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Bengals 34, Seahawks 12: Reader Reaction Post

Post by Doug Pacey / The News Tribune on Oct. 30, 2011 at 4:30 pm with 53 Comments »
October 30, 2011 4:30 pm

Well, that was ugly.

Seattle lost 34-12 to Cincinnati — a decent Bengals team, mind you — but the Seahawks looked awful in most aspects of the game.

Seattle slogged through the first half, but showed offensive life after halftime. The comeback was too little, too late. The Seahawks came close in the fourth quarter, making it a one-possession game, 17-12. But the Bengals ended Seattle’s rally with a field goal on their next drive and followed with a punt return for a touchdown.

Here are a few questions to ponder. Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

1. What did you think of the play at the end of the first half? Would you have kicked a field goal? Called a different play? Is Carroll trying to be too clever? Or was it a gutsy call that backfired?

2. Seattle struggled to the run the ball, gaining just 61 rushing yards (28 yards came on the last play of the game). Who gets the blame here — running backs, offensive line, play calls? Everybody?

3. Charlie Whitehurst was pulled in favor of Tarvaris Jackson after two offensive series. If Jackson was healthy enough to play, shouldn’t he have started?

4. Lots of penalties today for Seattle, especially in key situations. Is discipline becoming an issue?

5. After seeing quarterback Andy Dalton up close are you wishing Seattle had selected him at the end of the first round of the 2011 Draft? Or do you believe in the decision to try and build a solid offensive line first?

6. What disappointed you more? Losing 6-3 on the road at Cleveland, or 27-12 at home to Cincinnati?

Fire away.

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  1. Tarvaris played his ass off out there today, I have nothing but respect for this guy right now, and he is starting to make me a believer. If he can continue to play like he did today, he could be the starting quarterback for this team for a while, in my honest opinion. If the running game existed and the receivers didn’t drop a ton of balls, as well as the entire unit drawing stupid, stupid penalties (AGAIN!) we could have won this one, easily. Defense continues to impress, nothing to say there, they have been solid all season long, fix our offense, and we are a playoff caliber team.

  2. 1. At the time I stated I disagreed.

    2. All of the above.

    3. Yes, I also stated that during the chat. I blame that poor coaching decision for a good part of this loss; in fact imo this loss is 100% PC.

    4. More bad coaching. Under Homy we were consistently one of the least penalized teams in the league. If Holmy was coaching this team, they might still suck, but they’d sure know it!

    5. Carpenter was not a first round pick. If he was the next Walter Jones, I would have supported the pick, but it’s obvious he isn’t. Yes, Dalton would have been a superior pick.

    I also question if we could have traded the 1st round pick for a 2nd & 3rd & still got Carpenter & Moffat.

    6. This one.

  3. BobbyAyala says:

    One week closer to the 2012 NFL Draft.

  4. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    special teams coach needs to be gone along with gallery, mccoy and caharlie boy. if any of them is on the team tuesday its a waste of space. the O-line looked much better with gallery out. mccoy cant catch and whitehurst sucks. the clock management at the end of the half was the worst i have ever seen.
    I thought the D looks good other than a few plays, concidering the cb
    situation i was not really disapointed. browner is still a bonehead
    but a talented one and diserves a chance to grow and learn.
    carpenter sucked it up again but looked good at times. gallery spent half the game on his back.

  5. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Moo, name the lineman picked in the late first rd that played better than carpenter is playing. take into account who is playing around him. hell carp is playing better than most taken in the mid first round area. he’s a rookie if he is still playing like this 2 years from now theres a problem.
    the problem with this team is you had tavaris go out gallery come back
    gallery shouldnt be a starter the line played much better without him.
    and mister i need 10 seconds in the pocket to throw whitehurst.

  6. Unreal, We’re still in 2nd place. Might the 2011 NFC West be the worst division in the history of the NFL?

  7. hawkfaninoklahoma, my point is I believe we could have gotten Carpenter in the 2nd round. Picking him that in the first round was a reach, & I think he would have still been available if we had traded down.

