setting up nicely to grab one of the big QB’s in the draft (after the Colts take Luck…).

  20. HawkyHann says:

    This team will win 1 more game vs St. Louis(at home). 3-14-2011. 7-9-2010. Besides losing, fast talking excuses from our head coach, DJs at practice and games, and self inflicted penalties, we’ve also learned this about PC and Schneider:

    – If you’ve dreadlocks then you’ll secure a roster spot
    – If you’ve had a prior surgery, we’ll take a fly on you
    – If you’re from Wisconsin or Minnesota, and washed up(Breno,Bixby, Bevell, Tavaris, Ruvell Martin,) you’ve a secured roster spot.

    Reading someone’s post about Flynn. Yes, we’ll go after him. Based on past history, and Schneider’s love for Wisconsin( why else would we pick up Charlie last year).

    Paul Allen needs to sit these guys down and have the talk. They are doing a poor job.

  21. If we were going to go after Flynn, why didn’t we do it already this year?

    We would be a lot further ahead with our system if Flynn was in the house watching TJack and taking back-up reps this year.

    I think our next QB will be a top ten draft choice in April.

  22. hawkfan777 says:

    Flynn is a high risk in my opinion. He played in two games in 2010 and lost both of those games. He had a 2010 YPCA of 6.56. He had 3 touchdowns and 2 interceptions in those games. He completed 60.6% of his passes. He played pretty well against the Patriots and that is why most people are excited about him but the Patriots didnt know how to defend him. Many QB’s start out very good but end of struggling once defenses know how to defend them. Also, keep in mind how good the team was around him. If he couldn’t win with the Packers do you think he could really win with the Seahawks?

    I would much rather see the Hawks pick up Luck, Barkley or Jones and develop them at their pace rather than give up draft picks as well as significant $ for a 7th round draft pick with a limited body of work.

  23. HawkfaninMT says:

    I still think there may enough good QBs for us to take one at the top of the 2nd.

    There is more top level quality QBs coming out this year than last and look at Dalton, taken in the top of the 2nd last year. If we could snag Kalil, Couples, or trade down and take Richardson or a top LG or DT (haven’t done a ton of research yet); then draft Griffin III or Tannehill in the 2nd, I would not complain a bit.

  24. mojjonation says:

    I agree with the whole Minnesota love fest. But where does Charlie and Wisconsin come from? He was born in Georgia, played his college ball at Clemson and was a third string QB in San Diego.

    Bevell still thinks he has Steve Hutchinson at LG (Gallery is no Hutch). As far as QB, there are a lot better guys than Flynn. The guy was a one year starter at LSU. He backed up Jamarcus Russell. Everyone knows well, he sucked, as a pro QB. He played on a loaded LSU team. I do not see the reason to take a risk on a guy who was a one year starter at an SEC school, where he didn’t light it up. If he had played 2 or 3 seasons as the starter, maybe. But then he wouldn’t of been drafted in the 7th round. Flynn, in my opinion, is a bigger reach than Whitehurst was. If we take him, it’s because he looks like Matt Damon.

    All you guys barking about Jones or Barkley, Keith Price of UW has a better passer rating than both of them. He also doesn’t have the O-line that either one of them do.

  25. chrisj122 says:

    Jackson: “I just made some stupid mistakes.”
    Atleast we agree on something, however I do give him credit for owning up to it. Maybe Pete could learn something from his QB. Pete has made a real mess of the QB situation for Pete sake (pun intended) his next QB selection had better be a homerun.

  26. I’m trying to figure out how Matt Flynn would cost draft picks since he’s scheduled to become an UNRESTRICTED free agent?

    Prior to this year, he would have cost picks. The Packers weren’t going to give him away for nothing because he proved he’s a good player (in their practices and in limited game action) and he’s their key back-up to Rodgers (esecially after Rodgers had 2-3 concussions last year). Plus, Flynn is probably going to get a decent chunk of change to be someone’s starter in 2012 so they will be getting a decent comp pick for him in the 2013 draft? Would we want to trade a key back-up QB for, say, a 2nd round pick (not that that’s what any offer would have been) when we could keep him for a season and then lose him for a 3rd rounder (especially as a position as important as QB)? Unless you’re blown away with an offer, which Green Bay wasn’t, then you don’t do it.

    Personally, I think part of the reason Hasselbeck wasn’t resigned was b/c of Flynn being available in ’12. They wanted Matt back, but for only 1 year. If the ‘Hawks knew they wanted to draft a QB in the 1st round in ’12, then they should have wanted to keep Matt around for at least one more additional year (it’s not like they are hurting for cap space right now). However, would Flynn come here in ’12 if Matt was still around? I don’t think so. That’s part of my conspiracy theory.

  27. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    lmao flea flicker, thats a stretch. thanks thou ben a crappy day needed to laugh.

