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Carroll: More balance needed on offense

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 31, 2011 at 3:51 pm with 26 Comments »
October 31, 2011 3:51 pm

It appears that Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has been reading some of your comments.

Carroll told reporters this afternoon that Seattle will emphasize creating more balance offensively. The Seahawks have thrown the ball 253 times and only ran it 145 times through seven games, which is interesting because one of the reasons Carroll brought in offensive line coach Tom Cable was to create a more physical running style. But so far that has not happened.

“We’ve got to balance out what’s going on, on offense,” Carroll said. “We’ve got to mix the way we like to mix. We liked it a couple weeks ago, and that hasn’t come back to us. And so we’re going to focus real hard on getting that done, and seeing if we can generate the kind of balance that gives you a chance to have a real good attack.”

Carroll said quarterback Tarvaris Jackson came through the game okay, and the plan is that he will start against Dallas this week, although they will continue to closely monitor his reps during practice.

Tight end Cameron Morrah suffered a knee bruise that could affect his availability in practice.

And receiver Mike Williams, who missed Sundays’ game against Cincinnati with a hamstring injury, received treatment and should be okay to practice this week.

Carroll said offensive guard Robert Gallery got banged up during the game, but asked to stay in and made it through the game.

Carroll also addressed the apparent fumble by Andy Dalton that was called an incomplete pass under the tuck rule.

“The way I understand it, once it’s considered a tuck, then it’s a forward pass, regardless of where the ball goes,” Carroll said. “Which it didn’t look like that to any of us – it looked like the ball was released backwards and it was a lateral and it should have been a lost yardage play.”

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I really wish Carroll had said more discipline was needed.

  2. freedom_X says:

    I don’t see how Seattle will get better offensive balance if the O-line remains completely inept blocking for the run. If runs consistently go for minus yardage, running more isn’t going to help anything. I’m sure they’d already have been running more, but you can’t keep forcing something that flat out doesn’t work.

    Until the linemen can actually drive someone off the line of scrimmage, they’re better off coming out throwing to set up the run, rather than the other way around. Unless averaging 6 points a game excites anyone.

    Running the ball more and the no-huddle offense seems to be a bit of a contradiction.

  3. nidhighe says:

    The officials yesterday were terrible. Two blatant personal fouls by the Bengals not called. A backward pass called a forward pass. Defensive delay of game at the end of the first half not called.

  4. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Draft Andrew Luck, David DeCastro, and Chris Polk, then win the next 5 Super Bowls.

  5. princeaden says:

    Ahh Duke, I just wish I could believe ANYTHING that comes out of Carroll’s mouth. I just KNEW in my heart of hearts that what Chuck Knox and Mike Holmgren said was THE TRUTH. For as much as Carroll talks about “getting to the truth”, I feel like what He speaks is far from it !! I have real concerns..

  6. BobbyAyala says:

    Carroll: More balance needed on offense

    World: Duh

  7. FleaFlicker says:

    ACIB – Glad to see you back! Don’t let the haters keep you down.

    I agree with freedom_X, have to fix the O-line first. Maybe we’re being too hard on Gallery in his first week back from surgery, but I think Duke is right about Gallery not living up to expectations. If we’re really building to the future, why can’t we put Carp at guard and start Breno? Going from right to left across the line, that would start players age 24, 22, 25, 25, and 26. Now THAT’S a line that can build chemistry and skill over time. I just don’t see Gallery as being anything more than a stop gap as an injured 31 year old.

    And since we’re already fixating on draft picks – Sam Bradford is Exhibit A that a good QB won’t magically fix a team. I know that everybody is saying Portis needs time to develop, but a few guys around the league have demonstrated that young QBs can make the transition. Key thing is having a solid supporting crew around the QB.

    I’ve been a Charlie supporter, but after the last two weeks he’s dashed all my hopes that he’d work out. Portis for #2!

  8. dirtydan54 says:

    No they dont need more balance, first the hawks need an offense that isnt offensive to the game of football and the people who live in this region. This team is a embarassment to the game of football and the people of this region.

  9. BobbyAyala says:

    Dude, seriously, get off the cliff.

    This year serves as one of growth. Growth is only achieved through trial and error. You must crawl before you walk. You must make mistakes to learn how to do thing right.

    Robert Gallery has no excuse for his pathetic play, but he’s surrounded by a bunch of toddlers on training wheels.

    That’s why we can’t run the ball. That’s why we can’t go more than five snaps without a false start.

    It’s just football. It’s life. It’s the way it is. Anyone that expected the playoffs this season is naive. So instead of insulting a team that is, in fact, knee deep in the learning process, why not enjoy the defense for what it has become and not take losses so seriously.

    We want losses.

    We’re not going to the playoffs.

    The more losses, the better.

  10. Palerydr says:

    Thought I would look at something that Carrol might have. Of the 12 games played this past weekend not including MNF 9 of the teams that had more carries and higher TOP won the game. In the Arizona/Baltimore game AZ won both stats and lost the game. In the Miami/NYG game Miami had more carries NYG higher TOP and a Giants win. In the Detroit/Denver game Denver had more carries and higher TOP and got crushed. I’m pretty sure if I looked at every week I would find a similar pattern. My point is More carries = higher TOP = Wins. Haven’t seen KLM post in awhile as you are our resident stats guru if you’re bored this might be a good project for you.