  8. AlBundySays says:

    Our running game S-U-C-K-S!!! Let Al play. He once scored 4 tds in a game, did you know that? He can’t be any worse than what the hawks have now!!!

  9. AlBundySays says:

    Our running game S-U-C-K-S!!! Let Al Bundy play, he once scored 4 tds in a game, did you know that? Al can’t be any worse than what we have now!!!

  10. freedom_X says:

    The offensive line was putrid. It’s regressed almost back to what it was the 1st couple weeks of the year. Pass protection is poor
    (though slightly better than the beginning of the year) but the run blocking is unspeakably bad.

    The Bengal defense looks very tough at the line of scrimmage, but the main difference between Seattle’s defense and Cincinatti (today) was that Seattle was firm at the line of scrimmage – the Bengals were making play after play behind the line of scrimmage. The Seattle O-line looked like 5 palookas, 5 stiffs. And they were at home (no noise problem for the Seattle O-line to contend with.

    Throw in poor special teams and dropped passes (ghost of Koren Robinson) and the defeat is no surprise. I agree that the repeated defensive penalties are a reflection of poor coaching and disicpline. Not necessarily the defensive holding on coverage, since that type of coverage is going to make that happen more often, but the stupid offsides penalties. If they can’t get a good enough jump at home with the noise factor, then they’re a sorely overrated bunch.

  11. MadSweeney42 says:

    If they’re willing to put TJ into the game and risk further injury then they should just get rid of Whitehurst. Make Portis the backup. Season’s over, time to play the people that show they care and the guys that need experience. Find out if Portis has anything. Hard to lay the running game blame on Lynch, I think the only 2 runs he had where he wasn’t touched behind the LoS were the TD and the play before that. Abysmal. Pete’s still making gunslinger college mistakes, they should’ve had a play in hand to save the TO (despite the fact we should’ve been able to spike it or gotten a delay of game penalty), once they called the TO, the FG was the only choice at that point.

    Whitehurst sucks. Jackson sucks less. The refs suck as much as Whitehurst. Really, one of the worse reffed games Ive ever seen. Wouldn’t change the outcome, but wow were they just awful.

    I’m too pissed off at a terrible game to be sensible right now, even though I am ok with getting a better draft pick. It still rankles me to my core when we lose.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    A rare post game rant from me:

    Here is a short list of players / people the ‘Hawks can dump tonight and become immediately better: Robert Gallery. Beaten like a rented mule several times again today. And for a guy who is supposed to know Cable’s scheme, appears lost identifying blitzers and stunts. Anthony McCoy. Difficulty blocking. Difficulty catching the ball. Brian Schneider. Special teams coverage is a travesty. We’ve seen it against the 9ers, Browns, and now Bengals. They ought to can him tonight.

    This game was officiated terribly. The first half was nearly impossible to watch.

    Carroll passes up a 53 yard attempt with 8 min in the second quarter in favor of a punt. Passes up a chip shot at end of half when he knew they were getting the ball back to start the second half. Mind boggling.

    They run this idiotic hurry up for most of the game until there is 4 minutes left in the game, down 8, then the offense huddles and otherwise looks as lethargic as I do after Thanksgiving dinner. Again, mind-boggling.

  13. letsworkitout says:

    Hawks are just…abysmal. I don’t see them as any better than 2 years ago in terms of product on the field or by direction of the franchise.

  14. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I agreed with the decision to go for the TD at the end of the first half. It would have been nice, though, if Pete had saved the last timeout.

    The run game is a bitter, bitter, disappointment. I don’t see much, if any, improvement between the way the run game performed today and the way it did at the beginning of the season. I bet Pete and Schnider wouldn’t have taken Carpenter in the first round if they had the draft to do over.

    Tavaris needed one more week to fully recover. It’s too bad that Charlie sucks so bad that Pete couldn’t rest T.Jack.

    We never used to lose home games. The crowd did its part. And for the most part so did the defense. Special teams and offense are atrocious. Over the past 8 quarters of football we only have 1 touchdown. I knew this season was going to bad, losing Matt and all, but almost becoming more than I can bare to watch.

