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Jackson lets it rip: Questionable for Sunday

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 28, 2011 at 2:05 pm with 50 Comments »
October 28, 2011 2:05 pm

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson got his first, real extensive work with the first unit at practice today, throwing some deep balls down the field and some deep outs with velocity for the first time in a few weeks since suffering a strained pectoral muscle against the New York Giants.

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll said after practice that Jackson will be listed as questionable on the team’s injury report, and his status for Sunday still remains a game-time decision.

“We’ll take it to the next couple days and see where we are,” Carroll said. “But that’s a very good sign. He felt the best. He got the most work, so we’ll see what happens.”

Jackson said it will be important to see how his body recovers from the throwing session today, but that he feels good about playing on Sunday.

“It will be interesting to see just exactly how I feel after doing that,” Jackson said. “But I don’t think it will have any affect, or I’ll have a setback after throwing. I think it will be fine, but I’ll guess will see, because it’s kind of a thing where it feels good one day, and the next day it won’t.”

Both Jackson and Carroll placed importance on the starting quarterback getting out there and throwing to see where he’s at.

“They want to see you make throws,” Jackson said. “They don’t want to throw you out there and put you in a bad position, so you can’t be the player you normally are, and make the throws you can normally make. So I think it was good for those guys to see that, and for me to go out there and make the throws to prove that I can do it.”

Jackson said that last Sunday before the Cleveland game was the best he felt all week, and that he was surprised with how well he threw the ball. Jackson also said that today throwing the ball felt better than last Sunday.

Jackson said it will be up to Carroll and the rest of the coaching staff to make the call if he plays against Cincinnati.

“Obviously I want to play,” Jackson said. “But If I can’t be the player I know I can be, I don’t want to go out there and hurt the team. But I feel like it’s time for me to come back. I don’t think this injury can keep me out of the game much longer. We’re 2-4 right now, so I want to get out there so we can get some Ws.”

Carroll said that defensive back Roy Lewis will be activated off of the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list and available for Sunday.

Running back Marshawn Lynch (back), tight end Zach Miller (head/neck), center Max Unger (foot), safety Kam Chancellor (knee), safety Atari Bigby (hamstring) and safety Jeron Johnson (ankle) are all probable for Sunday.

For Cincinnati, cornerback Nate Clements (knee), tight end Jermaine Gresham (hamstring), cornerback Kelly Jennings (hamstring) and linebacker Dan Skuta (groin) are probable.

Linebacker Thomas Howard (hamstring), cornerback Adam Jones (neck) and cornerback Morgan Trent (ankle) are questionable. Jones was activated off the PUP list and is eligible to play in his first game.

And linebacker Rey Maualuga (ankle) is out.

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  1. BobbyAyala says:

    Begging the football gods to allow Tarvaris Jackson to play.


  2. The12thMan says:

    Eric, how do you feel Whitehurst has looked this week in practices as the #1 QB and how would you compare his overall performance this week to the way he looked last week in practices (better, worse, the same)? Thanks for any input you can provide.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    I’m more concerned that Lynch, Miller, Unger and Kam play. Yes, at this point I ‘d prefer to see Jackson over CW but to me, without those other players I’m not sure it matters much who is under center, between the two.

  4. BobbyAyala says:

    You don’t think Tarvaris would’ve made the difference in Cleveland?

    I do.

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Yes BobbyAyala,I agree that Tarvaris would have made a difference in Cleveland, however, only because the no huddle works well with him.

  6. JazBadAzz says:

    of coarse Jackson would have made a difference but losing Lynch at the last minute was the absolute killer

  7. Ewalters7354 says:

    I never thought I would say this but please let Tjack play Sunday.I am a CW fan but he truly hurt me with his performance this past week.I think our offense was moving in the right direction before Tjack got hurt.If he plays I believe we win easily.Not sold on Cincy..If he would have played Sunday we would have blew the top off the Browns.Charlie missed Sidney on a bunch of deep throws.Also,like Duke I believe having Marshawn,Zach,and Max back makes this team a whole lot better.For all you guys saying Leon should start at RB you seen why the coaching staff loves Marshawn so much.

