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Poll: Is Jackson the QB of the future?

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 4, 2011 at 9:01 am with 30 Comments »
November 5, 2011 10:36 am

I posed the question on an earlier post this morning, but I thought we should make it official by having you weigh in with your vote here. So do you believe that Tarvaris Jackson can be Seattle’s quarterback of the future?

Do you believe that Tarvaris Jackson can be Seattle’s quarterback of the future?

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  1. I honestly think he can be, do I rather want a young quarterback in the draft? Sure, but Jackson has done enough on his own at this point, let’s be honest he hasn’t had a lot of stellar performances around him, and he’s still been able to do reasonably well.

  2. yellaman says:

    All I know is that the hawks better draft a QB in the 1st round of the draft next year. (If we have a top 10 pick) becasue we can’t count on Tjack being the QB of the future. Let’s give Tjack another year as a starter with a rookie backing him up and if he fails then play the highly drafted rookie QB. IMO

  3. He’ll make a fine backup, both on and off the field.

    I like the guy, but I am not afraid to have higher expectations of the QB position.

  4. Regardless of Jacksons performance this year, if Seattle really likes a qb thats available, they will draft one. As they should. But as long as Jackson plays well, they have the luxury of not reaching and making the odds of finding a legitimate franchise qb even longer. I’d much rather wait a year or two to find “The Guy” than see them burn a pick and wait four years to find out it was wasted.

  5. pabuwal says:

    This team has what might be the worst running game in franchise history and a very suspect pass blocking OL and he’s able to move the team up and down the field with no problem against some very good defenses.

  6. bird_spit says:

    If TJ is willing to agree to a contract extension after this season, regardless of outcome, with a stipulation that he must compete to play, we should extend his contract and draft a 1st round QB. With limts to contracts put in this year for rookies, the dynamics change. Now you can afford to sit a rookie QB if he has not reached his potential.

    TJ has shown us that he is capable of improving. He has the rest of the season to grow into his position. He will be the veteran QB this young rookie will work with. We need TJ to succeed. That said, as teams scramble to acquire Luck, they maybe more willing to trade some veteran QB that would add a more seasoned PRO to our QB meeting room.

    Tons of options, thanks to good play of TJ. Those options would be unavailable if TJ under-performed.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    “No problem” is a stretch, perhaps, but the general point is a good one: He’s has success (since the Atlanta game in any case) with some real deficiencies around him. But as he mentioned yesterday, it’s about wins. And in accessing the position, it will come down to whether Carroll / Schneider want to build around the QB or find a QB with pieces already in place. If it’s the former, he’s out. They’re not building around Jackson aside from immediate needs. If it’s the latter, as it appears, he has an opportunity to assume the “QB of the future” role, even if it will be very difficult to prove he’s capable of that. I don’t think he’ll be able to show enough, but it’s not totally out of the realm of possibility. I’ll be rooting for him, even while doubting he will show enough.

  8. Jackson has only started 5 games, there isn’t enough there to make a determination. He has done some good stuff thus far. Some have said he learned a lot backing up Favre for two years, and he seems to be playing better than any time in Minnesota. I am cautiously optimistic he will prove himself.

  9. The vote that really counts,what was his vote?

  10. Jackson has started 25 games, not five. People are judging he and Charlie as if both were first year starters, which Charlie would be, but isn’t. We don’t think Charlie would be better at this point with an additional 21 starts under his belt? For the record, I think Whitehurst is terrible and want no part of him in the conversation as our starting QB moving forward either (like most of you).

    We complain about no running game. Well, we haven’t had one in 5 1/5 years. We complain about missing this player or that player. Well, in 2008 we were without our top 7 WRs at one point and our offense hasn’t had a good/great WR like Sidney Rice in the last 20 years (or a TE like Zach Miller who, I will admit, isn’t playing to the level most of us expected either).

    Injuries happen to every team ever year. As Duke/Tarvaris admitted, you’re judged on wins and losses. There’s only so much crying and finger pointing you can do.

    My main concern for the rest of this season is that the line shows some glimpes of steady and continuous improvement (which was my biggest hope prior to the year starting, too).

  11. The Whitehurst answer shouldn’t have been on the poll, unless you were allowed to check more than one answer.

    Looks like more than 60 percent of us believe that TJ has a chance to be the QB of the future.

  12. williambryan says:

    This is incredible. 60%? Really? What on earth has he proved to anyone? He has piled up some sorta decent yardage recently, sorta. Not enough points to do any winning though. He seem’s to be growing as a leader which is good I guess. But this team needs touchdowns and Jackson is not delivering. I am so tired of the excuses. Just like Hasselbecks last few years. The O line is just fine as far as I’m concerned, I think a majority of the sacks taken by both Jackson and CW are from holding the ball way too long. And the WR corps he has to work with is ridiculous. Sydney Rice, Doug Freaking Baldwin, BMW (if TJ could learn to throw him the ball…) Obomanu, and Tate has picked up his game in his limited chances as well. And there is a pro bowler at TE now. Jackson (and Whitehurst), in my mind, are solely responsible for the win loss record of this team. We need a first round QB bad.