  15. BobbyAyala says:

    From my best friend, a 49er fan, via facebook: “Magic number is 1 to clinch the NFC West. Then the Niners can rest their starters for the last eight weeks to get healed up for the playoffs.”

  16. BobbyAyala says:

    “I don’t see them as any better than 2 years ago in terms of product on the field or by direction of the franchise.”

    — One would hope that you’re referring strictly to the offense, here, because if you’re including the defense in this sweeping generalization, then you, sir, are wrong.

  17. I might just be upset because of the manner in which we lost (almost identical to the loss vs san francisco, start out slow, draw in close, special teams gaff) add in the turnover and it’s iced.

    Here’s my current mindset: When a team is young and being rebuilt, it shows glimmers of hope throughout the season. We got teased when we won @NYG, but the real story is NYG just laid a total egg. The article Eric posted about an empty suit saying Carroll is doing an awful job rebuilding the seahawks may be on to something. I’ve yet to take a positive out of this, except for the secondary before the injury, I’m still very excited about the safeties.

    There’s no chance of this team being on the fast track to anywhere, the playcalling is inept at best, they sent Matt Hasselbeck packing, and fired Jeremy Bates (who had the offense clicking at the end of last year, just ask Drew Brees and Co.) I may be just thinking unclearly due to frustration, but I’m very discouraged.

    Carroll wasn’t a successful coach during his last attempt in the AFC East… and that’s partially why I’m so discouraged by what I’m seeing here.

    I just don’t know anymore.

  18. Hard to react objectively after a big loss. When they lose, they are “the worst team in the league”. When they win, they are “an up and coming contender”. But I have to agree with everything in Dukeshire’s first paragraph. Why is Mccoy still on this team? Gallery we have to swallow a bit due to the tie to Cable I think. Special teams must be addressed.

    One thing I would add to the lack of discipline train of thought is managing timeouts. I’ve seen repeatedly the team burning timeouts early (especially the defense) in non-critical situations. Then when the offense really needs the timeouts at the end of the half or game, they have to take a wild last-second chance because they have no more timeouts. This has happended numerous times this season.

    Penalties and timeouts/clock management are discipline problems. The “young team” defense only goes so far to explain the penalties. When the trend of many penalties does not decrease with experience, at some point we have to look to lack of discipline as the problem. I’m not sure we are at that point yet but there doesn’t seem to be much improvement on the penalty front (although Browner is learning to be less grabby).

  19. BobbyAyala says:

    Carroll was a bonehead at the end of the 2nd quarter, just kick the field goal and get the points, all of a sudden we got Brady in the backfield or something?

    Just kick the damn field goal.

    Sometimes I think Pete has too much faith in his players.

  20. rynehawk says:

    A couple of quick thoughts.

    1) I love that they went for the TD. This team isn’t going anywhere this year and you have to try to change the mindset. Not getting a score didn’t change anything, but getting a TD could have very well taken the offense and their mentality to a new level.

    2) Has Morrah ever caught a ball? Maybe it’s just the last couple of weeks but I think he’s playing with boxing gloves on.

  21. It’s all about patience this year. I fully believe in building the O-line into something that will be good for years to come. We’re likely not going to get Luck but there are a few others that may be worthy of a top 10 pick next year.

    As far as the defense goes…well we can’t expect them to stay fresh when they are on the field as much as they are, but with some help from the offense I think they have potential to be top half of the league in a year or two.

  22. rynehawk, I think you mean McCoy? He has been horrible the last few weeks.


    Morrah has been good overall after coming off PUP, and of course came up big last year at the end of the season. He missed that tough one in traffic today but has good hands overall.

    Also, to be fair, my above post talking about Browner being less penalty-prone forgot to mention his newly invented reverse pile driver move.