  8. Ewalters7354 says:

    Question:Is Golden Tate even on the team??So much for having a breakout second year smh..

  9. JazBadAzz says:

    Golden Tate had one of the only first downs we had last sunday.

    CW missed on some easy throws but when he did make a decent throw the receivers didn’t help him any by dropping the ball.

    Im surprised at all the talk about how Seattle wanted Andy Dalton so bad, I hope our defense make JS feel like he made the right decision!

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think that the best chance for us to get Luck is for the Colts to finish at the bottom, and Manning makes a full recovery. We would however have to give up perhaps 3 first round picks to get him.

  11. I think the Colts would be crazy not to take Luck if he’s there for them, regardless of Manning’s status.

  12. I didn’t really agree before when people on her said that we should draft a RB this coming draft but, I now agree with the sentiment. I’m not really sold on Forsett being able to carry the load if the beast goes down. Forsett and Leon are too alike and Leon is more explosive and much more dynamic on special teams. I like Forsett but, I think we need to draft a RB in the 3rd or 4th round that can carry the load if Marshawn gets hurt. That would leave Leon as our 3rd down/change of pace back. Maybe Forsett can stick around since we only keep 1 FB but, probably not. Actually, I would be more in favor of drafting or signing a better FB to start and keeping Robinson for special teams than using a fifth RB roster spot on Forsett. Robinson seems ok as a lead blocker but seems deficient as a pass catcher to me. I also think we would benefit greatly from having a FB that is a dominant lead blocker. Was hoping they would go after Leach last off-season.

  13. Chris Mortensen said that he thinks that Manning would ask to be traded if the Colts drafted Luck. I think they would have a very tough decision if they end up with the first pick. Do they trade the pick for what would undoubtedly be a number of assets to help them go after another super bowl the next few years or do they get their QB of the future. If healthy, I think that Manning can be a very good QB for another 4-5 years. He is also one hit away from retirement with his neck though. I think it has become obvious that the Colts have more holes/problems than just Manning being out. Trading the pick could help shore up a number of areas. Not an easy decision in my opinion.

  14. Could be a very interesting top of the draft I think there is a good chance that 2 of the 3 frontrunners for the 1st pick would seriously entertain trading the pick. I think that Miami, the Colts, and the Rams are the most likely teams to end up picking a number 1. Obviously they are all without a win. Miami would undoubtedly snatch up Luck in a second but, the Colts and Rams would seriously consider trading out. I think the Rams most likely would and, I think the Colts are maybe 50/50. Another interesting thing will be to see how much it will take to get the pick now with the new rookie salary scale. I think it will take an outrageous amount.

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It will be very interesting indeed Natedog. I just think that our best chance at Luck will be through the Colts via trade.
    At this stage Luck appears to be a too good to be true pick, however he has never gone through the type of pressure that Locker had to endure, so we will find out just how well Luck can deal with it in his first few years in the NFL.

  16. I like Luck a lot but I don’t think we should trade up for him. 1st round QBs have too high a bust rate to justify giving up the ransom we will undoubtedly have to give up to get him IMO.

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    True, very few 1st round qbs have fulfilled their expectations. Hopefully we will find one in the first round next year or perhaps we get lucky in the later rounds.

  18. Palerydr says:

    Just for kicks looked up the trade for Elway:

    The Colts traded Elway to the Broncos for QB Mark Herrmann, rights to OL Chris Hinton and a first-round pick (OG Ron Solt) in the 1985 draft on May 2, 1983.

    So in comparison and I realize it’s really not close but would they take Tarvaris Jackson, Carpenter and a #1 pick in 2013 for the rights to Andrew Luck?

    I’ll answer my own question not likely LOL!

  19. I think the trading for the #1 pick to draft Andrew Luck is a total pipe dream. Ain’t gonna happen. Especially not the Carroll/Schneider Seahawks, since they love their draft picks and know how to get value from every one of them.