  13. I have an old “Seahawks Insider” that I subscribed to about 20 years ago that had a photo of Rick Mirer, just after he completed his rookie season, and the headline read something like “One Great Pick.” lol

  14. williambryan says:

    I realize the special teams has superficially had a hand in some of the losses, but if our QB could muster more than a few field goals a game, they could take the pressure off the special teams and defense. With the talent at WR and RB even, it’s a joke that the offense is performing this horribly. I think the line has very little to do with it compared to the QB position. I also think Bevell deserves an equal share of the blame with Jackson.

  15. Ruminator says:

    It is difficult to gauge a QB that plays behind a line that rarely allows him to execute plays. For all we know, Jackson could light up the scoreboard behind a top-10 line. In the meantime, a truly decent line remains a dream.

  16. ryanryan says:

    Ruminator is forgetting that he played in Minn with a stellar line, and running game. He is a pretty darned good backup quarterback, better than Seneca Wallace ever thought of being.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    What’s interesting about all this to me, is that one off / bad game and it will be back to the “burn him at the stake” mentality. IMO, Jackson is receiving all this good will because A) Whitehurst tanked so badly, and B) he’s a stand-up guy who’s not made one excuse for how this team has performed, despite getting pounded weekly back there. And include me in the group that admires his leadership and toughness, but there’s more to winning football games than that. He would have to show some very consistent play at a very high level the rest of the way to really sell his case. It’s unlikely, from where I sit.

  18. “I like the guy, but I am not afraid to have higher expectations of the QB position.”

    That’s where I am too. Pleasantly surprised by Jackson’s play – and really disagree with williambryan’s assessment that the QB play is solely responsible for our won/loss record – plus, as he’s made us all fans of the way he handles himself in general. But, yeah, echoing the above, QB is the most important position on the field, by a wide margin, so I’m still hoping that we’ll find a guy who can play at that top-10 in the league level.

  19. I love the “burn at the stake” mentality. Since I came into this season with no hope and without (positive) expectations, it’s almost been “fun” to watch things develop through the season.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m miserable and hate this season, but even in dark times you’ve gotta find (sick) humor.

    But, yeah, if Jackson goes out this week and throws 4 INTs, all we’re going to hear is how he sucks and the bandwagon will be lonely.

    The Charlie backers are going to go crazy with letting him start more games so he can get experience like Jackson has throughout his career.

    Then there’s going to be the mob that wants Portis in there ASAP.

    But if Jackson is 25-32, 310 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INT, then Eric can repost the above poll and about 85% of all fans are going to clamor that Jackson is “it” for being the franchise QB and there’s no need to draft one in the first few rounds of the upcoming draft because pabuwal island is filling up.

    But a few weeks from now, if Jackson has a good game and follows it up with a stinker… then people are going to say he got lucky and just had one really good week and now it’s back to reality.

    But if he stinks it up this week, but follows it with a good/great performance the following week, his wagon is going to be full again.

    Don’t look now, but the Colts/Fish could win this week and we’d only be 1 game away from Luck again! I need hope so please let me live in my little dream world w/o bursting my bubble. It beats reality this year.

  20. DFloydd says:

    Until this O-Line can do ANYTHING on a consistent basis (and I mean for 4-5 games straight) with run blocking, pass blocking, etc. it wouldn’t matter if we had Luck or even Rodgers. They suck. Plain and simple. the little “ooh, i see flashes of great pass blocking (for 1 play)or oooh, Marshawn broke for a 28 yd run (1 time in the whole damn game). That to me is NOT improvement of any kind. it is TERRIBLE football playing and no I do not have an answer. What i do know i Rodgers, Brady, manning (when playing) and hell, even Rivers alot of the time have all damn day to throw the ball. thta is why their screen passes work and their run game works. because their O-line is solid most of the time not “flashes” of it from time to time. Until it is consistent it won’t matter which running back or QB you put behind that line. They will ALL fail. just frustrating is all…bummer…7 out of 10 years our O line has sucked. THAT is very lame…

  21. The QB of the Future question is really a dumb question. Jackson was signed for 2 years at $4M per year, he’s not paid QOF money. So the relevant question is do you think TJack is playing up to or exceeding those expectations? Answer: YES, he is outperforming his salary, something that very few NFL quarterbacks are doing this year.

    Kolb is underperforming, so is Flacco, Matty Ice, Eli Manning, and Romo. In contrast, TJack is a pleasant surprise. Its becoming apparent that he was grossly underrated by his detractors.