  23. It’s hard to believe they get paid to be this bad. The Sounders could beat this team bloody.

  24. williambryan says:

    Jackson is making me a believer too… That he should be a backup quarterback. Carroll’s decision’s are mind boggling. I hope the reason CW came out was injury (concussion symptoms) because although Jackson maybe led the team to more yards, there weren’t many more points, and in the case of bringing Jackson in after two series? Makes no sense. I was fine with the call to go for it on the last play of the half because the Bengals should have been flagged for delay of game. Speaking of which, the refs were horrible (as usual).
    I’m not all that upset though, because every loss helps our chances of getting a franchise QB in the draft. Which brings me to the Dalton question. He looked good in the first half but then was picked off twice when the game was still in doubt, not good. Carpenter would not have made it to the second round, thats pretty well documented. I’m happy with the Carpenter pick. I think the problem on the Oline is Gallery.

  25. powderhog says:

    rynehawk says:

    1) I love that they went for the TD. This team isn’t going anywhere this year and you have to try to change the mindset.

    You are an idiot. In the fourth with the field goal taken, hawks would have been down by 2 instead of 5. The only thing they had going was the kicking game. Good thing you’re not calling the plays. But instead the hawks have Pete calling them, I don’t know what is better.

  26. Hard not to know this would be a tough season for us, but the failure of Gallery and our special teams(defense) is a mystery to me….. For me, they are the biggest dissapointment’s so far…. I’d like to see Portis on the field some going out…. see what we really have there. What we saw in preseason wasn’t entirely bad…. Even Charlie’s been given several chances now, why not Portis?

  27. 1. Personally, I would have taken the points. I like a little bit of a gunslinger mentality from comPete but he seems to get carried away a bit more than my liking. Of course, if it works, everyone is overreacting about how gutsy and great he is on that call. One thing that puzzles me… he seems to want to build an ultra-conservative team (run first, no turnovers from the QB, etc. which is fine with me) but he seems to be the opposite when it comes to play calls.

    2. The line is pretty brutal at run blocking. When your RBs are consistently getting hit behind the LOS, it’s pretty evident whose fault it is. This is the sixth year in a row that our run blocking sucks so I’m actually used to it and I didn’t exactly expect it to be all that good this year either (but I thought we’d see more glimpses of hope that I have been seeing — that’s the frustrating part here for me).

    3. Of course he should have. Charlie is terrible, while Jackson, at least, isn’t as bad. That guy has guts though, I’ll give him that. He has the type of character that makes it easy to root for, but I’m still in no way, shape, or form a believer that he’s who I want starting in 2012.

    4. It has been and continues to be…

    5. Why is this either/or? That’s what I want to know?

    Why couldn’t we have taken Dalton at #24 (I would not have taken him at the time, I’m just addressing the speculation that Schneider and Crew thought he was supposedly so good and *knew* he’d be this good) and drafted an offensive lineman in the 2nd round to go with Okung and Unger (who were a couple of high picks in the two previous years)?

    They obviously knew that they were going after Gallery so that means they would have had a line of… Okung, Gallery, Unger, 2nd round pick (turned into Moffitt after the Lions trade) which means 4/5th of the offensive line was or would be solidified… so why are we saying that a RT was better than getting a QB of the future? I don’t get it. I’m not going to bash the taking of Carpenter over Dalton b/c I wasn’t willing to bash it at the time. What I am saying is that you don’t pass on a good QB you like over a good RT that you like when you already had Okung, Unger, were going to take an OL in the 2nd round, and pretty much knew you were going to sign a *good* LG in free agency. Personally, I have never heard of a team who would rather have a good RT over a good QB. It’s one pick, not an entire unit. Yeah, I’d rather have Carpenter, Gabe Carimi, and Stephan Wisniewski over Dalton… but that wasn’t the choice… it was one RT or one QB. I love great offensive line play and am glad that they chose to take a couple of young guys for that unit. And, again, for the record, I would not have taken Dalton either and at the time I would honestly have also taken Carpenter over Dalton if those were my two choices. In hindsight, I’d definitely take Dalton. But if our front office *knew* Dalton would be this good, then why in the hell did they pass on him for 1/5 of an offensive line? I have pissed and moaned about our offensive line for over a half decade and if I had a choice of taking one with a high pick I’d definitely always do it at the expense of most other positions. However, the QB position is the one position that trumps everything else. As I’ve said before, it’s “only” the most important position in professional sports and my head is going to explode pretty soon if we can’t get our own legit guy…

    6. Both losses sucked the same. Brutal. Pathetic. Horrible. Need I go on?

  28. In #1, I only meant that some calls are wreckless in weird situations (like end of halfs, some 4th downs, end of games).

