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Carroll Monday presser

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Nov. 7, 2011 at 3:38 pm with 18 Comments »
November 7, 2011 3:38 pm

Pete Carroll said that Mike Williams and Sidney Rice might be slowed at practice early in the week with ankle/foot injuries, but the only thing serious out of the Dallas game was a concussion to linebacker Dave Vobora.

At the halfway point, Carroll said the team is struggling to find consistent execution although he said he sees development in a lot of areas. Many of the issues, penalties, for instance, are a reflection of the team’s youth, he said. The Hawks have been penalized 70 times in eight games, 31st in the NFL. They’ve been flagged 23 times more than their opponents.

As for personnel juggling to address the 2-6 record, Carroll said there isn’t a lot that can be done. What they can do is work toward better utilizing their talents, getting the ball more to tight end Zach Miller, for instance.

He credited San Francisco’s 7-1 start and said “They’re not gonna give it up easily,” when asked about the NFC West division race. He said the players and staff can’t really look at it in terms of a race, but rather coming out day to day and keeping improvement as the team goal.

He was pleased with the appearance of a rushing attack, saying it had been a focus during the week’s practices. The Cowboys managed to rush for so many yards against what had been a very good Seahawks rush defense by getting Murray out to the edge and avoiding the Seahawk big defenders in the middle.

Tarvaris Jackson came out of the game sore but without any setbacks to his strained pectoral muscle.

Of prime disappointments at this point, he said he was discouraged that the team had done such a poor job of playing well at the end of games, as he’s always made a coaching point of “finishing.”

Asked about left guard Robert Gallery, who struggled against Dallas, Carroll said he did not anticipate making a move at that position.

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  1. Im not buying the “Their Young” excuse for the penalties…. Its fine for the first few games or every now and then but Pete is basically giving these guys a free ride to continue committing penalties.
    There comes a point where Pete as HC and the players need to take responsibility for their actions, this team will never improve all the time its giving opposing teams 80 plus yards in penalties. The team is committing suicide and cant even compete let alone win games by being so undisciplined.

    Pete start coaching instead of passing the buck

  2. Penalties because of youth, how about penalities because the coaching staff is soft and hearing reports of practice being like a party atmoshere. Also, is the coaching staff ever going to take accountability for the poor execution of changing units and game management. What about the 10 players on the feild on that Witten catch. I’m glad Carrol’s pleased about what he is seeing, wish I was seeing the same things.

  3. MadSweeney42 says:

    Honestly guys, you can’t take coachspeak seriously, for any team. You know what happens when you throw players under the bus? You get fired, like Mora. Seriously, throwing Mare under the bus after getting screwed by the refs in Chicago? Yes, the coaching staff needs to take some blame for penalties, but they have a learning curve too. Carroll’s regime can’t even start to be judged for 2 more years. Anyone who didn’t think this year was a loss to start with, well, lemme have some of your drugs. This season is elongated practice, coaches included. T

  4. Audible says:

    The Seahawks are averaging 8.8 penalties per game this year.

    I looked at penalties for NFL teams over the past three years, and the average number of penalties is about 6.0 per game.

    As we all know, Holmgren was a stickler with penalties, and our Superbowl team in 2005 had a 5.8 per game average.

    So, we’re talking about an additional 3 penalties per game more than the average team, and more than our well-disciplined 2005 team.

    This on the youngest team in the NFL during during the 2nd year of a roster purge.

    We also run a more aggressive style of defense than we did during the Holmgren era, so we may never be in the top ten for fewest penalties while Carroll is here.

    Several people have pointed to the penalties as an example of Carroll’s lack of discipline on this team.

    I agree that we need to reduce the number of penalties, but I think this issue will largely take care of itself as the team matures.

  5. MadSweeney42 says:

    hey get their “franchise QB” (which I’m torn on Jones, Barkely or Flynn) and hey have 2 years to sort it out, and then you judge the regime.

  6. MadSweeney42 says:

    Agree Audible. I don’t care how much the Giant’s “messed up”. We didn’t and that was the difference. Winning games, imo, is completely secondary to learning how to play the NFL game this year. I honestly think we are going to get butt raped by the Ravens Sunday. They might be the best team in the AFC But if we LEARN from the game, then the score doesn’t matter. This is a young team on the rise, with a coach learnging as much as the players. As long as the boys TRY, then I think it’s a positive. And just maybe, we’ll end up being the spoiler that we can be and knock a few teams out of playoff contention.