    I’m looking for the Seahawks to draft somewhere between 6 and 12. Ryan Tannehill could be a very attractive QB at that spot.

    Quick quiz:
    Q: who is the last QB John Scheider drafted in the first round?
    A: Aaron Rogers
    Q: who was the Packers’ HC when Rogers was drafted?
    A: Mike Sherman
    Q: Who is coaching Ryan Tannehill right now?

  20. I wouldn’t want the Seahawks to trade three first rounders for Luck. I’d rather draft a QB in the second or third round, sign Flynn, keep TJack and Portis (at least through training camp) and hope one of them turns into a solid QB.

  21. I can’t see the Seahawks bothering to go after a middling FA like Matt Flynn while they have Tarvaris Jackson. Just doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade, if at all. And I also can’t see them standing pat with Jackson or Flynn when they’ll likely have a top-12 draft pick to spend in a very excellent QB draft. A team doesn’t expect that chance to come around very often, and I doubt they’ll pass it up. The stars are aligning for Ryan Tannehill, or maybe Landry Jones if the team tanks.

    but for the time being, I’m going to enjoy watching Tarvaris get his shot.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    Nate – Mortenson says a lot of stupid sh*t. Never put any stock into anything he says. He knows nothing more that any one of us. Just sayin’.

    Canfan – I should hope not. 3 first rounders? I don’t have the energy to go back and discover who suggested that. But who ever it was should be embarrassed.

  23. confucious says:

    No team will be able to trade up for Luck. If you have the first pick, you need Luck. If Manning wants to leave because the colts draft Luck, the Colts will help him pack. There is probably no other franchise today that knows the value of a great qb like the colts. Alright, maybe New England. Peyton had NECK SURGERY! He wants to return to a high impact, whiplash inducing sport? Why? His legacy is already cemented. He’s a first ballot HOF. I would imagine that if he stayed away from fannie mae and freddie mac his finances are in good order. He’s got nothing left to prove. One year to help with Luck on the field and then to the front office is my guess.

  24. I haven’t really watched Luck except for when they played UW. I know every one is on his nuts, but against UW in all those games (I know all of them were blow outs), Luck had all the time to throw, the recievers were able to let the routes develope, and on play action there was never any pressure. I think they ran a 3 TE set about 90% of the time and ran it. All his throws were to wide open receivers and alot of times just about 10-15 yrds max. I’ve never seen him throw a ball on a rope or in extremely tight windows, but like I said, I’ve only really watched him against UW. I can someone point me out to when he actually made some incredible throws under pressure or in tight windows? Is it Luck or is it Stanford’s NFL caliber OL and big TE’s?

  25. Palerydr says:

    Luck goes up against USC today that might be a good game to watch and do some evaluating.

  26. Duke, I think Mortensen isn’t very bright analytically but, he seems to have contacts in the NFL. That doesn’t mean he’s right. Just an opinion. Not nearly as good as Schefter IMO. Their biggest asset it that they have contacts we don’t have.

  27. HawkyHann says:

    Please, please, let Charlie start. I haven’t seen enough of him but I’ve seen enough of T.Joke. Has Zach Miller backhand slapped him yet for giving him his concussion? You guys should rewatch that play or his int before halftime vs NY.

  28. HawkyHann, maybe you should re-watch the WHOLE GAME from last Sunday. TJ hasn’t played half as bad as that pathetic performance in any game this year. If you want to favor Clipboard Busto fine but, don’t try to pretend that it is because of anything OBJECTIVE! Also, please stop linking that stupid site. It is a JOKE!

  29. HawkyHann, your pathetic “site” is just a delusional love fest for Clipboard Busto. All you guys do is make EXCUSE AFTER EXCUSE for Busto. Blame everyone else. The o-line. Bevell. No Lynch. TJ had the same o-line, worse actually in most of the games, Bevell calling the plays, no running game in 3 of 5 games, and NO RICE in 2 games and NEVER put up the GARBAGE numbers that Clipboard Busto put up last Sunday. I cannot hope for the Hawks to lose but, if Busto starts this week I hope he continues to shown what garbage he is and we win in spite of him. Then you and your ilk can either put down the Koolaid or scurry under a rock.