  29. bigmike04 says:

    I have to say the OL is getting better but what is up with the sepcial team allowing the punt return.. Thought too many pentalities in this game & Tarvish Jackson really need to be cut, the guy threw late INT because he failed to read the coverage, thought Seattle Seahawks has two bad QB on the roster & one unknown so this season is going to be long because Charlie Whitehurst should be out the league & Tarvish Jackson is overated QB who really belongs in arena ball.. I am not a Tarvish Jackson Fan because let face the fact how does he get lot of team interested in him where Vince Young didn’t… Seattle should have resigned Matt Hasselback instead of signing QB bust in Jackson..

  30. Tarvaris is not the problem. He keeps improving. The mental mistakes by too many players are killing the team. The game was not on up here so couldn’t see everything. The O-line did seem to do better without Gallery in recent games, at least in terms of a running game. Special teams used to be good with the same coach, he should be able to put them back together.
    Who is calling the offensive plays, Carroll or Bevell?
    Second guessing the past draft is a waste of time, done is done. We only do better than the FO in hindsight.
    CW and McCoy seem to be wasted roster spots.
    Anyone expecting a play-off team this year was unrealistic.

  31. rynehawk says:

    McCoy’s been awful, most definitely. I just recall Morrah dropping a couple of big plays as well. In any event, it seems Baldwin is the only guy that has been able to make plays. It’s terribly frustrating watching, but it’s even more frustrating to not expect anything to happen.

    That’s why I like going for the TD. There is nothing to lose. You can’t play the “in the fourth quarter we would have only been down ‘x'” because you have no idea how differently everything would have played out.

    If this team was better, and actually capable of generating consistent offense, I would agree the FG is the right choice. But this team isn’t, and you have to try to make the most of every opportunity you have. I stand by my belief that getting the TD there would have done a lot more than just putting 6 on the board. It’s about confidence, which this team has none….having none means you don’t have any to lose by not making it.

  32. irrationalexuberance says:

    It was an ugly game but the offense looks 300 times better with TJack under center. As the first poster said, he should get respect as he has earned it compared to what we have seen since 2008 at QB.

    Tough breaks and dropped balls in this game made this game look horrible but take away the drops and have better execution and this team looked like the team we saw playing the second half of the Atlanta game and Giants game.

    I think the season is pretty much over in catching SF but this team is taking positive steps and starting to look form a playoff contending team it just needs more time. I like Petes mentality of play to win and not be all extra conserative and turn it to “what ifs” but when it doesnt work the ridicule comes out as we see on this blog.

    Fortunately the Cowboys are looking horrible but Seattle on the road is a stretch but as we seen in NYG it can happen.

  33. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    These are the kind of losses I expected us to take this year. With no offseason the o-line isn’t going to gel. We certainly have found out what we have at QB, at least in CW. TJack still has time to show us what he can become, but CW I think has shown us. I’ve never watched him in a game and said “ohhhh, so thaaaaat’s why they went after this guy”. Maybe for one play, but he’s never impressed over any period of time that I can remember. He’s done here.

    PC needs to manage games better. I believe there are instances where he’s losing games for us, or putting us in significantly more difficult positions that we would if he had made other decisions. He needs someone to hold him accountable for those decisions before they get out of hand and cost us playoff opportunities. I’d like to see him really take responsibility for these things so I can feel hopeful that he’ll get better with these things in the future.

    I’m OK with the roster decisions they’ve made. I believe the O-Line will become very good. I believe they have done a good job building a defense. I believe we’re a better team, and TJack’s injury set us back in the last two games. We’d be 3-3 without that.