  11. Wow, that’s dark, BobbyAyala. But I completely agree. This is year two of a five-year rebuilding program. They tore it down in order to build it back up. This is the bottom. Everybody relax.

  12. “The more losses, the better.” No way! Win what you can this season and carry the momentum over to next year as best you can.

    Let me be clear: I wanted to go 0-16. I wanted to “Suck for Luck.” I would have given anything for a chance at a franchise QB like that (including one winless season). But now that pipe dream is over (with pathetic teams like the Colts and Fish out there) and we need some positive vibes in a bad way. Personally, I would rather pick 12th than 5th b/c it would mean we won more games and have/had more potential moving forward with the core of the previous season. Our young guys need to taste some success and I want wins.

    Some think that I hate Tarvaris Jackson. They’re morons. I think he’s bad (used to think he sucked, but he’s moved up), yes, and just b/c he’s the best we have doesn’t mean I think he’s good. But there’s a difference between thinking a guy isn’t good and outright hating him. And, yes, I think some people think he’s “good” b/c of how horrible our alternatives are. The name of the games is to score points. That’s it. I read the apologists talking about how it was other people’s fault that he didn’t lead them to more points in other games. Yet I never hear them complain that Adrian Wilson dropped an interception that hit him in the hands in the AZ game. I don’t hear those people complaining about Troy Polamalu dropping the easy pick-6 that Jackson threw to him at Pittsburgh. All I know is that our offense is terrible and the blame can be shared by every position, including my rose colored glass boy, Sidney Rice. I love that guy, but even he made me mad yesterday. But the moral of the story is that we need to score more points so we can win more games moving forward and I’m sure as hell going to root (even though I know this season sucks) for every single one of our players moving forward this season, including Tarvaris, Carpenter, J-Force, Baldwin (who is going to catch Sidney Rice as my favorite Seahawk pretty soon if he’s not careful), etc.

    I have never believed in losing or rooting against your team UNLESS there was a prospect so good/great sitting at #1 overall that would revolutionize the shape of your organization. That’s it. There are no other exceptions (to me). So lets hope for some wins!!! And then sign Matt Flynn on March 1!!! And maybe even take the Kalil kid from USC with our #1 pick and move him to RT and stick Carpenter at LG and go from there!!! Who knows, the possibilities are endless!!! Lets just try to get through this season sane!!! I don’t know if I can do it but… I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

  13. Actually, I challenge anyone here to find one post from April, May, June, or until the start of training camp where 1 person on this blog said that this team is a legitimate play-off team in 2011. I read comments like “for the people who thought we would go to the play-offs” but yet I NEVER remember reading 1 person who predicted the play-offs with any certainty and I know I’ve read most posts on here during that span (not Denard).

  14. BobbyAyala says:

    Pragmatism is dark?


    Do you really believe that we can overtake SF at 6-1 with a cupcake sked the rest of the way?

    Furthermore, do you really believe that the NFC West can produce a wild card entrant?

    How is logic dark?

    Sure, it goes against competitive nature to root against the Seahawks, but, that’s not what I’m doing. I’m simply stating that when this football team loses, it’s ridiculous to act like they’re the worst football team that ever played.

    This is a rebuilding year.

    It’s a waste of energy for Seahawks fans to get so riled up and angry over a loss.

    In reality, a loss is more productive in rebuilding mode, not only for the lessons learned on the field, but for draft positioning.

    There’s nothing dark about looking at things logically and taking emotion out.

    It’s not what a “fanatic” does, but, then again, Seahawks fans are among the smartest in the country, and can seperate emotion from logic.

  15. BobbyAyala says:

    Bobby — Landry Jones, Nick Foles, Matt Barkley, the OK State kid, the Clemson kid, this is the deepest QB draft in years.

    It’s not necessarily about Luck, which, is why I agree, there’s no need to root for losses.

    But, you can’t argue that losses don’t help this franchise in the long run. No one can, because it’s not true.

  16. BobbyAyala says:

    It’s not just a QB, I want Chris Polk in the second round as well, and we’re not going to get him past pick 40.

    Lose now, win later.

    Once you’re out of the playoffs, winning is counterproductive.

  17. BobbyAyala says:

    Whoa, sorry, Stevos, you agreed with me! Hey, I’ve had a few pops, it’s Halloween… My bad.

  18. When did I ever say that we can overtake the 49ers, who are at 6-1? The answer is never. When did I ever say we’d be good this year? I have been on record for months as saying this is the season from hell. Don’t try to paint me as a guy who has been getting mad after losses. I’ve been expecting them since before training camp even started. What I want to see is improvement and I’m not getting it. If our OL is still pathetic in December, we’re in trouble, and, yes, this includes for the long run. It needs to improve with these young players. We can’t be terrible at run blocking in late December and all of a sudden expect to be good in 2012. We must see improvement. That’s going to mean more than getting at good pick at #4 so we can take a stud like Trent Williams over getting a crappy pick at #14 so we’re stuck with some clown like Earl Thomas (sarcasm).