  30. someone needs to ban hawkyhann

  31. Also, I love the way your “site” is devoid of any of Busto’s stats that don’t paint him in a good light. That way you don’t have to let any reality inside your bubble.

    A few stats, peppered with opinion, for HawkyHann and nighthawk2. This was a response to nighthawk2 basically saying that TJ was worse against the Stealers than Whitehurst was against the Browns

    FYI, Pitt is ranked 6th in overall defense and give up 2.6 less points a game than the Browns. They have played a TOUGHER schedule. THEY have been ranked in the top five defensively for years. The Browns have put together a decent stretch. I think the Browns have a pretty good defense but, they’re not the Stealers. You know a big part of the reason they’re ranked so high? Because they just played your piece of GARBAGE CBJ and added his PATHETIC output to their statistics. Their defense had nothing to do with us not scoring a TD on a pass to Rice because the ball was thrown horribly inaccurately to the sideline rather than up the field. That was all that JOKE of yours CBJ. CBJ played behind a better line than TJ had the first 3 weeks and CBJ had all of his wide receivers healthy. He cannot hit the side of a barn from farther than 5 yards. Nobody’s fault but his. Throwing into TRIPLE coverage repeatedly. Nobody’s fault but his. I am not saying that TJ is our QB of the future but, he is a lot better than Clipboard JOKE and is improving from week to week. Poke your head out of the pessimistic little bubble you live in and breathe in some reality some time.

    By the way, if you want some facts here they are. TJ versus Pitt: 20-29, 159 yards, 0 tds, 0 ints, 82.4 qb rating. CB Joke versus the Browns: 12-30, 97 yards, 0 tds, 1 int, 35 qb rating. But TJ stunk it up worse than CB Joke????? You are truly delusional, DUDE!

  32. does anyone think Case Keenum’s performance against Rice (24/37, 534 yards, 9TD/1 INT) and his season stats (218/303, 3219 yds, 32TD, 3 INT) could make a “case” for him ending up in seattle? he’s 6’2″, 210, and seems to be a great developmental guy to be coached up by Carroll and set right in.

  33. natedog, you can relax broseph. I don’t think anyone here really cares about

    as a matter of fact, according to, it’s averaging 1 pageview per user, and 0.00000005 pageviews globally.

    That’s 1:500,000,000 (one pageview for every 500 million people on earth).

    His rhetoric isn’t fooling anyone, bro.

  34. HawkyHann says:

    Without our starting center and Marshawn Lynch, we had no chance last week. Bevell dropped a turd when he found out Lynch was out. There went the gameplan.

    Why don’t you compare Charlie’s first 3 starts vs. Tarvy’s first 3.

    Natedog, you should show respect to the real natedog who just passed, and get a more original screen name.

  35. Thanks for the info RADEoN.

    As far as Case Keenum, he is rated 8th of the senior QBs and projected as a 6th rounder on NFL draft scout. I had never heard of him but, those stats are eye-popping. The thing I would worry about is that he plays for Houston. There have been a number of QBs to put up big numbers there and not do anything in the pros. I wouldn’t be against taking a flier on him in the 5th or sixth round to hedge our bets. Though unless TJ really starts to tear it up by the end of the year, I am convinced that we have to address the QB position either in FA or with a much higher pick than a 5th or 6th rounder.

  36. HawkyHann says:

    RadeOn, you should know your facts before posting false info. A major sports retailer and bar(across from the stadium, long, skinny) has offered to pay for developers in exchange for free advertisement. Working through the legal piece, but when you’ve received over 2500 hits in less than 60 days, I guess they feel its worth the minimal risk. win now and forever.