    I’ll say this again though … I think Pete has one more offseason to get a legitimately good team on the field. His job is in jeopardy if he doesn’t. It’s next year or nothing for him IMHO.

  34. thursday says:

    1.I think we should have just kicked the FG. Yeah it’s boring, but at least it’s points vs no points.

    2. I’d like to blame everybody, but the O-line did NOT look good and the play calling was pretty crap most of the time too.

    3. YES

    4. The penalty thing is driving me up the wall. Coaches need to do something about that shizz.

    5. We’re just going to go through quarterbacks if we don’t get an o-line first. Either the Bengals have a pretty good line or our pass-rush was just insanely weak today.

    6. Oh they’re about equal tbh.

  35. I’ll say this again though … I think Pete has one more offseason to get a legitimately good team on the field. His job is in jeopardy if he doesn’t. It’s next year or nothing for him IMHO.

    God knows I hope you’re right. PC is a horrid coach.

  36. irrationalexuberance says:

    Suprisingly looking at the weekly leaders stats Tjack is # 4 for passing yards and Ben Obomanu is # 3 and Sidney Rice is # 4. Seattle needs a running game!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Guys who earned their pay today:
    – Tavaris Jackson
    – Doug Baldwin
    – Ben Obomanu
    – The whole D, led by Mebane, Clemmons, and Thomas

    Guys who need to step up next week, big disappointments today:
    – Marshawn Lynch
    – Sydney Rice
    – Zach Miller
    – James Carpenter
    – defensive Special Teams

    Agreeing with Dukeshire here…
    These guys should be cut tomorrow to improve the team:
    – Gallery (McQuistan should be starting at LG)
    – McCoy (Morrah should be #2 TE)
    – Whitehurst (start giving Portis reps, Whitehurst’s career is over)

  38. The biggest problem today was the offensive line. Had the OL done its job, the Seahawks would have had a chance. I don’t see why everyone’s talking about drafting a QB when TJ is playing well and this team has bigger needs. Another offensive lineman, a pass-rushing DE or a shut-down CB would do more for this team than drafting a QB. Unless, of course, the Seahawks can get their hands on a sure-fire stud QB like Rick Mirer or Kelly Stouffer. Sorry for my sarcasm, but when you’ve got a guy who’s producing like TJ is, and your team sucks in other areas, it would be unwise to draft a QB, except a once-in-a-generation guy like Luck.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo – How many time was Lynch hit behind the line today? 5? More? I can’t blame him at all. And Rice certainly had a tough drop, but made up for it with that amazing effort to get the first immediately after. I thought his overall effort and play was solid.

    And I’d like to single out Chancellor, too. He is deserving of serious consideration for a pro bowl spot. He’s playing at a very high level back there.

  40. What about Sherman today? Pretty darn good from sitting on the couch.

  41. @Stevos IMO, with the exception of 1 game last year (I THINK it was New Orleans?), Lynch has been nothing but 1 huge disappointment. Maybe it’s all the O line, but I currently believe Lynch is terribly over rated.

  42. bird_spit says:

    Cancan – I’m with you on the TJ as our potential QB of the future. He is maturing into his position. We have other large holes to fill on this team. We need a running game at all costs.

  43. Lynch is an average starting RB, not a Pro Bowl-caliber back like Shaun Alexander or Curt Warner. He’s not going to win games for Seattle. We can’t ride him like the Vikings ride AP. He’s adequate though, and I wouldn’t blame him much for his performance today. He didn’t have any holes to run through.

  44. williambryan says:

    Sherman played better as the game went on, which is good, but the TD he gave up early was WAY to easy.

  45. You guys defending Lynch are probably right, Lynch doesn’t deserve much of the blame for this game. Given a few key blocks he might have done much more. But if you heard his post-game interview, you heard him man-up and accept some of the blame for “two key plays that changed the perspective of the game”. His fumble directly led to a Bengals TD, and he screwed up that play by taking the handoff from the wrong side of the QB. He has had better games.

  46. The whole D deserves better than what they got from this offense today, that’s for sure.

    If you watched the game on TV, I’m not sure what you saw of the DBs since its impossible to really watch them on TV on most plays.