  19. Also, these young studs we’re about to draft (the higher, the better, I do agree to a certain degree in the grand scheme of things) cannot be drafted into a climate of undisciplined clowns. Our current group of penalty lovers (especially the False Start Patrol in our front five) are not what we want our new generation of young guns to emulate. These penalties (many of them, truly stupid and, most frustrating, keep happening over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again) are sickening and must be improved (won’t take much) before we admit another draft class. With less stupid penalties, we just may win another game or two though (give to get).

  20. All those who want Mora and his team back, please stand up.
    As others have said, this is clearly a rebuilding year. Wins are far more pleasant to watch, but acting like someone guaranteed a winning season and lied to you is purely unrealistic.
    There is much greater depth on the D, there are more weapons on O, the O-line is frustrating for sure. TJack is better than expected with any kind of protection. CW, oh well.
    Most of the fans represented here today are knowledgeable, others on different articles, not so much.
    Stay cool and cheer on your team.

  21. OakleyD says:

    Calm down children! Nice to see so much emotion on the blog, but we need to put this in perspective.

    Realistically we are going to have a top ten pick this year. If we are all honest, we knew we would be picking in the top 10 this year before the season started.

    The trick now is to find the best QB, OL, RB combination we can possibly get and one of those guys will probably be a free agent. Lets root for our team to show progression regardless of wins.

    One positive is that I think I am now comfortable with the potential of our defensive backfield. I think that between Sherman, Browner and Thurmond we have 3 future starting caliber CB’s. And I think KamBam and Thomas look the real deal – no need to invest in the DB’s this draft.

  22. We are all calm.
    I think the issues for many on here is the lack of discipline throught this team, starting at the top with Pete getting hormonal as he put it and filtering down to the players and the mindless offside and full start penalties.
    I dont care who we draft or bring in from free agency we need to stop the drive killing penalties…. We cannot give teams 80 yards a game in penalties its just obscene.

    So while Pete talks about improving balance on Offense the prioroty has to be the discipline and that starts with Pete, he has to stop being everyones buddy and be what hes paid to be and not tolerate the High School mistakes this team continues to make.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    When I read “come in off the ledge” or “calm down” or some such regarding the ‘Hawks record to this point, it misses the point, at least for me. The majority of the complaints I’m reading or at least the ones I have, have little to do with record. They have everything to do with executition. This is a season more about the development of all the young players than results: prosess vs product. And when I continue to see penalties, special team breakdowns, a coach who is unwilling to make fundimentally sound in-game decisions (taking points off the board)etc.. I become angry, because those things are in direct conflict with improvement and development.

  24. OakleyD says:

    Maybe I was a bit quick on the calm down quip.

    I just feel that although there is a LOT of enfuriating things occuring this season such as; the O-Line regression (or lack of positive progression), penalty count, bad calls by management.

    I honestly have never been more excited about the future of this team! Through my Seahawk Blue tinted glasses I keep thinking about how great our Defense has been on the hole, how refreshing TJax performances have been over the last few games – starting to like the guys attitude and guile, How improved we are with the receiving core. So many positives to this team – I guess I am just a glass half-full guy & to me at least, I’m quite pleased with the season so far when it comes to looking towards the future.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Oakley – That wasn’t directed solely at you. But I agree: overall, I’m incredibly excited about the future of this team. There is loads of young, very talented athletes here now. And I would also agree that we need patience before we break out the torches and pitchforks. But, there are some chinks in the armor. First and foremost would be the lack of discipline, as I see it, and last Sunday it surfaced in a very ugly way. Several times. Carroll simply has to make better in-game decisions. This isn’t his first rodeo, he cannot allow the moment to get the better of him. It’s not about being aggressive or safe, it’s about being smart. Sometimes the smart play is being aggressive, other-times not. He’s been around long enough that there is no reason he shouldn’t recognize the difference. Of course the fans want to go for it on 4ht and goal from the 3, but that’s why they’re sitting on their asses and he’s on the sideline.

    In any case, I like what Carroll has done here overall. As was pointed out earlier, he took over a complete mess. I’m just disappointed with what I consider to be a gross lack of fundamentals, at the most critical times.

  26. PixelDummy says:

    It’s my opinion that this year is, for all intents and purposes, one long training camp for this team. At this point, as long as the team shows improvement, wins and losses are fairly irrelevant (aside from draft position of course). I am also really excited about the future of this team and the way it is being put together, especially on D, which looks close too as good as our D from the SuperBowl year, and they are just a bunch of youngsters! I do think we need more of a consistent pass rush…not even sacks, but more of an ability to collapse the pocket.

    The offense is absolutely a shambles right now, but the Zone Blocking scheme takes alot of time to build synergy between the 5 guys on the line, and its not necessarily about just blowing your man off the line of scrimmage like ‘man on man’ blocking. I agree with others about the penalties, especially the false starts…those should be eliminated immediately, because that’s just a matter of focus and concentration.

    …and I will now go on record as being on the Ryan Tannehill bandwagon (if there even is one) and I believe he will end up being the 2nd best QB in this draft class.

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