    My biggest question Eric, though, is WHEN do we go home uniforms of the throwback variety? MNF? I loved it most when it was night.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    In reality, some of the penalties are a result of being so young / inexperienced, at the NFL level: PI, illegal motion, illegal formation, etc… There are some however, that are a direct result of poor discipline that have nothing to do with a players’ experience: false start, holding,unsportsman-like conduct, etc… These are the ones I have zero tolerance for and neither should the coaching staff.

    I was please with the appearance of 20+ carries for Lynch, regardless. He ought to get that many carries every game.

    As far as not finishing games, I totally agree with Eric on this. If there is a more obvious sign of youth and inexperience than not “knowing” how to win or not knowing how to finish, as it were, I don’t know what it is. This is why I have such a hard time understanding Carroll’s in-game decisions at times, like the end of the first half of the Cinci game. Some of these decisions are as much to blame for not being able to “finish” as do the players on the field. And when a franchise is “re-building” as the ‘Hawks are, they cannot afford to have a HC learning his way through, as well. And Carroll really ought to know better, he’s been around more than long enough.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    MadSweeney42 – I know you asked Eric, but I can answer that: no throwbacks this year. Teams have to put in to the NFL for alternate uniforms by March of the upcoming season, and Seattle has / did not. However, Nike takes over the NFL apparel contract next year, and there is a very real rumor that Seattle will be changing (reverting) their uniforms to something resembling 1985. It’s far from a done deal and I can’t tell you how I know (honestly) but it’s close.

  9. FleaFlicker says:

    Here’s a theory on penalties: we imported them from Oakland

    Tom Cable was head coach for a team that averaged 8.75 per game. He also brought Gallery and Miller with him.

  10. chuck_easton says:


    I hope your source is correct. But I’m going to play detective here. Where do you live? Oh yeah, in Oregon! And where is Nike’s home office located? Um, raises hand…, Oregon? Yep.

    So, I know you can’t reveal your own personal ‘deep throat’ (Watergate reference for you yunguns, not a sexual reference….get your minds out of the gutter!), but here’s hoping the scoop is on the level.

    I’m all for bringing the Silver and Blue back even if it means having to go out and buy new Jerseys again.

  11. Dukeshire says:


    There is a confidentiality clause where I work in Beaverton.

  12. MadSweeney42 says:


    Thanks. I know some fraudulent Nike uni pics were making the internet rounds a few years ago. I don’t mind the blue on blue, I’ve gotten used to it. But the white on white, with blue helmets, sucks. The ONLY good thing Mora did was have them wear blue pants on the road. So what if it’s just uni aesthetics. When your team sucks, aesthetics is all you have!

  13. I hope the team can go 6-2 the rest of the way and finish 8-8. Yeah, I know that would hurt their draft position, but I’d rather they have a strong finish that will give them confidence next year. I’m sure one of the top four QBs will be available where they pick (if they absolutely have to choose a QB).

  14. Dave Boling says:

    Just a little more info on the penalty issue: With 70 in eight games, the Hawks already have more than Holmgren’s 2007 (59) and 2001 (66) teams did in those entire seasons.

  15. The biggest thing about the penalties for me is the timing! How many Gallery Holding penalties (not young – not learning) are going to kill drives or bring back a good play? soo Frustrating. Good teams don’t consistently kill themselves with penalties.

  16. I’m drinking the Flynn juice, as well. Rodgers is the best QB in the league right now, and learning behind him can’t hurt. I think there’s a little more to Flynn than there is to kolb, and in terms of risk, you’re gonna pay flynn what you’re paying a 1st round QB, you just don’t risk the draft pick.

  17. HawkfaninMT says:

    @RADEoN: 1st round draft picks don’t cost what they used to, and Flynn should command a pretty hefty price tag. I would be surprised if it were Kolb numbers, but just south of that is what I am thinking. Truthfully a 1st round pick may cost less. Especially if it is Griffin III in the 2nd round.

    Re Penalties: I know they are going to happen but man are they frustrating! I would be OK with the penalties if I felt like they were learning from them, but it seemingly becoming in every game issue. You are young and make a penalty, sure it happens. You are young and make the same penalty twice a game for 3 games in a row… That a problem.

    Re Jerseys: I would like to see the grey helmets brought back with the current logo both home and away. Home, i would like to see blue tops with Grey bottoms. Away, i would like to see white tops with either blue or grey bottoms. Keep the neon green accents, i like those.

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