    If Tarvaris continues playing like he played the last few games, he will undoubtedly be the starter for the first games of next season, regardless of who we draft. TJack succeeding as a starter is important to this team no matter who we draft. Any rookie QB we draft should be given a year to learn before starting. Being pushed on the field too early as a rookie is one reason TJack had such a shaky start to his career.

    The past two games were indeed hard to watch, but IMO this season is much more fun to watch than those horrible Hasselbeck games we suffered through in 2010. Last year, our QB was looking old and fragile, and our O linemen were journeyman who we couldn’t wait to replace This year, our QB is a great comeback story, and our O linemen are youngsters who will improve game by game.

    Even if we don’t get a playoff game, this season is a big step in the right direction. And Tarvaris is a good comeback story in the making.

  22. akmac63 says:

    IMO, Tarvaris does not have to be the savior of the franchise. He just has to give the team a realistic chance of winning each week so the “kids” can keep developing. Few drafted QB’s can walk on their first year and win consistently, so having a solid proven QB is still important no matter who they draft next year. Tarvaris looks to be a good role model, whether for Portis or some new rookie next year.
    As in virtually everything in life, having realistic expectations is the key to peace of mind. First, TJ was expected to fail miserably, but when he survived and improved, the expectations were raised too high. The Cincy loss was not on him, it was on everyone except the D.
    There are some Carroll-haters coming out of the woodwork apparently because the team is not unbeaten, just more foolishness of ridiculous expectations. Relax and enjoy the ride, at least the team is better in the second half as a rule, not like in Mora’s reign.

  23. agzactly says:

    the seahawks have a history of making bad choices at the qb position in the draft. so why think they will do any better next year?

  24. because none of the people who made those previous bad QB decisions work for the team now.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo – I know know that it’s a dumb question. His contract is irrelevant to the question, IMO. At worst, his “modest” deal can be viewed as an audition to show what he’s capable of. And of course, should he surprise us all and show enough to be given the reins to the franchise, they will pay him accordingly.

  26. ChrisHolmes says:

    He’s not an NFL starting caliber QB by any measurement whatsoever. I’d be sick to my stomach if PC and JS decided that he was the guy for the future. The only thing keeping me interested in this team at this point is the thought of having a really high draft pick next spring and watching some of our younger guys mature (Chancellor).

  27. Dukeshire says:

    Two 300+ yards passing 2 of his last 3 games suggest otherwise. That doesn’t mean he’s a so-called “franchise QB” but he’s not a complete dud.

  28. Stevos – great earlier post. very much agree.

    When you watch Tjack on the field, he strikes you as a quiet, confident leader. His team is very much in tune with him when he’s on the field. He has a strong arm, good mobility and does have a very good understanding of this offense. This pectoral injury has been a tough one (and apparently a pretty rare one for an nfl QB), so it’s been frustrating for him and us fans. When healthy, I think he presents a few different challenges for opposing defenses. BobbyK, with all due respect, you’ve been too hard on him. Yes he had a superior line in Minny, yes he had A. Peterson, yes he had a great defense to play behind, but you can’t deny that Childress was a basketcase to play for. Then the whole Favre situation?! I can barely recall a peep coming from Tjack then.

    Now, I’m not saying he’s the savior…yet, but when you hear people refer to Caroll as wanting a QB to manage or be a point guard for the offense, it’s as if to say, I don’t need a Hero in this system, but rather someone that has a strong arm, can make all the throws, is mobile and tough and that’s just what he his.

    IMO, draft the best available players period, with an eye for a QB or RB (I’m not sold on Lynch). I’m very interested to see if Thomas Clayton gets a few carries this week.

    BobbyK-stop crying for Luck. I know he’s good, but hate the idea of ‘cheering’ for losing. It doesn’t make sense. Instead, why not embrace the 2nd half of the season as an opportunity to find out just exactly what we have and need while playing spoilers every chance we get. You never know about SF either, 1 half season does not make them all that. Remember, Holmgren got off to a rip roaring start with Kitna, only to finish lamely.

    Pete Caroll and John Schneider are doing a great job. They haven’t hit on all the draft picks and free agent signings, but they’re way above the NFL average these last two years. We are overall considerably younger and that will pay big dividends down the road.

    Defense needs another good game, we REALLY need to run and control T.O.P. and have Tjack maximize his opportunities when they present themselves. I’m expecting a very competitive game, but not sure if they’ll pull it out in the end.

    Either way…GO HAWKS!!!

  29. Sarcasticus says:

    It doesn’t take an all-pro to be quarterback. Teams have won with less. The key is to not have a bad quarterback. I don’t know enough of Tarvaris to know if he is a bad quarterback. My hope is he can be an average quarterback with flashes of good.

    My frustration is in the fact that I don’t see the offensive line as a finished project. That means all that money and draft picks to fix it may not have fixed it. So, what can be done? Admit it and pick another lineman at the top of the draft next year?

  30. joreb – you can go to hell if you think I don’t have a right to root for what I determine is in our best interests for the future.

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