  37. RADEoN, NFL draft scout also has Nick Foles rated as a 4th or 5th rounder so take it for what it’s worth I guess.

    HawkyHann, that guy’s nickname was Nate Dogg. I have had this nickname for 17 years. Has nothing to do with disrespect you moron. A Seahawks fan calling themselves HawkyHann? Now that’s original!!!!! The only disrespect here is the disrespect your “site” shows to anyone with a brain. As RADEoN’s post suggests, you’re not fooling anyone bro!!!!!! I’ll compare TJ’s stats this year to Clipboard Busto’s from last year or this year. Either way you come up short bro. Not that facts will make any difference to someone like you. PC has watched Busto for 1 1/2 years and seems to think TJ is better. There’s a reason he gets paid millions of dollars to coach and you rant on blogs and set up stupid “sites”! Unger being out was a major factor is us losing last week and for Busto’s pathetic performance? AH HAHA. Now that’s comedy. I guess it was the backup center’s fault Busto couldn’t hang on to a snap that hit him in the hands, that he tried to throw and the ball slipped out like a wet fish, that he couldn’t hit the side of a barn, that he hung on to the ball too long and took sacks, and that he forced the ball into triple coverage. Everybody’s fault but Clipboard Busto’s, huh???

  38. HawkyHann says:

    Nate Dogg, still hijacked from the original Nate Dog 17 years ago when he was blowing up. Come on, admit it?

    If you show up outside the famous, long and skinny bar, across from the stadium tomorrow, we’ll give you a free tshirt.Bright green, with blue letters. We’re handing out 5,000. They’ll be everywhere. Just look for the really hot girls dressed up like Charlie.

    However, We’ll make you recite a Nate Dogg verse,so be on point. Don’t worry, we’ll go easy on you with something like Regulator though.

  39. RADEoN, also has Keenum rated a s 5-6 rounder.

    Stevos, From what I read about Tannehill, he seems to be exceptionally talented but, also raw when it comes to fundamentals. If he stays healthy the rest of the year, he will only have 20 starts under his belt coming into the NFL. I’m not saying that this means we definitely shouldn’t draft him but, that if we do he will probably need to sit for a year behind TJ and develop before he is ready to start.

  40. AKhawkFan says:

    Wow. Just went to that stupid site. I regret it completely. I have to agree with natedog on this one…never link that again.

  41. HawkyHann, I will be at the game Sunday. I will probably be pretty intoxicated by the time I get to the Stadium so I’ll take that shirt. I will need something to relieve myself on around that time. By the way, the nickname was because Nate Dogg was coming out at the time, but I didn’t “hijack” it from him. I didn’t give myself the nickname. Only losers such as yourself give nicknames to themselves. Got it?

  42. BobbyAyala says:

    Hopefully Miami drafts Luck and the rich don’t get richer.

    If Luck ends up in Indy, it would be horrible.

  43. HawkyHann says:

    Natedog the original, you can call me a loser that’s fine. But you better not be rude to the fine ass Charlie princesses handing out the gear tomorrow or else they might not give you one. CLink is going to be screaming for Charlie! Don’t fight it, just go with it. The revolution is building. Charlie has arrived.

  44. I would never be rude to the fine young ladies just because you’re a moron. Don’t worry about that. I need one of those shirts in case I run out of toilet paper some time. I’ll give you this. I’ll give Clipboard Busto more than one incompletion before I start booing his sorry ass unlike you and your ilk did with TJ in the Falcons game. The chorus of boos will fit in nicely since the next day is Halloween.

  45. Please tell me you guys are kidding about having people give out 5000 shirts promoting Charlie Whitehurst as the starting QB.

  46. I’ll let you know if it was a joke after the game on Sunday pabuwal. Check out the site he links in every post. That’s the real joke.

  47. SandpointHawk says:

    I can’t believe I just read this whole string. I’m going back out to the lake now…see you all later.

  48. Palerydr says:

    I also was hoping to read something worth chatting about but this is just trash. Nate you continuously bring some great points to the blog but your need to verbally bash others really isn’t pleasant to read which is why I skipped most of the comments above.

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