  28. FleaFlicker says:

    Just trying to support the conspiracy theory…

  29. BobbyK, I could be mistaken, but weren’t you the one that posted that long rant about 1st round QB’s vs later round QB’s, what round was Flynn drafted in again?

  30. Dukeshire says:

    Theoretically they could franchise him.

  31. “BobbyK
    Nov. 1, 2011 at 2:55 pm

    I’m calling *&^%$# on being okay with banking on some late round QB taking the reigns to this franchise. If there is a Tom Brady late round pick coming out this year, we’ve got a 1/32 chance in getting him. Odds are, nobody in the 6th-7th round this upcoming April is ever going to be a good starting QB. For every Tom Brady who was drafted in the 6th round, there are a heck of a lot more guys like Mike Teel who are gone and out of the league in a short time.

    This is a fact:

    There are 16 teams in the NFC.

    Eleven of those teams have a QB who was a 1st round pick.

    Three more teams are starting 2nd round picks (one of which, Drew Brees, was the first pick in the 2nd round).

    Basically, that leaves two out of 16 teams who aren’t starting a 1st or 2nd round pick. Tony Romo and whatever the crap the Redskins are doing (although it’s pretty safe to say they will be drafting one in the 1st round in April, but if we look at their opening day starter, Sexy Rexy, he was also a former 1st rounder).

    While there are busts drafted at every position on the football field, it’s clear that, if you’re smart enough to play the percentages, you need to find your franchise QB early. Just because we were snakebitten by the likes of McGwire, Stouffer, and Mirer doesn’t hide the fact that in the NFL today your best bet at getting a legit franchise QB comes from getting him in the 1st round.

    If we don’t sign Matt Flynn we really need to get the QB solidified position early in the draft. I know Matt Flynn was a later round pick but the difference with him is that he’s been in the NFL and is respected as a legit prospect moving forward, whereas the 6th round QBs drafted this year certainly won’t be seen in that light.

    And, really, you can make some Joe Montana-Rick Mirer argument for any position.

    Do you want an undrafted LB like Rufus Porter or a 1st round pick like Aaron Curry? There goes ever drafting a LB in the 1st round.

    Do we want a 4th round DL like Red Bryant or a 1st rounder like Lamar King? So much for ever wanting a DL in the 1st round again.

    Do we want a 1st rounder like Koren Robinson or an undrafted kid like Baldwin. No more 1st round WRs here!

    Do we want an undrafted stud like Bryan Millard on our offensive line or Ray Roberts? I guess that means no more offensive linemen again for a 1st round pick.

    Basically, you can say stuff like that for every position on the football field. But the facts are that most good starting QBs come from the 1st round of the draft. Over half of all starting QBs in the NFL are former 1st round picks.”

  32. TruBlu – that was for you. You must not have remembered how/why I already addressed that question you had.

  33. I dont understand the love fest for Flynn and the he’s proved he’s a good player in practice and limited game action. He hasnt proven anything to me.
    I know someone like that, done ok in pre-season and won a couple of key games (Rams and Giants) and was a servicable back-up, we all know how thats turned out.
    I dont want another servicable back-up as our franchise QB. I want someone who can lead this team for 5-10 years and given the quality in the draft this year at QB I hope we get one of the top 3 or 4 coming out. Yes there are no guarantees but i say the odds are in our favour a 1st rounder does better in Seattle than a 7th rounder (Flynn).

    Go get the franchise QB Pete in the 1st round Pete. Youre building a team now you go and get someone to run that team

  34. DFloydd says:

    Rudimentary (not good with computers) drawing of Bobby K’s gigantic woody for Matt Flynn. What has Flynn done to impress anyone? Beat a very young Patriots defense? lots of teams are doing that. I love your posts BobbyK but man you confuse me with undying love for some players who have yet to even impress me (Rice) and hatred (as aplayer not person) like T-jack who although not great has the exact attitude you would want in a QB (toughness, determination, leadership). I just don’t get you sometimes…..but hey, all in good fun….

    b b
    b b
    OOOb bOOO
    OOOb bOOO

  35. DFloydd says:

    dammit. didn’t come out right….o-well

  36. Thanks, guess my memory bank was full when I read that post and only remebered the beginning. Still though, I think Flynn is just as much as a gamble as drafting a QB, but I would perfer to draft a 1st rounder based on Pete and Schneiders ideas towards what they are trying to build here and what we have. Did Schnider draft Flynn?

  37. Schneider knows Flynn better than anyone here does, so if he passes on him that’s all we’ll need to know.

    Schneider drafted Flynn in the 7th round. That’s where you take a flyer on a flawed college player who might have potential. I want to see who Schneider drafts with what will likely be the #5 to #10 pick in a strong QB draft.

    I would think that by now Kevin Kolb, Matt Cassell, and Charile Whitehurst have made GMs wary of paying too much money for a backup FA QB with “potential”.

  38. If Schneider passes on Flynn, I won’t complain one bit. Agreed about him knowing more about him than any of us.

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