    Sherman is getting deserved credit for a quality start against a very talented WR who was getting targeted all game, and his INT followed a near-INT that he dropped. The kid has future starter written all over him. I still can’t believe he wasn’t drafted higher.

    Chancellor had some big hits, but gets lost in coverage at times too. Thomas was everywhere, amazing as usual.

    I haven’t heard anyone after the game crediting Brandon Browner. I watched him all day and he is a total stud. After an early penalty, he pretty well shut his guy out for most of the game.

    The DBs could be the biggest strength of the team next year.

  47. BobbyK, your rant about taking an OT instead of a QB in the draft is kind of funny. We’re all pissed but your post is so ironic you have to admit its kind of funny.

    You’ve been ranting here for years that “next years draft should be offensive linemen in every round” or words pretty darn close to that. So the Seahawks GM actually gave you exactly what you had been ranting for, and now you changed your mind. They should not have drafted an OT after all. Ha!

    For the record, I wanted Dalton, and posted that here. But I think Carroll proved he was very determined to build the O line, hired Tom Cable, give him all the tools he needed to build a power running game here in Seattle. The kind that can win playoff games in December someday. We all know that takes time. It takes commitment. And, yes, it means that you have to pass up some QBs in order to draft those stud O linemen.

    And I know this is the RANT thread so I shouldn’t be all positive… but remember that James Carpenter is only 22 years old! He played only 2 years of major college football! No one here knows how good this kid might be in a couple of years.

  48. jaybrank says:

    Now that we’ve established that TJack is NOT the problem with offense, let’s focus on the real problem, the O-line. Gallery is not playing at the level of his paycheck. Carpenter whiffed on some critical plays, but he shows signs of improvment. The rest are inconsistant. I can’t understand the O-line false start penalties at home – it just drives me nuts. That’s on the players and the coaches. Add to the mix bad calls by the refs, defense/special team lapses and poor coaching decisions today, you get an ugly loss that wasn’t as large as the score indicates. Fix the O-line first, otherwise a 1st round QB won’t last long.

  49. bigmike04 says:

    Going into half time the score was 17-3, The mistake on Pete Carroll Half was that he didn’t want to go for Field goal to make it 17-6 going into half time, Now the defensive did their job by shutting down Bengals in 3rd Quater where the seahawks had chances to get some point if they had manage their offensive better… Thought Seahawks don’t need to draft another CB in first round, I say go get a veteran & forget drafting another OL in first round, this team need a future QB weather it in first or Second Round as Tarvish Jackson should be cut right after this season along with Charlie because both QB’s don’t deserve to be back in 2012 with Seahawks as I can accept if this season wasn’t a playoff season & were grooming a future QB.. Thought I much rather have Jason Campbell as QB than Jackson.

  50. bigmike04 says:

    2012 Free Agent list from
    Top QB’s Free Agents: Jason Campbell, Alex Smith, Vince Young, Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn, Trent Edwards

  51. nidhighe says:

    Only thing worse than the loss is fans screaming for Jackson to be cut, Carroll to be fired, and whatever other silly idea they may have.

    It took Holmgren 5 years to rebuild the team, and the talent level when he took over was nowhere near as bad as the mess that Ruskell left. The team regressed in Holmgren’s 2nd year, and it wasn’t until his 3rd year that he found his QB.

    2012 will be when Carroll gets his QB, and then he deserves at least 2 seasons to develop him.

  52. @nidhighe – good perspective. that’s exactly where we are in this rebuild. The poor teams get impatient and screw these things up. The great ones make 5 year plans and stick to them for 5 years.

  53. gonefishin69690 says:

    Take away the mistakes, and we would have had a much closer game. At least 4 times, Penalties kept Bengals drives going, and dropped passes ended ours. Saw great play by our side but too inconsistent to make a difference. Kind of like our Mariners leaving men on base. Need to clean it up, get disciplined, and play will improve. We do have alot of talent there, and hopefully we will have a 2012 season that will not be as ugly.

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